Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Lib and Yla

Dragon: Xylyth
Color: Brown
Name: Lib and Yla
Egg: Exotic Spices of India Egg
Egg Desc: Kelana
Dragonet: Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Lib, Yla tweak ; Hannah tweak
Messages & Inspiration: Lib and Yla ; Hannah tweak

Clutching Message:

Dhiammarath seems to glow, almost sensually, opalescent eyes whirling faster as she starts to sway a little in time to unheard music. Her dance continues, and you can almost hear the beat of the drums, the droning of the strings, and the haunting melody of a horn. As the unseen musicians draw to a close, Exotic Spices of India Egg makes its grand entrance out onto the sands.

Exotic Spices of India Egg

A rainbow of multicolored splendour enfolds this egg, bright hues of every imaginable color sweeping across its seemingly bejeweled surface. Tracings of gold separate the colors, like golden jewellery on a silk-clad dancer. A faint, spicy aroma hangs close about it, the odours of saffron, cardamom, turmeric and other exotics tickling your nose. Most curious of all, if you happen to be standing close to the egg you can almost hear music emanating from it, almost catch the soft, rhythmic jingle of an unseen dancer's ankle bells as she moves. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself in India, watching a temple dancer sway in time to the plucking of a sitar's strings and the beat of a drum as the smell of burning incense fills the air.

Hatching Message:

Exotic Spices of India Egg trembles in place, shell flaking and fluttering to the ground to lie in dustings of gold upon the black waves of diamond sand. The undulations of the newly stretched surface continue in an almost hypnotic manner, until an elegantly appointed nose forces its way clear, accompanied by a startlingly dramatic crack as the shell succumbs to the assault from within. With a sweep of newly visible talons, the egg parts completely, as if rent in twain by some mystical force, and reveals a stately, if somewhat damp, Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet.

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet

Rich shades of soil encompass this brown's towering and imposing form completely, intermingling to form fresh shades and fathoms of earthiness where they fuse. Pale coffee tones spill over an angular muzzle and face seemingly carved from the earth, so fine is their detail, before giving way to muddy colourings that diffuse over well built shoulders and stomach, sleek muscle visible beneath silky hide, finally darkening to almost midnight shades at sweeping wings. Woven into these depths of night, as if by unseen magic, tendrils of deepest aubergine thread their way across the tautly spread membrane, surfacing to form cryptic symbols of colour then disappearing from view once more in a ritualistic dance of hide and seek. Continuing the rhythmic flow of colours, cinnamon and chocolate mix and intermingle over powerful back legs, while hints of gold seep into the shade of a perfectly formed tail.

Impression Message:

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet continues his investigations with such care and precision, you'd think the fate of Pern rested on what he uncovers in this careful inspection of the candidates. A blonde girl, hands wringing the hem of her gown, is dismissed after meticulous contemplation of her sandal-bound toes, and he moves onwards, scouring the sandy grounds for more feet that might hold the answer he seeks. Eventually, he comes across a pair that cause him to tilt his head up, up, up and look straight into the face of a certain female candidate. He eyes her speculatively. Yes her feet might fit the prints he saw in the sand. One has to wonder if he's about to invite her to come investigating with him, as he creels out stridently towards his chosen sidekick: Kaslarna.

Personal Impression Message:

It begins as an almost tickling sensation at the back of your head, like a feather being traced across your mind. Something you can't quite place… Then, just as you almost start to forget about it, the feeling intensifies and starts to spread through your mind like a flower peeling open it's bud to reveal itself to the world. Flashes of green begin to spike their way through your consciousness, flashing up thoughts and memories you know to be your own, but which seem to have acquired a somewhat surreal quality. Tendrils gently press their way into all the crevices of your mind, thorough exploration taking place even as a sense of calm floods you. Suddenly, like a gentle roll of thunder, a husky voice invades your mind, bringing with it the scent of a forest and the sound of rainfall. « Using my highly accurate investigative skills, I have determined that you are the owner of the footprint which first caught my attention. Therefore I, Xylyth, have decided that you are the perfect partner for me, Kaslarna. »


