Weyr Meeting 2/21/09

Blue Hell
This place is about as far from Pern as you can get. It's a bar, you can tell that much. Along one wall is a huge row of windows that offer a nice view of space, and you notice spacecraft bustling about from time to time. Graffiti is spray-painted on the other wall. Numerous comfy chairs, couches, and tables fill the room. It's a good place to hang out OOC for a while.
You can easily see that this is a public place. If someone tells you to leave, tell them to go to Pern.
You can type 'return' to return to the place you came from.
Blue Panth is here.
You see Really Useful Age Machine and Ugly Mailer Daemon here.
Vanya, Talim, Lzi, Lanti, and Thyia are here.
Obvious exits:

B'ane materializes from places unknown.

I'm no longer young and pretty! I've got to run five miles everyday to keep my butt from dragging the ground! (ICly speaking, of course. OOCly, well, it's too late to worry about that…!) :)

Minka materializes from places unknown.

Pippa materializes from places unknown.

Eryn materializes from places unknown.

M'rgin materializes from places unknown.

Vanya waves a hand to everyone. (and grabs a drink from Lanti)

Toba materializes from places unknown.

M'rgin blinks..

Kirar materializes from places unknown.

Kazra materializes from places unknown.

Lanti says, "Actually, I'm going to fix myself something tasty to drink for real. I'll be back in a couple minutes."

Lzi is already on her second glass of wine IRL. Typing should get interesting reeeal quick.

Pippa edges closer to Lzi, seeing as she has all of this wine.

M'rgin smirks and would have a thing or two to talk to Tama about if he knew though.

Toba bahs and will be reading about fluorotelomer alcohols this whole time, non-drinkable.

M'rgin mavs.. *_*

Lzi has a whole bottle, darling.

You say, "OK! Let the games begin. This is way informal and just a chance for us Istans to touch base about what's happening ICly, OOCly and anything in between. If you have stuff you want to say please feel free! Questions are most welcome."

Coora materializes from places unknown.

Vanya is still taking NyQuil for this plague. Typing should get interesting here, too, in a little while.

Talim has the plague as well. Might be contagious XD

I didn't give it to him. Honest!

Kazra holds up garlic. Its already doing the rounds over here, I don't want it!

M'rgin Votes for a clothing optional part of the beach..

Coora says, "Plague? Really."

Nilala materializes from places unknown.

[OOC:] Nilala is late, sorry!

Coora says, "If we could contain the nudeness to that one area of the beach, I'm all for it."

Vanya has shared her plague with her roommates. They hate me for it.

Toba says, "You can't contain me, darling Coora"

Thyia says, "I thought the whole beach was nude-okay?"

Coora says, "Toba, I'd be scared to try to contain you. But maybe as a mass force, it could be affected!"

Talim is all set with seeing man-junk.

Vanya could agree with a clothing optional beach.

M'rgin says, " oh, well that works too then."

Nilala is watching an old anime friend, but is semi alert.

M'rgin hides his man junk from other men.

You say, "What are some of the opinions of our area thus far? Anything you'd like to see more (or less) of?"

M'rgin unless it's the yearly physical.

Coora says, "less nakedness! Whoooo!"

Talim is still all for that volcano TP that was mentioned way back when.

M'rgin knew that was comming..

Thyia perks. Volcano TP?

Coora says, "I'm still on the IC kick, sorry! :)"

Pippa nods. We discussed that in staff awhile ago.

Vanya needs to get back into RPing. Can someone fill me in briefly on the volcano TP?

Thyia says, "Sounds exciting. :D"

You say, "Was that your brainchild, Talim?"

Nilala says, "in answer to your question about what I want to see? Less of Toba's banana hammock would be nice."

Talim nodnods. "I had this idea for a big undersea earthquake that causes a a volcanic eruption - possibly creating a new volcanic island nearby—but more importantly, lots of smoke and ash falling over Ista XD

Nilala eyes. "If a volcano is still smoking during the hatching, wouldn't it make it a colorless hatching?"

Nilala loves those.

That sounds interesting. If it's undersea, that could affect a couple of the crafts, as well as the weyr.

Coora says, "Oh no! I'd have to modify Shad's map of Ista Island (read 6 on #18151) - although, I'd love to be the one to map it's location."

Talim laughs.

Toba likes the idea, and a little black-lung could help Talim's business.

