Tala! Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. –-U'ric, D'baji, and Minka

Dragon: Tsukiath
Color: Green
Name: U'ric, D'baji & Minka tweak
Egg: Mirror of the Moon Egg
Egg Desc: R'yn
Dragonet: The Pretty Soldier Green
Dragonet Desc: Minka
Messages: Minka
Inspiration: U'ric, D'baji & Minka

Clutching Message:

Ryazusith pauses, hovering slightly above the slowly filling semi circle of eggs. Bronzed wings fan the air gently, stirring heat and obsidian grained sand alike. Tentatively, a talon is dipped into the black ground, followed by another foreleg as the queen begins to hollow yet another safe compartment for an egg. Her efforts are hurried as the length of her large, egg-filled body undergoes a set of tremors - heralding the imminent appearance of yet another egg: She moves to accommodate the latest addition, depositing the egg gently in its mound.

Mirror of the Moon Egg:

A line of mahogany extends from the high apex of this egg down around its middle like a frame, bringing the rest of what is seen into focus. Intricate lines of silver form patterns that swirl like mist along a cold, dark expanse. Dots of white peek through like stars against a curtain of reflected night. In the center of this darkness, cast partially into shadow by some light from a great distance, a splotchy circle lingers in space. Dark and light play tricks on the eyes. Two slate-gray blotches frame a larger spot of that almost seems eclipsed by a great shadow. Could it be that there are images hidden within those splatterings of darkness? Perhaps the mirror waits for one who can see.

Hatching Message:

Mirror of the Moon Egg jingles slightly, and tips awkwardly to one side, movement fluttering within – a dark shadow casting itself against the walls of silvered pattern. All of a sudden, it falls into silence. Lines begin to crack across its form like storm frenzied lightening, jagged edges traveling with alarming speed through to meet at its very base. The pieces hang together momentarily as if stuck by some invisible force, then shatter into the air with a series of audible snaps. Reserved, and unhurried, The Pretty Soldier Green Dragonet unfurls from her slumber and emerges into the world.

The Pretty Soldier Green Dragonet:

Midnight's light casts itself atop this green's rounded hide, curling in frost-blown beams to cup chubby cheekbones, descending into a muzzle of ivy-concealment. Head knobs exist in an unusual round shape, yellowed in lime encirclement. Shattered rays of the moon refract and are sent forth, falling like shooting stars over a backdrop of viridian. Lighter patches of wind-whisked olive dart amongst a wash of woodland, falling to snow-worshipped drifts that coat pudgy forelegs. The same shaft of light falls across her torso and descends into verdant underbelly, returning once more to forest stirrings and mottled by the chance fall of luminous leaves. Her tail winds in a final salute of jade, a faint stir of starlit kisses sprinkled atop her hide, dissipating once more into a silvered tail-tip.

Impression Message:

The Pretty Soldier Green Dragonet pauses in her search. Perhaps tired, or just lazy, she plonks herself down in front of a group of girls – a yawn shuddering across her muzzle. Too much effort. A high-pitched creel follows next; this is just all too much work for such a pretty green. She lulls to the side; clumsily erring on a rapidly drying wing sail, and rolls to the right and atop the feet of the perfect one. Talara.

Personal Impression Message:

A luminous dewdrop of water descends to the floor in silence, sending delicate ripples of silvered moon kisses throughout your mind; feathers falling like rain upon a breeze of twinkling stars as they tenderly converge upon your soul. Your only thought is simply that of 'Who'? A tinkling giggle adjoins your inner reflection, and then dims to a tone of honesty and uncomplicated purity. All of a sudden, a voice, brimming with hope and innocence greets you with open joy, and for a moment you are lost in the childlike enunciation. « I am just… someone who loves you! » Blinding almost, a light unfurls and bathes you in warmth, a sense of an awaiting eternity of union. « I shall be your Tsukiath and you shall be my own, Tala. »

Name Inspiration:

Pronunciation: Soo-kee-ahh-th. (We based this of Japanese pronunciation of Tsukino, but feel free to pronounce it however way you'd like, Talara – she's your baby now!)

Meaning: We just knew that she had to named after the moon, and what better then the Japanese name used for Sailor Moon. Tsukino Usagi. It translates to "Moon field of rabbits". In Japanese mythology, instead of a man in the moon – they have a rabbit that lives there, who pounds rice cakes (We thought you'd like to know!) It suits her wonderfully cute personality so well! And still, managed to let us link in with Sailor Moon and Japanese mythology.

