Eerily Exotic Mayan Egg
(description by Corbeau, picture by Kwa)

Veiled in stippled tones of carmine and gold, its slickly glistening ovoid contours speak of archaic wealth and the bloodletting of Godly sacrifices. Resplendent in shattered mosaics of images akin stonework carvings, antique art patterns the oviform in admirable, outlined figures. Exotic designs, bordering on downright eerie 'till the befuddling graphics embellished upon their pyramidesque backdrops are again submerged in their ochre base, bedecked in ruby motes of spattered blood. Sacrificial blood that burns itself to nothingness in divine offering to omnipotent gods, or perhaps in scrying of an imminent future to appear in ghostly images of serpents and smoke. Slighted of its vermilion droplets, egg's wider base is instead refulgent in countless pigments to resemble a miner's most finely cut, polished, and prized gems. A plethora of jewels, baubles, precious treasure of the People of the Corn.
Hatching Message: (by Latte)
Eerily Exotic Mayan Egg trembles, its mosaic of carvings heaving in rhythm to the shell's quaking. These designs submerge into the new pattern of slivers rupturing the ochre background, as the jewel-toned bottom thus far quiescent splits neatly to reveal the still-wet talons, a muzzle, and hungry cry of another type of treasure.

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet: (by Latte)
Earthy hues settle onto his body, monotonous hide of rocky hue gradually transformed into lush beauty as it sweeps down muscled chest and legs. Sunlight clings closely to his slight mass, turning matte brown into glittering mahogany where rays outline bulky weight with brilliance. Spars of obsidian black fall against his neck, arrowing down into relentless chestnut coloring of his wide back between wingsails. Obsidian also are the jeweled tones that have gathered atop lofty headknobs and trace the jagged outlines of his eyeridges. His muzzle may well have been carved, more apparent in the angular planes that reside as cheekbones and the still unfinished craggy 'ridges that spike from his back, eroded eventually into a slender tail. Amidst these rough outlines, wings blossom into surprisingly dainty sheets of autumn hues, lined by charcoal veining.

Impression Message: (by Latte)
Apache Tears Brown Dragonet makes his way somberly by a gaggle of white-clad candidates, examining each in turn before something far more interesting interrupts his reflections. A delighted trill comes from arched neck as he moves clumsily towards that one, with the sable locks. Solemnity is lost, as he nuzzles against Alister tenderly.

Personal Impression Message: (by Latte)
Darkness surrounds, encloses, encircles; and then dissipates into a concoction of pride and utter joy, tempered by gold and copper streaks that make their way into the deepest corners of your mind to light what he discovers there. Along with that comes the knowledge of what he is, offered to you in startlingly refined syllables amidst a melee of youthful colors, each word enunciated forcefully into your thoughts. « I am Uillauth. » The introduction stands out clearly, a final coupling of two minds into an ultimate force as he makes his offer. « I will be your champion. »

Name Inspiration: (by Latte and Char)
I wanted your dragon to be a protector, as the Shaolin monks are protectors of the emperor. And so I searched for a name that would have to do with protection, and found it: Guillaume. It means noble protector, and I thought that suited quite nicely.
At first I played around with Illauth, since you specifically asked for a two syllable name. Eventually we settled on Uillauth, since it's a bit easier to say. We've been pronouncing it 'We-LOTH,' though how you pronounce it is up to you!

Egg Inspiration: (by Corbeau)
Theme is the Mayan Civilization with their artwork 'n' religious acts of bloodletting and so on. Given, the gold 'n' jewels seem to indicate Aztecs, but we're gonna call it Mayan anymoo ^_^ What inspired me? Weeell I hadn't planned on doing an egg desc, actually, but was flipping through a book of ancient art I had and saw some Mayan stone engravings. Like the kind on the pyramids and such. They're beautiful, actually, very blocky and confusing. I was looking at one with a woman slicing her tongue to perform the bloodletting ritual, at the time, which is probably why I incorporated the act into the desc so much.

