Yla And N'ano Watch A Baker Promotion

[[logged by Yla]]

Weyrling Barracks

Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures. Off to one side is the everpresent vat of oil and trays of meat for the growing dragonets.

Itazurath rolls over onto his side, presenting his chin to Khaye to be oiled next. She sighs and starts on the next task. "Doesn't seem like Taz is losing any of his flaws," she points out. "Sorry, dear. I didn't meant that your flaws are bad." No, of course his flaws are.. good?

N'ano sighs, giving a final glance up at the bronze before raising himself to the chair once again "Anythin' to eat 'round here? Starvin'…" Literally? Probably not, but well, we all know his appetite, and yes, it's back.

Yla slips off her couch, grumbling to herself as her feet hit the floor. Obviously tired, she stumbles over to the oil. "Won't give me a minute's rest, will ye love?" she says to the somnolent green dragon, before trekking the oil and a rag back across the barracks.

Khaye goes home.

N'ano shakes his head, responding to Yla's question regardless of whether or not it was addressed to him "Aye, that ain't gonna happen. 'should know that by now, eh?" he grins, "Already oiled Byd three times this mornin'. Shards, he's gettin' too big for me to catch up with!"

"My Cassie's so little in comparison to the rest of the clutch," Apart from the other greens of course, but that's not what Yla is focussed on right now. "And there's so much of her. And she's got so much more to grow. How am I going to cope?" A slightly desperate tone, probably sleep-deprivation induced, enters her voice, before she sighs, beckoning her lifemate out of her couch.

"How're /you/ gonna cope?" N'ano laughs, giving a quick hand motion towards his own lifemate "Check that guy out… I have a feelin' he's gonna be one of the biggest bronzes 'round just judgin' from how big he is already! Still got a lot to grow and he's almost as big as some of 'em full grown greens!"

Yla turns and blinks at Bydelth. "Well, I think you've got a little way before that…" she says tiredly, her hands automatically rubbing the oil into the itchy spots on Cassie's hide.

N'ano nods "Oh, I know /that/… but he's—he's just so /big/ already! You should see how big his wing span is out in the bowl!" he spreads his own arms as if trying to compare, but failing miserably, of course "Too fast…"

Castaliath starts to unfold her wings slightly, peering at the translucent membrane. Just she have bigbig wings? "You have lovely wings." Yla states, giving her muzzle a quick bat with the cloth. "They're all getting so big…"

N'ano grins "I just keep tellin' myself that over and over—like it's gonna make 'em stop. Ain't workin' yet though! But I suppose it ain't such a bad thing. I mean, the bigger they get, the faster we'll be able to ride 'em and fight thread and all that good stuff."

Yla giggles quietly, working on a particularly itchy spot. "Fighting thread. Ah yes. Risking life and limb. Don't get me wrong…" Yla wrinkles her nose slightly. "I know it's now our duty and everything, but I'm not really eager to get around to that bit."

N'ano grins "I am but I'm not? Does that make any sense? I mean, I'm really 'cited to get out there with the wings and serve our duty to Pern to save the lives of its people, but I ain't all that enthusiastic to go 'n get scored or something. Hopefully that won't happen ever, but there ain't no guarantee, unfortunately."

Yla drapes an arm over Cassie's neck. "And I don't want Cassie to get hurt." she offers, in a quieter voice than usual, before she attempts to brush the thought off. "Well, we'll just have to be really careful, won't we?"

N'ano grins "Aye. Most certainly. I bet if we train hard enough, we'll all be the best weyrling class to ever graduate!" wishful thinking anyway "We can do it, I'm sure. Wha? Yeah… I know. Don't worry! Yeah yeah… riiight…" his voice suddenly trails off as his body twists around to speak with the bronze who has apparently woken up from his deep slumber.

Yla stifles a yawn with the back of her hand. "Don't worry, he says." she repeats, punctuating her words with a roll of her eyes. "Stand up a bit dear, I need to get at your tummy."

N'ano laughs, shaking his head "Oh, he was talkin' 'bout something else… ain't important, really." he grins, watching the bronze curl back up into a ball to fall fast asleep once again "I swear… if I attempted to take a nap right now, he'd wake. There ain't no winning, is there?"

