Yla And Naomi Proddy

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Margarita, Elgin, and Naomi are here.

Margarita chuckles with that warm billowly laugh and adds, "So you went for quite a big leap, dragons and warm sunny weather eh? NOt a bad choice, one i made myself just yesterday. Now how long you been here again?" she asks moving to refill her own mug, offering to fill Elgin's as well.

Elgin jumps up, "No let me ma'am." and holds his hand out for her mug, "A couple of 7days…thats it."

Myth suddenly disappears ::between::!

Click… clack. The sharp noises of wooden heels slapping the floor are, of course, a direct result of Naomi's entrance. "What -have- we here?" murmurs the greenrider, hand sliding down her black-wrapped form to rest on her hip. Hair is, strangely enough, black as well, and eyes are circled by some black substance. "Who are you? Names, quickly! I don't have all day." Her eyes are on Elgin and Margarita.

Elgin laughs as the demand is made and happily agrees, "Elgin." is said with a smile and a warm voice

Elgin he knew I was elgin..but he didn't make the connection for a while.

Yla isn't far behind Naomi, but is in a far more cheery state of mind, a faint smile on her face as she enters, moving with a fluidic sort of grace. "Good morning…" she smiles to all present, brushing past Naomi with a grin to her fellow greenrider. Takes more than gothicNao to scare her…

Elgin grins at Yla, this is the first time he's seen her when she isn't proddy…but won't mention that. "Hello Yla." Do riders remember things that happen when they are proddy? hmmm..

Margarita looks startled at the women, "I'm Margarita miss, Baker apprentice,. I just arrived yesterday."

"Elgin. And are you male or female? Or both? Or neither?" Naomi seems to be on a getting-to-know-the-Weyr mission, diving deeper beyond names and ranks to anatomy. Margarita immediately gets a sharp look. "Did I ask your opinion?" Forgive her, she's proddy. "Kaith wants some people," she murmurs softly to wingmate Yla, running her tongue over her lips. "Do these look good to you? I'm trying to decide if that one's too tall." Finger points at Elgin.

Margarita she stands, almost at attention and extends her hand confidently, 'Can i help you with anything, though not sure i could be much help yet, still learning my way round here." She says offering a warm smile.

Elgin smiles at Naomi, "I'm male." better just to take it like a normal question.

Naomi blinks a few times at Margarita, drawing a line from her own eyebrow to cheek with a fingertip. "Yes. You can help me with something. You can kiss me." Uh-huh. Elgin gets a glance. "This one's male," again notes Nao for Yla's personal knowledge. "I need kisses. Kiss me, Yla?"

Margarita looks to Yla, looking for advice maybe. She knew that weyr life was different, but she was a bit worried now.

Margarita says, "Kiss you mam?"

You overhear Elgin mutter, "… is … don't … about it. Just stay … … … … movements" to Margarita.

"Well, of course you are, dear. Male that is." Yla purrs, leaning forward languidly and looking rather openly at Elgin for a long moment, before glancing up at Nao, then back at Margarita. "She means me." she says, before getting to her feet and placing her hands either side of Naomi's face and planting a firm, and rather lengthy kiss on the other greenrider's lips. "That alright?" she asks, as she draws away.

Naomi frowns at Margarita, raising her fist. "You're trying to take advantage of me! I can't believe this! You think that just because I'm proddy, I'll go around sleeping with anyone and everyone I meet! I'm disgusted, Elgin, disgusted." She forgets names too easily. Elgin gets a sharp look. "And you, Margarita, had better stop telling secrets about me." Then Yla kisses her. Arm swings back, and then greenrider slaps other greenrider hard across the face. "Not you, too, Yla! You little… ew! I'm not going to sleep with you!"

Margarita 's eyes widen. Now this is something new, she never saw the likes of this in her little cothold in Keroon. But she wasn't there anymore. "klah anyone?" She quickly says rushing out for more mugs and another pitcher

Elgin grins at Margarita, "No sudden movements!." A warm smiles is given to Naomi, "No secrets about you ma'am. Just saying what a pleasure it is to meet you."

Yla doesn't look that physically hurt from the slap, but there's a definite quiver to her lips that wasn't there before. "You don't love me, do you? I always knew you were lying to me! You can be so cruel!" And the quivering turns into full blown sniffling, before the sniffling turns somewhat cross. "You and that little green… hussy of yours! Leading me on!" *chokesob* The chair beneath her creaks as she collapses down onto it, head resting on the table's surface.

