Tunnelsnake Hunting

Logfile from Tasi

Southeastern Bowl
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed.
There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a winter evening. A light, cool breeze blows. The night sky sparkles with stars.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are two firelizards.
Bronze Nhamarath, brown Banoth, brown Morath, brown Xylyth, blue Decuth, blue Celth, bronze Soquilith, and brown Djarreth are here.
You see Gritty-Grassy Green Handprints and Wishbone here.
Xveiya and Aradia are here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Nayla walks in from the Living Cavern.

Issket nances in from the Living Cavern.

Tasi is in the bowl, a disorganized pile of crude, pokey weapons at her feet. She looks up and grins, not the friendliest of smiles. "Oh, good…you can all help, what perfect timing!" She smiles. "It should be fun, at least…better 'n peeling tubers, that's for sure…we're going tunnel-snake hunting."

Nance, nance — whee, it's Issket's day off. "What now? Hunting?" Or, y'know .. not. She pauses in her uber-cheerful bustling, peers at the antiquated-looking weaponry and the people — boggle, goes the Issket. She reaches up to adjust her glasses. Blink-blink. "Er — /we/?"

Xveiya wanders up to the group, her grip tight upon the stuffed canine in her fist. "What're you stupid people doi-" She spies the weapons and stops in her tracks, a nasty little grin working its way onto her face. "Tunnelsnake hunting?" There's a whispered conference with Fangy, before she announces, "I'll come!"

B'ane traverses solidly in from the Central Bowl.

Tasi grins and nods to Issket and Xveiya. "We," she says most definitively. Arguing with pregnant women is probably a bad idea, if you can avoid it. Xveiya is given a grin, as is B'ane as he walks toward the group. "B'ane! You come to help us kill things?" she asks cheerfully…oh, yes, this is definitely Tasi in a /mood/.

Nayla makes her way over to the group, uncharacteristically (geez, that's a long word) silent, instead looking thoughtful. "Sure," she agrees..not that she has much of a choice. Seems like Tasi's demanding help, not asking for it.

Aemergin quietly wanders in from the Living Cavern.

Issket isn't cowering. (Much.) She's just looking .. diplomatically wary of the semi-pointy objects piled at Tasi's feet. Fr33ky. "Oh. We. Of course!" Nervous chirp. She sidles over toward Nayla, as Xveiya is just /that/ tiny bit scary and B'ane is — well, not noticed yet, and Tasi is the one with the weapons. Er. Twitch at Nayla, before she murmurs in an awed undertone, "Is she serious?"

Tasi grabs out a small set of throwing knives for herself, testing the heft of one of them experimentally. "All right," she says loudly, more or less talking over people's objections. "The only rules are, don't take a weapon you think you can use without hurting yourself, and if you injure anyone else on this hunt you will give me back your weapon /immediately/, and a suitable punishment will be found. Any questions?" If anyone has objections, now would be a good time to voice them.

Xveiya shoots Tasi a sharp look. No hurting anyone? But that takes all the /fun/ away. With a sigh, the girl hefts a weapon and looks at it. "What's the sharpest one you've got?" She looks intently up at Tasi, Fangy still clutched in her fist. "I want that one."

Denim glides in from the Living Cavern.

Tasi grins at Xveiya. "Oh good…a girl after my own heart. And if you know how to use 'em, the throwing knives are probably the best…but I meant it…if I see you throw one and it's clear you don't know how, I /will/ be taking them away and sending you off before you hurt someone."

What's the famous saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.. "Ah, ooo, maybe.." It seems B'ane forgot his thwacking stick at home. But that's what boots are for, right? "Okay, although I don't think I'll be much help since all I have for weapons are my bear hands." Said paws are brandished, squeezing the air momentarily. "I can just shout and point and one of you ladies do the rest." Dark eyes glinting merrily, the bronzerider then looks somewhat puzzled. Who /are/ these ladies anyway? Well, besides Tasi. "You dames always double as exterminators?" Or maybe they endorse crime fighting by night and are like common seamstresses by day. He'd grin right now if he weren't so conservative.

Tasi grins at B'ane. "Well, you can grab any of my collection if you want," she says, gesturing to the large pile of random weaponry at her feet. Yeah, Tasi's a little weird. Issket puffs at Nayla, rather anxiously. "But I'm not in a bad mood!" Squeak of dismay. Tasi and Xveiya are spared matching looks of ack-I-fear-you!ness, and Bane is given a similarly wary eyeballing. "Eeeeeeeh." Translation: no. She casts a glance at the pile of weapons, prods gingerly at some quasi-fatalistic-looking apparatus with more than a few misgivings. "We actually have to — er — touch these?" Squeak. "Are they disinfected?" Xveiya considers for a moment, calculating the risk. " And if I didn't know how to use them? I'm not saying I don't, but just for…options." She nods to herself, reaching out to grab one of the throwing knives, inspecting it carefully. "Fangy'll have to just stay in his pouch. He can growl, but I don't think he'd but much use."

Aemergin smirks at the ladies apprehension about germs. "I'll take a couple throwing knives.." he says, pointing to a couple decent looking knives.

Nayla chews on her lower lip, glancing from the semi-pointy objects to Issket. "Then I dunno what to tell you. Neither am I. Um. Hm." She stays away from the weapons — especially since Xveiya is present — and continues eyeing them. "Oh, I'm Nayla," she adds as an afterthought to anyone listening.

