T'sei's A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Xhiyanth

Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr, T’sei! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Pippa, Onlie, I’no, T’ab, Lanti


Clutching Message:

And here you all thought she was done. Jeyth even thought so as well as her body lifts, the autumn leaves decorating her wings' sails coming from her sides to mantle the slightest. She starts to move to the side before hesitating in mid-step, rumbling in surprise, and then suddenly depositing what looks to be the last and final egg of her small clutch. Swinging her head about to look to the small egg, she nearly sneezes in response, urging a shake of her head to clear nostrils.

Spring Has Sprung Egg

Pastel pinks and airy blues provide a smooth base to this compact egg's shell, though they hardly steal the eye. So many little bumps are floated overtop, irregularities barely seeming to cling to the main egg: tiny dual blue spheres barely joined together with swipes of red at the joint, or larger, spiky yellow balls with regular pockmarking craters, or oblong orange forms marked with vertical creases, or green triangles with bulbous browns over the points. The variety of shapes and colours offers something to tickle anyone's fancy - and just about anyone's nose.

Hatching Message:

Spring Has Sprung Egg begins to shake apart, as if some undetectable breeze has blown through the dark cavern and started to shatter the pastel pinks and airy blues from the surface. Like pollen billowing away, it fractures and crumbles, suddenly exploding in a puff of infinitesimal pieces that radiates all around to reveal the one within.

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze

Blown glass of iridescent amber, bronze-bright and light-swirled, curves with the tranquil surface of this dragon’s hide. A mellifiore mosaic of henna, hemp and sage jives upon his gentle face as darkened hues diverse along the generous bow of his muzzle to the mellow arc of handsome eyeridges. His rounded shoulders draw back to smooth sides, leaving metal-vivid spars annealing to the haze of wide sails, while the rest of that admirable length is left to lackadaisical limbs and hyaline-glossed ‘quarters. Ganja green grows wild as weed in the shadow of his ‘ridges, free to daze his more amiable hues with intoxicating charm.

Impression Message:

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet finds his rhythm, footfalls sinking into the dark sands with wide-splayed talons. Tail lifted from the sands to sway from side to side, content and calm. The female is ignored. She hasn't got the good stuff. But the male. Oh, the male. Circuit brings him back about the pairing 'til a wobbling step has him planting rump-down before Taliesin. His head lifts, muzzle drops, and then he gets awfully familiar with the candidate. Wuffle.

Personal Impression Message:

Drama is for the high-strung, and that is so not where this guy is going. He is, however, going into your mind. Easing into it, really. The introduction is a faintly sweet waft of smoke-smudged air, a blending of the colors around your periphery of sight. « Hey. » There is a pause, a spark, a glowing ember as the scents of heated leaf infuse your sense, numbing the edges, softening the borders. « T’sei, Xhiyanth here. So much to tell you, but right now? Seriously craving some of that meat. Cool with you? »


Tsei2.png Tsei3.png

Name Inspiration:

Xhiyanth’s name comes from the word xiyan, meaning ‘to smoke’ in Mandarin. Oh, there is plenty of meaning here, especially for a dragon like this. Admittedly, this was quite a labor coming up with a name for your dragon, and we took ages and ages and had all kinds of possibilities until we finally rested upon this one. With the letters that you had requested, and a smooth sound with an oriental feel that would work so well with T’sei’s name, we tried hard to reproduce that in a dragon name that you would love. SHE-yahnth

Egg Inspiration:

Well maybe hay fever isn't really a disease, but it surely affects a whole lot of people on a regular, seasonal basis. And have you ever looked at pollen under a microscope? Pretty! Listed in the desc are forget-me-not, pumpkin, willow, and silver leaf.


