Weyrling Fight

[[logged by Yla]]

Weyrling Barracks

Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures. Off to one side is the everpresent vat of oil and trays of meat for the growing dragonets.

Green Alishath, blue Riyth, and green Elbareth are here.

Yla is in the process of feeding chunks of meat to her lifemate, her admonitions about chewing forming a sort of background murmur against the chatter of the other weyrlings. "Now dear, where would I be if you choked and died? And you'd clutter up the barracks… so no choking, hear me?" As Cassie obliging chewchewchews, Yla glances up to see Khaye leave her cot. "Hey Khaye."

"I am never going to sleep normally again," Khaye mutters as she more or less goes out into the open, hair halfway standing on end. "Hey, Yla." She just sits on the ground for a moment and tries to sort through her hair without benefit of mirror or brush — rather unsuccessfully. "Sometimes I wish they didn't need us to cut our hair."

"Well, I cut my hair just before I got searched," Yla resists the urge to run her fingers through her nearly shoulder-length locks, her hands being all gooky and everything. "I just needed it trimming when I impressed." Cassie offers the opinion that her hair looks fine however it is, and Yla smiles faintly.

Khaye unwinds a purple ribbon from around her wrist, wrestles her spring-parody almost shoulder-length hair into something like a sense of order, and ties it neatly. Better. "The last time I got my hair cut.. before this, I mean.. I think it was when I was twelve." And all those three turns of hair-growing snipped off. She sighs, scooting back to more or less lean into Ita's couch, and just reclines like that.

Yla giggles as Cassie ssluuuuurps at her fingers as she comes to the end of the available meat. "You're not eating my hands." She says, tapping a finger on her lifemate's muzzle. "Ditz." Cassie just rolls her eyes as Yla goes to help her back to her couch, the dragonet now stuff. "I know that not everyone here is happy with the snip the hair rule." she's heard some nasty complaints.

Rolls them as well as Cassie can, anyway.

Khaye listens to the one-sided conversation between Cassie and Yla with some interest, smiling mildly. "I'm not trying to complain.." Really, she isn't. Right. "But my hair just sticks up a whole lot more when it's short." She found out the hard way when she was twelve. A lean-too-far-back sends her tumbling all the way into the couch, eliciting a sleepy rumble from Ita and an instant apology from Khaye. "Sorry, dear. Go back to sleep.." Which Ita promptly does. Zzzz.

N'ano comes out of Bydelth's couch.

Castaliath starts to clamber onto the couch before *clatter*, she trips over an abandoned bucket and goes sprawling, whacking the underside of her jaw on her cot. "OOOH! Cassie… are you alright darling?" If Cas's eyes weren't faceted, they'd almost certainly cross. She wags a tail, stumbling a bit as if to say 'I'm ok… really…', before making a second attempt at climbing up on her couch. There ye go. All settled.

N'ano emerges from Bydelth's couch just in time to see the accident, and feeling somewhat sympathetic, he drops his jaw "She ok?" of course, Yla's probably trying to figure out the same thing, but oh well. Live with it or something.

Unfortunately for Khaye, she's still more of less propped up against Itazurath's side, with a dream-shifted dragonleg draped across her lap as she watches Cassie's bucket incident. And every time she tries to move away, another sleepy grumble sounds from Ita. So she stays put. It's comfortable enough. "Hey, N'ano.."

Castaliath is more sprawled on her couch than anything, a bit dazed. "My poor accident prone," Read: klutzy, "Darling." Yla strokes her lifemate's head, her other hand scritching an eyeridge until Cassie closes her inner lids in draconic pleasure. "Oooh, now my head's ringing." The joys of telepathic linkage, eh?

N'ano chin-nods his accustomed welcome greeting towards Khaye "Heya…" he grins for a split second before resuming his, well, nothingness. "Byd's passed out, and about shardin' time!" he sighs, swinging a hand towards the 'unique' couch. "Eh? Ugh, that's one downside, eh?" that comment sent towards Yla.

"Come on dear… you'll hurt if you go to sleep like that." With a grumble, Cassie pulls her legs inwards to lie more comfortably on the couch. "Yes… probably the only one."

N'ano shrugs "Hopefully the only one… though there is—well, another. But you should know what I'm talkin' 'bout." Of course, he's not going to discuss anything in front of the little ones!

Yla turns slightly, one hand still stroking Cassie's muzzle as she quirks an eyebrow. "Who says it's a downside?" is asked suggestively. And this is the girl who freaked out when she heard what the other meaning of 'flight' was? Well… she's certainly changed since impression.

N'ano is certainly noticing the change, which of course, makes his snort-laugh once, widening his eyes "Weren't you—" he starts out, raising a hand to rub his eye "Shards… well, /some/ people think it's a downside, since you don't make the choice most of the time, y'know?"

Hannah comes out of Dhiammarath's couch.

Dhiammarath shuffles gracefully, honey-tipped tail swish-swishing behind her, in from the bowl.

"It's part of being a rider." A greenrider especially. Heehee. Yla glances down to make sure Cassie's asleep before she gives her fingers a break and stops scritching. "And, since I don't get much of a choice, might as well enjoy it, eh?" Muaha. Fear.

N'ano grins. Like /he/ has anything to worry about. He just plays the other end. "Aye… good attitude towards it, I guess. Not like some of the others that're scared stiff, y'know?"

Khaye's eyes open again — must've fallen asleep again, whatwith Ita's odd choice of wakeful hours and his acting as a nice body pillow. Blink at the conversation, blink at anything else that might attract attention, and she goes back to just… sitting there.

"Oh I was scared stiff." Yla says, perching on the edge of her couch and absently swinging her legs. "Very much so. I think I hid in terror whenever I heard you-know-what was going on. But now… it doesn't seem so bad."

Hannah slips out of Dhiammarath's couch and lets out a yawn. Naps.. wonderful things. She gives a shy little smile and handwave to fellow weyrlings before seeking out her lifemate. Gold is spotted immediately as weyrling heads over, though she looks up and asks, "Scared.. of what?" Yla.

N'ano turns his head towards Hannah, raising a 'brow "Oh, we were just discussin' whether or not um, flights, are a downside or not… y'know, the whole part 'bout not bein' able to choose for the most part for—the other end." Simply put.

Yla glances at the other dragonets in the barracks, wary of her own self-imposed rule of 'don't talk about it in front of the bebes'. "You know…" She makes flapping motions with her hands. 'Flights', in other words.

Hannah tilts her head, "You can choose who you end up with.. Mother always .. ahem.. well.. chose her weyrmate when it was time for Ysbryth to fly…" To her flights aren't as scary, having seen many of her greenrider friends at HRW have flights..and of course, her mother's dragon went proddy. NOt nearly so much as the greens, but still..

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Khaye is so happy with her darling dear beloved Itazurath. The flapping gesture is interpreted, she blinks, she goes back to reclining on her lump-of-brown body pillow quietly. Let them talk.

N'ano shrugs "Well, just the general concept, y'know?" he grins, shaking his head "I ain't worried none." And just why should /he/ be? He's the guy. He's got the easy uh, job.

"What's the fun in that?" Yla asks, tilting her head and grinning mischievously. Yes, we have come a long way from the poor little insulated craftbred girl here. "Choosing you ye wind up with." Still glancing around to make sure no draconic ears are pricking up. The moment they do, silent goes Yla. "Boooring." This perhaps does not bode well for when she actually /does/ go proddy.

Hannah shrugs and smiles softly in Yla's direction, "I guess it's personal preference…" She doesn't have to worry too much either. Not at least until Dhia's two turns old. "I haven't truthfully thought much about.. proddy.."

N'ano grins "I think I'd haveta agree with Yla, I mean, not like I'm a girl or anythin'… but if you already /had/ a preset person? That'd just leave the guy in the dumps, y'know? Well, if /he/ didn't have a preset person, but why would a guy have one? That's just…" totally confusing him at this point in time. "But if that's what y'like." he shrugs.

Khaye chuckles softly at Yla's and N'ano's rhetoric on choosing a lifemate, but otherwise remains silent. After all, what has she to worry about concerning flights and proddiness? Nada.

Khaye hasta worry what the proddy greenriders do to /her/ when they go proddy. Muaha. Yla tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "Although I suppose if you did have a preset person, and the guy got down in the dumps, they'd have to find someone else. Everyone's happy!"

N'ano grins "I'll just, whatever. Y'know? If Byf ever catches, then I'll just—well, whatever." that's probably the easiest way to put it at the moment.

Khaye just continues sitting, now turning her attention to the Ita-leg in her lap. Avoiding thinking about the subject at all usually works well, too.

Castaliath lets out a big dragon yawn and flicks her tail slightly before opening one eye. When that eye is properly open and nothing icky is spotted, the other eye slowly opens as well. The actual getting up part is going to take a little bit longer.

Yla tries not to snicker too loudly at N'ano. Is this why the guy's so nervy around greenriders? The whole flight deal. Fear later then. "Oooh… Cass, dear… how's yer head? Better now?" her attention pretty quickly switches to the dragonet on the couch she's perched on the edge off.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Hannah off to bed.

