The Candidates Chat

[logged by Ali]]

South Caverns
Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.

Lost in thought, Archellian treks through the caverns, bundles of white cloth held preciously between his arms as he traces a rather indirect route towards the candidate barracks. From where he came, even he isn't all that sure.

Alister sits quietly on the floor, leaning against the wall with her knees tucked up against her chest. With her arms wrapped around her knees, keeping them close, she's in a position very similar to a ball. "Hiya, Arc," she calls out cheerily, but her voice is tired, as usual. "What'cha got there?"

"Candidate robes," Archellian smiles brightly down at Ali, stopping by her slumping down beside her, his position mirroring her own or at least beginning to before he realises he'll dirty his new robes that way and instead slides his legs out, placing cloth in his lap, "so you okay? Is your hand feeling any better, they been working you too hard?"

As if just remembering that her hand had even been hurt, Ali removes it from it's perch on her knees and opens it to reveal a still-pink slash across both her fingers and the palm of her hand. "It's still pink, and it hurts if I touch anything hot, but it didn't blister or anything, so it's healing well. Doesn't hurt anymore," the hand is outstretched to touch the material of the robes. "Your friend make them for you then? I haven't even the material for mine yet, much less begun on them."

"No, I made the robes myself, they're not done though, it's just all tacked together with pins and tacking," Archellian explains, deciding to avoid the sore hand subject now. "My friend Maral made the cloth for me though, it's beautiful isn't it," the beginnings of his robe held up, so the white material can glisten and shimmer in the light, "it'll hopefully be cool on the sands as well."

"Kae promised to get the fabric for me, but she said that she is /useless/ in sewing, so I guess I need to make them myself," Ali explains as she runs her fingers over the material. "It's soft, too. Bet that'll be comfortable, for sure. And no, they didn't keep me overly burdened today, actually. I'm all done with my chores for the day already, as amazing as that is. How about you?"

"Well I'm pretty much finished too," Archellian says with a grin, fingering the fabric himself, "it's wonderful stuff isn't it? Maral gave it to me as a gift. You can always get robes from the stores you don't need to make your own. Or ask the weavers, though that'll cost marks. I could always help you with them, I'm not all that bad at sewing, though I'm an awful teacher admittedly. Oh the weyrlingmaster spoke to me about that incident with the cook. She gave me a warning." With that he trails off.

"Just a warning, then?" Ali's face lights up at the idea that Arc can, indeed, stay. "They aren't sending you home, or anything like that? That's great Arc! Or… do you have to do extra chores too? If you do, I'll help, you know!" Her spirits have lifted greatly, and she actually *giggles*. With her left hand, she touches the burn marks on her right, studying them quietly for a moment, "I don't think they'll even scar or anything, which is good, because Keris likes my hands. He says they're 'cute'."

"One more foot wrong and I'll be made to leave," Archellian frowns at that thought, "shards they all think I'm a troublemaker which I amn't." Let's forget the fight he almost got into today. "And no, no extra chores. Just the warning which is bad enough. I'm glad your hands wont scar, they are cute hands," he chuckles as he says that.

Alister wiggles her fingers at Arc and giggles again, the youngster that's still in her heart showing past the teenager that's determined to grow up. "What if you and I keep each other out of trouble then?" she offers a suggestion with a sheepish smile, "I was yelled at by a drudge today, a *drudge* because I put the dirty dishes in the rinsing water. How was *I* supposed to know it was the rinsing water, it didn't have a sign or anything."

"It's a deal then," Archellian agrees, "I'll keep you right and you can keep me." He shakes his head with disbelief as Ali recounts the days happenings, "drudges shouldn't yell at people. And you're right, they should label the water. How would people know what was for what. I just thought all the water was the same, I'd have done as you did. But well now you've said I wont make that mistake, so thanks," he rambles on grinning widely.

Ali's nose wrinkles in memory of the yelling and she shakes her head, "The bad thing is that I was putting it in the water when she came up out of nowhere, so I dropped a tray full of glasses, several of them shattered into a zillion pieces. Needless to say, I'm not allowed to do dishes anymore." With a grin and a wink, she adds, "maybe you should try that. Dishes aren't exactly fun, you know."

Archellian shakes his head, trying to keep his expression schooled to one of seriousness, "no I don't think I could do that. I'm on my last warning remember, even a drudge reporting me would have me kicked out of here and much as I want to go back to Gar I don't think I could face being thrown out. Besides what would people think of the Garish then?" he shakes his head slowly as he ponders. "No," a smile tugging at his lips, "guess I'm just stuck doing work. Hmm and speaking of work, or the lack thereof have you seen Kiiran around?"

"Good point, don't break the dishes, and just make sure you put them in the gross looking water and not the clean stuff," Ali restates the purpose of her story. "Kiiran? I can't say that I have, why? Is he avoiding his chores or something? To be honest…" she ducks her head down so that her chin rests against her knees, "I only see him in the barracks. Sleeping."

