Threadfall Over Ista

[Logged by Saria]]

Log: Harpers Tale MOO
48th day of Spring, 25th turn, Tenth Pass
Topics: Saria and gold Quarith lead Ista into Threadfall over Ista
Blacksands Valley; Dragonhealing for Orbit/Green Ivrylth.

Terpsichore half waltzes in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Terpsichore looks about nervously. "I heard there was Thread by
Blacksands? Do you need help filling firestone sacks or anything, ma'am?"

Orbit slides down Ivrylth's side with a bit of help from a lime hued

Saria smiles at Terpsichore. "Good girl." She points the way to a group
of Weyrlings doing duty filling sacks by the firestone pit. "It's a hard
job.. glad to have the volunteers." She tugs at Quarith's chest strap
one more time.

Magnolth strides fluently, as if gliding across water, in from the
Southeastern Bowl.

Orbit comes striding out, tugging brightly purple leathers snuggly around
herself and pulling helmet over wildly sproinging curls. Saria is given
a salute, "Where did you want me to fly within the Queen's wing,
Weyrwoman?" Being pregnant, the greenrider was told to fly there.

Terpsichore strides over quickly and begins working. "I like to help, feel
so useless just sitting there while you're protecting us all," she says.

Ivrylth's gaze follows Orbit, her eyes whirling softly before thoughts are
turned to the matter at hand. Thread! Green tail lashes back and forth a
couple of times as a starburst of colors begin to whirl rapidly within
the crystalline depths of her eyes.

Lyne slides over Magnolth's slimming girth before landing on the ground
with a light thud.

Saria salutes in return. "Nice to have you, Orbit.. I'm taking the lead
this time, why don't you fly my right wing? I'll have Annie or Fia on
the other side. Healers okay you to fly?" She raises a brow, making
sure. Greenriders can be so stubborn.

Quarith watches the gathering riders with approval, her head coming down a
little when feeling her lifemate give a last tug on her straps.

Jethro walks in.

Terpsichore does her best to stay out of the 'rider's way, filling the
sacks as efficiently as possible.

With a low, muted rumble Briganth greets the other Firestorm green, her
rider throwing a quick hand up in greeting before turning to the
firestone sacks. "Oy! M'enem," Teza calls. "Get a sack for me from that
cute girl over there, would ya?" Of course, she just thumbs at the
volunteers in general; apparently, they are all cute today. "I wanna
check Brig's straps." And she does so, waiting for the signal with
visible impatience.

Saria nods once more her thanks to Terpsichore, and then raises her hand
in the signal for the wings to mount up.

Orbit gives a short, quick nod. "Ivrylth and I will do our duty to
protect Ista," is replied. "The healers gave permission." Taking a few
steps over, she gives Ivrylth's side a quick pat, checking at the sack of
firestone, before mounting up and onto her green.

"Quarith, a leg please?" Saria gets herself ready to go.

You use Quarith's foreleg as a step, and grab the riding straps, using
them to swing smoothly into place between two honey gold neckridges.

Quarith (#3000) [Central Bowl (#995)]
Glowlight plays over this dragon's silky, smooth hide like the last
flickers of the setting sun against the bellies of thick and rosy-hued
clouds. The white gold on her belly deepens subtly as it rises to her
flanks and spine into a rich and honeyed gold. She moves with a
dignified grace, confident in each well-placed step. When she extends
her wings, the sails show honeyed gold, and the marbling of veins casts
intricate and muted shadows against the ground. The spars, the framework
of her light bones, gleam pale gold, and that lightness of color seems to
bear her aloft.
Her inquisitive nature is evident in her every movement, as she absorbs
the world around her in tandem with her lifemate, Saria.
Her complacent expression gives her an air of refined dignity befitting
her color.

Orbit scrambles up to settle herself between brightly lime neckridges.

Tugging on her now tight-fitting jacket, Lyne blinks a little, startled by
how snug the leathers fit about her. "Guess I did gain some weight." she
murmurs, the new mother oddly suprised with this aspect, not thinking she
had gained much. She never gains weight. Giving a smart salute towards
Saria, the bluerider smiles a bit tiredly as she joins the gathering
riders. "The healers said I've been fully recovered and can return to my
normal duties, Weyrwoman Saria." Auburn gaze soon fuzzes as she reassures
her lifemate that her sons are in good hands.

Jethro stares at the people and dragons. "Hmm, something going on?"

Lyne swings up to nestle between sharply angular midnight 'ridges after
scrambling up Magnolth's aiding foreleg.

Ivrylth shifts restlessly, her hind end wriggling impatiently while she
waits to be aloft.

Saria buckles herself in, and nods to Lyne. "If you two get too tired,
you get back to the Weyr."

You visualize Above Blacksands Valley for Quarith.
Quarith thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »
You think to Quarith, » Tell the dragons in this area that they can get
the coordinates for the Threadfall from you now, Quarilove. «

Terpsichore glances at Jethro, "Threadfall, over blacksands," she says,
loading up a bag. She sets it off with the other filled firestone sacks
and grabs another one.

Jethro turns white at the word Thread. And then stiff…

Quarith senses that she sends tendrils of thought radiating
outwards. « You may take the coordinates from me now. »

From Briganth's neck, Teza tries not to smirk overmuch — but it's still
quite the broad grin she heaps on the two recently recovered. "Aye, if it
gets to be too much for ya just leave it to me. Motherhood — tch! Never
had any use for it myself," the greenrider breezes, fastening her riding
leathers shut as a devilish glee brings a mirrored flame to both her eyes
and her dragons.

Saria raises her hand.. everybody got the location? She makes a fist in
the air, circling it around to signal the wings to rise.

