Tuber Peeling

[[logged by Yla]]


The kitchens, smaller than the living cavern, also feature rounded igneous walls, inset with gold specks of volcanic glass, although the gold seems far less deliberate here, more patchy and irregular. This seems like a natural lava tube, leading into the living cavern and dead-ending after a sharp turn to one side. Broad, scarred tables fill this area along with chopping blocks, dented copper pots, and a row of huge sinks, dug by ingenious method into the rock itself, draining to some unknown point and fed by clear cool water, perhaps from the same source as the artificial waterfall outside.

Gliding about are Fiendish and Armand.

Izzady and Nanoc are here.

Nanoc finds it minorly suspicious that the bakers are suddenly luring him into the kitchens, when before, they used to toss the tubers that he's currently peeling, at him. Odd. Sighing, he looks over at the fellow healer-turned candie, stopping momentarily to wipe his hands "You get snagged too for bein' up this late to make somethin' productive of it?" Late, early. It's all the same. As Beyla enters, he tosses over a peeling device "Here y'go… might as well join in!" No explanation. Just do it.

Izzady groans a little as he hefts a large sac of unpeeled tubers. He sets it down with a plop on the counter, and turns to his fellow candie. "Hey Nan, lookie here! More tubers!" A half sarcastic grin crosses his face as he dumps out several of them into the nearest container available, and shrugs. "Yeah… We should learn to just stay in bed…" He smiles to Beyla, sorta sympathetically, but that doesn't stop him from pushing a pile of the vile things over infront of her.

If you think for one minute that Beyla's going to attempt to catch an object designed to remove the skin of a vegetable with her hands, you are very much mistaken. Never mind that those things are about as sharp as a lapine's tail. Beyla sighs as it clatters to the ground by her feet. "Tubers?" Eww! "I only came in here to get a glass of water."

Izzady chuckles slightly at Beyla. "Yeah… That's what you'd like to think… But, you see, you /really/ came in here to peel tubers like a good little candie." He manouvers his own peeler as well as he can, and still manages to maul the tubers. Shrug. Oh well, they just need to be peeled, not perfected.

Nanoc shakes his head as he scurries to the door, closing it behind him "Uh uh uuuh! Ye ain't goin' nowhere! If we're gettin' stuck in here to do 'em, so are you." There's no comprimising. Muwaa. "I still can't figure out those why those bakers are makin' me do all this… shards, they used to chase after me with 'em! And now this? This is like the second time they even let me in their kitchen!"

Beyla bends down to pick up the tuber peeling thing, holding it between her thumb and forefinger like it's going to jump at her and bite her. "I'm sorry… 'little'?" She pouts distinctly. "I'm not little. I'm… a shortie. Oh, just pass me a sharding tuber." She drops into a seat, huffing slightly. Forget the fact that she's trying to avoid less pleasant chores.

Nanoc grins, obviously satisfied "Aye… we can make a fun game out of this or somethin'… they just said that we had to prepare 'em… so, I say, why don't we shape 'em up or somethin'! We can have a contest to see who can make the best lookin' tubers… y'know, like uh, dragons or somethin'." He's lacking sleep. Don't blame him for his far-fetched ideas?

Beyla pauses in her extracting of a rather unshapely growth from the skin of the tuber, her hands frozen for a moment. "Fun? I'm sorry, the concept doesn't accompany tuber peelings." And /if/ she were going to sculpt potatoes, she'd make a lapine or something. They're cute, dontcha know?

Izzady laughs at first at his fellow healer-turned-candidate, but after a little while a grin spreads slowly across his face. "You know… That's not a bad idea…" He bites his lip. "We should prolly do a few plain inbetween though, or we'll never get through this lot."

