Yla Gets Annoyed With N'ano

[[logged by Yla]]

Northeastern Bowl

The northeastern arc of the Weyr Bowl seems somewhat isolated from the rest of the weyr - with necessity, for this is the training grounds for young riders and dragons, the Weyrlings. The main entrance to the weyrling barracks is just north of here, and the ground there is well-trampled and firm, as if many feet, both human and dragon, have wandered over it dozens of times a day. Further up in the northwest corner of the bowl is the waterfall, tumbling out of the Weyr face several dragonlengths above, misting the area in a rainbow glow. On the south side of the bowl lie the ashpits and firestone supplies for the entire Weyr.

"Now dear… you don't want to trip over your tail… or fall over because you overbalance your wings… watch that rock…" Yla keeps up the steady stream of consciousness speech as she leads Cassie out of the barracks, her hand rested on her lifemate's nose. "You guys exercising too?" is called to N'ano and Khaye as she sees them exit also.

Khaye trails out of the barracks after everyone else, including Itazurath - who looks like he's trying to fly within the confines of the barracks as he emerges. Khaye ducks as a wing comes dropping out of the sky nearly on top of her. "Taz, not that hard.." Swoop. There goes the other wing. "Taz, not that hard! Just.. that's better. Yes. That's good, dear." And so they proceed into the bowl, Khaye with a call of "Hey Yla, N'ano," and Itazurath with a greeting warble, wings slowly fanning the air.

N'ano is pushed, shoved and generally dragged out into the bowl by the bronze. Upon hearing the greetings and inquiries, he nods his head, stifling a yawn beforehand "Aye… guess so. Yep." he points to Bydelth, who has already started his routine—wings up, twirl twirl twirl.

Yla stands in front of Cassie, giving directions to her lifemate, and occasionally muttering things like "not too hard… don't want to strain yourself", before she turns to the other two. "How's it going?" just as a conversation opener really.

Up and down go Itazurath's wings. Khaye scurries up out of range of the wings, guiding the brown over to someplace where he hopefully won't hit anything — or anyone. "Fine.." she answers somewhat vaguely to Yla, sidestepping to watch the up-and-down movement of the wings. Up and down. Up and down. "That's good, Taz. Just like that." Pause. "How're things with you'n Cassie, Yla?"

"Tired…" N'ano replies, slumping down onto a stone as he watches his lifemate with droopy eyes "Byd—! Don't… you don't…" and a groan would take its place here. The bronze starts prancing around, flapping his wings with ease as if he were flying.

Yla scritches an eyeridge and steps back slightly as Cassie starts to gingerly flex her wings. "Oh fine… we just managed to nearly finish those straps this morning." Better than not starting, no? "I swear, I nearly stabbed myself to death…"

"That's why I haven't really started mine yet," Khaye admits to the beginning conversation on straps. "Those.. what're they called? Awls, that's it. Those awls look kinda' scary. And ya'll already know I'm bad with needles." So her straps are dyed until she can assure herself enough that the awl will not cut off her fingers. Itazurath starts to bounce away, wings still fanning up and down.

N'ano is now wide awake, near jumping off of the rock "Shards! You won't believe how easy they are! I mean, this is /me/ talkin'… me! It took me 18 turns to figure out how to get a needle workin' and I just can't believe how easy it really is! Well, it's /hard/, but once you get the hang of it, it ain't that complicated!"

Yla jumps slightly at N'ano's voice, not expecting such a… vigorous speech. "Well… it's nice to know you're… enthusiastic." she says, after a moment, throwing a look to Cassie. The green seems to be too enamoured by her wings as she stretches them. Lookie… aren't they preeeetty?

