Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. Tirynth is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. –-Sapha, Jia, Asli and Lib

Dragon: Tirynth
Color: Blue
Name: Sapha
Egg: Mother of the Depths Egg
Egg Desc: Jia
Dragonet: Equatorial Evolution Blue
Dragonet Desc: Lib & Sapha
Messages: Sapha
Inspiration: Sapha, Jia and Asli

Clutching Message:

Ryazusith gives a toss of her head against the scorching heat, sands swirling and flying away as she gives a determined lash of her tail. Her belly distends for a moment as a wave begins moving down her golden form, a soft rumble beginning low and deep in her throat as another egg slips free and onto the sands, nearly burrowing itself into comfort.

Mother of the Depths Egg:

There is a hint of light at the apex of this orb, like the sunlight far, far above. Murky teals and indigoes chase one another in a torpid spin that envelops the egg in cold, deep, underwater twilight. Tiny silhouettes of shapes dot the water's surface with playful antics, but something waits in the greenish depths at the very bottom, her hair tangled in the drifts of seaweed.

Hatching Message:

Mother of the Depths Egg works itself into frenzy; cracks appear like storm-tossed waves disrupting all from light-tipped apex to seaweed entangled bottom. The cracks increase in size and dimension, groaning and growing until finally culminating in a crescendo of crashing as the shell disintegrates, leaving Equatorial Evolution Blue Dragonet stranded upon the sands.

Equatorial Evolution Blue Dragonet

A glittering wave of deepest aquamarine spreads over a chiseled muzzle, crashing against the rocky spine of his ridges to set eddies billowing o'er his hide. Across structured shoulders his shade lightens as it ripples outwards, foaming into whitecaps of sky shades that scud across his wings. Sweeping his belly are the deepest tones of the oceans, dappled with cloudy shadows. His curvy flanks are swirled like whirlpools, shimmering as if constantly sun-kissed before melting to chartreuse shades on feet tipped with coral claws. Finally the crest breaks as it washes down his tail, ending in a sandy tip. Long and fluid, he appears as if he is the currents of the sea made flesh, muscles flowing into each other with consummate grace and power.

Impression Message:

Equatorial Evolution Blue Dragonet continues to scour the sands; he decides to investigate a cluster of girls off to the side. Approaching cautiously, he spies a baby-faced beauty with eyes to match his hide. He is barely able to contain his excitement as he stumbles towards her; finally making contact as he rests his head against her thigh. It appears he has caught himself an elusive Avery!

Personal Impression Message:

A swirl of color penetrates your mind; tropical blue is accented by feathers of hot-pink, an image of love and acceptance hidden within the merging colors. « Vri! » A gravely voice speaks over the tumbling colors, as the smell of a tropical island seems to rise from the very sands. « Vri I have found you! And you are mine! » The voice claims you for his own with ripples of amusement. « Before I forget, I am Tirynth and I'm ravenous! »

Name Inspiration:

Tirynth, we liked it, and we thought you should have it. It comes directly from the name of the Argive town where Hercules was bought up. It suits your blue boy well, having a connection to a heroic figure, as well as being lovely and Greek. It also has a connection to the 'proper' names every species has to classify them, seeing as they are predominately Greek and Latin as well. And finally, it has a very watery sound to it, making it nearly perfect in every way.

Egg Inspiration:

Sedna, upon whom this egg is based, is what those in the business like to call a "dema deity". Dema deities are usually born as humans, then die, and in death are awakened to power. Sedna was an Inuit woman who had assorted unpleasant things happen to her and, eventually, had her fingers chopped off piece by piece and died in the Arctic sea (lovely, huh?). The pieces of her fingers became whales and seals, and she can bring them to the hunting Inuits or take them away, depending on her mood.

A longer version of her myth:



A picture says a thousand words, but I'll explain it anyways. This picture is the inspiration for Tirynth's desc. It's taken on the Galapagos Islands and fits your request for a tropical seascape as well as linking in nicely to his personality inspiration: Sir David Attenborough. I guess there wasn't that much to explain after all :D Enjoy the picture!

Link for Sir David Attenborough: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/programmes/who/david_attenborough.shtml

Mind Voice:

Tirynth has a very cultured voice, a very British voice. His are the mellow tones of an older educated British gentleman, both breathy and confident with exquisite accuracy. He enunciates very clearly, quite frankly he's a delight to listen to. Which is a blessing considering his propensity to wax lyrical on many different and potentially boring subjects. He loves to talk, he loves to hear the cadences of his own words, however his favorite word will always be your name.

« Did you know Vri that the male wherry will hunt for the female as part of the courtship ritual? »

He's inherited a sense of far-off places from his dam. His colors will bloom with exotic saffron, or hibiscus, a rather different backdrop for his very proper voice. He'll also incorporate flashes of contrasting color, like the flash of feathers. Also keep an eye out for hidden images camouflaged in the chaos of his mind, every time you discover one, he'll be so very pleased.

The sounds and scents that accompany his voice are also very exotic, be it the haunting birdcall of sultry places, or the gentle hints of coconut and tropical flowers that linger lovingly. His voice is a true representation of himself, cultured, yet surrounded by unbelievably exotic beauty.


Tirynth is the personification of a tropical sea. A robust bone structure, like rocks or seabed, rests beneath rippling muscles and a smooth, shiny hide. He's lean, but a little bulky and very very long, but he certainly carries himself well. In fact, Tirynth will always have an air of quiet dignity about him, whether he's flying sweeps, bathing, or feeding.

