Vivian Is Searched

[[Logged by Vivian]]

Miri searches Vivian the first time. At a Gather.


WeaverCraft Tent

Light from several glows placed around the ceiling of the lavendar canvas tent brightens the inside of the spacious tent and allows its contents to be seen better, their bright colors and fine embroidery catching the eye. The walls are hung with an assortment of finely crafted clothing items and small tapestries. Larger tapestries are displayed on the racks in the far corner of the tent. A table along the far tent wall provides the perfect place to arrange the display of small items, among them several stuffed toys and scarves. A chair behind the table is ordinarily occupied by a member of the WeaverCraft, ever willing to take commissions and discuss a project with you.

You notice Rag Doll, Lifemates in Flight, Chef's Apron and Hat, Man's Linen Shirt and Trous, Child's Dress, A Girl and Her Flit, and Vivian's Spring Line in the WeaverCraft Tent.

Asleep in the WeaverCraft Tent are WeaverCraft, Cyndal, Kiara, Kedissa, and Bronwyn.

Miri and Lisaine are in the WeaverCraft Tent.

Lisaine smiles at Vivian, about to gush about the fantastic lifemate's tapestry again.

Tapestry is forgotten a moment, as Miri peers over at the new arrival. "Oooh, are you Vivian?" She's heard about her. "I saw Siven's leathers." The rider giggles. Nevermind her proddy ones were just slightly more daring.

Vivian, getting tired finally? But it seems to be the case. "Just came where it might be a little quieter," she explains to Lisaine at first, then turns to Miri and nods. "Yep." Should she say, 'we met the other night'? Naw.

Other night? Miri remembers that. Vaguely. She remembers bringing that herder home with her too.. but she won't talk about that now. "Well, I just popped in ta look around, and saw that tapestry, but if you're here, I thought I might be able ta commission some more clothes." She grins, then blinks, then shakes her head. "Hm, odd."

Vivian rests both her hands on the table, using it to swing herself up and perch on the edge. "Sure, I can make you clothes." That's what she does, after all. "What's odd?"

Lisaine looks at Miri, strangly. "What?"

"Oh, probably ain't nothin'. Capryth probably picked up the scent of water nearby. Her and her bubbles…" Miri chuckles quietly, eyes full of affection for her lifemate. "Clothes.. well.. maybe another set of leathers.. and a new dress. This one is gettin' old." She smooths down the fabric absently, though it's still new-looking. She doesn't wear it much. "Capryth!" A slight frown crosses her face.

Silvera enters the WeaverCraft Tent.

Silvera walks in, hoping she's not interupting as she moves off to ask one of the weavers about a comission.


A very stubborn teen, she used to try to hide her emotions; all they ever seemed to do was get her hurt. Since moving to Ista around three Turns ago, away from her controlling father, a smile and a friendly greeting seem more evident, and occasionally blunt words as well, her shyness almost entirely gone by now. Looking at her, you notice sharp, all-seeing vivid green eyes, framed by long lashes. Her chin-length blue-black hair, with its beautiful reddish tint, gives her face a pixieish look. She looks younger than her Turns, more like 12 or 13, partly due to her height, 4'8".. even though she grew an inch! Luckily womanhood has begun to blossom from her chest, slowly but surely beginning to reveal her true age. She is very thin, her frame petite, though her inner strength makes its appearance more readily now, especially since the Impression of her beloved lifemate green Capryth. A softer look is in her face now, eyes often unfocusing with a tender gaze. No longer the wild child she was when she made her way to Ista Isle, Miri has truly grown up.

Miri is dressed in a dress of red velvet. The dress is perfectly fitted to her with a sweetheart neckline and soft V waistline. The bodice of the gown has been embroidered with roses in almost full bloom from silky sisal threads of perfectly matched color. You notice Miri seems to be blossoming into womanhood as the bodice shows off the slight rise in her breasts. The skirt falls to just below Miri's knee and is kept full by a stiffened petticoat. She wears sheer sisal stockings and skinned black leather ankle high button boots that have a low heel to show off the perfect curve of her calf. Around Miri's ankle is a dainty little anklet of bells that tinkles whenever she moves. The sound of the bells is soft and soothing to the ear. Keeping a protective eye on Miri is Warrior. The wrinkled form of Bramble digs prickly claws into Miri's shoulder, hexing everyone.