Margarita twitters a moment before sitting back down at the table quietly, filling her own mug at least and taking a long draw.

Elgin pats Yla's shoulder in comfort for a moment before turning his attention back to what Naomi might do next.

"Kaith isn't a sharding /hussy/, you are! You're the one trying to get into my pants!" Eyes fill with tears, and Naomi moves over to take a seat by Margarita, muttering darkly under her breath. "Can you believe that, Elgin? Have you ever seen anything like that proddy fool over there?" The real Elgin gets only a glare. "Yeah, I bet you want some too. All of you. Men." Hmph.

Elgin shakes his head, "No ma'am. I don't "want any"…"

Margarita sighs and puts both her palms on the table, sort of gesturing for peace. "All right, now now..let's see. Calm down everyone. I think we need some klah and a few deep breaths." She places her hand on Yla's head and kneels before her. 'There there, would you like a drink? Klah, water, some wine?"

Zak glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin grins at Margarita and shakes his head, he knows she just trying to help..but there is no help for a green proddy rider, best thing to do is just go along with it.

"She is! So are you!" Yla's voice is slightly muffled, as she doesn't raise her head off the table, but her hand makes exaggerated gestures. Doubtlessly uncomfortable to do in that position. "And I should be so lucky! I knew you never liked me…" And she dissolves into a fresh bout of bawling. "You like me, don't you?" Margarita has, after all, just been nice to her. She grip onto Margarita's arm before the baker can move it away. "Because you're offering me nice stuff, aren't you?"

Margarita says, "Of course love, and you too Naomi, Elgin."

Naomi glares at Margarita. "I can't have klah or wine. I'm pregnant!" However, as Yla takes Margarita's arm, she takes the other. "Get your hands off Elgin, numbwit. He's mine." Uuhh-ooh. "You want me to beat you up? I can do it, just you watch! And Kaith'll kick Cassie to High Reaches!" Margarita merely gets a pat on the head. Good girl.

Margarita nods and says matter of factly, "All th e more reason to calm yourself down child. Have some water, or redfruit juice, maybe you need a little food?"

Elgin grins at Margarita, "That is not..what they need." gives her a friendly wink, he doesn't want to have to say it out loud..maybe she'll get what he is hinting at.

"/She/'s being nice to me." Yla says, nose wrinkled and doesn't relinquish her grip for the moment. "She's mind. Isn't she?" To Elgin, before she turns back to Naomi. "And she's calling you a child. So nyah. She likes me better." Yla punctuates this bit of maturity by sticking her tongue out.


Elgin grins at Yla, "You're right, she does like you better," He gives a pretty good mock cry, to fool her into thinking this hurts him.

"/Child/? Who in Faranth's name do you think you're talking to, here? I'm not going to calm down until I see Yla's face smeared on my ledge." Naomi caught the word 'child', too, it seems. Elgin merely gets a look. "Excuse me, kid, but Yla and I here are in the middle of a pre-brawl discussion. If you would kindly keep your mouth shut…?" And then back to chaos. "You little wherrybrained twit! I hope you die!" This to Yla, of course.

Elgin grins and sits back in his chair. "Sure ma'am. You're right." struggles to hide laughter.

Margarita blinks at the scene emerging, in mild shock. She thought she could help, but it apparently wasn't working. She needed to get out of here, needed…food. "I don't belong to no one miss. I'm goin to go get meself some dinner. If you all need anything in regards to nourishment you can call on me, otherwise i'm outta here."

Elgin eep, has been left alone with two proddy green female riders..eep.

Margarita walks to the Kitchens.

No one can help these two… or anyone in their clutch for that matter… when an argument starts brewing. "Don't go!" Yla whines, as Margarita starts to extricate herself. "Tell her…" A finger point to Nao. "You're mine." And then she's gone. "You scared her away!" Yla says, waving the finger accusingly now.

"Shut up. Now, I've had just about enough of you and your prissy little green trying to steal my lovers." Naomi glares daggers at Yla, looking as though about to hit her again. But, verbal abuse comes first. "How /dare/ you throw yourself at everyone I've got just because you can't manage to find anyone on your own? You desperate little meat-head!"