N'ano takes no note of the snickering, choosing not to, that is. And what's that awful noise coming from Bydelth's couch? "Ugh… I think he has indigestion or somethin'… someone remind me to take him out when he gets up, eh? I ain't wantin' to have to clean up after whatever's makin' his stomach grumble like that."

Castaliath lets out a slight puff of air and twitches her tail again. Maybe perhaps she can get her ear scritched if she pretends she's more wounded than she is. Forelorn eyes peer out toward her rider as she tries to project an extremely wounded and pained air…

Khaye is still just sitting there, now looking studiously over Itazurath's paw - oooh. Talons. Sharp. Shiny. Talon-y. What little urge she has to talk is curbed in order not to wake up the dragon wrapped partially around her, though a glance toward N'ano and Yla from time to time occurs.

Dragon's don't have ears. Perhaps she means headknob, eh? Yla giggles and scritches her lifemate gently. "Oh go on with ye." she says teasingly. "I'm sure you've got a pretty thick skull from all these trips you keep taking." She glances over to N'ano. "Hope he's not getting sick or anything from his food…"

N'ano shakes his head "Hope not either… probably just settlin' in, y'know?" or so he hopes. "I'll ask him in a bit if he's feelin' alright. Eww… I hope he didn't eat that 'pretty' piece of firestone that he collected…"

Castaliath does too have ears. Just like her riders. They're just invisible, that's all. Really. She wiggles forward a little bit, still not quite awake and energetic enough to actually get up and walk around. Muzzle is expertly snunk underneath Yla's arm. More scritch.

"How did he get his hands, I mean talons, on firestone anyway? You're not meant to give him any, and no one here's allowed anywhere other than the living caverns, here, and teh waterfall basin." Yla raises an eyebrow suspiciously. She glances down at Cassie. More scritching. She can do that. *scritchscratch*

Naomi comes out of Kaith's couch.

"Maybe he ate.. some other rock. I know Ita would," Khaye volunteers softly. Sure she knows. She's the one that carries his extensive rock collection around most of the time. Ita himself stirs, and she falls back to silence. Must let the dragon sleep.

N'ano shakes his head "No clue at all. I think there was a random piece in the bowl… and the next thing I knew, it was sittin' by the couch. I wanted to get rid of it but—it's apparently his pet, or somethin'. I'll be right back…" running over, he opens up the curtain to the couch, coming back seconds later "Nope, it's still there.

"Well, don't let any of the weyrlingmasters catch you with it." Yla warns, still diligently scritching away. "Otherwise I think you're gonna be grounded before ye can fly."

N'ano winces "Shards… that ain't good. No, I just put it outta reach… I hid it in my box." of course he doesn't realize that it's gonna stink up all his belongings. He doesn't think that logically. "So… what's on the agenda for t'day?"

"Well, you've got a big ugly spot on your nose!" rings out Naomi's voice, clear and true, from the shadowy hideaway in the far corner, before the weyrling herself makes an appearance, followed by one lashing smoky green tail, rapping her across the back. "I don't care! I just -don't- care!" Panting a little, she makes her way towards the other group of weyrlings, rubbing her eyes continually. "What's going on here?"

Castaliath curls up contendedly, very tempted to go right back to sleep under the gentle scritching of Yla. Wonderful feeling it is. A little oil there would probably feel even more wonderous though. Yeah, some nice soothing oil. She flicks her tail around again for emphasis…

Castaliath thinks to you, « Oil? »

"Good day, Naomi, dear." Yla says, shifting her weight as she continues perching on the edge of the couch. "Kaith giving you trouble?" She glances down at Castaliath at the tail flicking.

"Hey, Nao," Khaye greets the other weyrling with something like a wince as Ita finally wakes up all the way with an already-wide awake grumble. To N'ano: "Mine's /was/ going to be sitting around until Ita woke up, but now.. I don't know." She reaches over to delicately scratch the dragon's eyeridges, scooting out from under his leg while she's at it.

You think to Castaliath, » Well… since I did just feed you, I suppose you need it, hmm? «

Castaliath thinks to you, « It would feel simply wonderful. On my belly as well, especially since it's nice and full. »

You think to Castaliath, » Are you itching anywhere? Anywhere need special attention? «

N'ano nods once at Khaye "Aye… same here—just don't know when he'll awaken. But since he's been sleepin' for a while now, I probably ain't gonna get no sleep t'night." *pout* Turning his head at Naomi's entrance, he tosses an arm up in a wave "Hey."

Castaliath thinks to you, « My headknobs are starting to itch some. Perhaps an extra coat would be nice there… »

Naomi shakes her head slowly, holding one hand up and then letting it fall back, limply, to her hip. "I've got everything under control. Bu-u-ut…" A pause, and she looks at each of them in turn. "None of you answered the question. What's going on? What're we doing?" Shoulders sink a little bit, and Castaliath is eyed a little warily, but she seems relatively relaxed… for now.

Yla slips off the couch, her booted feet thudding on the floor as she lands, already aiming towards the oil pot, seizing one as well as a rag to apply the oil with, padding back to Cassie's side and gently starting on her hide. "Everything under control?" Why would things need to be under control? And why she eying Cassie like that? Yla would pout if she'd notice.

Khaye lifts a single eyebrow, letting it fall back into place. "We're sitting here with out dragons," she responds to Naomi. See, there. She answered. And now she goes on scritching Itazurath's eyeridges, being rewarded with a nudge in the arm in a request for more scritching.

N'ano grins "Well, we were talkin' 'bout, well, flight stuff. Y'know." he pauses, scrolling back in his memory "Now we're talkin' 'bout—-nothin', I don't think."

Castaliath watches Yla's progress from where she's still plopped on the ground, tail slowly whirling back and forth. It's as much energy as she cares to expend right now, but maybe she should stop, has to save a little bit to roll over for her belly to get oiled as well. And then she can go back to napping.

"Flight stuff?" The rest is ignored easily by Naomi, as she slides one foot back behind the other and taps the toe of her boot against the ground. "What sort of flight stuff?" A growl is heard coming from their couch, before Nao turns again, glaring off in that direction. "I don't wanna hear it anymore!" -That- would be what has to be kept under control.

You think to Castaliath, » Mind yer ridges and wings when you roll over dear. They're still rather delicate. «

Yla dips the rag into the oil pot and starts applying it to Cassie's head, giving special attention to the headknobs as instructed. "Oh… you know. The stuff yer parents always told ye they'd tell you about 'when yer older'. That sorta stuff." She's not gonna talk in detail in front of her innocent ickle bebe, after all.

Khaye reluctantly climbs to her feet, abandoning the Ita-scritching to follow Yla's example and fetch oil pot and rag. Trudging back over to the couch, she plops down, legs folded beneath her as she starts oiling the itchy shoulder, listening with one ear to the conversation going on in the background.

"Sex." N'ano grins, tossing Yla a look as he answers Naomi's question. His little guy's sleeping. Nothing to worry about for the time being. And the other ones'll have to learn sooner or later, but you know, if they don't have any 'ears', then what's to worry about?

Yla claps her hands over the sides of her little one's head. Never mind that she doesn't have 'ears' per se. "I thought I said no talking about that!" *hiss!* "They /can/ hear you!"

Khaye lets out a squeak of indignation even as she oils. She /did/ catch N'ano's description of the conversation. "Shhh!" she hisses toward him, even though it is a little late. And goes on oiling, since Yla seems to be taking over the don't-talk-like-that-around-our-bebes campaign.

"So?" N'ano raises a 'brow towards Yla again "Ain't like it's somethin' to be ashamed of! And Khaye?" The one who 'doesn't have to worry' "He's a guy" he thumbs towards her lifemate "Ain't likewell, y'know. Never to early t'learn, if they ain't reluctant. At least they'll know what they're gettin' themselves into 'fore it's too late!"

"Yes, but they're babies!" Yla hisses, on the verge of getting up and smacking N'ano upside the head. "And you do not talk about /that/ with a one month old who won't reach maturity for quite some time to come." *double hiss*

"Exactly," Khaye agrees with Yla, moving on to Ita's neck with a re-dip of rag in oilpot. And that's all she has to say about that. Sooner or later the brown's neck turns all shiny, and she ducks around to his other side to work on the other half of his neck.

N'ano grins "Well, to that I say, if they're curious, then why not tell them. They're obviously 'mature' enough to handle that little blurb. If not, well, then it ain't likely they're gonna ask!" Ha! Take that! It's probably just a guy thing…

Now Yla does get up and smack him upside the head. *whap* Never mind she has to stand on tip toes to do so. "Don't you dare even think of doing that. You may be male and unable to go three minutes without thinking about it, but /I/ would like my little one to grow up reasonably well adjusted." Maternal much?

Yep. Definitely a guy thing… but Khaye still muffles a faint snicker from over in her hiding spot behind Itazurath's comforting presence. And another one as she looks under Ita's neck in time to watch Yla whap N'ano. Back to oiling she goes.