Description Inspiration:
Uillauth's description was based on mahogany obsidian and on a legend about apache tears, which are a type of obsidian. Since this clutch's dragons were based on minerals, I was searching for one that would fit in with his personality. Obsidian seemed to do it, and the fact that it was mahogany was an added bonus - since you specifically asked that we avoid using words like 'dirt' and 'mud' in his description, I wanted something a bit brighter and shinier. I used the legend of apache tears as the basis for the obsidian arrows on his neck and attempted to convey some images of crags and cliffs in describing his face.

Mind Voice:
Like silk, it’s soft, slick, sheen-y nature, is Uillauth’s voice. Physically, it borders the bottom of the tenor range, rich and resonant. It slips across your mind, redolent of Chinese spices, incense, and a breeze brushing mountaintops. Visually, it’s darkness and light intertwined. Dark with flashes of color. Dark with flashes of gold and red mostly, though his mindvoice might take on various other shades. However, there is never more light than dark, each always equally balanced, except in times of extreme emotion. For instance, if he is angry, there may be more darkness than light. If he is experiencing the euphoria of flight, it may be more light than darkness. And so on and so forth.

Uillauth won’t ever be a small dragon nor will he be particularly large. Size-wise, he’ll remain right in the middle. However, he may be more muscled than most of his clutchmates. He may look like he’s fat, but when he’s called on for strength he’ll be able to provide it.
You may notice as he’s growing that certain parts of him grow faster than others, especially his paws and wings. For a while during weyrlinghood he’ll look a bit like a puppy, with those overgrown paws. The wings will be a bit more dignified, but their length and width may appear a bit large for a dragon his size.
Uillauth’s head is a particularly proud point with him: it does look quite as though its chiseled, which may look a bit out of place with his weight on occasion. He’s got a regal head, and his posture enhances that. For a dragon he’s got good posture, and might correct others with the air of a teacher. « Ah, Sloucheth. You must hold your head high for it is with head and spirits high that one should face each day. » Despite the large paws he’s surprisingly graceful — none of that falling all over everyone for him. The occasional gaffe will be covered right up with an « I meant to do that. »
Much as he might like a normal, monotoned hide, Uillauth will never be able to achieve it. No matter how much he entreats you to scrub harder, those black marks on his wings and neck will never go away. Later on in his life they might fade out a bit, but that’s it. « Scrub /harder/, Ali! Unity of form is very important. »
Itchy spots! Uillauth's lucky, he hasn’t got as many as some dragons and won’t be constantly plagued by them. His ridges (both back and eye) are a sore point for him, as when he /does/ itch, that will be where they start. As a young dragon, a touch impatient, he will want you to drop anything to attend to his itching. However, when he is full grown and much ‘wiser,’ he will attempt to ignore it until it begins to bother /you/, as well. Most of his scratchy spots will go away as he matures, though there will be a few spots that will always remain sandpaper-rough in his glossy hide no matter how much oil is put on them.