And to boot, what name has better nicknames? We think the very best is Sooky. So cute! Or there is Sook, Tsu, Kia, TsuTsu… and so on and so forth.

Egg Inspiration:

Tsuki Yomi - Literal meaning: 'Moon Reading'. Tsuki-Yomi was the god of the moon. He is unusual in world mythology as most moon deities are depicted as female. Being the moon god meant that Tsuki-Yomi was also responsible for measuring time which was accomplished by, what else? A lunar calendar. His main temples were equipped with magic mirrors which enabled his faithful to practice a method of oracular consultation. It was not uncommon for worshipers to claim they had actually seen the god within the mysterious mirrors, describing his appearance as that of a giant hare. This must have some connection to the Chinese tradition of depicting the image of a rabbit hidden within the patchy markings of the moon's surface.

Description Inspiration:

You mentioned forest a few times in your list of aesthetic wants, so – combining that image with a moon influence, we came up with something that was a little unearthly. Imagine a forest, caught in the still of midnight. Silent and calm, as the beams of light from the moon drop upon it and refract in silver atop each tree's surface and dissipate the darkness, leaving icy star-kissed white and lime sprinkled over foliage.

Mind Voice:

Tsukiath's voice is a pleasure to the ear, charm and lilt magnified by the stark unadorned quality in her manner. Naïve, sweet and above all, laced with innocence that only childhood can bring. You can liken it to the tinkling of bells. Lightly jingling, and echoing their sweet sound across time and space. Her sweet mellowed tones are brimming with joy and delight, simply, just because that is who Tsukiath is. She's a creature of light and hope, and all this is mirrored in her engaging and delicate resonance – soft tones easily drawn up into squeals and high-pitched marveling when excitement strikes her. (And it will, often, in the most common things) She'll wail and whine when she wants something, and mostly – you just won't be able to resist her slightly irritating yet completely charismatic nature.

She'll overwhelm you with sense, and lull you into calm simply by drawing you into her being. Tsukiath's mind, visually, is an ancient zen garden. A garden of ruins, where flowers and vines creep alongside each other and blossom into an expanse of color and beauty. Where the moonlight sheds its beams upon whitened foundations, and picks up movement in the gentle existence of silver and pink butterflies. Imagine waterfalls, stone gardens and sand raked and spiraled into pattern.

Her scent is sweet and clean. Much like that of a rose, or honey – her aroma lingers in the floral area generally, though when her emotions are heightened she'll bear the distinct miasma of sugar, which will sometimes become overbearing in her enthusiasm.


Now, your Tsukiath isn't the leanest of greens, as you asked for, she tends to be more on the chubbier side of things. Her cheeks are rounded, and her body thickened, quite like typical puppy fat – it's cute, and it's definitely befitting of Tsukiath's personality. To keep the Sailor Moon theme alive, and be just a tad on the naughty side, we made her head knobs super rounded, just like those famous 'meatballs' upon Serena's head!

She'll be lazy, and not the first to volunteer for anything during your weyrlings days, much preferring to take the back seat and cruise throughout tasks after much dithering. And you'll know when she's in one of her moods, as she'll simply whine:

« Tell D'baji to let Cojiroth do it first. I'm tired, and hungry! »

Prepare for a long and challenging weyrlinghood to get this green fit and ready for a fighting wing, she's naturally chubby and will require a tad more exercise and food-restriction at time to keep in the best of shape.


Usagi: "I'm Tsukino Usagi, 16 years old, in first year of high school. I'm a little clumsy, and a tiny bit of a crybaby. But actually, I'm the fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon." —Sailor Moon

This quote says it all about Tsukiath. She's clumsy and awkward, and often clueless. But amongst the shy, silly nature of hers is an honest young girl. She loves to make people happy, in particular you, and will stop an nothing to achieve a goal she believes in. Though, back to the clumsiness: You'll find her tripping over her tail endlessly, falling flat on her face and just generally making a fool of herself. And the reason why? She's an eternal daydreamer and incurably excitable. And when she does hurt herself, prepare to indulge her, or else the sulking and pitiful creeling will begin. Most distress can be cured with a distraction, namely – a new rug for your weyr, or perhaps even the promise of a quick flight to Bitra to /borrow/ a juicy buck or two for the ever-expanding hole that is Tsukiath's stomach.