Elgin sighs with a smile, and crosses his arms across his chest relaxing.

"Prissy? Prissy?!" Yla's insensed now. Her little green darling has just been insulted… never mind that she can't recall at that precise moment in time what 'prissy' means. Lousy memory, y'see. "That's rich coming from the rider of something that's turned into an airheaded bunny lover the moment she starts glowing." Hiss. "And you asked me to throw myself at you. So don't go complaining now unless…" The anger goes away, replaced by hurt. "I'm not a good kisser am I? Oh I knew it!" And the lower lip starts quivering again.

Elgin grins at the two but hides it from view with his mug, as long as there is no hitting he's not going to get involved.

Merra walks in from the South Caverns.

Naomi growls slowly, bearing down on Yla with a loathing look in her eye. "You're the worst kisser ever. No /wonder/ you can't find your own lovers…" Eyes flash with momentary anger, and then she calms. "It's not /my/ fault if you just can't deal with my overwhelming good looks and charm. You'll just have to find your own." Hmph. Elgin recieves yet another glare, but no comment from the greenrider. Fighting is not a spectator sport, you know… And Merra's entrance gets a curious look. "Hello."

Elgin looks up at Merra, "hello."

Lib strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Merra saunters in, a rolled up hide in one hand and her daughter in the other. Or at least her daughter's hand, thankfully attached to her daughter. Green eyes widen as the woman catches Naomi's rejoinder to Yla, but the resident refrains from commenting. "Good day," she greets cautiously. Misra lifts her free hand in a childish wave, staring at both riders. "You got dragons when my mommy didn't," she announces, leaving said mommy to blush and look apologetic on her daughter's behalf.

Elgin looks down at the little girl and smiles, "Hello there." He reaches into his backpack and holds a cookie for her.

Yla just stares, lips pressed together to stop them from quivering, hands clenched into a fists as she stands there for a moment fuming. Then her arm comes up, and before Naomi's receives a punch, her fist opens and the greenrider gets a slap roundly across the face. "You're so mean to me! You wouldn't be asking me to kiss you and then *sniff* rejecting me, if you didn't have such a lousy love life yourself!! Hypocrit!" Merra gets a watery-eyed look, as does Lib, since she doesn't seem to be offering much else in the way of communication.

"Ugh. I need klah on tap in my weyr or something." Not bothering with anything until said beverage is found, poured into a mug and securely held in her hands, Lib then gives the caverns in general a glance. Naomi and Yla are picked out, fingers wiggling in their direction as Lib walks over to perch on a nearby table. "Kissing each other without me?" Greenrider then asks her friends, feigning a hurt look.

"Misi, sweetling, why don't you go by the nannies for a while," Merra instructs her daughter, eyeing the riders again, this time with definite annoyance. A protest is cut off, and with a sigh, the little girl wanders out, taking a quick moment to snag the offered cookie. "Thank you!" Merra grimaces, turning back to face the others. "Hello, Lib. Good to see you. Yla… Nao… can't say it's a much a pleasure."

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Naomi's lip quivers now. "/What/? Why did you hit me, you dimglow?" That… might have something to do with it. If looks could kill… Nao's would probably just make you slightly sick. But she's trying, clearly. "Don't /ever/ touch me again! I'm not going deal with your lusty, easy self any more than I have to!" And, she slaps the greenrider right back. Hearing her name, and seeing her half-weyrmate enter, she turns, gulping once. "What're you all doing here?" 'Cause, everyone knows the living caverns are meant exclusively for Naomi. Mmhmm.

Elgin glances up at N'ano, finally another male, "Hello." is offered with obvious relief.

N'ano is… always stepping into some sort of female rivalry, it seems. Eyes glance around whilst steps take him /away/ from the others, and more so towards, as noted, the only other male present "Hey… what's up with—er..?" thumb points towards the ladies.

"Don't you start as well…" Yla is now even /sounding/ on the verge of tears as she addresses Merra, upon hearing the woman's last sentence. "And you're going to have to! I'm going to camp out on your ledge… or something. You won't be able to get rid of me! Take that!" To Naomi, as she rubs at a cheek that definitely begining to sting. She'll start doing the chick fight thing any moment. Hair pulling… the works.