Tasi smiles at Issket. "Well, this'll keep you from getting into one, then," she says, answering her comment to Nayla and sounding perfectly happy with this solution. "And you can stomp them if you'd rather, and if you have boots," she says with an indifferent shrug. "If you didn't know how to use them….I suppose I could set you in one of the groundweyrs by yourself for a bit, or just with one or two people behind you, if you were really determined to learn how." She nods to Aemergin, gesturing widely as if to indicate that everyone should grab what they want. "Tasi," she says by way of introduction. "Blue Aeokaith's rider, and WingSecond of Sunfire." Whee, jet-set Tasi today.

Xveiya gives a quick nod of her head. "I'd like to learn. I learn fast, because I'm a genius." Her grin is reflected in the throwing knife which she now holds up to her face. She's being tolerable, for once. She should be given knives more often. Tunnelsnake hunting? Something which could be fun? Whoohoo! Ara's there! Well, actually, she is; the girl skips into sight, apparently having been hidden behind something, overhearing the little group of people and their conversation -and, as her next words suggest, liking the thoughts of killing things. "Let's go kill 'em all!" she cheers, laughing softly. She seems.. quite hyper, to say the least; she, bouncing a little on the balls of her toes. A small pause, before the girl blushes a little. "Hello." She probably should have said that first.

Issket fears germs! And cooties. But that's an occupational hazard, so it's (pseudo-)understandable. " Oooh, Nayla. Lovely name. Do you have a sister in the nurseries? Named Nay..something. Very cute." Bubble. She promptly deflates at the topic of hunting, though. " Eeew, /stomping/? Dreadful. This looks .. mostly clean." Enter Issket's Weapon, AKA .. a big thing used to hunt tunnelsnakes. Use your imagination. "Issket. Assistant nanny and all that rot." Xveiya is given an awed look. "A genius? Really?"

Pagan blinks in from ::between::!

Tasi smiles at Xveiya and nods. "Fine…then grab a set, and let me get people set up before you start anything, 'kay?" She grins at the girl, but something in her eyes makes it pretty clear that she means that last bit. "And it's good to see you again, Issket," she comments, too. A nod and smile was given to Aradia, and a soft "Hello," which sounds very odd in the middle of the business-like, brusque instructions.

Nemesis occurs from /between/.

B'ane bends at the waist to examine what appears to be a sport spear-like arrangement only with two prongs at the end. Mm, this could come in handy. And in-between hunts could double as a marshmallow roaster. "I guess I'll go with this," the top of one spike is tested experimentally with one index finger. "'I, I'm B'ane," just like Tasi said. Still having not gotten any information about his posse, the Maverick rider (had to stick a promotional add in their somewhere) calls down his brown firelizard to 'flush' the quarry out. " Nemesis here is a born killer. He's invaluable when it comes to stalking, hiding and killing." In other words, if he were any bigger, you'd all be dead.

Aemergin nods and selects not two but three knives. Carefully he tucks one in each boot, and continues to toy with the third, apparently testing itss weight and balance. "Hmm, these are nice.. hwo many Lizzards would i ned to kill to keep'em?" he asks, glanceing sideways to the rider.

Xveiya blinks at Issket rather stupidly. "Wha?" She's not used to having people believe her. It takes just a moment for her to collect herself, and give a swift nod. "Yes. I am. Absolute genius." She snatches up another knife at Tasi's instructions, retreating towards the edge of the group. It's oh-so-tempting to throw them…but she wants to keep hold of them for as long as possible. "I'm Xveiya," she says to anyone who happens to be listening. " That's Xveiya. Not Xvei, or Ya, or Wemble." Pause. " Or you could call me Bloodsucker."

Tasi very nearly doubles over with laughter, listening to Xveiya. She grins at Aemergin. "Tunnel-snakes, please…don't any of you go stabbing firelizards or anything dimglowed like that. And I'll tell you what…you give me more than three, and you'll get one of the knives. More than six, and you'll get two. Sound fair?" she asks, extending the question to Xveiya, who she expects will ditto the question upon hearing the answer. Second thoughts occur and she adds hastily, "And you have to swear a solemn oath to me that you won't throw 'em around people."

Issket oooohs appreciatively at Xveiya. "Bloodsucker! That's, like, totally awesome." The fact that Iss believes Xveiya to be a genius doesn't hurt, either. B'ane and his .. sport-spear-marshmallow-roaster thing are boggled at. Duuuude. "Wow." Awe. At Tasi's warning about knives and throwing and the such, the nanny goes rather paler than usual. "Around people? Or, er, into people?" Squeak. "Do people routinely die on these trips?"

Serina sashay's in from the Ground Weyrs.

Aemergin blinks with confusuion, then rolls his eyes. He did call them lizzards didn't he.. Figures, the one time he needs his brain to work, it conks out on him. "Yea.. Good idea…" he mumbles, a slight blush on his face. "I'm Aemergin…" he adds in responce to the others introductions

Tasi smiles at Issket, explaining reassuringly, "If they don't throw 'em around people, you can't throw 'em into people." And with that,she spins around and heads down to the ground weyrs, clearly expecting to be followed after people grab their weapon of choice.

You go to the Ground Weyrs.

