The Weyrlings Entertain Danae And Alimirath

[[logged by Yla]]

Northeastern Bowl

The northeastern arc of the Weyr Bowl seems somewhat isolated from the rest of the weyr - with necessity, for this is the training grounds for young riders and dragons, the Weyrlings. The main entrance to the weyrling barracks is just north of here, and the ground there is well-trampled and firm, as if many feet, both human and dragon, have wandered over it dozens of times a day. Further up in the northwest corner of the bowl is the waterfall, tumbling out of the Weyr face several dragonlengths above, misting the area in a rainbow glow. On the south side of the bowl lie the ashpits and firestone supplies for the entire Weyr.

It is a summer sunrise. Day breaks in a rainbow of glorious color, as the sun begins its ascent into the sky. The darkness in the west begins to lighten as the sun's rays chase the night, and the sky lightens to a fair, pale blue. Only a few wisps of cirrus clouds brush the sky above.

Castaliath trips, skips, and stumbles out of the barracks.

Bydelth shuffles awkwardly out of the barracks.

N'ano is led in by Bydelth.

"But we just came /in/ a little while 'go bub!" N'ano grumbles slightly as he emerges to the bowl for the second time this morning. Sighing, he tosses himself up onto his usual rock as the psycho-bronze makes his rounds about the area, sprinting as fast as his little legs can carry him, and jumping at irregular intervals to flap his wings for exercise.

Castaliath waddles out of the barracks after Yla, looking downright pleased with herself. "Yes dear, stop cheering." She stops in front of the green. "Now you need to stretch those wings dear… slowly. Don't want to pull anything."

Bydelth suddenly stops in his steps. Oh look! A bug! Despite what the big bronze daddy said about them, the little one hops with all his might to grab hold of the insect, though failing to actually catch it. With a wuffle towards the bug's direction, he twists his neck and makes his way back to his rider "Sorry boy, you pulled me out here /again/… you're not gonna go poutin' to me! Do somethin—-like, stand still 'n flap your wings and twirl them or somethin'!" exclaims his rider.

"Having trouble?" Yla teases, from where she stands, directing Cassie in her exercises. Her lifemate's attention diverted, she tries stretching her wings and leaning back at the same time, unfortunately overbalancing in the process and falling sideways straight into Yla, and the pair go down in a tangle of limbs and wings. "Oof!"

N'ano winces slightly "Shards, y'alright there?" he laughs, standing and walking over to the tangled mass to offer a hand to help the rider portion up. "Not as much as you apparently!" Bronze too makes his way over in curiosity, gently nudging his clutchmate's side—probably a poor excuse of helping the green get up.

"Mmmph!" Face obscured and voice muffled by quite a bit of green hide, that that as "Not really." The hand peeking out from underneath makes an attempt at grabbing N'ano's offered hand and she hauls herself most of the way up. Castaliath huffing and pushing herself to her feet. Bydelth wanted to help her? Aww.. that's sweet… isn't it? "Yes, dear." Yla mutters, brushing at her uniform. "Now you see why it's a bad idea to show off?" She grins sheepishly at N'ano. "She's just a bit accident prone."

N'ano grins, nodding "Aye… same with him for the most part… he pretends he's flyin' all the time… kinda cute, actually. But he's got some weird facination with bugs…" he frowns, giving the bronze a once look-over as he starts his wing flapping and hopping routine over again.

Above, Sejith flies up from the southwest.

Above, Sejith beats his wings and ascends.

Yla absently pats Castaliath's muzzle as the green shakes herself out. "Why don't you do a couple of laps round the bowl, sweetie? Build up those leg muscles?" They have to jump up to take off, right? "Bugs? Well… there are worse things for him to be fascinated with…" Cassie makes a token creel of objection before she starts padding away, shaking a tail at Bydelth. He coming?

Bydelth is coming, no doubt. It's about time he had a running partner! N'ano's no fun for him since he runs faster… Raising a brow at the bronze's sudden departure to tag along with the green, N'ano rolls a shoulder "Aye.. I'm sure there is." he replies to the previous comment by fellow rider. "Shards.. they're growin' so fast! I can hardly keep up with 'em… and we get to make straps or somethin' I think I heard?"

Yla shakes her head in amusement as Castaliath trots along. "Mind you don't trip over!" she calls out, verbally and mentally. "I heard that…" she says, folding her arms. "Something like we have to make adjustable ones? Because they grow so fast." Very fast indeed. Her eyes unfocus and a look of affection for her lifemate crosses her face.

N'ano nods once, near choking on a silent remark by his own lifemate "Shards… he's—" he just finishes that comment off with a half grin "Well… yeah, anyway, if we're makin' straps for them, does that mean we're gonna be ridin' them soon or somethin'?" it makes sense, doesn't it?

Yla won't bother asking about what the comment was about, she shrugs, flinching as Castaliath stumbles partyway through her lap, picking up her feet before she falls facedown. "I don't know. Really… I haven't asked to be honest."

N'ano isn't about to tell what Byd had said, either "Well, I just heard rumors—haven't really asked the weyrlingmasters anythin', so I don't know for sure. But they must be gettin' kinda close to big enough to ride, don't ya think?"

"Well," Yla says, leaning against the wall outside the barracks, thinking about it. "I was told Cassie's not even the quarter of the length she'll eventually be, so I find it hard to just… visualise riding her. It's just… beyond what I imagined." Heck, she didn't even think she'd get searched, never mind impress.

N'ano nods once "Yeah… true.. I dunno… maybe it's just 'cause I ain't used to having somethin' so big? Ain't like I've every had a dragon 'fore… and I don't know how big the other dragons were before when the older riders first started out. Ah well.. within time, right? Time's goin' by so quickly it seems… shouldn't be too much longer."

*thud* And over goes Cassie, having stumbled over a rock on the bowl ground and gone face first in the dirt. Yla shifts, about to jump over and help her lifemate, before the green rights herself, shaking her head, eyes whirling placidly. Yla even smiles as Cassie turns, blinking at Bydelth. Race ya? "Yes,they are growing so fast. It only seems like yesterday she hatched. She was soooo little."

Bydelth would probably race, but you know, he needs to rest or something, or so the panting suggests. He does keep on skipping along, however. Muffling his laughter, N'ano just shakes his head once more "Shards, they're gonna be bruised and bloody 'fore we even get to ride 'em!" he motions once the green has gotten up "But yeah… how 'long ago was that, anyway? Seems like months…"

"Only a couple of months…" Yla says, pondering. "I'm sure she's getting so big so fast though." Watch out. She's beginning to look sappy.

But who wouldn't be sappy when their baby's growing up! Deeply sighing, N'ano nods his head once again "Very big… Byd must be at least 5 times the size he was when he hatched! Heh… I remember that day—I was /so/ scared of him after he knocked that other boy down… and then when he came over? I was 'bout ready to run away or somethin'!"

