Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/ – or, perhaps in this case, you are his. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Pippa, T'zyn, Lanti, Kangarru, S'eron, T'ab

Lida's Resurrected Sovereign Blue Vrykth


Midnight Bloodbath Egg
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The being within this egg might know. Inky clouds of black darkness permeate the shell of this egg, punctuated with dripping, oozing globules of crimson that look a bit too much like someone or something was recently murdered. A ghastly patina of lighter browns surrounds the egg in entirety, giving an almost supernatural sheen. Oddly, two lighter silver strokes wend their way from bottom to top of the egg on either side, resembling metal blades.

Hatching Message

Midnight Bloodbath Egg gives a shudder, a creak and almost a groan. A nose pokes its way through a small chink in the egg's armor. A talon, no, two talons start to break forth from their mysterious confines, rending the curtain of shell and goo almost in two, exposing the dragonet within to the atmosphere of Pern at long last. From the depths of the egg's dark pits comes… wait, is that a shadow?  A being, of such dark hues that it almost blends in perfectly with the hatching sands, slithers out in a serpentine movement to regard its surroundings warily.

Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet
Darkness has fallen, chasing away the twilight 'til it is nothing but a dash of faded starlight about this predator's eyes.  Midnight lurks across the dragon's sinuous form, blues cast in the shadow of evening's witching hour.  The bracing spars of his narrow wings cut across sails still darker, their winghooks just as wickedly sharp as the sloe-black talons upon his slender paws.  Reptilian allure bleeds true from the looming definition of his angular head and the treacherous angle of crowning neckridges to the twisting length of a serpentine tail and its sharply spaded tip.

Impression Message
Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet reaches his destination swift and sure, his blue-black body coiling half around one freckled Candidate where she stands on the sands. His tail curls around her with an easy flick, possessive and protective, and for the first time those half-lidded eyes open fully, whirling with a fierce pride as he surveys his catch. His. All his. His body insinuates itself between her and the Candidates surrounding her, keeping them at bay and away from his chosen. The softest whisper of a croon escapes him as he claims Madeline for his own.

Personal Impression Message

Cool touches like flakes of snow brush your cheek, then your hands, your neck.  The chill slinks across your scalp and down your spine, measuring, measuring…  « Perfect » a low voice murmurs; nearly a whisper, it purrs with gentle resonance to melt the icy touches.  There is another whisper too faint for you to hear, then the cold disappears, warming like flushed skin, flexed muscles, a beating heart.  « Lida, you are perfect.  Perfect, flawless Lida, you are ideal, and you are mine.  We will do magnificent things, you and I, your Vrykth.  Splendid… spectacular things. »


And now we have Vrykth. You asked for a dark dragon, born of a melding of anti-Heroes, so we tried our very best to give you all of that, and even more. You suggested Edward and Snape and Lestat. With the egg you chose also having something of a vampire theme to it, you were destined to have a dragon with a pretty heavy vampiric leaning as well. So, we went with Castlevania as the 8-bit game that best linked your dragon to the theme, and the dark prince himself, Dracula. You wanted a cunning, arrogant, manipulative blue who is rather 'scary sexy' and reptilian, is absolutely obsessed with you and only you, and is one of the most controlling and devilish creatures around. It was a tall order! But we certainly did our best. This and more is your Vrykth.

+++ Name Inspiration

Your dragon is dark, in personality as well as colour. With various vampiric characters and the master storyteller that is Neil Gaiman all lending themselves to his creation, we thought a name borrowed from the dark side of mythology would fit him well. The vrykolakas is a vampire-like creature from Greek and Slavic mythos; we took the word and turned it into the short, harsh name you wanted for your sinister blue: Vrykth.