Ground Weyrs Dark stone arches upwards to vault high above the entrance to these ground-level weyrs. Large enough for more than a few dragons, pillars define the expanse of one smooth dragon-couch from the next, to offer at least the hint of privacy. Redolent, the air struggles towards the vents high above in an attempt to escape the prevalent odors of redwort and numbweed that drift and lurk in every tidy corner. Tunnels branch off like tentacles, heading into dragon-healer's quarters and the infirmary further southeast. Obvious exits: Weyr 1 Weyr 2 Bowl Infirmary

Serina sashay's in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Aradia walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Xveiya walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Aemergin quietly wanders in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Tasi nods, looking around. "All right, we'll start here…the ones we don't get here'll go mostly into the separate weyrs, we can corner them there after that." There's strategy for you. "And Xveiya, you and…Aemergin, was it?" Will come over to the far corner with me…I want to see yoou throw those things carefully before you go anywhere else with 'em."

Curses. Foiled again. However, Xveiya's not one to turn down a deal such as that one. "How about two for a knife, 5 for two knives?" She asks, attempting to strike a bargain. Issket recieves another awkward look, then a grin. "I know. A genius name like that could only come from someone like me." Obediently she moves towards the far corner, squeezing the handle of the knives tightly.

Aemergin smiles and nods. "I think three for one is fair.. " he follows the rider to a clear area " And you can call me Merg if you want.." he watches Xveiya playing with her knife. "So who first?"

Issket just goes about looking intimidated and following everyone else, teeheeing nervously. "Right. No throwing into people." All the same, she edges away from the direction Tasi and the knife-holders are going, discreetly (or not) scooting around B'ane. Human shield! "Whazzyer name again?" Bright-smile.

Tasi shakes her head. "Three for one. And you two can both go at the same time, just over here…I want one of you facing that way, and one of you that way," she says, putting them at about a 45 degree angle to each other, and far away from everyone else. "Watch where they bounce, you'll know if you threw too hard, or hit hilt-first." She turns, grinning at everyone else. "Anyone else, if you have a question, come tap me on the shoulder…but do, please, watch for flying weapons."

Nefret sashays in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Xveiya shuffles into place, eyeing Aemergin dubiously. " I know /I'll/ be perfect, but what if he throws weird and kills me?" Fangy is stroked for comfort, before the girl lifts her arm up, hand near her ear, and then throws it, sending the weapon flying through the air. It clatters against the wall with a rather dull sound. "Does that mean I did it wrong?"

Tasi doesn't answer the right/wrong part of the question, but walks over to put a hand on Xveiya's shoulder. "The dull sound means it hit hilt-first…you'll get more of a clang if you hit with the blade. That was about the right strength behind the throw, though…they're sharp enough, if they hit, they'll stick, you don't have to hurl 'em too hard or anything."

Click-click. The sound of tapping boots on stone gives away Nefret's entrance, and the girl pauses in the entryway. "Looking for tunnelsnakes, is it?" She doesn't really know anyone present, except remembering B'ane from that not-so-faithful night when N'ano was attacked. So a survey of the room is idly taken. "May I help, Wingsecond?" is queried of Tasi after a quick knot-check.

Aemergin nods to Tasi's instructions and turns away from Xve. Carefully he takes the blade between his thumb and index finger, then pulls back and flips the knive towards the target indicated. The first knife hits hits hear the mark but glances off at a slght angle due to lack of power. "Hmm, almost." He takes the other knife and flings, this time, though still a bit off the mark, it sticks blade first. "Heh, now If I can keep doing this good." he smirks and tries the third knife, hitting the target equally off center, but on the other side.

B'ane arranges his assassin-ish brown upon his left, non-throwing arm and then taps the blunt end of the javelin onto the ground to start this wagon train moving. "Remember to check under things that're dark and small. Even the largest ones can surprise you with their ability to squeeze into small places." Immediately heading for some of the cots, Nemesis is shoved into the itty-bitty crannies. He's sort of like a cross between a hunting hawk and a pointer. What's this voice originating from behind him? Arching his back and then doing a 180, he finally locks onto the young woman. "My friends," all four of them or so, " call me B'ane. It's a generic term, so feel free to use it." This time he doesn't quite succeed in repressing a grin and gets all dimply and stuff. "Why not just use something that's not a range weapon? A club or stick is much more accurate, especially when you don't know how to use a knife." Should he be scared in the company of umpteen people who can hardly hold a knife properly? Suddenly Issket's idea of hiding is suddenly of sound logic.

Tasi smiles at Nefret, pleased by the honor. "Tasi's fine," she says with a smile. "And of course." She calls for a drudge and has him bring her pile 'o weapons inside. "Grab something you know how to use, and use it carefully." She realizes the potential dangers, but is keeping a very close eye on everyone, and fully intends to make sure people know what they're doing, or are taught. "And same as Xveiya and Aemergin, if anyone feels unsafe, come ask me…if it's one of my weapons you've got, let me know. Likewise, if you see a neighbor using something unsafely, call me over."

Nefret grins at the array of weapons, and snatches up a small knife in her hands. "-Wonderful-. Not allowed to carry one when I'm on duty, but I can use it." Nefret and a beltknife isn't really dangerous. One must just be careful about calling her name, in case she turns toward said person too quickly. "Thank you, Tasi." And the hunt is on! Sort of!