You think to Quarith, » Take us up! «

You take off.
Sky over Central Bowl
Ista heat breeds whirling, swirling, dragon-tossing thermals that send
you up over the bowl and off towards the east. Here, beneath the
towering pinnacles of the Weyr's jagged rim, ledges dot the cliffside and
tier down to the hatching grounds to southeast just beyond queen's weyrs
and living cavern, and to the northeast the weyrling barracks and
training ground are made of hard pounded earth and ash-pits
It is a spring afternoon.
Gliding around is Lasich.
Obvious exits:
Down Northeastern Bowl Southeastern Bowl Plateau Ledges

Saria drops her fist sharply to her side and signals the wings of Ista to
::Between!:: to fight Thread!

Briganth winks into ::between::!

Quarith disappears into ::between!:: with a flash of golden light!
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and

Above Blacksands Valley
You soar high above the forested valley of Blacksands. Below, you can
make out the buildings of Blacksands Hold, nestled along the black sandy
beaches of volcano cove. To the east, the ridgelines separate this
valley from Ista Hold and southern Ista, while west you can easily see
the five-pointed rim of Ista Weyr, rising out of the haze in the distance.
It is a spring afternoon.
Green Briganth is here.
Obvious exits:
Hold North East South West Beach Feeding Ground

Quarith appears from ::between!:: in a burst of sunset gold!

An ornate clump of Thread waltzes past Briganth, dancing elegantly down
towards the earth below.

Magnolth suddenly flashes from ::between:: with long wingsails cupped to
hold the air below him; rotund body held at the ready while lean tail
snakes out behind.

Ivrylth blinks in from ::Between:: with a starburst of sparkling lime
laced with amethyst, her tail giving a kittenish flick of greeting.

A wingsecond and his dragon blink ::BETWEEN:: as thread almost hits his

A buzzing swarm of Threads zip in front of Magnolth.

A blue dives down from above, flaming thread in his path.

Quarith keeps an eye out for the greenrider and the rest of her wing.
Making sure not to sail them into a patch of thread, the queen dips
towards a drifting clump, allowing her lifemate enough room to pull out
the flamethrower.

A seething mass of Thread drops silently off Ivrylth's wing.

Ivrylth skips ::between::!

Ivrylth blinks in from ::Between:: with a starburst of sparkling lime
laced with amethyst, her tail giving a kittenish flick of greeting.

Briganth flashes in and immediately dives low, shrieking her irritation at
a bit of thread that /dares/ elude her and drift down to /her/ Pern. Teza
wraps her fingers around the riding straps, whooping as a neat flash of
flame sears the thread into a greasy, smoky bit of ashes.

Saria raises her thrower wand, levels it at the clump, and pulls the
trigger. Crackdust! The gob of Thread is reduced to ash that floats
harmlessly down.

A green dragon barely makes it ::BETWEEN:: in time to avoid a clump of

Twisted strands of silver weave a taunting dance, as a tangle of Threads
snake across Briganth's path.

As the threadfall progresses, the density increases, making it harder to
catch every incoming strand.

Ivrylth skips between almost before the thread has a chance to touch her.
The stinging pain is only mild as the wound is only small, the skipping
was successful. Full of energy, the kittenish green attacks the thread
with a ferocity that belies her attitude. Flaming the clump of thread
that nearly seared her wing deeply, she bugles in triumph.

Saria pats Quarith's neck only briefly, adjusting herself between
neckridges before looking sharply at the way fall is coming down.

With a cry of fury emitting from his deep tenor throat, Magnolth gains his
position as he realizes he emurged right in the thick of it. Soon after
seeing the careening clump of thread head towards him, he calls upon the
hard stone he had swallowed earlier, causing a bloom of vermillion to
spurt forth from his stubbed jaw. The flames engulf the tangle of the
Menace before sending it downwards as a dusting of harmless black ash.
Swinging himself back into his wing position, he rumbles, his rider upon
his back invigorated and sickened all at once.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivrylth with: Quarith touches your
mind gently. « Is the threadscore bad? » to her. »

From Briganth's neck, Teza's words, a scoffing, "Too easy!" are quickly
whipped away by the wind as she signals for Briganth to flame that bit of
Thread that dares near. Brig needed no warning or signal, a gout of
flaming already leaving her maw to stop that waltz right /there/. Thank
you, no farther please. Slapping the green's neck affectionately, rider
and dragon search for their next victim.

A large brown dragon bugles as a strand closes in on another dragon.

A silvery tendril of Thread reaches out to curl its deadly grasp around

A rider yells something, but she can't make herself heard through the wind.

Quarith twists and turns away from a nearby clump, only to swing close to
it again, coming up along side it. Allowing her lifemate to do her work,
the queen takes stock of the wings and dragons, making sure all managed
to come between okay.

Quarith senses Ivrylth's voice is a pained purr for but a moment. « It
was a tiny scratch. I am fine! » to her.

From Ivrylth's neck, Orbit winces a bit, as the pain from her dragon is
felt, leaning over to check on Ivrylth, then leaning forward to point at
a strand that escaped the higher wings, "Up there love, up there!"

Saria whips her 'flamer wand across her chest and sends a searing blast
from its' tip, reducing that nearest clump to char. She lets out a yelp
of satisfaction, feeling that things are really coming together this fall.

The sky above seems filled with silvery strands and windblown ash, as
dragons continue to fight the thread.

Silver upon silver: deadly strands interweave to form an intricate quilt
of roiling Thread, awaiting to blanket Briganth.