Description Inspiration:

Okay, so. To make a long story short, Xhiyanth is described after a bong. You can blame Onlie for that idea. Made of blown glass, amber hued, it better led to be able to describe his smooth and clean lines. The mouthpiece though has quite a few swirled colors on it in the picture. But instead, we described as ‘millefiore’, which is a unique glass-making technique. Annealing also has its roots in glassmaking and metallurgy. His wings are a haze of smoke, and that ganja and weed mentioned along his ridges is, you guessed it, marijuana. It is actually a specific type of MaryJane called Northern Lights, that I’no found. It has colors of bronze and green and white in it that seemed to fit this dragon just right.



Xhiyanth will likely be one of the quieter dragons in his clutch, far more interested in sharing experiences and feelings than wordy monologues or noisy comments and exclamations. His mode of expression will be far more epicurean. Scents, tastes, colors, sensations… these will be his palette of choice. Who needs words when there are so many other ways to say something?

This doesn’t mean he’s going to avoid words altogether. Sometimes that is just the best way to explain things, after all, and confusing the wingleader’s dragon during drills with fancy imagery just isn’t cool. When it’s just the two of you, though, Xhiyanth will come to expect that you understand each other. To use Robert Heinlein’s term, you’ll both just grok things.

Xhiyanth will usually have his habitual choices in color and scent, especially when he’s at his most relaxed. Expect lots of colors all swirled together, slowly moving like the globules of a lava lamp, in shades everywhere from the mellow earthy tones to the light pastels to the psychedelic brights, depending on his mood and influences in the moment. Don’t be surprised if he tries applying some of these colorings to his views on life. Eventually you’ll get used to it. It may even prove useful someday. Who’s to say Xhiyanth won’t see something you can’t?


Xhiyanth won’t be limited to only colors, however. Even when he’s not consciously speaking to anyone, there will be a lingering scent that clings to the edges of his mind’s fabric. I’no likens it to the Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab’s “Roadhouse” fragrance. “Truck stop sleaze. Weedy dandelion and hops with a whiff of tobacco and hemp and a swirl of booziness.” (See here for a full display.)

When he’s really trying to express himself, though, he’ll pull out all the stops. Aromas, textures, sensations, sounds. It’s just all so real, you know? His mindvoice will be the next best thing to being there. And when he climbs far enough out of that mellow dreamland of his to get really excited about something, you’ll know it.



Xhiyanth’s emergence from his egg leaves him a dragonet looking quite a bit gaunt. Good thing he decided to come from the egg right then, for if any longer he’ll be some kind of skeletal dragon. Thin and to the point where you can see the distinct outline of his bones beneath that amber-bronze hide, be sure to stuff him silly and stuff him often that first sevenday or so. He’ll often forget about eating, far too dazzled by the world around him and lost in the mystery of it. But we know T’sei will keep him on track!

But as you get to know him, one important thing to note is that Xhiyanth doesn’t seem to quite have the high energy bar many of his clutchmates will possess. Sure, you know he has reserves there, but Xhiyanth is more a dragon that would prefer to conserve himself, and, you know, take things easy. Why rush about and zip everywhere when you can rest back and just let things happen as they will? Calm and easy-going, Xhiyanth will often be lounged somewhere, draped here or sprawled there to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the sun, feel the breezes tickle over his hide, and breathe in that intoxicating Istan air.


While Xhiyanth is a dragon of few words, he isn’t a dragon of few visual cues. His expressions are often in his body language. For a dragon, his face is awfully animated, able to show disgust or joy, question or interest. He’ll bob his head, motion for someone to ‘go on’ with a talon, maybe shrug his shoulders, twitch his wings, point at things with the tip of his tail, and somehow, someway, manage to eyeridge waggle. Its a talent. Just go with it.

As time moves on and you grow to know Xhiyanth more, he’ll start to fill out (just keep stuffing him silly!). It’ll be an ongoing battle to keep up with that long growth and those gangly limbs, so expect him to be kind of awkward through most of his youth. Accidents and spills are really no big deal for him though. He’ll laugh it off, pick himself back up (if he feels like it), and continue about his day. Just moving right on along.