Pippa noodles. Along with the volcano, it'd be something of a huge island-wide event with all kinds of sub-plots to go along with it. I always loved the idea. ^^

Thyia says, "It definitely is an interesting idea. I like it. :D"

Nilala hmmms, wouldn't a volcano also mess with the weather? Blocking out the sun, polluted waters, thunderstorms, ecetera.

Talim nods, "Definitely! I am accepting new patients :D

S'eron materializes from places unknown.

Kazra says, "And the tsunamis"

You say, "Chock full of opportunity :D"

Undersea volcanoes cause tsunamis, though.

Thyia says, "Definitely tsunamis"

Coora says, "And, it may even lead into peace between the hall and weyr, since the dragons would be
needed to assist with problems."

Nilala says, "Urg, those are nasty."

Toba hrms, what would happen if we were still feuding with Ista Hold.

Talim says, "Not the volcanoes, but the earthquakes do."

Toba brain-links with Coora

Whee! Surf's up!

Coora tickles the Toba.

Eryn says, "Search & Rescue might finally have something to do!"

Surfing is fun. Surfing the Living Caverns, not so fun :)

Vanya stands corrected. That's right. Earthquakes, not volcanoes.

Coora dies at the nameless commentator. ;)

You say, "Definitely Eryn! Cartography as well."

You say, "Put those units to good use."

Coora points at the cartographer alt. I'm all for this! ;)

M'rgin klnows a dolphineer that would benifit from a few Tsunamies.

Vanya will have to worry about the dolphins getting away, but it would give her a chance to hear the dolphin bell! The phins would give warning.

Nilala asks the wise guy to either put his name near those emits or shut it.

Coora says, "Vanya, I've always wanted to play with that too. "

Kazra was the nameless one about surfing Nilala, none of the others though *fesses up*

M'rgin finds that Jestyn would have a lot of buisness in the search and reascue area, as well as explorations.

Nilala nods. My poor little Posei will need to swim for it.

Vanya nods to Coora. Vanya's given classes on the bell codes, but I've not been around OOCly for a while. I'm sorry about that absence. Life happens, though.

Nilala ahs and hugs Kazra.

You say, "That's at least one of the TPs floating around hoping to materialize, and if you've got more suggestions staff wants to hear from YOU."

Talim doesn't think the tsunami would harm the dolphins if they're far enough out in the water.

Also confesses to forgetting to put her name on emits. Sorry.

Coora says, "Oh, really, Vanya? I was idle when you were active, so I had no idea. I LOVE THAT IDEA. It sounds pretty unanimous, too."

M'rgin says, " I think the dolphins would actually enjoy a bit of good body surfing."

Coora says, "The idea of the volcano, that is. Not the bell. ;) Though the bell is awesome too."

Nilala says, "Yeah, but they could get beached during a Tsunami?"

Toba hrms, I think we need to have some more IC confrontation with Ista Hold, but then again I don't think the hold is too active.

B'ane thinks about some underwater wreck being discovered or left overturned.

M'rgin says, "yea… gotta pick the right wave.."

Coora says, "They'd have enough warning. They'd know long before we would."

Right, Talim. But, the phins would give a warning that something's happening. That's what the bell is for down on the dock. Then they'd scatter to other parts of the ocean, I'm certain. We'd have to ask the Dolphincrafters what would happen.

Talim shakes his head, "They wouldn't. It's not the water that's moving, but the wave itself. Objects in the water stay in place."

Kazra thinks. Remains from the crossing brought up, B'ane?

You say, "Sure!"

M'rgin says, "So there would be a few beached phins to rescue… as well as a lot of on beach damage to deal with, maybe even air lifting sand back onto the beach after it all gets washed away."

Tacks Vanya's name on her nameless emit. Old wreck sounds really cool!

You say, "Bring on the smiths and harpers!"

Coora says, "Oh! I have one of those (actually, of both in one!)"

M'rgin has a dolphineer

Nilala says, "oh a wreck from the crossing would be friggin awesome. I'm for it! Put me on the salvage team!"

Vanya thinks all the crafts would be affected by this. Herders need to get animals out of the way of the tsunami, eetc,

Coora says, "And I can volunteer the Dilse Caravan to be part of the wreckage caused by the Tsunami."

Vanya is with the Dolphincraft, too. So's Pippa. Or, she was. :)

M'rgin says, " uh oh"

Pippa still very much is!

