Yla Is Proddy

[[logged by Yla]]

StarCraft Courtyard

Where the hills of Gar meet the softer plains of the valley, rock slowly turns to gravel, dust and earth, leaving a large natural courtyard tucked against the walls of the hall. A low wall marks a boundary for the courtyard, rock and earth's battle for domination kept outside of it. Strong doors set in the hill wall, provide a new way to get into the hall, long windows letting light into the otherwise quite dark hall. They look out upon a grassy valley, filled with water, vineyards and herdbeast. Trails formed by the feet of human wind around rocks and trees, trailing off into the wilderness.

It is a winter midmorning.

Alishath shuffles awkwardly in from the Hold Field.

Lib slides from Alishath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

You slip and slide down Castaliath's neck and drop the final few feet to the ground.

Ravven walks in.

Ravven walks out of the doors and into the courtyard. Glancing around she nods and waves to the others and begins to find a peaceful solitary spot.

"Still the same as ever, from the looks of it…" Steping away from 'Lisha slightly, Lib scuffs the floor of the courtyard with a boot as she walks, glancing around the place she used to call home. "Not that I expected it to have changed…" Weyrling throws a grin in Yla and Cassie's direction.

Yla slinks down from the neck of her green, patting Cassie's neck as she lands on the ground. "Well, you never know," Yla says, looking about at the Courtyard. "There could have been mayhem, madness, a plague, threadfall. It coulda changed." she bobs her head. "Yes. COuld have all gone."

"True. Espeically if Etain's still around, which is likely." Still glancing around the courtyard, Lib then spots Ravven and Laurel. "And some fresh blood, from the looks of the knots on those two." She remarks to Yla, incling her head slightly. "Not that I ever knew who half the people were when I was /living/ at the hall…"

Laurel hides a smile. "Fresh blood? Just new people!" She shrugs.

Ravven watches with reverent respect as the dragonriders land. Smiling, she eyes the dragons… lovely creatures. She dips her head in greeting to Lib. She remembers her vaguely but Ravven was still very new when Lib was aoff as a candidate and then Impressing.

Alishath whuffs lightly, making herself quite comfortable here in this place that Lib calls home. Silently, and with much interest, she watches these unknown people, her eyes whirling a deep intrigued blue.

Yla's eyes brighten a little at the words 'fresh blood', (worryingly, it's not clear why) and she grins. "Why hello…" she says with a broad smile to Laurel. "I don't remember you." And thus Yla bounds across the courtyard to stand in front of the girl.

Castaliath tries to suppress a slight dragon yawn, and settles her haunches down on the ground as her rider goes off to chat with old friends. Before she can settle into a complete lull, she too hears 'fresh blood'…Ooh, fresh meat, what that wouldn't do for a hungry dragon's stomach about now…

"That's for a good reason," Laurel says. She smiles. "I'm Laurel. Pretty new here,"she gestures to the Probbie knot.

Ravven grins at Luaurel encouragingly. "Poor probbie>" She murmurs before turning her attention to the majestic dragons. Ooh… purty! She's always been fascinated with the creatures.

Eyebrows draw together slightly in Yla's direction, Lib giving her a bit of a 'look'. Maybe being back at the hall is affecting her slightly? Ignoring that for now, Lib grins at the way Ravven watches her dragon. "She'd mostly likely enjoy a scritch, but ask first and watch out for her tail." Greenrider says, smiling.

Ravven giggles at Lib grinning as she approaches the green dragon. "Hello, there!" She dips in a respectful bow. "Would you like a scritch?"

Yla drapes an arm across Laurel's shoulder. "Oooooh, you'll do fine, I remember being a probbie here." Her speech progresses at something of a frenetic pace, her words rapidly uttered. "You'll be fine. Just stand up straight and get to class, because, you know, I never did either and look where I am now, and did I mention that I'm Yla? This is Cassie," She points to green she dropped off. "And I think you're nice." And she's only actually heard two sentences out of the girl's mouth.

Alishath streeeeetches out across the courtyard, the length of her long body being revealed as she allows herself to turn it into a personal sun-bathing bed. Lazily, her wedge-shaped head cocks to the side as if sizing up the little person that stands before her. Tail flicks once. Twice. Three times before slithering Ravven's way and nudging her forward. Answer enough? One should hope.

