Yla And Proddiness

[[logged by Yla]]

Star Stones

The view here is startling and magificient as the whole Weyr is laid out before your eyes. As you scan the horizon you can easily see why this is a favored firelizard basking spot when the weather is clear. Quietly resting in the shadow of star stones, that has served countless generations at the Weyr providing warning as turns of Threadfall approach, you can only wonder at the view and the ancients that created the star stones.

There is a small shelter for the watchrider and drum station.

It is an autumn before dawn.

Yla oofs quietly as she drops from Cassie's neck, tugging on her shirt automatically as she stands straight. She gives the green's eyeridge an absent scritch, blinking at the stars for a moment before noticing she's not alone. "Mornin'." she says softly with a smile to N'ano.

N'ano hops off his lifemate with expertise, or so he'd like to think. Soon though, that might be a difficult task as the bronze keeps growing and growing. Anyway, looking around, he takes notice of the incoming green, sidestepping as a caution, though he's not that close. As Yla dismounts, he offers a wave of greeting "G'morn!"

Yla tilts her head. Chirpiness in the morning. Ah… she remembers how that used to be… before the mucking out and exercising and formations and feeding and… everything else. Now she's just… tired in the morning. "Someone's happy." she says with a wry grin.

N'ano rolls a shoulder "Well, I don't know if happy is a way to put it… but I ain't sore, I ain't tired… I'm just, well, y'know!" There's a word for it, somewhere "I actually didn't mind that Byd got me up so early this mornin'… and yeah." Something like that.

"The sort of 'life is good' feeling, huh? I get that." Yla drops to the floor, reclining slight against Cassie, as the green at some point crouched down and made herself comfortable on the rock. "Not very often, but I get it… sometimes."

N'ano nods "I love it! It feels so great! Probably 'cause I'll be able to visit all my long lost friends soon." Yeah, like all three of them *cough*. "So whatcha up ta?" is imposed as he too, lowers himself to the ground, leaning against the hunk-o-bronze.

Yla smiles faintly. "Good fer you." she says, stretching her legs out and crossing them at the ankle, hands folded in her lap. "I'm just… enjoying the view. For a little ol' short person like me being way up here is very… empowering."

N'ano laughs "Aye… guess I don't have /that/ problem, eh?" Yeah, that's an advantage to being tall. "Byd likes it up high. And then he likes glidin' off to the ground way below… it's kinda great watchin' and all."

Yla rolls her eyes with amusement. "No, you wouldn't." And he has a great big bronze thing to climb on. "Cassie says people all look like ovines from this height. I keep thinking she's going to try and eat them."

Riyth maneuvers for a landing.

"All of 'em? That's a lot, y'know…" N'ano laughs, shaking his head and motioning to the green "Shards, how many /does/ she eat at a normal sittin'?" of hunting, whatever. As Jozzie moves on in on the blue, another wave is tossed up "Hey!"

Yla pats the neck of her big green stomach affectionately. "Well, ovines are smaller than herdbeast, so she tends to eat more of them than anything else. I have to stop her from decimating the herds and make her eat herdbeasts, so she gets more full. But she just likes ovines." In more ways than to eat them… but that's another story. She narrows her eyes as Riyth's wings stir up some dust, and waves cheerily at his rider.

Riyth downbeats, his talons taking hold of the stone. Jozzie hangs onto a neckridge as she slides down from off of her lifemate's 'ridges. Her boots settle on the ground, over looking the bowl. She turns to N'ano and Yla, grinning. "Hello, how's going?" she asks as she squints her eyes towards the horizon. She can't believe she is up this early after an edventful day before.

Jozzie slides from Riyth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

"As well as can be expected, I 'ppose." N'ano responds, sneezing as a bit-o-dust creeps up his nose "Ooh, 'xcuse me. How 'bout y'self?" is questioned as his eyes wander over to the blue "And Riyth?"

Riyth perches on the stone as he cocks his head to eye to N'ano in question. He then ruffles his wings, cooning softly. "He's alright." Jozzie says with a large smile. "He wants to do 'tweening again." She looks to the stone, suddenly in awe. "Shards, I did not even realize this place was so neat from up here." she says. She flickers beige tress behind her ear. "I'm great too, that was soo scary yesterday." she mumbles.