Toba says, "So does this mean with lots of water I can wear the speedo more often?"

Nilala would be if not for search!

Nilala still has her phinny friend Posei to help out!

Minka has disconnected.

Vanya would like to be involved in this, definitely.

M'rgin wonders why Pippa doesn't like talking to dolphineers then..

Coora stuffs Toba in a sack. I will not let you. ;)

You say, "So basically it would be an everyone-can-participate-in-some-function kinda dealio. Those rock :)"

Talim can has out the details and dynamics of it all, too. Extensive background in this kind of stuff. XD

M'rgin says, "Jestyn and Shazra would love it."

Kazra was also wondering the other day about maybe finding some old rooms round Ista. Maybe as a fallout TP from the volcano. During the clean up.

Nilala grins hugely. Just tell me where to go and what to do!

Vanya likes this, and will be around more, for certain. Drop me @MAIL if I'm needed for a scene,or whatever.

Coora says, "Ohh, Kaz, cool idea. We would likely need to shore stuff up though. "

Lanti says, "Which means miners!"

You say, "And the list goes on :D"

Toba says, "And drudges… you always need drudges."

Nilala can do emits and stuff if you need it.

Talim says, "And morticians!"

Kazra also thought about something that came up in RP one day. Competition between the wings. A gather, with displays. Sort of formation flying thing.

Nilala once put together 20 emits in one night for a friend. I'm pretty good if you let me in on it!

Kazra now shuts up


You say, "Competition is good, Kaz. Very good."

Lzi says, "A gather would allow the Games Unit to show off, since we really haven't had much of a use lately either."

Toba smirks, we could always have the competition end interrupted by a volcano

Nilala adds. "Races! Races!

Eryn has something related to what Kaz said. I'd like more wing interaction. Hi, I'm Eryn. I'm a Maverick. Does this actually mean anything RP-wise in an Interval? Seriously, would wings be totally idle during an Interval ICly?

You say, "No, not at all."

Talim says, "They'd still be drilling regularly, practicing flaming, etc."

Lanti would think they'd be used to help divvy up work.

You say, "It just seems that way because our wingleaders have been MIA ('cept Lzi, hi Lzi)"

Vanya thinks the gather idea would be great, especially in an interval. The holders still need to be reminded that dragons are around and what all they can do. ::sticks her two cents worth in::

Lzi shows off and preens.

Eryn couldn't even tell you who most of her wing is or if we got any riders from the last weyrling batch.

Kazra notes that a display of formation dragons might persuade the holders to start playing a bit nicer :D

M'rgin waves to Lzi

Toba nods to Kazra, or use the holders as flaming targets

M'rgin says, "should we do some sort of wing consolodation so that the active players are all in the same wing?"

M'rgin says, "and those that are active all the time are the higher ups?"

B'ane nods to M'rgin. That was mentioned.

Pippa says, "Not all together. But I can see some consolidating. "

Vanya considers dolphin races for the gather….

Lzi says, "Well, I think the problem with that, M'rgin, is deciding what "active" is. Is active going out and RPing, or is active simply connecting once a week?"

M'rgin says, " Dolphin against Dragon raceing.."

Nilala can non dolphineers race?

M'rgin says, "uyea"

Toba says, "Isn't there the dragonsnore was made for the /really/ idle people."

Talim nods.

M'rgin laughs

M'rgin says, " nice"

Kazra now has the image of dragons doing the doggie paddle.

Coora says, "Love the games/gather, etc. Maybe we can do a cooperation program between Istan and HRW riders. Practice drills with new people and maybe that could lead into the games."

Nilala asks if non Dolphineers can race? Ni has an IC competitive streak.

Pippa says, "That'd be a question for Sadi, Nilala."

Vanya considers. Well, I don't know how many player dolphins there are, but NPCing dolphins is always a possibility. Vanya isn't a dolphineer, but she's definitely part of the craft. She also does maps and all.

Kazra oohs. Wing exchange! If the consolidation goes ahead, one wing goes to REaches, and one of theres goes to Ista

M'rgin says, " I don't see why you couldn't, you have a dolphin already.."

You say, "That was brought up once, Kaz. "

Toba nods, especially the Guards from IW could train with HRW, since they are so established.

Kazra shuts up then :D

Toba says, "Guards being dragonrider guards."