A problem that you will encounter though is Xhiyanth’s aversion to bathing time. He just really isn’t into it at all. He’d so much rather stew in his natural scents and the world around him. But, you know, after some time, he really begins to reek. Sure, he’ll think it is simply natural and how he is meant to be. Well, that and he’d so much rather lounge about and chillax. T’sei will have to put those healer skills to the forefront here, making sure that Xhiyanth does take those baths and gets squeaky clean. Alas, it’ll be a common battle of wills, but we are sure T’sei will triumph. After all, the noses of Ista Weyr are counting on you.

Hey man how am I drivin?… I think we're parked man.
—Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke

Xhiyanth’s movement is something of a lope, with a little bit of a swagger to it. It isn’t really smooth, for there is a roll to his gate when he crosses the bowl or moves about. That swagger isn’t a purposeful thing by any stretch, not meant to garner attention or is a product of ego. No, it was more adopted as a way to work with the lay of the land, ease his passage, and smooth his gait so that everything flows well. He’ll often be lazy about his tail, dragging it on the ground, but at least his wingtips stay free and clear.

People on ‘ludes should not drive!
-Jeff, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Flow. Xhiyanth is all about flow. Time in the air and time in the water is a time to let the currents do with you what they will. He prefers to float, to glide, and let the world around him dictate where he should go. He could float for hours, simply enjoying the effortless ease of it all. With his long wings, he could probably do just that, stay up all day long. The ride that T’sei will get will be a smooth one (if the currents will it so). Xhiyanth will prefer to drop from a ledge or the ‘stones to make the air, instead of going through all of the effort of a launch with heavy wing beats.

Harold: I want that.
Kumar: What? A Hot Dog Heaven super chili cheese dog?
Harold: No. I want that feeling. The feeling that comes over a man when he gets exactly what he desires. I need that feeling!
Kumar: Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Harold: We gotta go to White Castle.
Kumar: YES! YES! I knew you had it in you dude!
—Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Feeding Xhiyanth is all about dealing with his bad case of the munchies. Sure, at the start, it was hard to feed him, but as he ages and you aren’t trying to keep up with his growth, you now need to deal with the fact that he might get a little bit chunky if he keeps up his eating habits. He does love to eat. He really isn’t into the big creatures, like full bovines. He’ll be more into those cute lil bite-sized wherries, other sorts of avians, and even fish. T’sei will have to be the one to pull him away from the feeding pens, or he could spend all day chomping on wherries if allowed. Not much into a chase, he’ll tend to snap up the slower and fatter prey, and then take his time eating them as well.

When you return to this mundane sphere from your visionary world, you would seem to leave a Neapolitan spring for a Lapland winter - to quit paradise for earth - heaven for hell! Taste the hashish, guest of mine - taste the hashish!
- Alexander Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo (Chapter 31. Italy: Sinbad the Sailor)

Firestone seems to have a profound effect upon Xhiyanth. While the atmosphere of Ista tends to make him ‘high’, firestone pulls him out of that state with amazing results. Maybe it is the fumes from the stone or the flames that he produces, but suddenly Xhiyanth is all business and action when he gets to chomping on that stone. That pleasant fog about his mind will dissipate and you’ll have yourself a dragon full of energy and vitality and action. He’ll flame, and flame well. He’ll rush through the air currents, find his speed and use it, be decisive and quick and action-packed. But then will come the time to visit the ash pit, disgorge all of that nasty stuff, and gradually your old Xhiyanth will return, more than likely commenting about how wild that trip was.

Over all, Xhiyanth is a good looking dragon. He is a pretty average size for a bronze, with just the right proportions of length and frame. Not too long and certainly not short, everything will fit together quite well. Naturally (and if you keep his eating down to manageable proportions) he’ll keep with his trim and smooth figure. Not overly muscled or gaunt, he’ll have smooth sides and more gentle curves.