Nanoc grins, bobbing his head "Aye… true. We can do that seeing as 'lil miss grumpy over there ain't liking to have a little fun." That person being Beyla, of course. "How many more sacks after that?" he chin-nods towards the latest one brought in by Izzady and then to the ones currently being peeled "I've got all day… rather do this than those latrines…"

"Little miss grumpy?" Hmph. A girl could get offended. "I've just got three hours of sleep under my belt. That's all." She stares at the tuber in her hands. "Ooh, no." she groans. "Now, you've got my mind working and I'm seeing things. This does /not/ look like a lapine. No!" She pouts as she removes a little more skin, definining the tail better, maybe?

So said Beyla.

Izzady wrinkles one nostril as a sort of sneer at the mention of latrines… "Three more sacs of this, and they want it for lunch… That sorta cuts in on our time…" He shrugs. "Beyla doesn't have to enjoy herself if she doesn't want to… We can do it without her." Lapine… Tee Hee… "But, If we work fast on the last sac or two, we might be able to shape some, and still get 'em done by noon."

Beyla flicks a bit of tuber peeling in Izzady's direction, giving the males a mock-serious glower. "Hey, I never said I didn't want to enjoy myself. I like a good bit of amusing chaos as much as the next anarchist. I just said it was hard for me to imagine tubers and fun appearing in the same thought." Pfft. Men.

Nanoc nods his head, moving a bit faster than he had been previous "Eh… this one looks like the lord holder from Ista Hold!" No, not really. Only in his eyes, probably. Shrugging, he finishes and tosses it over with the other completed ones, reaching for yet another.

Izzady jabs and stabs a bit at his most recent tuber. He blinks in Beyla's way, trying to keep a straight face. "You know… I think yours looks like…" A wicked grin crosses his face, "You!" Eyes snap teasingly, then he shakes his head. "Sorry… I didn't mean that…"

Beyla stares at her tuber for a moment, turning it this way and that, regarding it carefully, then holding it up so it can be compared. "Oh no." she says after a moment. "I'm much prettier than this thing." Modest, isn't she?

Nanoc rolls his eyes as he narrows in on the tuber and then on Beyla. "Oh, of course." there's just a tint of exaggeration in his tone, but whatever'll keep her happy.

Izzady glances Beylaward and then back at the tubers… He gouges carefully away at this one, surprisingly, carving is much easier than actually /peeling/. "Hmm… I dunno, the tubers are very attractive…" Wink Wink. Not that Beyla isn't pretty… Just that… Yeah. His tuber is pretty though, isn't it? "Look! Mine looks like a numbweed pot, don't you think?"

Yeees, keep the redhead happy. Very good idea. Beyla raises an eyebrow at Izzady, smiling as she tosses the tuber into the 'done' pile and picking up the new one. "I don't know… looks more like a redfruit that's been hit by a hammer."

Izzady sets his numbweed tuber down in the pile, and sticks his tongue out at the girl. "Fine! You're pretty… Now… What do you think this tuber should be?" See the potential that lies dormant in each and every tuber. That's the trick, that's it.

That's harsh, if you're as attached to the tubers as Izzady seems, right? Grinning, Nanoc shakes his head twice at him "Like I always say, ye shouldn't be stickin' that tongue no where ye ain't planning on using it."

Beyla grins happily at Izzady. He's now on her list of 'very nice people to be nice to'. "Aww… thank you… and that tuber should be… lunch methinks. Or a fish. One or the other."

Izzady chuckles a little bit, and can't help but return Beyla's grin. She's so… Easy to please. "At this rate it'll be both. I'll try to make it look like a fish… And then we can eat it at lunch!" He resists the urge to stick his tongue out at Nanoc, just barely.

Nanoc would probably just bite it or something. Maybe. He's always had the urge to do that to someone. But anywho… tuber peeling continues as if it were a long laborious process, somewhat, one right after the other. "Shards, what time is it now? I didn't sleep at all last night! Ah well…"

Beyla wouldn't advise it. Not unless he wanted Beyla to spread his 'tongue biting habits' all throughout the candidate group. "Nearly seven of the clock," she comments, wiping her hand off on her skirt before picking up a new tuber. "Fish-tuber. Hmm… I'm sure that's crossbreeding no one's ever tried before."