Egg Inspiration

Bloodrayne is a gory action/adventure game starring Rayne, a dhampir (child of human mother and vampire father) who is looking for her father and solving mysteries for the Brimstone society. I really love this game where an empowered sexy woman slices up the bad guys with her twin blades on her wrists, and also gets to blow up Nazis! The egg is sort of like the result of a scene where Rayne has killed alot of zombies or vampires, leaving nothing but the darkness, alot of blood and the shine of her silver blades in its wake. — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloodrayne

Description Inspiration

Vrykth is a dark dragon. Very, very dark and very, very reptilian. In considering what kinds of personalities that you asked for in your dragon, those were added to the final description. He has his reptile and serpentine qualities in his long frame, lengthy with crawling legs and his looming and sleek head. Midnight and darkness and yes, the 'witching hour' were mentioned to add to the dark blues that you requested. We also made him rather dangerous appearing by mentioning his winghooks and talons. You also asked for some linking to Shadow from American Gods, so there are those shadowed blues as well. You had mentioned that you wanted a possible lightening as well, so it was given about his eyes, naturally mentioning 'twilight' as that last linking to Edward.


Mindvoice Inspiration

Armand: They had forgotten the first lesson, that we must be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.
Interview with the Vampire, Geffen Pictures (1994)

Beauty and power are evident not only in Vrykth's physique but also in the very essence of both his mind and his voice.  He has a purring, lyrical voice that can lull you into a sense of comfort until he snares you with some new and cunning idea.  Antonio Banderas' portrayal of Armand in Interview with the Vampire seemed all too appropriate.  His voice has this wonderful quality to lilt and purr or growl and grate.  He can be charming, he can be cutting, he can be sly or seductive.  While manipulation might not always be his intended method, especially with Lida, sometimes it would be very hard to tell manipulation from habit.

Armand: We can't stand it, to be alone. We cannot bear it, any more than the monks of old could bear it,
men who though they had renounced all else for Christ's sake, nevertheless came together
in congregations to be with one another, even as they enforced upon themselves the harsh
rules of single solitary cells and unbroken silence. They couldn't bear to be alone.

The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice

As Vrykth is all about Lida, it will be rare that any but she will hear his voice, and the difference in his public and private interaction will be stark.  To Lida, he is smooth, passionate and sometimes teasing.  Others, however, will hear a version more curt and to the point, or biting with sarcasm, harsh with anger or coyly caustic.  It's not really that he hates anyone Not Lida, but… well.  They don't measure up to his perfect lifemate.

His grasp of language can wax toward the more poetic at times, his vocabulary vast and refined.  During those times he abandons Lida to join in flights, he will lean on all his eloquence, though a sly and haughty tone might unintentionally ruin the intended effect.  Just because he has the capability of a lexicon doesn't mean he'll always use it, and sometimes he won't use words at all, relying on his own mind's presence in Lida's to get his point across.  At times the link between Lida and Vrykth might begin to feel like there's someone watching just over her shoulder; she can't quite see anyone, but she know he's there.

Lestat: The light of the sun, the sustained heat of an intense fire — these things might destroy me. But then again, they might not.

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

Moods will subtly color Vrykth's mindvoice, utilizing scents and sensations more than color to give his message more meaning.  When he is content, more earthy tones will prevail, and the faintest tinny taste of blood might find its way to Lida's tongue.  Speculation will be cold and calculating, joy and discovery like the heat of the midday sun mingled with heady spices sometimes just a little too potent.  Sadness and dejection will take on the chilled, clammy feeling of dense fog mingled with that muted, singular bouquet of the marsh, where unseen things ferment until they become something quite different.

Anger will be the pain of frostbite and the scorching heat of an inferno, it will carry sulfur and ash and the bitter taste of acid… but not for his precious, beloved Lida.  There may be flashes from time to time, but he will have an instinctual need to curb his strongest emotions, to shield and protect her, and to find ways to make her happy.  He may try to share images and feelings that make him feel happy, and his reactions will depend on Lida's.  If the shared taste of his latest meal is met with revulsion, he may try to change it before ditching it altogether, perhaps some spice, some fruit, something, anything…  Especially as a young dragon, expect some intensive refining until Lida and Vrykth work out their boundaries and preferences.  There is a middle ground.  They'll just need to find it.