You say, "No I wasn't trying to censor ;p"
You say, "Nothing came of it but it doesn't mean it couldn't be pushed through again."

Nilala yays at the guard action too! I think the expression is "First rule of fight club, don't talk about fight club!"

M'rgin wonders where the Gar Guards sit on this..

Vanya also adds that she's been teaching swimming classes to the kids (off camera), so kiddie racesfor those who have children might be fun at the gather.

B'ane really really likes what he's seeing so far.

Coora says, "Kaz - Yeah. Like that. But not a permanent thing, just a sharing. One week or one month or something of some people training at HRW and some of theirs training at IW. Or maybe it's an every Saturday thing where the weyrs trade for better experience."

Nilala wants to hold a hatching game for the other candidates.

M'rgin says, "Tamagryn has been teaching swimming lessons Icly to random hot young riders.."

Nilala a warm up for the real thing.

Vanya really does want to get more RP. (Beats her Life back into submission so she has more time to RP!)

Nilala has too much time to rp. B'ane can I get a candidate event in? I want to do the hatching game!

Coora says, "Candidate stuff like that is handled by SCo. "

Hannah materializes from places unknown.

Coora says, "Any requests should go to the SCo mailer. "

You say, "That'd be something you could bring up to Search Co, Nilala ;D"

Coora says, "This is just for IW in general."

Nilala nods and mmmkays! Its just you were planning so much stuff it looked like the calender was gonna be packed *blush*

Coora says, "We'll make sure the candidates get fun. :)"

You say, "Packed is a good thing! We can easily spread/combine stuff around."

Nilala nods and hugs B'ane and Coora!

M'rgin says, "What sort of torture shall we have in store for the Candies?"

Vanya is willing to teach something "dolphinny" to the Candidates, if anyone is interested.

B'ane poses a question. "What does your ideal TP provide? What do you like to get out of them?"

Talim says, "Work :)"

Toba says, "I was wondering if there ever was going to be a major preplanned event for the current TP right now? Just cause I miss a lot of the RP (like Lzi getting stabbed *ouch*)"

Coora says, "Vanya, we've had dolphineers teach swim lessons before. That would be really great if you could do something like that. (With assistance, if needed)"

Toba puts that before B'ane's question.

Vanya votes for danger and action.

Lzi shows off her scar. Oh yeah baby.

Pippa perks at the idea of action.

Toba says, "Not that kind of action Pippa"

Coora pokes Talim. What you want to get /out of them/ not get out of with them. ;)

Pippa says, "Hey, I like any kind of action!"

Coora says, "Heh."

Lanti likes TPs that help spur more RP ideas than the "norm".

Talim nods, "Like I said, I want /work/—you know, healer work. Blood, gore, etc. " ;)

Kazra says, "For TP's, fun. Even if you're not involved with a TP, it should give you something to talk about or gossip about, or wonder about, or whatever :D"

Sure, Coora. Vanya is always interested in teaching. I'd have to brush up on a few things, but I'd be more than willing to RP swimming lessons, cartography, dolphin bell signals. I think there's actually a code for the bell. I'd have to ask Rynna and Sadi about that.

B'ane answers Toba's question on a personal note. "I'd like to see some kind of trial m'self."

Talim likes applying bandaids too.

M'rgin tried to give Talim somthing to do… but you missed all the blood and gore..

You say, "A public one."

Toba nods, the current TP has been good for keeping an update of any major changes in the plot, but maybe something so that more people can plan on being there. Like a trial, or even if there is going to be a mass raiding or something sending the mailer with "Something is going to happen tonight at 8pm" so that we can plan around and be there.

Vanya peers. Lzy was stabbed? Dagnabbit … I miss all the action.

Toba's schedule is flexible but I can't just sit on.

Vanya Sighs. Sorry for misspelling your name, Lzi.

Coora says, ":nods at Toba. Unfortunately, my availability doesn't mesh well with Lendai's, who was coordinating the TP, and I missed all the action too. ICly, there wasn't even anything to really gossip about because there was no solid information. ;)"

Lzi says, "No problem :)"

Nilala is actually going to count herself out of any raiding scenes. Sorry guys the last raiding scene I was in totally bombed.

M'rgin says, "Tama is in on the Raiding, and was involved as much as he could.. I haven't heard from Kriane though for a while, She said she'd be gone for about a month.."