Miri's new knot rests proudly on her shoulder. It has double cords, one of black and one of orange, forming a single loop, standing for Ista Weyr. A strand of spring rain green weaved through marks her as lifemate to green Capryth. Last, but not least, a long tail and two tassles have been added to the coiling mass. She's a Wavecutter /Wingsecond/?!

Slightly smug, and definitely less irritable, the greenrider seems to have taken on her lifemate's glow.

She is awake and looks alert.

Miri is 17 Turns, 3 months, and 18 days old.

Vivian trails a finger over her lips, looking Miri up and down appraisingly. "Leathers and a dress, sure. Colour? Style? Anything special you want?"

Lisaine moves off to Silvera. "Can I help you?"

Miri thinks a moment, though she remains slightly distracted. "Well.. a green dress.. don't really matter what style.. somethin' light, cool for summer.." Her voice trails off before she gets to the leathers.

Silvera nods, "Ah, do you take comissions?"

Vivian offers a cheerful if sleepy wave to Silvera before turning back to Miri. "Decided to come for something after all?" She's taking notes in her head…green, summery…"Are you all right?" she asks, a little concerned. "I can find you some water."

Lisaine nods, looking over her shoulder to Miri and Vamira. "Ah, yes, we do. Did you want to comission something?" she asks, though it's obvious.

"Oh, no no, thank you, I'm fine. Really." Leathers. Miri thinks leathers. "Maybe somethin' in a light brown.. or maybe blue…" Voice trails off once more. "Capryth, stop that, I'm busy!" But the green insists, and her rider frowns slightly. "She says she wants to see somethin'. Faranth knows what." The rider sighs. "Do you think ya could come out with me, all of ya?" So much for clothes and a tapestry.

Silvera turns around. "All of us?" she asks, confused. "Fine."

Lisaine forehead knots up, but when someone's acting… strange… you do what they say. "Ah, okay…" she says slowly, looking at Vivian.

Vivian shrugs, now more curious than concerned, and slides off the table. "Sure." She liked Capryth. Didn't snot on her.

Miri nods. "All of you." The greenrider doesn't seem to happy.. she was /trying/ to get new clothes.. but Capryth isn't leaving her alone. So out she goes.

Miri has left.

You leave WeaverCraft Tent.

Gather Square and Market

The Istan gather square is empty right now as there is no Gather happening at the moment.

The east end of the square is open, save for the harper's stage, and a cooling breeze blows in off the sea. Beyond the stage you can see the white sandy beach, just down the hill from the gather square. The main gather meadow lies to the south.

Sunning atop a nearby tent are Leia, Sartan, Bolt, Vintermane, Boo, and Andrei.

You see Healer Tent, Kissing Booth, Dart Contest Booth, Minecraft Booth, Food Stall, Dunking Booth, Gather Wheel Booth, Handeran's Booth, Redsands Booth, Secluded Table, Quiet Table, Florist Tent, WeaverCraft Tent, Trader's Booth, Piggy Wrestling Tent, Sand Box Tent, Smith Booth, Dusk's Booth, FarmCraft Tent, Stuffed Firelizard, sleeping bag, Herdercraft Booth, and Frost here.

You notice Dulce, Mieke, Lemur, Gryphonn, Jesal, Kerista, Jorina, Kema, Talixa, Casch, Leonardo, and Danaka asleep here.

Kaetryn, Rebecca, Cailet, Scaflowne, and Miri are here.

Obvious exits:

Runner Track Galleries Meadow

Miri doesn't stop, and she keeps right on going to the meadow, mumbling. "I'm comin', I'm comin'.."

Miri boings carefully, watchful of her butt, south towards the broad gather meadow.

Rebecca shakes her head, "I haven't gotten him back to the hall yet. He's at the tracks right now."

Gather Meadow

You are standing in a wide grassy area that spreads out before you. It rises gradually to meet the hold valley in the west. A road continues through the field over the rise to the Hold's cliff and comes down in the north to the main gather square. To the south you can see a small waterfall tumbling down the hillside, which gathers into a stream and runs toward the sea.

It is a spring late night.

Gliding around are Leille, Lady, and Romeo.

Green Capryth is here.

You see a wagonmaster, Dancing Pole, Gather Pavillion, Bubliih, and bug here.

Miri, Silvera, and Lisaine are here.