Yla tilts her head, looking at Jozzie, a quizzical expression on her face. "You've already betweened?" She takes a deep breath, leaning back against warm green hide a little more. "We haven't done that." Her and Cassie, obviously. "Only did it once… when I was searched… I was on so excited I can't even remember it."

N'ano frowns slightly "I haven't either… I was talkin' with some of the other riders over in the caverns… didn't know and stuff till I saw you guys all take off. So I just took Byd for a swim 'n all." Good enough replacement, right?

Jozzie drops her jaw for a moment, "Oh, well Elle and Larisseth betweened with us. I think Orbit said something about going out with a second bunch soon, kind of seperate us so we can all get it down. Nod. Nod. "You'll get to."

Yla grunts, non-too happily. "In a way, I'm kinda wanting to hold of on it." Anticipating the request for an explanation, she closes her eyes briefly and continues, "My family keeps sending me very chatty letters demanding that I go see them with my dragon since they haven't seen me in such a long time and they want to make sure I haven't been totally corrupted by the weyr…" She shakes her head, reopening her eyes. "That's going to be less than fun."

N'ano raises a brow "Why, have you been totally corrupted by the Weyr?" he questions, grinning and shaking his head "I'm sure they'll still love ya and all, no? And what're they gonna do, tie ya up and stick you in a closet so you don't go back?"

Jozzie taps her lip thoughtfully as she looks to Yla, "Where are you from again?" she asks. Then she looks to N'ano, grinning stupidly, "That's funny." she says. Then she goes on by saying, "I have to visit Keroon and High Reaches soon." Nod, yup!

Yla winks slying in N'ano's direction. "Why of course, dear," she says with a grin. "I'm a randy greenrider remember." Or so her family think. "But then Cassie hasn't reached… /that/ stage in her development yet." At his suggestion, she laughs out loud. "Knowing them? Very probably."

Yla, still grinning, turns her head to answer Jozzie's question. "Telgar Hold. That lovely cold plains area."

N'ano laughs, nodding "Aye… that'd be funny to watch… randy greenrider, eh? Suuure." another laugh is emitted before he adds "Well then. Can't imagine how crazy it'll be when she /does/. I'd go now 'fore Cassie does though… might be better, no?"

Jozzie crosses her arms as she looks back and forth between Yla and N'ano, her eyebrow raised. Did she…emm, miss something? She sniffles a bit as she steps over to the viewer, peering into the barrel.

Yla chuckles quietly, folding her arms. "Well, since they already have the idea that impressing to a green… or a dragon at all… has somehow made me into a loose woman with no morals to speak of…" *ahem* "Then that might be a good idea, yes."

N'ano grins "Well then… that's certainly an interestin' perspective of things. Wait till they see you when Cassie starts goin' up and stuff… they wanna see a change? I don't know one single greenrider that ain't—well, y'know." Frightening.

Jozzie looks back up turning to Yla, "For me it was the opposite, I think I've gained some." she smiles briefly. Of course somethings have changed for the better and some for the worst. The girl places her fists on her hips, looking amused. "Green that is not what, N'ano?" she chuckles.

But then, we don't know how Yla will react to Cassie going proddy, do we? She might turn incredibly shy, she might throw herself at anything that moves, or she might become a homicidal maniac. Or all three. "Yes, N'ano… what are greenriders?" And be careful what is being said. Yla can tease mercilessly with the right material.

N'ano motions with his hands "Oh, c'mon… y'know…" he just doens't know the word for it "Y'know how they are… no offense or anythin'." that going to Yla, of course "They're like—y'knoooow!" There, that works.

"N'ano? Do you have no gut, man? Spit it out." Jozzie says with a chuckle. "You're already half there." Oh, Jozzie knows- she just wants to hear it from N'ano.

Yla unfolds her arms, looking extremely amused. "Oh, I know what /I'm/ like, but really, I'm more interested of what you think of greenriders in general. Generalisations can be quite… interesting."

But that would just convict himself with some really bad consequences that he /really/ doesn't feel like going through again "Alright… they can be the most—" breath "…" tongue tied, ick "Well, put it this way. I'd rather be in a room full of firestone for a sevenday then have to face two proddy greeners in the same room 'gain."