N'ano is just laughing through this whole bit, even if the whack sent a little tinge to his brain, or what's left of it anyway "Hey, I ain't talkin' 'bout Cassie there… I'm just sayin' the idea in general. Shards woman! Obviously they're gonna have curiosity somewhere 'long the line, and what're ya gonna tell her" he stops, tossing on his best mimicry voice of the greenrider "Oh nothing darling, when you're up in the air, you're just playing tag with all the boys!" with that said, he collapses into a chair, raising a brow and shaking his head.

"And when that day comes," Yla says, planting her fists on her hips. "I will be going to the weyrlingmasters for advice, not some bronzerider with a nuts lifemate who thinks about sex constantly!" Her voice rising upwards on the last word, and she turns around and storms back to her couch before she kicks him or something.

And that… is just funny to Khaye's/Itazurath's now sliced, diced, and remixed senses of humor. Probably to the masculine half of the sense. Khaye just bursts out laughing, stifling it through a hand clapped over her mouth as she keeps on oiling with the other free one. Maybe Ita doesn't think about sex constantly, but this portion of the conversation is just getting a little strange..

N'ano manages to control his laughter at this part, sending an audible sigh towards Yla as she storms off, but calling out "Well, 'least I ain't gonna put my dragon on hold when /he/ asks!" of course, he fails to mention the part where he had to describe just what those two people were doing; warming each other up, yup.

"Fine!" Yla yells, jumping onto her couch, giving Cassie a sharp look that says 'don't ask' mentally, as the green looks on in curiosity. She just wants her oil job finishing. What /is/ winding Yla up so much? "And when you have a dragon that's been exposed to the facts of life way too early to understand, then don't you sharding come crying to me!" she snaps, and pulls the blanket on her couch over her and her lifemate, giving the perplexed Cassie a hug about her neck. "Don't worry, baby. Don't listen to anything this strange man says. he's just weird."

Khaye sighs, goes on oiling once more with little interest in the conversation. It seems to have ended, anyhow. "Don't mind them, dear," she keeps up a running monologue to Itazurath as she oils. "Both of them are a little weird, I think." Beat. "Yes, I'll go get your rock for you later. It's still out… somewhere.. but I'll find it." She moves on to his side, re-dips the rag, oils. "Well.. then I'll just have to find another one."

"And /that's/ when you /explain/" he articulates the last "it to them!" Duh. N'ano's not about to hold anything.. /else/ back from his lifemate. Of course, he vows to not expose him to anything that would make him ask in the first place! "And I wouldn't go cryin' to you of all people even if I were to go cryin', which I ain't! And I ain't strange!" in some senses, anyway.

Naomi goes home.

"HA!" Yla pulls her face away from Cassie's neck long enough to glower. "I explain it to her when the weyrlingmasters say I can. NOT before. Idiot. I think /they/ know best." Why else are they WLM's? "Good." she sneers, uncharacteristically nasty. But then she's been rilled up on how she's caring for her bebe. Her maternal side has been affronted. "I would hope you wouldn't."

Khaye had stopped her commentary to Ita on N'ano's denial of his strangeness, which she now picks up again. "/Very/ strange, both of them," she amends in an undertone as she goes on shiny-fying his hide. "But they're okay usually. Just strange at times like this." Times like what? "Fine, fine. I'll use more oil." The rag is re-dipped. "Better?" Re-dip again. "All right. That's good, then."

N'ano tosses his arms up "Hey, if he knows enough to ask, I ain't gonna hold it back from his. And even if he doesn't understandthen well, he'd eventually figure it out or somethin' within time." and now he's just getting lost with what he's saying "They mature at different ratesgoes with their personalities! If he wants to know whilst young, then I ain't holdin' it back, and /that's/ that." or something like that. "Shards… just—just drop the subject already, will ya?"

Dhiammarath lifts her head serenly up from her napping position at the heated conversation between the weyrlings. She keeps her gaze aloof, eyes whirling slowly and lazily with mild curiousity. They have disturbed her slumber..

"Why should I?" comes the voice of Yla as she peeks over Cassie's neckridges. "What's the matter?" her voice turns slightly mocking. "Afraid of a little frank discussion?"

Khaye finally finishes her oil job on Ita, watches him kinda' drift off to a doze still in his current position in the couch, and slowly backs away until she's out of it and heading back still. "I'm just going to.. um… go, now." And off to get food she goes, while her bebe is still asleep.

N'ano shakes his head "Nooo…" he snorts "I'm just sick of hearin' your bickerin' over the facts! And there ain't much more to discuss anyway! So why keep the discussion goin'?" And thus one reason why he can't stand greenriders; their consistancy in the land of denial.

Khaye hurries out to the bowl.

"What facts?" Yla rests her arms on Cassie's neck. "We don't seem to have laid any down. Just a difference of opinion." Cassie, looking irritated, imperiously headbutts her. Hey… what happened to that oiling.

And here we go again. Oh boy "Look, there ain't no way we're gonna come to the same conclusion, so it's better if the whole thing is just /dropped/." Aka, there's no way N'ano's going to come to agree with Yla—his ego still firmly intact.

Yla relents to the proddings of her lifemate and reaches for the oil, starting to continue the job she paused to whack the bronzer. "Why drop it when we're having so much fun?" she says, rather sarcastically and caustically.

"Havin' /fun/!? You call this havin' fun? Shards! I'm just workin' a sweat over this and I certainly don't call this fun if you're too stubborn—" N'ano just grinds his teeth at this point, refraining from saying just what's on his mind.

"Me?" Yla raises a slightly oily hand to her chest and contrives to look hurt. "I'm not being stubborn. It's you being thickheaded!" Of that, she's sure. She currently has no inhibitions about speaking her mind. "And yes, this is fun. You should see what I call unpleasant!" *hiss* Fear for yer life.

Naomi comes out of Kaith's couch.

"I ain't bein' thickheaded!" N'ano reprimands, tossing a random brush at her from across the room. "And this is /not/ my idea of fun! You gotta get out more if that's what you're thinkin'… it's probably all that goo in you hair that's sinkin' into that nut-sized brain of yours!"

Hannah comes out of Dhiammarath's couch.

"I would get out, except I happen to think my baby's important!" Yla's voice is startng to peak again. "/My/ brain's nut sized?" Yla slaps down the cloth over Cassie's back, causing the green to give her a rather puzzled look. "Then you must need one of those near-viewing things to see yours!" Pern's equivalent of a microscope, obviously. "And what do you mean GOO? I wash my hair everyday!!" Now he's done it. He's insulted her hair.

N'ano would try and pull his own hair out right now but there's a downside to the short cropped hairdo he got. Instead, he stomps his foot from his sitting position "Shardit! There ain't no gettin' through to you, is there? And for your information, I'm /very/ smart, k? I know just about /everythin'/ there is to healin'." nevermind everything else "And I'm talkin' 'bout all that dye!"

"Shut -up-!" shouts a rather disgruntled Naomi, again emerging from Kaith's couch with rather bloodshot eyes. "You don't understand, do you? Both of you, you're keeping me awake when she's asleep… you're trying to kill me, aren't you? Ye-es… that's what you all want to do." Her voice no more than a hiss, really, she starts towards them, no plan in mind but to silence them now.

Jozzie comes out of Riyth's couch.

"Oh yeah…" Yla drawls, pulling a face. "Veeeery smart. Remind me who is was that passed out when Saria had her brat? Not good for a healer, eh? Squeamish much? AND THIS DYE…" She drops her voice so that she's not shrieking and making herself hoarse. "And this dye was a sharding accident. You think I like having my hair like this." Insult her hair… you deeply insult the vain girl. She turns and hisses at Naomi, too far gone in her ire to notice who she's speaking to. "And no I will not shut up… take something to help you sleep from the healers if it's that bad."

Jozzie comes in from outside, her skin meridian dark as she has been spending most of her time on the beaches with Riyth. Bathing seems to take out a good hour of her time each day. Riyth is following behind, hearing voices from within the weyr. What is that noise? Who is speaking? Eh? What? Jozzie just waves a hand towards him as they step into the Barracks. "H'lo!" she says joyfully. Huh? Happy group, aye?

N'ano shoots a glance at Naomi for a quick second, rolling his eyes "Yeah, we're tryin' to kill you, that's all. And I /tried/ to end this but that shardin' wherryhead won't shaddup!" that being Yla, of course. Oh, and now said wherrybrain /has/ to bring up a very personal thing "Hey! That ain't none of your business! Whatta 'bout you? Fallin' all ill out there on the sands, huh? And y'know /what/? Ho ho HO! You wanna know what you look like with that hair?" well, he'll just have to think of something.

Perhaps merely injected with a bit of Kaith-juice, Naomi seems to be losing whatever tolerance for stress she once had, and in exchange, pumping the anger up to full blast. Hands are thrown up, and she seems nearly about to place them around Yla's neck, but refrains, merely increasing her own volume. "You won't shut up? Well maybe I ought to make you…" Teeth are clenched, and hands are put back on her hips. "Your hair -does- look disgusting. You'd be better off -burning- it all off than keeping it like -that-." Speaks the blonde frizz-ball.

