Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way K’av darling.

Dragon: Tanzheth
Color: Brown
Name: Sapha
Egg: Spectral Mist Egg
Egg Desc: Pendren
Dragonet: Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Sapha
Messages: Sapha
Inspiration: Sapha

Clutching Message:
Quarith scuffs the sand directly in front of her, looking extremely pensive. Is it coming? Well is it? After what seems like ages, the queen's heat-beaded muzzle gives a twitch and she scuttles towards a small clump of black sand and begins to Dig. Scuffle, rake, scuffle. Having made an absolutely perfect divot, she turns around and deposits Spectral Mist Egg into the depression, and then, looking thoroughly relieved it's out, turns around to give it a cautious little nudge. Hurrah!

Spectral Mist Egg
Thick clouds of mist drag with building distress over this egg's eerie surface. Anticipation broils in bands across top and bottom, encircling, enshrouding, and crowding the egg until no light can be made out in its murky depths. Shattered obsidian and broken steel slide with fright-inducing intensity along angular-appearing sides. Apparitions seem to scramble out from beneath and behind puffs of decaying gray, chilling sights which lend to the egg's thought-stifling and eye-opening effect.

Hatching Message:
Spectral Mist Egg finally makes good on it’s promise to wreak havoc. Or hatch as the case may be. The thick clouds of mist appear to flee the heat of the sands, revealing the battle of angular steel and obsidian. However the angles part, cracking slowly giving way to something far more ominous. A brown muzzle is free followed by the rest of the dragonet. Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet to be precise.

Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet
Clearly more than meets the eye, this deeply dark brown presents the illusion of substance, even if he himself is rather average. A fine blend of chocolate and coffee percolates along the liquid curves of flank and belly. This same uniformly dark shade spills across wingsails, neck and spade-tipped tail with equal abandon before swirling into a creamy mocha tint down his chest and along the undersides of his belly. A somber dusting of cocoa lingers underneath his muzzle, its darkness a soulful contrast to the lighter hue. His face gives the impression of constant cheer, through the tilt of his eyes and whimsy of his muzzle; wayward headknobs and ridges do little to dispel his joyful countenance. His spars are the same light hue as his under belly, providing a comic contrast to the darkness his hide maintains. Perhaps the most unlikely aspect of his appearance however remains the highly glossy claw-tips that finish off his look.

Impression Message:
Finally the congestion eases as other dragonets find their lifemates. Taking a moment from his own search for the one, Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet admires one of life’s mysteries. However this co-ordination thing is a little tricky and his baby feet keep on moving. Inevitably he stumbles, tumbling to land at Kaefe’s feet. Now that wasn’t supposed to happen, but this is, a pair of facetted eyes lock with intense blue ones and Impression is made.

Personal Impression Message:
« Ignore that. » Comes a quick quiet voice in your mind, followed by the hint of artificial pine and bright joyous yellow. « Kaefe? Kaefe it’s you! I’ve been looking for you.» The excitement builds as the bonds of a lifetime start to take effect, and everything starts turning out for the best. «It’s me, Tanzheth! Know anything good to eat? »


Name Inspiration:
Tanzheth I discovered by accident while looking for another name a while ago, and well I really liked it so I'm glad to give it to someone I really like ;) I took it from a chinese word Tan Cha Zhe (in Pinyin) that means Explorer. So you should still have fun with it, Cave Explorer! I've been pronouncing it tanz-HEETH, but I could also see it being said like TAN-zheth. The choice is yours dear K'av

Egg Inspiration:
I'm an avid horror lover, but the truth is, I'm really fascinated with the anticipation horror. Perhaps not the scariest of movies but they had the feel of great foreboding, the drama would build and build until… WHAMO. You screamed with girlish fright. What movie embodies this the most? The Exorcist. Hence, this is what the egg is based from. Especially since the exorcist is rather known for its mist. ;)

Description Inspiration:

For Tanzheth’s description I decided to base it heavily upon what you asked for. The vision of swirling coffee was just too irresistible! (I added chocolate to make him perfect!) The brown is dark, the brown is rich, and the brown is solid, not a glimmer or sparkle, well except for his claws but I’ll get to that. I also tried to incorporate a loose tuxedo feel to his coloring, hence why the lighter areas are where they are, almost like a crisp dress shirt to provide fashionable contrast to his lush dinner jacket. If his belly is his shirt then his claws are very expensive leather wingtip shoes, polished to a high shine. You brown boy is always dressed for the occasion so to speak. Mix this with the cheery and comical appearance of Jimmy Tong played by Jackie Chan and you have your Tanzheth.

Mind Voice:
Tanzheth’s voice has amazing range, from panic to suave and back again. For the most part his voice is rich, full of experiences he may or may not have actually had, with slight accent and a tendency to drop letters which you don’t know where it comes from. The pace of his speech tends to be a little fast, no doubt during your weyrling years you will need to ask him to slow down a little so that you may better understand him. The colors that he will use will change from mood to mood ranging from bright excitable colors, to more drab morose ones. However there will always be a slight overlay of black and white, be it the checkers from a cab, or a swathes of rich material. Which does go along way in explaining how he views life in general. Indeed he is a creature of complexity when it comes to scents as well, His base scent, the one that underlies all others is the smell of a very clean car, a little leather mixed in with green piney freshness. Add to this the lingering hint of coffee, or warm food or whatever is the most pungent aroma in his immediate vicinity and you him in your mind.