Obvious exits:

Capryth tenses slightly, but this is a different feeling. Not like when she was about to rise. No.. she senses something.. and she likes it! Miri goes over to her, grumbling silently. "What? Smell?" Her face takes on a puzzled expression as she looks at the other women.

Vivian shrugs, her face just as confused. What does she know about green dragons and smelling things? She shoots a look over at Silvera, remembering last night. Snot-cleaning patrol on standby.

Silvera looks over to Vivian, suddenly wariy at the sound of 'smell', remembering last time they got sniffed. "Ah, I hope there's water nearby" she says in a loud whisper.

Yes. Smell. And it tickles her nostrils, whatever it is. Long green muzzle, mottled like rain, leans in, inspecting each woman in turn. Something so right.. hmm.. now which one.. Miri just stands there, arms folded across her chest. She was /trying/ to get new clothes. Hmmph. But Capryth has a different agenda.

Lisaine raises an eyebrow at that whisper. "Hmp." she says, looking off to the tents whistfully. She was /trying/ to sell new clothes.

Vivian can't help a giggle as Capryth's nose whuffles over her. "That tickles," she whispers to the green petulantly.

Silvera stands with a grin and a head held high. She suffered dragonsnot, so if it happened again, it happened again, besides it was quite an honour to wear their snot. Kinda.

Lisaine smiles at the big muzzle, almost forgiving it for interupting.

You notice Silvera looking at you.

Capryth can't help it if it tickles. She can't help the yummy, steamy herdbeast smell wafting from her maw either. She's /searching/. Clothes will come later. Lower the muzzle goes, til it lightly taps the pale-looking one in the chest. You. Yeah you. With those blue eyes. I like you. "You like her?" Miri pads over, mentally conferring with her lifemate. Green eyes stray to Vivian. "Don't I know you? Oh, well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, Capryth seems ta like you, and she thinks you should be a Candidate for the clutch on the sands. You know, Amieth's and Pintarryth's." Isn't she just so formal?

Lisaine cheers for Vivian, patting her on the back. "Congratulations."

Vivian doesn't notice if Miri's being formal or not…she's still mulling…you can almost see the wheels turning in her head'wait a minute, me? I'm dreaming, right? I'm not? Um… "A Candidate?" she stutters. Very eloquent.

Silvera smiles at the woman, "Congratulations." she says with a grin, "Good to see our baptism by dragon snot was for a good cause."

"Yeah, a Candidate. So you wanna or not?" Miri gives an option, but Capryth doesn't like that much. Gently, she whuffles the weaver again, then curls her tail around her waist. Mine. I found her, I get to keep her. She can play bubbles with me. "Oh, I think that means ya gotta go. She wants you ta play bubbles with her." And Capryth /loves/ her bubbles.

Silvera looks at Miri for permission before moving towards the Gather square.

Vivian giggles, it's sorta sinking in now. "Yes, I mean, of course!" What, she's gonna say no? Not likely. "Um..sure, I'll play bubbles."

Miri smiles at Silvera. "Thanks for comin' out. Had ta be sure and all." The greenrider wrinkles her small nose, then scritches under Capryth's muzzle. "Good! Cuz I don't think she'd like if ya said no." Nope, she wouldn't like it one bit. Slowly the green's tail retracts. She found a playmate! "But do I still get my clothes? And that tapestry?" Miri remembers why she went to the tent in the first place.

Lisaine grins, patting Vivian on the back again, almost jumping out of her shoes in excitement. "Go and impress the queen for the weavers" she says in a loud whisper.

Silvera grins and moves out, "Yep, 'kay." she notices the weaver girl being excited and decides to bother her later.

Queen? Clothes? Bubbles? Viv needs just a minute or two for her brain to settle down, then she'll know what she's talking about. In the meantime, a stammered, "Um, sure, you still get 'em," will have to do.

Rebecca quietly slips in from the gather square.

Cailet glides in gracefully in from the gather square.

Rebecca quietly slips to the Runner Track.

Cailet glides in gracefully to the Runner Track.

"Good." Miri's happy, Capryth is happy, everyone is happy. "So, when do ya wanna go ta the Weyr and move in and all? Need ta go back to the Hall ta get anythin'?"

Silvera walks north towards the gather square.

[and, you know, the usual stuff. moved to the weyr and caused trouble. Didn't Impress that time, went back to the Weaver Hall, and got Searched again just before making Journeyman. Came away with a dragon that time, all right.]

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