"THAT was something that couldn't be helped." Yla snaps, leaping off her couch and storming over to N'ano, waving a finger at him. "As a healer, I'd /expect/ you to have a stronger stomach." she sneers. Behind her, Cassie creels. Can't they all just be friends? Friends are nice. Don't have rows with your friends. Yla's expression softens for a moment, and then she hears Naomi. Oh. Dear. "WHAT????" Is practically roared, and she races across the barracks with the seeming intent of attacking Naomi.

And what's this? As the wise young bronze once said, Fiend or foe, that of course, thought of as N'ano tosses another look to Naomi "She's got a shardin' point there!" N'ano chimes in "Your hair's absolutely grotesque!" About the best he can do right now "And how 'bout we stick your face in a placenta and see how /you/ like it!"

Jozzie clasps her hands to her ears, the noise! Ugh! She looks around, hands still covering over her keen sense of hearing. "Shells, you guys are like Bitrans that thought their game of card….." she lingers off as Riyth bespeaks something to her. She nods back to the blue before turning back to the other weyrling. "What's going on?" she demands as her hands fall to her sides.

Waith… N'ano looking at -her-? And saying 'grotesque'? "Why you -little- …" Naomi ignores Yla now, intent on breaking a -different- neck. A bronzerider's neck. "How -dare- you insult me, when you're the one always complaining about your stupid kid girlfriend…!" Joz gets a slightly less dangerous look, but then, Yla re-gains her attention. "Shut your mouth, before you start sounding stupid again, would you?"

With an inarticulate growl, Yla stops dead in the middle of the barracks, looking at the both of them. "I'm gonna kill both of you!" she yells. But which one first. Castaliath creels in anguish, hurrying off her couch and waddling over to her lifemate, wrapping a tail around her waist. "Let me go!" is yelled at Cassie, who just keeps asking 'can't they all just get along?'. "What do you mean stupid? Which one of us was going on about some figment of the imagination called Beebo? Huh?" With her option of attacking physically removed, she has to resort to verbal again.

Jozzie widens her eyes as large as saucers. her lower lip quivers as she gets a strange glare from Naomi. "Do -not- look at me that way, Naomi" she says. That was rather impolite, she was merely questioning. She blinks at the comotion, glancing back at Riyth. The blue is just observing from the doorway of the Barracks, looking…well, entertained.

"You're all insane!" N'ano wails out as he makes his rounds to avoid the charging Naomi "And I wasn't talkin' 'bout your hair, I was talkin' 'bout /hers/!" and he points a strong finger in Yla's direction. Oooh, and then she just had to mention that /other/ thing "And you better shut your trap right now, or I'll be givin' you something!" And it ain't pretty. Well, no, not really, it's just a threat of some sort.

"What, did she finally ditch you to get a life? Or perhaps someone her -own- age and as scrawny as her?" Naomi purses her lips tightly, before pivoting on her heels to stare at Yla intently. "What…did…you…just…say? Did you just… just call Beebo a -figment-? Have you no respect?"

Castaliath creels, pulling her lifemate closer and burying her head in Yla's midriff. Friends don't fight with friend. Bad. Make nice. "Friends don't insult me!!" Yla tries to explain to her green. "Now let me go so I can go kick both their arses into the hereafter." Cassie, for her part, just tries to hug Yla closer. Yla glances at Naomi, her expression softening for a mere moment. "Ok…that was cruel. Sorry." she says, rather curtly. N'ano still must die though.

Hannah has thus far just stood in shock since coming out of the gold's couch. Clinging to her lifemate, the shy candidate does her best to /not/ draw their sharp tongues towards /her/. Dhiammarath herself is becoming impatient with the loud voices and the fighting.

N'ano can only stay put for so long, now /he/ charges at Naomi. To rukbat with that no-hitting girls rule "You—I'm going to hurt you /so/ bad!" he screams out, all red faced "And who are /you/ to go buttin' into my life, eh? She ain't /none/ of your business. And what do /you/ care anyway?"

Bydelth comes out of Bydelth's couch.

N'ano can only stay put for so long, now /he/ charges at Naomi. To rukbat with that no-hitting girls rule "You—I'm going to hurt you /so/ bad!" he screams out, all red faced "And who are /you/ to go buttin' into my life, eh? She ain't /none/ of your business. And what do /you/ care anyway?" *repose for the sexy bronze draggie*

<Ista Weyr> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath's voice striates with red that twine through the normal jade and honeyed hues of her mindvoice. Sweetgrass and green tea crash against each other as the young dragonet makes know to all her feelings and that of her lifemate. « He is going to /hurt/ her! »

Jozzie looks to N'ano, wondering if he was the one who started it all. She places her hands on her hips as she side-glances to Hannah. "And to think you are bronzeride…." she huffs. "All of you, greens included."

"Stop chanting calm blue ocean at me." Yla snaps to her lifemate, although the mantra does seem to be having some sort of effect on her. She doesn't seem to be on the verge of physical attack any more. Or maybe it's just that the words aren't aimed at her now. "Oh, come on, N'ano…" she says, her voice more mocking now than angry. "You know the gossip that was going around. People are bound to want to butt in if the gossip's juicy enough…"

Bydelth waddles out of his couch, flaps his wings a bit sleepily, but his eyes rapidly beginning to whirl a deep ruby. He peers from Naomi to N'ano and back and forth, confused, but definitely becoming angry.

N'ano is so furious now that he's utterly speechless… for a moment's time, anyway "You!" yeah, that says all "I don't know /what/ gossip you're talkin' 'bout.. and frankly, I don't /care/!" just then, he stops, twisting his neck to face his lifemate "Now look what ya'll done! He /was/ sleepin' 'til ya couldn't keep ye traps shut!"

Hannah watches N'ano go after Naomi with big, wide eyes. She gasps and curls herself tighter against her lifemate, squeezing her eyes shut. Nonononononononononono….

Kaith comes out of Kaith's couch.

Dhiammarath rears up and rumbles furiously at the weyrlings around her, her eyes whirling brilliant red. White-gold hide is dusky red with the fury for causing her lifemate fear. Hannah just covers her eyes and chants softly to herself, "Oh Faranth.. Oh, Faranth.. Oh, Faranth…"

Bydelth flops and hops over, wings stretched out, jaws gaping as he waddles with amazing speed /directly between/ Naomi and N'ano. Tail is lashed solidly around his lifemate's right foot, his garnet-glazed eyes focused on Naomi in protective warning.

Naomi backs away quickly, eyes growing wider. "Oh, what, N'ano… you think that sort of thing can work? You're a weyrling now anyways, so you might as well forget the idea and let her move on. She's an apprentice, anyways… shard it all." And even as she speaks, her lifemate prowls out of the couch, her eyes locked on N'ano, and her position one as though she's about to … strike.

Yla thwaps her lifemate on the tail. "You've upset the sharding gold!" she snaps at the pair of them. And Hannah looks like she's about to go catatonic. "And they wake up eventually, Nanoc," she uses the name deliberately. "Deal with." She starts trying to walk towards hannah, her ire dying down, and tries another whap on the tail to get her lifemate to release her. Satisfied that she won't attack anyone, Cassie releases her and follows her lifemate over to Hannah as she crosses over in concern. "Honey…" is said rather softly. "It's alright… everyone's jsut getting a bit tense… honey? Come on…" She crouches next to Hannah, looking concerned more than anything.

<Ista Weyr> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath's mindvoice is edged in crystalline sharpness. « The weyrlings. They are going to hurt each other. They are causing mylifemate anguish. »

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith's tone surges with a fiery near-hatred, images sent through the link of a certain bronzerider, all clouded by a smoky sheen of confusion. « You! » is directed, to him and his bronze. « You keep away from mine, or I -will- make you sorry. »

Jozzie clenches her fists and storms off to her couch, "I am not getting involved, nope." She says as she passes the others, Riyth at her heels. He, himself is quite, observant. The blue nods slightly towards the blue, guarding his tongue before slipping into his couch. He too, is not getting involved.

<Local> Castaliath senses that she's mindvoice fills with the dusky pinks that she uses for comfort, creeping up like ivy tendrils. « Please… tell them it's not good. Fighting's bad… Kaith! Please… no fighting! We're all friends… friends don't fight. »

N'ano is a little off guard as the bronzen tale locks around his foot, causing him to wobble ever so slightlybut never does his attention draw off from Naomi "I'mI'm going to hurt you /so/ bad!" oh, pity though that he can't move, and as he lunges, he falls to the ground, still wound up within his lifemate. How sheepish.

Yla's slipped, fortunately, supposedly, depending on how you look at it, from PMS'ing greenrider, to maternal bigsister attitude. Gotta love those unpredictable moodswings. She makes as if to put a reassuring arm around Hannah's shoulder. "Sweetie… don't worry about them. They're idiots. Don't let it get to you…"

Hannah opens her eyes and so afeared is she that her pupils have all but swallowed up her irises. She regards Yla with something akin to a slight fear.. "Make them stop.. It's making Dhia.. .." N'ano's comment sends her back into full chant as she feels her own lifemate's anger and emotions so keenly that it's all she can do to curl herself into a tighter ball. "Oh, Faranth… Oh, Faranth… Oh, Faranth…." She looks up at Yla with big pleading eyes, seeming for all the world younger than her 19 turns.