Name Inspiration:

You gave us a few choices to work with, but it was Xyrth that got our attention. From that we picked up on Xylia, which is Greek for "wood dweller", and then added a twist to it by replacing the 'ia' with a 'y', as you said you said that you liked unusual letters. Hence we got Xylyth. As far pronunciation goes, we thought of either ZIGH-lee-ath, or ZIGH-lie-th, or maybe even zigh-LEE-th or ZIGH-lith.

Egg Inspiration:

In August I took a vacation and went on a trip to India and Malaysia for a few weeks. While I was there I gained a new appreciation for the culinary aspect of Indian culture; the food's wonderful! Though a lot of it was too spicy for my taste…For the egg desc I just took a few of the more well-known spices used in India and thought of what a visual representation of that would be… — Kelana

Description Inspiration:

You gave us some ideas as to what you'd like, and we've tried to include those in Xylyth's description, but it was the hints of purple you suggested that really got us thinking. Combining that with your choice of Lord of the Rings, we picked out the character of Legolas, an elf, and kept him and the magical qualities of elves in mind when the desc was being written. Hence Xylyth's earthen tones, with a mysterious hint of magic written in as well.

Mind Voice:

Keeping to the theme, we decided to use the setting of the Lord of the Rings books to base Xylyth's mind tones on, and seeing as how the movie-makers picked New Zealand, we decided to go with that…

Floods of colour, spiking out into individual fronds in your mind before fading into the background, characterise Xylyth's mind voice. Multitudes of shades of green spring out from one another as new thoughts occur, layer upon layer upon layer with the occasional river of blue or branch of brown finding it's way into the forest.

Scents of freshly mown grass and rain-dampened earth infuse Xylyth's tones, giving them a kind of 'calm after the storm' feeling. On the rare occasion that he's somewhat emotional over something, he might project more of a leaf mulch smell if it's not to his taste, or perhaps a hint of citrus fruit if he gets excited.

The trickling of water over pebbles and the blowing of the wind through the trees sound beyond a deep, stable tenor voice when Xylyth speaks to you. Level pitched no matter the situation, the only audible indication of a change in mood is the intensity of background noise, ranging from a peaceful summer's day to a tropical storm.

(Example of NZ scenery: http://www.newzealand.com/photos/images/newcor07.jpg)


We always saw Xylyth as touched with an Elven magic (after all, Tolkien was one of the most prominent fantasy authors who defined our modern perceptions of the fantastical ‘elf’ creature), the atypical colouring of his hide perfectly representing that, the gold shadings that pattern across his tail almost mystical to look at. When he moves his tail, you could almost imagine a spell being cast with its motions. Indeed, there is, for his tail is somewhat entrancing to look upon.

If Elves carve wood then we think this is what their sculpture of a dragon would look like if it were magically brought to life. To look upon him is to look upon the living form of an old long-standing tree, rich with life and nature, and should he decide that he wants to stay where he is, he might as well have put down roots, for he’ll be as immovable as the largest of trees. You can stare entranced and imagine you’re looking at a particular part of the forest, the patterns and hues decorating his hide almost seeming to mimic the variety of colours that appears on the bark of a tree when the sun or moon shines through the canopy at different points of the day – deepest night on his wings, and a summer’s afternoon on his tail.

But for all the connotations for inflexibility that wood has, that hardly does justice to Xylyth’s motions. There’s a fluidity to his movements, like no movement is completely independent – if he moves his muzzle downwards to munch on a herdbeast, his tail will invariably flick upwards, as a tree moves as one whole, so does Xylyth. It makes his movements quite unlike the somewhat stumbling steps of his fellows after they hatch – Xylyth will seem to progress from that odd trip-skip-stumbling he’ll have on the sands to a graceful gait straight away, always being aware of his own body and where it is at any point. So you can be assured that if another weyrling trips over Xylyth’s tail, its placement in their path was hardly accidental.

