Yla And Khaye's Lifemates Fly

[[logged by Yla]]

Northeastern Bowl

The northeastern arc of the Weyr Bowl seems somewhat isolated from the rest of the weyr - with necessity, for this is the training grounds for young riders and dragons, the Weyrlings. The main entrance to the weyrling barracks is just north of here, and the ground there is well-trampled and firm, as if many feet, both human and dragon, have wandered over it dozens of times a day. Further up in the northwest corner of the bowl is the waterfall, tumbling out of the Weyr face several dragonlengths above, misting the area in a rainbow glow. On the south side of the bowl lie the ashpits and firestone supplies for the entire Weyr.

It is a summer midmorning.

Itazurath cavorts out of the barracks.

"Ok, Cassie, dear…" Yla starts wandering around her lifemate, running a hand along the muscles. "You're sure you're up to this?" She looks slightly worried. "You're not gonna strain yourself or anything?"

From Itazurath's neck, Khaye is bouncing around rather awkwardly on Itazurath's neck as the brown goes bouncing around the bowl. BounceBounceBounce. Boing. She's getting the hang of it, really. Just.. very, very slowly. As she and Taz pas Yla and Cassie, she overhears a few words of the one-sided conversation. "Strain *bounce* who? *bounce*"

Castaliath thumps her tail in the sand as she tries to circle around with Yla. She's gonna fly today! Can do all kinds of neat things when you can /fly/. You can meet lots of new people too and drool on them. You aren't anybody unless you have been drooled on by Cassie. She flicks a bit of sand at Yla with her tail. Strain? Pah.

"Cassie," Yla answers Khaye, still absently stroking the soft green hide with her fingers. "She's been so desperate to fly to for ages. I told her we were gonna fly… or she was, and she just… got excited." She pats her lifemate's neck. "If you're sure…?"

From Itazurath's neck, Khaye clutches onto the strap in front of her as Itazurath speeds up upon hearing 'fly'. "Noooooo. Taz, stop. Stop! No! Slow down. Thassit…" The brown slows to a bouncy jog, still sending Khaye flying in all directions with a grip only afforded by her riding straps. "Um.. *bounce* I think Taz *bounce* is excited now *bounce* too.." Bouncebouncebounce.

Castaliath continues to thump her tail around in the sand, sending sprays of it everywhere. Poor Yla. Is going to have sand in her hair for weeks. A back foot is added to the sand thumping. Fly, fly, fly, she's going to fly. She pauses a moment in her thumping to give Yla a nuzzle. She will be fine.

Yla's hand fluttered worriedly. "Just don't… break a leg or anything. That'd be bad." she adds, bapping her lifemate on the nose with a finger. "Now, you want to go have you're run up? Hmm?" she gestures across the bowl.

You think to Castaliath, » Just remember. A nice run up, a big jump, then beat your wings… three times. Then glide. Easy? No trying anything fancy yet, hon. «

From Itazurath's neck, Khaye and Taz make another circuit around the bowl, passing Yla again. "Y-eee-eah," the brownling grates out amidst bounces. "D-don't br-rea-ak a l-l-leg.." They weren't kidding when they said this was different from riding runners. Dragons don't have reins. Or stirrups. Or even a saddle. Or a mane. "S-s-s-low do-o-o-wn!"

Castaliath does a short version of a dragon head nod before flicking one last bit of sand at Yla. Break a leg? Her? Never. She stops the tail thumping and eyes the other end of the bowl with a glint of determination in her whirling eyes. Piece of cake. First one step and then another, she starts out at a slow jog before building up some more speed. Before long she's bouncing along like Taz. Then she stretches out her wings and gives one strong flap and rises a little bit in the air. That was enough, right? Wrong…She lands nose first in the warm sands, wings spread out around her on either side. Whoops.

From Itazurath's neck, Khaye suddenly blinks, paying attention again - sort of.

Yla scurries forward looking worried. "Oh!" She drops to her knees, rubbing a hand over her lifemate's muzzle. "You ok dear?" She glances up at P'au's (our NPC weyrlingmaster of the day) gesture, and smiles weakly. "We'll try again?" She glances back down at Cassie. "You ok? You've not hurt anything have you?"

Castaliath raises her head slightly and just blinks once. Someone get the name of the dragon that just ran her over? She blinks once again before curling her wings inward toward her and drooling a bit on Yla's hand. She's fine. Except for her pride.

From Itazurath's neck, Khaye recovers from the latest bounce enough to watch Yla and Cassie for a few split seconds. "W-w-what h-hap-pp-ene-d-d?" she rattles out, bouncing along. Okay. She can do this. Post like it's a runner. That's the trick. Less bouncing.

Yla sighs, absently wiping the drool off her hands and onto her trousers. "Pet, what did I tell you? I said /jump/, /then/ flap your wings. You haven't sprained anything have you? You can't just flap yer wings and take off. You're not a vtol." She blinks up at Khaye, and smiles slightly, eyes following the girl on her trip round the bowl. "Just Cassie trying to fly before she can jump."

Castaliath pouts slightly. Yla didn't say anything about jumping…She said run and then flap three times. Okay, so she didn't quite get the three times thing in, but. And she'd make a pretty darn cute vtol, so. She snifs slightly before pulling her legs under her and standing up once again. Yup, she's still in one piece. Time to try again.

Yla narrows her eyes. "No, dear, I said 'A nice run up, a big jump, then beat your wings… three times. Then glide.'. I have a good memory." And don't you dare contradict her, young lady. Which is the rider here? "You aspire to be as cute as a vtol. Honestly dear, you're much lovelier." she adds as she leads Cassie back across the bowl.