Lanti sips at her mudslide. Mmmm. "Mostly, I'd like more information. Even if it's not something most characters would know ICly, I think we need more info OOCly so we can just keep the interest and momentum going."

Lzi says, "I think the raiding itself is done by now. Now it's just the fallout of the raiding and the stabbing, really."

Nilala cries and loves on Kriane.

M'rgin says, " that would help a lot."

Nilala good.

Lanti nods.

Kazra is keen to find out what happens next

Lanti is, too!

Toba offers to get in a fist fight with a holder

Vanya agrees about the info OOCly, at least.

M'rgin wasn't even aware that the raiding was over..

Hannah nods, more information is nice. :) To keep the drama flowing.

M'rgin says, "I have Zenethen up at IW to be an assistant guard for Istas stores.. as far as I know, Gar still fights with Ista Weyr"

Vanya would enjoy being involved in more TPs.

Lanti says, "Fights?"

M'rgin says, "backs?"

M'rgin says, "there was rumor of war.. "

M'rgin says, "and that is actually an appealing idea."

You say, "I think this is where the Weyr's wiki can be of service, housing the current plot info without having to dig through mail messages - if they haven't already been deleted."

Talim says, "War?"

Lanti… "Between Gar and Ista? When was this?"

M'rgin says, " but not sure if it would work."

M'rgin says, "no… between Ista Weyr and Ista Hold."

M'rgin says, "Because of the raiding.."

Coora says, "One of the things that I think was tough about the raiding TP was that there was one person
running it, which made it difficult for others to be involved. If we have one person heading it and at least multiple people who can help run events, that would make it more universal. "

M'rgin says, "and the hurting."

Lanti says, "And Gar was going to fight Ista Weyr?"

M'rgin says, "no, Gar was going to assist Ista Weyr."

Lanti says, "Ah."

Lzi says, "Well, I don't know if the problem was necessarily just having one person running the TP, but the
problem was really the person's hours and availability and whatnot. I think had we as staff known, we
would've involved more people in it."

M'rgin nods.

M'rgin says, "The raids were at my lunchtime, so I only had an hour to go towards it."

Kazra falls over. It is nearly 2am my time folks, so before I fall asleep at the keyboard, I shall vamoose. Night :)

Kazra has disconnected.

Pippa says, "So maybe if we do the volcano TP or any other more far-reaching ones in the future here we should be sure to have a few different people helping in pulling the strings to make sure there is more and greater opportunity for everyone?"

You say, "Hear, hear."

M'rgin says, " very much so.."

Vanya nods at Pippa. Amen.
Coora grins at Lzi. See, I don't think it's the one person's fault, it just limited it a bit to the people who were available at one set time.

Nilala brb, wc break.

Coora says, "That'd be perfect, Pippa."

Hannah likes the idea of having more overall availability for a variety of folks to get involved, even if it's in gossip or worrying or something.

You say, "And pre-planned stuff."

Toba says, "Or even if there isn't a strict timeline, so that there are still surprises to come, have a vague list of events on the website so that those not directly involved can start up RP doing something about the TP"

Vanya has a hard time finding people in public places to hear the latest gossip or to gossip with. :)

Toba gossips all the time Vanya

Eryn blushes. What's the website URL again?

Toba says, "http://ista-weyr.wikidot.com"

Coora says, "Toba, good idea - If we had a rough timeline, it would make us aware OOCly of what is going on and RP accordingly. We would know that it is raining ash from this date to this date. "

Lanti says, "What if part of a TP included @sending the area's general or IC *mailer at least once a week (every Sunday or something) with a summary of what's gone on, what might be coming up, and what the general public and/or specific groups would know."

You say, "Good communication is everything, aye."

Lanti says, "Yes."

Vanya hasn't been around all that much lately, Toba. Now that life has settled back into something resembling normal, she'll be available for RP. :)

Pippa nods, I'm a person that would prefer to have a huge variety of people involved instead of a select few, so everyone has opportunities. And yeah, lots of communication so that people can keep things moving along.

Hannah nods.

M'rgin says, " And we could get the Weyr Motd to update.."

Toba nods, that would work too Lanti. And maybe have somewhere times that some major events would occur so we can aim to be on.

Kirar says, "the more people that are involved in running a tp the less likely it is that a person getting hit by rl will affect the running of the tp."

Lanti says, "It's impossible to have too much information."

