Tunic Time - Clutch 41

Weyrling Barracks
Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures…. [look closer]
Brown Khonsath, bronze Azmaioth, blue Nokith, green Izlasth, green Safuriketh, and gold Ryazusith are here.
D'lan, Tasi, and U'ric are here.

Khonsath is still awake, for the moment, all curled up on his couch. The brown's snout and paws are smeared with what appears to be dried earth, and matching paw prints can be seen, concentrated around and on the brown's couch itself; all of this reluctantly to his riders opinion, for U'ric had tried convincing Khonsath to take a bath, but the brown stubbornly refused and insisted that he wished to remain in the state for was more the night, and well maybe the pair of them could try a bath tomorrow. At this very moment, U'ric is digging through some of the lower drawers of the shelving against the northern wall, not more than a few feet away from the couch that the Weyrlingmasters …that the Weyrlingmasters' had assigned him and his brown. More than a few shirts are drapped on a chair nearby; while U'ric, himself, is currently trying to fit himself into a shirt that is just a bit on the snug side. He hasn't even gotten to finding pants yet.

Tasi is back in the barracks…she seems to like it here. She looks around as she watches the dragons and weyrlings settle in, smiling peacefully until the moment that she spots the mess that is Khonsath, and the clutter that is U'ric's pile of clothing. "May I help you two?" she asks softly. Her voice, while friendly, still indicates a potential danger if the correct answers are not provided in a prompt manner.

U'ric turns at the question just as he manages to pull the current shirt down over his chest, eyes widening for just a moment, "Ah, no ma'am, thankyou ma'am, I'm was just trying to find a uniform that fits properly, and ah…." he stops momentarily and attempts to lift his arms up, which doesn't work too well, and so he continues, "This one doesn't seem to fit either, are we allowed to have the uniform's stitching altered so it fits better?" He had just only discovered where the extra uniforms were kept yesterday evening and had not had the opportunity to begin sorting through until now, so there's why the question. Khonsath rumbles softly at the assistant weyrlingmaster, eyes whirling a very slow blue-green; U'ric glances at the brown a moment and than looks back at Tasi, a half-scared grin on his face. He is hoping for the unattainable, that she won't ask questions about the brown's current state.

Tasi smiles, nodding. "Of course. Actually, I'm a fair hand with a needle, and I've probably got more time on my hands than you. And we can't exactly let the seamstresses march in to take their measurements. I tell you what, I think there's a spare measuring string in the drawer with the uniforms, why don't we just find the closest fit now, and I'll make any adjustments you need? I don't want Sapha getting bent out of shape because her weyrlings don't look like weyrlings yet."

"Thankyou, Ma'am, I really do appreciate it." is spoken with a nod, before U'ric turns to fish in the bottom of the drawer he's got open, coming back empty handed at first, and so he pulls open the next drawer up, reveiling pants, prompting the question, "Ah, are there more uniforms stored?" which may or may not be a question, as he rummages along the bottom of this drawer and finds a rather antiquated measuring tape, "Well, ah, hmmm." he comments laying it on top of the shirts hanging over the chair. He pushes back in the drawer with pants, presumably to go back to sorting through shirts.

Tasi grins. "There are more on the other side of the barracks. And while you're over there, you might grab a mop and clean up some of the mud as well." It's a casual comment, and at least she's neither asking questions nor demanding a bath for Khonsath, but apparently muddy floors are on Tasi's list of weyrling no-nos. "They're supposed to be stacked smallest to largest, if that helps," she calls over her shoulder as she turns away and heads for another drawer, rummaging for a scrap of hide and a pen to write her measurements.

U'ric hangs his head, with sigh, and than straightens, nodding, "Yes ma'am." he answers softly with a small smile, thankful that he doesn't have to discuss bathing the brown again, and yet at the same time, feeling rather stupid for not having thought to mop the floor. He strolls over to the other drawers, pulling open a few drawers before finding the shirts one, grabs about fours from the middle of the collection present and lays them over his shoulder before collecting the mop and bucket, and than trundling this assortment of items back to Khonsath's couch, and the chair and table combination near Tasi. The shirts are set on the table, the shirt on his back peeled off with a grunt and than laid on top of the others, so he can fold it in a moment. He surveys the floor, and prepares to mop why asking, "Ah, Ma'am, I wanted to um, ask, ah…" there is a pause as he discusses something with Khonsath, the brown just barely still awake now, the first two eyelids mostly closed, "Ah, Khonsath told me he wanted to sleep the way he is, he says it makes him comfortable, and I was wondering what I should do if he didn't want to bathe tomrrow? Becuase he said he'll consider it…." the new rider looks a bit conflicted, let the dragon feel comfortable, or demand that he bathe. Does fresh dirt have a good smell?

Tasi laughs. "Well, he can stay muddy until he needs oil…but he'll need oil tomorrow, and he'll know it when he's itchy. The dried mud flaking off of him will only make him itchier. I don't think you'll have any problem convincing him to bathe tomorrow, and he's welcome to stay muddy tonight. As long as the mud gets cleaned up, so that no one else has to track through it." She nods her head towards the uniforms he's brought over. "Think some of those should fit fairly closely?"