As was mentioned before though, Xhiyanth has a tendency to drape about and drag his tail when he moves on the ground. His undersides will probably require the most attention when it comes to chafing, and needing a bit more oil and examination. Keep a keen eye to that tail though, for he uses and abuses it quite often, and it stands to be a constant irritant. The problem also is that Xhiyanth really won’t complain much about these itchy or abraded spots, or many injuries for that matter, until things get bad. It simply isn’t in his nature to focus on things like that, so it’ll be up to T’sei to monitor these spots.


Xhiyanth’s coloring is mostly an amber-bronze hue. It is a rich color, not dull or faded or anything like that. It is also a very smooth and glossy color. He doesn’t sparkle or shimmer or shine like some dragons, his coloring is more of an over-all glassy polish that doesn’t change very much. His head has a more intense variation of the colors, adding in a slightly reddish russet to hues of khaki and a sage-like green, all of a darker sort. They seem to mix about, not really merging, but creating quite a beautiful effect to make his face seem all that much more handsome. His ridges are proud, and drawn along the edges with something like greenish-bronze color. His wings are a paler bronze, and actually probably one of the more ‘greyish’ areas about him. It is actually a more diluted bronze hue, split by dark bronze spars.



Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.
- Thomas Jefferson

Laid-back, a positive personality, easy-going, out-there ideas, and that calming influence that feels so good to be around. That is Xhiyanth. He’s a quiet creature, whose life and experiences are often told in a haze of images and some rare, profound statements drawn with a perception that just seems to be a bit… well, out there. But he makes sense. Xhiyanth sense.

Maybe it is Ista. Maybe the tropical isle, the whole temperate climate with those black sand beaches, gorgeous island flowers, fresh sea air, sultry nights, and sunshine days, all of those good things coming together to leave Xhiyanth in an ever-present state of pleasant intoxication. Yeah, he’s a dragon that is near always ‘high’. There really is no words to describe this. He’s just… high. He enjoys life, his endorphins are tweaked, where he can hear a music to life and it just seems to wash over him in happiness and passion. There is an intensity to the little things in life that most others would simply pass over and ignore. That wherry he just ate is the best tasting wherry EVER (every single time he eats a wherry). The way the water sparkles when the sun shines is AMAZING and how when that bug walks over the sand it leaves footprints and just… Whoa. Even bugs leave footprints in the sand. Everything just seems to be even more enhanced for Xhiyanth.

Unfortunately, Xhiyanth has about the attention span of a vtol. He isn’t good with concentration, for he often gets lost in the details and every little thing will distract him. He might be in the wing, set to flying sweeps when his thoughts move along a puff of seaborne air through the currents has him veering off with the idea to go swimming instead. And, oh, maybe some sunning too. Thank goodness he has you for a lifemate to keep him focused. But in that same breath, he won’t really have that much in the way of problems with memory. Well, short term memory tends to get hijacked, it is Xhiyanth’s long-term memory that is outstanding. In fact, he might remember the oddest things at times, triggered by things that are just as far-fetched. Weyrlinghood memories might be provoked to remembrance by a certain scent in the air, a color, just about any seemingly ‘random’ thing.

Xhiyanth has an altered perspective on things than most others. He just tends to see things a little differently in his ‘high’ state. His thoughts sort of meander around, until suddenly, Suddenly! he has some kind of profound thought, a revelation. He’ll obtain some kind of deeper recognition of something typically considered common, or even a new way of looking at something. What if… what if the golds chased after the bronzes in flights? Sure, you can call these his more ‘creative’ moments if you want. Amazing ideas and incredible fantasies, it’s just another day in the life of Xhiyanth.

Adventure, excitement… a Jedi craves not these things.
-Silent Bob, Mallrats

Over all, Xhiyanth is a rather calm dragon. He’s mellow and easy-going, which makes him just about the most perfect mediator in most disputes. What might be a HUGE DEAL to others, he simply takes in stride and doesn’t consider it that important. His gentle vibes are the sort to calm down others as well, show them that it really isn’t worth it to get that bent out of shape, and things simply tend to work themselves out. « Chill, man. There is no need to get so upset about that. » He might just be the perfect sort of dragon to work into the A/WLM positions, or even that as a dragonhealer.

