Threadfall At Close


05:43 PM
High Above Silver Forest
Below, a wide expanse of Istan forest stretches for miles all around you. The leaves on the trees in this valley are a pale, mouse green, and when the wind blows, they turn to reveal a silvery underside - hence the name, Silver Forest.
It is a winter noon. A bright glowing patch behind the clouds marks the sun. It seems the clouds might be thinning out.
Brown Ftoranth, green Elbareth, and green Suith are here.
Obvious exits:
East South West

Elbareth rides up a thermal to a spreading clump of thread just below the brown and bronze who seer the vast majority of it to asshes. She twists to one side catching the straggling threads then twisting mid air back the bare lengths to the formation, the Galestorm wing shifting and returning in a well calculated dance.

The leading edge comes off the beach and heads inland where the Wings of Ista Pride are waiting. The Threadfall is starting haeding for the Firestorm Wing.

Pantomime glides in from the south.

Dhiammarath appears in a rush of irridescent white-gold from ::between:: trailing a wake of sparkly jewel-tones!

From Elbareth's neck, Tstar is crouched over Elbareth's back and digs in her firestone sack to toss several chunks to Elbareths's waiting mouth, and the Galestorm formation shifts once more into attack mode to meet the next clump. Elbareth's faerie silvered hide gleaming as she chases upwards, skimming the sides of the wing formation.

A large chunk of Thread tumbles downwards towards Elbareth.

Elbareth receives a medium score on the haunches!

From Elbareth's neck, Tstar receives a deep score on the calf!

Dhiammarath emerges from Between following behind Saria as she leads the queen's wing into action. REadying her flamethrower, Hannah is ready for the silvery stuff.

From Elbareth's neck, Tstar bites back a growl of pain, it concealed by elbareth's bugal and she projects a single thought to her dragon. «HOME», and the pair vanish back to the weyr and the healers. Galestorm, however, continues to fight on, calling up a reserve replacement. They'll save sympathy for off hours.

Elbareth winks into ::between::!

Flame! Bwaaaahh! Suith's mouth shoots out a fiery blast to sear the Thread-clumps in front of her, and her eyes whirl a bright, angry, but mildly scared yellow-crimson. She's angry at the Thread, but a bit timorous as to whether the silver killing strands will touch her or not.

A mirrorlike pane of Thread suddenly appears before Dhiammarath, reflecting her image back in eerie silvery distortion.

From Suith's neck, M'er places a comforting hand on Suith's neck, hoping to make her small fear go away. "Just be careful, love," he murmurs, and looks all around to make sure no Thread is coming directly for either of them. "THere, ahead of us. Get that, Sui."

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah sweeps her flamethrower into position and targets the shimmery thread in front of her, so she'll be ready when her lifemate swings her closer to the offending thread. With a shout of glee, she chars the stuff to blackened dust.

Riyth soars up from above Silver Cove.

Dhiammarath wings evenly over her alotted area keeping half an eye upwards watching for stray clumps, turning smoothly as an air elemental after the remanants of an exceptionally heavy clump, giving her rider a quick mental alert where to aim, falling into the rhythem of battle.

A delicate spiderweb of Thread tumbles on the winds, spinning close to Riyth in its fall.

As Firestorm wing of Ista Weyr cuts through the Thread falling from the skies above, Riyth pulls upward as Thread approaches them. From the blue's open maw comes a plume of fire, charring the Thread in front of him. All around them the Firestorm wing flames Thread and winks between while remaining in formation.

Threadfall is in full swing as the Pride of Ista meet it and flames it to dust. A huge clump heads for the Wavecutters.

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah pats Dhiammarath's neck where the straps separate and continue to watch the sky with a keen eye, making sure that none of the deadly stuff makes it through the Queen's wing to the ground crews below.

Dhiammarath complies with the silent order of her rider and shifts right back into formation away from where the last manuver took them, great pale wings precisely holding them where they should be… for now, until the next target is spoted.

A knotted tangle of Thread descends stealthily, slipping silently past Riyth in its downward fall.

A ropy clot of Thread plummets out of the sky in front of Suith.

