Xarine Is Searched

Log file from Xarine, bless her little cotton socks.

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.
The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance… [look closer]
It is a spring late night.
To the north, you see a gold and a brown dragon.
To the southeast, you see three dragons and one person.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are eighteen firelizards.
Green Kelitath, green Fiareth, blue Taiith, bronze Nezdarvyth, blue Vorkoroth, and blue Rubyth are here.
You see a wagonmaster and Shafirah here.
Obvious exits:
Pens Northern Bowl Caverns Ground Weyrs Passageway Lakeside Guard's HQ

Above, Cinestioth appears with a cheeky whuffle from ::between::
Above, Cinestioth drops down towards the Bowl.
Cinestioth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

P'renn slides awkwardly from between Cinestioth's sorral-splashed ridges to land with a gentle thump.

That is -it-. P'renn knows why Cinestioth is sick. Oh yes he does. It was those bloody Reaches dragons, coming down to Ista to confer about the clutch. Mhm. It's all those snarky, snow-infested dragons that got his precious brown sniffling and sluggish. And P'renn, being the person that he is, -demands- reparations! In what? In cookies! And who can get him cookies?! Well.. how about.. Xarine! Marchign straight towards the unsuspecting girl, he plants both hands on his hips, eyes her suspiciously and states down his nose in a most demanding manner. "I come for your cookies." Beware.

Xarine is sitting on the ground, leaning against a rock, just watching the comings and goings around the Weyr. When the dragon lands and the dragonrider jumps down, she offers a half-hearted wave, expecting him to walk into the caverns. Imagine her suprise when she walks up to her… Jumping up, Xar gives P'renn a quizzical look. "Cookies? Sorry, haven't made a batch in a while, would you like me to make some?" An extremely mild, quizzical look.

P'renn eyes Xarine, quite positive that this resident is holding out on him. Those Reachians, almost as bad as their dragons, hiding their mass collection of cookies that could be used in payment for Cinestioth's state. As if to reitterate the point, the great brown nearly keels over with a great chuff of exhaustion, sturring a mound of loose dirt about and consequently over and around his rider and company. "Yes, a batch of cookies, immediately." Eyes blur a moment as he confers with his stuffed-up lifemate. "And make them -ginger- cookies. " Hup too!

Xarine blinks and shrugs. Picking up Helios from where he had been asleep on the rock, she gives a start as the rider's dragon slumps into the dirt. "Um.. Has he got what my flit has?" She didn't even know how to make /ginger/ cookies. She could make chocolate chip cookies fine with her secret recipe, but ginger? Could turn out disasterous. "You sure you don't want chocolate chip?" And why cookies?

Only pausing in his suspicious stare at Xarine to glare significantly at some of the Reaches dragons beside his own Cinestioth, P'renn makes it quite clear what he's after. "Ginger, he wants ginger and.. your flit?" P'renn nearly blanches upon the idea that another creature is sickened in this vacinity. Why.. could that compound the sickness? Is Cinestioth in mortal danger? Will the cookies be -enough-?! Fidgeting slightly, P'renn motions Xarine to stand and follow him towards the considerably huffy brown currently peering sidelong at the infected firelizard. "Well, before you go off and get us our cookies, perhaps you'd be so kind as to bring that firelizard over for Cinestioth's inspection?" Because the over-grown brown paperweight certainly feels he has the expertise to diagnose himself in comparison to a smaller creature. P'renn looks as if he's about to rant more but a guilty look is thrown his scuffling dragon and he blurts out a proper introduction. "I'm P'renn, that's Cinny, and you're?" Don't worry,
P'renn doesn't bite, he just gets a bit snarky when his dragon's health is on the line.

Xarine nods. If the dragon wants ginger, it's ginger he'll get. Of course, the quality of the ginger… Xar refrains from saying anything about the amount of firelizards she thinks are infected with whatever is going around, here and everywhere else she's been in the past few days. Walking over to the dragon, she holds Helios up slightly. "I'm Xarine, and this little bronze is Helios." Xar smiles slightly at the P'renn - she can tell he's worried - and after living at High Reaches a while she knows a little of the bond between dragon and rider. On a whim she addresses the dragon as she holds Helios up for his inspection. "Are these cookies to be very gingery or just slightly gingery?"