Issket always has sound logic! It just loses all soundness between her brain and .. everything else. Nefret's arrival is barely noted as she directs a too-bubbly giggle at B'ane. "Generic! Hee. You sound so .. /intelligent/." Glee, glee, Iss is standing by a guy with a dimply grin. Swoon. "Yes, yes, the knives are so .. not-accurate. Range weapons. Of course," she parrots B'ane, beaming pseudo-knowledgeably at everyone else. She'll just stick right next to the bronzerider, mmhmm.

Xveiya nods at Tasi's instruction, truly listening for once. "Alright," she says, making another attempt with her other knife. This one hits blade first, and close to the mark. Having the propensity for violence has to be useful for something. "I got it!"

Rishk plods distractedly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Aradia sidles away from the main group, hefting the knife in one delicate hand; once satisfied that she won't injure anyone, she begins practicing jabbing and such. She's not too bad, but nothing overly special; it'd seem that she's had to wield a knife before. Probably likes hunting tunnelsnakes, or at least chopping large amounts of vegetables. Once she's decided she can mutilate things without hurting other people, she begins searching, her eyes wide; she's silent at the moment, though, her soft, well-worn boots causing no sound. She's got to smother a giggle as she watches Issket, though. Heehee. Bubbles.

Tasi grins at Xveiya, nodding encouragingly. " Nice…i want eight out of you in a row…they don't all have to hit point-first, but none of them can bounce farther than that first one. Let me know when you've done it, or when you've gotten a snake." She turns to look at Aemergin, asking, "How 'bout you?"

Aemergin shrugs, making sure no one is throwing his direction as he gathers his knives up again. "I've got the idea down, but I'm kinda rusty at aiming right now.." Tasi grins, nodding encouragingly. "You'll get it back. Just please, stick in this corner until you're sure you've got it back."

Xveiya nods, shooting a look at Aemergin again. Competition, he is. "Wait…" She blinks, frowning. " You're confusing. People are always confusing. Talking about this, and that…do we get to kill things yet?"

B'ane lowers his head, half sparing a glance to Nemesis-on-the-trail. "Well, I /do/ read a lot.." Tooting one's horn is bound to happen sometime. "But honestly," enough about him, let's talk about Issket. " You, uh, ever killed anything before? Besides, like, bugs 'n stuff . ." Because insignificant insects don't really count as 'lives.' They only live for what, a week tops? "Hey, does that mean we can eat whatever we catch?" Brown eyes skitter across the room. The sad part is, he's actually serious. "Hey," is called somewhat enthusiastically to the red-haired Rishk. " Bring your appetite?" Heh. Humor him.

Tasi nods. "If you see 'em in your corner, or if someone scares one into it, then yes, that's what you're here for. I just don't want anyone running after 'em or anything…that's the best way to get hurt." This last bit is said loudly as she directs it around the room, then turns to wave at Rishk. "Hey there!"

Nefret traces a glance across the ground weyrs, and then sends Stealth Firelizard! onto the job. "Anubis," the messenger explains carefully to the firelizard, as if he understands each and every word perfectly, "I want you to go and find tunnelsnakes for everyone to kill. Okay?" The bronze tilts his head in confusion a moment and then takes off from Nefret's shoulder and gets on the trail. Watch out, Lord of Death on the run.

Nefret releases Anubis, who launches into the air.

Having poked her head into the Ground Weyr on the way to the Living Caverns, Rishk blinks at the large group assembled there. "What's goin' on?" she asks with a raised eyebrow. As she steps fully into the room, she spies few familiar faces, and at the greetings from such, offers waves. "'ey there Tasi, how've ya been?" And there's B'ane! Rishk quickly moves towards the bronzerider, planting herself near him. "Bring my appetite?" Suddenly what's going on sinks in. "Ya'll 'er tunnelsnake huntin'..?" Eyes flicker towards the bronzerider for a second. "And you wanna eat them?" Blink.

Issket flutters in typical Issket-frivolous manner at B'ane, complete with more bubbly (yes, bubbles!) giggles and much pointless hand-gesturing. "Oh, no-no-no-no-no. I like things that are, y'know, not-dead and, like .. flufy and nice. Rabbits are nice." She brightens as Yet Another Person (or Rishk) enters the fray — hey, the more people there are, the less likely that anything'll get to Issket. "I think I killed a little rodenty-thing once. Maybe. Or it might've been dead already. I swept it outside, though!" Babble on, Iss, babble on. The other are treated to a cheerfully vacant look as she casts about an anxiosu eye for any tunnelsnakes that might've popped about already before she eyes Rishk and B'ane again— "Eat them?" Erk.

Xveiya stomps her foot in annoyance. "I have to stay here?" She's a bit of a whiner when she doesn't get her way. "What if none of 'em actually come in here, huh? What then?" She carefully retrieves her thrown knives, holding one in each hand. "Well, I'll kill any of 'em who come in here."

And at that moment, just a *tad* of chaos brews when Anubis spots a 'snake, and Nefret hustles toward where the firelizard is. Bronze chasing it into the open, messenger jumps at the chance and runs after the squrming thing. "Hey! Snake!" cries the dark girl, leaping over a pile of stuff after it, "That way!" She's directing it toward Xveiya, of course, but who knows what could be following it and Nefret — more people? More snakes? An angry Tasi?