"Nope," comes Yla's succint answer from where she's applying the oil to Cassie's underbelly, the green wuffling to herself. Obvious, the action tickles. Her tail flops about the floor as she does her equivalent of giggling. "I mean this one's kept me up all night. I'm shattered…"

"I think everyone's shattered. Do they at least appreciate all the services we're providin' them? I mean, bathin', feedin', oilin'… y'know?" N'ano sighs, idly tossing a rock between his hands.

There's a pause for a moment as Yla tilts her head, eyes unfocussing as she does so. "Cassie says she likes it. So I take that as a yes. It's all so much work… I don't mind it… it's just… after all that work during candidacy, I'm just… sick of working." Ho hum. Still gotta do it though.

N'ano sighs longingly "Aye… aren't we all. 'least it ain't the same stuff for the most part. And at least that the stuff that we /are/ doin'—well, we have company. Byd likes to crack jokes constantly… kinda lightens up the mood, y'know?"

Jokes… mood altering drugs… Yla would take either at the moment. "Oh yes." she says. "Can't complain about the company." She gives Cassie's stomach a quick scritch before clambering to her feet once more.

N'ano laughs "The only time that's bad is durin' class. Kinda hard to pay attention and concentrate at some times. And that just leads to punishment of some sort." he grins, tilting his head back to stare above "Gotta love him though."

Yla giggles at the thought of Bydelth cracking jokes during class. Cassie hasn't done that. Fortunately or unfortunately? Who knows? "Ah… ye need to split your attention then. Tough to do."

"Tough's one way to put it… the jest end of ithard to deal with sometimes. Ah well, he keeps me happy no matter how obnoxious he can be. Such a character he has he actually tells me /who/ he likes and doesn't—like who I can hang out with and whatnot?" and who's supposed to be the parent here? Sighing again, N'ano adds "It's all good though. I wouldn't give it up for nuttin'."

Yla grins, sitting on the floor of the barracks and leaning back against Cassie. "A control freak of a bronze?" What is it with this clutch? Kaith… Bydelth… A cluch of control freaks. Scary. "Oh no. Wouldn't give it up."

N'ano rolls a shoulder "Control freak? Well, I wouldn't go /that/ far… he says he's uh, just lookin' out for the better of me." or maybe the rider's just in denial that such a title could be placed upon his lifemate.

Yla nods slowly. "Of course, dear." she says, even as Cassie yawns and looks longingly at the couch, waiting for a brief bob of the head from Yla before she scampers back onto the couch, shifting her weight around to get comfortable.

"I just find it bad that he ain't likin' too many people at all… think that'll phase over or somethin'? I hope anyway. Don't wanna end up some hermit livin' in a weyr with no outside contact 'cause there's a big bronze in the way of civilization!" N'ano grins, despite the sincerity in it.

Dhiammarath shuffles gracefully, honey-tipped tail swish-swishing behind her, in from the bowl.

Yla giggles. "I have the opposite problem. Cassie just makes friends with /everyone/. Even people she meets for only a minute or so." She rolls her eyes at her green, who, at some point dropped off, her tail twitching fitfully.

N'ano grabs his stomach as a gurgle is emitted "Aye… food time, care to come?" he calls out over his back, already making his way to the door.

N'ano walks nonchalantly out to the bowl.

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Damista strides proudly with her head held high in from the South Caverns.

Siria bounds gleefully in from the South Caverns.

N'ano leads the way into the caverns, making a beeline to the food, of course. That is his whole purpose to even emerge into the caverns evermore. Upon filling a plate, he offers a cheerful wave to Siria, motioning with his other to Yla "Ye want anythin'?" that questions directed at either of the two. And then Damista is spotted, a stranger at least, so just a chin-nod is given to her in greeting.

Damista enter with the manner of an outraged Master. She gives a quick wink to the Weyr residents before her apprentice can see. She turns and faces the apprentice once more the outraged Master. "These folk have seen your work around here. Never has one of my mentees been such the talk of the Weyr as you have become." She turns to the riders and bows slightly. Keeping her tone terse while smiling at them now that her apprentice can't see her face, "Could you tell me what you have heard of my Apprentice Siria here?"