P'renn watches Xarine through straining eyes, the once Reachian knows how residents tend to act, having been one himself. So he's not overly surprised when she addresses Cinestioth outright. He does however, look on with mounting confusion as Cinestioth sneaks his sadly sluggish tail out to gently brush against the young woman's ankle. Iiiinteresting. "Xarine, s'nice to meet you.. and.. er.. nice to meet Helios." Addressing a firelizard by name in formal introduction? Not exactly P'renn's style, but Cinestioth for some reason is being overly protective of this girl's feelings — why? It's beyond the worried rider. "Cinny says he's pretty sure they have the same — Cinny, stop touching her leg — they have the same — Cinny! Would you not stick your sickly muzzle in the woman's face? She'll never make us our cookies if you distract her like that — What was I saying? Oh yes, it looks like you have the same thing." Cinestioth's paws have begun to scuffle in earnest as his tail continues to quietly encircle about Xarine and his muzzle begins to blot out the sky as far as the girl is conerned.

Xarine's attention is divided between the dragon in front of her and the rider, but she refrains from grinning at P'renn addresses Helios, who has woken slightly by now and gives a cheep in answer. She leans back slightly and looks behind her long enough to put a foot back without stepping on the dragon's tail. Transferring her flit to the crook of one elbow, she put a hand out to place on the brown's muzzle, but stops short and looks at P'renn, as if for permission to touch his dragon. "Don't worry, I'll still make the cookies." The last is said with a slight smile and a shrug with one shoulder. Well, she would if she could find a recipe…

Cookies? Cookies seem suddenly very far from both Cinestioth and P'renn's mind as things take a turn for the bizzare. As Xarine reaches out a hand, Cinestioth quickly erases what authority P'renn may have had and bumps his person-sized muzzle against the palm with a light rumble of affection. P'renn, now slack-jawed and watching his sick lifemate act the part of some forlorn puppy, stammers something unintelligible before… "Oh no.. Oh Cinny why didn't you -tell- me you were that kind of dragon?!" A plaintive note of 'whine' enters the brownrider's voice as Cinestioth's tail tightens posessively around Xarine and his wings flare momentarily in certainly. "Of all the lousy luck, I end up with a dragon who has the searching gift." There's a pause as P'renn turns towards his brown and then eyes Xarine a moment. "You're sure about this?" Cue another rumble and wing-flicker. "Well, alright, I suppose I trust you." Taking a step towards Xarine, the Maverick rider's expression becomes one of denial, irritation, excitement, and guilt. "Don't suppose you'd be interested in standing for Gold Miyakath's clutch, would you?" Beam.

Xarine had been giving the dragon a suprised look when he bumped his muzzle against her hand, but when she looked at P'renn her eyebrows went up even further. Not even noticing the tail tightening around her slightly she blinks as she listens to P'renn talk to his brown. Search? "Um.. Gold Miyakath's clutch? Sure…" Her voice sounds kind of vague, and Xar seems to realise this. Shaking her head - not in denial, but to try and clear it - she answer again. "Yes, I would be interested." Suddenly, a flicker of something - amusement? Comes into her eyes. "If I'm going to Ista, that'll give me plenty of time to perfect a ginger cookie recipe so I can give you a decent batch." Xarine is smiling quite widely now. For all she's been living in a Weyr, none of the dragons here Searched her out for the last couple of clutches. Life obviously held many suprises…

P'renn grins, peering at the brand spankin' new candidate and his love-sick dragon. "Well, I was originaly looking for reparations for Cinestioth getting sick, but you'll do just as well as cookies." Take -that- Reaches! P'renn's stealing a Xarine for all the trouble Cinestioth's been through. The brownrider gives Cinestioth a light shove to break the mushy connection between the girl and the dragon and points towards the riding straps. "I assume you've ridden before? Just mount up after me, hey?" Crinkly-eye smile.
Cinestioth amiably offers a bent foreleg and hunkers down, allowing P'renn to scramble up and settle in between sorral-splashed ridges.
Cinestioth amiably offers a bent foreleg and hunkers down, allowing you to scramble up and settle in between sorral-splashed ridges.