Aradia, still searching, chews on her lip and, in the midst of her search, accidentally bumps into B'ane, so busy with her own thoughts that she effectively forgets the bronze rider's presence in the world. She squeals a moment, then backs away. "Oops. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to run into you." She offers a grin, then continues on, only to notice the snake Nefret's chasing. She skitters after it, watching.. watching.. dodging a person. She won't run into anyone else. Really.

Xveiya emits a rather cowardly shriek at the sight of the snake. "It's…alive!" Attempting to remain calm, she hurls the knife at the thing. Of course, she isn't calm, and it bounces harmlessly off a wall. The other knife goes flying as well, this one more towards the mark - but Xvei doesn't stand still long enough to see where it lands. She quickly scoots behind Aemergin. "Your turn!"

Tasi jumps a few armslengths into the air at the shouting, turning around. But fury turns to laughter as she watches snake and Nefret, calling out, "Please don't run," but not really offering any more of a challenge than that. She watches sharply, though, waiting for the not-running to start. up. She grins, nodding approval as she watches Xveiya offer Aemergin a turn /and/ get out of the way, watching for a second before her attention turns to Nefret.

Issket squeals — so girlish it hurts — and scuttles around to keep B'ane between her and the manic-chased tunnelsnake. Spaz. "Snake! Ee! —eeew, it's — eee!" Flying knives! How .. nifty, even if they don't hit Issket (yet). Flail.

Aemergin nods.. "Allright" he nods, flipping another knife and hitting a bit closer. The fifth and sixth knife are thrown from the hilt, though accordingly, they hit hilt first. "Whoops, thats not going to work." Merg smirks and gathers the knives up again. "I think I'll be ok, I'll get better the more I throw." As the girl beside him shrieks and dives for protection behind his back, Aemergin scowls and moves aside, leaving her in the open. "Watch it! I'm not the target… Ooo! theres a snake!" the boy forgets about the practice and pockets the extra two knives, walking sideways to keep a clear view of the snake. "If they'll get out of the way I'd have a chance."

Zip! There goes Nefret again after her target, speedy as ever. She is a messenger, after all — Nefret Means Speed. "Sorry!" she cries out to Tasi, but doesn't stop running … apparently she missed part of that order, and the bluerider -is- laughing. "Anyone see another?" There must be another snake to chase somewhere, right? Not ready to throw her knife yet, Nefret actually thinks she can maneuver well enough to be right above the thing and stab it. Yeah. Right.

B'ane practically leaps when someone calls out 'snake' and then tries to get away from the skirmish. "Whoa, stampede, watch out for toes and fingers!" B'ane's advise is always so practically - and utterly obvious. " Don't worry about it, I'm not injured or anything," Aradia is given a quick look-over to make sure she didn't run into his pike or anything. But no, the girl doesn't seem to be impaled. "Bumping's bound to happen with us millin' around anwyay." Oh hey now, the snake won't get you. I'm far too quick for it." Wait, did one just slither over his boot? Some champion /he/ is. " Yah, nothing like fresh tunnelsnake, Rishk. I'll have to fix y'up some someday. " It's the other white meat. Smirking to himself, he wonders if the 'snake's going in the direction of N'ano's weyr.

Tasi sights and eyerolls, walking straight forward to intersect Nefret's path and reaching down, clearly intent on grabbing the errant messenger. "What did I say?" she asks, bending down…even if the girl gets through her hands, chances are she'll run smack into the bluerider. Who, by the way, isn't laughing now.

Xveiya moves out from behind Aemergin to reclaim her thrown knives, careful to stay far away from the snake. She takes careful aim, checking for any innocent bystanders before heaving the knife again, her aim even better this time. "Did I hit it?" She could see, as she ducked into hiding again after her toss.

Ooooh, potential drama. For a moment, Issket shuts up with the panicky squeaking and turns to watch the impending Tasi-Nefret collision, wide-eyed behind the glasses. Must get good records for the gossipmill. " Eee, watch out for that—" Bluerider?

The expected clang or thud is not heard…a good sign that the critter's been hit.

Flinching at the shouting, greenrider Rishk retreats a pace, Giry chittering excitedly on her shoulder. "Oh, go join if you have to. I thought you were afraid of tunnelsnakes. It's always Nadir that finds them." Rolling her mismatched eyes, she too is suddenly bumped into during the stampede and jerks to her right, most likely into someone else. Domino effect! " Everyone…" Rishk pipes up, raising a finger. "No need to hurry…" And who would want to? At this point, Giry takes off and heads in with the rest, leaving Rishk sighing and tapping her foot. "Alright B'ane, you do that," Rishk eventually comments. "We'll have a party or something."

RabidFish blinks in from ::between::!

Aradia pauses in her path now, years of ingrained obedience stopping her in her shiny running tracks. She finds herself overhearing part of a conversation about eating tunnelsnake, which turns her head. "Are you serious? It sounds kinda icky, though… not as much as, say, raw fish." A look is sent Xveiya's way, but she doesn't really expect for Bloosucker to hear. Or care. Still. She watches the tunnelsnake, blinking slowly… and, apparently deciding that there's enough people after that one, she resumes her search for one for herself to kill. She could use a good knife.