One thing is for sure, Xiyanth is a social dragon. He is very rarely off by himself, lurking, or anything of that sort. He enjoys being around others, be them dragons or firelizards, humans or dolphins. He might not be the center of attention, or the dragon that is the one who hogs the conversation, or even deliberately looks for attention, but he’ll be involved, and simply enjoying the opportunity to be among others. Xiyanth will tend to visit other dragons’ ledges, go down to the bowl or out to the lake to socialize and be among others. He’ll perch up on the starstones with the watchdragon to keep company, because really, nobody should be alone.

I got nothing.
-Silent Bob, Clerks II

He is also a dragon of few words. Very few. Most of the time, he comes off as rather silent and quiet. He doesn’t often speak with others, more content to let the conversations flow around him, possibly filling in with a head-bob or a tail-twitch or whatever sort of facial expressions a dragon can manage. He tends to be just as quiet vocally, not often trumpeting or warbling. What he does do though, is giggle -as well as a dragon can. No outright laughs, just kinda snickers and giggles when the moments strike. Oh, and when you dragon does put words to thought, those rare instances are on a scale of epic and profound that it is hard to describe. A conversation will be flowing along around, and then suddenly out of the blue, Xhiyanth will insert a comment that makes sense of it all. « N’rci is sleeping with G’ut. » It is like the clouds have parted, cue the choir of angles, and all is understood. It isn’t necessarily a short little statement either. He could elaborate for quite the monologue as well. He just doesn’t speak up often and tends to prefer to use slight mental cues and physical gestures to get his point across.

In case you haven't noticed - which you haven't, 'cause from what I can tell, you don't notice anything ever - we are not very functional when we're high.
-Dale, Pineapple Express

While Xhiyanth is typically rather laid back, he has his moments. Maybe you can attribute them to a ‘bad trip’. Just out of the blue he’ll become agitated, emotional, and a hot mess. Overly sensitive to things around him, irritated and seemingly inconsolable, it’ll take everything that T’sei has to calm his lifemate down. It’ll take a great bit of soothing effort and absolute attention to Xhiyanth and only Xhiyanth. These instances are extremely rare, anomalies really, that are often triggered by the behaviour of others around him.


Mating flights aren’t really something that Xhiyanth dwells on. When they happen, they happen. He doesn’t often go courting or purposely seeking out the females with the intention of paying them attention with an eye to mating.

But when he does actually participate, it’ll be all about the moment, the enjoyment and the discovery of the drives involved and what they do to his perception. « Whoa… I feel… good. »
He isn’t particularly that good at flights, so quite a bit of it will be up to chance and the elements around him. And well, luck. Funny thing is though, Xhiyanth often does have luck on his side (or maybe some females really like that casual charm he has).

And the act itself? Intense. Very intense. When he wins, T’sei is going to have some rather amazing and extremely sensual vibes from his dragon. No inhibitions, time seeming to slow, more aware of touch and the senses, the focus for the now. Oh yeah, the act itself will be exceptional. And you can bet those females who are treated to Xhiyanth won’t forget the experience.

But when he loses, Xhiyanth won’t get bent out of shape at all. He doesn’t get riled up over the excessive emotions or the loss. Nah, he’ll just give a mental shrug and possibly suggest something else to T’sei. « It’ll be okay, man. Lets go to the beach. I hear there is a most spectacular rainbow. »


Double Rainbow Guy

Name: Pippa, I’no, T’sei’s RL SO
Egg Desc: D’baji
Dragonet Desc: Pippa
Messages: I’no, Lanti
Puppeteer: Pippa
Inspiration: Pippa, I’no, T’ab, Onlie, Lanti

T'sei's Bronze Xhiyanth
Harper's Tale: 57th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's gold Jeyth and I'no's bronze Raeklith
July 30, 2010


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D'rani (Dorian) and Injolnith
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T'sei (Taliesin) and bronze Xhiyanth

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