Khaye looks down at her fingers, glancing back up in time to see Itazurarth bounding along to who-knows where. It's the mad dash to go bring him back… which she does, with a stern instruction to stay where he is and flap instead. Just to make sure, she reaches out with a hand to scratch Taz's eyeridges, looking back down at her hands. "I mean.. it's just that I don't know that I /can/ get the hang of it." Probably not, considering that it took her about half the candidacy to make a mess of a robe, a day to have her firelizard wreck it, and another sevenday to get a big bolt of cloth with a hole cut out for her head and a belt. Itazurath is having fun… stretch wings. Flex. His are preeeeeeetier.

Bydelth has the 'prettiest' of all the wings, which he firmly flexes bigger than the rest of them! Ha! Look at those beauties, all spread out and flapping about. "Byd?" N'ano just shakes his head, watching his lifemate show off. "He'she's in love with his wings. I never hear the end of 'em! He talks 'bout 'em as ifwell, y'know." or something like that.

Nuh-uh! Cassie's wings are prettier! See. She twists slightly, showing off her wings. See… she even has little stars on her wings. Well, Yla says they're stars, so nyah. She's da best. Yla shakes her head. "Talks about them as if they're… cute little fluffy lapines you just want to cuddle to death?"

E'an squees out of the barracks.

Itazurath doesn't bother to fold his wings back this time - they remain unfurled and high in the air, turning ever-so-slightly to let the light glance off his silver streaks. /Much/ prettier than anyone elses. Khaye sighs, still scratching eyeridges. "He's not even in love with his wings. He's /obsessed/ with his wings." See? The wings twist again. Shiny. Pretty.

N'ano shakes his head "No no… that's just" girlish. "No, he talks 'bout them likeok ok, how 'bout… say like ok, say you're an apprentice again or somethin'… now I /know/ how there's always chit-chat 'bout who's cute or whatnot, cause well, I had to listen to that shardin' gossip every night. But anyway, it's sorta like that. He comes in to go to bed and talks 'bout his wings all night—how perfect they are and bigger than everyone else's, 'cept for Dhia of course."

E'an bounces out. Or trundles out. Or whatever pleases you. "What? Wings?" Dragons obsessed with wings? Whats so special about wings? And… a thousand other questions. "Wings are boring," he says, moving along with Fiareth. "'Cept for Fiareth's. Her's are special."

"Little is /cute/." Yla asserts, folding her arms. "Don't have to be big to be perfect." Yeah… /say/ that in range of a bronzerider. Cassie just flips her wings slightly as she ranges them against her back. "Wings are not boring… see…" A mental instruction and Cassie unfurls a wing. "See… all the pretty star sparkles. /Those/ are unique." So nyah.

Khaye shakes her head, still scratching the eyeridges dutifully. Itazurath still has his wings on display, still turning every now and then to show off every facet. "None of your dragons have Timor and Belior on their wings." See all the little lunar dapples? Beeootiful. "Those are more than unique." What would that be, weird? "Don't worry, darling. I still think your wings are beautiful." Pause. "Yes, unique, too." That all being to Itazurath, of course.

Yla pouts distinctly. "Moons make wings rather hard to lift wouldn't they? And stars are beautiful. Precious. Roman… hey… did I tell you to stop stretching?" Cassie snorts in amusement. See her stretching. Wings go out. Wings go in. Booooring.

"Yuh huh! 'cause Byd's are perfect! See?" And as if on cue, the bronze draggie unfurls his wings once again, twirling them as if on show. N'ano grins this time, crossing his arms "Told ya." Ego takes its place on the bronze rider as he scoots back further onto his rock. "Well, his are sparkly or somethin'…"

E'an raises her wings. "See? Wings. Now, Fiareth's are the best, because they're… lemon-esque. See? The sun shines through and it /glows/. Yellow-ish." So, its neat. "Therefore, Fiareth's are the best. Now, don't get me started in on a whole dragon anatomy lesson."

"We have weyrlingmasters for that." states Yla, sighing at Cassie and telling her lifemate to go for a jog around the bowl. Exercise those little leg muscles. "I don't see why I should debate this with /you/." she says, putting her hands on her hips. "You're all wrong. Cassie's wings are the best. And the most unique. So there."