Laurel grins over at Yla and glances at Cassie. "Nice green. So stand tall and go to class. Ook, I can remember that." She guesses she made a good impression, then. "Glad you like me."

Definately something strange over in Yla-corner, but Lib doesn't think Laurel quite requires saving… Yet. "That's Alishath for yes, I think." Weyrling tells Ravven, folding her arms where she stands with one eye on 'Lish's tail, and the other on Yla.

Castaliath eyes Laurel slightly with one of her large sparkling eyes. She's only a 'nice green'? Hmph. She's a fabulous green, she's an awesome green, she's an amazing green, just don't call her a 'nice green'.

Staring up with adoration at the dragon, Ravven laughs softly and reaches out to gently scratch the dragon's hide. "You're a beauty." She murmurs softly, speaking t the dragon. Turning back to Lib, she smiles. "Thanks! I imagine being a 'rider is wonderful, isn't it?"

/Anyone/ would make a good impression on Yla at the moment, but let's not mention that, ne? Noticing Lib's eyes on her, she tosses off a wink to her fellow greenrider. "Ooooh, and Cassie like compliments, so compliment her ltos, you know, on her colour, on her little stars…" you know, on her sails. "On how pretty she looks today. Because, you know," Yla leans forward to whisper conspiratorially. "She's a little vain."

Laurel looks over at Castaliath, sensing the green didn't really like that. "Did I say nice? I meant beautiful and amazing." She leans forward to Yla, thinking she is a little odd right now. "I kind of guessed that," she whispers.

Castaliath flicks Yla with her tail. She is /not/ vain. Just 'cause she /knows/ she's amazing, and awesome, and fabulous, and her hide just /glows/ with beauty, doesn't mean that's she's vain. Bah.

Alishath enjoys the attention, her outer-lids slipping partly closed and a gentle crooning sound echoing in her throat. While the rest of her seems quite at ease, her long, freshly oiled tail slithers across the ground again, but this time, her target seems to be Lib's feet.

"Well, apart from the whole risking your life in Threadfall thing, it's pretty neat." Lib agrees, blowing a kiss to answer Yla's wink before grinning at Ravven. "It's a lot like being an apprenetice at first, chores and all, but a lot messier. Raw meat, dragon dung, that sort of thing." The glamourous life of a weyrling.

Ravven wrinkles her nose, laughing softly. "Okay, so I s'pose it's not quite as glamorous as it's always made out to be. But still, Impressing a dragon…" She can't imagine! Laughing again, she continues to scritch the green dragon while murmuring faithful compliments. However, she's always keeping an eye out for the tail!

Yla skips around to Laurel's other side to avoid her lifemate's tail, sticking her tongue impishly out at the green. "Missed me." she teases across the courtyard. "And yes, that's exactly what she wants to hear." Flatter the green. Because Yla agrees absolutely. Best green ever. And she's not biased. Nope.

Laurel eyes the tail. "Probably the best green ever, I must admit." She grins, hoping that the green doesn't think she is being sarcastic.

Lib is paying more attention to Ravven and her surrounding area than she is to herself, and so the tail creeping up on her isn't noticed. "Yer, the lifemate part does kind of make up for the bad parts, espeically with a lifemate like 'Lish." Yla's not the only one with an amazing green.

Amazing. That's right, Alishath is amazing, but aren't all girls? Especially the ones that adore their riders so much that the just can't get enough! Maybe that's why her tail continues to sneak towards Lib's feet and wrap loosely about her ankles as if to say 'mine'.

Ravven grins, nodding in agreement with Lib and overhearing Laurel. She giggles, giving Lib's green a gentle hug. "Sneaky…" She murmurs laughingly as she continues to eye the tail.

Yla redrapes an arm over Laurel's shoulders. "See. Knew there was a reason I liked you." Laurel's agreeing with her. Therefore Yla likes the girl.

Laurel nods with a grin. "Everyone should like me!" In her opinion, she hasn't done anything to make anyone /dis/like her.

Lib starts to wonder why Ravven is looking at her ankles, not imagining them to be her most attractive feature, and soon realises what's going on as she feels the beginnings of a speical 'Lish hug. The type that leaves you unable to walk. "I think everyone knows that I'm yours, 'Lisha." She tells her green, attempting to step one foot out of the tail-grip.