Siria walks with dragged, most fearful steps, though an unsure manner can be traced through her posture and movements. Head is held low, her blonde hair reaching down her back in loose tendrils. Her duel eyes reach upwards with their gaze to glance around once, sending a meek smile to the occupants of the room. Perfectly playing the part of the mentee, afraid of her mentor's rage, Siria stands with slightly slouched shoulders, and clasped hands. The eyebrow ventures up once more, still not knowing why she is here, though it is a subdued version of the usual questioning movement.

Yla looks up from the plate she is steadily piling with food, more than she ever usually eat. "Eh? Apprentice?" Obviously, she wasn't paying that much attention. Blinking slowly, she tries to remember what was said. "Well… She seems to work a lot." Not that she knows. She just listens whenever people talk. "You know… does her chores and all."

N'ano grins "Siria? Shards, always too busy, that's for sure. Hanged out 'lot with her 'fore… always either groomin' a runner—muckin' those stalls… pickin' up after 'em… y'know. Even showed me 'em foals! Brought back fond memories of back at the beasthold growin' up. Great kid." he winks over at the apprentice after he responds to the master.

Damista turns back to her apprentice, "See? Everyone knows about it but me. Hand over your knot, that one is no used to you when you have this one to wear…." Damista produces a knot of yellow and white in the form of a Senior Apprentice's rank. "I hereby promote you, Siria, to the rank of Senior Apprentice with all the rights and responsiblies thereof." With that, Dami holds out one hand to take the old knot and the other reaches out to give the new one in it's place.

Yla perks up as she hears this last. Oooh… interesting. "Hey, congratulations." she says with a grin, then examines the food table, plucks something off it and holds it out. "Have a cookie." Never mind that the girl could have gotten it herself.

Ronina walks in from the South Caverns.

The eyebrow rises further at these statements, the previous blind fear being slowly replaced by the depths of confusion. "Great kid?" she repeats quietly to herself in a small and questioning voice, as the confusion becomes greater at the positive statements. Her hands remain clasped, though at her mentor's words the apprentice raises her shoulders and head in astonishment. "Senior apprentice?" she inquires, quite in a mood for repetition at the moment. Her other eyebrow raises, though this time to mark an expression of pleasure, which perfectly matches the grin forming like a blooming flower lower down her face. Quickly one hand reaches to her shoulder, fumbling to remove the knot she has worn for so many years. It is extended and handed to Damista after quite a bit of work with her fingers unstable with excitement. The other knot is accepted, and stared at with wide emerald optics before the girl manages to fasten it to her shoulder. "Thank you. Thank you so very much," is all she seems able to say.

"Woo! Hey! Way to go!" N'ano cheers for his friend before adding "Shards, 'knew you'd get one of 'em sooner or later. Definitely well deserving!" Ooh, cookie. Cookies could lead to other treats as well, like cake, if the bakers were willing. Toss on the charm?

Ronina has disconnected.

Ronina falls asleep.

With a smile now and pretend anger gone, Damista walks closer to her mentee and gives her a hug, "I can't think of any of my mentees who where not scared to death on getting promoted. Couldn't let you be the first." The with a wink, she waves at the drudge who brings out bubblies for everyone in the Cavern. "Congradulations Siria. You may have the rest of the day off, and tomorrow I will explain your new duties to you. Until tomorrow, I am not Master anymore, but Damista. Understood?" The a clap on the girl's shoulder and a wave at the pies, "Dig in everyone!"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Ronina off to bed.

Siria seems to be in an unknowing daze, though the state is quickly wearing off as the cookie is accepted from Yla with a thankful smile that manages to fight off her growing grin. "Yes, Mast-er, Damista," she answers to her mentor, as the glazed look finally leaves her face and the whole shock of the thing rests itself upon her mind. Siria's emerald eyes take on a look of complete joy, as she takes a bite of the cookie. Good cookie. Though she is eating more out of habit than out of necessity-now she could go for hours without eating on the energy acquired by this!

N'ano can pass on the cake when bubblies are in the house! Or caverns, in this case. Grinning broadly, he makes his way over to the tray, taking a couple for himself before offering Damista a grin and another chin-nod "Thanks!" Now if only that 'day off' ordeal was universal for everyone present. A short break is probably all he has before that bronzened lump awakens.