"We don't need a whole dragon anatomy lesson. Itazurath's are the bestest because they're uniquest and the moons aren't actually /moons/, Yla, they just look like that." Khaye's bad grammar has seemed to return. "His are shiny, and moon-esque, and… pretty. Yes, darling, I think they're very pretty." Another pause, in qhich Itazurath finally furls his wings again. "Well, I already know you do."

N'ano rolls his eyes "Ya'll just in denial. Byd's are the best cause his are the biggest." at least of those present. Byd in the meantime, continues his voyage about the bowl, flapping and fanning with his masterpieces of wings. Aren't they grand? He thinks so. N'ano thinks so. Therefore, they are the best.

Fiareth doesn't bother to waste time flapping her wings. She already knows that she's the best, and such. "Fiareth says that she bets Bydelth isn't as fast as her." Nod. So… nyah. "She says he's slooow."

Yla's hands are still firmly placed upon her hips. "Oh puh-lease." she rolls her eyes in an overly dramatic gesture. "Contrary to what you /men/," She glances at E'an and N'ano, "Think, biggest is not necessarily the best."

E'an sniffs. "The biggest is not best. Fiareth's small."

Castaliath senses E'an looking at her.

Bydelth steps up to the puny green, wuffling as if stating a challenge. "Well you know what?" N'ano now jumps off the rock, stomping over to E'an "Byd said that he could outrun your green /anytime/. He's twice the size of her, and no matter how fast her little wings can take her, he can run just as fast and take bigger strides, so nah!"

Yla tries not to snicker. "Read between the lines, mate. Little greens are definitely good." she grin. She's not necessarily referring to dragons. "But… just because Bydelth is a bronze does not mean he's Pern's gift to the world." Let's here it for ickle greens.

Khaye begs to differ. Well, sort of. "Taz's aren't the biggest, but they're still the best. So Yla's kinda right, maybe." Huh? Unbeknownst to her, Itazurath slips off and lets wings unfurl again, bouncing and trundling around the bowl. Rather, Khaye doesn't notice until she sees Itazurath across the bowl, prancing along with wings waving like Gather flags. "Itazurath! What are you /doing/?" Well, isn't it obvious? He's showing off his best wings. "And Taz could fly faster than alla your dragons. And run faster, too."

E'an is about to say something to N'ano, but turns to shake a fist at Khaye. "Oh /yeah/? You want to /bet/?" Hrmph. "Fiareth could outrun every dragon on Pern!" Pause. "Or, at least you Weyrlings."

N'ano shakes his head, tossing his hands up in the air "Ya'll just so ridiculous! There ain't no way you'd beat Byd, cause /his/ are the strongest, and the /best/! He works those babies out night 'n day! He's the buffest too!"

Yla rolls her eyes. "And thus the male competitive urge rears it's head." She narrows her eyes at Khaye. "Except for you… I think having a boy dragon has gone to yer head as well." She folds her arms. "Why don't you guys just race and have done with it? Once round the bowl and see who's fastest. Simple."

E'an eyes Yla's suggestion, then turns to N'ano, and Khaye, in turn. "Sounds good to /me/."

And now… Taz looks hurt. His wings droop a degree, but flap right back up as he goes about prancing and bouncing. Of course he won't race. He's been hopping up and down for a whole… two minutes already! And that's depleted his store of midmorning energy. Yeah. Khaye decides not to take any offense at Yla's remark, but still scowls. Itazurath stops short behind Khaye once more. "Fine. Race." And then.. draconic confirmation. "You wanna race and show that you're the best, sweetling?" Of course he does.

N'ano snorts "No! We don't gotta race—/I/ already know that Byd's the best! So that's just a waste of time. And Itazurath's the second best or somethin'… but you greens!" Yuck. "All that green stuffs goin' to your heads. Knocking the sense outta ya'll!"