Quarith senses that she tendrils of thought reach out. « Did
everyone make it from ::between:: all right? »

Quarith senses that Dsalth sends out musky scents of pride and
honour <>

Saria barks a sharp warning to a Weyrling who blinks in from ::Between!::
too close to the action.. "Stay low by the Queens' wings when you come
in, you'll end up in the thick of things!" She waves the Weyrling toward
the rider who's in need of a fresh firestone sack.

Ivrylth lithely soars upward and toward the clump that her lifemate sees.
Munching her firestone quickly, she flames the thread into char-dust,
gleefully watching the remains float to the ground.

The wind starts to shift - Thread begins to fall at an angle, the clumps
and tendrils sheeting down like a curtain of deadly silver rain.

Magnolth flies steadily along within his wing, the black dust in which he
flies through already tainting his hide and clouding his rider's riding
goggles. Swipping at the mess, Lyne can see just in time to mentally warn
her lifemate of the curling tendrils above. Jerking to a stop, the limber
blue twists about and chars the hinderance from the sky — eyes now as
bright and burning as the heat that emruges from his muzzle. Swooping
back and away, he reforms himself and chars at a few idle strands that
dared to get passed the top ranks.

M'enem and Candyth arrow in on a path of Thread from the lower right as
Teza and Briganth take it from the lower left. A few blasts of flame on
part of Firestorm bronze and green reduce that patch to ash and dust,
Teza signalling her thanks for the help before the pair peel off, the
greenrider taking the brief respite to give Briganth a bit more firestone.

Quarith holds her pace steady, her eyes slowly scanning the area to check
and see if any silvery clumps managed to escape from the wings above.

Saria signals to the Wingleaders to adjust their formation against the
changing angle of the Thread. "Inverted 'V'!!" She screams against the
noise of dragons and riders, sending the message via Quarith to the
dragons of Ista that fight Thread.

A weyrling misses a bag toss, and the bag tumbles down to the earth.

A sheeting ribbon of Thread sinks in deadly silence, just ahead of Ivrylth.

Quarith senses that Ivrylth is preoccupied with finding the
silvery enemy so that she may flame them into crispy dust, but does
respond to the queen's inquiry. « We made it okay! » Attention is
back on the silvery Thread..

Two dragons narrowly avoid collision as they dive at the same patch.

A tumbling ball of Thread descends above Quarith.

Flying specks of ash and firestone fill the air, scattered by dragons

Quarith quickly re-orients herself into the inverted V just in time to
skip between as the clump of thread comes too close.

A rushing waterfall of Thread cascades from the heavens above, reflecting
an eerie, distorted image as it falls before Magnolth.

Quarith skips ::between::!
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and

Above Blacksands Valley
You soar high above the forested valley of Blacksands. Below, you can
make out the buildings of Blacksands Hold, nestled along the black sandy
beaches of volcano cove. To the east, the ridgelines separate this
valley from Ista Hold and southern Ista, while west you can easily see
the five-pointed rim of Ista Weyr, rising out of the haze in the distance.
It is a spring afternoon.
Green Briganth, blue Magnolth, and green Ivrylth are here.
Obvious exits:
Hold North East South West Beach Feeding Ground

Quarith appears from ::between!:: in a burst of sunset gold!

Quarith senses that Briganth sends her message, short and to the
point, in as few words as possible. « Here. » Short 'n sweet, just like
dragon and rider. Or at least the short bit fits.

Deftly, Saria levels her wand downward as she and Quarith re-emerge from
::Between!::, flaming the narrowly-missed clump of Thread with a
vengeance. "Gotcha!"

A jet of flame completely incinerates a huge clump of thread.

Quarith senses that Magnolth rumbles within his mind, kaliedescope
of brilliant colours vibrating with the action, flashing with alarming
bightness as he flames in the air. « We're fine! » Barely the two words
are out before his concentration is focused elsewhere.

The bright flashes of dragonfire can be seen all over the sky, and chuffs
of smoke and ash speckle the view above the Blacksands Valley.

A brown dragon flames a strand and disappears ::between!::

Quarith bugles at the victory of escaping the enemy. The charred dust of
thread drifts innoculously to the ground. Another clump is spied, and she
is off to come up slightly below and to the side of it.

Curling movements pulsing with every contorted twist, a clump of Thread
reaches out towards towards Magnolth.

The wing flies in perfect formation, completely covering the fall and
letting nothing through.

Saria angles the 'flamer wand expertly toward the clump of thread and
singes it into nothingness. She sees a break in the fall and takes a
moment to wipe some greasy ash from her goggles.

Ivrylth moves into the new position, her lime wings keeping her steady for
the next drop of thread. Seeing missed strands, the green swoops down and
flames it victoriously. A loud creel comes from her before she chews more
firestone and swooping back into position. Her pregnant rider is in the
forfront of her mind; she is careful not to jar her too much.

A small green dragon darts between two larger ones and catches thread with
a blast of fire.

A torrent of curses leaves Teza's lips as widened amber eyes take in the
shift of Threads fall, the wind tearing them away and leaving Briganth's
roar of fury — how dare it fly different! — to speak for the both of
them. Flame leaves her mouth too soon, searing the lower edge of a trail
of Thread, the angle miscalculated. Fortunately, a blue behind them gets
the rest — but a singularly determined light now gleams in the greens
eyes. Huff. /Bad/ Thread.

A blue dragon swoops underneath the formation to catch a thread missed by
others before it can reach the ground.

Oh how particularly revolting. A snarl of hatred surprised Lyne as her
lifemate lets it curl his lips up, scrunching up his nostrils into a
sneer. The waterfall is soon broken with a bout of flame, incarcerating
the streaming mass while slightly burning his muzzle in the process.
Barely had they time to recover than when they're confronted with yet
another mass. This one being right on top of them, they flash
::between::, allowing the clump to slip by before they reappear.