Khaye hurries in from the bowl.

Tempest materializes from the darkness of ::between::, bringing the slight chill of its icy coldness with him.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Riyth's voice of tenor, a light drawl hinted in the mindvoice. «Right, right.» he mentions to the gold weyrling. «Why fight, we are all friends- yes?»

Yla gently pats Hannah's hair. "Don't worry, sweetie… calm down… I'll sort it." First she started it, now she's switched to peacemaker. Sharding compassionate nature. She glares at Cassie, telling her to speak to the gold and storms over to Naomi and Nanoc. "That's ENOUGH!" she bellows. The girl can /really/ should when she puts her mind to it. "Do you WANT the whole sharding weyr reacting to the panicked raving of our newest gold? HUH?!"

Naomi can barely hear the others' reprimands now, focused more on N'ano than them. "Hurt me? I'm not the one who's hurting! You know as well as I do that I'm -right-… it'll never work with you two. Give it up, grow up, move on." Eyes narrow to nearly no more than squints, and Kaith creeps further, eyes whirling a deep and angry red. "No, Kaith… not… that…"

<Local> Castaliath senses that she shuffles over to Dhiammarath's side, tail flopping gently over the gold's and crooning in those same dusky pinks and hued orange. « Dhiammarath… my little gold friend… you know when I tell you it's good, it's good? Yla says it will be sorted… please don't worry… your lifemate is getting awfully upset. Yla says it's not good. »

Khaye had just barely stepped inside the barracks, only to be stopped by a bellow from.. No, that an't be Yla. Yla is calm. Yla is level-headed. Yla is… the one standing and bellowing. She gulps, manages to dart through the chaos, and dives into her and Ita's shared couch, where the brown is stirring again, one eye opening to whirl orange-tinged. "What's going on?" she murmurs, more to herself than anyone else. Eek.

Bydelth whirls on Kaith's movements, his eyes locked on hers, the ridges on his neck bristling, weyrling all but unaware of his tripping his own lifemate. His wings arch further out, knocking at anything or anyone in the way and his tail releases N'ano, beginning to lash madly, a low sound like a blazing bonfire starting low in his throat.

Jozzie comes back out, looking over to the concerned Hannah. Well, she is not going to allow Hannah to stick this up by herself. At least Jozzie -wants- everyone to get along. Fists are still clenching her side as she steps over to Hannah. "This is mad…" she mutters to the other girl. Friends stick together.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath slices through the voices around her with razor sharpness. Jade classes with red-hued honey. « Stop it! Now! »

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith can't even keep control of her thoughts' direction, now aiming them at any and all within reach. « You will stay away from mine, or you will pay. It couldn't be simpler. If -anyone- touches her, they will be eaten by -me-. » And the fire swallows the rest of her thoughts, leaving her completely incapable of thinking of anything else, anything rational… and again, the bronzerider's image is brought up. « -He- is the problem! He must be -stopped-! »

Dea toe dances in from the bowl.

Yla is actually fairly calm now, compared to earlier. Having gotten over PMS, or maybe an attack of bad mood, her face is calm and her movements much less sharp. Her voice is raised, but no longer contains such a note of anger. This is a better Yla, right? "You heard the gold." she says, in a much quieter voice. Via their lifemates, naturally. "N'ano, sit /down/. Naomi. /Calm/ Kaith down." Before there really is some violence. She actually feels slightly nauseous from the realisation that she might have been the one to spark this off.

N'ano is still on the ground, yes, but that doesn't stop him from swiping at Naomi's ankles like a feline on the prowl "GEEEAAAH! SHUT UP!" he screams at her, eyes still locked on hers. Oops, and now he slips to send his chin in contact with the floor. That must have hurt… or at least it shut him up for the time being.

Dhiammarath towers as tall as her 8 feet will let her, and fairly bellows her voice at the dragonets and weyrlings alike. Hovering protectively above her frightened lifemate, she is none too happy with this turn of events.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Riyth voice slices like a razor as he directs his comment to Kaith, colors dark and hidden. «Listen to Dhaim, shut up!»

Bydelth reacts immediately to the gold's exclaimation, wings folding in on themselves with an audible /snap/, head dropping, nearly to the floor, eyes half-closing as if he's recieved a physical blow to his snout. He half-hops backwards, hunched now over the prone N'ano, nudging at his lifemate gently.

Dea enters, as her brown bellows outside. The hug brown wants to play too. She looks around. "What by the first Shell is going on in here? Why is Ftor picking up distress?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that she rears back slightly from the gold as everyone starts screaming to shut up. « But… we're meant to be friends… » Anguish creeps into her voice.

Khaye stiffens, both at N'ano's scream and Dhiammarath's bellow added to the din. Itazurath behind her more or less remains indifferent to the whole thing, other than an initial scrunch at the gold's reprimand. Dea's entrance and demands on what's happening are blinked at — she'll let someone else explain. She sure doesn't know anything about it.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth's tones are icy fire as he thinks, « Kaith, if he is injured, I will see that…that… » he flouders a moment, coming back strong with, « That you and your mate are never allowed to learn to fly! »

Naomi is nearly shaking now, as she starts stepping closer and closer to N'ano, fingers curling inward into tight fists. "You made Kaith -angry-, Nanoc! She'll never sleep now… oh, no… you made -me- angry, you made -Kaith- angry, and you won't even let me get any sleep?" Eyes roll upward and then eyelids drop, and with a quick swing of a shadowy green muzzle, Nao, too, is on the floor, though she doesn't quite seem to be about to get up. Kaith, no longer looking at N'ano, stands right above her 'rider, forepaws reaching over her so as to create a 'cage' with her body in which Nao is trapped.

Jozzie places her hands on her hips, searching around. "Hannah and me, and our dragons are the only levelheaded thinkers in the whole group. I can in, hearing them carrying on like wherry over a…" Whatever. She goes to nippling at her lip.

Yla looks over at Dea. "Brownrider… please… get them to stop fighting!" a pleading note enters her voice as she rushes over to her own lifemate, cradling the green's head. "It's ok baby… everyone's just tense…" she tries to inject a note of reassurance into her voice. "They're agitating everyone…" Poor Hannah, dropping back into Bigsister mode, she kneels next to the girl, looking worried.

<Ista Weyr> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath is not in the mood for snappish comments. « Kaith you will listen to /me/ or I will call in someone else! Now. Everyone. Shut up and move to a different corner of the Barracks until /we/ are all /calm/. » Mindvoice of jade and honey sweep against Bydelth, « YOu will do no such thing because if any dragonet harms any dragon they will deal with /me/. » Or her mother, Quarith. Gold is /not/ happy and her anger is rising.

Dea blinks, "Fighting? In the barracks? With newly hatched dragons? Are you people out of your ever lovin' mind?

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith thinks « It is finished. » Her tone rings out with final, resounding clarity, a preciseness to it that is nearly harsh. « You can't leave us alone, can you? Just leave off for now; I know what's best. » And with that, a mental shutter is dropped down into the mindlink, breaking her away from the rest of the conversation and blocking all else out of her mind, thoughts now solely on her lifemate. »

Jozzie looks over to Dea, "All but Hannah and I, has I said." she notes as she smile towards Hannah. "So, with resepect ma'ma…" she says as she brushes her bangs behind her ear.

Dea throws up her hands, "Look! Just look at the distress you've all caused your dragons. Don't you have any feelings for them? Do you want them to go between and stay there?"

Dhiammarath attempts to drown out the every voice with her bellowing and stance. White-gold hide flares with sparkling jewel-tones as the dragonet quivers. Hannah is still clutching her ears with her hands and her eyes squeezed shut. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease…" she whispers frantically, getting the full weight of her dragonet's feelings as the gold gets angrier.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth's tone is suddenly meek as he thinks, « /I/ would not go ::between:: and leave N'ano to evil girls who try and hurt him. Only a coward would do that! »

N'ano gives in, but not to Naomi. She's casted one more evil glare before he flips over, stands and tosses himself into a chair, his arms crossed over another while teeth grind in anger. But he says no more except for the "I'm fine Byd… I'm fine… don't worry." And now he's a bit worried as he listens to Dea's words, "Be—between? Shards no!" and with that quickly said, he calls over his lifemate to try and tame his own temper, all caused by his own, of course.

Yla sends a mild glare in Jozzie's direction. Snitch. She sighs, clambering to her feet, her green practically trying to tackle her to the ground in an effort to get some comfort, her tail wrapped around her lifemate's middle. "I don't know how it got so out of hand, ma'am, but… I think hannah really need help…" She says, looking worriedly towards the gold's lifemate. To be frank, she looks like she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Khaye leans back slightly against Itazurath, glancing up toward Dea as well. She hasn't lost her mind — yet. At all the additional lecturing, she simply leans back a little further, reaching up to wrap an arm around the brown's neck, visibly wincing at the sheer volume of Dhiammarath's bellowing. Itazurath doesn't look happy about it either, eyes beginning to whirl in a deeper shade of orange, receding as it comes. "Sorry, ma'am," is all she murmurs.