Race? Castaliath wants to race! "But dear, you always trip…" Yla sighs at the little green. "Alright dear, if you want to join in… fine." Cassie almost bounces. She gets to race with her friends. Yay. "What do you mean 'you greens'?" Yla snaps, stomping over to N'ano. "Afraid Bydelth with lose?" she taunts.

E'an throws a rock over at N'ano. "Shut up! You're just too scared you'll lose." Like Yla said. Fiareth fully agrees on this, moving over to what she thinks would serve best as a starting line, leering and whipping her tail at Bydelth.

Khaye looks slightly mollified, but not very. After all, Itazurath is The Best, not The Second-Best. Even though that's still good, having a best in the title and all that. She turns around to give the brown a peptalk. "I know you can beat 'em and you know you can beat 'em so you wanna race, right? Great! Okay. So you'll win and everyone'll know you're the best." Yeah.

N'ano laughs though all of the 'accusations' "Shards… ya'll crazy. There ain't noByd! Don't you" of course, just because N'ano doesn't want the bronze to race, it doesn't mean it's going to stop him! Bydelth siddles up to the others, running a tail along their backs. Distractment? Maybe.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Itazurath sends a bright flash of quicksilver and moonlight into the mindlink. » My Khaye says that /I/ will win. « A quick veining of leafy verdancy dances its way through.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Fiareth thinks « laughs fluidly, sending storms of honeysuckle through the breeze. « You wish? » »

Yla moves to poke N'ano in the chest. "What? You're afraid some little girly greens will beat your big bronze lump. Greens are quick, mate. You just know you'll lose… Bydelth wants to race, so let him." She narrows her eyes, not backing down.

Itazurath is dancing from paw to paw, leaning first to one side and then the other, wings furling and unfurling in quick succession. Get hyped. He's going to win! Khaye gives him a final pat on the muzzle and a last scritch of eyeridges before turning back to the others. "No little girly greens or big bronze lumps are going to beat Taz," she makes known.

E'an sighs, shuffling over to N'ano. "Okay. Yeah, what Yla said. Bydelth wants to. And I want to see you lose to Fiareth, anyhow." And a glance to Khaye.

"Fine, whatever." N'ano huffs, backing himself up to sit upon the rock once again "And ya'll ain't gonna beat him. He's hand a /lot/ of practice. Bydelth's moved over now to the others, scraping his back talons against the ground, sending an aura of dust about him. He's pumped. He's ready.

"Oh yeah?" Yla whirls about as Cassie waddles her way over to the others. What're they so serious about? Is just a little bit of fun, right? "Fine… on three?" she asks, both to the dragons and their lifemates.

Itazurath bounces and prances his way over to the makeshift starting line after the others, wings folded now, as Khaye trails over as well. "On three."

Fiareth snorts, creeping up to the starting-line-type-place, E'an nodding, remaining where he's standing. And has stood. "On three!"

Yla takes a deep breath. "On three…" she repeats to herself. "One… two… two and a half…" Sorry, she couldn't resist. "Three!" And they're off!!

Bydelth starts off with lightning speed. He's gonna win this one no doubt. Hold on a sec! Look, it's a bug! A /big/ bug! Shards with the race, he's going after it! With a hop, and a jump, and a big flap of his wings, he tries his best to catch it. All in the meantime, N'ano's sitting there, facepalming and shouting "I thought—! Gah! Well, he ain't losing! He's just got better things to do!"

Fiareth digs her claws into the ground, and at Yla's shout… she remains still. And then there's a little mental prompting from E'an. And she's off! And she's running. And such. So, see Fia run. Run, Fia, run!

Itazurath starts off right after Bydelth, nearly running into the bronze when he stops to see… the bug. Veering off to the side, he tries to make up for his lost ground — It was all Bydelth's fault! /All/ Byd's fault! — runrunrun. Thudthudthud go his paws on the ground.

Yla said something? Ooh! She said they could go! Ooh! Cassie starts off, running along as fast as she can. A stumble here and there, until *thwack* she trips over her own feet and falls facefirst into the ground. "EE! Cass!" Yla bolts forward. "Are you okay dear? I told you you'd trip."