Another bite of the cookie is taken, a tiny one, though it is quickly finished off. Her grin seems to be spreading, slowly pulling more and more of her facial features into the action. Her cheeks fold into dimples, accenting the joy, as her optics flash with a level of delight rare for even the bouncy-happy Siria. Her slouch of fear is completely dropped for the usual easy stance, as she relazes into her new state of glee. "Thanks a lot," she says, adressing the riders.

Yla grins. "Hey, no problem. Congratulations again on the promotion." Yla drops herself into a seat, the plate clattering slightly as she drops it down on the surface of the table.

"Ain't no problem at all!" N'ano grins, holding up a bubbly, toast style before munching down on it gleefully. "Lucky ye got the day off too! We ain't gotten one of 'em since…" he raises a 'brow towards Yla in question "Y'know when?"

Damista strides proudly with her head held high to the Southern Caverns.

Siria lets her shoulders fall with the burden of a shrug, her cheeks taking on a slightly reddened tinge. "Ahh, well," she stammers, slightly uneasy with the compliments. Finally, regaining her composure, Siria reaches out for one of the pies. It is raised to her mouth, and nibbled gently at. She's definately too excited to eat.

N'ano nods, contributing to that thought "Definitely enjoy it. Do somethin' good for y'self." like baby sit a draggie or draggies so that the riders can have some time to sleep. It's a nice thought though, isn't it?

"Maybe I'll work Fire on the saddle a bit more. I mean, he's almost ready to be ridden. Wouldn't that be a treat." Even more so than being promoted? Perhaps. Her lips twist upwards into their usual smile, falling easily into the old pattern.

So said Siria…

Serafa wanders forlornly in from the Northeastern Caverns.

N'ano grins "Ain't that a chore in the least bit? Ye should go to the beach at least… y'know, just sit out there 'n relax with a book or somethin'?" Oh, how nice that would be. Too bad that ain't gonna happen for probably a turn for himself. Upon taking notice of Serafa, he just gives her a semi-handsweep in the air as way of greeting.

Yla shrugs lightly. "Well, if that's what you want to do, go do it… tha's my advice." She starts making inroads on the rest of her plate. Although she can't see how it's a treat… but she ain't a herder, is she?

Siria goes home.

Serafa makes her way slowly into the caverns gathering her errant fielizards on the way to the klah pot. Pouring herself a mug she makes to leave, but sees N'ano wave and stops for a second. With a peculiar expresssion on her face she tentatively waves back.

N'ano finishes off the last of the bubblies he had taken before reaching over for yet another serving. Sighing, he leans hos chair back in his normal fashion, with his knees propped up against the table's edge. And now he's just lacking conversation. Hmm. Randomness "So…"

Yla tries not to roll her eyes at N'ano's lack of conversation starting skills. "Hey… Serafa is it? Have you had one of these cookies?" She points to the table. Surely there's always time for cookies. "What about you, N'ano? You tried 'em? They're extra… nutty today."

Serafa selects a cookie at random and smiles tightly at the other weyrling "Thank you Yla" She says. Selecting a seat where she could watch both of them, she sits down and starts to nibble on the cookie, frowning every so often

N'ano shakes his head as chair thumps onto the ground, his hand reaching over for one of the cookies, or a half dozen, whatever. Taste isn't so much a factor with this guy, rather, anything edible will do. Holding one of the cookies up, he half grins, tossing it into his mouth soon after.

Honestly, a girl tries to start a conversation, and what does she get? Ah well. Yla munches at her food. If they want to sit here quietly, she won't say anything. She'll just sit, and wait… for people to start talking of course.

Serafa shrugs, this really wasnt getting her anywhere and she really had some chores that she needed to do today. Taking one last sip of Klah and a deep breath, clears her throat and starts to talk. "Tell me straight up are you two sleeping together or what? I really cant decide" she regards both of the riders with earnest brown eyes.

N'ano just drops his jaw, backing his chair up ever so slightly. In a near squeak, he says "/What/? Don't go tellin' me that Naomi went spreadin' that gossip 'round the Weyr… I'll stuff her one—" of course, he totally forgets to deny any reply.