Mayala walks ever so softly in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Jenavia pads in, tail held high, in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Yla awws, suddenly releasing Laurel to bound over to Lib and start draping arms over her fellow weyrling. "Can't I share?" she says, with a mischievous grin in her eye, looking at 'Lish first, then Lib. "I'm a good sharer, right Cassie?"

Alishath loosens her tail-grip enough to allow Lib to release *one* foot from it, but only one. Tail coils quickly around her lifemate's other ankle, keeping her close.

Mayala picks up Jenavia.

Mayala goes home.

Laurel glances at the time and frowns. "Hey," she calls out. "I have to leave you all know. Wellmet, Yla!" She waves and begins to walk away.

Lib peers at Yla, not doubting her sharing ability, but rather her sanity. "You're acting like Naomi." She tells her, blinking slightly and leaving her second ankle to 'Lish. "Are you… Are you proddy?!?" Just about managing to balance with one ankle trapped and a weyrling-maybe-proddy-greenrider wrapped around her, Lib flashes Ravven a 'it's all fine really' smile.

Castaliath lifts her head up and eyes Yla. How exactly should she answer that? She does share the males she guesses…And…Yla always shares food…Umm….And that's all she's saying…Really.

Ravven giggles at Alishath, watching her tail with inteest. Poor Lib. Smiling she watches the retreating she remembers a class to attend. Giving the dragon a final pat, and Lib a 'hope-you-survive-this' sympathetic look she waves. "Must go also. Bye!"

Ravven goes home.

With a wave, Laurel backs out, waiting to make sure nobody is chasing after her.

Yla pouts distinctly. "You're going?" She shakes her head. "You can't go. You stay." She blinks at Lib, leaning on her fellow greenrider a little more. "Proddy? Whassat?" Yes, she's playing dumb. "And besides, how would you know?" Apart from the nightlight over there. *ahem*

Mayala walks ever so softly in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Laurel sighs. "I hafta go, Yla. Can't help it any."

Castaliath looks around her wings and such. Nightlight? Where? She doesn't see any nightlights. 'Sides. What good would they do outside anyway?

Mayala waves to everyone as she exits the hall and enters the courtyard. She sees the green dragons, but doesn't mind them. She's never minded dragons much, she just wouldn't wanna make one angry. "Hello," she says as she steps towards the small group.

Laurel goes home.

"Um, 'Lish thinks so, and Cassie's /very/ green, and you're acting like Naomi. All these things spell pee, arh, ooh, double dee, why to me. Proddy." Lib replies, waving hands around so that her one-legged posture under Yla's hug isn't compromised. What a nice statue. Mayala's hello gets a desperate 'help me please' look from Lib, before the rider falls under Yla's weight. "Eeeeeek."

Castaliath watches the two riders crash to the ground. She's very green? How can you get /very/ green anyway? She's still the same green she's always been last time she checked. And as for Naomi. Well, Yla's always been a little strange. Lib hasn't see the way she acts when she gets up. Scary.

Muaha. Too late for help. Yla has you now! And Lib's fall just complicates matters, leaving one greenrider sprawled partially on top of the other. "Why, Lib dear, anyone would think that was deliberate…" She looks up, flipping her hair out of her face. "Oh. Hello." Greenrider in a compromising position. Pay no mind. "And what if I was proddy?" she asks of Lib.

You think to Castaliath, » I'm not strange! I'm adorably unique! So nyah. «

Alishath gets to her rather large feet, and within two steps, she's staring down at her sprawled lifemate, big blue eyes whirling as she stares. Tail unwinds from Lib's foot and lifts slightly into the air, offering Lib a tail-up perhaps?

Castaliath just stares at Yla as various thoughts flitter through her mind from her rider. Cassie can't make little draggies with Lib's dragon she hates to tell Yla even if she was that funny p word. There really isn't that much point in trying to tackle poor Lib.

Mayala here's the word proddy and wonders if she should just turn right back around. Her one encounter with a proddy green rider was enough to make her never wanna go to a weyr ever for any reason…well, except for maybe a hatching, but that's it. She gets up her courage and decides she'll stick around for a just a bit more, as long as things don't get too bad. May smiles and says, "My name's Mayala, or May, whatever you prefer." And that's all she can think of to say for now.