Screeching to a stop - figuratively, anyway - right in front of Tasi, Nefret as a careful runner is not easy to catch. However, she notices before colliding and has the sense to pause. "Er … I'm sorry, Wingsecond," Inserting rank seems to be appropos to the hold girl, as now Tasi isn't laughing. She's mad. " I won't run anymore. Honest." She really does look ashamed — which means she's seriously sorry, something Nefret rarely is.

Xveiya pokes her head out again, blinking as there's no 'clang'. "Hey!" She points to the snake on the ground, which lies silent. "I think I killed it." Score one for Bloodsucker. The words 'raw fish' reach her ears, but for once she's more preoccupied with the dead tunnelsnake. She approaches it slowly, reaching to withdraw her knife from its body. "Ooh…look. It's dripping stuff."

Tasi nods, looking pleased with the answer. "Good," she says shortly, not smiling yet but at least not frowning anymore. "Off you go," she says, and steps out of the messenger's way. "Did you get one?" she asks to Xveiya as she moves closer, watching carefully for weapons as she moves across the room.

Aemergin frowns and lowers his knife slowly, seems how the mob has congregated around the snake. If it wasn't dead from all the weapons pointed its way, it will be shortly from all the feet trampeling it. In either case, Merg turns and accompanies Aratia Aradia

Issket goes a tad green at mention of, "Dripping stuff?" Her own weapon-thing is gone, presumably dropped when she went all squeal-skitter-run! from the tunnelsnake chaos. Pulling a rather disgusted face, she scoots around the crowd (and the tunnelsnake) Nefret-wards, peering over the messenger's shoulder at the quasi-carnage. "Oh. —/eeew/. It /is/ dripping stuff."

"Stuff?" Nefret queries stupidly, thinking maybe the snake's lost its lunch all over the floor. "Oh, it's -blood-," she clarifies to herself and any around her who really weren't aware of what it was. "It's dead? Good job, kid," states Nefret with a grin. No idea what the girl's name is, so 'kid' will have to do.

Aradia looks up as she notes Amergin's presence; she flashes him a smile, and, /really/ not wanting to look at dripping tunnelsnake guts - quite understandably, right? Right? Just because the rest of the world has decided it's a sight worth seeing. Twisted, twisted people. She drops into a half-crouch, so as better to see into the shadows.

B'ane defends the honor of the tunnelsnake - or at least its meat value. "It's actually pretty good. If anyone here has ever had porcine," in which case he's only had it once or twice. "It resembles that the most; sort of sweet-tasting. Especially grilled over an open fire." It's a good thing all of the noise is covering up his stomach's vocalization."Ooo-eh, you got one?" Side-stepping over to Nemesis, B'ane squats and watches the flizzard wrangle with a . . piece of molted skin. "Nice try, Nem. Just try to get one with the snake /in/ there next time." But the brown does deserve some credit and is rewarded with a tender pat to the area between his scimitar-like wings. "Grab a club or something?" Is fed over to Rishk.

Rishk's eyes widen as she stares at the carnage in front of her. "I think…. I might be sick." Yes, the greenrider can take her dragon slaughtering innocent herdbeasts, but not firelizards mutilating a tunnelsnake carcass. Giry quickly moves out of her humanpet's sight, that way Rishk won't get even more upset. Leaning up against a wall, Rishk looks over at B'ane and grins. "Like I said, I'd give it a try. You make it, I'll bring the wine."

Aemergin hasn't been much in the way of the hunting and skining of animals, too gruesome. But he has always been game for extermination. "I think any tunnelsnake in this cavern was scared away when Issket screemed, there might be some a bit farther away." With a brilliant idea that just slammed into his head, Merg jerks his shoulder, dislodging the blue. "comeon lazy butt, get going, I can't do this alone."

Xveiya glares at Nefret, hands on hips, bloody knife in hand. "The name is Xveiya. Or Bloodsucker." She glances towards the carcass, and then adds, "And maybe Tunnelsnake Killer. But /nothing else/." Or else her foot will find its way to Nefret's shin.

A slithering form moves over near Aradia and Aemergin, nearly hidden in the corner between wall and floor.

Aemergin releases Jason, who launches into the air.

"I didn't /scream/," Issket tries to defend herself rather shrilly, turning her gaze from drippy-carcass to Aemergin (and what's behind Aemergin), and /shrieks/. "EEE!" Pause. "Wait, never mind. That was a firelizard. Carry on." Pause again. Squint. "Are firelizards .. er .. wait a minute." Glasses are taken off. Must clean. Arr.

Tasi grins at Xveiya. "Congratulation..think you can snag two more? And go ahead and dump carcasses in the sack by the door." She looks over at Rishk, looking mildly concerned. "Maybe go up and take a few deep breaths?"

Nefret smiles rather widely — it's different from a grin, you see. "Okay, Bloodsucker. I'm Nefret, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." That really is a great name for a little girl. "How about … Bloodsucker Xveiya, the Tunnelsnake Killer?" Put 'em all in one. Nodnod.

Jason squeels and darts back behind Aemergin. "Whats up with you?" he exclaims, then turns back tot he shadows as an image of a snake finds its way into Amers thoughts. "Ooo! I think theres a snake in there…" he squats down while taking the knife in his hand.