Fiareth gets into her 'beat me and die' mode, but she's a good sport. Really. Using haunches to help her half-leap, she slows down every now and then, bright green color even more blinding against the midmorning sun. Leap, leap. Whee. Frolic. And all that.

N'ano rolls his eyes, watching the race dissolve as draggies drop out here and there. "Byd wasn't really racin' anyway. He likes bugs—" yeah. Something to that extent. "This was silly anyway!" So now the denial trip takes its place. How wonderful.

Definitely frolic. Itazurath slows down enough to make /his/ frolicking more frolicky than Fiareth's, high-stepping and prancing and bouncing — the whole nine yards. Khaye more or less smacks herself, mumbling something resembling, "He's not losing, he's not losing, he'snotlosinghe'snot, he's just… looking.. nice.." Which of course he is. Prance. Prance.

Yla is now sitting on the ground of the bowl, her arm thrown over Cassie's neck, murmuring to her. "Don't worry dear. You'll be fast in the air. Fastest. You're just accident prone." No.. not klutzy at all. (Denial or what?) "Oh stop being so… male-like competitive…" she urges Khaye. Too much testosterone. Or is she just trying to deflect the fact that Cassie tripped within seconds?

Fiareth continues to run at pace, rather than frolic, tail whipped out to keep balance as she paces along the racetrack - whatever they selected for it to be. Around the bowl? She'd've made the half-mark by now, of course, and continues at a leisurely pace, almost considering slowing down for Itazurath to catch up. But that would be no fun.

Khaye lets out a squeak of denial, lifting her face from her hands for a moment to stare at Yla. "I'm not being competitive!" Right. And Itazurath isn't taking his time to look better than Fiareth, either. "I'm just.. being.. oh, fine. I'm being competitive. But I'm not male-like!" And, from Taz's prancing and preening, Itazurath isn't very male-like either. He hasn't even noticed that Fiareth sped up.. and goes on prancing. Prance. Prance. Frolic.

Yla still thinks that having a boy dragon is having an effect on Khaye's mind. Obviously the girl's in denial. She helps Castaliath push herself to her feet. "You okay dear… head not hurting or anything?"

N'ano sighs, shaking his head "Ya'll gonna be like this for the rest of your lives? Even after Byd shows that he /is/ the best?" Oh, you don't think that he could back off completely, did you? Nah. "Hey wait… wasn't this just all over whos wings were the prettiest? How's these races start anyway?"

Fiareth continues to run, feet attempting to lift her in nice, graceful jumps, though she's not quite that… graceful… yet. And such. And so she moves along the track, eyes whirling at the scenery for a moment (err?), but she ignores it to continue on.

E'an moves to poke N'ano in the shoulder with a sniff. "You said greens were bad."

Khaye is not being had an effect on by having a boy dragon! She's just being male-like competitive, /minus/ the testosterone. She buries her face in her hands again as Itazurath blithely prances and cavorts along the racetrack. He's prettier than Fiiiia. He's prettier than Fiiiia. "He is /not/ losing." Khaye's keeping that mantra as her means to remain sane. "He's /not/. He's looking nice. He is /not/ losing."

"What is with your…" Yla's fingers flit vaguely in the air. "Persistent belief that you're Bydelth is the best. Egomaniac." is muttered. Wait… does anyone see a pattern? Cassie gets a bash on the head… Yla gets awfully agressive…

Izz'y walks out of the barracks.

Nuadayth shuffles awkwardly out of the barracks.

N'ano shrugs "In some ways they /are/ bad." believe him, he should know *shudder* "It still ain't got nothin' to do with how these races started, does it?" Egomaniac? Perhaps. Isn't that just being a bit light though? Turning towards the (insert noun), he grins mockingly "What 'bout it? He /is/ the best!"