Yla looks incensed. "Are you saying proddy greenriders smell funny?!" she demands, leaning forward, eyes narrowed in a 'just try and worm your way out this one, mate' look. "You'd better hope that the greens in our clutch don't go proddy at the same time." Because then Yla will arrange a strategic ambush. As long as Byd doesn't catch Cassie. *shudder*

Jozzie looks diguested, "Gee N'ano…" she says wrinkling up her nose. Then she laughs, not to mention who those two greenriders maybe. Thank Faranth she does not have to put up with a green, she'd probably have a migrane. Jozzie finds a place to sit along the wall, leaning back to watch the two. This is too much, she thinks to herself. Be observant.

N'ano shakes his head "No, they're just shardin—AHH!" That explains it all. "I think that if y'all went proddy at the same time, I'd be jumpin' 'tween to the most far 'way point there is in a second's time!" Nah, he'd stay for the pure pleasure of it.

Jozzie should be careful. She has a boy draggie, no? And Yla isn't very discriminating at the best of times. "I'm sure we could find you." Yla says with a grin. "Cassie's been making friends with half of Pern. I'm sure one of them would know where you are."

Jozzie coughs, "Well…" she states with a smile. "I'm going to run down to the Living Caverns for breakfast. Catch you two later?" Good idea. She flickers her tresses behind her ear as she scoops back up on Riyth's neck ridges, giving a wave to the two.

Jozzie clambers up Riyth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

N'ano raises a brow, grinning "Oh, so /now/ you're sayin' that you'd purposely try 'n find me, eh?" Hah! Caught yourself there! Right? "So you're all gonna go searchin' all over Pern just for me. Shards, I should feel pretty lucky, eh?"

Riyth takes off.

Yla's mouth opens to offer a retort, then she seems to review what she said, and she hastily says, "Only to give you the full and proper greenrider experience." Shard it. She had to walk into that, didn't she? "I mean, you seem to be under some illusions about greenriders. I'm only trying to rectify that."

Now that could take on many meanings, not all necessarily bad, eh? "Well, I'm sure not all of 'em are bad… and well, I've only experienced some of the older riders… so what's this 'full greenrider experience' you're implyin', eh? You gonna tie me up and toss me over a cliff or somethin'?"

Now that could take on many meanings, not all necessarily bad, eh? "Well, I'm sure not all of 'em are bad… and well, I've only experienced some of the older riders… so what's this 'full greenrider experience' you're implyin', eh? You gonna tie me up and toss me over a cliff or somethin'?" N'ano questions.

Yla regards N'ano for a long moment, then leans forward slightly, playing it to the hilt. "Yes, dear, except we'd leave out the 'throwing over a cliff' part out. I mean it's no fun if your where we can't get to you, is it?" She gives him a somewhat saucy wink before leaning back against Cassie once more.

N'ano rolls a shoulder "I 'ppose. Though I can't seem to figure out what else ya'd do…" Or rather, he really doesn't want to picture. Right. "So you're gonna tie me up. Interestin'… And where's Byd when all of this stuff's goin' on? Ye get rid of him too?"

Yla rolls her eyes. "I'm sure Cassie could keep him occupied." We are talking about a fairly flirty, romantically-inclined dragon here. Even if she hasn't quite gotten to that bit yet. And when she goes proddy… worry. "Or one of the other greens." She winks at Cassie, and throws a quick grin to Bydelth.

N'ano tosses his own grin towards Bydelth, reaching over to scritch his hide idly "Ye hear that boy? Cassie's gonna keep ya occupied, or one of the others." Of course, that bronze would probably enjoy that more than life itself, who knows. "Weeeell then. Shards, and they're reachin' maturity so soon too, huh?" Pity.

"I'm sure he'd be appreciative." Yla says, even as Cassie curls her neck around to look at Bydelth. If Yla just wants Bydelth's rider… "Not another thought!" she hisses at her lifemate, folding her arms. Delusional green. Yep. Must be. "They are, yes, growing so big…"

"Big… that's one way to put it… near a turn, too… can't 'live it's been so long! Seems like only yesterday…" Shards, N'ano's not going to break out into a tune now, is he?

Yla doesn't want Cassie to grow veryvery big. She still wants to be able to climb on her neck without the aid of a stepladder, after all. "You mean it wasn't?" She just takes a breath. "I'll be happy when we're all full riders."

N'ano nods his head "That'll be great. to shards with all the rules of weyrlings! They'll be history! I'll be glad with that." With that, he stands, making his way towards the bronze "Well, I've gotta scoot…" Waving, he clambers up onto his lifemate.

N'ano clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

You scrabble up the straps on Castaliath's neck and settle between twilight touched neckridges.

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