Bydelth's head shakes back and forth as he looks from Dhiammarath to Dea to N'ano, standing planted where he is, not quite moving toward his lifemate. Rather, he seems a little confused, as if he's not sure if the fight is actually /over/ or not…

Fighting? Far from it. Naomi is now quite peacefully dozing on the floor… seems she's taken it upon herself to get that much-needed sleep she's been begging for, and Kaith remains protectively atop her, in case any should try to disturb this serenity-bubble she's trapped in.

Dea raises her voice, "What are you thinking? Where's your common sense? Don't you care for your dragons? And their well being? And what if it was the weyrling master that walked in here instead of me? Did you think about that?"

Yla drops to the floor, gently patting Hannah's arm. "Honey… it's alright…" she tries to warm her tone and reassure the girl. "It's all over. No one's fighting. Tell Dhiammarath it's all over. There's nothing for her to worry about." It's rather hard to reassure with a green physically attached to you though.

Dea says, "Well? I'm waiting"

Riyth just looks dumbfounded as he glances around the Barracks. Him, distress- naw! Again, Jozzie's hands are positioned on her hips as she looks about the room. Continuing to nibble amply on her lower lip. Glancing to Hannah, she whispers over to her, "Is Dhiammarath alright?" she asks.

"Are you and Dhia all right, Hannah?" Khaye manages to call softly to gold and weyrling from around Ita's neck. The rest of the scene is looked over, before she ducks back behind the brown. The things you don't see when you go out to get food and your dragonet sleeps. Itazurath has calmed down somewhat, curling protectively around Khaye.

Dea sighs, "I suggest that this barrack is cleaned up and spotless before the weyrlingmaster sees this. And all the dragons, reassurred, clean and shiny. And then, you'll have to face whatever punishment the weyrling master decides on after I report this."

N'ano sits quietly on the chair, taking the time to rub his temples as a headache flares up. Looking up at Dea soon after, he drops his head shamefully "I'm sorry ma'am… IweI don't think that we meant for any of this to go this far…" he casts a sidelong glance towards Yla, eyeing her to speak up as well… being her fault and all.

Dea says, "And I suggest that everyone apologizes to each other and to their dragons."

Yla bites her lip. "Yes ma'am." She pointedly ignores N'ano. She's perfectly aware of how much she's at fault here, but there's no sense in making trouble. "Hannah, dear, come and sit down… we can get you a glass of water…" she waits to see if the poor girl will take her up on that.

Bydelth merfs, yes, actually merfs, and waddles toward N'ano, dropping his head on his lifemate's knees. He peers up at N'ano, eyes slowly draining of crimson and filling with mostly golden-brown confusion.

Dhiammarath halts her commotion with the suddenness of a springtime storm. Suddenly, it's nearly deafening where her voice once was. Shifting herself, she turns to nuzzle her balled-up lifemate, her eyes still red-orange as the anger is slow to fade. Yla is given a croon for trying to reassure Hannah before attention is latched onto her 'mate. Hannah slowly opens her eyes, and glances around slowly. She hiccups softly from all the deep breaths she was doing. Hearing Khaye belatedly she nods, and clings to Dhiammarath and turns to look at Dea. Yla gets her attention slowly and she nods, though Dhiammarath follows like a white-gold wraith.

N'ano pats his lifemate's head like a canine "Sorry 'bout that boy… we'll have to spend some playin' time together to calm us both down, eh?" And now his attention slowly turns to the others disdainfully "Sorry guys…" and well, that'd be his appology for the time being.

"I just came in from outside to hear all this racket," Jozzie says as she motions to the gleaming blue, who is now beside her once again. She frowns towards Hannah, hoping she is alright. However, Jozzie turns to Riyth. "Let's go for a walk, it is nice outside." she says to her lifemate as they step back outdoors.

Khaye seems to be working on the reassuring of dragons-part. "No— no, dear.. I'm fine. Please, Ita.. Really. I'm fine. Perfectly sure." Once she's reasonably sure that her brown is calm again, she turns over to the others. "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but.. sorry." A hand is run through her hair, and she goes back to Itazurath.

Castaliath releases her lifemate's waist to allow the girl to lead Hannah to a chair, turning around and rustling up a water skin she was keeping stashed in her couch. "Drink that, dear," she says, patting the girl's back slowly. "Ma'am." she addresses Dear. "I'm so sorry it got out of hand. Those of us reponsible," yes she is included in that number. "Will accept the punishment of the Weyrlingmasters." RIGHT, guys? She's reverting to her goodytwoshoes persona. Y'know. The calm one.

Dea blinks again, "Well? Hop to it. Everything needs to be cleaned and returned to proper order in here. Pronto!"

Naomi rolls over from stomach to side to back, resting her hands comfortably just below her ribs. "Mm… Kaith, I -promise- I'll do it tomorrow… just give me a moment…" Kaith, watching Dea closely, swings her tail to one side before curling it around herself, not about to move. But seeing as there isn't much of a mess in the room, perhaps it will go unnoticed that neither of the pair are working.

Bydelth peers up at N'ano, his gaze reverting to absolute adoration, his tail flicking slightly back and forth…oops? That wasn't Kaith's tail it just /happened/ to smack, was it? No matter. He doesn't even bother to look away from N'ano to check.

N'ano stands up abruptly, sending Dea a quick salute "Aye ma'am… right away." and with that said, he gives his lifemate a little noogie on the head before walking around to pick up those props that might have gotten used in the dispute.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith's mindvoice is one of placid sage-shadowed coolness, no trace of the heat from before sneaking back up into it. And, with the sweetest tone the shrewish one can manage, she calls out: « Are we all quite content again? »

Dea toe dances out to the bowl.

<Local> Castaliath senses that she doesn't respond… violet streaks and lime fires burn as she huddles closer to her lifemate, who's obviously more upset than she's letting on, if her Cassie's reaction is anything to go by…

Hannah watches the others mutely, clutching the glass of water. Wide eyes glance at each of her fellow weyrlings with a new perspective in mind. Dhiammarath hovers as close by as she can, her own eyes still whirling a muted yellow.

Awwe. Is that a tear being shed by N'ano as he casts a longing glance towards his lifemate? Isn't that just so adorable? Nah, not of you don't notice, which is likely seeing as he quickly wipes it away with a swat of his hand. A small grin is sent Bydelth's way before he turns back to finish the duty.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth's mindvoice is a huff, though containing a high note near snobbery as he thinks, « /I/ have never had any reason not to be. I was not upset. I was not at /all/ worried for N'ano. He is the /best/ fighter of anyone here. He could easily have beaten— » His words end ubruptly, though, as if cut off by a sharp repremand.

Yla continues patting Hannah's back gently. "I'm so sorry that it upset Dhiammarath so much, honey." she says, blinking rapidly. Are those tears? Getting angry obviously upsets this girl. Why it doesn't happen often, perhaps? "Are you okay? Is Dhiammarath ok?" Cassie suddenly croons worriedly, shuffling closer to her lifemate.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath's very presences is razor sharp jade and hardened honey. Saying nothing, the gold merely is — and keeping an eye on those around her.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith pauses on that response from the bronze, a few considering flicks of blue seeping into her mind, before mumbling out a clear, concise, « Okay. » And again, she fades back into inattentiveness.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth adopts a much meeker tone to his mindvoice as he softly thinks, « I am sorry, Dhiammarath. N'ano doesn't think I should have threatened to eat Kaith's rider. And I am sorry that…that…that I…that I…threatened. » he ends lamely.

Khaye sits down in front of Itazurath, thinking better of it and standing again to make her way over toward Yla and Hannah. "Are you sure you're both okay? That was.." She trails off for a moment. "Upsetting." One hand lifts to her temple and rubs it gingerly. "And for whatever I contributed to that, I'm sorry again."

Hannah turns her head slowly to look at Yla with vacant eyes. She blinks and murmurs very, very softly, "Dhiammarath is okay…" She is okay, really she is. Ducking her head, she tries to hide behind her once-long hair only finding no escape. Turning her gaze to look at Khaye, she nods.. "We're.. ok..okay.." is softly stuttered.

Yaaawn. After a quick nap, sweet, delicate little Naomi-on-the-floor- reaches up, hands all-too-soon meeting with the bottom of her lifemate's muzzle, looming dangerously above to contain her. "Breakfast? Is that what you want?" Rolling, she frees herself from the 'cage' of green hide and sits up, much to Kaith's obvious disapproval, before her eyes open, sending curious glances about the room. "Mm… Anyone hungry?"