"I haven't - touch wood - had a stomach upset for 15 or 20 years." –-Sir David Attenborough

Your blue has a stomach like iron, which may come in handy considering the variety of places he will visit and the local delicacies he may try, he may even invite Tsukiath along if he finds something particularly flavorsome. Also, unlike the other weyrlings, he will never have digestive-tract related problems. Consider yourself the luckiest new dragonrider in all of Pern!

Grace comes naturally to your boy, but there is one situation where he's apt to trip over his tail or fall headfirst into the sea: when something living catches his attention. He'll be a particularly difficult dragon to fly Thread with (due to his frequently-distracted nature… hey look, is that a flock of vtols?) so you'll have to make sure he keeps his eye on the strands of silver… if he doesn't, be prepared for in-air collisions and Threadscoring. Like every other dragon, Tirynth has itchy spots. His wingtips are particularly problematic, so be prepared with oil and loving care.


"It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living." –-Sir David Attenborough

It will be rare to ever come across another dragon with such an honest interest in living things. The growth patterns of orchids in the jungle, the way grubs tunnel under the ground, the way packtails' fins are spaced on their bodies: all of this is indelibly fascinating, and must be cataloged.

People, of course, are included. He'll often be seen on a ledge overlooking the Weyr bowl, just… staring. Watching. Cataloging. His mind is an enormous knowledge repository, but, of course, he doesn't keep his anthropological exploits to himself: each and every detail is shared with you.

« You see, Vri, the way the females track after Bydelth's lifemate? It's like the reversal of the way a proper flight would be held! How /intriguing/. »

Unintentionally, you'll slowly gain knowledge of every last bit of Weyr gossip, so you'll have to learn to hold your tongue, lest your Tirynth's sincere curiosity and outstanding observational skills get you into trouble.

Vri: "Congratulations! Is it a boy or a girl?"
Wingmate "…You know? It's supposed to be a secret! Ooh, I knew it, Andon told you! He's going to get a piece of my mind!" *storms off, fuming*
Vri: "Uh…"

"I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored. –-Sir David Attenborough

Tirynth, while intrigued by the politics of Weyr life, will drag you away on every possible opportunity. After all, how else can you see every species on Pern? If there's an opportunity to check on tithes from a remote hold, or to fly for another Weyr if they're low on manpower, he's there. Also, don't expect to spend much free time lolling around Ista. At least, not around the land areas. The ocean is teeming with life, and Tirynth knows it. Expect to be a Seacraft-caliber swimmer within a turn of getting out of weyrlinghood… or at least to have a good tan from relaxing on the beach while your blue indulges his thirst for knowledge and researches the fascinating dolphins.

"It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars." –-Sir David Attenborough

If there was ever a patron of lost causes it would be Tirynth. Whether it's preservation of trundlebug habitat or food for firelizards, Tirynth is involved and stating his passionate beliefs. He considers it his responsibility: and a much /greater/ responsibility than social respectability.

« Vri, I just heard the Wingleader saying that we're going to do drills over the island off the tip of Southern. We /can't/ do that: that's where they spotted the wild flock of wherries with the /albino/ male! Tell her we must change location… »

« Vri! They're swimming too near the coral! Go speak with them about it! »

He is /their/ advocate and you are /his/. Soon, he'll have you poking your nose into everybody's business, at his absolutely imperative insistent request. And he won't take, "I'm busy," "I'm tired," or "but they outrank me!" as an excuse.


"Well, I'm having a good time. Which makes me feel guilty too. How very English." –-Sir David Attenborough

Tirynth has an interest in everything, including sexuality. But don't be fooled understanding something intellectually is different to understanding something physically. He's much more interested in the mechanics than the romance initially. However certain dragons will capture his attention, Greens with beauty and attitude will fascinate him, particularly if they share his enthusiasm for the 'right thing'. Pretty much if they resemble Wonder Woman in any way, he'll totally dig them.

But that being said he'll always be a rather awkward suitor. His very proper nature holds him back. Not only that but his loyalty to you also makes him a little more tentative. It's not that he is lacking in confidence, just that he is rather British once you get past his tropical colors and sounds. And it just isn't British unless there is some underlying guilt.

Once he takes to the skies, he'll be a different creature, focused solely upon the green he is chasing with a passion similar to that he has for his lost causes. Should he lose he'll need extra special attention from you, perhaps an overnight stay at one of his more interesting islands.

Sacred Space:

Your Tirynth's love of small islands won't be immediately apparent until the pair of you are able to explore. And then be prepared for many logical arguments on why you should spend your free time exploring the latest smallest islands.

« Well Vri, I suspect there is some variation in the aerial life on this island. I think we should investigate. And you need some time from everyone else… you know after the Wherry Incident. »

It's not as bad as it seems. Observation seems to consist of lazing on the beach, keeping still and quiet. Luckily for the pair of you, the fact that you can communicate mentally means you won't be bored. And you have to admit, there are plenty of worse places to spend your time than on a deserted tropical island. If Tirynth approves of someone particularly he'll invite them along. After all what's the point in discovering if you don't share it with others?

Harper's Tale's 43rd PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka's Gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath
Date: 28 December 2005

S'eron's green Lenculoth
Tala's green Tsukiath
Sin's green Iqiazath
S'ke's blue Siakath
Ayla's brown Jhakkarath
R'lar's bronze Cojiroth
Sorcha's gold Madigyth

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