Izzady doesn't even want to /think/ about that. He scrapes and peels along the side of the longish tuber, making it more flattened. "Well… That's my job. To go and mess up what no one has tried before," shrug, "Right?" He shakes his head at Nanoc. "Why? Sleep it good." Okay… So Izz has done that too, but it was /not/ nice, and not something he'd to again to easily.

Nanoc shrugs "I dunno… I was down at the stables hangin' 'round… sat in the bowl for some time staring at nothin'… and then I got dragged in here by a couple apprentices who said they really needed my help… and then they left me with these shardin' tubers."

Muse blinks in from ::between::!

Muse drops on his humanpet's friend's head and chiroples happily.. I found you seems to be what he is saying.

Beyla seems to be taking an odd pleasure in absently stabbing the tuber in her hands. No one will notice a few knife marks, right? It's rather puzzling as to why she does it, considering she discards it soon after. "Ah… so you /haven't/ slept. Do what I do? Find a quiet moment when no one needs you, go back to the barracks and… well, sleep."

Nanoc grins "Yeah. When no one needs me. Mind tellin' me when that is? Any chance I get, I always get snagged to do somethin' else. I swear this Weyr is the laziest bunch of people!" And he would be too had it been allowed.

Beyla blinks at Nanoc for a moment. Can it be? She's the only one who knows how to strategically avoid work? Nooo… can't be… "Well, just say you have to clean somewhere. The possession of a slightly dusty rag will complete this. When asked to do something, say you have to clean the barracks, go back there and snooze." She swipes at the tuber. "There's also the 'look busy by running pell mell through the caverns carrying a single hide' method. Very effective. No one disturbs you."

Nanoc grins "Sounds like a plan. And I'd do that now, but for once, I ain't tired any…" Big surprise. "Aye… I'll have to do that sometime, see if it'll work." No that he's doubting her any. "But I don't usually pull all nighters… just only occasionally."

Beyla shakes her head, waving her peeler thingy at Nanoc for a moment. "Oh you say that now. But when you pass out in the middle of cleaning the latrines from sheer exhaustion, it'll be another story." So says she. With a bob of her head, she stabs another tuber in the 'to do' pile, rather than picking it up, like a normal person.

Tierza walks in from the Living Cavern.

Tierza says, "sorry, can't help but here the noises from out there… Nan, what is the problem? I /never/ get to sleep at night. And they (the infamous 'they') always leave me alone at some point in the day to catch up. Won't look good on their record to say they let a candie die before the hatching."

Nanoc shakes his head "Nah.. I never pass out, that's /your/ job!" he responds swiftly, tossing a nod of a greeting towards Tierza as she joins them, and motions to the untouched tuber sack off to the side "Have at 'em!"

*flick* And off goes a rather large tuber, aimed at roughly Nanoc's head. "What do you mean, /my/ job??" Grr. "Hey Tierza… help me throw tubers at Nanoc?"

Asks Beyla.

Tierza shakes her head, laughing.. "Nope, tubers are not me.. at least not today… I had littlescreamer back in the nursery. I swear his parents drop him there every time they can't cope anymore.. And she's going to have another! Some women should not be allowed…." Tsk-tsks and yawns loudly. "Anyway.. what was this about being awake all night Nan?

Muse suddenly disappears ::between::!

Nanoc is good at dodging things, that being a reoccuring event each and every day. Grinning, he watches the tuber, the poor defenseless tuber, land and slide across the floor. Shaking his head, he tsk's "Should be wastin' those now. And it was a joke." Really it was. *cough*

"Bah!" Beyla grabs another tuber, making as if to pitch it after the first, but just sighs heavily and starts peeling again. "Oh, are you sure? For one thing, tubers don't scream…"

Tierza says, "I know, but they also require work just to peel.. I already did ashpits today… What I really need is some klah and fresh bread.. Or even porridge, do we have any here?" Eyes the interplay between Nan and Beyla and decided to just stay well out of it. She's hungry, not crazy. And she's clean, wet hair attesting to that. Wouod be nice to stay that way for awhile. "Hey, Beyla.. how did you chat with Char go yesterday?"