The exception to this interdependency of movement would be his rather magnificent wings, threaded through with those marvellous shadings of purple. They almost function with a life of their own. As similarly entrancing as his tail, these are the wings that sweep him aloft in broad strokes, as high into the skies as you and he can take it, and he’ll be rather reluctant to return to ground. For all he looks like a creature of the forest and earth, Xylyth will be most at home in flight, preferring to spend as much time flying straight as possible. If you’re just nipping over to a nearby hold, don’t expect that Xylyth will be up for a short hop between when it’s just the /perfect/ weather for flying in the sun.

Though he’ll be quite capable of it, Xylyth won’t prefer to leap off the ground, instead he’ll be one of those dragon’s who’d like to dive off a cliff face, spreading his wings to take him (and you) aloft before the pair of you hit the ground.

Xylyth won’t be the largest of the browns, but he’ll definitely be up there in the top 10 percent, and never will his size cause him to lose his proportions; his body will always perfectly match itself, even through the growing spurts he’ll be constantly undergoing during weyrlinghood.

In form, Xylyth is a rather sturdy and stout brown, the angular shape of his head stretching down his neck to his body to depict a deceptively blocky form. For it’s only when he’s standing still that the angles of his figure become apparent – the shifting and bunching muscles of his body effectively hiding that when he is in motion.


Well, with the “Lord of the Rings” movie soon to come out, you managed to pick a perfectly timed theme for the dragon. It was awfully hard to decide which characters to use or not, as Tolkien created so many interesting and unique characters for the three books that make up “Lord of the Rings”. Eventually, as he had so much ‘hobbit sense’ and was so strong as an individual, we decided that the character that perhaps best describes your Xylyth is Samwise Gamgee.

“I wonder what sort of tale we’ve landed in…"

-Samwise Gamgee

There is one thing Sam possesses in abundance, and that is loyalty, something he proved several times over in his journeys. And loyal to a fault Xylyth with be also; it’s his defining trait, and will colour his interactions with you, and those around you. He is your unwavering supporter and advocate, willing to do anything for you.

« What a question! Of course I’ll stand up to Kaith for you! »

Even if it’s not in his own best interests.

Xylyth will always be your emotional support, there to tell you that anything bad that happens really isn’t /that/ bad, if only to avoid some unseemly show of tears. He’s fairly unflappable, and he’d like you to be too.

« Now, now, my dear. Just because the boy who gave you a bubbly at the Gather hasn’t sent you a message doesn’t mean the world is ending… »

This is where his investigative skills come in. If that boy did something to hurt Kaslarna’s feelings, he’s going to find out exactly what happened. And if he has to talk to every wherry and firelizard that was a witness, that’s exactly the sort of lengths he’ll go to. Nothing’s too much where you’re concerned.

Because, at heart, Xylyth is an investigator with a nose for getting to the bottom of things, in something of a manner of Sherlock Holmes with you as his sidekick. If anything’s going on, you can be sure he’ll find out, though he’ll never be smug in his deductions. He simply knows what’s going on and conveys that to you knowledge.

« I put it to you that Briganth has been observed to be glowing an abnormally vivacious shade of green recently. Also, her rider has been the source of much vexation among the Weyr. From all this, it can be concluded that Briganth is once again proddy! Why, it’s elementary, my dear Kazra. »

And yes, he’ll be constantly using such words as ‘vivacious’ and ‘vexatious’ when he discovers them. He’ll be much like a kid with a new toy, using those words as much as possible until he grows tired of it.

« Have you seen that blue weyrling? What a ubiquitous young thing. Wherries are also ubiquitous, have I ever mentioned that? »

Xylyth is almost British in his stiff upper lip manner (or, at least, the draconic equivalent). That’s not to say he has no emotions, he’s just exceedingly good at putting out a calm and controlled front. For most people, they’ll think he’s such a stern character, but his sense of humour will be apparent to you and he, with the occasional sardonic comment so perfectly delivered that the recipient won’t even be aware that he or she has been on the receiving end of Xylyth’s unique wit.