"Whaddya mean bad?" Yla huffs, clambering to her feet and storming over to N'ano. "There is nothing wrong with greens. They're the best. They're quick, they're /female/, no offence guys…" to Izz'y and E'an… she doesn't mind /them/. "And they're pretty." she sticks her hands on her hips. "He is so not. But he seems to be a sharding sight more pleasant than his rider." Ok… deep breaths… in with the good air, out with the bad.

E'an glares at N'ano. "No, bronzes are the worst! Greens are better.. because they are." Sniff.

Fiareth continues along. Oh, that… place… looks familiar. Leap-type-thing. Heyy. Its a line. Didn't she start there? She gives an uneasy glance back at the frolicing brown. Erm.

Itazurath executes a full 180-degree turn to start prancing his way back toward the starting line, despite Khaye's muffled moan of despair from within her hands. "He is /not/ losing." No, he's on a fashion show runway. Strutting his stuff and all. The conversation cues her to look up again. "Greens are better than bronzes /maybe/ but browns are better than bronzes /and/ greens." So there. And Itazurath, completely oblivious to the fact that he's going backward along the track, frolics some more.

"Ya'll crazy… you're startin' to fight over nothin'! Remember what happened the last time? We ain't needin' that again, so just—stop already! You know that Byd's the best, so ya'll can just stop your bickering now!" Oh, and if N'ano didn't just start a reason to…

E'an sniffs at N'ano. "Admit it! Bydelth's not the best!" Pause. "Fiareth is."

Izz'y raises an eyebrow, as he catches the waft of conversation. Nuadayth floats along at Izz's heels and stops short at the sight of his clutchmates. The blue does a double take and peers about uncertainly. Meanwhile, Izz just shakes his head. "Blues… Blues just have the best of everything. They can be pretty," Just /dare/ to say Nua's not pretty! "And they can be big and manly, and they are small and… Useful. And since Riyth's not here… That makes Nua the best." He laughs lightly. "Actually, all of them are pretty amazing… I gotta admit."

Yla sniffs in Khaye's direction. "You're deluding yourself." she says haughtily, shuffling over to stand by E'an. Solidarity among greenriders, right? "Blues… aren't bad…" Yla says, in response to Izz'y, "but greens are best. They're little. And cute." She's ain't backing down on this. ALthough Izz'y's last sentence does make sense…

Khaye sniffs at them /all/. "Ya'll admit it. Bydelth /or/ Fiareth ain't the best. Itazurath is." That is, if you ignore the fact that he's only now noticed that his competitor is facing the opposite way. That's just not a good thing. Taz performs another 180 — with style — and goes galloping full throttle down the path toward Fiareth. He will catch up, because that'll mean he's the prettiest /and/ the bestest. Which makes him the bestestest. Khaye, on the other hand, is having her own little competition of sorts. "I am not deluding myself!" Izz'y is greeted with a nod and a weak half-smile. "But.. Itazurath's more amazing, isn't he?" Is that Itazurath speaking or Khaye?

N'ano stands up abruptly, charging his way to the barracks "It's all stupid!" awe, the bronzerider's huffing and puffing now "He'll show ya'll later! Just you wait 'n see! Bronzes /are/ the best! Better than ya'll wherrybrains!" There, said. Something that will at least keep him happy for the moment's time. "I'm goin' to take a nap. Let's go Byd!" he shouts to the bug attacker. Byd looks up at the call, wuffles the bug to send him flying, before trotting along to follow his lifemate.

Bydelth shuffles awkwardly into the barracks.

Bydelth leads N'ano out.

E'an ees a bit, moving to clutch fellow greenrider's arm. "He's…" Pause. "…gone." For good? No. But, anyhow. Fiareth notices the brown catches up, so makes for a few large pounces, pouncing right over the finishing line. See.

Yla bobs her head, patting the other greenie's arm. "Yep… you see, he couldn't handle our conclusive argument." i.e. That greens are the best. "See… Fiareth even won. Knew she would." Yla bobs her head certainly.