Nanoc raises a 'brow "And who said anythin' 'bout screamin?" Now he's just plain confuzzled. Sighing, he resumes to his duties, peeling and shaping and tossing. Ah, the life of a candie. Ain't it grand?

Izzady just raises an eyebrow and goes on making his little fish in the corner. Sometimes fellow candies can all of a sudden get scary. Tierza gets a bit of a sympathetic smile. "I think there's some bread over there." He waves with his peeler to a counter a little ways off.

"OW!" Beyla abruptly drops her tuber and peeler gripping her thumb tightly, hissing slightly in pain. "Ow owow… who'd have thought those things can actually draw blood?" A nasty look goes to peelers, and she sticks her thumb in her mouth, trying to stop the little bit of bleeding.

Nanoc shakes his head as he pulls out a random piece of cloth that he had, taking the victim's hand and wrapping the cloth around her thumb, applying pressure "You'll live." he grins "You have to get that cleaned in the infirmary… don't got anythin' here to do it… and you don't want infection."

Tierza smiles at Izz and nods.. stepping widely around the peeling crowd. She is tired.. the ashpits tsink still in her nose, even though she knows she scrubbed the stink from herself. "Thanks.. excuse me.." and she prowls about, grabbing some still warm bread and /very/ hot klah.

Beyla huffs at the idea of going back in the infirmary. "Oh don't overreact, Nanoc." she says primly, taking back her hand and picking up her tuber and peeler. "It's just a scratch. Hardly anything to worry over."

Izzady is about to go over to Beyla, but look. Nanoc to the rescue. That's good, nice having another healer around. "No… But you /should/ clean it Bey, 'cause it will be something to worry about if it gets infected, and I doubt those peelers are very clean…" He frowns, examining his own distastefully.

Beyla smiles at Izzady, peeling the cloth off her thumb. "There's nothing to worry about. See. It's already stopped bleeding." Although if it wasn't due to her own clumsiness, she'd probably raise the roof with how much it hurts. "It just stings a bit."

Nanoc sighs, shaking his head and returning to his business "Fine… but when your entire hand inflames from infection, don't go cryin' to us!" It's a good scare, isn't it?

Izzady shrugs, and goes back to his tubers. He peels a few normal ones, waiting for 'inspiration' for the fish, which currently looks a little… warped. "Well, it might turn out to be nothing, but I, personally, would just make sure. It /is/ up to you, though."

Beyla sticks her tongue out at Nanoc impishly. "Oh no…" she brandishes a tuber and waves it in Nanoc's direction. "I grew out of that threat when I was little. A little cut like this will /not/ kill me. I've had much worse, believe me."

Naomi bounces in from the Living Cavern.

Nanoc shrugs "Like I said… your decision." and as he speaks, he notices Naomi out of the corner of his eye, tossing her a peeler and motioning to the sack of tubers by the door "Have fun!" and now he manages a look at her accompanied by a michievous grin.

Tierza says, "I have yet to see who you can consider tuber-peeling fun." Hey maybe it's ehr? Maybe it's because she has yet to sleep since yesterday morning? Nahhh, tubers just are /not/ fun.. that's all there is to it. "You guys are okay, right?"

Is there a glimmer of life in the walking corpse that is Naomi? Clearly, yes. Eyes are just barely opened, and movements are stiff as ever, but she -is- moving, and -is- alive. If a little inanimate. "F…f…fun?" Blinking slowly, as though she can barely move her eyelids, she looks at Nanoc. "W…w…whe…re?" That's what she gets for staying up all night to make friends with a broom.