Magnolth skips ::between::!

Magnolth suddenly flashes from ::between:: with long wingsails cupped to
hold the air below him; rotund body held at the ready while lean tail
snakes out behind.

A young gold wheels around to let her rider catch an incoming thread.

A wing of newly-graduated dragons is becoming too tired fighting the
leading edge; their Wingleader smartly decides to take them back to the
Weyr and let a fresher wing fight the hard stuff; another wing blinks in
from ::Between!:: to take their place.

A tangled mass of Thread falls near Briganth, fanning out as if to ensnare

Quarith takes advantage in the break in the fall to orient herself back
into position and to scan the skies for errant Thread. For now, the sky
below the wings are clear. She holds herself steady and tensely.

Quarith senses that Saria lets her emotions show only briefly. « We fly
well, love! »

From Ivrylth's neck, Orbit catches a glimpse of silver out of the corner
of her eye, directing Ivrylth toward it and almost leaning out of her
straps in her eagerness to get to it and flame it, tossing Ivrylth a lump
of firestone.

An enraged snarl, not at all like her usual musical croons, leaves
Briganth as the Thread makes as if to swarm around her. Rider calling
encouragements, the green takes out the edge of the thread, using the
angle to send the fire racing upward along the /icky/ filaments, then
diving under the last few bits — again caught by another rider. Ooh,
Briganth does /not/ like this new Thread at all. Not one, tiny, itty
bitty, bit.

A group of Weyrlings wink in from ::Between!::, ready to toss sacks filled
with fresh firestone to riders who are low.

Two dragons flame in unison, completely obliterating a clump between them.

Ivrylth dives toward the glimpse of silver while chewing the firestone
given to her. Tail lashes kittenishly before searing away the deadly
Thread into black dust. Victory!

A small knotlike bundle of Thread blossoms, reaching out like a fisher's
cast net, hoping to ensnare Magnolth in its hungry grasp.

Quarith spies some thread that falls past a green as she skips between.
Angling toward that, she gives her lifemate another chance to use her

The Queens' wing, with a few added members this fall, flies steadily below
the massed fighting wings; the belch of flamethrowers is heard in
combination with the roar of flame from dragons' mouths.

Hastily, Lyne grabs at the rocks within the sack next to her as Magnolth
twists his head about to accept more of the firestone. "Here!" With the
sack empty, she hurls it towards a Weyrling, hoping the young man heard
her before her lifemate carries them away from the dragonet. "C'mon,
Nolth. You have it in you!" Bluerider calls out words of encouragement
towards her lifemate before patting his neck soundly — her eyebrows
furrowed deeply as her eyes endlessly scan the skies for the closest
bundle. "Left!!" she cries both with mental force and verbal action,
causing her lifemate to jerk his head in the desired direction and
release a spurt of fire. After watching the ensnaring net disentigrate,
he bugles loudly, calling out the won battle.

Saria sees Quarith's objective almost before her lifemate's body begins to
move toward it, and she moves her wand smoothly to take level aim at the
clump of Thread. "Just a little left!" she yells, frustration forgetting
the mindlink and crying out against the enemy Thread, not wanting it to

Quarith hastily tries to correct her flight, angling sharply to the left.

As a brown dragon disappears ::BETWEEN:: as it is hit, a green manages to
catch the rest of the clump it missed.

Saria is finally in good range to fire, and flames the hard-to-get clump
with a vengeance. "Yes!" she whoops, uncharacteristically, urging
Quarith back into position.

The threadfall begins to slow, now, the clumps coming slightly less often,
but still at that harsh angle. Thankfully, there is still no wind to
complicate this fall.

A green rider yells a warning as an unseen patch approaches another dragon.

Ivrylth swoops down to attack a clump of thread, her bugle evidence that
the lime green was victorious again. However, a silvery strand of thread
nearly catches the tip of her tail before she skipped between.

A silvery tendril of Thread drops alongside Briganth.

Ivrylth skips ::between::!

Ivrylth blinks in from ::Between:: with a starburst of sparkling lime
laced with amethyst, her tail giving a kittenish flick of greeting.

Ash scatters as a huge clump is hit with flame.

You think to Quarith, » Ivrylth is fast.. «

A writhing knot of Thread slips past Magnolth, writhing in hungry
eagerness to reach the ground below.

A new dragon flames his first patch of thread, and his rider grins proudly.

Quarith thinks to you, « Yes she is. »

From Briganth's neck, Teza signals for a fresh sack from the Weyrlings,
shoving the last of her current sack into Briganth's waiting maw, before
the empty sack is tossed away. Catching the full sack deftly, the rider's
eyes widen at the Thread alongside them. Briganth flares her wings,
dropping in a sharp spiral to come up from beneath the thread, fire ready
and waiting for the wretched stuff. Hah! Take that! And pretty
acrobatics, too.

You think to Quarith, » Shame we can't have her in our wing more often. «

Quarith thinks to you, « I know. She is fast and gets the job done with
relish. »

A young Weyrling, looking fresh and a little fearful, makes his way close
to Teza and deftly tosses her a new sack of firestone.. at least he's got
his aim down pat!

Tumbling end over end like a dandelion, a delicate wisp of Thread dances
on the wind, bouncing past Quarith as it drifts lazily downward.

As a dragon disappears ::BETWEEN::, another moves over in the formation to
cover for her.

You think to Quarith, » Quarith.. dive for that! «

A bronze dragon trumpets alarm and disappears ::between!::

Quarith angles her form towards the clump of Thread that twists near her
golden wing. Angling her body to best allow for her lifemate's
flamethrower to sear the thread.