"Ugh." Spitting out the hair that's worked it's way into her mouth, Lib thrashes around slightly, trying to get a grip on the stones of the courtyard. "If you were, then you should prolly get back to the weyr…" She comments, before finding herself blinking up at 'Lish. "Ah, I'm not sure you'd be able to lift me, 'Lish…" Greenrider then just about manages to catch sight of Mayala, sprawled under Yla as she is. "Ah, I'm Lib. And Yla's on top of me." She tells the apprenetice.

Yla rolls her eyes. "Back to the weyr? In that case, I'm definitely not proddy." Because then she'd miss out on meeting all nice new people. "Mayala huh?" She doesn't move to get up for a moment. She's comfy. So she is. But instead she gives Mayala a frankly appraising look for a long moment. "Well met."

Mayala smiles and nods, wondering if she should try to help Lib up or just let them stay there for a sec. Since she really can't decide for herself she asks, "Uh…would you like me to help you up or anything?" She has a somewhat puzzled expression on her face as she tries to figure out the situation she's gotten herself into by just being here.

"Um, I'm not sure that Yla's ready to get up just yet…" Lib replies, smiling slightly worriedly at Mayala. She doesn't add 'because it's best to just go along with proddy riders'. "It's not all that bad down here anyway." Make the most of the situation. "Apart from my leg going to sleep…"

Yla pouts down at Lib, and, just to show that she's perfectly capable of being contrary, starts to get to her feet. "You are absolutely no fun." She says, with a pronounced pout. What Yla considers to be fun is another matter, however. "Oh, you can give /me/ a hand up." Yla says to Mayala, smiling sweetly and batting her eyes.

Alishath shuffles backward, careful to keep her tail out of the way so she doesn't step on it, and returns to her former position, stretching out once again.

Mayala grins and laughs a bit nervously, "Uh…ok, I guess." She hopes she didn't just do the wrong thing by being willing to help Yla up. She holds out both her hands to help either rider up, but she still has a nervous smile on her lips.

Lib decides that maybe the courtyard is something she should be better acquianted with, and so she stays where she is, plastering a smile across her face. "I think I'm loosing all feeling in my leg…" She comments, happily, smiling at Mayala and Yla both.

"Can't have that, can we?" Yla almost purrs, before smiling up at Mayala, taking the proferred hands in order to haul herself to her feet. "Ooh, you're so strong." Yla says, not releasing the starrie for a moment. "Do you work out?"

Kiyna walks in.

Remaining sprawled on the floor for a moment, Lib then sits up and starts rubbing her leg, wrinkling her nose up slightly. "It's gone from dead to all tingley." She comments, leaving Mayala at Yla's mercy for now. She's not harmful. Well, not yet at least. Just very, /very/ friendly.

Mayala gulps, now certain she shouldn't have helped out, but that would've made her seem rude, right? "I don't really work out," she says, gulping again and slowly trying to get her hands back from Yla. This rider /has/ to be proddy and May don't like proddy riders. She promised herself not to get involved with proddy riders. She doesn't really here Lib's comment as she's trying to figure out a way to slip back to the hall and hide until they're gone.

Kiyna steps into the courtyard her pack slung over one shoulder. Green eyes widen at the sight of dragons here? Her fair of 'lizzen however are not impressed warbling their greetings as if this occurs every boring day. Mayala gets a waggle of fingers in her direction before Kiyna's scanning the rider types with interest.. Oh is that Lib?

Yla pouts again (she's doing a lot of that, you notice), releasing Mayala's hands when the girl tries to free herself. "Really? Well… you wouldn't think so… such lovely strong hands…" Is she leaning forward slightly? Someone stop her before she topples on /Mayala/.

"Kiyna?" Someone Lib remembers, at last! "Um, could you do me a favour and catch Yla? I don't think Mayala's quite used to riders…" Not that Kiyna is, it's just that Lib knows her, and so she should be readily able to spring to her aid and deal with EPSG Yla. "I can't seem to move, so it would be greatly appriacated…"

Lib * EPSG = Evil Proddy Starry Greenrider, btw. :)

Mayala looks to Kiyna with pleading eyes.Yes! She needs help before this green rider makes Mala afraid of /all/ weyrs, riders, and dragons. She looks at Yla and tries to step back a bit to avoid being toppled on if she can.