Izz'y purses his lips for a momment, thinking, and then relaxes, smiling warmly. "Khaye… Itazurath can the most amazing to /you/. Just like Nua is the most amazing to me and Fiareth is the most amazing to E'an." And so on and so forth. At least Izz is /trying/ to be diplomatic. Nuadayth warbles softly and a little confusedly. Best? Most? What's all this?

Castaliath, now having fully recovered, trundles over to Fiareth and creels in happiness. Her friend won! Well, in truth, since one draggie had to win, it would have always been her friend. "Cassie's the best." Yla can't resist saying, since her own lifemate was left out of Izz'y's list.

Khaye keeps on repeating that mantra. "He is /not/ losing. He is /not/ losing. Oh, shaffit all to between, he's losing!" Pause. "He /lost/!" Another pause, before she hastily adds, "Not that that means anything, dear. You did fine." Despite the fact that Itazurath is still bouncing his way over to the finish line waaaay after Fiareth. And Izz'y is stared at for a long, long time. "But.. Itazurath should be the most amazing to everyone!" Male-like competitiveness? If she had any more she /would/ have too much testosterone. Maybe that's just the Taz-side of her spilling out. "Greens are not the best! /Browns/ are! Taz is!"

E'an ees at Khaye, then turns to Izz'y. Aw. "See? He's being smart, and stuff. He knows that each is best." Pause. "But, what he /doesn't/ know… is that Fiareth is the best!" Muahahahaha.

Izz'y coughs slightly. "Just out of curiousity… What were Taz and Fiareth doing?" Khaye's comment is let slide, she can think what she likes… "And yes of course Cassie is the best to you Yla…" Tsk on him for leaving one out. Tired blue-rider sits in the dust next to his draggie as yet another argument comes his way. He's had enough. His brain hurts.

Furby glides out of the barracks.

Furby flutters over to perch on Fiareth's neckridge.

"They were all having a race. Bydelth and Cassie were racing… for a while." Till Cassie stumbled and Bydelth saw a nice bug. Yla sighs and rubs the back of her neck. "Lots of competitiveness. Lots…"

"And Taz /lost/!" Beat. "Oh, no darling, that's absolutely fine. Don't worry. It's fine that you lost.." Having spoken to Itazurath, Khaye now goes back to the people-to-people-conversation, storming up to poke E'an in the chest. "And Fiareth is /not/ the best! /Itazurath/ is!"

E'an ees, dramatically falling back, onto the ground or into arms or whatever. "Ack! She's trying to kill me!" Flail. "Help me! Someone get a Healer! Get a wher! Sic her!"

Well, since Yla is right next to E'an, she gets to catch him, oofing slightly. "Hey! What's with picking on greenriders!" SOlidarity, remember? "Taz lost. Fia won."

Izz'y nods slowly. "Ah… Yeah, it looked something like a race, but I wasn't sure…" He starts as E'an cries out, and then sits back down more comfortably. Just another over-reacting male greenrider. 'Course, he only knows the one… But that's besides the point. Izz leans his head on Nua's flanks and watches the world through heavy eyelids. Hey… Nua should be excersizing…

See? Izz isn't reacting to Khaye's poking-of-E'an, so it must be okay. She doesn't move to poke him again though, especially after seeing his.. ah.. reaction to a poke. She just stares. "I'm not picking on him," she protests to Yla. "He's just being weird." Itazurath, having meandered his way over (finally) peeks over Khaye's shoulder.

Nuadayth obediantly swings his wings up, stretching carefully over his head, and turning them this way and that. Whee… That feels neat. Blue waves his large sails back and forth almost like a little dance.

E'an helps himself up, supporting his weight on Yla, and once on his feet, huffs, wiping the dirt and dust and whatever he got on him (which is nothing that wasn't already there) off. "She tried to kill me! Just so she'd have one less greenrider to deal with." Huff.

Yla glowers at Khaye. "You're saying greenriders are weird?" she asks suspiciously, putting a fist on her hips.