Yla blinks, looking away from the green, who's waggling her tail at Bydelth teasingly. Awww… he can't keep up? "He knocked someone over?" she blinks. Ok, so after she impressed, she didn't pay any attention to anyone. Except maybe when Lib and Naomi impressed. Meaning, since she was the first impressee… she saw no one else.

Above, Almirath slices through the air with gleefull presission up from the southwest.

Above, Almirath glides down to land in the bowl.

Almirath glides in for a landing.

Bydelth can too keep up! Really! He's just… well, a little tired, that's all. And *thump* there he goes to pant on the ground like a canine. Grinning, N'ano slowly drifts his attention from his lifemate back to Yla "Aye… he did. It totallt shocked me that he chose /me/… scared the living daylight outta me at first!"

Yla giggles as Castaliath huffs, sitting back on her haunches and tapping her tail fork on the ground impatiently. Honestly. "I was totally incoherent. I couldn't even speak. I think I went to be thinking it was a big dream, then woke up the next morning with a green tail draped over me… and almost died of shock. So unreal." she says with a sigh.

N'ano grins "Aye… /very/… still gettin' used to it every day! Hey Byd! Watch out, will ya?" Upon noticing the bigger draggie land, the bronze crawls out of the way only to flip over belly side up to bask in the early morning light.

Almirath coos playfully as she lands with a dainty step, she and her rider off to the more temperate lake, the ocean is nice and all, but fresh water is almost required every once in a while. Danae waves to the weyrlings from her princess' back, curious to who has joined the numbers of Istan riders, "Good morning."

Yla blinks up through the sun at Danae, offering a little wave as Castaliath pads back over to her lifemate's side. "Good morning!" she calls out, hand absently drifting to Cassie's muzzle.

Almirath is quite a bit more interisted in the young dragons, new playmates you see, her eyes a whirl with bright happy colors. Nae giggles at the greenie girls thoughts and leans down over her shoulder, "Almi wants to know if you all are allowed to leave the barracks yet."

N'ano offers a chin nod and a poor excuse of a salute to the other rider in greeting, nodding his head "Well, we're out in the bowl, aren't we?" he grins, motioning around "I think this is as far as we can go though… just so they can exercise, y'know?"

Castaliath removes her head out from under her lifemate's hand, padding across the bowl to Almirath. New friend? Goodie. Cassie has lots of friends you see. Yla giggles at the green's thoughts and bobs her head in agreement with N'ano. "Yeah… the bowl… that's as far as we're allowed I believe…"

From Almirath's neck, Danae forwns only slightly and pats Almiraths neck in apology, explaining to the others, "She wanted some swimming partners." but this other little green is greated with a happy little croon and a lowered muzzle so taht she can see on the same level as the youngling, "Whats her name again?" Nae asks of the green rider, but Almi is too quick to respond, "AHh, Castaloath. Very pretty. Nice to meet you Castalath!"

N'ano watches his own bronze retreat from the overpowering green vibrance, laughing and shaking his head "Shards, if I knew any better, I'd say he's 'fraid or something. I dunno."

Castaliath croons happily, calling to her lifemate. See. New friends. Gotta love all these friends. Can't she play with them? "No dear… we're not allowed out of the bowl." Yla runs a hand through her hair. "Oh, Cassie would have loved to go swimming. She loves it, keeps trying to get me to swim in the pool with her." A gesture towards the pathway. "She made a rather disastrous attempt to 'teach' me." Which was rather an unhappy memory to be honest, the green too young to know that throwing in at the deep end, literally, is more traumatic than anything.

N'ano rolls his eyes "Hey, weren't we all 'pposed to teach ya or somethin' a while back?" he sends the question Yla's way before shrugging "Yeah, Byd loves swimmin' too… got a little fondness for tag in the water… kinda cute to watch 'em waddlin' through the shallows. Always seems to get a little mouthful of water though." he at lasts, sends the last towards Danae with a half grin "He's gotta learn how to balance himself against even small ripples.

"That was disastrous too." Yla informs N'ano. "At this rate," she addresses them both. "I'll wind up fearing the water more than anything." Save her from so called 'experts' getting her to swim.

From Almirath's neck, Danae chuckles as Almi's attention breaks from the green a moment to peer at the baby bronze, « IS he afraid of me? I am not scairy. » her bright pastel hues color her thoughts as she tries to make herself look non-threatining, but that to her equils brighter colors, which might not have the desired affect. "Oh you'll remember all of this in a few turns and just laugh, even the somewhat tramatic events." she scritchs the bit of greenie neck in front of her, "This one got me in /loads/ of trouble." to which Almirath snorts, « Did not. »

N'ano grins "I ain't gonnaforget nothin'…" or so he hopes, anyway. Peering back, he prods the bronze out of this hidey hole, waving a stick around in the air before tossing it over towards the greens "Fetch?" if might just work, and alas! It /does/! Bronze scurries out across the bowl, back to the vicinity by them, cautiously retireving /his/ stick, slowly lowering himself down to the ground to play with it.

Bydelth's a canine now? Well, Yla won't comment. She'll just roll her eyes in amusement. "I'll probably not forget as long as Cassie tries to get me to swim. I'm never letting her attempt to teach me to swim again." She folds her arms, looking stubborn on that front. Castaliath blinks at Bydelth, them at Almirath. Is something about the stick fun?

Almirath peers at the stick, is it? Shes not sure, hasnt really plaied with sticks before. But hey! New toy! With a spritly little bounce that jars her rider she pounces at the bronzie, her tail going up in play. « Sticks are fun? » she asks of Byd.

Bydelth squeels like a porcine in distress as he picks up his stick and trots quickly to his riders side. Oh, but this is seemingly amusement for N'ano? Well, yeah, because he's bent over, laughing his head off "Shards Byd! She ain't gonna hurt ya! Just wanted to play, right?" he imposes the last part upon Danae, raising a brow.

From Almirath's neck, Danae is rubbing her nose as it was what hit cute little Almi's neck when she pounced, "Yea.. play…" grumble. But at least the greenie is remorsefull when it comes to her riders pain, and she crounches so that Nae can dismount before any further jarrings happen.

Danae slides from Almirath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Yla giggles, muffling her laughter briefly with her hand for a moment. "Awww…" Bydelth's almost cute when he's scared. Castaliath flicks her tailfork in a reflection of Yla's amusement.

Bydelth? Scared? Surely you must be mistaken. The bronzen puffs his chest out all mighty-like before resuming his posture of huddling around /his/ stick. He was merely protecting it from harm, really. "Gotta love 'em, eh?" his rider grins, motioning to his lifemate and stick.