Blinking slightly as she's addressed, Lib looks up to notice that there is in fact someone there. Merra. "Merra! Hi! How've you been?" Greenrider breaks out in a smile, brain starting to get more up to speed now she's gotten some klah into her. Yla and Naomi then get another round of blinking. "Save the spanking for your weyrs." Greenrider comments, rolling her eyes where she's perched on the table. "And I'm here for this." Mug is held up. "And of course the entertainment…"

Elgin grins at N'ano, "They are fighting over lovers and how they kiss."

Margarita walks in from the Kitchen.

Elgin looks up to see Margarit just as he is standing, to keep the girls from killing each other, if it comes down to that…even if it means losing his life.

Margarita enters with a tray of food and a couple of pitchers. She looks in timidly, but her concious calls her to try to help, if she can.

N'ano just coughs. Yep, that's about all "Aye, interestin'…" Now if they put on a show for proving whatever facts, N'ano'll just pull up a chair, pop whatever the Pernese version of popcorn would be, and grab himself a front row seat. It could be interesting, don't you think? At least for a guy, anyway.

Margarita drops Tray of Meatrolls.

Margarita drops Pitcher of Klah.

Margarita drops Pitcher of Water.

Merra rolls her eyes as well. It's going to get crowded with all those eyes rolling… "Good, actually. I'm living here now." Yla and Naomi get long, long looks, amusement and annoyance chasing each other across her face. "I'm not starting anything. I'm just… commenting." If only because she's far too polite to say what she's actually thinking. N'ano is joined; it's pretty interesting from a woman's vantage point, too.

Elgin sighs if he tries to stop them now, the spectators my try and kill him too, so he joins them with a sad smile on his face.

Elgin *my=might

Naomi looks at N'ano as he enters, and then Yla. And then back again. "You two're together, aren't you? I see. I see it all, now. You're all cheating behind my back." She doesn't have to put up with this. A glare is sent to /all/ her wingmates, and then to Merra, as well. "This is your fault." Somehow. And Elgin's, too. And Margarita's. A scowl on her face, she moves to the door. "I don't have to put up with this…" she mutters.

Margarita opens her mouth in surprise, quite a crowd has gathered, looking to be enjoying the fight for sport. She sets the tray and pitchers on the table and claps her hand over her mouth. She doesn't dare say anytingn but gives Elgin a meaniful look.

Naomi bounces to the Bowl.

Elgin lets out a sigh of relief, good no fighting. "I was going to stop them." Scowls, does she really think he would sit by, "But if I did and then the spectators got mad and then we have 2 fighting proddies and 2 angry spectators then instead of 2 fighting there are 4??…I just thought it would be better." Frowns obviously his logic was flawed. he sighs.

Now how can't something like that make N'ano grin, but at least he's shaking his head. Oy. "Shards, what's up with her lately?" The question is tossed common, allowing all and any who wish to answer, reply. "She ain't goin' proddy, is she?" Cause now it's just hard to distinguish said behavior from normal Naominess.

"Oh go on! RUN!" Yla practically bellows after Naomi, before looking at those in the caverns. "She was mean to me." She says, somewhat abashedly, sitting much more demurely into a seat and smoothing out her blouse. "We weren't fighting." she says, rather primly to Elgin. "We were having a philosophical difference of opinions."

"Not a bad exit, even for Naomi." Mild impressed look resting on Lib's face for a moment, the greenrider then turns her concentration back to her klah. "Mmm. This is good." Crossing her legs, Lib remains perched on the table and, noticed N'ano's arrival, gives a wave bronzerider-wards.

Elgin says, "Oh really?" and puts a gentle finger on the big red hand print on her cheek for a second and then takes it away taking a gulp of klah, "And what is that then?"

Kweech blinks in from ::between::!

Margarita snorts loudly and tries to muffle it by slapping her hand accross her mouth again and begins coughing. "ANyone, need..ehheemm, a drink?" She manages to choke out before she grabs a mug and fills it with water.

Merra stares after the greenrider for an endless moment, finally shaking her head. "Everything's my fault, in one way or another," she mutters, shrugging off the entire incident. "Nice to know some things don't change between Weyrs, other than which greenriders are going at it." In one way or another. Yla's denial is heard, witnessed, and laughed at, although the woman won't admit that it's exactly what she's laughing about.

Sarrol walks in from the South Caverns.