Khaye backs up a step, holding up her hands in defense — and promptly runs backward into Itazurath. "I didn't say greenriders are weird. I said E'an's weird." There's a difference, you know. Itazurath's head bobs up and down in agreement. Yup. And he's prettier than Fiareth, too!

E'an sniffs. "But I'm a greenrider! And you tried to kill me! So I think all of us must take some sort of offense from /that/." Indeed.

Good girl. Don't argue with Yla. Cassie flicks her tail out in a wide arc, looking at Itazurath. Well, she thinks he looks /nice/, never mind what's been said by her rider. Yla huffs. "You're all strange, strange people." Meaning, all this arguing is starting to make her head hurt. Or maybe it's just the knock on effect of Cassie bumping her head.

Khaye sighs, leaning back against Itazurath, trying to find the right words to explain this. Patiently, rationally, and tactfully. "I did not try and kill you! I poked you, and then I called /you/ weird, not greenriders." So much for patiently, rationally, and tactfully. Yla is turned to next, while Itazurath preens under Cassie's scrutiny — or so he thinks. "If we're strange, then E'an's strange too, and that makes /greenriders/ strange." So there.

Izz'y chuckles softly at Nua's wing-flailing and looks over at the others. "Oh come on! It's not Fiareth she's saying is weird. Just you. Not even you /as/ a greenrider." Not that he thinks E'an is weird… Or at least not any weirder than all the rest of them. Not that that is saying much… Oh hey, look Yla thinks so too.

E'an points at Khaye. "You just said that greenriders were weird!" Then a gasp at Yla. "You're joining her side! You're all going to kill me!" Greenrider flutters, and mock-faints, thudding against the ground. *silence*

"See? He died. He was weird. And strange." Khaye's eulogy turns into epitaph. "He died knowing that Yla and me were going to kill him. I think." Itazurath just keeps on preening. Nevermind that E'an's dead or fainted or mock-dead/fainted.

Yla pokes E'an in the side with her boot. "Oh, I wasn't including you dear. Greenriders aren't strange. They're exempt." she says, then turns to Khaye and Izz'y. "Oh please. You don't ride greens. Therefore you're both strange."

Izz'y snorts. "So all those people out there who don't ride /anything/ are strange? Or is it just the riders of non-greens?" Or maybe it's just the people who /act/ like non-greenriders… You know, just like there are people who seem like they are 'reachers, or starries or whatever…

"I think the greenriders are strange. The non-greenriders aren't strange, and are therefore not not not strange, or.. um.. well, we're normal. Ya'll greenriders are the strange ones." That's Khaye's reasoning, lost somewhere in her lack of grammar.

"I'm a starrie. Or was." Yla states archly. She's a starrie green. Feeear. "Greenriders are the only normal people around. Haven't you noticed?"

E'an awakens, then, at Yla's words, promptly standing up. "Evil!" is all he says, pointing fingers at Izz'y, then Khaye. "You're an abomination!" Gasp. "Because… you're weird!" Sniff.

Khaye is an abomination because she's weird or a weird abomination? "I'm evil an abomination because I'm a weird evil abomination? Or I'm abinomation and weevil and eird and bominatation.." She lost herself again. Itazurath seems a bit confused not from his lifemate's rambling, breaking off from his preening to poke her gently in the back. Be normal. Not strange. Or an abomination. Normal. Whatever.

Izz'y rises slowly, shaking his head. "I don't know about you guys, but it's time for a nap for me 'n Nua." In other words, he's had enough of this discussion and is going to leave now…

Izz'y goes home.

Nuadayth goes home.

Yla yawns, stretching slightly. "Uh.. yeah." she says in response to Khaye. To be frank, she's more than a little puzzled about the whole thing herself now. For some reason, she's just hungry. That'll be her lifemate then.

Khaye seems just as puzzled as Yla is, though it's more than likely her confusion was self-caused by her babbling on about abominations and weird and evil. "Yeah.." she echoes. "Um."

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