Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique Xarine way. -Sapha, N'ano & Jala

Dragon: Zeimyth
Color: Green
Name: Sapha, N'ano
Egg: Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg
Egg Desc: Jesiya
Dragonet: Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green
Dragonet Desc: Sapha, N'ano, Jala
Messages: Sapha, N'ano, Jala
Inspiration: Sapha, N'ano, Jala

Clutching Message:

Miyakath lifts her head, eyes swirling with anticipation as body seems to twitch from tail tip to her golden rump, Head reaches forwards to seek out a bare spot of sand, forearm following to hollow a spot out before she shifts her great body to deposit Goddess Of The Moon Festival Egg into the crater. A pause is taken as she twists her head around to gently brush against the egg, eyes dancing with prideful protectiveness. /Her/ baby.

Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg:

Devoid of color or hue blackness envelopes the outer edges of this egg, it remains smooth, unmarred, and unremarkable. As eyes slide towards the epicenter of the shell pocking occurs on waves of creamy white and prismatic silvers that seem to swirl and dash about the pebbled and speckled center to form a perfect circle, graceful lines haloing about the shape in gold and citrus oranges. In the ring a shape swathed in a pink and blue garment reaches out towards the left of the egg. A look at its other side reveals a flaringly bright carroty scarlet greets ones eyes, small loops of color jumping away from the circled shape, looking quite distinctly like a sun. Which would lead an intelligent sort to believe the other disk is indeed a moon. Within that sunshine area a figure dressed in gray and holding a bow is seen reaching towards the right side of the egg with an outstretched hand. All figures look hazy, undefined, but imagination perhaps shows two lovers waiting for their next passing of respective homes.

Hatching Message:

Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg shimmies a little to the side, coincidentally bumping sides with one of her clutchmate's ovoid. The collision causes minute fractures, branching off neatly until cracks engulf the entirety, splitting them into crevices wide enough that allow both muzzle and forepaws to emerge. Shards fling every which way until finally, sopping with post-hatching goo, Pern's newest green dragonet materializes onto the sands, multi-faceted eyes swirling with full emotion of hunger.

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet:

The ethereal green dance of the northern lights plays upon the pale permafrost of winter fresh hide. A sweep of snowy evergreen adorns her head, wrapping about majestic eyes and imperialistic headknobs. The aurora borealis promenade down her neck, filtering through the crags of mountainous shoulders and the jade-iced peaks of delicate wings; frosted glaciers cascading over sails of Arctic tendrils and their solidity melting to a mere gloss of film as semi-diaphanous membranes percolate and mute this jade to the calm glow of water beneath ice. A soft pine underbelly smooths down to powerful haunches and legs, ending in icicled claws. Alpine, crisp and clean, flourishes down the length of her tail. Her stocky and compact build suggests an otherworldly power, steeped in nature and the silence of freshly fallen snow.

Impression Message:

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet grows slow in the Hatching Sands heat, but she persists. She must. The time for choosing has come to pass, and her choice is made, for somewhere out there in the crowd is her purpose, her reason for being, and her one and only. And like snow in winter she advances, until she is close enough to claim the tawny-haired Xarine, a girl with serenity to match her own.

Personal Impression Message:

Booming and sonorous, another mind joins your own with an explosive corona of neon against black, accompanied by the mournful soaring song of the ocean depths. « These sands are hot. » The liquid vowels of thought compress in your mind. It is neither gentle nor harsh; it just seems to be. « I am your Zeimyth. » The whale-song turns joyous. « And you are my Raine. » There seems to be a moment of triumphant understanding in the intellect now joined to your own. « As it has always been, and shall ever be. »

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Zeimyth's Theme:

Siberia! The land of permanent permafrost, and our first and only choice for your Zeimyth! Seriously exclamation marks aside, we knew it had to be cold and watery. We could have used Antarctica or even Canada, however the idea of European shaman's proved too appealing for Sapha at least (hee). Also Siberia's just an interesting place, scientifically it is used to research many things from Ocean temperatures (It's rising) to conditions during the ice-age, and of course Mammoths. Parts of Siberia are littered with Mammoth bones, and every so often a fully frozen specimen will be recovered from the permafrost.