Almirath then peers at the bronzer, « I /am/ scairy? » she seems almost shocked. In typical Almi childlike blundering she snakes her head closer to peer at Byd and see just what is wrong with him and just why hes afraid of her, colors brightening once more, « Why did you squeel like that? I just wanted to play with your stick. » just dont let Celth hear her say that to you. ;)

His stick. /Bydelth's/ stick. No one elses. BAH! Bydelth just hovers even more protectively over his stick as the green lurks closer. Or perhaps he should just… well, nah. Rolling his eyes, N'ano looks about between riders and dragons, grinning "He's a little protective over his belongings… doesn't even like /me/ to touch half of 'em!"

Castaliath's being sneaky, for once. As Yla continues to snicker, the green starts creeping around behind Bydelth, being extra careful not to trip or stumble as she usually does, when she gets into position, that almost prehensile tail of hers sneaks out, wrapping itself around the stick and whisking it away. Lookit! She got Bydelth's stick.

Danae cant help but giggle at her beasties lack of understanding in this matter, "She just doesnt get /why/ he doesnt want to play." and then the younger green steels the stick and Nae giggles more, "Oh no!" but Almi likes this game, keep away! And she can really win with these younglings, she can fly! As much as a full grown draggin can bounce without smooshing people, Almi does, « Ohoh! Shes got the stick! I want the stick! » /the/ stick now, not Bydelth's.

Bydelth squeels once again as his precious stick is taken away from him… /stolen/! Oh well, he's not going to cry about it, cause crying's just for babies, right? Rather, the bronze twirls his head away, and walks off in the opposite direction with his head held high. No no… that's /his/ stick and he still wants it! So, with an about turn, he scurries back to the little green at full speed, his attempt to knock her over 'playfully' to get his stick back.

Castaliath practically 'meeps', and waddles as fast as she can away without tripping in her usual klutzy manner. Oh no! He's gaining. She's not that fast on the ground, after all. Catch! She tosses the stick over to Almirath. Go chase the bigbig green. Muaha.

Almirath catches the stick with her mouth like a good puppy, and its a good thing its a smallish stick for it dissappears in her maw instead of being chomped by then rock crushin teathies. An odd sort of expression wrinkles the seagrass hues of her nose as she realizes that the stick is completely in her mouth. Then she turns smug and simply lays her head on the ground, « Iiiii have it and yoooouuuu dont. » oh yes, she is the picture of maturity, what every young dragon strives for.

Keep away now, huh? Well, Bydelth can play that game, yep. Wuffling a snort at Cassie, he wobbles his way with pride towards the /big/ green… though he's not /that/ much smaller, is he? Well, he doesn't think so anyway as he gains speed to pounce on Almirath, or something to that extent.

Castaliath, the new pitcher of the weyrling group? Oooh yes. Not that much smaller? That bronze is seriously deluded if he thinks he can pounce Almirath. Yla tries not to collapse giggling. Too bad there's not popcorn around.

N'ano just rubs his temples at his lifemate's attempts "Just… tell her not to eat him or somethin'? I don't really wanna go without him, y'know? And he's obviously determined to get that stick back… be gentle with my baby!" he finall pleads.

Almirath is one of the smallest greens over all, so really shes not much bigger, twice and a smidge? But shes not worried, untill shes accused of eating baby dragons, « I would not eat him. » her head lifts a bit from the ground, perhaps throwing the young bronzes punce off a bit and making Nae laugh more.

Yla tries not to fall over laughing, staggering over to rest a hand on Cassie's neck to prevent her from collapsing. "Bronzes…" *snicker*

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth sounds less than worried, « She could not eat me. I am too big. Much bigger than a herd beast, now! »

Raphael glides grandly toward the central bowl.

N'ano stands up, somewhat stomping his foot "Bronzes? What's wrong with bronzes, eh?" yeah, he's a bit taken back, being the rider of one after all. "Go get her Byd!" which her he's referring to, who cares!

Hannah walks with youthful grace out of the barracks.

Bydelth wiggles and waggles overall making a great show of trying to get his 'toy' back, and at N'ano's encouragement to 'get her' flops backward onto his backside, blinking at N'ano in complete confusion.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth thinks « « Get her? Get who? And how do I get her? If you mean Almirath, she is much too big for me to carry. And she wouldn't make a good pillow. Too lumpy. » »

Which must mean that if it's not Almirath… it must be… "EEP!" is Yla's squeak, ducking down to try and hide behind her lifemate. Castaliath looks at the bronze, creels herself, then scurries about and around, winding up behind her lifemate. "Way to be courageous, Cass…" is muttered with an eye roll of amusement.

Okay, as much as N'ano's trying not to laugh right now, between Bydelth's flopping over as if wanting a belly rub, and what he's mentally saying, N'ano can't do much more than fall on the ground himself. Eventually, he does sit up however, still caught up in splatters of laughter. "Byd Byd Byd…"

Hannah slips out of the barracks, pausing a minute before coming fully outside, she offers a shy smile those around her. "Hello…"

Almirath gapes, « Lumpy?!! » shes /plushie/, rounded, pleasently plump! But offended by lumpy. But on a side note, while she is gaping at the insult, her mouth is open and right there is little sitckie just a wigglin on her tongue.

Castaliath bats her lifemate on the head with her tail. Look! Bydelth's stick. "Yeah… great…" Yla says. As long as she doesn't get a bronze heading for her, Almirath could take the stick, paint it blue and call it a wherry should she so desire.

Dhiammarath shuffles gracefully, honey-tipped tail swish-swishing behind her, out of the barracks.

Bydelth's head waggles left and right. N'ano fall down go booooh…my /stick/! He rolls around to regain his feet and crouches, tail waggling this way and that. Wait for it…wait for it…pounce!! Bydelth leaps, his wings splay out and a breezethose darned things—catches his splayed appendages. He flops to the ground a good humanlength short, a befuddled look on his face for a moment, before he waddles forward again as quickly as he can manage, craning his neck to try and snag the stick back from Almirath.

Dhiammarath shuffles awkwardly from the barracks, those lengthening golden limbs lacking the grace they hold in promise.

Almirath snaps her mouth shut as there is suddenly a splaid bronzie before her, « You alright? » comes the sound of her sweetly innocent voice, one moment offended, the next concerned, so goes the attention span of this greenie.

N'ano covers his mouth to muffle his laughter, or drooling, whatever, as he watches his lifemate pounce "This is too cute…" he comments soon after. "If ye can't get it back, we'll go huntin' for another later, k?" he cups his hands and calls out to the bronze out of encouragement, or perhaps a lost of faith? Nah…

Castaliath looks at the bronze, then back up at Yla. « Bydelth go splat? » is asked, all innocent like, and Yla, from her sitting position on the floor, leans back against her lifemate, clutching her side in fits of giggles, looking short of breath.

Hannah turns around when her lifemate emerges from the barracks. "Dhia! Good morning, love.." she whispers for those white-gold ears only. Turning her shy gaze back on the others, the weyrling watches for a moment before turning to Danae, "Hello.. I'm.. Hannah of High-errIsta Weyrling.." Isn't that obvious? She offers a shy smile.