N'ano gives a wave of dismissal for the offer, baker-ways before offering a chin-nod/half salute towards Lib "Alrighty then… guess that's all… settled? Maybe?" Who knows at this point? Certainly not him. "Aye, anyway… 'sides that—how is everyone?"

Margarita downs her mug of water and then grabs a meatroll stuffing it into her mouth. Hot food had a way of comforting her. "Elgin, does this happen…a …often?" SHe asks worriedly

Margarita sighs loudly then directs her voice to the others, "Can't..isnt' there anything to be done about that???"

Sarrol goes home.

"You've not met Naomi before then?" Lib asks Elgin, raising an eyebrow in his direction with a slight smile on her face. "Oh, vaguely alive. I haven't gotten much further than that this morning." Greenrider then says in N'ano's direction, flicking some fingers at her mug of klah, still cradled in one hand.

Elgin gives another wink to Margarita, "There is something…" refuses to say it outloud.

Nali hugs Yla! Yla awwwwws happily and returns your hugs, even as Castaliath bounds over, wings outstretched. « Be /my/ friend!! Hug meeeeeee!! »

Yla hugs Nali! Nali hugs you back, then Banoth wraps you both up and gives a shudder—you're shaken, not stirred!

Merra grins lazily, gesturing idly towards Margarita. "Nah, this is pretty common for a Weyr, especially when proddy greenriders are involved." At least she hopes they're proddy. If they aren't, she just doesn't want to know. "And how're you, N'ano? Bydelth is well?" Margarita gets another glance, and the resident shrugs. "They'll calm down once their dragons rise. At least, we think they will."

Yla tilts her chin in Elgin's direction. "You obviously never had that many encounters with our clutch." She says, as if proud of their brawling abilities. Which she just might be. "And I'm good." she answers to N'ano, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Elgin smiles at Yla, "Yes I have. Just never at the same time."

Margarita pours another mug of water, splashing a little on the table as her hand shakes. She approaches the green rider with concern and even a bit of fear. "Here, child, drink some …it'll do you good."

N'ano dips his head into a nod, directed towards Merra at her inquiry "Aye… I'm doin' great, actually. Byd too—he ain't bein' a pest like he was earlier in the sevenday. Shards, y'would've thought /he/ was proddy, but that ain't possible now. Guess he still has moodswings though."

"Oh for Faranth's sake! Stop calling me child! Do I need feeding? Do I need nappy changes? No. I'm therefore not a child." Yla folds her arms and pouts distinctly at Margarita. "And don't you have any /fruit juice/? Pweeeease?" she whines. N'ano proddy… now that's a peculiar thought.

"You know, it's vaguely disarming when this is all perfectly normal to me." Musing aloud, Lib ponders that with a thoughtful gaze into her klah mug before throwing what remains of her drink down her throat and giving a slight sigh. "Perhaps I should go and find Naomi…"

Margarita steps back shocked…no one ever got offended …well…she was a child compared to margarita. at least it felt like it… Margarita felt so old sometimes in comparison with the younger folk surrounding her. 'JUice…i'll see if i can scrounge some up."

You notice Margarita looking at you.

Elgin grins, "Sit ma'am" is directed toward Margarita, "I'll find it."

"But..i..oh." she sits as elgin wanders away towards the kitchen.

Merra indulges herself in a sudden coughing fit, not quite able to look in Yla's direction. Climbing to her feet, she hurries to the hearth to pour herself a glass of juice, gulping it down. Snickering, she grins at Lib. "Don't worry. It's just as normal to me, and I'm not even a rider. Either it's because I was stuffed in those candidate barracks with you all, or it's because I lived at High Reaches."

Elgin nods and roams into the kitchens

Elgin drops Theseus.

Elgin walks to the Kitchens.

"No!" Yla raises a finger in Lib's direction. "You're not giving that girl one minute of satisfaction by following her. I won't let you!" Before she glowers briefly at Elgin. "I told /her/ to get it." is muttered, but since /someone/ is getting her the juice, she doesn't complain too loudly.

Elgin walks in from the Kitchen.

Elgin enters again with a large cup of juice and walks over to Yla offering it to her with an out stretched hand.