Magnolth tilts his neck up towards the sky as the Thread swoons by at the
awkward angles. A haphazard flame is released above him, causing ashes to
rain down upon his rider. She soon sweeps herself clean of the singeing
sparks, dusting off her glasses once more as she realizes the steady beat
her lifemate usually beats at is faltering. Yet he's not about to let
this go. Hello…A clump /slipped/ by him? Uh-uh. Don't think so. Diving,
his tail wavering behind him, he summarily catches up with the clump and
puts it out of its wriggling misery with firm resoluteness. Ha-HA!

The silver strands begin to appear with less and less frequency, now.. it
appears the worst is over and the fall is beginning to dissipate.

Ivrylth goes back to the wing position, checking to make sure her pregnant
rider is okay and threadfree.

Saria quickly fires her wand, taking the best aim she can over her
lifemate's wing angle, careful not to singe Quarith's sails in the

A green and a blue both go for the same patch of thread, and the green
quickly dodges as she sees the other dragon.

Saria watches the wings on the trailing edge move closer, now, to those
following the leading edge; they tighten formation as the fall
dissipates, taking the Thread at its highest point, not letting it near
the ground.

A brown backwings to flame a large clump of thread.

A green weyrling skips between after recieving a score along her
wingsails. After coming from between, she heads back to the weyr, her
dragon flagging and listing slightly to the injured side.

An angry, hissing knot of Thread falls into Magnolth's path, writhing in
eerie gyrations as it seeks the lush earth below.

A large chunk of Thread sinks, almost lifelessly, past Ivrylth.

Two greens break formation briefly to flame several clumps..

A delicate spiderweb of Thread tumbles like a dandelion past Briganth,
twirling downward towards the ground.

The charred thread drifts down from the sky, covering the land below in
black ashes.

A snakelike filament of Thread hisses its way past Magnolth, slithering
across the sky towards the ground below.

From Ivrylth's neck, Orbit has eyes for the thread, and points at it,
"Ivrylth! There, flame there." The thread right in front of her that is

Ivrylth bugles when sighting the lifeless thread. Eating the firestone her
Orbit gives her, she dives lithely, as only greens can, toward the
thread. Searing it into a black, charred clump, she rejoins her wing.
Victory again! Tail lashes like a cat after it's prey. Thrish-thrash.

Quarith is relentless when looking for the silvery Threads. Spying small
clump of silver threads, she dives towards it, angling her body so that
she's a little to the right of the clump and a little above it. All that
her lifemate has to do is angle the 'thrower down through the opening she

With a last flick of her 'flamer wand, Saria aims down behind Quarith's
left wing, pulling the trigger and sending ash everywhere as the last
clumps of missed Thread are gotten by the lower wings.

From Magnolth's neck, "Ya singed your nose, didn't'cha?" Lyne feels the
throb of pain in her lifemate's muzzle and sympathizes with him, patting
his neck tenderly before duty calls for them once more. "Why don't you
/go/ /away/?!" With the last two emphasized words, a splurt of fire
escapes from Magnolth's muzzle, nimbly catching the Thread before it gets
much father past him. Seeing that the Fall is almost at an end, she
shakes her head as he reaches behind for more firestone. "You've got
enough. It's almost over." Jerking back towards the lop-sided clumps, the
blue flames the last of the approaching Thread in his area with a final
belch of flame. A resounding trumpeting is released from hos throat,
sounding victory.

Die. Thread, I mean. Briganth and Teza both smarting from two earlier
assists, the over-proud pair narrow their eyes at a bit of thread
drifting oh-so-innocently past to ravage 'their Pern'. Nu-uh. Wings
folded to her side, Brig lets gravity take over and drops down beneath
the Thread; no spirals, but the others still get some acrobatics. Rolling
over onto her back, only then does the green flare her wings, sending
flame upward to sear the strands, a victory fall of black ash dusting
downward. Not only does she burn things, she does so in /style/.

Quarith thinks to you, « A thread well flown, my love. »

Saria watches as Wingleaders give the "All-clear" and with fists raised,
the wings of Ista return to the Weyr for a much-deserved rest and
hopefully, a warm bath.

You think to Quarith, » Indeed. We did Ista proud today. Tell Ivrylth
how glad we were to have her in our wing with us? «

Magnolth keeps the steady pumping of midnight sheening wings paced
strongly before abruptly blinking into ::between:: — leaving behind the
faintest gust of wind.

You visualize Sky Over Southeastern Bowl for Quarith.

Quarith thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

Ivrylth's wings fly a little irregularly because of the threadscore that
lanced across her wingtip. She bugles a happy victory to the others,

Quarith disappears into ::between!:: with a flash of golden light!
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute
darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and

Sky Over Southeastern Bowl
The jagged peaks of the Weyr's exploded caldera shelters dragons aflight
from errant sea breezes, but the salty scent of ocean water pervades all.
Weyr entrances pockmark the weathered black rock, sometimes allowing a
glimpse of bright dragons on their ledges, and to the northwest, a large
portion of the volcanic wall seems to have exploded outward in a
trapezoidal wedge, allowing tradewinds to blow crookedly against the
inner walls. Perhaps it explains the density of weyrs here in the more
sheltered, southeastern portion of the broken bowl. They cluster above
the living cavern and other public areas, whereas elsewhere the weyrs
seem more isolated and evenly spaced. The five fingers of Ista Weyr
block any progress seaward, but dragons sometimes slip between the peaks,
nimble and delicate against the upthrust rock.
It is a spring afternoon.
Below, you see Cherenth, Abracath, Minyath, and Decuth.
Gliding around are Laddy and Spryte.
Obvious exits:
Down Hatching Grounds Central Bowl Ledges Weyrleader's
Landing Up

Quarith appears from ::between!:: in a burst of sunset gold!