Almirath cocks her head at the other little greenie, her petite little head watching those around her with the avid interest of a child. Little Almie feet dance around the fallen bronze before he gets up. Too cute. She enjoys the little ones immensely.

Once at Hannah's side, Dhiammarath coils, tail snaking easily around her lifemate's legs. Eyes whirl, their attentive gaze fixed curiously on the antics of her fellow weyrlings.

Danae is standing and watching the little fiasco of stick chasing, one hand over her mouth as she chuckles mirthfully, though managest to stay standing. When Hannah intro's greenie eyes sparkle her direction, then realize shes the new goldie and she smiles a bit brighter, her gaze flickering back to Dhia, "Well met Hannah." she looks back to the new rider, "Im Danae, and thats Almirath." finger points at the baby princess, her rider adding as an aside, "The one with the stick." and she giggles more.

Bydelth glances over his shoulder at N'ano, eyes a little crossed, if they could cross, and does his best impression of a disaproving old uncle. A little shake of his head and a final glance are given to Almirath and the stick, and he flops down, tongue lolling a little out the side of his mouth.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Bydelth thinks « I am not hurt. I itch. »

Yla can barely raise a hand to greet Hannah, before Cassie offers a rather tart, « Well, if that's how he's going to fly, I fear for his rider… », causing her to double over once more in fits of laughter, swiping at her eyes.

Hannah leans into Dhiammarath's side, one hand gently caressing her hide. "Well met, Danae. This is Dhiammarath.." is said softly, though pride shines through her emerald colored eyes. "Your Almirath is cute.." Giggling softly, she nods back to Yla.

N'ano slides down the rock to go 'assist' his lifemate "Ye dyin' there? Ah.. itchies eh? Tell me where…" he starts the infamous scritching around the bronzen lump "There?" hand reaches to scratch a flank as eyes look on to meet those of Bydelth's.

Danae giggles more at comments from her beastie and then gives the greenie a certain look, poor bronze boy has gone through alot to get his stick back.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Almirath dances through the sound of kiddish laughter that heralds her voice. Primary colors splash along her light tones, « Get your lifemate to oil you. It is such a niiiiiiice feeling. » Of course, staying /still/ while being oiled is such a trial. This green just /can't/ stay still unless she's worn herself out.

Almirath prances with that stick. Showing off that stick like a child with a new toy. Now, just what is she supposed to do with it? Turning to give her Naenae a look, the little princess waltzes up and drops the stick at the little bronze's feet. See? She's a good girl; when she wants to be.

"No!" Yla giggles, batting her lifemate's nose. "You're not allowed to pinch the stick again." If Castaliath could pout, she would. Believe her.

Hannah watches the others, then can't help herself from asking, "Just.. what are you guys doing?" Looks like they're playing.. fetch the stick?

Danae pipes up in attempt to explain, "Well see Bydelth had his stick and Castaliath stole it from him and then tossed it to Almi and Almi held it in her mouth and then he tried to get it back but his pounce needs a little work." clear as a bell right?

Uh-huh. Clear as a bell. "So why is your green giving him back the stick?" Hannah inquires, looking at the lounging Bydelth. She still finds it amazing how fast they are growing, and how old they already are. Hard to imagine they've been weyrlings for two months.

Dhiammarath cants her head to one side, muzzle tilting in wordless interest. One be-taloned paw lifts, held aloft and motionless.

Danae nods a bit proudly, "She felt bad since he pounced and almost hert himself. And I told her to." which is amazing all on its own, Almi actualy /listened/ to Naenae…. wow.

Almirath listened to Naenae because Almie wanted to listen to Naenae and Almie wants a playmate. She croons softly to the gold who seems to be watching in interest. Would /she/ like a stick? Little princess turns her head this way and that to find a stick for the goldie. Hmmmmmm.

N'ano reaches out to pat his lifemate on the head "Good boy!" Is this the right species here? Grinning, he takes the stick, placing it down to the side. "So Byd… what do ya wanna do today, eh?" turning his attention to Danae briefly, he laughs "Aye… he's fine.. strong boy he is! Ain't nothin' much that'll hurt him, really."

Castaliath /really/ wants to pout now. Heey… the gold gets a stick and she doesn't? A girl could feel hurt. "Awww…. don't fret, love," Yla reaches up to stroke Cassie's neck. "I'll find you a stick… somewhere…" Who knows where, though.

Dhiammarath deserves a stick, doesn't she? Her lifted paw wavers, only to be replaced on the rather dusty surface of the bowl.

Almirath isn't about to slight anyone and goes on a hunt for /two/ sticks. Really. She's in the business of getting herself some play friends. Pouncing around, she croons happily at Castaliath before returning to her task. Stickstickstickstickstick.. Ooh! She foooooooooooound one. It has light green eyes and curls of unruly blond tresses.. and it's a movable stick.

Hannah giggles, "You want a stick love?" is said softly, her own eyes watching the antics of the others. "Maybe Almirath will find you one?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that Dhiammarath's mindvoice interjects little twining tendrils of too-hot green tea. » Make sure it's a good sized stick! « Now where, one might wonder, will this stick come from, in the treeless weyrbowl.

Castaliath cocks her head. Pretty stick. But not one she'd like to chew. She'd mess up all that hair, and y'know, Yla's told her time and time again how much a person's hair means to them.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Almirath twitters with glee. « It's an almost 6 feet tall stick! You might have trouble holding it though….Castaliath? Dhiammarath? Do you like this stick? » A mental image of her innocent, bystanding lifemate flows through her bright mindvoice.

<Local> Castaliath senses that she thinks « Issa biiiig stick. Can I have… ? » A quick check with her lifemate reveals a mind too wrapped up in its own amusement to care much. « Ok… nice stick. I do indeed like. »

Bydelth settles down by N'ano, curling his tail around his legs and watching the girls play. Eventually he curls up into a ball, laying his chin on his forelegs and blinking lazily.

Danae blinks as Almi eyes her, "Hey!" she takes a step back and wards off her lifemate with an upraised hand.

Almirath turns her head to the side, and crooooooooooooons. Twining her neck so that her head is on eye level with Naenae, she gives her that pitiful, please-give-me-what-I-want-look..

Danae frowns at her lovely, "Nonono, dont give me that look, you /cant/ put me in any of these mouthes and throw me around or any of that. And Im am not a stick." she sticks out her tongue in an action that is just as mature as her beasty.

But Castaliath has a nice mouth. She doesn't have any holes in her teeth, or anything! See? Cassie opens her jaw wide so everyone can see inside. "Dear… don't do that. It's most unladylike." Cassie clamps her jaw together. We won't mention the wherry-meat breath.

Almirath blinks her eyes and pouts, giving her lifemate a good 'huff' that sends those curly tresses fluttering slightly. Folding her wings back, she plops her little green form down and settles herself into a childish pout.