U'ric answers while mopping, not something that's going to take overly long, since he'd managed to keep Khonsath outside while most of the mud had dried, "Ah, I think they'll be a better match, I'd pulled the first two there," he head nods to indicate the two that he's tried first, "from the bottom, and the other just now from the top." he colors a bit while explaining, "I didn't know if they were in order, these should be more my size." meaning the ones he just brought over. Bucket is pulled slightly away from Khonath's couch as he begins to finish.

"What are you looking for?" Minka walks over to where Tasi and U'ric search, boxy gold Ryazusith following at a steady, slinking pace. She pauses near to the first set of drawers, leaning to the side, quickly catching on to the topic at hand, "Ah. Uniforms.." She trails off, one hand self-consciously rising to pat at her new mop of short curls. There's a flicker of worry there, Min shaking it off with a good natured grin directed towards U'ric's Khonsath. Rya follows her gaze, thumping her weight heavily down on the ground - whirled gaze fixated upon muddied paws and the like. Minka stifles a groan, "Rya thinks Khonsath needs a bath. And she says she can't imagine why he'd prefer dirt to cool water." Upon Tasi's comment about itchiness and oiling, Minka reaches over to pick up a pot of oil, "That's an idea.." She gets a decent glob of the oil out, plonking it straight down onto the particularly flaky patch on Ryazusith's back.

Tasi grins. "They're probably only somewhat in order, but it should help you track down some clothing closer to your size." She looks up as Minka and Ryazusith approach, smiling. "Hunting down a weyrling uniform that won't require too much alteration to fit U'ric comfortably, and scheming ways to keep poor Khonsath a little more clean than he is right now. And I, personally, wholeheartedly agree with Ryazusith. I'm not a big fan of mud either." She grins as the goldrider heads for the oil. "That part of the job never ends, does it?" Turning back to U'ric, she waits until he's done with his mopping, then gestures for him to try on the shirt.

Khonsath is rumbles again, a soft growling sound like the crashing of rocks heard from a far distance, and closes all his eyelids, he is going to sleep muddy because he wants to. U'ric pulls the bucket even further away from Khonsath as he gets the last of the brown's tracks, "Well, I think he'll agree to bathing tomorrow." he pauses, and mentions while wheeling the bucket -holding mop- back into its' corner, someone remind him to refill the water later, "We did swim and bathe earlier, and than Khonsath wanted to explore." he shrugs, not really knowing what else to add there. He returns, folding the too-small shirt and the opening another to inspect it before trying it on… it looks close to fitting.

Minka massages the sweet-smelling oil deftly across flaky patches, smoothing out the rough areas and banishing itches, agreeing, "Never." Then again, she's only been at it a few days yet - the drone will obviously set in more in the sevendays and months to come. She points, with her un-oily hand, past U'ric to another set of drawers further down, "That's where I got mine from. There were some roughly your size left if I recall.. That is, if that shirt doesn't work out." She adjusts her own tunic, other hand still working on rubbing in the oil properly. Back on the subject of ensuring Khonsath's cleanliness, Minka adds, "Likes mud does he? Well it could prove to be a bit of a problem in the cleanliness of his hide, but.." Pause. There's another pained look, "Yes.. Rya!" She blushes, a laugh following, "Rya says U'ric just needs to use the mop on Khonsath." Oily-hand pats the gold's neck fondly, Min adding, "Ryazusith just wants to go to the beach. She's picking up all my pictures of it." She looks back to the young weyrling, "But not yet. In a few sevendays, we'll go see it."

Tasi smiles. "Thanks, Minka…things've moved around so much since I was a Weyrling that I don't know where all the sizes are kept anymore. And don't worry about oil-stains. I promise, even if you pick a uniform without any, it'll have them by the time you're done." She grins ruefully. "Cleanliness is overrated..that's what some wise weyrlingmaster told me a long time ago." She smiles back at Minka. "Ryazusith is catching on quickly, then? You'll have to take my reminder to heart and make sure she sticks to the rules."

Ryazusith senses Khonsath rolls gently into your thoughts with the light, slumbering grumbles of a bear, flavoured with the scent and shimmering colours of honey, » I enjoy the earth, thankyou, I would highly suggest the experience « a pause before an even softer, » You could bathe after, if you really cared. «

Ryazusith thinks to you, « I bespoke Khonsath with: Ryazusith tentatively dips into your thoughts with a touch so light it's barely felt. As she grows familiar with the mental landscape she's discovered, sudden blooms of bright red follow and a heady floral scent follows. « Do you? How nice. » There's a silence then, a whisper of fallen leaves marring her next thought. « I prefer the water. I like being cold. And I like being clean. But I have no objections to be shown this earth you speak of and it's merits. » Prim, proper. « Yes, I might like that. » »

U'ric nods and smiles at Minka, casually speaking, "Maybe I'll try that tomorrow, or just a damp cloth might do." he muses while trying the next shirt, which is larger yet, and then the third, which reverts to something that appears to fit just right. U'ric grins at the find, and holding up his arms, asks while turning around slowly, "So, what do you think?" Someone should let him know of the rip in the back, near the inner side of the left shoulder blade, or not? And see if he ever notices?