"No doubt she'll trundle through that tunnel of ours and into my weyr at sometpoint anyway…" Shrugging off the following Nao idea, Lib gives a grin to Yla and then rolls her eyes at Elgin and Margarita. "Puh-lease. Don't play up to her. You'll make her worse." If Lib doesn't get her own personal slaves, why should Yla? "Probably both." Greenrider then finishes, commenting on Merra's statement. "I'm sure both were very traumatic. You might even want to see a Healer. I think I will…"

Yla takes the juice, holding it delicately between thumb and forefinger as if the contents are radioactive. "Huh… I suppose this'll do." she says, peering at the liquid, before she looks up at Lib again, her eyes starting to fill up. "She likes you better than me. I knew it!" And Yla is being normal to Merra? Oh dear. She'll have to try harder then…

Margarita frowns a little and picks up another meatroll. So much for trying to help. This weyr life was going to take some gittin used to. She wasn't sure what she should do now. She looked at the group between bites and chewed slowly. She hoped her mentor would arrive soon. She need some direction.

"As far as I can make out, Naomi likes whoever pandas to her best? Don't fret over it, hon." Gentle smile is sent Yla-wards, Lib deciding to slide off the table and into a seat now it's looking less likely that she'll need to jump into action at short notice.

"I've considered it," Merra remarks drolly, clarifying, "Seeing the healer, that is." Whether or not it's for the reason Lib is talking about, however, is something the woman recently arrived from the southern continent isn't giving away. "Look… tell me something. Are you three an item, or something?" She'll probably get a stupid answer. It's what happens when one asks a stupid question.

Ragnar stalks, like a wolf on the hunt in from the South Caverns.

Ragnar wanders in with a smiles on his face. He waves to Elgin. "Hey longtime no see.!

Elgin looks from where he is still offering the mug to Yla and smiles at Ragnar, "hello, how ya been?"

"An item? Us three?" Yla taps her fingernails on the exterior of her mug. "But Naomi doesn't like me anymore!" Ah… the 'not answering' way of responding to questions. "She won't let me sleep with her." *sobsniff* She starts sniffling into her juice again.

Elgin shrugs and sits down by Margarita and gives her a comforting smiles.

"Naomi sleeps with anything with a pulse, and some things without, Yla. She'll sleep with you just as soon as she's bored of terrorizing the weyr. It's still early, after all." Rolling her eyes, Lib kicks her feet up onto a nearby chair and leans back slightly where she sits. "Just be patient."

Ragnar stalks, like a wolf on the hunt to the Bowl.

Merra ponders this for a moment, finally leaning back and letting her eyes close. "In that case, I shall either offer myself up or hide," she announces. No one ever said this woman's picky about who she sleeps with. "Kaith's proddy, isn't she? Or is this just normal Nao behavior I never noticed during candidacy?"

Margarita steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Margarita returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

"Um…" Brief rider-dragon consultation takes place, before Lib nods at Merra. "That she is. Oh, joy for the weyr. Not." Rolling her eyes slightly at proddyness in general, Lib glances at Yla. "I'd say Cassie's more than a little green also. No trips to the hall this time, Yla-darling."

Elgin wonders to himself if Yla is ever not proddy.

Margarita sighs and wonders the same…She is worried about meeting other riders….this maybe more than she bargined for….where was annalysa??

Yla just smiles beatifically as Lib declares her proddy, not commenting on the subject. And if Elgin had this thoughts overheard, she'd hang him from her ledge.

Elgin knows, thats why he didn't say it outloud

Kweech is currently thinking about meat.

Ivanova blinks in from ::between::!

"How can she be 'more than' green?" Yla says, sticking her finger in her juice and swirling it around. "She's green, or she's not. She can't be more than green."

Elgin smiles at Yla, "I don't think she ment it literally."

Merra snorts. "Faranth save us from proddy Naomi. She's bad enough as is." This being from the perspective of someone who spent far too much time with her then-fellow candidate. "And Yla. Just a regular ol' greenrider party, isn't it. How about yours, Lib? She planning on joining the fun?" The woman twiddles her thumbs. Just… that. "I'd say she meant more of a… glowing green, Yla. A lovely, sparkling green."

"And would you like to tell me exactly how you happen to know what I'm thinking when I've barely even known you for even a candlemark?" Highly doubtful look written all over her face, Lib is suddenly glaring rather intensely in Elgin's direction. "How dare you presume to know what I am or am not thinking? That is entirely my own business, and none of yours." Humph. So there.

