Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.

N'ano, Naomi and Lib

Dragon: Valanth
Color: Blue
Name: N'ano
Egg: Herbal Essences Egg
Egg Desc: Nyla; Yla tweak
Dragonet: Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: N'ano; Lib tweak; Hannah tweak
Messages: N'ano, Lib; Naomi tweak; Hannah tweak
Inspiration: N'ano, Lib

Clutching Message:

Dhiammarath shivers - she's got the urge! - glancing over towards her lifemate in anticipation, her pale moonlit face glowing with moistness from the sands. She shuffles towards an unused patch of the black sands and scoops up a small amount, turning to deposit Herbal Essences Egg into the hole, and then using the tip of her muzzle to touch it in protective curiosity. Ooooh yes!

Herbal Essences Egg

Aqueous honey and umber pearls the surface of this grand egg, urging waves of moist amber that crimp the shell with an ethereal glow. Though the preponderance of the shape is the gentle honey hue, stars of aquamarine and pine-needle-green ruffle small circles here and there, following a common line of greenness that melts into both the sharp apex and cupped bottom of the egg. Darkness claims no dominance in this wash of platinum; for the egg simply ricochets light and radiates charm.

Hatching Message:

Herbal Essences Egg wiggles where it sits, working itself over to an angle where it wobbles temporally, before falling almost comically onto its side and spraying sand outwards. Shallow cracks and creases fork their way down the shell as it shakes from side to side in its blanket of blackened sand, its motion suddenly ceasing a moment later as calm envelopes the rattled-looking egg. Serenity is short-lived, however, as one hatching-goo covered leg punches its way into the world, only to be retracted as quickly as it appeared. Another pause in the hatching process, and then the formally encapsulated dragonet appears, emerging from its egg in a forward tumble. Sprawled out on the Ista sands, the world is at last revealed to the Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet.

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet

Rushes of pure azure stream calmly from elongated tail to petite muzzle, rippling delicately among the bumps and ridges that line the journey from this blue's neck, down along his back to the tip of his tail. Peace and serenity joyride until the frothy foams give way to the deep and chilling river rapids that form the aqua of his body as a whole. Swirling spheres mar each of his flanks, whirlpools warping his colours to new depths of tone, lilac laced into watery blues. But as the current softens back along his wings after the fierce excursion through the gauntlet, the tint lessens almost to a near film of ice, clear as the sky above and calm as a summer's day.

Impression Message:

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet comes to an uncertain halt, almost falling over himself as his front legs stop and his back legs attempt to continue on their own separate way. Slumped on the sands for a moment, he then shakes himself off, but stops suddenly as something, or perhaps someone, catches his eye. Watery blue hatchling cocks his head at the candidate with the sea green eyes for a moment, then swings his muzzle about to croon at his mother. Finally he gets up again, long limbs slightly unwieldy, and wanders with zigzagging motion over to his chosen, his only; Kiyna.

Personal Impression Message:

It starts as a whisper in the back of you mind, so delicate you might almost think you'd imagined it, but so persistent that eventually you realize there's absolutely no denying it. Another mind is sneaking into yours, a tendril of fluidity that gently probes and weaves its way into your thoughts. Suddenly you find yourself smiling, but without knowing why, except for a lingering sensation of humor. Then, as though a dam had opened in your psyche, a flood of thoughts and feelings enters your head to mingle with your own in one expansive ocean of consciousness, overwhelming at first, but incredibly refreshing. A minty fresh cool then fills you to your very soul, as a watery male voice seems to whisper gently inside your ear: « My legs don't appear to be working particularly well. Do you think you could perhaps help me to get to some food, Kiyna? Oh, and I'm Valanth, by the way. I'm blue. »


Name Inspiration:

Kevin Bacon all the way! We knew how much you were a Kevin Bacon fanatic, so why not base your dragon off the different movies he starred in? It's an interesting twist, no? I took his character Valentine from "Tremors", the movie you said was your favorite, and transformed him into… *drumroll* Valanth! Sounds strong, doesn't it? And it better right be, 'cause you've got a charismatic lifemate for eternity!

From a name dictionary: Valentine = Strong. (Varient of Valentinus, the name of more than 50 saints and 3 Roman Emperors.)

