These tips do not singly apply to candidates, they are generalities that players of any game could benefit from.

o) Be involved. Even if you don't really think of events or TPs, participate and encourage others to do so

o) Keep good grammar and spelling in mind

o) Involve other characters and players when you RP

o) Don't take something in-character out-of-character. I.E. if a character you're RPing with insulted your character, don't take it as an insult to you, the player

o) Ask for advice/help from other people and, in return, give freely of it

o) Keep in mind "tone of voice." In a text-based arena, something you say may come across stronger than you mean, say if it's a joke. Emoticons (little smiley faces), though not in RP, are helpful. :) See? They show you mean no offense

o) It can be risky to be on the game if you're going through something emotional on game or off. When you're angry, for example, you're liable to say things you'll regret later. Take five or take a day to cool off

o) Remember Harper's Tale should be a place of enjoyment and not taken too seriously

o) There are people with feelings just like you on the other side of the screen. Don't let the distance of a computer soften that reality

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