Riyth attemts to flame at the Thread which sneaks silently past him. The blue lets out a deep rumble as his rider remains controled perched on the dragon's neck ridges. "Tell that brown to pull up a bit, Riyth." she orders.

Suith heads of for a new clump, but is instead greeted by one. She screeches, her eyes becoming more yellow than red again, and she opens her mouth to flame. She calms and churrs happily when charred dust falls past her, replacing the silvery Thread.

From Riyth's neck, Jozzie receives a slight score on the upper back!

From Riyth's neck, Jozzie yelps with pain on her upper back, signaling Riyth between. The blue emerges several moments later with a look of confusion in his facet eyes. « Are you okay? » her dragon asks. Jozzie stiffens with pain but looks able to pull through the fall. "Tell the wing I'll be alright." she says to Riyth. She looks back at her wing and raises her hand, signaling to change formation and structure. The blue rumbles as Jozzie tosses some firestone out of her sack as the blue catches and is ready for more Thread.

From Suith's neck, M'er peers after Riyth, frowning. Jozzie got hurt? Oh no! He thumps Suith on the shoulder affectionately, happy she hasn't got hurt yet. Or him, or anyone else in his wing yet, for that matter. "Over there. And tell me when you need more firestone," he notes, pointing the green towards the right, where she flames towards.

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah praises her lifemte silently as she movs into just the right spot. Hannah scans the sky above and below to make sure not a thread gets by her. Looking for the leading edge, she wonders how much is left.

A long white tendril of Thread cascades downwards, tumbling past Dhiammarath with silent grace.

A long snaking filament of Thread drops silently off Suith's wing.

A silvery clump of Thread sinks in deadly silence, just ahead of Riyth.

Dhiammarath receives a slight score on the mainsail!

Suith hisses and turns to flame at the Thread near her wing. Luckily, she's pretty acrobatic.

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah sees the thread, but it's too late. Gripping her flamethrower she voices her thoughs and calls out to her lifemate, "Skip! Skip between Dhiammarath!"

Riyth attempts to be macho as he takes after the large clump ahead of him, while Jozzie is yelling at him to hold back a bit. "Riiiiy!" the rider cries. "This is too much for you!" The blue thinks nothing of it.

From Suith's neck, M'er receives a deep score on the foot!

Dhiammarath obeys her rider, almost before the command is issued, then reappears exactlywhere she left off, shaken, and sore, with the trace of a buggle dying out as they re-emerge into daylight.

Dhiammarath skips ::between::!

Dhiammarath appears in a rush of irridescent white-gold from ::between:: trailing a wake of sparkly jewel-tones!

Suith seems to be a bit too acrobatic for her own good: she got the Thread by her wing, but allowed THread to slip from her flaming breath and reach her rider. She screams, as doesM'er, as the Thread hits, and she skips between without a second thought.

Suith skips ::between::!

Suith blinks in from ::between::!

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah twists in her straps trying to get a look at the thread score to determine how bad it is. It doesn't look bad, but all the same she confers with her lifemate on how bad it really is.

From Suith's neck, M'er is in pain, thusly putting Suith in pain. M'er signals his wingleader, and then motions for Suith to head back home. "It hurts," he murmurs under his breath, to his dragon.

Suith winks into ::between::!

Weryleader N'ano takes stock as the Leading Edge moves off and Threadfall is ending. Several riders and dragons got hurt this time around. Sloppy, sloppy! More practice for everyone.

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah visibly relaxes at her lifemate's confirmation that the scoring is light and again checks on the leading edge. Seeing that it has moved off, she sighs, rolling her shoulder muscles to get the kinks out. Another fall flown successfully, or almost successfully.

Pantomime twinkles a unseasoned verdant, convusling momentarily before hencing off with a whisper of cold air ::Between!::

Nestled between Dhiammarath's glittering, pale neckridges, Hannah tucks away her flamethrower and orders Dhiammarath to land. "C'mon love, lets get that score looked at by the dragonhealers."

Dhiammarath spirals into ::between:: leaving a wake of glittery jewel tones!

[[End of Log]]

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