Vaelyth's Maiden Flight

[[Logged by Ali]]

Sejith greets Uillauth with a light brassy warble, alighting on the ledge. Upon his neck, his rider waves. "Hey, Uillauth, mind if we come in?"

Uillauth lazily lifts his head and gives a soft rumble of agreement, scooting politely out of the way before making himself comfortable enough to continue his nap. From inside, Ali calls out, "Come on in, I'm just straightening up a bit."

T'rell slides down to the stony ledge. "Thanks," he calls back; he reaches up to pat Sejith's shoulder, joking with the dragon. "Don't try to bully Uillauth out of his couch, eh?" At the bronze's innocent expression, he chuckles and starts in.

Ali pulls the thin blanket up over her small bed, trying to make the scantily decorated room look neat, at least. Head turns slightly so she can look over her shoulder and T'rell is granted a grin, "Hello, T'rell."

"Hey, nice place you got here," T'rell jokes, ducking the curtain. "How're you settling in?"

Ali tugs one more time on the blanket and shakes her head, "Well, I haven't anything to put here, so it's just a bed and that's about it."

Vaelyth rumbles in a sultry, slightly rainbow hued sort of way, more hot and spicy than demure, but somewhat playful. « I want to fly, and to fly high. »

T'rell shrugs. "So long as it's comfortable. So," he leans against the wall by the door-curtain, hooking a thumb in his belt. "The wingleaders tell me you two did pretty well in Fall. What'd you think of it all?"

Salbaheth thinks, with whorls of wonder and curiousity filling his sleep-leaden mind with a hint of color. « Why does a grown gold ask permission to fly? One would think she'd just fly and fly high… » Confuzzled bronzeling.

Vaelyth rumbles, almost… yes almost annoyed. « I did not ask. » comes the steaming words, almost smoking as they're formed. And as they return to soothing, she ponders the color red, filling thoughts, feelings and words. « I simply asked for company. »

Catiminith smears wide, confused spatters of muddled mustard yellow across the mindset, chimes rusting to a brassier tone that pervades his chirruping speech. « Flying? I like to fly. Flying is lots of fun. Yes, yes, why does a full gold want to ask to fly? I can fly. But I have to be careful because I am not a full blue. Yes. »

Ali stands up straight, forgetting the not-quite-made bed long enough to give T'rell a lopsided grin. "It was scary, at first, because it was different than anything we could have ever imagined, but, it was… well, I wouldn't say *fun*, but it felt..good."

Salbaheth, still confused, rumbles in reply, a breath of air dusting the tops of crowded trees. « Company? » And then it sinks in, light seeping through the tangled branches to send a stir of leafy patterns across the forest floor. The scent of pitch and earth deepens with a hint of chimes dancing in the background of his voice. « Oh. »

Vaelyth's thoughts have turned to a deep red color, so very deep and… well, red. « I'm quite thirsty. » her newest thought is, as it is what she is thinking this very instant. as if responses are no more than an adult telling a child what to do… we all know how well children listen, and she is listening about as well… or not listening as the case may be.. and everything is just so hot, and so red.

Taberuth melts a faint, lingering echo of red through her voice, sliding, dripping, fading as quickly as they come. « Thirsty…I am not. Sleepy, though… »

Ivrylth shimmers with faint concern for clutchsister, « Then you must drink.. » Pure white milk blends smoothly with tangled lime and purple yarn. « Drink first, then play. »

Uillauth wakes up suddenly, rumbling loudly and pushing himself to his feet, stretching his body before, in a single motion, diving off the ledge and spiraling down to where the call is beckoning.

T'rell shifts position, glancing back out at the dragons, where the bronze's tail shifts restlessly. "I know what you mean," he half-grins. "Sounds like a flight's brewing," he takes a deep breath. "So maybe this isn't the best time."

Ali's eyes open wide, all the blood draining from her face, as she realizes what's about to happen, and she drops into a seated position on the bed. Hand lifts and she waves T'rell away, "Go, please. Not you. Go." Eyes close, as if hoping that this is all a dream and she isn't actually about to witness/experience a flight this way.

T'rell pauses for the briefest of moments. "It's not so bad, you know. Don't worry," he pre-empts further protest. "I won't stay. Just go with him and encourage him, he'll know what to do." Another breath, and he ducks back out, striding quickly to his dragon's side.

Ali wraps her arms around her knees, pulling them against her chest. Dark eyes slip closed, covered by thin eyelids, as if in an effort to block everything out. "I know, love," she mumbles softly, talking to the one in her head.