Kiyna raises one /blue/ brow and grins "Catch Yla?" eyes focus on the one person she doesn't know and she waves "You must be her I'd imagine." stepping closer to the group she winks at Lib "I haven't seen you in awhile so what should I catch Yla with?"

"Anything? Everyting? Your hands?" Attempting to get up herself, Lib flaps around a bit with one leg (the dead one) sticking out straight and unbending. Greenrider then wobbles some, but eventually manages to stand. Walking, however, is another matter. "And I've been kinda busy with the weyrling thing, but I thought I'd visit." Comes the replies to Kiyna's 'I haven't seen you'.

Yla's attention is pulled away from Mayala and her hands, and towards Kiyna. "You'll catch me? You have lovely strong hands to? Oooh…" Yla's body seems to tilt towards Kiyna, tempting the starrie to catch her. Go on… she'll thank you for it.

Mayala is glad Yla's attention has turned from her. She gives a sigh of relief, but begins to wonder if Kiyna will need help. Her smile isn't so nervous now, but she's warry of the proddy green rider.

Kiyna winks at Yla though she's closer to Lib "Why'd she need caught anyway?" her fair take wing save for Umi his normal spot a'top her head noticable "Nice to meet you Yla. I'm Kiyna if you'd not figured that out yet." Mayala gets a smile of sympathy "You get stuck out here with all the commotion"

"Actually, we /really/ have to be getting back to the weyr, don't we Yla?" The last is pretty much hssed between her teeth, Lib rather insistant, but smiling broadly at everyone. "Is was /wonderful/ to see you both though." Smile, smile, smile!

"We do?" Yla looks rather upset at that. "But I wanted to get caught by people!" She was really looking forward to it to. She offers a hand down to her clutchmate. "Need a hand, darling?"

Mayala smiles and is somewhat glad they're going. She wouldn't wanna get stuck in a situation like Linora did at 'Reaches the first time May was there. Hyzen was sceery. May grins and says, "Oh, well it was nice meeting you both."

Kiyna smirks at Lib "Sorry that you have to leave. Come back and visit when you've the time? " Yla gets a grin again "Nice meeting you though Yla." nevermind her odd behavoir she's been to 'Reaches before. Heading towards Mayala she giggles "So how're you?"

"I'm sure there are people who will catch you back at the weyr, Yla." Lib replies, taking the greenrider's hand and leading her back towards their dragons. "I'm /certain/ that Naomi will catch you. Certain." Smiles are flashed at Mayala and Kiyna both as the greenrider gives Yla a gentle puch in Cassie's direction, then steps towards Alishath. (Yla, if you wanna stick around, just run away or something and say Lib went back tot he weyr for help…)

Lib clambers up Alishath's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Alishath shuffles awkwardly to the Gar Hold Field.

Mayala sees that she lost half of her protection as she watches Lib leave on Alishath. "Well," she says, carefully inching her way towards the hall, "I should probably be going too now." She smiles and gives a wave to Yla and Kiyna. "Bye now. Nice meeting you and all," May adds as she starts to walk faster now almost into a run. Next time she's going to just stay in the hall when she sees any green dragons in the courtyard.

Mayala walks ever so softly to the StarCraft Hall.

Yla huffs loudly. "They're all going. A girl could think she wasn't liked." She contrives to look hurt, but can't manage it for long, sidling over towards Kiyna. Mua. Alone at last…

Kiyna waves at the retreating Alishath "I wonder what she had to do that was so important." Mayala's escape gets a giggle however "Oh May.." she trails off as the other apprentice makes it into the hall and thus out of earshot. Green eyes return to Yla narrowed a bit with a humours gleam to them "So Yla just what were you and Lib doing down here anyway visitin?"

Yla sighs, obviously put out that she doesn't get to swoon and get caught by anyone, but bobs her head anyway. "Yes. Just visiting. It gets all boring up at the weyr you see. And Cassie wanted to get out for a bit." That would be the green lump still in the courtyard.

Kiyna turns to look at the green a nod of greeting "Allo to you Cassie." giving a twirl she giggles "I imagine so, me and my journeyman project leave for Southern in a few sevendays or so. It's going to be the most interesting thing I've done all turn. I can't rember when do the weyrilngs graduate anyway?"