Itazurath tries one of the Yla-mentioned jumps. Khaye doesn't find this maneuver particularly comforting. "You dolt!" And now the bouncing is more comforting. "Don't do that while /I'm/ up here! Don't listen to Yla while I'm up here, either." Bouncebouncebounce. No offense meant to Yla, of course.

Castaliath snifs slightly again. She's a dragon, she has a pretty good memory too. There wasn't a thing in there about jumping. Pfft. Besides, jumping isn't lady like. She pads along beside Yla on the the way back to the other side. A glance is sent back to the large dragon shaped dent in the sand with another snif. Silly jumping.

Yla sighs, putting her hands on her hips. "Cassie, you know as well as I do that you have to jump. No disobeying." she says firmly, enunciating every word clearly. "Or we won't try this again." And she did say jumping. Riders have the memory, draggies don't. Remember?

Itazurath apparently has to jump, too, and he has no such lady-like inhibitions. Hop. Khaye clutches the riding straps for dear life, turning a few shades paler and several more green. "Uggg. Taz, please. Stop at least so I can get off first.." At which the brown screeches to a halt, and Khaye more or less falls off his neck. She's the weyrling martyr.

Castaliath snifs slightly. Fine, She'll jump, but it isn't going to be a very enthusiastic jump. She turns around as the wall of the bowl is reached to face her foe again. To fly, or not to fly, that is the question. Hopefully it's going to be to fly this time.

"You don't have to be enthusiastic about it, you just have to do it!" Yla calls out, as she settles back against a rock. "You ok, Khaye?" she calls to her fellow weyrling, who's landed on the ground by this point.

Khaye slips down Itazurath's side, aided by a shift in position on the dragon's part and landing with a soft thud on the ground.

Khaye sits up on the ground and watches as Itazurath charges off to the other side of the bowl, hopping up and down all he pleases. "Uh.. yeah. I'm ok." She'll live. As she rises, a dusting goes to her pants, as she sighs. "I'm almost scared of what his flying's going to be like." Taz is still hopping. Bounce. Jump. Bounce. Run.

Castaliath flicks another wave at sand. Fine. Then she faces away toward the other wall and firmly plants her back feet in the sand, preparing for a good run. Focus, focus, focus, run! She's off with a more energetic dash this time, leaving Yla in a pile of sand. BouncebouncebounceJUMPflapflapflap….CRASH. This flapping thing just doesn't appear to be working…

*coughspluttersnork* Yla swipes at the dirt that seems to be trying to work its way into her mouth and down her throat into her lungs. "Ok, Cass… try again. Run… jump… flap and glide." Yla tries to demonstrate this, rather comically, with her own arms, running about the bowl as if trying to take off herself. "Don't just flap madly, do nice big deep sweeps. That should help." Or so the WLM's say, anyway. "Then just /hold them/ in position and glide."

Itazurath flaps. And flaps. And runs. And almost levitates, but goes thudding back to ground as he keeps running. See, he almost flew! Runrunrun. Bouncebouncebounce. Khaye's on her feet, watching, and trying to give him pointers as he's obviously not going to listen to her anymore about not flying, since Gossipy Big-Little Sister over there is trying, too. "Jump, Taz! Jump!" He jumps. He crashes. He gets up and continues running.

Castaliath looks up with a mildly dazed look on her face. What? She's fine. Thanks for asking. Wings are curled up once again, but she stays flopped down on the ground for a minute longer, gathering the determination to try again. This is mildly humiliating, especially in front of Taz. After a few seconds she gets up and waddles back over to where Yla is standing. Next try.

Yla throws her arms around Cassie's neck and squeezes briefly, patting her lifemate reassuringly. "Don't worry, dear. You can get there eventually. It's ok. Let's try again, eh?"

Itazurath won't laugh at Cassie, really. He'll just.. uh.. continue trying to fly. Wings flap; legs motor like pistons; he jumps. He flaps. He crashes. Khaye cringes. "Okay.. Taz, slow down a minute. Take a break. DOn't worry! YOu're doing.. um… fine."

Castaliath nuzzles Yla slightly, taking comfort in her strength before breaking away and facing the wall once more. Third time is the charm. She starts out strong again, kicking up a lot of dust and dirt and starts bouncing along, maybe if she builds up a little more speed, yeah…And then jumps higher, lady like jumping is forgotten this time, and then flaps hard once to get some leverage before trying the sweeping thing Yla said to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's up, she's up…She's gliding. Oh yeah, Wings are straight out beside her. She's flying!! It doesn't matter that she's only about four feet off the ground, she's still flying!

Khaye covers her eyes briefly with a groan as Taz ignores her request for a break and continues powering around the bowl. If Gossipy Big-Little Sister can do it, so can he! An almighty leap rockets him into the air… but with that leap, he forgets to flap. Khaye winces at the thump that signals his descent into the ground. "Ow."

Yla bouncies up and down, clapping her hands together. "You did it!!" She bouncies, hurrying over to Cassie as she makes her landing. Perhaps a little unsteady, but a landing all the same, throwing her arms around the greens neck and hugging her lifemate.Itazurath gets up, looking a great deal more dizzy than he began, but determinedly starts careening around the bowl again. He /will/ do it. He /will/ do it. Charge! Khaye looks up from around her hand, winces, and promptly buries her face in both hands again, only looking off to the side with her eyes shut to call: "Yla, can you tell me when he hits a tree so I can go get him off the ground?" He's charging still. He's charging. FlapFlapFlap. Leap! And he's in the air too, flapping crazily and turning the same. Veer. Bank. Flap. He's doing it! Look!

Kaith trudges out of the barracks.

Naomi swings her leg over Kaith's neck, before sliding gracefully down her side to the ground.

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