P'kar knocks softly on the entrance of the weyr, peeking in and shifting the budle of clothes from one arm to the other, "Hello? Ali.. are you here?" Taking a step in, he blinks to adjust to the light, then tilts his head and purrs lightly, "Hello?"

Vaelyth leaves no such leasure to her herdbeasts, both immediately silenced as she chose, and downed them, but now she looks up, as if for the first time, her eyes whirling so fast that they seem to drag the rest of her into motion. « Hah » a lingering thought as she squirms, and jumps from her prey, wings downdropping as the gold leaves the others to feast… let them feast, she said she wanted to fly, and fly high, and she does. Bon Appetite and bubye. Check Please.

Vaelyth rumbles, blue of sky overshadowing red of feast. « You eat, I fly. You can't catch me anyway. » The jig is up and the chase is on?

"P'kar," Ali whispers nervously, opening her eyes, but not moving from her tense little ball on the bed. "Uillauth, he's chasing. Vaelyth, I think. T'rell was here, but he left..

P'kar blinks slowly, then pads over to the bed and drops the twine-wrapped package of clothing, taking a seat next to the girl gently and making a soft 'Oh' with his lips. Rubbing his hand along her back, he tilts his head and whispers, "He's that old already?"

Sejith glides in, broad wings glinting in the sunset. In a single pass, he snatches a buck, snaps its neck, and buries his teeth into its pumping arteries before alighting only momentarily; the carcass dry, he discards it. His gaze follows the glowing gold.

Uillauth rumbles as he releases the beast he'd just claimed, blood just not dripping from his mouth. He hadn't the time to finish, but that doesn't matter now, not when the gold has flickered off into the sky. With a push of his legs, he's up, in the air.

Salbaheth releases the last beast, claws catching in the mauled form and almost stumbling him up before he tears through tendon and bone to leap into the air, blood still marring the gilded form of muzzle and claw with the crimson liquour.

"He just left, and I know I shouldn't try to stop him," Ali replies with a shaky sob, her eyes closing once again, trying to keep her thoughts with Uillauth just as T'rell told her to do. Fingers release their clasp on her legs, allowing a little blood to flow through the joints once again.

P'kar blinks a couple times, then places his hand gently over her mouth, whispering lightly, "Shh.. concentrate.. fly with him." Taking her hand gently, he strokes and pets it, watching and worrying.. he's an old mother hen, yup.

Vaelyth brings powerful wings down in strong strokes, finding the strongest breezes to play upon, using them to rise higher and faster, rather than to really soar or twist about… for it's up she wants to go, as up and as far as she can. Who knows what's out there, she knows what's behind, but let them stay there if they're not fast enough to keep her company. The sun setting glints of her molten hide, and she seems only to glow more as she finds higher, cooler altitudes. *Screach* That aught to shake up the weyr.

Sejith trumpets his own brassy challenge, swirling up on the same land-warmed currents. Wings outspread, his long strokes give chase to the glowing queen.

Salbaheth likes a leader straightforward and true, and lets the world know with a bugle of approval for the fleeing gold, always willing to offer a bit of encouragement even in the midst of battle. His wings unfurled for battle, his brilliant hide catches the last glimmer of sunset, sending a shimmering glow into the air to rival that of the molten beauty before him.

Ali nods, her fingers closing tightly around P'kar's, keeping it close, for security. Chin tilts upward, stretching toward the sky, just as Uillauth stretches, trying to catch up with the others. Her breaths are short, the nerves of the moment still winning but she struggles to concentrate.

Uillauth's long, strong wings press, pushing him upwards. He may be behind the others, but that doesn't mean he can't catch them, not with his determination. Up, down, up, down, his wings work, using the wind to his advantage, stretching is chiseled form forward as best he can.

P'kar slides his free arm around her waist, hugging her gently as he keeps ahold of the hand, trying to reassure her without distracting too much. Nodding softly, he whispers, almost a purr, "Mind on the dragon.. concentrate.."

Vaelyth screaches into the wind that flies past her, carrying her wail down towards the others. She'll take that encouragement and run with it, as she rises skywards, as if there is no limit to how high she can go.. and is there?

Ali's jaw clenches, but at the familiarness of P'kar's body beside her, her form relaxes, breathing settling into a normal pattern, letting her mind do all the work, using her thoughts to urge Uillauth on.