M'rgin says, "and say more about what's going on"

Pippa nods. Okay, maybe then the staff needs to have someone every week put up new information on the motd or whatnot?

Lanti says, "We should start using @events more often again."

Vanya blushes. I didn't know we had a website.

Lanti says, "And @party"

Toba nods, there is a comment @cevents

Toba says, "comment should be replaced by command"

Eryn agrees on the MOTD. The current one is how old?

Toba says, "Oct 26, 2008"

Lanti laughs.

Coora says, "Yes, updates are cool, but please if we could give a projected timeline of what would ICly be happening until the next @send. I always question - is it massively raining still? Is it ashing? "

Toba says, "Apparently the Starbust's Wingleader has been flogged for the past couple months"

Nemykai materializes from places unknown.

Pippa keeps her comments to herself >_>

Eryn says, "Maybe we need to remind people there's a website?"

Coora says, "No.. Really? I thought that was pretty recent. Maybe the date wasn't changed? (Or I only read it for the first time recently…)"

Vanya would like to help with the TPs. Please feel free to call on me. I've helped run TPs on MUSHes before.

M'rgin did somthing wrong?

Lanti says, "M'rgin, you're always doing something wrong. ;)"

M'rgin beams!

M'rgin says, "wait, what?"

Kirar says, "LOL"

Nilala back.

You say, "Anything else anyone wants brought up?"

Toba hrms, I think we need a party

Toba says, "But that I just want a reason to get drunk and loose with the rest of the weyr"

Nilala ums, the sky, the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds and a nice pretty rainbow. Yep, we're set here!

Pippa says, "There is actually something along those lines coming up in the future, Toba. Stay tuned ;)"

Toba claps and prepares his birthday suit

M'rgin gets drunk now, heck with it.

Vanya suggests a "welcome to summer" party/gather.

M'rgin joins Toba..

Lzi says, "Maybe Lzi and the guy who stabbed her can mud wrestle or fight each other in front of the whole weyr :P"

Talim says, "In mud."

M'rgin OOOS!

Toba says, "As long as Lzi has to wear her bikini"

Coora says, "Oh! I mentioned something about hosting another "Girly party" in the baths - with pretty scents and nail polish and hair products, etc. Not a major TP, but I just need to find a time when I can definately be online to plan around."

Toba nods to Coora, and I'll drop in

Nilala zomg. I would so go to that coora.

Pippa says, "I've added a couple of RP rooms around the Weyr, anyone have any other 'unique' rooms they can think of that they might want added as well? "

M'rgin says, "A steam room?"

Toba nods, I think we need to utilize the Beach hold more, I've been giving "surfing lessons" to people lately

Hannah says, "You know what would be good? As an oooooooold player returning, it's hard to know what the history of the weyr is. Where the weyr stands and all that. If there — like on the website — some kind of history of the leadership and what's happened over the years. That would help for oldtimers who do return. That's probably the biggest problem I've had in resurrecting Hannah. Not really belonging because I don't know the hisotry."

Hannah says, "Not that that's really TP related…"

Toba nods to Hannah, plus for us new people who should probably know some of it

Pippa nods to Hannah. We've have to have a lot of the oldtimers work together on a timeline in the wiki for that or something.

Nemykai bonds with Hannah. Definitely in agreeance. Us old returning folks need some direction!

You say, "Doesn't have to be TP-related :)"

Thyia has to peek in. Sorry, been on the phone. But I like that, Hannah. Even us players that have been around, it's tough to understand what's going on with whom. ^^:

Coora says, "Oh, Hannah, that's useful. I haven't gone anywhere, but I haven't really been paying attention the whole time. Coora's lived here her whole life and she should know that kind of stuff IC."

Kirar says, "Or canes :)"

Thyia bonds with Coora.

Thyia says, "It's tough to get into RP when you're a lurker (I admit) XD"

Pippa thinks that would work, a timeline set up in the wiki for people to add to and arrange how events are remembered?

Toba sides up to Thyia, you can always lurk me

Coora says, ":bonds with Thyia. Yes! I always feel out of the loop."

M'rgin isn't a lurker.. he just streaks.

Coora can't seem to type today. It's the 'say' command. I've forgotten how to use it. ;)

Vanya thinks that would also help those of us who've had to drop away due to RL stuffs.

Thyia lurks Toba all night long.

B'ane nods in support of the wiki.

