Weyrling Lesson Week 1
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Getting Set Up


  • Sorry, but that beautiful long hair of yours has got to go. All hair needs to be cut short, being just about shoulder length at the very longest. Hair must stay short throughout weyrlinghood, so make sure to keep up with trimmings. Feel free to RP many a tear-filled scene if your character just loved their long hair. Please make sure that your @desc reflects your short hair.
  • All weyrlings must wear the Istan colors of orange tops and black pants. You'll be very color-coordinated and looking festive. You can set this by setting '@wearing me is <weyrling uniform desc>'.
  • Just like it's time for you to ICly get used to your dragons, it's time for you to do the same OOCly. Please check out 'help dtu' for all the fun and exciting commands you now have access to. Also, it can't hurt to review 'help puppet_commands'
  • You should personalize your dragon's messages. See '@messages <dragon dbref number>' to see what messages you can set.
  • Code and Messages


  • Oil! Your dragon will need constant oiling to prevent dry, cracking hide. So make sure to wash your dragons, oil your dragon, and then do it all over again!
  • Feed! Your dragon, when not being oiled, will want to be fed, and often. Have fun cutting the meat, too. Yum. The AWLMs will help you at first, if you didn't already master this during candidacy, but you can bet you'll be pro at it by the second IC week.
  • Walk! For now, you and your lifemate are confined to the barracks, northeastern bowl, and the pool. Feel free to walk around as much as you want to, but don't venture any further than those places. Need someone to walk with? Grab one of the PC AWLMs, or take an NPC. (Plat'o and Aristolth love walking and talking.)
  • Have any concerns about your dragon's health? Ask S'eron or N'ano (NPC re: Talim), the dragonhealers.
  • Couch mucking! Your little lifemates can't yet go between to do their, uh, business, so they're gonna be doing it in their couches. That's what those pitchforks off to the side of the weyrling barracks are for. Enjoy!
  • Saluting hasn't gone away. Nope, you get to salute every dragonrider you see (except your fellow weyrlings), 'cause guess what? They all outrank you.
  • No alcohol and no drugs. Get it? Good. The only thing you have time for is your lifemate, and getting to know him or her.
  • Also, no body jewelry, or any sort of altering (piercings, tattoos, etc.). You can't do anything to risk infection or sickness at this point; you need to be at your healthiest to care for your new lifemates, with no distractions. Honestly, you're lucky if you'll even have a chance to get a bath outside of washing your dragons, and there's certainly no time to take care of self-mutilation (hey, that's what it is!). Also, in Pernese society, it's generally the less-reputable who bear markings such as that. Just FYI.
  • IC relationships are prohibited. You shall not have any kind of love affair, because they are distressing to a young dragon. Candidacy is over! The real (IC) work begins. You wont' have a lot of time to just lounge and chat ICly. It's work, work, work! Of course, there'll be some time to play, but the life of a weyrling is even harder and more restrictive than a Candidate. Do not fly (dragon-only or mounted) until the correct week for those lessons. This is designed so that you won't ICly harm your dragon. If you want to do a TP that involves early flight, contact your wlm staff first and get approval.
  • As always, if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please @send *wlm or page any member of WLM staff.
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