Izzady shrugs, and holds up the latest advancements on fish-tuber for all to see. "This is fun… I think… Hey, Beyla, what do you think of this now?" He grins at Naomi, poor girl. "Just some tubers to peel, Nao… But you can /make/ it fun."

Nanoc points at the walking zombie that is Naomi, and then points to the sack of tubers off to the side "Fun. There. Make shakes and faces with 'em…" he holds up his lord holder with a childish grin "See?"

"Give… g…give… me knife?" Nao-turned-caveman takes her seat, mumbling something incoherent before reaching for a tuber, and cradling it in her hands. "M…my tub…er. Kn…ife?" Slowly, slowly, her self-inflicted speech impediment disappears. "Sharp knife go tuber boom." You figure it out.

Beyla tilts her head slightly to regard Izzady's tuber, and grins. "Regular sculpter, are ye?" she grins as she reaches for a new tuber as Naomi's speech impediment appears. "Really?" she says, not knowing how else to comment.

Nanoc can't help but stare at the caveman for a moment, a completely blank expression taking over his features "Eh?" And that's about the best he can do.

Naomi seems frustrated. Fingers tap against the tuber in her hands anxiously, and when it appears no one's handing over sharp objects to her now, she brings the tuber up to her mouth, gnawing off the skin with her teeth. "Go boom. T…uber. Go boom."

"Naomi!" Beyla sighs, staring up at the girl. "Put the tuber /down/. People have to eat those things. Go chew on Miss Broom instead. I'm sure no one wants to eat that after you're through with it."

Nanoc shorts at Beyla "It's /Howard/." The broom has feelings, you know. "And it's Mr. Broom to /you/!" He's not giving up on this one. NOpe.


"Melissa." she insists, doggedly. "Prat." is muttered under her breath. "How can you mistake a girl broom for a boy broom? It's incomprehensible." This little bit of madness has been brought to you by Beyla.

Naomi continues chewing up the tuber, until it's an absolute mess. Then, she lays it down with the other finished ones, and smiles, toothily, so that the pieces of tuber skin stuck in her teeth are clearly visible. "Boooom." Explosive tubers, anyone? Hand reaches out to take another one, and into her mouth it goes.

Nanoc rolls his eyes "You want me to show you the anatomy?" /Do/ brooms have anatomy? They must! So what, they're all a bunch of crazy, looney people. That's what candidacy does to you folks!

Izzady reaches over a slightly disgusted frown on his face, and removes Naomi's 'peeled' tuber from the pile. "Er… I don't think she should be doing that. And um… What's with the brooms?"

Tierza sighs and shakes ehr ehad.. she though she had it so bad that her firelizards were bringing her roses every day.. but these folks.. they are just crazy. Hopefully she will never need a healer again in her life. And Nanoc seemed so 'normal' that one time she did have need of his services.

"Nao-" Beyla blinks, and sighs after a moment. "Why bother?" she mutters, but that doesn't stop her hand from whisking out pulling the bag of tubers out of the way, and standing, pulling the tuber out of Naomi's grip and slapping a cookie from her stash into Nao's hand. "For Faranth's sake, girl. Tubers??"

Naomi grins at Beyla, then looks at the cookie. She seems almost pensive, watching it there in her palm, before finally bringing it over to her lips to slobber on it a bit. "Boomboomcookie." Arm reaches across the table for a tuber, but seeing none in reach, she merely stares, lip quivering, at the others. "Tuuuuber."

Izzady coughs politely. Hey! He's decently sane for a healer! "Um… Nao… I think you need sleep more than tubers right now…" He looks pleadingly to the female candies, any of them, 'cause he's not putting Naomi to bed. "Could someone help me convince her?"

Nanoc just stares at Naomi for a moment, deciding that this would probably be more fun for the moment's time "Boom? Tuber boom? Cookie Boom? Boom boom?" he talks as if speaking to an infant "Boom!" He's tired, yes. Anything is entertaining for his mind at this time.