You think to Quarith, » Let's go home, as quick as we can.. I feel so
dirty, all I want is a bath… but we need to make sure Ivrylth is okay
first. «

Quarith thinks to you, « I will. She flew well. »

Magnolth cups the gusts of air that aid him along his way with dew
drenched wingsails; the unfaltering motion moving him gracefully in from
the northwest.

Magnolth spirals down for a landing in the bowl.

You think to Quarith, » Ask her if she needs her wing tended to - was it
a leading edge score? «

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivrylth with: Quarith sends tendrils
of thoughts out.. « You have done Ista proud, Ivrylth. We are happy to
have you in our wing. Does your wing need tending? Is it a leading edge
score? » to her. »

You spiral down for a landing in the bowl.
Southeastern Bowl
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here,
it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below
the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into
the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main
Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where
the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads
up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a spring afternoon.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Mosquiton, Sarau, Restless,
Nymph, Nauvoo, Etera, Bright, and Inaho.
Blue Cherenth, blue Abracath, brown Minyath, and blue Decuth are here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Quarith thinks to you, « I could use a bath myself, love. »

Quarith senses that Saria sends out tendrils of warmth and rose.. « And
so you shall have one.. but we seem to have more duties to tend to yet
before we are afforded that luxury. »

You think to Quarith, » They're in the Northeastern Bowl.. tell them to
come to the Central Bowl. «

You think to Quarith, » And then let's go there ourselves. «

Quarith senses Ivrylth's slightly dimmed purr answers in response, « It
hurts. But it is not a leading edge score. » to her.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivrylth with: Quarith thinks « Go to
the Central Bowl so that my lifemate may tend to you. » to her. »

You go to the Central Bowl.

Central Bowl
You stand in the center of the Ista Weyr bowl. You feel small as you
crane your neck to look into the sky, at the towering five pinnacles of
the Weyr rim, so tall they seem to reach into the clouds. The bowl floor
slopes gently upward to the southeast, where various tunnels lead to the
hatching grounds, ground weyrs, and living caverns. Across the bowl to
the northeast are the weyrling barracks and training grounds. You can see
the Weyr's artificial waterfall as it sheets down along the northern wall
of the Bowl, its pool concealed at the base of the bowl by an ethereal
cloud of mist. West, the entire wall of the bowl has been blown out by
some long-distant eruption, and you can see clear out to the ocean from
here. The view is breathtaking.
It is a spring afternoon.
Gliding about are Xena, Cozano, and Luna.
Bronze Umeth, green Misumith, and green Almirath are here.
You see Quasar, Axil, Atlas, and Roj's Wagon of Schtuff here.
Obvious exits:
Northeastern Bowl Plateau Southeastern Bowl

You think to Quarith, » Let them know I will tend to it… it's a shame
that to use my healer training someone needs to be hurt.. but I am glad
to help. «

You slip from between two gleaming neckridges, down Quarith's shoulder,
and finally to the ground with a nimble leap.

Saria brushes off her leathers quickly and runs for the ground Weyrs,
cutting through to the infirmary and gathering up her dragonhealing
supplies. She calls for a Weyrling to bring her two buckets of cold
water - and /fast/! - and signals to another apprentice healer to get her
some numbweed.

Quarith senses Ivrylth rumbles softly. « I will be there shortly. » to

Quarith takes this time to allow muscles to relax, though her mind is kept
on the next portion of her duties.

Orbit skips, jumps and leaps cheerfully in from the Northeastern Bowl.

Ivrylth scampers cutely in from the Northeastern Bowl.

Saria dashes back in, followed by Weyrlings, apprentice healer, and a
brownrider she drafted to carry a small table behind her. She gets
everything set up and waits for Ivrylth to move closer.

Saria raises a hand. "Orbit, over here. Bring Ivrylth closer, let me
take a look."

Briganth walks in from the Northeastern Bowl.

Orbit gives Ivrylth a gesture, striding over worriedly to the weyrwoman,
"Her wing is hurting her, weyrwoman.." is stated worriedly, gesturing for
Ivrylth to extend her wing so the healer can take a look at it.

Ivrylth walks, holding her wing out a little, crooning to her lifemate.
Tail lashes back and forth as the each jarring of her steps sends little
tendrils of pain through her wing.

You think to Quarith, » Quarith, try to just keep Ivrylth distracted.. I
don't think we need to hold her just yet.. it's not a bad score. «

Quarith thinks to you, « Quarith's mindtones swirl with affirmation. «
Okay. » »

Quarith moves closer to the injured green, her wings settling against her
back. Crooning softly to Ivrylth, the queen tries to catch her attention.

Teza slides from Briganth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivrylth with: Quarith's thoughts are
gentle and threaded in sunset orange and pastel peach. « Ivrylth, you
flew well. You are to be proud of a flight flown so well. » to her. »

Teza, obscenely cheerful for someone just landed after a fall, smile an
over-bright grin. "Good fall, I thought," she says, tipping her head at
the weyrwoman. "Didn't seem to be too many injuries, even if the Thread
did change mid-fall. Anything I can do to help, Orb?" Briganth, after
all, is starting to squirm in sympathy pain, wimp that she is.

