Weyrling Betweening Lesson
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  • See 'help between' for instructions on the betweening commands.
  • When you want to 'learn' a place from another dragon (this is covered in the help file: help between) remember that said dragon must be envisioning that place.
  • If you haven't yet, please make sure that you send *wlm as soon as possible with your weyr location choice - if you haven't already. Possible locations are: Above the Pools (off High Above NE Bowl), Sky High Over Northeastern Bowl, Sky High Over Central Bowl, Sky High Over Southeastern Bowl, Sky Over Southeastern Bowl, Sky Over Central Bowl, Sky Over Northeastern Bowl, Forest Weyrs (off the Plateau).
  • Information on how to set up your weyrs/ledges is here: Link
  • It’s really not necessary to have a place for every single between spot on Pern. Really. The key ones to have are the major Weyrs, halls, and hold spots. And, yeah, it can be nice to have some shortcuts to a few favorite places of yours, so you don't have to navigate the skyroom mazes. Ask your friendly WLMs for their between lists, and pick and choose what you'd like!


  • You are doing airborne wing formations under your wingleaders, as well as with WLM staff. Sometimes it’ll be small group formation, other times it’ll be everyone.
  • As soon as you're set up, you can live in your new weyrs. It's the end of mucking couches! As soon as your dragons learn to go between, they'll kindly do their business there. Yay! They'll be hunting now, too, so no more food cutting. Just baths and oil.
  • Your first betweening experience will be a one-on-one affair with one of the lovely AWLMs. Expect to be taken up to the star stones, told to memorize them, then to fly straight to Ista Hold and between home.
  • At the very end of the month, you'll be learning more places, first by flying straight, and then by getting the coordinates from another dragon. The latter will only happen once you're comfortable with betweening, of course, so some may learn faster than others. Without Thread, expect the WLMs to be making sure all is well before teaching you, now that there's no real rush.
  • Once you're comfortable going between, you'll start being assigned to ferrying duties for important non-rider folk. Again, some may get to this point sooner than others.
  • Yes, this means that toward the end of the week you'll not be confined to the Weyr alone. Don't abuse this privilege, though, and don't forget where your priorities are, or you'll get your butts grounded.
  • Don't forget firestone tossing.

WLM Guide

  • Chances are only the more experienced AWLMs will be leading the first betweening drills
  • Make sure the lessons are one-on-one. This is no time for getting lost in the group!
  • Before a dragon may try to go between, make sure they can take a location from your dragon's mind, and pass it back in a way that is satisfactory for a trip between
  • Feel free to quiz them on places they should already know by now (like above the northeastern bowl)
  • Start easy, go bigger. Maybe between from above the barracks to above the central bowl.
  • Once they can do the places they know, try the hold, and then other, farther coordinates
  • Only once they've proved themselves can weyrlings start going between as a group, and all betweening this week must be under AWLM supervision!
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