Weyrling Firestone Lesson
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  • At some point in the near future, your friendly weyrling staff member is going to hold a mock Threadfall. Please @send *wlm and let us know what weekend will be good for you and try to encourage some of your fellow weyrlings to get their lessons done so they can participate as well.


  • You are still doing airborne wing formations under your wingleaders as well as with WLM staff. Sometimes it’ll be small group formation, other times it’ll be everyone.
  • Now, to shake things up, we're going to be doing a little flaming! Grab a AWLM or WLM and a sack of fire stone (or flame thrower for any goldriders) and spice things up a bit. Don't forget to let your dragon purge in one of the ash pits, or he or she will be sick!
  • From the frying pan, we'll head right into the fire, taking your dragon sky high and letting them flame to their hearts content far away from anyone they could possibly hit. Try to do this singularly with your weyrling staffer instead of in a group setting.
  • When you think your character has that down, we're on our way to firestone tossing! This is reloading your dragon's gullet while in the air. Have fun with it! Don't drop the firestone sack on any unsuspecting residents below!
  • Aren't you glad you did all that firestone tossing before?
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