*CHOKE!* "WHAT?!" How to get Yla to spit her food out in one easy step. "Where…" Yla stares incredulously at Serafa. "Who… when did you hear this?" And who from so she can use them for draggie food. Ground… now would be a nice time to open up…

"It doesnt matter where I heard it what is important is whether or not that peice of information is true or not." Serafa says unimpressed by the fact that no-one had denied it yet. Her brown eyes watching N'ano especially hard. She had far more words to share on the matter, but somewhere less private would be appropriate

N'ano turns an amused face on all of a sudden "Seffy… I /think/ that if we were sleepin' together, /everyone/ in the Weyr'd know… dragon's are good like that—when they're young'n all. That's why relationships are forbidden." he reprimands to some extent.

Yla shakes her head sharply, curls bouncing. "Honey," is said to Serafa. "There is no power on this planet that could get me to sleep with /him/. Er… no offence N'ano." Killing or maiming is another matter. "And yes, no relationships allowed. None." When she gets her hands on Naomi… tail thwaps from Cassie and lots of shouting will be had.

Serafa grins nice and friendly like at Yla thats more like it. "Thats good to hear" she says in a rich throaty voice before snapping slightly at N'ano in a honied voice. "I'm sorry I dont have you experise on the matter Noccy darling"

N'ano snorts back at the fellow rider "None taken, really." Right. Rolling his eyes, he shakes his head at Serafa "Don't go worryin' none. She'd be the last person I'd ever sleep with. No, I take that back, I'd rather be scored by thread than ever sleep with her." how to plot a brutal death. Hmm… although, it's not nice to kill, is it?

Well, at least the feelings mutual, eh? That's good to know. Yla bats her eyes. She won't give the retort she's thinking of 'I didn't think you cared', since that would probably not go over well with Serafa. "Worried about such a thing?" It's not nasty or anything… just a rather unsubtle hunt for gossip.

Serafa watches N'ano with some ttrepidation before answering Yla's question. "Not really I was just curious thats all. I mean you spend all day looking after baby dragons. I wanted to know where you found the energy." Her voice full of innocence. Yes she has secrets, doesnt mean she wants to shre them though.

N'ano raises a 'brow before laughing "Energy? Shards, ain't had none of that since—who knows when!" well, *cough* "But anyway…" he offers a reassuring grin before studying the cookie in hand for some time.

Yla grins broadly. "Oh I'm sure for something like /that/ I could find the energy somewhere." She tilts her head, pushing her food around on her plate. "I mean… there are those brief moments when the dragons are asleep, and everyone else is snoozing…" Heehee. Make of that what you will. Bad Yla. Trying to brew up a storm.

Melsa walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

N'ano twists his 'brow raising towards Yla, snickering silently "So /that's/ the—oh, nevermind." he just grins now, turning his head back to the cookie. Upon turning, he catches motion out of the corner of his eye, and looking up, he takes notice of a semi-familiar, offering the rider a brief grin and a pathetic wave with the cookie hand, tossing the crumbs helter skelter throughout and onto anyone nearby.

Pair of boreal blue optics lift from the dust-gathering floor (mainly lack to no more candidates to clean. Ha. See.. Riders are lazy..well, at least she is.) Voices, those of semi-familar Bronzelet .. Glancing upwards, she catches the movement, the gesture of greetings and replies only with a smile. Night owl, just waking up you see… Give her a few. Melsa, for once, without stiffen leathery jacket, or shoulder ornament taking up one of five names and colors. Lithe body twists, slinking to slump within the curved backed chair which with her odd mind, might be named Bob. Oy.

Serafa continues to watch N'ano, for no apparent reason. Her expression thoughtful. "Really?" she quizzes also raising one brow. "Now that is interesting to hear" .Taking a bite of her almost forgotten cookie she smiles sweetly at the other girl.

Sonja walks in from the South Caverns.

Yla rolls her eyes lightly, taking a bite of her meatroll. Not saying another word on the subject, she grins, offering a brief wave to the new entrants into the caverns.

You notice Sonja looking at you.