However Siberia is a vast and hostile land, filled with many indigenous peoples, sharing similar traditions and beliefs, but still separate and unique ethnic groups. Geographically, to paraphrase another famous author. 'There is nothing between you and the north pole, except for a couple of stray reindeer.' It's flat, it's a land of strange symmetrical lakes and land formations caused by the melting and refreezing of water and its movement. There are no trees, unless you count the small herbs and miniature willows that dot the landscape. People live here carefully, it is probably one of the few places where co-operation is absolutely essential for survival, most particularly with the groups that still follow traditional life-ways. It isn't a gentle land, but it has to be considered one of the most beautiful and significant areas on the planet.

Name Inspiration:

Zeimyth! Isn't it pretty? We thought so. So come closer and we'll tell you the story of how Zeimyth came to be. We had already decided that your dragon was going to be based off Siberia mainly because it's so exotic. In particular we had been researching the Taimyr region, which happens to be the northern most point of Siberia (And coincidently Russia). Taimyr was a pretty word, but it needed a little Oomph. While checking at an atlas in the Library (Yes, it what's you suggested I do, Remember?) I saw that close to the Taimyr Peninsula was Novaya Zemlya, a rather large island. And I liked the look of Zemlya, but it still wasn't quite right, so I stole a little from each word, and Zeimyth was what we decided upon. We've been pronouncing it ZEE-mith, but you could say it ZAY-muth or any combination really. Have fun with it, because we sure did!

Egg Inspiration:


I think the story is rather romantic and it's a wonderful celebration of autumn and 'Chang-O', who is also known as Chang-E in some versions of the story. There are /many/ versions of the story but this was the most romantic and inspiring holiday wise :)


Description Inspiration:

We loved your idea of the ice under water it's so pretty! So we ran with it. You wanted pale, so we gave it to you with a little extra frosting. We took your idea for the chartreuse of ocean water and expanded, more analogously to her wings-just envision a frozen lake, starting to thaw and leaving that very thing layer of water upon the iced surface and beneath it rests the calm stratification of water, ready for a spring overturn. It's nearly transparent, in fact. The rest of her glows brightly in different shades, from evergreen creamed with the bright snow white of winter to the smear of northern lights; most notable upon Zeimyth's neck, streaking like marble into the base of her wings. A la Carte, a dragon is born. Yours, to be exact. She's a tough cookie and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Mind Voice:

Zeimyth's mind voice encompasses all that she is, and naturally it is as unique. Her voice is at times warm and welcoming, and at others harsh and guttural. It depends on her mood. But always it is melodic, swinging from one consonant from the next and liquefying the vowels. To match her rather impressive largesse she often has gently accompanying her the song of whales, the long drawn out notes, and booms that seem to match her like nothing else would. Mostly however she is content just to be, so while she does talk sometimes it is easier for her just to be in your head, especially if she's feeling particularly mysterious. Words sometimes diminish the profound experiences and emotions that Zeimyth is subject too.

The colors that accompany her thought are breath taking in their magnificence. Like the crawl of aurora down her sides, she tends to think in dramatic terms. Neon green corona's, never quite the same from one thought to the next is the most notable thing about her communication. But the black backdrop is equally inspiring if you take a good look at it. Warm and velvety it not only provides the most dramatic foil for the individual brilliance of her thought, but also, if you ask her nicely she'll say that it's her love for you that inspires it's comfortable darkness. For with out you, her own brilliance would be less.

And finally the subtlest part of her presence, her scent, delicately formulated from Ozone, pine and snow, it's freshness a welcome balm to some of her more perplexing thoughts. It has a stillness to it that is the perfect anodyne to her sometimes (pssshaw —most times) vigorous images and voice. It isn't a scent that waxes and wanes due to excitement or other emotions, just the mix changes slight, so some days it's more like snow, whereas other days the scent of ozone almost makes you sneeze.


Zeimyth probably belongs more at the 'reaches, but by Faranth, she's an Istan! Her build is stocky-well, suited for the colder climates in containing body heat, but since the temperatures rarely drop low enough for even a sweater to be worn, well The bulk of her mass is composed of muscle but not blubber like one might think otherwise. She's probably comparable to one of her bigger brothers if anything-not quite femme like her sisters, but still a pretty sight nonetheless.