Thyia coughs.

M'rgin says, " just use the quotation marks."

Thyia says, "That sounded worse than I intended, actually. XD"

Toba says, "By the way, with the wiki, how does one make a character page? is there anything fancy?"

Coora says, "Are you sure? It sounded like it was intended. ;)"

M'rgin says, "I need to get to codeing there.."

Hannah says, "Especially for folks who are returning who remember thread. Heh. What the weyr's doing from thread to post thread is helpful. Because I sure know I feel quite /lost/. "

Vanya says, "I forgot the say command, too! Sheesh!"

Lanti would like a TP involving underground stripper trafficking.

You say, "A template is in the making Toba :)"

Toba says, "Wonderful"

Vanya says, "Lanti, that's great!"

Toba agrees with Lanti, I'll offer to be the ringleader

M'rgin just redirects to his own website..

Coora says, "Lanti That's awesome! We need some trafficking."

Nilala is normally all for the stripping. But I come to Pern to play pern, not for TS/hentai stuffs.

M'rgin says, " if it's still alive."

Thyia tickles Coora. XD Maybe a page on the wiki with people's 'What you should know' about them. Cause, like it's been said, we've been here turns but don't know anything OOCly XD

Coora says, "It's not about the stripper. It's about the trafficking of people. Which makes people sad."

Coora says, "I think it's morally wrong or something. ;)"

M'rgin says, "Unfortunately, there is a slight mix up of the roles over there.."

Lanti goes undercover to join the stripper club and learn the tricks of the trade.

Toba teaches Lanti the tricks?

Lanti trades Toba.

Vanya says, "I really like that idea, Thyia! ICly, Vanya's been at Ista for five or six years, but she doesn't know a lot of people, cause I haven't met them ICly!"

Coora puts a chastity belt on Toba. ;)

M'rgin thinks streaking makes for bad traffic patterns?

Toba says, "And for people like me too, since I'm a drudge I should really know everyone"

Thyia nods. :) It's difficult in RP. I started Thyia here when she was 13. I missed most of her life, so I don't know anyone. :)

Coora says, "I just pretend I must know them since they were at IW and Coora was at IW. ;)"

M'rgin finds Toba creepy sometimes.. he knows so much..

M'rgin says, "heh"

Toba is wise,

Thyia says, "Well, even personality-wise or just basic reputation. I don't know whose's who OOCly. ICly I imagine Thyia knows names, positions. XD"

Vanya says, "I think Vanya wuold know Coora, since they both work with maps and such. That's one reason Vanya was posted to Ista."

Lanti nods. "So many sections like, 'You would know this about [Character] if…'.

Coora says, "Well, not Coora, Shadis. My Dolphincrafter. Coora herself has no knowledge of maps. ;)"

Thyia is a very friendly person ICly.. XD

Toba needs to RP with Thyia then.

Thyia winks at Toba. I promise to get out, really! I've been busy packing and stuff…

Coora says, "Err. Shadis is the cartographer. My dolalt."

Vanya says, "Ah. Well, we should RP Vanya and Shadis sometime, for certain. :) "

Hannah knows very few folks — almost everyone I RP'd with ICly is gone. ;.; *tear*

Coora says, "Again, they must know each other decently well, but we've never RPed."

M'rgin knows Hannah.. sorta.

Thyia says, "I know that feeling, Hannah. <=( Tough to get back into the game when connections are gone."

M'rgin needs to Rp with her more.

M'rgin is just a random Rider though.. le sigh.

Vanya says, "I agree, Coora. That's why I think Thyia's idea of a "you would know this" section on the Wiki would be really helpful."

Talim should know everyone ICly… if they're not recluses with phobias of the infirmary.

Pippa is nearly always up for RP if I haven't a previous engagement, just need to ask via page or on channels. ^^

B'ane prepares to shut off the 'official' log but we can still converse.

Hannah nods, yes it is. Very tough. *eyes Talim*

M'rgin says, " I think that is safe B'ane"

Nemykai comforts Hannah. "I hear you. Though admittedly, you and I did RP once I think? But we'll talk more about that later."

Toba inserts another note, I think we have a good number of crafters around and should encourage more crafters to come over. I think Issri has been helpful in jumpstarting RP ever since she came to IW

Vanya says, "Thinks Vanya knows Talim fairly well. *grins*"

B'ane does so!

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