Sonja nods to Yla, then grabs two meatrolls, one for her and one for the hungry flit on her shoulder.

N'ano tosses this bit of information into storage back in the dusty brain of his. Might be good for later, you know? What's left of the cookie is tossed back into his mouth as hands work their way across his lap to sweep them off. With a swallow and a sip from his juice, he glances back up towards Melsa "Met ya the other night, didn't I?" give him a second on the name recallhe's slow like that "Ye know these guys?" he gives a brief motion to the others as a staller "That's Yla… SefSerafa… and—?" he doesn't know the other so a shrug is given for the last "Melsa, right?" There we go. That's what old age does to you, y'know?

Sonja chews on her meatroll a bit. "I'm sonja," she says, and then points to the green on her shoulder, "This is Frost."

Siria bounds gleefully in from the South Caverns.

Siria bounds gleefully to the Southern Caverns.

Achenar gallops… canters.. walks in from the South Caverns.

Achenar gallops… canters.. walks to the Bowl.

Siria bounds gleefully in from the South Caverns.

Siria bounds gleefully to the Bowl.

Yla finishes off her plate, absently running her finger around the rim and bobbing her head in response to N'ano's introductions. She casts a glance over to the food. Maybe her dragon's endless stomach is having an effect on her apetite, suddenly she wants more food.

Sonja releases Frost, who launches into the air.

Serafa smiles and waves her greeting. Her brown eyes continuing to watch curiously. "N'ano are you ignoring me?" she asks counting on the success of her last query to help herr gather information on the latest.

Frost hops to the table, looking for another meatroll to satisfy her endless appetite.

Melsa has disconnected.

Melissa curls up and goes to sleep.

N'ano quickly turns his head back, wrinkling his nose at the healer "Ignoring you? Why would I be doin' that?" Lack of reason to talk with her or perhaps he has his reasonings "Shaking his head slightly, he rolls his shoulders, returning his concentration on—oh, no more cookies. Hmm… hand reaches over to take another, studying it intently.

"It's not polite to ignore people, after all." Yla says, with a grin as she nods sagely. Oh dear… she's gotta have more food… a quick scamper to and from the food and she returns with a plate laden with goodies.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Melsa off to bed.

Serafa smiles sweetly "Indeed it is not" she says, yes she knows that he is ignoring her, but she cant let him know that she knows. "When are you going to let me see your pride and joy?" she asks her eyes twinkling, a comment directed at either of the recently impressed.

"Ye can't yet…" N'ano mumbles, still keeping his head down, staring at the cookie more so than actually eating it. Rather than giving reason for not being able to see Bydelth, he chooses the moment to continue his silence.

Yla tilts her head. "She can't?" Well, someone probably said something about people not going into the barracks, but Yla obviously wasn't listening during that lecture.

Serafa watches N'ano innocence personified. "I cant? why is that?" she asks in a sugary voice, her eyes continuing to twinkle. "Heaps of people have seen him already havent they?" She rubs her eye, there was too much dust in here, well that was the story she was going to stick to anyway.

N'ano shakes his head quickly "No… can't have visitors in the barracks." so that clears that part up. Of course, there wasn't any mention of the bowl, seeing as they /are/ allowed out there. But he's not going to bring it up.

Yla nods slowly. "Yeah… that's true… I think. Something about they're not meant to be disturbed. The dragons, I mean." And she doesn't want to get in trouble, after all.

Serafa looks between the two of them, having dragons obviously changed people. She shrugs. "Some other time then" she dismisses the conversation. Her eyes widening as she listens, she slowly shakes her head, going very pale. "I best be off, I have chores today even if some of you have not" though she makes no effort to move just yet, all that dust you see.

N'ano finishes whispering something to the healer before slamming his back against the chair, squeezing his eyes shut, sighing "Chores… when /don't/ we have 'em. Ain't gonna have no break till who knows when." he manages to break into the conversation, or whatever you want to call it.

Sonja has disconnected.

Sonja falls asleep.

Yla's eyes unfocus briefly, and she glances at her food, groaning slightly. "Cassie's awake again. Hungry… as usual. When will she ever stop?" It's more a rhetorical question than anything as she gets to her feet. "I see you guys later…" is offered as she hurries out.

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