Hannah blinks and watches the greenrider and her lifemate with upraised eyebrows. Giggling at Yla and her lifemate, the weyrling watches without too much comment as this is quite entertaining for her. "I do believe.. your dragon.. had decided that she didn't like your answer to that," Hannah says shyly, watching the older rider.

Bydelth shifts suddenly from his curled up position and stretches his neck and taik out, puffing out his chest and extending his wings as far as he can. See? He really is big enough to go down to the ocean!

Yla laughs out loud, patting her lifemate's neck affectionately. "Now don't you go getting ideas," Yla warns Cassie. "If you start wrapping people up in that tail of yours, declaring them sticks and hauling them off, they'll be no end of trouble." For Yla. Naturally.

Danae cant help but grins just a little at Hannah's comment, and then the most pitiful little whine that eccoes in her head, "But Almi… I cant be a /stick/. Im… all bendie! And, and I dont wanna be thrown around and fetched." shes got to find an escape here, she knows her dragon wont give in with out distraction, "How about…" she looks arund in vein for something stick like, "Um…"

Dhiammarath stretches out her own growing wings, afterall she's supposed to be strengthening them. Flapping them up and down a little, she croons with amusement at the green and her pouting. Hannah, meanwhile, wanders over closer to Danae, as her own gaze sweeps about for a 'stick-like' object. "You could have her grab a tree from the Basin?" A suggestion?

Almirath huffs silently, her glittery eyes lifted to the sky, watching the clouds sweep by. Bendie is fun. Bendie is nice! Castaliath would love bendie! REally… She huffs again.

"A whole tree? We'd /definitely/ get in trouble for that." Yla points out. "Would being a stick for a couple of weyrling dragons be so bad?" she teases with a grin. Yeah… Castaliath just wants a nice bendie sticky friend! Really.

Teza snugs Yla! Yla looks up and shrieks, running away. *boingy* *boingy* SPLAT!! Oh dear. It looks like you've been squashed by an overly enthusiastic Castaliath. Oops?

Yla snugs Teza! Teza wraps her arms 'round your neck as she hops into your lap. Purr.

Danae whines just as much as her beasty, "Almiiiii! Noooooo…." and as Yla speaks up, she volinteers, "Ha! Go make Yla a stick, she wants to be one, see?" woohoo, escape! diversion! Poor Yla.

Kaith trudges out of the barracks.

Naomi is led in by Kaith.

Almirath swivels her head around to eye Yla. Stick? Heeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeee.. stickie.. stickie.. stickie..

"Me?" Eep? Yla shakes her head. "Oooh… but I'm too… too… short! Yes! I'm too short to be a stick!!" Eep. "Cassie! Hide me…" Castaliath eyes her lifemate. Now that you mention it… Yla might be a nice stick… "Traitor…" is muttered.

Hannah waves a greeting to Naomi and Kaith, "Good Morning…" Dhiammarath gives Kaith a croon in greeting before turning her attention back on Almirath and her sticks. Oh, no! Yla as a stick? "Um.. Yla.. I would hide if I were you!"

"Good idea." And since Hannah volunteered, Yla's going to hide behind her and that big gold lump… er… dragon… of hers. Cassie, naturally comes trundling after. Almi help her make Yla be a stick! Yla would make a gooood stick.

Danae whews as attention goes to Yla and /she/ is not longer stick potential, or so she hopes. "Too short? How aobut you Hannah? Would you make a good stick?" oh, this is much more fun from the toher side. She looks over to the lounging bronzie pair, "And what about them?" little nod in their direction.

Kaith eyes Dhiammarath for a moment with eyes that whirl a calm green-blue before she dips her head and offer a responding croon of the softest, barely noticeable sort. Her wings flutter a bit, then fix tight to her side as careful steps take her across the bowl.. wouldn't do to trip, you know.

Naomi wears not a frown, but a genuine smile, as she strolls out of the barracks, humming and amusing herself with every little speck of dust on her clothes, every grain of sand, every little pebble on the ground… it all entertains her endlessly. "Mm. Lovely morning, splendid morning. Nice to see you all… eh?" Breaking free of the bewildered state, she stares at Danae, Almirath, and finally, Yla and the other weyrlings. "Stick? What good's a stick?"

Almirath turns her attention to N'ano. Stickie? Or Yla stickie? Who's gonna be the stickie? You can almost see the singsong voice in the interested whirl of her eyes. She does still grump that her own Naenae wouldn't even be her stickie.

N'ano catches attention of the green as he returns to the bowl with oil for his baby. "Wha?" he questions the green before diverting his attention to his own lifemate "Alrighty boy, where do you want be to begin?" without so much waiting for a response, he starts rubbing and lathering the substance onto the bronzen hide.

"Yeah… make N'ano the stick!" comes Yla's tenuous voice from where she's ducked down behind Dhiammarath, having had Almirath's ponderings passed on. "I'm too… too short and squooshly to be a good stick."

What good is a stick? Thats a pretty good question. Nae looks over to N'ano and his oily self once more, "Im not sure what a stick is good for… N'ano?" since it was /his/ dragon that started all of this, all the bronzers fault. Isnt that typical? ;)

N'ano is just a little dilarious since he became a stick? Huh… interesting. "Wha? Stick? I dunno… Byd likes 'em?" or something like that. Sighing, he returns his attention to the massage in progress. "It can be a good back scratcher I guess?" he eventually contributes.

Bydelth peers up as N'ano is called, then flops back into his little ball, eyelids drooping slightly as he rests his chin on his forelegs once more.

Seif saunters, hips a-swing, in from the Central Bowl.

Itazurath cavorts out of the barracks.

Khaye is led in by Itazurath.

Naomi scratches her head for a moment, head canting to one side. "I don't understand," is replied to the others dully, as she moves over towards Kaith and pats her side gently, as though discerning where an itchy spot might be… "I could make a better stick than N'ano, surely… he's got no stick skills. Poor, skill-less stick-boy."

"Ok… make Naomi the stick!" calls out Yla. She's just gonna stay hidden until the whole stick thing blows over. She doesn't want to be a stick. She's sure it's not fun.

Kaith lowers her head, swinging it around to peer at the topic of conversation.. N'ano. The bronzerider is given a long, contimplating stare before a croon of obvious pleasure rises. Ohhh.. sounds like Naomi found the itchy spot. Or one of them, at least. N'ano, for the moment, is now regarded with a lazy stare that could be rather disconcerting, were one paying attention.

"Why're N'ano and Nao a stick?" Khaye makes her way into the bowl, lugging along a ridiculously large rock and followed by Itazurath, whom every now and then nudges her to go faster. "Stop that. If you wanna' go faster, /you/ carry the rock."

N'ano is a stick boy now. Oy, he's just a little loss "Wha? I ain't no stick!" he reprimands, standing up and swinging a fist around for no purpose at all, really. Snorting, he returns his attention solely to the bronze draggie, trying his hardest to figure out what exactly they're talking about, but seemingly unsuccessful.