Growing up, she'll be subject to fits and starts, she'll molder long at one size and then, just when you are getting used to her new size she'll shoot up again. It'll appear as if she does it over night, one morning you'll wake up and find that much more for you to wash and oil, thankfully getting her into the water isn't so much of a problem. It's getting her out again that may be difficult. However for both of your peace of minds, she doesn't seem subject to spurts in her growth in regards to proportion. When she sprouts, all of her will sprout, which will at least give her a little extra grace during her weyrling turns.

"To every high mountain, there is a higher one." —Russian Proverb

She'll be comfortably medium once she does reach full growth, sitting in just the right spot for a green to have both maneuverability and stamina (Well for a green at least.). However she will have a tendency to look a little larger, with all those dramatic colors and her bulkier than thou physique. Oh and when she itches? It will be all over, most especially where the brighter colors dance along her hide. You can breathe a sigh of relief however her itch is curiously seasonal. During the colder (imaginary) months the itch will settle, however once the season starts to turn to spring then well, it's time to get out those oils and that special itching brush. She'll only itch in the spring, perhaps it's a reaction to pollen or insects, or perhaps it's her way of preparing for the new turn. You'll never quite know, but it makes her interesting.


"For him who does not believe in signs, there is no way to live in the world." —Russian Proverb

Simply put, Zeimyth is a mystic, a dreamer, a shaman. She sees the world differently to her clutch siblings. Some days she'll join Belissaith and Lesoleth as they make fun of the older less fortunate dragons. Other days she'll argue obscure points of draconic philosophy with Tifareth. For her there is black and white and all the shades in between, and the shades she can't imagine. Although doubtless she will try. She doesn't need justification as to why things are, they are and she's perfectly happy with that. Sometimes especially when you are having a hard time dealing with a particular drill, or a spat with someone she'll try and interpret it, connect it to something so remote from your problem that it pulls your thoughts from the negative, even if it's to tell her that there is no way Timor looking green had anything to do with your favorite belt snapping in two.

« See? The reason you can't do this now is because the sea looked like blood at sunset, that's never a good sign. »

Unlike other dragons that may try to understand things from a logical point of view, or a selfish point of view, she tries to explain things instinctively. Yes Thread is bad, but maybe if she did something different it would stop falling. So you can imagine she'll try something new, something different every day just in case. Which, in about 12 turns will eventually prove her right, even if nothing happens in the turns in between, she'll keep at it, she knows eventually if she keeps the faith it will happen for her. After all she isn't asking for a huge thing, just for Thread to move on and leave she and hers alone.

She believes that instead of being alone, connected only to you, her beloved Raine, that everything is connected, she is never truly alone, she has a place in nature, just like everything else does. And by extension you are also connected to everything. It's a very dualistic belief, enlightened and primitive at the same time. Which neatly sums up most aspects of her personality. Because she believes that everything shares the same bonds, she is more respectful of her meals than others may be, appreciative of the death that allows her to continue living. It's not as though she's obsessed or anything, it's just another facet of life to be accepted and appreciated.

Zeimyth knows that in order to survive and for you to survive she needs to fall in line with duties. She plays her part, and if she can have fun doing it, so much the better! Some things may not come to her as easily as others, but she perseveres, just like the tundra is a thin layer of spongy softness over the nearly eternal permafrost, her mystery shrouds an almost mule-like stubbornness. Once she gets an idea in her head, it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Which could prove particularly interesting when you start bringing men back to meet her. If he makes the wrong impression you can bet she'll let you know as soon as possible, as often as possible.

« If I get that little dip right, I should be able to do that twist Suith does so well »

Only with you will she share this secret inner strength, after all a shaman has to have some mystery, some magics to impress her tribe. So while it seems to others that one day she couldn't do it, the next day she could, you'll be the one who was allowed to witness the ruminations and the practices before she went public. However she only maintains the illusion of natural ability, some things will be harder for her to over come than others. It is then when you become her cheerleader, and your opinion, always readily accepted, will have extra strength on her world view. She isn't as self-sufficient as she leads you to believe; however she doesn't need active direction most of the time, especially as you go through weyrlinghood, and into riderhood. It's an organic relationship that will develop and grow as the time you have together lengthens.