« Oh, Tala, I just didn't /see/ the rock there. You see, there was a pretty… Vtol! Look, there it goes again, look! Are you looking? »

If there is a distraction to be found, Tsukiath will find it. Be it animal, plant or just something shiny. Anything with a glimmer or sparkle will captivate her in a longing sort of way. She'll have a fascination with all life forms, from the big to the small, the ugly to the very beautiful – she'll find a fascination that piques her curiosity in each.

« Oh, would you look at the feline. It's so small! Let's have one, Tala. They are too adorable! And we can put bells on its collar… »

Seiya: "Come with me tomorrow, you have nothing to do right?"
Usagi: "What are you talking about! I have to eat breakfast, and watch TV, and read manga, and eat snacks, and play games…" —Sailor Moon

Your green is a shy girl, though she'll come across as brazen to some – it's simply her honesty and innocence that shines through and ends up casting her in a confident light (When in fact, she's simply, and without a doubt, clueless!). She'll be the master of making excuses to avoid meetings that may turn undesirable, and also, to avoid any sort of chores. The chore-skipping excuses will become a bad habit, as Tsukiath has a tendency to be quite lazy if you'll let her. Above all, she'll need motivation!

« But Tala, just one more candlemark in the sun. Please? Really, my hide is /so/ cold… I might get ill. That'd be horrible … but then again, if I'm ill – that means no drills, right?! »

Tsukiath is a bit absent-minded when it comes down to it. She'll miss the point of what people have to say, forget, or simple ignore what is going on, with an ease and flippancy that will astound you each and every time. Of course, if you question her, the only reply will be somewhat along these lines:

« Well, I forgot Jhakkarath asked me to fetch some oil while we were out this way, OK?… There's a handsome brown lingering in the southern bowl. I think he's from Fort! The girls seem to think he's got a handsome rider, too! »

Males are another thing that Tsukiath will love to dwell on. She's an innocent at heart, and whilst never flirty, she'll openly crush upon that certain male that has caught her eye. It will generally end in heaving sighs and self-pity, as most of her interests are a temporary occurrence and might last a day, if lucky. And, you won't be the only one she shares her adoration with; she'll likely find herself a group of greens to gossip away with.

Food is one of Tsukiath's greatest loves, easily surpassing any male with ease. She'll want to try everything, particularly sample the culinary delights wherever your travels may take you. Which, may or may not go down to well with the locals. Tsukiath will eat, and eat, and eat. She needs to be told when to stop, or she'll gorge herself and end up with a tummy-ache, which means a headache for you, Tala! Of course, that'll only last a few candlemarks before the ache wears off and the bottomless stomach is ready to begin work, once more.

When it comes to food and other objects of interest for Tsukiath, she can be overwhelmingly petty. She'll horde things to herself, and become quite jealous should anyone show interest in them. Don't be surprised to find a steadily growing pile of shiny things within her ledge at any stage.


Serena: "Mamo-chan… do you like me?"
Darien: "Yeah."
Serena: "Really?"
Darien: "Yeah."
Serena: "How much?"
Darien: "What happened?"
Serena: "How much??"
Darien: "When I'm with you, I get filled with energy."
—Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars

When proddy, Tsukiath will shy away from the sudden spur of attention she receives from the male half of the draconic population. You'll find her more interested in snoozing in your weyr then sashaying about the bowl with her admirers. She'll be tired and unusually cranky for the duration – particularly should you mention anything to do with males or the upcoming flight.

Whilst shy during proddiness, Tsukiath loves and will soak up any attention in her flights. She'll tease the males with every ounce of her rarely implemented femininity, and look for any compliment or flattery given. She adores the chase, and will make sure each and every moment counts, by drawing out the pursuit as long as she can possibly maintain.

Sacred Space:

Water. Tsukiath revels in water, and is most at home in the basin, or even in the ocean upon a clear night. She'll delight in playing games with the beams cast across the surface, and often amuse herself by befriending the local dolphins. She'll be in her element, and in fact, seem almost graceful in a strange way as she cavorts through the waves. Prepare to be woken at all hours of the night and be whisked off to the beach for midnight soaks, it'll happen regularly!

Harper's Tale's 43rd PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka's gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath
Date: 28 December 2005

S'eron's green Lenculoth
Sin's green Iqiazath
Vri's blue Tirynth
S'ke's blue Saikath
Ayla's brown Jhakkarath
R'lar's bronze Cojiroth
Sorcha's gold Madigyth

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