"I'm here for Khaye. And Ita.. Ita… Itazurath!" Seif declares, shuffling in with a lazy step. "Oh, um, hi… people." A lame greeting, but a greeting, thankyouverymuch. "Er, Naomi? Stick? Should I try and catch a ride back to the 'hall?" A despairing, but furtive, glance is tossed homewards.

"I thought you were the one who was claiming to be a stick in the first place?" Naomi murmurs, confused, as she turns to look back towards N'ano. But, instantly, she's drawn back to the scritching of Kaith, holding to the same spot on her hide and nearly purring, herself. "Mm… stick? They don't want to make me a stick, sweetie. That's N'ano's job. I'm not a stick. I'm just better at it than he is."

Kaith's head now swings to fix Naomi with a doubtful stare, emphasized by the slight shift in the hue of her eyes from peaceful blues to a more anxious tinge. She shifts, hunkering lower to encourage that all-important scritching, but Naomi's words don't seem to placate the green entirely. What's this about her lifemate becoming a stick? See, sticks don't scratch nearly as well.

Castaliath peeks around Dhiammarath. Alright… she won't make Yla a stick… but can she get some scritching? Like Kaith? She's getting itchy herself… really… just behind her headknobs. Yla creeps out on her hands and knees. "Promise you won't make me a stick?"

Khaye falls slightly behind Itazurath, lagging with that rock. Ugh. "Why are you people turning into /sticks/?" Seif isn't noticed — not by her, at least. Taz notices the herder and bounces over with great enthusiasm, sniffing and whuffling and snuffling away. New person. Ooo. When Khaye finally catches up, she just drops the rock on the ground — it can be picked up later. "What're you doing here?"

Naomi remains blissfully unaware of the origins of this whole stick conversation or whether or not she is, in fact, a stick, instead concentrating totally on scritching the onyx green hide just behind Kaith's forearm, murmuring to herself incoherently. "My elbows are sort of knobby, I think… I sort of look like a stick in that aspect." Eyes are turned from Kaith to Khaye and Seif, who are given broad smiles and enthusiastic waves, before she leans her back against her lifemate's side.

Seif blinks, slowly, scratching the back of his head in contemplation. "Well, hello to you, too, Khaye," he drawls sarcastically, shoulders beginning to slouch under Itazurath's sniffing escapade. "This is — the I-name — Itazurath, right? Shells, I can never remember that." A tentative hand is outstretched to award the brown a gruff scritching, other lifted to flap idly at Naomi-stick in a rather stoic greeting.

N'ano turns on a philosophical look as he glances up and over to Naomi "In that case, we are all sticks, grown within the nature of Pern. We all have the limbs of wonder that give us such an appearance, so therefore, do not be alarmed…" yeah. Ok, is it someone's naptime? Oiling is soon after, resumed as he too, figures out just what he was trying to say.

Hannah blinks up from her spiel of daydreams to find herself in the middle of an ever growing crowd. Khaye is waved at while the weyrling attempts to find out who's the stick now. Yla? N'ano? Naomi? Khaye?

Yla stays sitting on the floor of the bowl, Cassie dipping her head down for some quality scritching. *scritchscritch*

Kaith growls softly even as she settles down comfortably, lifemate at her side. This stick buisness isn't making the green entirely happy, though she does cease her disconcerting staring at any who suggest making Naomi a stick. Instead, she settles her gaze on her lifemate as she directs a comment there.

Scritch. This is a Good Thing. Itazurath likes Good Things. Seif is consequently considered a Good Thing. Taz moves forward slightly… and slightly more… and slightly more. More scritching is in order. Khaye looks on, looking slightly amused; a half-turn back and waves go to Hannah and Naomi. "Itazurath," she confirms to Seif. "And you seemed to remember it pretty well." Beat. Taz is creeping closer. And closer. Scritch more.

Danae tries to follow the conversation of who is stick and what is stick and… what? She shake she head and looks to Almirath with a quirk of her brow, did her greenie princess get all that?

"If we are all sticks, then really, none of us is a stick. We're all just sticks." Naomi's well past the time of actual sensibility into a phase of complete and utter density. "But since none of us is a stick and we all are sticks, I must be a twig." Kaith is given a mournful sigh, Nao again picking up the scritching if only to keep her hands busy. "So, now that we've figured out who is a stick and why, perhaps we can talk about something else? Such as… gossip? Anything peculiar happening?"

Seif continues to scritch, and scritch, and scritch, and — you get the picture. "Yeah, Itazurath. And I guess I /do/ remember it pretty well.." he confirms, with a triumphant grin at Khaye. N'ano is stared at, far beyond the boundaries of politeness, as the herder sorts through the words mentally. Covertly, he leans toward said brownlet, whispering lowly, "Who is /that/?" About N'ano, of course.

Bydelth raises his head at the mention of gossip…or perhaps he senses the whispering person looking at /his/ N'ano. He inches closer to N'ano and wraps his tail possesively around one of the bronzerider's leg. Hmph. Mine.

"We only just got out of the barracks, I don't have any new gossip." And this, for a die hard gossip like Yla, is a hard thing to bear. *le sigh*

Khaye pauses in the conversation a she notices.. a rider in their midst. Salute is tossed Danae's way, before she goes on looking amused at Seif's question. "That's N'ano. Healer. Weyrling. Bronze Bydelth." If her sentences sound a little disjointed, note the fact that Itazurath is acting a little distracting by oh-so-delicately starting a nibble on Seif's shirt. Good Things are meant to be chewed on, and this is no exception. Nibble.. nibble.. nibble.. Ahem. As Taz chews carefully, Khaye tries to go on nonchalantly. "How've things been back at the Weyr? I mean.. the Hall?" Cough. That's really what she meant.

Kaith is relatively happy so long as Naomi is dutifully scritching, though she does shift her weight and flick her tail to indicate a new spot that craves attention. Her head bobs, dipping downward in satisfaction at Naomi's question. Who needs sticks when there can be gossip?

N'ano doesn't seem to feel the tail snake around his leg, and at the mentioning of himself? he looks up, attempting to take a few steps around to the other side of his lifemate, but failing miserably as he falls flat onto his face. Another attempt to sit up is unsucessful as well, so he just kinda lays there.

If Naomi's a twig, then she must be a leaf stem. And she is definitely not stick material, Hannah thinks. Dhiammarath watches the others curiously while her lifemate's own ears perk up athe mention of gossip. "Gossip?"

Bydelth crawls on his belly over to N'ano, a smug expression on his face. See? My rider, so big and strong and talented and…and…on his face! Beam! The bronze tosses one foreleg over N'ano's legs, then dips his head to rest his chin on the young man's back. Good pillow. Stay.