"In a few days time." Yla says excitedly, leaning forward. "It's going to be a big party. Singing, dancing, food. Lots of it. I'm looking forward to it." Because she likes parties, so she does.

Kiyna claps her hands together "Really? I'll have to keep that in mind I wouldn't want to miss a party. In a short time I'll be able to party all I want and " a pregnant pause before "Drink without the master's jumping down my throat if I get caught. Do you like it at the weyr?"

Yla tilts her head, scuffing the dirt beneath her boots with her toe. "Oh, it's a nice place. Not somewhere to live if yer afraid of heights. Cassie insisted on having a weyr right near the peaks, you know."

Kiyna snickers "I"m definately not afraid of heights. Not that I'd be in a weyr while I was there anyway. I spend most of my time on a ship, it's definately a test for your stomach. I'm hoping that the passengers we take on for the trip don't get too sick as I hate taking care of people"

"Well, between you, me and Cassie," Yla leans forward even more. "I get sick you know. When I'm betweening. Not nearly as bad as in the beginning, but I still want to lose my lunch every time I go between." She takes a deep breath, shaking her head. "Maybe it'll go away. I hope so."

Kiyna nods sagely "More than likely with repitition. Doesn't sound like a nice thing to feel though. I've not ridden adragonback much but the times I have it's been great fun. I'd heard while I was out to sea we'd had a bunch of starries searched and impressed and come to find out there was more than I'd thought. Least we've got friends in /high/ places right?":

Yla groans at that particular pun, bringing her palm to her forehead and shaking her head. "Kiyna, pet, that's baaaaad." And she's heard some awful ones in her time. Really. Ask her about the damsel in distress joke.

Kiyna giggles "I know but if you've heard worse what were they?" eyes gleam with curiousity before she glances around for a place to sit and just settles for where she's at plopping down with enthusiaisum

Yla hmms softly, leaning back. "Well, there's the one about the two brothers and their runners." She says, a faint smile creasing her face as she thinks of it.

Kiyna raises a brow. Notice the mutlicolored skin, hair and clothes. Okay so she's a little sparklie too but it's just sparkles really. "What was it I hardly ever hear any new jokes"

Yla has blue stripy hair. She ain't gonna be so surprised by sparkliness. But watch out, in her state of mind, she might go into an 'oooh preeeeetty!' state and be impossible to get rid of. "Well, alright. Once upon a time, there we these two brothers, who were not the brightest glows in the basket, and they each had a runner. With me so far?"

Kiyna nods red hair whipping forward and back "Yeah.. I know a few guys like that." she leans back on her hands looking up at Yla with avid interesting

Yla gestures with her hands as she speaks, creating formless shapes in the air. "Alright, well, they had a little trouble telling these two runners apart. Then, the first brother said to the second, how about we dock one of their tails? Then we'll be able to tell them apart. The second said, that's a great idea. And that's what they went and did. And all was well and good for a couple of sevendays until the other horse caught its tail on a needlethorn bush and had to have it cut. So they were back to square one." She pauses, looking up at Kiyna.

Kiyna snickers "I already feel sorry for those poor runners." her blue still in his spot on her head warbles at Yla with curiousity. "Just what could they have done next?"

Yla grins as she continues. "Well, they needed another way to tell the difference between them. So, the first brother said to the second, how about we cut one of their manes? The second brother said, that's a great idea. So that's what they did. And everything was good for couple of sevendays, until the second runner's mane got all matted and had to be cut." Still with her? She's winding it all up now…

Kiyna sighs with a giggle "That's horrible those runners must be a sight now no manes no tails. These boys didn't happen to be my brothers did they?" a wink to tell she's joking before she's quiet once more

"Well, I don't know about that…" Yla says, giggling slightly. "Now, these brothers, they were in something of a state. How were they meant to tell the difference between their runners? Finally, the first brother turned to the second and said…" Yla pauses for effect before she finishes. "Tell you what. You have the black one and I'll have the white one."

Kiyna groans "Oh that's horrible! I thought perhaps one was male and the other female. Black and white.. Not even a shade of grey. You have heard some horrible ones."

Yla giggles, leaning back. "Well, I think you've missed the joke there, but I suppose that works." Cassie looks rather unimpressed at her rider's joke telling skills, just looking around her. Why there no nice boy draggies here?

Kiyna slips onto the ground fast asleep (poor overworked appy)

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