Ista's Weyrlings

Welcome to the Weyrling webpages maintained by the Weyrlingmaster staff at Ista Weyr, of Harper's Tale MOO. This site provides information for the current Weyrling class, as well as a history of previous clutches.

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Weyrling Class

Rider Dragon Colour
L'cian Xygemth Bronze
R'co Deveriteauxth Brown
A'ki Mitrath Blue
C'ay (NPC) Karmyth (NPC) Blue
R'nin (NPC) Hawkeyeth (NPC) Blue
L'oki (NPC) Chitaurith (NPC) Blue
Tasha (NPC) Romanoth (NPC) Blue
Th'or (NPC) Asgardth (NPC) Blue
F'ury (NPC) Stanleeth (NPC) Blue
Maria (NPC) Selvigth (NPC) Blue
P'ter (NPC) Spideeth (NPC) Blue
L'gan (NPC) Wolverinth (NPC) Blue
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