"Well, I know some gossip," Naomi states monotonously to Yla, sending a sidelong look Kaith's way. "It's about Lib. And Yla. And their horrible secret." A glance is sent Yla's way again. "You don't mind if I share it with everyone, do you? I'm so very bored…" Yes, this is the girl to tell your secrets to. Scritching continues, and she sends an innocent look out to the rest of the bowl.

"Look!" Yla pretends to huff, as she continues scratching. "We meant to hide the body better, but there really wasn't time." So nyah. Cassie eyes her lifemate. She's been keeping secrets? Bad Yla. Not biscuit for Yla.

Danae thinks that this conversation has just gotten too deep for her and Almi, or at least for Almi, and Nae lost track of whos what and where a long time ago. "Um.. I think Almi and I are going to go get a quick wash. It was nice meeting all of you twigs… er, leaves.. what ever." she grins though and waves, walking as Almirath bounds on ahead, water, wee!

N'ano is stuck. On the ground. And he can't get up. Oy. "'elp?" he manages to squeak, though an attempt to even stand is hardly given. Sighing, he reaches an arm back to *poke* *poke* at the bronze just for the fun of it "Can I uh, I dunno… get up? You killed someone?" he suddenly interupts that thought, turning his attention towards Yla.

Kaith suddenly looks interested, and eyes that were half-lidded now snap open as she watches her lifemate expectantly. Oh, yes.. do tell.

Yla rolls her eyes at N'ano. "Honestly, dear, you don't know when I'm pulling your leg by now?" Tuttut. He's slipping. Cassie slinks a tail around her lifemate's midriff. Good. No killing. It gets blood on the walls.

Bydelth huffs a sigh. Yla can't pull N'ano's leg. He's laying on it. And continues to do so most contentedly.

Khaye turns around from her ongoing keep-Taz-from-Seif-scrutiny to eye everyone. "You people just /scare/ me sometimes," she mutters, turning back around to switch glance from Seif staring into space and Taz, chewing a little more eagerly now since his prey hasn't noticed. Chomp. Gnaw. Must be a lot going on at the Hall to make him think so much.

Danae hurries herself up, their talking about killing people now? Sheesh! What kind of weyrlings did we get?

Danae skips down the path to the basin.

The crazy kind. Fear.

Almirath frollicks on dainty toes, looking much like a kitten, down the path to the basin.

"Oh, she did more than just kill someone," Naomi assure the group, turning from Kaith to gesture wildly at Yla. "She did something worse… you see, while sleeping with N'ano and simultaneously robbing Lib of everything she owned, Yla took Saria captive and fed her to her horde of wild wherries. It was gruesome. And then she had seven children." You see, Yla's talents are widespread like that.

Hannah coughs into her hand. "Uhh…" That is the most unbelievable story.. Curling up in her lifemates growing forearms, she continues to snicker before waving Danae off. "Bye!" Turning to the others, she just giggles and shake sher head at Naomi.

N'ano blinks, perhaps from confusion, or perhaps to get the dust out of his eyes "Wha? I slept with—" he starts off, raising a brow bug half grinning never the less "Shards, that's news to me… was I drunk or somethin'?"

Bydelth raises his head at Naomi's statement, blinking over at her with a bit of astonishment. N'ano was doing /what/? How /could/ he? Evil N'ano!! You go wit' yo' bad self boy! He nudges at N'ano, then drops his head back to N'ano's back.

Kaith's head drops back to settle on her forepaws as something most definately resembling a snort rises from her direction. /That/ was not what she'd had in mind.

"Wow." Yla says, the corners of her mouth upturning. "I was busy, huh?" I wonder if all that counts as billable time to the weyr… wait. She don't get paid. Darnit. Too bad there aren't any tabloids on Pern either. "Waitaminute… N'ano?" She gives the bronzer a look. "No offence, dear, but… No. Not a chance. There's more chance of me sleeping with you, Naomi dear." she bats her eyelids, cutely, you understand, in the other greenrider's direction. Unless, of course, she got reallyreally drunk. Then who knows?

"Really, really scare me," Khaye mutters, lifting one eyebrow as she cranes her head around to listen to the conversation. Yla sleeping with N'ano, robbing Lib and murdering Saria. Gossip indeed.

Naomi stares at Yla almost… fearfully. "Yla, I knew you were in love with me, but that's rather forward of you… all things considered." Fingerpoint to Kaith. "I just -can't- sleep with you right now, despite the fact that you're extremely desperate and such." Waitaminute. Didn't Nao just claim that Yla'd slept with N'ano? Oh, the plot thickens. "You're a sick girl, Yla."

Yla managed to inspire fear in Naomi? Wow. She feels so… proud. "You can't?" she contrives to look quite pouty. "Oh well, we'll just have to wait until our babies are all grown up then, hmm?" Another batting of the eyelids. Her and N'ano? Yeech. Nope. Never gonna happen.

Babies meaning dragonets. Minds OUT of gutters people.

N'ano manages to wiggle free from under the now-asleep bronze draggie, pulling himself up to sit on a rock "Ok, I'm just a little confused… now, who'd I sleep with?" apparently, the word 'gossip' isn't a clear image in his head.

A better question might be: Who /hasn't/ N'ano been sleeping with?

Squaln shuffles in from the Central Bowl.


Khaye seems to promptly forget about her conversation with Seif, and turns around completely to stare a N'ano, leaving Taz to his own devides with the herder's shirt. "N'ano, I don't know why I'm even saying this, but I don't /want/ to know who you've slept with."

"Not me." is Yla's rather firm response.

Squaln hop, skips, and sliiiides on into the Bowl once again. Yes, it seems as though he does that a lot lately - hopping and skipping, that is. Finally tearing away from his life at Herder Hall, he's able to venture down to the Weyr to visit a few friends in low places. Familiar faces are seen and he flicks his hand in a wave to those he knows and to those he doesn't. Wavewave.

Aztek winks in from ::between::, a harsh sun of bronze spreading below him.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith raises her voice, sliding it around those who are near with the faint scent of sweetgrass. « I don't understand, » she begins lazily. « Why these cannot think of something better to talk about. There is much better gossip. » And something in the green's tone suggests that she knows a good deal of it. That's what it suggests, anyway.

N'ano blinks confuzzledly at Khaye "I'm just sayin' that 'cause I ain't a clue that I slept with any of 'em!" Oh, and now the idea finally pops into his head "Wait! You said /gossip/… so none of this is true, right? Cause there ain't no way I'd be caught with Yla there.. no offense or anythin'…" Right.

"None taken." Yla says, folding her arms. "The day I… do anything… with N'ano is the day… the day I paint Cassie fluorescent pink!" In other words, it ain't gonna happen.

A wavewave catches Khaye's eye; her head turns, followed slowly by shoulders and the rest of her. Itazurath abandons his Seif-shirt-chewing to look at the not-so-new herder. He knows this one! And Khaye… sighs. The entire Hall's visiting her now. "Did you follow Seif here and get lost or something?" she inquires. Taz bounces forth to sniff and whuffle Squaln.