« I’m sure, you’re quite right, Tynabith. It’s only a matter of time before that green over there succumbs to your charms. It’s not like you’re old. »

Xylyth delights in deflating the egos of those around him with the well timed bon mot, and he has no time for dragons or riders that put on airs to make themselves seem more important than they actually are. He and his rider have much better things to do with their time, none of which involve coddling other people’s egos.

“The name Xylia creates a very independent, practical, analytical nature… You desire freedom from restrictions and authority in order that you can pursue your own ambitions.” – the name ‘Xylia’, according to www.kabalarians.com

During the time he was writing “Lord of the Rings”, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a short story entitled “Leaf by Niggle”, the story of an artist who creates a beautiful and complex painting, in an obvious allegory to his writing “Lord of the Rings”.

“It had begun with a leaf caught in the wind, and it became a tree; and the tree grew, sending out innumerable branches, and thrusting out the most fantastic roots. Strange birds came and settled on the twigs and had to be attended to. Then all round the Tree and behind it… a country began to open out…” – J.R.R. Tolkien, “Leaf by Niggle”

This, at the end of the day, is Xylyth. Like the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the complexities of his character seem infinite, endlessly growing, and just when you think you have him all figured out, you’ll peek a little closer at the branches of his mind and realise you can spy something further yet to be discovered and examined. It could take you a lifetime to figure him out, which is good, as a lifetime is what you’ll have together.

Xylyth is a creature whose mind is conjured from fantasy. And Tolkien defined fantasy as ‘arresting strangeness’. Your Xylyth isn’t odd in the sense that he’s weird, but he’s unique in his self, standing out from the rest of his clutchmates in how his mind works, and not in a manner you’d typically expect from a brown dragon.

You’ll never be bored with him around, to talk to, to share things with. His perspectives will always be just that little bit different than anyone else.


The character we've choosen for Xylyth's flight-persona is Aragorn.

Just like Aragorn, Xylyth likes to lead, only he'd rather lead the pack during flights than a band of followers in battle, and he'd rather be pursuing that gorgeous green or gold, not a band of orcs. He shows the same steadfast determination to reach his target, and he's not afraid to strike out in front of the other dragons in pursuit either. Any obstacles thrown in his path are merely part time distractions that are dealt with and then ignored in favour of the greater goal, whether she be gold or green.

If at the end of the chase he's not manages to catch the girl, the Xylyth will take his defeat with nobility. He's not one to pine over lost love if it just wasn't meant to be. There's always next time after all, when he can prove himself to be more worthy.

And if he catches the beauty, what then? Well, Xylyth will stand by her no matter what. He's not one to fly her one minute, forget her the next. When this brown takes to the sky, he makes a commitment, and nothing's about to distract him from his chosen. A dedicated sort of dragon, Xylyth will happily do all he can to keep the peace with his 'bride', just as Aragorn devoted himself to Arwen Evenstar.

As for Thread… It's Xylyth's duty to fight it, and he'll do so to the best of his ability. Flying in a wing, he'll be the one that attempts to ensure that everyone's working together and he'll always have an extra eye out to ensure none of his wingmates get into difficulty, and that he can get there and help them out if they do. Xylyth is very much a team player, and he's not short on bravery either.

Kaslarna's Brown Xylyth
Harper's Tale: 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's bronze Tynabith
December 15th, 2001


Debajirin’s Bronze Nverath, Nyla’s Green Rionath, Yulianna’s Gold Miyakath, Zella’s Green Esmeyath, Meral’s Green Suith, Relian’s Bronze Bralath, Kiyna’s Blue Valanth , Jayden’s Bronze Heliuth, Kilbane’s Bronze Aboleoth


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