Vrykth's birth from his egg is proof positive that you have yourself a reptilian creature as your partner now. From the start, he shows those qualities of his more cold blooded brethren. For one, passers by may feel a bit creeped out over the fact that he prefers to peer at people from half lidded eyes. Is he awake? Is he asleep? Is he plotting someone's doom? It's very hard to tell. He prides himself in having such control over the emotions of others with this sort of behavior. Sometimes he even sticks his tongue out, flicking it in and out for some reason. Most will think it is that he is savoring his latest meal. You can certainly let them think that, although it may not be the case. Another thing, Vrykth loves to sun. I mean absolutely loves it. To the point where he insists on sunbathing for an indeterminate period of time before he deems it worthwhile to venture forth each morning. It almost seems like he has something of a torpor problem. This may be an issue, coaxing your lifemate out and about for those pesky early morning drills, and it may get the pair of you in trouble quite a bit.

At times it might be hard for the casual observer to whether or not he's sleeping, but you'll know.  When he's truly ready to drop off, he will have a tendency to curl himself into as tight a coil as his long, lean body will allow, sometimes using his wings like a cloak from which his dark head is shielded from light and scrutiny.  This will become more difficult as he grows larger, but when he is at his most exhausted or vulnerable, he may unconsciously revert back to this security tactic.

Early on, when Vrykth is first starting to learn to hunt, he will pick up a habit of trying to stare down his meal-to-be.  And we don't just mean stare, we mean stare.  Pouncing in front of his choice herdbeast, he will use the element of surprise in an attempt to stun the poor creature to the point it can't move.  Then he will stalk closer, closer… eyes locked on those of the animal, he may even emit some soothing sounds, let his eyes whirl a little more quickly… just long enough so he can make a grab for the beast's neck.  It might be best to make sure he limits this oddity to his home turf.

You will find that, even moreso than other dragons, Vrykth gets itchy and dry skin. In large quantities. It tends to slough off periodically, but don't be alarmed, though others might think that some tunnelsnake of giant proportions is crawling around the weyr and shedding its skin. This will be less of an issue past weyrlinghood but still may occur periodically, especially if you end up visiting colder climates. He really prefers warmer climates to colder. Expect lots of complaints and whining if you have urgent business in High Reaches or somewhere else that's on the chilly side.

His growth will be a steady thing. Vrykth came from the egg rather slim and long, and he'll continue to retain those characteristics throughout his life. When he has his growth spurts, he'll seem to look even more emaciated and you will be hard pressed to keep up with feeding him so that he doesn't appear underfed. There will be times where you can count his rib bones one by one. Just past the time where he learns to actually fly, that will be when he'll finally be able to bulk up, and gain those muscles in all the right places. His growth in length will begin to slow, and instead he'll grow in mass until Vrykth is a creature of near perfect proportions. He might still be rather on the slim side, but all the better to move about with ease, on land, sea and air.  His style will resemble that of a tunnelsnake, slinking and sneaking, his body a sinuous line only accentuated by those wings.

Wilson to Shadow: Well, all I know is, you fucking spook me.

Vrykth is a dark dragon. Even from the egg, he appears dark and near to black. There isn't much of a change in his coloring at all. He is pure, dark, glorious midnight blue. It is a color so dark and rich and complete, it can certainly be mistaken for black in just the right light. There is some bit of lightness though, this showing around his wide-set eyes. It is a lighter blue, more silvery before fading quickly back to his darker blues.  His dramatic neckridges and tailridges hold a sharper quality as with his winghooks, talons, and even that spade-tipped tail. His wings are somewhat narrow though, not so much wide but a more slender and slim, much as a great deal of him is built.



//Marius: You are an imp, Lestat, you know it? A brat. //

A charitable person might call Vrykth confident — a *very* charitable person. In truth, he is self-assured well past the point of arrogance. He's a highly intelligent dragon and a strong one, both in physicality and in personality, and he knows it. He isn't one to spend time second-guessing himself or waffling over options. He knows who he is and what he wants in life, and there isn't much that can pierce that domineering personality and make him doubt himself. His successes make him feel justified in his self-confidence, and his failures are learning experiences that will make him that much surer of doing things correctly the next time.