Yla blinks at Khaye. Her eyes glisten brightly in the available light. "I don't ever get upset like that." she says quietly. "Why did I? What's wrong with me?" She takes a breath that abruptly turns into a sob. "It's my fault! It's all my fault!" sobs break up her voice and she runs to her couch, Cassie hurrying after her, looking upset.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath is all business, much like her dam, Quarith, and says brusquely, « Apology accepted. Never threaten to eat another's lifemate again. It is upsetting. »

Bydelth's gaze snaps around to focus on Naomi, previously sedate eyes flaming red once again, though the bronze stays firmly planted where he is…next to N'ano's…now vacant chair! Gaze is cast left and right until the bronze spots his lifemate and calms a notch.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth's tones are quite the opposite of his eyes, calming and even submissive as he thinks, « Is there something to do for your lifemate? She is very upset. And the other riders all think that she should not be. Does she want some wherry? Does she itch somewhere? I could ask N'ano to scratch her if she has an itchy spot… »

"Not me, Nao." Khaye hurries after Yla, sighing — Ita is poised on the couch, watching her every move. "Yla.. It's all right," she murmurs, tugging the first thing available close to her face, a strand of hair. "It's not your fault… It's no one's fault. You should stop upsetting Cassie. And it wasn't your fault. Stop saying that." She evidently isn't the counselor-type, but she's doing the best she can.

N'ano finishes up with the tidying, wiping his hands against his pants before holding a hand out to Naomi like a good little weyrling "Need help gettin' up?" he offers, though attention soon drifts towards the others in mild concern.

Patryn squawwwks, flicking her tail about anxiously.

"It is…" Yla apparently refuses to be consoled. "It's my fault… it's my sharding fault…" her body starts shaking as the sobs overtake her, and she crawls into her couch, Cassie stepping in after her, draping a tail over her protectively as loud sobbing and wailing can be heard from the anguished girl. "It's my fault… I don't get angry. I did. It's my fault…" and thus she dissolves into babbling incoherency.

Bydelth keeps one wary eye cocked toward Naomi, the other eye on Hannah bearing an overly large amount of concern. His tail flicks this way and that way, muscles tensed to hop in either direction if need be.

"Ah… thanks, N'ano," Naomi replies, seeming just a slight bit confused as she takes the bronzeriding weyrling's hand and helps herself to her feet, staring at Kaith as though she'd grown a third wing. "I'm… sorry 'bout that… don't know what happened. I don't normally fall asleep just like -that-… guess I was a bit more tired than I thought, eh?" Attempting a weak chuckle, she pats N'ano's shoulder, then sends a wink Bydelth's way. Did she do something wrong? Ah-hem. "Yla? You okay, sweetie? Want me to get you some cookies?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath twines sharpened jade around hardended amber. « She is upset by the anger that your lifemates expressed. And because I became so angry. » Protective topaz cirles around the image of her lifemate.

Hannah reaches out a hand that was clutching her cup and pats Yla awkwardly, then pulls her knees up against her chest and curls both arms around them and grasps each wrist with the opposite hand.

What is a weyrling to do at a time like this? Khaye pulls a little harder on the curl she has between her fingers, eyeing Cassie warily, not daring to go further into the couch for fear of being chewed in half or something of the life. "Yla, stop. Everyone gets angry sometimes. Even you." Smooth. Real smooth. That's sure to console her. "Don't worry 'bout it.. It's not your fault. Stop saying that." Pull. "It's no one's fault. Stop telling yourself tha tit's your fault, 'cause it's not." Hrmph.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith holds true to the deep sage of her calmer mindtone, sending a simple, yet commanding rumble across the link. « Be comforted; comfort your lifemates. Honestly. It's no use bothering with it now. » Her own 'rider's image is brought forth, then sent back away slowly, before she adds: « All done. »

Bydelth leans toward Naomi as N'ano's hand is accepted, then leans toward Yla as the girl begins to sob, then leans toward Hannah at the gold's explaination. After a moment of wobbling like a weeble, he lets out a little squawk and literally scrambles over to hide behind N'ano. Help! Females! Too many! All circling…must…find…shelter…ack!

Yla can't really speak through her tears, except to repeat her mantra of 'it's my fault'. Cassie croons, laying her head on her lifemate's back now.

N'ano nods once at Naomi before making his way towards the group, in particular Yla as he tosses an arm around her, giving her a short squeeze "Shards, it was just as much mine as it was yours… don't go sweatin' over it, k?" Ooh, and now bronze is hiding. Grinning, he twists around to kneel, embracing his lifemate "It's alright 'mate… everythin'll be fine."

<Local> Castaliath senses that she encircles her lifemate with protective blues and calming green. « Yla will be alright. She is just upset. » A little taste of lime is sent towards Kaith. « Tell your rider that cookies would be good. And I think someone should tell Dhiammarath's lifemate to stop curling like that. It's not good for her, I'm sure. »

Khaye tentatively reaches over to pat Yla's shoulder. "C'mon, Yla.. You're supposed to /stop/ saying that." Will no one help her? Or is she doomed to be the weyrling guidance counselor? "Yeah. Listen to N'ano." Or something like that. "It wasn't your fault."

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth's complaint is louder now, emitting to the whole room instead of just his rider as he thinks, « It is making my head hurt. All of the loud riders. They think too loud. And my mind hurts…they are upset and…and…and my head hurts. »

Would that be Khaye's new title? Yla would pay. In cookies. She doesn't have much else. She snuffles, swiping at her face. "But… I got angry… and all the dragons got upset… and now we're in trouble… it is my fault." she remains pinned under her lifemate, enjoying the brief feeling of security while it lasts.

Are there herbs for draggies? Probably not, but that would be a good reason for N'ano to take up dragonhealing, no? Sighing, he leads his lifemate to the far corner, sliding himself against the wall until he's sitting plainly upon the floor "Is it quieter over here, boy?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that she sighs in lambent orange, flames flickering quietly behind her words. « Of course they are upset. » She says in sweet cream puff tones. « They will be good. We are all friends. Friends don't fight for long. » Cassie seems assured of that, projecting friendly viridian at all she can reach.

Crying? Obviously, Naomi's about as equipped to deal with that as Bydelth is. Rather than shrinking behind Kaith, however, the girl stomps off towards the niche in the back, disappearing into the darkness. Kaith, attempting as much sympathy as she can muster up, tentatively steps forward towards Yla and pushes forward her muzzle. Some find bared teeth very attractive, and comforting. Perhaps the dear greenrider-one will, as well. But before any real menacing actions can be taken, Naomi reappears, a bag with some crunchy cookie bits in her arms. "Bayla-darlin'. I have more cookies. For you. So stop that cryin', okay?"

Khaye rolls her gaze skyward for a moment, sighs, and then glances back down to Yla. "Yla. It — is — not — your — fault. Do you understand?" If she was paid in cookies, maybe she'd develop more of a bedside manner. Couchside manner, in this case. "Anything could have happened to get the dragons upset. Now you just listen to Nao, eat a cookie or some, and.. stop crying. It's not your fault." Having said so, she retires to her own couch, curling up beside Itaszurath.

Dhiammarath begins to calm, her eyes slowly loosing their red-orange color to go back to normal. Curling next to Hannah, the dragon croons softly, nudging her lifemate. The pair slowly begin to calm as Hannah leans into that silky gold hide. One hand uncurls and reaches over to gently scratch those headknobs as gaze turns to watch the others warily. Yla is patted awkwardly again. She's never been good at giving comfort being so shy and all.

*sniffsnuffle* "Cookies?" Yla swipes at her face again, blinking up at Khaye, Hannah and Naomi. When Cassie relents in her resting her head on her lifemates back, Yla props herself enough to reach out for a cookie. "Thank you." she says, in a soft voice. "I'm so sorry I got angry." is whispered, barely audibly. "It's not me. Not me at all." And she can't even blame it on proddy. Darn.

Naomi looks relatively confused, but drops the bag of cookie-pieces on Yla's lap, before diving to a seat by her feet, resting her head against the other greenrider's knees. "When did you get angry? What's the problem? Just eat the cookies, and take a nap, and all will be wonderful again." Beam.

N'ano manages too add a few words in from his corner on the far side of the barracks "Naps for us /all/ would probably do the trick, eh? Or maybe we all just need to have a little one on one bondin' time with our 'mates… that's a stress reliever, eh?"

After just sitting there for a few moments, Khaye stands again, fetches the earlier-abandoned oilpot and rag, carries both back over to the couch, and starts re-oiling Itazurath once more. Dea did say 'clean and shiny'. May as well get started on the shiny part. It's therapeutic. Rag is dipped in oil, oil is spread over dragonhide. And meanwhile, Ita's neck is nearly curled around Khaye, slowly-whirling eyes returning to a clear blue-green. The conversation behind them is completely ignored, now.

Yla sniffs loudly again, reaching down to pick up some cookies and nibble at them. "Nap… naps nice…" The whole emotional thing tends to be draining in the extreme. "I'm so sorry I got mad…" she tries again. "I love you guys…" Cause they're being nice to her now, y'see. She'd flyby hug them all, but one, she hasn't got the energy, and two, she's got a green restraint. "Nap good…" she bits down on the cookie, chewing lethargically.

Hannah closes her eyes and listens to the rythmn of her dragonet's breathing. Slowly, it lulls her into a light nap, her eyes fluttering close as pale lashes rest against pale cheeks. Dhiammarath holds herself as still as possible, honey-tipped tail wrapping around herself.

T'rell strides cheerfully in from the bowl.

T'rell pauses at the entranceway, surveying the activity as he allows his eyes to adjust from the bright afternoon sun.