Xveiya continues to glare at Nefret, expression darkening further at the words 'little girl'. "Don't call me a little girl. I just killed the tunnelsnake that you chased around." There's a pause as she considers the second statement. "I will, however, accept that name. You're a visionary member of my okay list." She said visionary, and she meant visionary. Really. With a stomp of her foot she returns to the carcass, grabbing hold of it as best she can. A bit of blood gets on her clothing, but the girl doesn't seem to care much. Tug, tug.

Tasi smiles gently. "Visionary?" she asks, but turns around as a tunnelsnake makes its way through a corner. One knife hits right in front of the tunnelsnake, the second one glances off, and the snake stops moving, apparently stunned. She strides over, grabs the tunnelsnake by the tail, and whacks it, business-like, against a wall with a sickening 'crack.' It's dead.

Issket watches, and listens, and — "That was disgusting. Eew. You, messenger-girl—" Meaning Nefret. She scurries after the other girl, looking rather desperate to escape the tunnelsnake slaughter. " Wait for me!" And off they go.

Yes, put all of the carcasses in a bag so B'ane can collect them easier. Might as well not allow anything to go to waste even if it is vermin. "Sounds like a good deal to me." Rishk is appraised. "But it'll just have to be soon because I don't know how long the meat'll keep." But just wait until he has to cook it. Might want to bring a napkin to spit it in. Suddenly not wanting to stalk prey the size of his boot, the bronzer leans up against the cool wall and allows his flit to have his fun. "/Nice/ one, Tasi." Or maybe he's just happy because he'll get to eat more. And then a state of quiet engrossing behavior strikes him as he's conversing with Aboleoth.

Xveiya pauses in her snake-tugging to nod fiercely to Tasi. "Yes, visionary. What else would I mean?" Her vocabulary is excellent - but the application needs some work. Her tunnelsnake is dragged over to the designated spot, and dumped uncerimoniously. Then Xvei quickly moves back to the rest of the group, looking around for a snake. "Is that one there?" She asis, pointing at…something. Something that's either a shadow or a snake. With a battle cry, she throws her knife, aim improving with the practice.

Aradia blinks twice, then nods. "Probably, but it's still worth a try." The slender brunette turns around to hear Tasi kill a 'snake; she claps softly. " Whoohoo! That looked much less panicky than the last one." She laughs softly, before continuing her search, moving further and further from the group, half-crouched. Snakesnake? Anywhere? She pads away a bit, knife held ready.

A quick slither makes it clear that there was, indeed, a tunnelsnake there. It slithers off, undamaged but startled, spooked out of its hiding place.

Rishk waves a hand and stares at the ground, eyes flickering to her fellow Estrogen-sister. "No, no.. I'm fine.. just a little queasy is all.. Maybe if I had some wine or something.." Shrugging her shoulders, she then watches Tasi with her own tunnelsnake and grimaces. Giry then returns, a tunnelsnake dangling out of her mouth. "Good job, little girl. Why don't you take that our to Ima.. she'll enjoy it." And so the firelizard zips out as ordered, and Rishk laughs at herself. "I'm so strange." As B'ane zones out near her, she simply stares out ahead of her before patting him on the arm and whispering something. "I'm gonna head out," she calls to Tasi before waving and slipping through the entrance.

Rishk plods distractedly to the Bowl.

Tasi is too busy smiling smugly at the dead tunnelsnake to notice Aradia's smile or Rishk's wave. She moves to dump it in the sack, then comes back, smiling at Aradia as she finally, belatedly, registers the comment.

Xveiya cackles, brandishing her other knife, the already bloody one. "I knew it!" She checks to make sure no one is in the way before she takes another shot, using a little more force this time. Hopefully a spooked snake is easier to hit. "How many have we gotten, then?"

The snake nearly avoids the blade, but gets caught by it a little, back breaking in one place. It's hit, but not dead.

Tasi shrugs. "Not sure…I got one, you got one…Has anyone else, or anyone's firelizard?" she asks. She obviously wasn't paying too much attention to the firelizards. " I haven't got any, yet—ooh!" Aradia spots what she thinks is movement, in a shadow; squeaking softly, she creeps forward, before - checking around her to make sure she won't injure anyone - slashing downwards. If there's none there, shes gonna look like a fool. Ahh, well.

Aradia's target squirms - there was one there, but a few fingerslength to the left. It scoots between her legs, trying to make a hasty escape

Xveiya gives Fangy a little squeeze as her knife hits something, hopefully stunning the creature. She bends over to retrieve her other knife, then takes a few quick steps over to where she last saw the thing. She's without much light, and it was in the shadow - she stabs at it, hoping to connect with flesh instead of floor.

Aemergin steps away from the tunnelsnakes as Jason flushes them out, Aemergin directing his flitter to other possible hiding places by mental suggestions. Its a crude techniqe, but it seems to be effective. As the snake slithers between Aradas legs, Aemergin jumps back a bit, then flings a knife at it, a bit harder than he intended, but it does impact and make a satisfying THUG.

Aradia squeals, leaping away; she turns, though, after a moment, to see Aemergin get it. "Whoohoo! Another one down! Yay for teamwork!" This puts her in mind of another piece of conversation with Xveiya, and her gaze flickers over to the girl; a thoughtful, almost dremy cast comes over her eyes.

Xveiya's tunnelsnake is hit again, movements slowing until it dies for real.