Lestat: I can't help being a gorgeous fiend. It's just the card I drew.

While confidence in yourself can be a good thing, juxtaposed with Vrykth's controlling and cruel streak, that level of assurance can be dangerous. He doesn't doubt himself, but his impulses are not often kind or generous ones. He likes power and he likes control; over life, over people, and he'll take it by force if he has to. He's strong enough physically to be able to intimidate his way into getting what he wants, but his cold cunning means that he doesn't always have to. For all his forcefulness, he isn't brash and full of bluster. Vrykth's is an understated kind of power; he's strong and sure enough in himself not to need to put on any great displays of braggadocio. He is quiet and clever and a master of manipulation, and won't use brute force when subtler methods will work — a sly word here or there, quiet insinuations dropped into someone's mind; he's not above slipping mental suggestions to people other than you, if he thinks it'll help him get his way.

Edward: I’m essentially a selfish creature. I crave your company too much to do what I should.

Despite all this, Vrykth is not wholly self-absorbed. Quite the opposite, really. For all his arrogance and ambition, his focus is not himself — but you. You are his everything, his entire world, to the point of obsession, and if he does things that are cruel or unethical, well, he does them out of a sense of nobility; he does them for your own good. If he is controlling and likes to dictate your life for you, it's only because he wants to see you happy and he knows what's best for you. And he really does want to see you happy; your happiness is his happiness and this is above all his first priority in life. He just happens to think that he knows how to achieve it better than you do, and if he needs to impose his dominance on you to make you see that and listen to his wisdom, so be it. He is a very possessive and jealous dragon, who guards your time closely and is rarely happy with you having relationships with other people; partly because he never thinks they're deserving of your time and mostly because he wants all your time, always. He likes to keep you close, staying by your side as much as possible, even to the point of wanting to be near you — watching or even keeping contact with you while you sleep. He is automatically suspicious of people you start getting close to or spend too much time with, and will, if he thinks it necessary, try to get in the way of these relationships — if he can't actually physically stop you from going places he disapproves of (and at times he will most certainly not be above doing so), he'll try and turn you against them with words. He does encourage associations he thinks can gain you both something, be it prestige or power, but even when his ambition nudges you towards those he thinks can help further your standing, he is ever-wary of the danger of anyone who might steal any of your focus away from him.



For the most part, Vrykth is disinterested in flights — largely because his attention is far too wrapped up in you to care about forming bonds with anyone else. He is disdainful of males who lose their heads around proddy females and ignores green flights as a general rule. However, every once in a while a dragon will catch his interest — male or female, it's irrelevant; he isn't interested in them sexually but is attracted to power, in whatever form: dragons with strong personalities or keen intellects or positions of authority or athletic prowess. In these situations he is more hunter than suitor, becoming nearly as obsessed with his target as he is with you; he is less interested in mating and more interested in control and dominance.

If the object of his obsessions is female, then yes, he will chase if and when they rise, but less out of interest in the sexual aspect and more because he wishes to conquer and possess. On the rare occasions where he does take part in flights, though, he will be quite aggressive and single-minded in his pursuit. He won't bother much with trying to sweet-talk the proddy green, as romance will be far from his mind, but he'll fly hard and strong and stay intently focused on the goal. And he really does not like losing; it is a blow to his pride and he won't take it well, being snappish after the flight and even more prone to keeping you on a tight leash afterwards to make up for letting his prey escape.


Egg desc: Tilla

Dragonet desc: Pippa, Lanti

Messages: Kangarru, T'zyn, Lanti, Pippa

Name: T'zyn

Puppetted by: T'zyn

Inspiration: T'zyn, Pippa, Kangarru, Lanti


Lida's Blue Vrykth

Harper's Tale: 55th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr

Lanti's gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth

December 5, 2009



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