Egg Inspiration:

The egg theme this time around was scents. The particular egg that your lifemate hatched from was based off of Herbal Essences, of course!

Description Inspiration:

Blue… I often associate blue with water, so I thought that “The River Wild” would be the perfect movie to base your dragon off of as far as his description goes. Anyway, his description is that of the rapids… calm at first like they are, but then once you get past that little corner… BOOM! The intensity increases… like his color. But, as it travels to his wings, it of course becomes softer and clearer to move through—like ice.

Mind Voice:

Waves of blue, colours not unlike those in his hide (azure, aqua and the odd hint of lilac), form the base for Valanth's mind voice. Their pattern? Now that depends on his mood. Just like the ocean, his tones can be so calm that not a ripple graces their surface, but it can also be a violent storm of waves if something upsets or annoys him.

Scents and tastes of mint accompany the watery background that is Valanth inside Kiyna's mind. Peppermint, spearmint, sweetmint. All mingle and mix, overlapping and then separating out as his thoughts form and run their course. Upset or over-excited, however, and Valanth might start to project a more mouthwash type of mint, with a hint of alcohol around the edges that brings a slight sting.

Subtly suggestive, a watery whisper, that's the sound of Valanth's voice. Accompanying it come the noises of water; a river running over rocks, the vertical drop of a waterfall or a torrential downpour of rain. He sounds in the middle ranges for a male, leaning to the higher scale of the spectrum if anything.


He could definitely be considered the handsomest of the flock. With his charming blues and rogue yet playful demeanor, what's not to love about him? His eyes are always bright and serene with activity. The blueness about him is intense and flavorful like the white waters of a rivernothing dull about him. He's not the tallest… but rather one of the smallest, about as small as some of the greens of the Weyr. Everything else about him is average… in size anyway; wings, tail, muzzle… nothing out of the ordinary except they seem just a little large attached to his small frame. He reminds me of one of those small boys in class who's so cutein a little boy way that you simply cannot believe he's as old as you, but just because he's 'underdeveloped' physically, doesn't mean he's anywhere near that mentally. If anything, he's one to mature at a more rapid rate than his peers. Good things come in small packages—something to keep in mind.


He's a jokester, no doubt… definitely considered the clown of his clutch. He's always one to cheer you up if you're down with a joke or two. He's friendly towards everyone and anything—often found striking up a conversation with the oddest of things… like a tree, for example. He's thoughtful, cheerful and downright loving. There's nothing more important in his life than his own lifemate. He'd risk the world for you if you were in danger. He's a definite charmer, always the one to use a few pickup lines, though those are hardly ever needed since he's just so captivating that it makes it hard not to want him, even if the majority of the females he tends to like are already 'mated. Though this is so, he'd rather be stag than hurt another's feelings.

He's always upbeat and ready to take on a new challenge with his immense amount of vigor and energy, a trait that'd make it very difficult to say no to, as challenging as the task might be. He's certainly a ladies man and a man who knows what's good for the woman in his life, aka, /you/. He wants you to be happy though, so if you find yourself swooning over that other rider, he'll support you 100 percent! I'd like to think he's just the perfect guy—the one that every girl just dreams about… or like a little brother; one that's loving, thoughtful and wanting the best for his big sister, Kiyna.


"How many cows does it take to make a stampede? Is it like three or more? Is there a minimum speed?" (Val, in “Tremors”)

And the answer to that… well, sort of. But not with Valanth! When he's in the air, there is /no/ speed limit. He's always one to expand his limitsto fly faster than the rest! Whether it be a challenge from a green, brown or bronze alike, he'll outdo them all, or die trying. He's sleek, agile and lithe, a perfect combination when avoiding the deadly spores of thread to attack from behind. In mating flights, his unique capabilities and size allow him to outmatch mostin aerial maneuvers, speed and weaving. That combined with his charm are a perfect combination to win the heart of many.


Kiyna's Blue Valanth
Harper's Tale: 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's Bronze Tynabith
Date: December 15th, 2001


D'baji's Bronze Nverath, Ny’s Green Rionath, Yulianna’s Gold Miyakath, Zeja’s Green Esmeyath, M'er’s Green Suith, R'ian’s Bronze Bralath, Kazra’s Green Xylyth , J'den’s Bronze Heliuth, B'ane’s Bronze Aboleoth


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