Tierza is tired too, but this is obscene! Well, ridiculous, anyway. "Look Naomi, maybe Izzady is right. He is a healer, after all." She hopes she takes the hint.

"Ooooh no." Beyla shakes her head, sitting back down and folding her arms. "I tried to get her to bed yesterday, then she escaped and ran outside with Tatia. Someone else can deal with…" And since Tierza seems to be taking the initiative, she can concentrate her full attention on this tuber shaped like a hat.

"Healer boom." Uh-oh. Plotting organized violence again, is she? Naomi looks at Tierza with wide, uncomprehending eyes. Then, in a perfectly clear, un-caveman'd voice, she asks: "Are you asking me to sleep with you, Tie?" Ah-hm.

Tierza bursts into almost hysterical laughter.. "Hardly Naomi.. I am asking if /you/ will go crawl into your own bed, alone."

Nanoc dies. Literally. No, he's really on the floor now, rolling around, yet silent for he's laughing so hard that nothing's coming out. And then he just lies there, like a drunken man after a night out at the taverns. Eyes stare up at the ceiling, as blank as every stare.

Izzady hides his face studiously in a tuber that he's peeling. He should have known better. This is a weyr. Nobody is safe… Hey! From real close this tuber looks like a moon…

Naomi shakes her head slowly, moving forward to bring her face in close to Tierza's. "Not alone, no. Are you saying you're too good to sleep with me? I'm hurt, Tie. I'm so hurt." Eyes scan the room for a more understanding victim, and, look. There's Izzady. Hips swinging a little bit, she starts towards him, then lays an arm familiarly around his shoulders. "Izzady." Purr.

Beyla eyes Nanoc, as if pondering asking someone to see if he's dead or not. "Nao…" she says, warningly. "Not until after the hatching, remember, dear?"

Tierza says, "You folks don't know anything about being up all night if this is all it takes to put you over the edge. I ahve been in the night nursery almost every night since we have been ehre. usually with some screamer or another. Then I get day chores, too.. " Resists the temptation to kick Nanoc as he lies on the floor. "Get up now and get over this, all of you…" Her voice rising hysterically and taking on an edge of ??? what? "I can tell you about lack of sleep and not time and always having chores…."

Izzady tries to shrink… Really he wants to be smaller. He looks up reluctantly from his tuber to eye Naomi. "Hello Nao… Can I help you?" He really, really hopes he can't… Please…

Nanoc smirks as he does sit up, standing and hitting his chest as he peers over at Tierza "Yes /mom/." He couldn't resist. Sighing, he tosses himself back into his chair, idly tossing a tuber between his hands "I need sleep. I think."

Beyla takes a deep breath. People stressing about things. Dear me. Why can't everyone just mellow? Chill? Do like she does… nap when possible and stay hyped up on cookies. But she doesn't say this. No, siree.

Tierza thinks Nan and Nao need a lot more then that. "Naomi, by any chance, do you have a proddy green firelizard?" Hey, something ahs to explain this behaviour, right?

Naomi is about ready to answer Izzady, when slowly, she turns, moving towards Nanoc. "Sleep with me." There's a less-than-subtle approach to it. But then she hears Beyla, and her lips curve down into a frown. "I am not happy. I am… -un-happy?" Sniffle. "I need to think." Her whole expression contorts into something grotesque, and she appears to be trying to spark up her mind.

Nanoc is staring blankly at her once again, or perhaps it's because he's fallen asleep in his position. So that would be the reason why he doesn't respond.

Izzady is more than a little relieved as Naomi turns on someone else. He looks over at her concernedly. "Oh… Naomi… What's wrong? You can tell us. We're all your friends here." An questioning glance is sent around to the others. Right guys?

"Friends… makeshift mindhealers, it's all good." Beyla does two tubers in quick succession, tossing them aside with dull wet thuds.

Still lost in thought — probably because, well, she's never -been- there before — Naomi cringes, making a noise not unlike one made by a dying animal of some sort. "Nothing wrong with me. Or anything. I just…" Whimper. "Tatia's going to kill me and not Kaz."