And yet the chasers have not yet reached their limit, either; Sejith's broad spiral crosses the queen's path, riding in her wake and stretching to the heights of the sun.

P'kar lets a little smile cross his lips, resting agianst her and nuzzling into her hair lightly. One hand in hers, the other holding her gently against himself, he stays quiet for now.. content to be there for support.

Salbaheth surges against the wind that carries the wail to his senses, interpreting it as the cry of a struggling maiden, fighting for her freedom. Straining against his own mortality, he beats back that cruel wind to snap at the hand of fate with which his maiden beauty grapples. He will defeat that wicked Instinct that seeks to lead her so far astray.

Uillauth rumbles a challenge, challenging the others to beat him, and challenging the shimmering gold to give in to him. Still behind, he must force himself onward, faster.

Ali's eyes flutter open for a quick moment before closing again. Yes, P'kar's there, she knows that, it isn't he that she needs to concentrate on, not now. "Just a little harder," she mumbles, encouraging the brown to the point of speaking aloud as well.

P'kar breaks into a grin and nods, "Urge him on.." Almost cuddling her agianst hismelf, he nuzzles and purrs into her hair, enjoying the closeness even more than he worries about supporting her.. it's been a while..

A challenge? To give up? Hah! Not a chance. Vaelyth shuns the males as she glances back at them, sparkling would-be princes, sparkling like jewels beneath water… She pauses a moment to bask in the dying sunlight as moonlight's silvery shades take over, but her gold shines on. Noone will catch her, as the wind is her witness, holding her aloft before stealing her higher. But why do those jewels persist in getting larger? And what is this sense dawning that her persuiants are getting closer? Rubbish and bah, no way no how can she be caught.

"Have to catch up," Ali mumbles, squirming in P'kar's embrace, trying to physically break away from the distance that keeps Uillauth from the others as well as pushing him mentally.

P'kar giggles softly, quietly, as he holds her tight agianst himself to keep her from hurting herself. Nodding lightly, he pets her back with his free hand, giving her hand a squeeze with the other.

Salbaheth is getting closer? The elusive jewel is nearing his eager grasp? Er…. the glorious glowing goldilocks is nearer to the loving embrace of his heroic, bulging… ahem.. With the dying light of the sun, so fades the shimmer of his own crystalline hide, brilliant colors dimming to mere embers that no longer rival the glow of gold that fills his eyes, his mind, his being.

Sejith banks, rises; turns into the red glow of the western sky and circles up again, missing Vaelyth's tail but twisting just below her. Brassy wingtips glint, whispering against the air currents that in the glowing embers of sunset's forge, his baser metal should mingle with gold.

And what's the point of a jewel if it can't be admired and enjoyed? Even if it is a princess. Uillauth sees no reason not to try to do just that, even if it's difficult for him to keep up with the larger, stronger bronzes, much less the glittering jewel. Where he lacks strength, he has agility, twisting and sliding around the others.

Ali whimpers quietly as, together, they struggle to beat the larger, stronger bronzes in the chase. The power of two might just be able to do it, if they push themselves hard enough. Ali tries, pushing against P'kar with her hands, believing he's why they haven't captured Vaelyth yet.

Vaelyth feels a flick upon her tailtip, or was that just the wind? She banks and drops and flies in another way, fast and furious and racing the wind itself as she rises up off course, and keeps to that course. First star to the right, and straight on til morning is where she intends to fly, and for how long. No! They shall not have her, for she is Beauty, the princess, the one, and they are mere courtiers, aren't they? Or are those jems behind her something more. No time to ponder, nor care, just flee, run away, and she does, with the night wind's blessing.

P'kar blinks slightly, then lets go of her suddenly and sits there, not wanting to make her upset with him. Watching quietly, he tilts his head and smiles softly, just waiting for the results.

Uillauth quickly turns, using that to his advantage, allowing him to catch the others, even if just for such a short moment. A rumble escapes his throat, forced by the sudden exhaling as he turns, seeing more bronze before him, once again, than gold.

Neverland is not half so beautiful as a sun-dusted forest, in Salbaheth's opinion, whatever that mystic land may be. The golden glow before him, indeed, must be his Marion, to share the forest's rule at his side, those beside him, his merry men, here to help him rescue his beloved from the accursed clutches of that night wind that carries her so very far away. Again, he strains, ignoring the sting of battle upon his weary hide.

Sejith is but a worshipper at Beauty's altar, a pilgrim seeking to commune with something greater than himself. Against the evening sky, moonlight on gold is his guiding star, close, so close now; he strains into the whistling breezes and calls out to her, his path weaving to intercept again and again, but he is not yet worthy.