Aztek hovers middair, the sun spirit of the land, and in a wink, is eclipsed ::between:: with a cold flush of air.

Naomi's eyes become a little clouded, and then she looks over towards N'ano again. "You probably slept with every kid in the nursery… You like children, don't you?" Nose is wrinkled a little, and then she sends a sharp look towards Kaith, as though just catching a piece or two of what -she- has in mind.

Kaith lifts her head a bit, directing a slow gaze to each dragon present in turn. Her head even slides down a bit in something that might be a nod.. or a command for attention.

N'ano near chokes on his coughing at that last statement "Wha?" he drops his jaw "Shards woman, I ain't no child—whatever! And even if I /was/, there ain't no way I'd go sleepin' with /those/ brats! But I'm not, so don't even go thinkin' that!"

Squaln takes jaunty stroll over to Khaye, right after he pats Taz on the muzzle. The little brown is growing like a weed since he last laid eyes on him, which must be a good thing. The lad runs a hand through his brown hair and sliiides on over to his weyrling friend. "No, I didn't follow Seif here." Pause. "And dont act so happy to see me! Geez, Khaye, calm down!"

"Now, Naomi, dearest," Yla wags a finger at the greenrider. "It's one thing to say /I/ did anything, another about the kiddies. Tuttut. Naughty Nao." She gives the group a mischeivous smile and scratches an eyeridge.

Itazurath turns around slowly, inching up on Squaln. And ever-so-slowly, he creeps closer.. and closer.. and closer… until his outstretched neck puts the herder's shirt in reach of his teeth. Delicate chew. Gnaw. Chew. Khaye blinks, shakes her head slightly, and tries to focus on the conversation. "I am calm," she protests. "Really. And since Seif o'er there's still thinking about it, what's been happening at the Hall?"

Squaln gahs! The apprentice whirls around to try to see his 'attacker' and is met with two beady whirling green eyes. Blink. "Gimme that!" he barks to the dragon. Yank. He tries to pull the shirt from Taz's grasp and isn't too successful. Pause. "You little Khaye wannabe!" Ah ha! Good one Squaly!

Ah, but Naomi is innocent, remember? "Those kids're stupid. They'll do anything for a sweetstick… and… oh, N'ano, didn't you have a rather large collection of sweetsticks some time back? Or am I mistaken?" And it's clear by her expression — she is -not-. "So, bronzerider, you've been bribing those poor children… all 'cause you're as desperate as Yla."

Yla leans forward, Cassie leaning forward with her to ensure continued scritchings. "It seems to me dear, that you're the one who's desperate." She puts on a sympathetic expression. "You can't seem to stop talking about it. I'm sure this is a sign that you're… frustrated." to put it less than delicately.

Itazurath does /not/ have beady eyes! He digs his teeth in and pulls back. It's his. All his. And.. /Khaye wannabe/? If anything, the brown's clamped grip on the shirt tightens. Khaye bursts out laughing, needless to say. Go, draggie, go. The conversation on N'ano's and Yla's and Naomi's desperation is ignored — hopefully.

N'ano rolls his eyes, figuring that there's no convincing that girl "Yeah Naomi. You got me. I just—well, I just can't get enough of those children, y'know? So innocent and all… can't have it that way. What do ya think makes 'em the way they are?" And of course, that /rumor/ os probably gonna be 'round the Weyr within the next candlemark. Grinning, he nods after Yla's comment "Yeah Naomi.. you're the one that's desparate… y'see, obviously I'm not if I have all those brats… so maybe I'll share a few of 'em with you."

Kaith deftly swings her tail toward one of Naomi's leg, not with the intent of capturing it, but simply to give her lifemate a sharp rap on the nearest ankle. She lifts her head to stares at Yla with an expression that's nearly.. but not quite.. menacing, eyes whirling at a quickening pace while teeth are revealed just enough to make the point that she has nice, sharp ones. Her Naomi. Only /she/ has the right to make fun of her. Or tease her. Or pick on her.

Squaln hacks. The grip tightens around his shirt and yanks hims him towards the little brown eating machine. Gasp! Good thing he isn't wearing his best shirt, or else it might rip, tear and be drooled on. Yippee. Cough again. His shirt tightening around his torso is kind of cutting off the airway to his lungs. "Gimme that!" he belts again, with just enough air to breath. Yank. Tear. Uh-oh?

Naomi stares for a moment. She's desperate? Oh. "Oh, I see. Then I better take care of that." No explanation given, she turns on her heels and marches back to the barracks.

Khaye is still laughing, beginning to take out a slightly histiotronic edge. Squaln's shirt— two marks. Taz's teeth— a long time standing barefoot on the Sands. Taz's teeth on Squaln's shirt— priceless. Itazurath pulls back a little further, neck stretching. It's his shirt now!

Naomi goes home.

Kaith, of course, turns to follow her lifemate with quick steps. Hmph.

Kaith goes home.

Dhiammarath stands and makes her way towards the barracks; it's time for her daily naps, or one of them. Hannah follows her.

Dhiammarath shuffles gracefully, honey-tipped tail swish-swishing behind her, into the barracks.

Dhiammarath leads Hannah out.

Yla tires not to guffaw too loudly at Naomi's parting remark, covering her mouth with her free hand. "That girl and her rumours…" she snickers.

N'ano laughs "Aye… well, I must say though… they're kinda interestin', even if they /are/ so wrong, y'know? I'd never sleep with ya nor any of those brats.. that's just—sick!" about the best way he can put it, really.

Squaln lets out a yelp and hears more tearing being done to his shirt. "Back, you wretched brown ball of oil!" he curses to the dragon. The air is running short through his breathing, so, he must yield to the Taz devil. RipTear. EEk! The shirt has now been ripped off by the jaws of that little brown weyrling. Teethgrind. Squaly is now left shirtless and his bareback and abdomen revealed..

Yla waves a hand dismissively. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about it, she's just teasing you." She tosses N'ano a wide grin. "Don't worry, mate, I know you don't do anything. So does everyone else." See. Yla can act reassuring to N'ano. Sometimes. Instead of picking fights.

Khaye's laughing has taken a turn for the worse — or better, depending on how you think of it. She doubles over, shoulders shaking, gasping in a breath every now and then. Itazurath, on the other hand, looks fairly smug, backing away with the shreds of Squaln-shirt hanging from his maw. All his.

N'ano raises a 'brow "And how do /you/ know that?" he grins michievously. But nevertheless, the subject is dropped, for now anyway. Sighing, he slumps further back on the rock to just allow his legs to dangle off the side "Heh… looks like Byd fell 'sleep or somethin'…"

Yla won't pursue it. Besides, Cassie is nudging her with persistant images of meat and feelings of hunger. "Alright alright," Yla mutters as she stands. "Gotta go feed this walking stomach of mine. I'll see you guys later…" with that, she hurries to the barracks, Cassie waddling after.

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