Saria stands up on the table with aid of the brownrider who carried it in
for her, and then reaches down to her healer apprentice for the redwort.
She washes her hands in it and then carefully comes near Ivrylth's wing.
She examines it, touching around but not right upon the scored area.
"Orbit, how are you doing?" Saria asks in an even tone, "You feeling
mostly all right?" She knows Orbit will feel some of Ivrylth's pain; how
much is a mystery to be guessed at with each dragon/rider pair. She asks
to be handed up the bucket of water and douses the area thoroughly. The
water is cold and will make sure Thread is dead, and help clean off any

You think to Quarith, » This will be quick - the score is mild, it really
only needs some cleaning and a bit of numbweed. «

Quarith senses Ivrylth's purring tones are colored with pride as she
answers the queen. « Thank you. So did you. » Flying thread was
exhilerating and exciting. Even the memory of fighting the enemy begins
to buoy her thoughts. to her.

Orbit looks over at Saria with an almost panicked expression on her face,
"She's hurting. Is there any numbweed nearby?" Ivrylth is given a pat,
rider staying oh so near to her green. Wincing softly, rider gazes up at
the weyrwoman, "I'm fine, but she's /hurting/." Ok… so greenrider is
just a /bit/ frantic over green's score.

The Weyrling who brought the water stands, fascinated, watching as Saria

Quarith thinks to you, « I am relieved. She was quite the little fighter
today and deserves to enjoy that. »

Saria nods. "We're almost to that part. I have to clean it first.
Teza," Saria calls, "Why don't you stay with Orbit, right now? This
won't take long at all."

Ivrylth bugles and writhes a little as the cold water is poured over the
score. The impulse to withdraw the wing is strong, but she fights.

Saria reaches for a cloth soaked in redwort and gently cleanses the wound
area. It isn't a deep score, and is near no veins; only a little char, a
little ichor, and thankfully Ivrylth and Orbit's reaction time was quick
enough that they skipped ::Between!:: before it penetrated the fingersail.

You think to Quarith, » She is a very brave green, you know.. most would
already have needed us to hold them. «

"Hey Orb, why don't you go through the alphabet for me, hmm?" The elder
greenrider snakes an arm around the younger's shoulders, the weight meant
to be reassuring. Winking down at Orbit, Teza flashes one of her brighter
smiles. "I assume you /do/ remember, right? After all — you do speak
properly now. Mostly" Hey, it's a distraction at least! She can't do much

You sense Quarith agrees, her thoughts woven with peach and rose into a
thread of pride for the green. « She is. I am glad she has shown such
gumption. I like her, love. She is very brave. »

Orbit flinches ever so softly as the arm falls across her shoulder, then
peers up at the older greenrider, "I know the alphebet. And I /can/ talk
right!" She pauses just a bit, "Where's P'kar? I'm going to hold him
out in threadfall, he's worrying Ivry…" A pause and greenrider just
flinches, vocalizing what her dragon is telling her mentally, "OW!"

"Apprentice, hand me that piece of sailcloth, will you?" Saria reaches
down from her tabletop perch and takes the proffered clean cloth. "All
right, and now the numbweed and paddle." Saria takes the numbweed pot
and tucks it under her arm in a deft move learned from years of practice,
leaving both hands free. She takes the paddle in hand and works a glooey
gob of numbweed very gently over the scored area, waiting for the
reaction from Orbit that will hopefully follow shortly; at least a slight
relief of the shared pain being felt.

Quarith tries to hold the green's attention with distractions of her
exploits in the recently flown thread. Not yet having to hold her, the
queen remains concerned for the green.

Ivrylth stops her mild reaction of pulling away as the numbweed begins to
take affect. She visibly relaxes and nudges her lifemate.

Teza pats Orbit's shoulder lightly, arm sliding off as the rider leans
back against Briganth's foreleg. "A'right, then, repeat after me."
Long-unused teaching tones fill her voice once again, a faintly impish
grin on her lips. "Ivrylth flew well. Ivrylth will be fine. Die, Thread,
die." There, isn't she clever? — Or not.

"Die Thread.." And she starts to visably relax as the numbweed sooths and
pain filters away, "Die…" is finally breathed in a relaxed tone. "That
feels /much/ better.." is said by the Orblet. A pause. "Ivrylth really
flew well, didn't she?" And proud beam starts to grow.

Saria finishes slathering the numbweed salve on the cleaned scored area,
and for an added measure of protection, slathers the piece of sailcloth
with numbweed and gently lays it over the slightly open area. Saria
turns around, sets down pot with paddle in it on the table, and braces
herself with one hand to hop down to the ground just away from Ivrylth's
side. She gives the green a gentle, reassuring rub on the rear leg as
she moves over toward Orbit and Teza, who's afforded a big wink for her
efforts in keeping Orbit collected while Ivrylth was being treated.
"Orbit, she'll be fine.. that was some quick flying and betweening it
took to get away from that. You can take that extra piece of sailcloth
off in a couple of days - I just want to avoid any infection."

Ivrylth rumbles affectionately at her lifemate. She did fly well;
extraordinaryily even. Her chests puffs out and she croons again, her
eyes whirling towards her lifemate, almost seeking her affirmative
response. Healer is rumbled at with gratitude for the efficient healing.

Quarith senses Ivrylth's voice comes to you like the gentle rumbling of a
kitten's purr. « Thank your lifemate for tending me so gently! » to

"She flew marvelously, just as I'd expect from anyone in the Firestorm
wing." Of course, Teza can't help but add, "Even if you did abandon us to
fly with the others." A wink shared with Saria is also turned on the
younger rider. "But really, she flew marvelously. I'm off to clean the
stench from our hides, tho!" Briganth is remounted as Teza sketches a
cheerful salute, making for the beach. "And then take a nap, of course."
Of course!