N'ano looks up from his corner as footsteps are heard from the doorway. Still scritching his lifemate with one hand, the other snaps up in a salute to T'rell, accompanied by a "G'day sir." Nothing to see here, nope.

Honey blinks in from ::between::!

Khaye has managed to get herself into a trance-ike state of automatic oiling — redip rag, oil. Oil. Redip rag. Oil. The methodical movement stops with N'ano's greeting to T'rell, at which she turns. A blink, a salute, and a "G'day, sir," follow each other in rapid succession, as she leans back against Itazurath's newly-oiled shoulder.

Hannah has fallen into a restful sleep, her breathing deep and even while Dhiammarath watches over her protectively.

Yla lethargically chews on some cookie fragments, leaving so heavily against Cassie that the girl might fall asleep or just plain pass out on the spot. She sees T'rell, and tries to summon enough energy to salute T'rell and murmur a greeting.

Naomi goes home.

T'rell returns the salutes, his manner businesslike. "Afternoon, folks." Indeed, all seems quiet on the northeastern front. "I heard there was a bit of a ruckus in here a little while ago," he tells those who are still awake, or mostly so. "I guess that's been resolved, then."

Yla's lower lip quivers, and for a second, it looks like she might have a resurgance of tears… but she just murmurs, "Yes, sir." and continues leaning against Cassie.

N'ano nods his head sharply once "Aye… it has. All is swell now." such a lovely term to put it, don't you think? Sighing, he gives one final scritch to his lifemate's muzzle before standing up, stretching one leg out in from to relieve himself of a cramp before he settles back down, though on a chair instead.

Kaith goes home.

Khaye sighs, running a hand through her hair again before nodding toward T'rell. "Yes, sir.." she responds softly. A half-turn back to Ita ensues, and she starts oiling all over again. If he's going to grow, he may as well grow without being itchy all the time.

Aha, so there's the culprits, if T'rell had to guess by reaction. He nods acceptance to Yla and N'ano, and then to Khaye. "And it won't be happening again, right?"

*snurgack* That was the sound of Yla attempting to muffle her sob. She swallows harshly. "No sir. Not again." Because she's just going to hide in her couch only coming out to feed/bathe/oil/take classes until graduation now.

Hannah shifts slightly as voices disturb her sleep a wee bit. Curling tighter around her lifemate, her mouth opens slightly as she exhales quietly. Dhiammarath watches T'rell with glittering eyes, her form stock still so as to not disturb her sleeping Hannah.

Tstar comes out of Elbareth's couch.

"No, sir." Khaye goes on oiling. She doesn't exactly know what is it that won't be happening again, but it probably won't. Nope. Redip rag, oil.

N'ano shakes his head, giving a loving and longing glance towards his lifemate before shifting it to T'rell "No sir. Never again. Never ever again."

T'rell hooks his thumbs in his belt as he raises sympathetic eyebrows to Yla, lowering his voice as he notes the golden dragonet and rider. "Everyone alright? Care to tell me what it was all about?" He moves further into the cavern — it's much cooler in here than out in the bowl, that's for certain.

Bydelth nudges at N'ano's hand, peering around at T'rell with a meek blink of his eyes, tail lathing a bit in Kaith's general direction.

Yla's lower lip is definitely quivering now. She bites on it to keep it from doing so noticeably, but her voice is certainly uneven. "It was just… stupid… just stupid…" She sneaks her arms around Cassie's neck, hugging her lifemate reassuringly. She won't repeat the lament she was giving to the others. It'll just get her in trouble.

Khaye pauses in her fastidious oiling, setting aside rag and oil as Itazurath has evidently gone to sleep with the lack of upsetting noise. "I don't really know what it was about, sir," she admits, casting a fond glance at Ita before picking up the oilpot and rag to put them away.

Tstar frowns as she enters followed by K'it, rider of Carsonth. Both come up short and Tstar eyes the situation. What have they walked into? Elbareth doesn't seem to care as she slides to her couch, trundle would be more accurate but /she'd/ never admit that!

N'ano nods his head slowly "Aye sir… I think—well…" now he actually has to think this over. what was it again that they were fighting over "Oh, it was just a silly little argument over.. well.." he rubs the back of his neck while his other hand lowers to scritch his lifemate again "We were just discussin' flights and it got a little outta control over a few disagreements." There. Said.

T'rell watches Yla's all-to-evident misery and N'ano's explanation, and seems satisfied. "Well, don't you folks worry about flights yet," he tells the weyrling pairs. "Disagreements happen, but I think you know now that your dragons sense everything you're feeling. You've got to watch yourselves and not _let_ it get out of control. Right?" It's not like everyone doesn't learn the very same thing, and usually the hard way.

Khaye returns to her little staked-out spot at the edge of her and Ita's couch, stretching out and using a brown paw as a pillow. "Right, sir," she mumbles sleepily, as she drifts off into sleep. Zzz.

N'ano nods his head again "Aye… shant happen 'gain, promise." he speaks truthfully, his entire focus on the older rider. "Are we in a lotta trouble?" He hates to ask it, but curiosity is getting the best of him.

Khaye goes home.

"Yes, sir…" mutters Yla, trying to get as close as physically possible to her lifemate, shuffling back a bit and pulling a blanks over her shoulders, lifemate's tail still wrapped around her midriff. She winces as N'ano asks it, and tries to shrink even more.

You think to Castaliath, » We're in so much trouble Cass… *sob* It's my fault… «

Hannah's eyes flutter open, surprised to find that T'rell is in the barracks. Sitting up, she curls both arms around Dhiammarath's neck while the gold is still small enough that she can and stays in close contact with lifemate.

T'rell shakes his head in answer to N'ano's earnest question. "No, not a lot. You'll learn that these dragons here will be all the incentive you need to stay on the straight and narrow." His smile slightly rueful. "You do have some thinking to do, however." They're not off the hook completely. "I think you've already been doing some of that, but there's no harm in more." He clasps his hands behind his back as he looks around. "And the best way to think is while you're working, isn't that so?"

Castaliath peers tentatively out from behind Yla toward the Dragonrider. He wouldn't do anything mean to her life mate. But yet he seems to be making Yla even sadder. Sad isn't fun. Her head droops a bit and she tries to smoosh herself a little closer to Yla in hopes of giving her a little bit of comfort.

N'ano holds back his grown, but nods nevertheless "Yeah… I guess." Back to candidate chores maybe? "What—what kind of work?" he imposes the next question as he slumps down onto the ground, tossing an arm lazily over his lifemates form.

Hannah blinks blankly at T'rell. Work? For all of them? Staying silent and mute, shy goldling just leans into her lifemate and watches the bronzerider. Dhiammarath whuffles Hannah softly, her glittering eyes latched onto T'rell.

E'an comes out of Fiareth's couch.

Fiareth comes out of Fiareth's couch.

Yla get smooshed. And she doesn't mind it one bit. "Do… do you mind if I just… sleep… I'm so tired… I think I'll collapse if I work now." And maybe she won't feel so miserable when she wakes up, eh? "I'll work. Really really work…" She just needs to sleep before she passes out.

Tstar cockes her head at T'rell. "Might I ask what kind of work, sir?" She asks not quite softly.

"Well, funny you should ask," T'rell prefaces with a grin, rocking back on his heels. "I'll leave it to you folks to figure out who does what," he tells the small assembly, "but it's getting close to dinnertime for these beauties here and, well, guess whose job it is to cut up all that meat?"

Tstar nods and chuckles. "Are the beasts butchered or do we need to do that?" She fingers the knife on her hip, all practical. Yes, she is volunteering if it has to be done.

"Meat? Cut it up? We don't have t'hunt to do that, do we? Cause that'd just be a little hard… and wait, does this mean—" well, you can probably guess what N'ano's thinking, though minding it he is not, for a faint grin takes the best of his mouth.

E'an enters, dundun. Rolling off of his couch, Fiareth reaching her nose out to sniff, then pulling herself off. And such. "Meat. Cut? Luckily," he says, with enthusiasm constantly lingering, "both me /and/ Fifi like raw meat." Tada. That means, no throwing up on E'an's part.

T'rell notes Tstar's volunteer spirit and nods appreciatively to her. "The beasts are dead enough, but you'll need to do the butchering," he tells them. Sorry, N'ano, it's not particularly exciting work. "There are a couple of drudges who'll help you with the skinning, so's we don't lose the hides."

Hannah is squeamish and so the mere idea of cutting up meat makes her wrinkle her nose. After her short nap, she's a lot calmer than before, though she keeps giving the others slightly wary glances.

Castaliath curls her tail around Yla's foot, preventing her escape if she tried, but also giving a little bit of support. Collapsing is bad. Tends to lead to injury, and that wouldn't make her very happy at all.

It seems that Yla isn't even going to wait for permission, and is slowly drowsing off, body covered by tail and warm blanket, and the rest of her leaning against warm draconic hide. "No dear… collapsing bad…" is murmured tiredly to her lifemate, even as her breathing starts to even out. Good job they're both on the couch eh? Won't fall asleep on her feet…

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