Minka grins, "I had to go through quite a many draws before I found a decent fit, you see. That's the only reason I know so much." And it had taken a decent chunk of time sorting through the draws. And making sure what she tossed on the ground wasn't chewed upon. Done with the patch she'd intended to fix up, Min returns the pot of oil to it's resting place, wiping her hands on a nearby cloth, "Yes, actually. It's generally out of the blue, and she'll mention something about a person or a location I was thinking about. It was sort of unsettling before, but I've gotten used to it." She grins, "And I guess I was thinking about taking a dip in the beach, and Rya immediately piped up about insisting it was our first stop when these rules and restrictions are lifted. Apparently the water in here is often to warm for her liking.." The rip in U'ric's shirt goes unnoticed by Minka, her gaze still busily wandering over Rya's hide, checking for other rough patches.

Ryazusith senses Khonsath settles again to impart slowly, sleep taking over the thoughts, no colour here, and just the faintest breeze of spiced sugar « I would enjoy showing you some day, that would be pleasant. » the brown fades away, like the ceasing silence of a rockslide.

Tasi grins. "So how many uniforms did your Ryazusith get to while you were trying things on?" she asks shrewdly, winking as she talks. "And I'm glad to hear that you have plans for your first day of freedom…the beach is lovely, I'm sure you'll have fun there." This is spoken both toward the rider and the dragon, before Tasi turns around to look speculatively at U'ric. "If we fix the tear in the back, it looks like it'll be a good fit. How does it feel? Can you move comfortably?"

Ryazusith thinks to you, « I bespoke Khonsath with: Ryazusith is no longer bubbly and in bloom, rather there's the darker sense of her mind's wanderings and rambling, a thick veil hanging. « I should hope so. » Again, she's off on a tangent; strings of thought barrelling past and mistakenly transmitted in absolute coherence. »

"…get to…?" U'ric murmurs before turnign to face Tasi, rasing his face to ask in a concerned fashion, "Tear, huh? where?" while he is attempting to feel where the tear is, with the shirt still on. He locates it, frowns slightly, and than grins, "Well, it's feels good, I can certainty move around well in it, and it's not hanging too loosely." U'ric carefully takes the shirt off, setting it out on the table to survey the tear, before handing it to Tasi, "You'd be able to fix that, right?" he asks to be sure.

Minka laughs, blushing as she admits to Tasi, "Just the one. But no shredding this time, just a bit of saliva and the like. I left it out, and I intended to wash it - I do hope some poor weyrling hasn't taken to wearing it already." At least the drool was probably dry by that stage." Grinning, she continues, "But yes, I'm looking forward to it too. But there's not much time to dwell on the fact we are stuck in here for the meantime, there's always something that needs to be done." Or gossip, or such. Minka then looks straight at U'ric, commenting lightly, "Try not to pay heed to her rambling.. She's just excited, I think." Ryazusith lets the talk about her fly over her head, content to lean her head heavily against Minka's legs, the young woman reaching a hand out to place against the set of drawers nearby to steady herself as a rest for Rya.

Tasi chuckles softly, shaking her head. "I'd never thought about what would happen if one of our dragonets started chewing on things. Guess we should've thought ahead. And don't worry if someone's wearing it. Same thing goes for slobber as for oil, they'll probably be covered in it soon enough anyway." She smiles. "U'ric, if that shirt fits, then I'll take it with me tonight and fix the tear."

U'ric's smile twitches as Khonsath twitches and yelps in his sleep, almost in the fashion of a canine except lower pitched, "Yes, Ma'am, it fits great, ah…" a pause for a minute as U'ric focuses on something within the brown's thoughts, "…uh, yeah, its great, cept the tear." is spoken as he starts to fold the remaining unfolded shirts. Not a great deal of neatness is put into this process, as most were only loosely folded to begin with, and than he's moving to put them in proper drawers, "I think I'll be able to find pants that fit fine, I even think I shall a pair, if someone else hasn't gotten them." he mentions, for Tasi, and than he finally replies to Minka, "Oh, don' worry, Khonsath don' mind. And niethr do I." including himself in this remark is almost secondary, but either way, the brown and himself weren't bothered by ramblings.

Minka grins, "Well I'll do my best to keep her away from anything important and anything dangerous." So watch out blankets and such. Rya must chew, "Anyway, it's awful late isn't it." She squints towards the exit of the barracks, commenting, "And I'd best head to sleep." The dragonet at her feet is obviously seconding that idea, sleep-ridden eyelids drooping, maw opening in the resemblance of a draconic yawn. U'ric earns another smile, "Well that's good. I daresay it will just keep getting worse in the future.." She nods to both U'ric and Tasi then, "Good night then, I'll see you both in the morning for lessons." She then proceeds to walk back to Ryazusith's couch, assisting in

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