Ali's breath catches in her throat and a sound of need and perhaps slightly mixed with defeat leaves her throat and echoes on the walls around her. Her fingers curl around the blanket beneath her, sinking her claws into the fabric.

P'kar leans back on the bed, clear of her claws, and watches quietly.. smiling and whispering, "Keep going.." Closing his eyes, he very gently places one paw on her back to show that he's there and to support her.

Ali leans forward, teetering dangerously on the edge of the bed as she urges 'lauth on, pleading with him, for him, not breathing because it wastes too much of her energy that can be used elsewhere.

P'kar scoots forward and loops an arm around a smaller feminine waist, not pulling her back, but making sure she doesn't go any further forward. Leaning in a little, he lets his breath touch her ear, whispering again, "You can get her.. c'mon.."

Vaelyth doesn't so much as faulter, but rather takes a glance behind her as she feels the wind that lifts her slow, blocked by other bodies. She screaches at these who dare block her wind and steal it from her sails, pulling her groundwards slowly, as wings pick up where wind left off… powerful, but not as fast.

Despite his fight, Uillauth continues to slow, his younger, smaller wings unable to continue chasing at this speed, unhappy to give up to his competition, but beyond being able to continue. In his defeat, he gives a protesting cry of defeat and lets himself plummet toward the ground below.

Ali shakes her head, eyes fluttering open upon defeat, entire body tense once again, eyes filled with tears over the shared defeat, after trying so very hard to catch the prize but falling short, being unable to keep continue the chase. "Tired," she mumbles, shoulders slumping forward with defeat.

Sejith sweeps into a downdraft, the sky itself pulling him away from his goal — but he strains, wings sweeping upward, spirit surging to regain the favor of she in whom he glories, exulting in the meditation of flight.

P'kar pulls her back gently, letting her smaller form rest against his as he pets her hair very softly, "It's okay.. I'm here.. just rest.." Slipping both arms around a small waist, he nuzzles and whispers, "You did your best.."

Salbaheth begins to tire, font of strength waning as golden sails take over where wind fails. Despite the loss of youth's tireless edge, he bugles in triumph, noting the defeat of the wicked wind, sound cut short when he realizes his Maiden continues to retreat. Confused, he falters, losing stride, before picking it up again. The hero must never show weakness, or how can he be worthy of his Lady Love?

Wings don't work quite so well as the wind did, and as remaining persuits gain, Vaelyth slowly feels more of the wind gathered from her sails, and she is slowed as the wind fails, dashing hopes of escape upon sea rocks so far below, as she feels bronzes move up and feels the presence against her back, she closes her wings… last ditch effort… too late?

Ali allows herself to be pulled into P'kar's arms, her smaller form being cradled against his, and she sighs, tears slipping down her sunkissed cheeks. "He's so tired. Can I bring him home?" she asks softly.

Sejith soars upward, upward, upward, rising above the shining gold in a burst of strength — and bugles, pursuing as Vaelyth retreats below. In dark and glimmering waves, he rises on the wind, circling and diving after the falling queen.

P'kar nods his head softly, running his fingers along her cheeks to catch those tears, then just holding her tightly agianst himself, "Bring him home and let him rest.. and you need to rest too.. before you collapse.."

Salbaheth seeks to slip up beneath the faltering gold, offering his own wings, though strength in fragile sails slowly gives out, a flash of tangerine-kissed amber dancing beneath moonlight-dappled flesh mimicking the glow of queen's golden hide. Never give in. Never surrender.

Never give in. Never surrender. And screach when captured! As Vaelyth does, though screach goes through phases of anger, quelling that into another rise of passion, this time all consuming as she feels claws grip her and wings lift her, and tail twine around hers. No! No fair! No….. not so bad… kinda nice actually. « Salbaheth » Kinda has a nice ring to it actually.

Ali closes her eyes once again, melding her thoughts with Uillauth's once again, calling him home to her so they can both rest. So tired, they're both so tired. Her head rests against P'kar's shoulder and she holds him close, needing him there to keep her steady.

Sejith sails past the twining pair, arrowing toward the solitude of his own ledge.

Salbaheth, no longer required to be the gallant hero, becomes the adoring lover, crooning assurance to the gold entwined in his passionate embrace. Tomorrow, when he's had time to wonder, he might be shocked, but for now, he's… occupied.

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