Beyla frowns, peering over her tuber at Naomi. "Kaz?? Would that be who I think it is?" If so, she has nice juicy gossip from that conversation yesterday. Woo.

Izzady shuts up now. Beyla seems to know what she's doing, right? And besides… Who's Tatia? And who's Kaz… Izz is lost.

Tierza wonders how to get out of this kitchen with her sanity still mostly intact.. she /wants/ to stay sane, she likes her mind.. she has been clinging to it's shreds since she was brought her and refuses to let Nao and Nan take what's left away now. "Ah, Izz? How do I get out of here? Everyone seems to be either crazy or blocking the doors." And she hopes Nao didn't hear her.

Nanoc is too tired, or lazy, or something… but he doesn't quite make it to the barracks. Rather, he slumps to the floor, crawls over to a corner, and curls up into a ball mumbling "Sleep… nappin'… don't bother me…"

Izzady looks helplessly at Tierza. Well lets see… What are the options. Go Between… Struggle through the others, which is likely to cause problems… Or… There's a doorish thing over there. He's not been through it, always having been rather busy when he's in here, but… Izz shrugs and points.

Naomi bobs her head at Beyla slowly. "I told her she was loose… lusty. Something like that. I told her not to hit on me, and she's going to kill me. So's Vesp. But Vesp is nicer." Which really says something about Tatia. The girl rises from her chair, snatches the drooled upon cookie, and pops it into her mouth. "So after the hatching, when I go home, I think it's pretty likely I'll die."

"From what I hear tell, Tatia, and those other three up at the Reaches, hit on everyone when they get proddy." Beyla rather serenely leans back in her seat and continues to peel slowly. "And /if/ you were to go back to the Hall after the hatching, she's still gonna be up nort', so what's the problem?"

Tierza says, "Naomi! Tatia is a doll! And Vesp is one of the nicest greens on Pern. As for loose, dear.. look to yourself first. You want to sleep with anybody right now. How do you think you could handle lifemaed to a green?" She's justa bit ticked at hearing her friend talked about like that. Tatia is /nice/ really. "It is /not/ her fault she's misunderstood."

Izzady blinks. And then blinks again. Nao told someone not to hit on her so now… Poor male mind just /boggles/ at all this. He sits down, on a tuber, stands up agian, and begins to peel it slowly, just for the sake of something to do.

If anyone knows Tatia's real dollish'ness, it's Naomi. Perhaps that's the whole problem, here. "Tierza, what are you talking about? Faranth, girl, are you hitting on me again? I can't get any rest around this Weyr!" Naomi is -not- proddy, really. Ever. "I'm not allowed to Impress a green. If I do that, then Kaz'll kill me. And Tatia is not banned from the hall. She can go there and kill me anytime she wants. And trust me — she wants to."

"If you impress," Beyla grabs a bit of tuber peel and tosses it aside. "A green, then I'm sure the little darling would defend you from Kaz. As for the Tatia problem, I recommend hiding. That always works."

Tierza says, "Nao.." Spoken slowly, as if to a small child.. "I am not hitting on you. And I really think you need to take a nap.. alone.. and relax. As to Impressing a green, I shudder at the thought for you. How about a nice stable brown?"

Nanoc walks nonchalantly to the Living Caverns.

Naomi swings her legs around, settling herself on a chair properly, and reaches for a knife to commence tuber peeling. And she peels tubers. Oh, the thrill of it all. The others get once glance from her, and a quiet: "Hmm." But she's busy. Working. And that's all.

Izzady plunks the last of one bag of tubers down in the 'done' pile. And stands abbruptly. He shakes himself all over, as if trying to wake up his muscles. "I'm sorry people, but I think I've helped out quite a bit, and I need to go…"

Izzady goes home.

Tierza says, "I need some more rest asw ell.. This overnights /are/ killing me.. Later all…"

Tierza walks to the Living Caverns.

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