Uillauth is in some ways the ultimate chivalrist — he sees himself as your protector, your guardian from harm whether it’s real or imagined. If he feels you’ve been threatened, he will leap to your defense. In his mind, you and he are not separate, but a single entity. He is yan and you are yin, together becoming Tai Chi, or the ultimate balance. A slight to you is a slight to him. You will always come first to Uillauth, and there will not be a moment when he is not there for you: as a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, someone to make you laugh over an awful haircut.
You needn’t worry about aloofness with him because he can’t imagine such a thing between the two of you. Aloof is what he is to the green that he’s trying to impress, but never ever to his Ali. Despite that he is never distant to you, he has more than his fair share of restraint. To others he might appear quite distant. The idea of making a spectacle of himself worries him. It’s not what others might think, but the principle of it that worries him.
« I should not interrupt their game. Such would be rude. I shall wait until I am invited to join. » This is how he rationalises those things. It will be up to you to coerce and cajol him into trying new things, to startle him out of the path that he’s on. Left to his own devices he will continue along that path until he reaches the end — delighting in what he finds on it, true, but he may not realise that another route is shorter or perhaps more interesting.
Your gardening! Uillauth adores it. He will encourage you to continue, helping you along with whatever he can offer. Like you, he enjoys the outside world. He enjoys being part of it, and being able to observe it. Time spent with him will always result in him pointing out whatever you possibly could have missed. « Ali, do you see that flower there? Isn’t it perfect? It has five petals! »
Whether the flower has four or five petals is irrelevant to him, it is simply its existance that leaves him breathtaken with the world. He will note such things with absolute joy and then share them all with you. For him, every day is a new day and every discovery one to be savored. In fact, he savors life, searching for a bit of good in everything, even that awful drudge without a kind word to anybody.
One thing that you must be careful of with him is that he is a smooth talker. While he might not realize it, sometimes, he might catch himself talking someone into bowing to his will. If he catches himself, the rest of the day is spent in guilty repentance, for the Master should never force anything upon another. However, he /is/ incredibly persuasive and can easily get something done with the power of the word rather than actual force. He is an excellent speaker, making use of the style of proverbs and the voice of a teacher/mentor/master to get his point across. He enjoys flexing his mind through speech. Whether he is reciting a new poem about the rain or making idle hints about how his tail hasn’t yet been oiled, he will talk. And talk. And talk. Ideas of moderation have no effect on his joy in voices. As good as he is at talking, he’s also quite good at listening, ever seeking the perfect balance. Uillauth is perfectly capable of listening to you gossip with friends for hours with nary a complaint. He likes your voice especially, you see.
Uillauth is not a dragon to get overly emotional or puzzled about things. He’ll simply sit himself down and sort it out, though it may take him quite a while. Often what he decides to puzzle out has no need of being puzzled out. Hours later he will announce triumphantly that the reason that the cooks have been using lots of tubers recently is because they’re in season and they don’t want to waste them. You could have told him that. In fact, it’s quite likely that at some of these times he’ll come up with a conclusion that you explained to him when he started wondering. It’s not that what you think doesn’t matter. He simply needs to plow on through and be able to say that he has done it himself. Being self-sufficient is important to him, though you and your opinions will always play a role in his self-sufficiency. That it should be any other way doesn’t occur to him.
As I mentioned you are the yin to his yan, which means that there is always a balance in this relationship. While he is your protector, you are the one who urges him from the path, forces him to try new things and /live/ a little. He would be perfectly content to live a hermetic existence if it weren’t for you, even to the point of ignoring Threadfall. And such is his vice. He certainly goes into battle against Thread with an exuberance to match his fellows,’ because he has to protect you and because /you/ have to go into battle, but, left to himself, Thread would be the problems of the secular world. He is the spirit and you are the body.

Uillauth treats flights as he does every other discovery. They are interesting, sources of fascination to him. He doesn’t see himself as a conquering hero, and thus feels perfectly justified in being equally delighted in the color of the clouds and the crook of Greenth’s tail.
Flirting is a bit of a lost cause with him. He doesn’t see why it should be done, as it would be much easier to be strong and silent until she came to him. It’s not that he’s overly confident in himself, but all that whisking of tails and crooning thoughts at one another — it’s not for him. He’s far too straightforward and guileless for that type of thing.
He probably won’t be the first of his clutch to discover flights. He may even be something of a late bloomer. As his clutch siblings are rising right and left about him, he’ll take this with stoic calmness, announcing that it will happen eventually and not to fret about it.
When he does chase, and if he does catch, this too will be taken with stoicism. Well no, he wasn’t expecting it. But even so, his chivalric attitude will shine through, bringing “gifts” to the other dragon, whether green or gold. It doesn’t matter that Greenth gets the choice tidbits of herdbeast, because in the end his love for you will always come first.

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