"Yeah cuz of course the gross water is where you want to put the dishes to clean them," Archellian chuckles and shakes his head figuring Ali must most definitely be joking at that. "I'll definitely make sure I don't break any though. Don't really want to well get in more trouble. Did you know Hyzen was searched today," he says just in passing before continuin on, "yeah Kiiran's always ducking chores and just because his brother's a bronzerider. Like they can kick him out. And well you saw the mess he made when he tried to mop up and then left half way through and he did the exact same thing when me and Tynar were doing weeding," he silently fumes at all this, well not so silent. "And yeah you see him in the barracks sleeping and when you don't see him like you can forget he exists with all that snoring."

"Hyzen?" Ali's eyes light up with interest. "Who's that? Is that a boy, or a girl? What're they like? How old are they?" Questions question questions, this young lady is full of them. "And I don't think it's *fair* that Kiiran can be such a…. slack in the group. We work from the time we get out of bed until we fall back into it," and, as if on cue, she puts both hands to her mouth to try to stifle the yawn that escapes her mouth.

"Hyzens a girl, she's from Ista Weyr, she's very nice, even if she doesn't act her age," Archellian comments, "she couldn't be that much younger than you well maybe a turn but she acts… well she's nice and she's Anely's daughter, or at least well something like that." He pauses trying to work out if he was being unfair on Kiiran, oh yes he was, "well he does try to work, but he's not very good at and he's always skipping off. Now Ainyan on the other hand you never see her lifting a finger, or Kiylan either, they seem to think they can sit around and do nothing all day. Why I was in the galleries and Ainyan was just sitting there mooning over the eggs. She wouldn't even help me look for the measure I lost. At least Kiiran attempts to work I suppose, but well he's mad at me and threatening to beat me up," he chuckles as he says that finding it very amusing.

"Another girl, then?" Ali shakes her head with dismay and lifts her shoulders into a shrug, "I'm sure Kiiran will be pleased with *that*. I mean, have you noticed that he just adores when his chores have him working with some of the girls. Except me. I don't think he's a fan of this gal."

"Well I did notice the way he was all too eager to help them and how he's always hanging around them and I'm practically ignored," Archellian sighs, deeply horrified that anyone would ignore him. "And he's always putting on such an image to be manly as if anyone actually cared about such things. He probably knows you're too sensible to fall for his stupid attempts," Arc snorts. "Well hopefully it wont come to a fight, it's lose lose for me anyway, and besides violence doesn't solve anything."

"But he's more feminine than *I* am half the time," Ali laughs and shakes her head at the idea of it all. "How much longer, do you think? I mean, are we going to be here for months, or just a few more sevendays?"

"He is, isn't he?" Archellian chuckles at that, "he's so stupid, if he stopped trying not to be like a girl I'm sure he'd be a great person. Oh and if he did his chores and well stopped snoring and everything else. I have no idea how long we're going to be stuck here. I wish I knew, I miss Orpheus like crazy and can't wait to get back to him. Hopefully he'll be journeyman by then as well, though that's not likely I guess."

"Or you'll impress, and he'll be a journeyman by then, and he can come here?" Leave it to Ali to look on the bright side of it all, right? "It's only just after dinner, yet I feel like I've been awake for *days*. Would you mind if I go sleep now, Arc?" She gives him a pitiful look and gazes toward the barracks, and her bed.

"No of course I don't mind, I wont keep you up if you're so exhausted," Archellian says kindly. "I know how you feel was thinking of grabbing a nap myself as well." He stifles a yawn with a slender hand, "and was planning to put my robes away and all."

"A nap?" Blink. "Now? Oh, but it's so early…oy, those chores are exhausting, though…" And Kiy ends that with a yawn. "What did /you/ have to do today?"

Using the wall to push herself up, Ali manages to get to her feet, turning and holding a hand out to Arc to help him up. "Well, join me, then? To the barracks, that is." To Kiy, she grins and shakes her head, "I'm *done* with my chores for the day."

"Well, that's /quite/ obvious." Hmmph. "But what /were/ they?" Curiosity prevails, for no apparent reason. At this point Kiy finds a moment to flash a flirty smile at Archellian.

"I swept the galleries," Archellian murmurs clambering to his feet, "and otherwise tidied them, under the baking heat of the sun. Worse I was…" another yawn slides from his lips, "up at the crack of dawn doing so and now I'm tired. Oh and in my spare minutes I've been working on my candidate robes. And I had weeding to do outside too, which I did. And now I'm sooo tired." Not even returning Kiylans flirty smile, they all know after all that she prefers Kiiran

Ali gives Kiy a smile, and loops her arm through her adopted elder brother's arm, "I've had kitchen duty all day, helping with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as clean up. Been up before most of the weyr, so now, I'm off to bed for the evening." With a yawn, followed by a sheepish grin, she waves, "G'night!"

"Oh, well, get some rest, then." Disappointment flares before Kiylan enhances the smile, flickering it to Alister for a moment as she nods. "I've been /mucking./ It's simply the nastiest job there is…"

Archellian gets his arm looped through, carefully shifting the fluttery white fabric so it wont get damaged he trails after Ali, he turns to call over his shoulder to Kiy, "try doing it for turns, you get used to it." With that he continues on his way.

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