Xarine wonders if things usually seem to happen so fast for newly made candidates, even as she gets herself settles on the brown's back. Time to see what her new home looks like, it seems.

P'renn checks to make sure everything is properly fastened and his new cargo is all secure and off they go.. sluggishly.. and with a small draconic sneeze.
You take off.

{Deleted travel spam}

You slide awkwardly from between Cinestioth's sorral-splashed ridges to land with a gentle thump.

" Aaaand we're here. Better weather already, eh?" Green eyes widen considerably as he surveys his first catch. "Guess I'll take you to the barracks now, feel free to say your goodbyes to Cinny." Hint, hint. The great brown dragon needs a little lovin'.

P'renn pops his name up there. ^.^

Xarine rubs her arms to get rid of the last of the cold from /between/. Grinning, she gives the brown a pat on the muzzle. "Thanks for the ride here, Cinny. Hope you get better soon."

P'renn shakes his little boo-tay to the Living Caverns.
You go into the living cavern.

{Deleted travel spam}

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are ten firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesus's Oasis, Oogly, Jhishivyl's Cot, Aradia's Cot, and A Mural here.
You notice Jhishivyl, Aradia, and Rielle asleep here.
Jesiya, Sapha, and P'renn are here.
Obvious exits:

P'renn arrives, candidate in-tow. "Loook at what I've got!" Is chirped to the room at large, the brownrider nearly swaggering with all the haughtyness due a boy who just found out his dragon's got the candidate-sniffing gift. "Candidates? Xarine. Xarine, candidates." And Sapha, but she doesn't count, she's scary.

P'renn sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Xarine.

Whoever is up at this time has to be insane. Which is why a lowly candie is settled atop her cot, legs neatly crossed and a bathing suite gracing her form as she waits quietly. For what? A new candiebait of course, "Oh. Look at that." She wrinkles a nose towards Xarine and lifts a hand towards her, smile creeping onto lips, it's late, give Jesiya a break, "Hey." Sapha is given a wiggle of fingers and P'renn a second round of wiggles.

Xarine smiles at the others in the barracks and gives a small wave and says I quiet 'hi'. Not nervousness or tiredness, mainly just dazed at the speed which things have changed. A couple of minutes ago she was talking to a worried rider, and now she was a candidate… Maybe she is a bit tired… Hard to tell, really.

Jesiya slowly pets her little sleeping green as she eyes the new candie bait, "I'm Jesus." Legs still crossed and hair let down and shells twined in hair she looks quiet calm sitting where she is, "And you would be…" Tsk, Jesus enjoys people with manners who /introduce/ themselves first, so instead of being brightly colored and pleasant her tone of voice is expectant. Wait. Her name is jesiya, "Er…Jesiya. I'm Jesiya." Must be the late hour.

You say, "I'm Xarine." Sitting on the cot the drudge had brought in for her, she gives another smile, this one more tired. Putting Helios down on the cot beside her, she leans against the wall. "When did you get Searched?""

Jesiya sniffs and turns in her bed to put down her green, "This morning." Disgustingly purple blankets are tugged away from the matress and Iya goes to crawl beneath them, "I already know when you got searched.." Tucked all nice and neatly beneath her blankets her sick lizards all crowd about her small frame and get ready to resume their sleep, "I'm sorry I'm not much more of a conversationalist. Long day." Getting searched, already pulling a prank and spiderclaw hunting..all those add up to one long day, "We can catch up tomorrow." Not much room for dissent there.

Xarine nods and also gets herself under her blankets. Very long day. "No matter. Talk to you in the morning…"

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