//"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." —Proverbs 17:22

You said you wanted quirks right? Well Zeimyth is chock full of them. Undoubtedly her most endearing quirk is something so small that most would overlook in the face of her mysteriousness. Each weyrling is required to crop their hair short within the first seven days of Impression. Unlike some, who demand that it is burned or discarded, she will simply ask that it is kept. You may even find yourself forgetting about that hank of hair as your weyrlinghood progresses, but not Zeimyth. No, every so often, more especially when she is young, you may find her with your superfluous hair in her mouth, sort of like a security blanket. As she gets older her need for such non-verbal reassurance will fade, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking that she doesn't know where it is at all times, even when you are old and gray. That hank of hair will be her most treasured possession.

Another one of her little quirks is the fact she's a rather silent dragon. Very rarely will she open her mouth and let all fly loose. There isn't any particular reason for it; unless you count the fact her voice is plainly different to other dragons voices. How? You may ask? Well it isn't unpleasant, but rather a low liquid tone, that is vastly different to the reptilian hisses and creels of her clutch-mates. When she does vocalize it will be only during very significant events in her life, and your own. Her first flight, the birth of your children, should you have any those kinds of events. Oh, and dolphins, she will make the effort to 'speak' to dolphins, her voice may be lower than their squee's and clicks, but it shares that same aquatic timbre, and that alone will draw her to them time and time again.

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far place." —Russian Proverb

One final quirk to have fun with, particularly once you start betweening is Zeimyth's fascination for snow and water. While she'll act just like any other dragon by nature, sunning when she can, and generally needing warmth to survive. The times when she'll really glitter is when she is in close proximity to the cold snows of the north, or the gentler coolness of water. Much to Manaslath's chagrin, her favorite place during weyrlinghood will also be the waterfall pool. Not so much for it's reflective qualities, but rather for the fun she has wading through it shoulder-deep.

« I can see fishes! They have pretty colors, they look gray, but I squint my eyes like so, and turn my head this way they look like little rainbows. »

Just as she delights in the wintertime snow (Not in Ista of course) and its crisp unsullied beauty, she will appreciate water for other reasons. The way it changes and the things that can be found in it. She is very much a water dragon, so if Xarine can't swim, she'd better get Jesiya to teach her.


"All ages are submissive to love." —Russian Proverb

Zeimyth has a very earthy nature, as no doubt you'll soon discover. While she may only go up when she's proddy, that doesn't mean that she isn't above flirting at other times. She is aware of her sexuality at all times, just like the other facets of her personality. For her it seems unnatural to keep that part of her deep inside, only bringing it out for those special proddy occasions. For this reason, she will encourage most suitors to stay around afterwards, or start working on them at random times of the turn. And while the attraction may fade by the time she actually rises, it doesn't stop her enjoyment of the innuendo's and close contact at any time. However this doesn't mean that she will at any time be faithful to any one blue, or brown or bronze. It isn't that she is a tease or anything, but rather it's hard for her to choose one over another, and if she can't choose why should both loose out?

« I like Niwath's style. But I also like Lesoleth's wit. Why should I deny myself either of them? Don't you think it's just a little bit silly? »

Essentially what this means is you can expect your Zeimyth not to be too particular with whom she twines necks with, but don't worry it isn't negative, but rather part of her unique charm that makes her who she is.

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet." —William Blake

Mating flights for Zeimyth are just like any other part of her existence: natural, easy, and a flowing extension of herself. Proddy-time will be heralded by an intensifying of the flirtations. She'll begin to become more transparent in her comments, dropping innuendo in favor of blatantly offering herself. Hitting the pens is but a brief distraction for her; she'll blood little and take straight to the skies.

Her flights are simple exhilaration. Zeimyth tends to favor longevity over fanciful acrobatics, although she does have a few tricks up her sleeve. In general, her flights tend to be more graceful and laid back than other greens'. In the end, she craves simple satisfaction, and will gladly acquire this from any source. As stated before, she's not extremely particular about who she twines necks with. She'll allow the winning suitor to hang around for a day or two afterwards, if needs be, but she's ready to move on almost before the afterglow has faded.

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

A'mar's green Naluth
Ariah's green Belissaith
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
B'au's blue Niwath
Issket's brown Lesoleth
Nayla's brown Manaslath
S'nin's brown Kismetath

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