Quarith thinks to you, « Quarith's own voice is tinged with pride and
love. « You did well, love. She thanks you for your gentle touch. » »

Teza clambers up Briganth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Orbit turns with a glowing beam toward her green, gazing upon her with
absolutely loving eyes, "Oh yes love, you flew beautifully." Awww.. the
love between rider and dragon. Teza is given a beam, "I miss our wing,
but those healers in the lower caverns insisted, they even got /P'kar/ to
insist…" is finished with a bit of a whine.

Torey hops in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Briganth takes off.

Vaelyth bounds playfully in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Ivrylth croons moves closer to her lifemate, her eyes lazily whirling.

Saria looks up. "Hi, Torey," she says, feeling a bit proud of herself for
her quick action. It was actually good to be able to use her skills
again, though she doesn't wish Threadscore on anyone. "Come see my
handiwork on this fine greenriding pair?" She points to Ivrylth's light
fingersail score; clean and dressed with numbweed and a nice piece of
sailcloth to keep out the infection.

Saria reaches out as Teza heads off to give Briganth a bath
after the Fall.. and takes over her place with Orbit. "You did
brilliantly today, Orbit," she says. "Ivrylth has to be one of the most
even-tempered dragons I've treated an injury for in about 20 turns of
doing this sort of thing!"

Torey wanders that'away, Vaelyth following, though this kinda interrupts
her bath plans and she nudges Torey as she whumps along. "Sure, comin."
Torey answers, scritching Vaelyth's muzzle as she nears the two. "What
happened?" the young goldrider asks curiously.

Orbit beams proudly and gives Ivrylth a gentle pat, "What you did for her
was amazing. I'd love to be able to learn how to do that for dragons.
Ivrylth is feeling ever so much better now."

Quarith welcomes the younger gold with a croon.

Vaelyth sends a crooning greeting of her own towards the older gold,
warbling slightly, making Torey chuckle before continuing to listen,
curious. "May I stand in and listen too?" she asks.

Mirok walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Eyes light up as greenrider beams up at the weyrwoman, "Would you really?
I can't do much, 'cept mending straps lately. Healers…" is all that
is muttered in explination. "I had to practically beg to be allowed to
go and fight thread." Greenrider is done complaining now.

"Of course you may," Saria says. "I can show you both," she adds to Orbit
and Torey. "But it's too much for right now. Orbit needs a rest, and, I
presume, Vaelyth needs a bath. You two willing to take me as your mentor
and become Dragonhealer Trainees?"

You think to Quarith, » It appears we will have two new dragonrider pairs
to teach our healing arts to, Quarith! «

You notice Mirok looking at you.

You sense Quarith's mindtones twist happily, curling their tendrils around
your mind. « Good! You will teach them well. »

Saria doesn't see Mirok looking at her, she's absorbed in talking to the
green- and goldrider who are standing very close by her side.

Orbit gives an eager nod, "Oh yes, I'd love to learn about dragonhealing.
We can help with the dragonhealing next time rather than being patients
next time maybe.." Orblet is completely enthralled with the idea of
dragonhealing, to the exclusion of everyone around her, except Ivrylth of
course, who gives a softly tired croon. "Oh Ivry, I'm so sorry…
Weyrwoman, if you'll excuse us, I think Ivrylth needs a rest…" Orblet
doesn't, of course. She is big bad greenrider.

Quarith settles down, listening to lifemate's conversation with the other
riders with interest.

Saria grins. "You won't be able to help right away, there are lessons to
be taken. It's a big step, Orbit - think about it, and let me know as
soon as you decide."

Ivrylth opens her lidded eyes halfway. She is tired. Sleepy. The strains
of her first threadfall finally taking it's toll.

Mirok squints into the afternoon sun before taking note of those gathered
about the bowl. He manages a quick if not little akward bow as he
politely says, "Greetings riders, I hope I am not intruding."

Torey smiles and nods. "I… um, sure." she answers, not too sure about
this dragonhealing thing, though she gets a nudge in the backside of
encouragement and giggles. "Absolutely." her re-answer. Nothing these two
can't conquer, or something like that. "A good goldrider really should
know something about everything, right?" So she's been told.

Saria turns her head at the voice. "We're actually nearly finished,
here," she says mildly to Mirok, before turning back to Torey briefly, "I
think that's well said, Torey. It's certainly appropriate enough here at
Ista to be well-versed in many skills. Well, if Orbit decides to join
us, we'll all start it together.. so, Orb, let me know within the
sevenday.. I'd like to begin as soon as it's convenient if you wish to
join us."

Quarith thinks to you, « Quarith swirls peach and rose hued through your
mind. « I am dirty. » A gentle reminder. « Maybe we can all talk while I
take a bath? » She does like to be clean. »

Orbit gives a soft nod, Ivrylth getting a tender pat, "I will Weyrwoman,
would it be permissible to send my firelizard Lime to you with a note if
I don't run into you before the end of the sevenday?"

Quarith senses that Saria patiently stalls her lifemate, mindtones
slightly green. « I will .. just must finish this with Torey and Orbit
first, love. »

Quarith thinks to you, « Okay, love. »

Saria nods emphatically. "Of course it will, Orb. Now, you all go and
get cleaned up, and Quarith and I will do the same." She smiles at
Torey, and squeezes Orb again on the shoulder before letting her go
finish taking care of her lifemate.

Mirok takes a step back not wishing to appear too nosey, yet at the same
time curious.

Torey smiles and turns a wave towards the newcomer, just as Vaelyth wraps
her tail around the slender wrist. "Hello." she offers, before shaking
her head. "No, not at all." Saria was right, the business at hand is
decided. She turns. "Have a good long nap Orb, you as well as Ivrylth."
she says, grinning after the green rider before nodding towards Saria.
"And you as well."

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