Elgin sighs with a slightly hurt smile, the comment was not expected he didn't think /she/ was proddy…

Margarita picks up the tray and pitchers and sends a smile elgin way. "I'm gonna go now.. i think ineed some rest."

Margarita walks to the Southern Caverns.

"Ugh. Whipe that smirk of your face before I get Yla to do it for you." Proddy rider friends = Lib's pawns. (Does that make Lib a pimp of sorts? Mwaha.) Greenrider glares at Elgin once more, then returns to smiling sweetly at Merra. "No, Alishath's certain she'll never be proddy, and while I'm not inclined to agree, she hasn't tryed it just yet. Thankfully."

Yla glowers at Elgin in his silence. Well, if he isn't even going to defend himself. "Don't be mean to my Lib!" she declares, waving a fruit juice soaked finger in Elgin's direction. "Sparkling green?" Yla is distracted by Merra's description. "Really? You think? How preeeetty…"

Elgin bangs his head on the table and leaves it there, "Why?? why?"

And thus, Merra's query about Alishath's current state is indirectly answered. "Alright, so what *did* you mean, Lib?" she asks smoothly, finding a new fascination with the ceiling. Lovely, that. "Perhaps she'll be persuaded to change her mind." And please warn Mer when she does. Yla is duly grinned at. "Oh, yes. Sparkly, glittering, glowing…" Let'sd just not go on. Elgin is eyed curiously, but the resident doesn't comment.

"Do you have a problem?" Incling her head slightly, Lib arches an eyebrow over the question she asks Elgin. "Because you will have if you don't stop bashing what braincells you have around like that." Pah. "And I simply meant that Cassie is starting to glow. Nothing more, nothing less." See? Prefectly sensible and not-proddy. Well, not-proddy anyway…

Elgin look up shakes his head and goes back to nursing his klah, pondering what in pern he did wrong in the first place.

"Well, answer her!" Yla is pouring sweetner into her fruit juice, before returning to finger-stirring it. "And of course she's glowing… I think she swallowed some glows when I wasn't looking. She says she wasn't, but I know she was feeling awfully peckish…"

Khaye bounces over, appearing out of nowhere, and /pounces/ tackling you with huggles and snuggles and higgles and sniggles, so very terribly glad to see you once again, and with yet one more hug and a cheery 'Hihi!' the hyper one disappears again, vanished without a trace.

Yla hugs Khaye! Khaye screams. Itazurath swings a bat at your head instead of Khaye. » Khaye's got Yla cooties! «

Merra is hard-pressed to keep from laughing, looking everywhere but at any of the others in the cavern. "I'll keep that in mind, Lib. Starting to glow. Yup." She's not particularly worried about drawing either greenrider's wrath down on herself. Not after surviving the proddy greenriders of the Reaches, anyway. "I think you'd both know if she swallowed some glows. But, then, I could be wrong."

Elgin grins and nods in agreement with Merra, "Yeah..both swalloed glows.

"If that's what does it, I'm keeping 'Lisha as far away from those glows as is physically possible, then." Folding her arms, Lib proceeds to rearrange her feet on their chair, before sending another stare towards Elgin. "You are a very strange little man."

Yla glares at Elgin. "Are you saying that I'm dim enough to need to swallow glows?" WIth a swift movement, she ceases her stirring, and grabs the cup of juice, throwing its contents in Elgin's direction. "You meanie!"

Elgin now covered in juice and staring in shock at Lib, "I'm strange??? Me?? /I'm/ strange!?" bursts out lauging and nearly falls over backward in his chair.

That does it. Merra erupts with laughter, very nearly falling off her chair. She opens her mouth to speak, thinks better of it, and simply watches, giggles bubbling up in rapid succession. Drawing deep breath to calm herself, she continues to grins broadly. "Shells, I missed you guys after the Hatching," she tells Yla and Lib.

"I think you just proved my point." Lib comments drolly, watching Elgin turning somersaults over his chair. "And please don't hurt yourself. I'd be so incredibly upset if you did I just don't know how I'd cope." Sarcastic? Lib? Never…

Elgin gets a hold of himself, having laughed out everything..because lets face, proddy green riders can be really funny, and grins, "You're right I'm terribly strange." muffled laughter.