Tasi grins over at Aradia and Aemergin, hearing the cheer. "Nice," she calls over, then sends the same nod of approval at Xveiya as she hits one, as well. at = to

Xveiya withdraws her knife, grinning at the sight of the blood on the blade. Perhaps a bit too morbid, she is. "There. It's dead dead. Not just dead." She smirks, and begins to haul the carcass back towards the pile. "That's two. I just need one more!"

Tasi calls after Xveiya, "You want to wipe off those blades before the blood dries on 'em." And with that, she's off to stalk another tunnelsnake.

Aemergin smirks and pulls his knife out of the carcas, evidently he hit somthing vital enough to stop it. Quickly he wipes it on his pantleg, a red stain left behind as he goes in search of the next Snake to be flushed out.

Xveiya glances down at the blade in her hand. "Oh, right," she says absently, wiping the filthy thing on her already filthy shirt. She glances down, nodding in approval at the stains. "Goes well with the name Bloodsucker." And with that, she's off to stalk more snakes.

Tasi flushes one out, calling, "Aradia, headed over toward you." A second one in the same area gets caught with a neat toss that sends a knife sparkling through the air.

Aemergin hears Tasi's call and turns around. Aradia seems distracted by somthing else, so Aemergin flings the pre-used knife but only succeeds on glanceing it off the scale hide. "Arada! watchout!" he calls as he flings another dagger, this time at least hitting the thing on the head with the blunt end, though it hardly stuns it.

Xveiya appears at Tasi's side, frowning up at the bluerider. "See any?" She asks, squinting into the darkness. "I don't see any right now…" She mutters something under her breath, clenching and losening her fist around the knife.

Tasi grins at Xveiya, holding up one hand silently in a 'wait' gesture. She tosses a knife carelessly, smiling, quite pleased with herself as it hits hilt-first just next to a basket, startling a snake out from behind it and out towards Xveiya.

Xveiya opens her mouth to say something, but shuts it again at the snight of another snake. With a battle cry of "For Fangy!" the girl tosses the knife directly at the snake, aiming for the head. This is for her knife, see…so her aim is extra good. She lets out a whoop as the knife hits its mark, and the snake shudders into silence.

Jason hisses at the vile beast, and launches himself at the tunnelsnake. The fair sized blue streaking to the thing with blazeing red eyes and latches onto its back, gnawing at its kneck. The flitter finally succeeds in breaking through the scale and renders the thing limp.

Tasi cheers for the girl, applauding with a grin. " And you have your choice, now. Grab a knife." She grins, holding out her own set as well. They're a bit fancier-looking, although the ones Xveiya's been using are balanced just as well.

Xveiya glances enviously at Tasi's knives for a moment, then shakes her head. "I want that one," she says, pointing to the one embedded in the tunnelsnake's head. "That's mine." She snatches it up, and then makes a beeline for the door, hoping no one will stop her.

Tasi waves after Xveiya, chuckling. "Thought she'd choose that way." She turns to grin at Aemergin. "So have you gotten three? Or you and your firelizard combined?" She grins.

Aemergin smirks and gently caresses his flitters back to coax the kid to release its prey. "Good job, you can let go now, its dead." he smiles and lifts the flitter off by his back, laying Jas on his shoulder and picking up the knives. "Well, lets see if we can find a couple more.." As he stands up, Merg looks around and realises Aradia isnt around anymore. " Where'd she go?" he asks, noteing that the rest were moving off into a different area.. "Hey wait up!"

Tasi nods. "Go for it," she says with a grin, waiting to see if he earns a knife out of it.

Aemergin has gotten two, looking for a third.

As merg runs towards the rest of the group, a shadow squeeks and begins slithering away. nearly scared out of his skin by the surprise, Merg grabs a knife and flings it at the shadowe before he really realises what it is. His apprehension at hurting somthing other than a tunnel snake is relieved when the knife is imbedded into the things belly and sends it squirming into the midle of the hall. in desperation to kill the thing, Merg grabs the other two knives in his boots and flings them into it as well, one after the other, using his left hand for one. "Got it!" he snarles with glee. "And a left hand too!" Murphy knows that he could never do that if he was trying to deliberately.

Tasi nods. "Nicely done. And you earned one of those beauties, too, y'know," she says with a grin. She does, however, make the same offer to Merg that she made for Xveiya, holding out her own set as well.

Aemergin blinks and looks up, picking the snake up by the tail and flinging it onto the pile. "Hmm, I think this one is fine.. It's got good balance, and I wouldn't want to seperate your collection." he smiles and pulls the first he threw from the belly and hands the other two to Tasi. "Thank you, though. " he nods, " So where do you want to look now?" he asks, just realiseing that nearly everyone else has already left..

Tasi smiles, nodding. She's clearly pleased by this, although her offer was in earnest - she does have more than one set, after all. She wipes the other two off carefully, as well as her own, and heads toward the sack. "I think we can call it a day, Merg," she calls over her shoulder. "If you wouldn't mind making one last sweep and making sure all the carcasses ended up in the sack, I'd appreciate it."

Aemergin nods. "Sure thing, though I might want to keep one to reward my attack flitter." he grins and turns to scan the halls again. "Seeya around!" Wow, hunting with a wingsecond! nothing could be better except hunting with a Wingleader, bronze no less."

Tasi begins to clean up her weapons, wiping each one off carefully before wrapping them up. They go in another sack, which she retrieves from a side passage. " We made an excellent go at it today," she says with a grin.

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