"You're not strange! You're mean!" And that is Yla's firm opinion on the matter. "You're always saying I'm proddy. That's like asking me if it's that time of the month!" Either is grounds for gutting, in her opinion. And whether he 'always' says it is another matter, but Yla is on a role. "You're a strange mean little man." she adds in addition to Lib, before beaming at Merra. "You missed me? Ooooh! That's so sweet of you!" she practically gushes.

"We are kinda lovable, aren't we?" Grinning at Merra, Lib pulls her best 'I'm cute' face in her direction. "And it's real great to see you again, too." Aww. Sweet. That's totally gone when Lib turns back to Elgin, however. "Patronize me again, and I'll let Yla have her way with you. I may not be willing to lower my standards that much, but Yla's proddy."

Elgin frowns at Yla, "I never once said you were proddy…/never/…" scowls "and i'm not mean, you're the one who poured juice on me!" can't help a grin.

Merra snickers, shaking her head again. "Amazingly, yes. You are kinda lovable." In a grumpy greenrider sort of way. "Besides, we had some good times back then, didn't we? Besides the chores and the bossy riders, of course." Elgin is eyed and frowned yet. "You know, getting on a greenrider's bad side isn't a terribly smart idea. This is normal, and if you're going to be living at a Weyr, you need to get used to it."

Khaye steps in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Elgin glances at Merra, "the first day I moved here, she walked into the living caverns and declared I was trying to poison her. Just like that."

Elgin shrugs, "I didn't do /anything/." grins at Khaye and waves, "Hello."

"Yes you did! And if you didn't say it… you were thinking it! Didn't you? All men do!" Yla is all accusitory again, and this time, she has nothing to throw. "And I didn't /pour/ the juice. I threw it in a haphazard manner." Then she blinks. "Lower your…. heeey! You're saying I have low standards? Oooh! Now both you and Nao are being mean…" Everyone's mean. If they're not evil, they're mean. "And that's was E'an! E'an thought he was being poisoned. Don't you know /anything/? Tut!"

Elgin grins, "Oh yes yes..I remember now. I helped you get him in your Weyr! No i'm not saying you have low standards…stop taking everything out of context…Please…"

"And the brats. And Beebo. And I'm not going to continue." Chuckling under her breath, Lib shakes her head a bit at the memories. Yla then gets Lib's attention. "Noooo. I said that the strange little man was below your standards. You're standards are high!" Nodding to confirm the fact, Lib then melts back into her chair with a wave to Khaye. "Welcome to the mad house, Khaye."

It's.. a zombie! No. Nevermind. That's Khaye. The brownrider stumbles into the cavern, flops into a chair, and promptly starts ignoring everything going on around her except for the vague under-breath mutterings that could be heard from her direction. "Poison.. pour.. haphazard.. mean.. E'an.. poisoned.."

N'ano just idly coughs from his corner posting away from the others, continuing to watch on in amusement. "All men, eh?" Now that's not a very fair reputational setting. Of course, somewhere between his lifemate's 'song' that he had to sing to N'ano, he lost the topic of conversation.

Merra isn't currently being mean, but she can be if it'd be more convenient. "Oh, 'lo, Khaye," she calls, attention drawn away from the main conversation for a moment. "All men? Perhaps not. But, then, a bronzerider is hardly one to talk." Let's just… not ask Mer for her recent opinion of bronzers, eh?

Yla bobs her head as she hears N'ano. "Yes. Men. Bleh to men." Succinct, no? "Oh… that's what you were saying?" To Lib. "Oookay then. That's alright. I didn't want to have to push you off my ledge, because you're just so lovely, but I would have…"

Muttermutter. A general greeting makes its way into Khaye's mutterings, as she carefully places her forehead on the table. "Men.. talk.. Bleh." Mrr. "Ledge."

Elgin frowns and glances at Khaye, "You okay?"

"Not all men are awful, Yla. Some are dead, remember?" Always a good thing to remember, indeed. Smirking slightly, Lib slides out of her seat and goes over to give Yla a quick hug. "I have 'Lish if I want to fly, so I'd appreicate not being pushed off ledges." And so nice of Yla not to!

"That's okay…" Yla hugs back for a brief moment. "I wouldn't really… you know." She beams at the other greenrider briefly. "And you're right… I should look on the bright side of things…" Then she sighs. "Maybe I should start camping out on Nao's ledge now… like I said I would. Before I forget. Yep… should do that…" And with that… she stands and heads for the exit.

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