Oh my, your Tanzheth is good enough to eat! All that luscious deep dark brown that lends his form that irresistible charm and the slight air of mystery. Just like your coffee analogy his deeper tones blend almost imperceptibly into the lighter mocha or dun that covers his undersides. His color isn’t flashy; it doesn’t have extra spangles or glisters to make it special. Instead it’s the color itself that is most note-worthy; in fact extra adornment would detract from the rather unique tones that he was hatched with.

“ That’s definitely not a rental.”
—Jimmy Tong, The Tuxedo

I also placed the colors where I did to lend a hint of men’s formal wear. Why? Do I hear you ask? Because if you haven’t guessed already the theme for the clutch was Movie Characters, and for yours I decided to use Jimmy Tong from ‘The Tuxedo’ (Go Jackie Chan!) The Tuxedo (or the ‘Tactical Uniform Experiment’) is this really nattily looking garment that was also super-charged with lots of suburb gadgets. Well I really couldn’t supply the gadgets so I settled upon giving him a rather high-class look, complete with every expensive shoes, or shiny claws in this case. Well except for the fact his head knobs and ridges tend to be a little out of kilter, but Jimmy Tong was a rather ordinary guy, with hair that wasn’t always just so, and I wanted to get this across.

Tanzheth is actually rather average in build and appearance once you get past his delicious color. And I mean average by draconic terms, so he isn’t quite as bulky as all the other browns. But he’s no weed either. Rather he has a proportional, just right look to him that will lend itself to his more daring aerial capers once he is old enough. Growth will also tend to be average and proportional. In fact it may be hard to distinguish how much he is growing in those early months. Truly he only manages his distinguished look from the smooth blend of yummy colors that is he.

“And if I were you I’d get rid of that mildew on your chin.”
“ My Soul Patch?”
—Jimmy Tong, The Tuxedo

Finally I just wanted to say something about the little patch of dark brown underneath his muzzle. His pride and joy, his ‘Soul Patch’. Yes you will become very familiar with this little patch of hide, as it will be where he insists you direct most of your attention. Similarly, if you ever want a quiet moment with your lifemate, scratch him on that special spot and he’ll soon forget all else.

Now where to begin? I think with the basics. Your Tanzeth is almost the epitome of the sturdy dependable brown. Almost. After all if he were completely brown it would be very boring ;) And Tanzheth is anything but boring. He has the traditional unflappable nature found in browns, nevertheless through other quirks of his personality this is expressed more as laid-back and go-with-the-flow, very much like Jimmy Tong. He is after all just your average brown dragon in his own mind. He does however have a very developed sense of humor. Almost from day one you will be privy to little anecdotes about his clutchsiblings and their partners (Which may get him in trouble until he learns how not to broadcast).
« Imacinth tripped over her feet….again! She should sort out that walking thing before my record for spilling over the oil barrels is in trouble. »

And of course himself and you, his dear dear entertaining Kaefe, are his favorite source of comedic inspiration. He is very aware of his own faults, and will be the first to find them amusing, as are your own. With someone like this in your head it will be very difficult to scowl and sulk wont it?

“ He’s not looking for trouble, he’s wearing it.”
—Tagline from The Tuxedo.

As mentioned earlier, his growth is fairly constant, which means there is little adjustment he needs to make mentally for his physical development. Despite not having any thing to compensate for you may find he has a perfect knack for getting into situations that while they generally turn out for the best, get him labeled with words such as ‘destructive’ and ‘clumsy’ during Weyrlinghood. And indeed he will still get into such scrapes, however more rarely when he is an adult.
This attitude or faith that everything turns out for the best, no matter how chaotic it may seem at the time is actually a bonus for Tanzheth, and indeed for you. It isn’t exactly optimism, but more knowledge that that is the way that things happen, even if he can’t really remember, blessed things, dragon memories. You come to notice in your time together that despite his humor and his faith Tanzheth is very literal, very black and white in his outlook. He has a tendancy to view things as Good (You) and Bad (Thread) with very little grey area in between. And as you stated it makes perfect sense. You will also notice that once Tanzheth has committed himself to something he sees it through to the very end. This stubborn streak isn’t so much aggressive as it just is. Blessed with the personality to ensure that his stubbornness isn’t so much as a flaw, but an asset, You will be sure that he will goad, cajole or humor you into doing what he thinks is best, And usually he does have a better idea what Kaefe needs than Kaefe does himself.
Thread, Tanzheth hates it with a passion, and it is the only when he is fighting with the ancient menace that the real Tanzheth emerges. Sure he’s a happy go lucky dragon, but underneath it all beats the heart of a creature that knows it’s purpose unequivocally. There will be other times when you will glimpse this truth lurking beneath the jokes and clumsiness, but never will you get a greater understanding of it than when you are both in the air flaming, skipping and battling. He will move with grace and skill and intensity. His normal klutziness giving him a knowledge of what his body will do if it twists just /that/ way. He will become even more pedantic and unforgiving than Kaefe is, often analyzing his moves and strategies for the rest of the day afterwards.

« If only I had gone that way, instead of this way, I think I could have flamed at least half as much Thread again. »

Often this need for perfection will see you both up in the air the day after, practicing that new perfect move that will see him flame even more Thread with less injury for next time. Accordingly if you are ever scored Kaefe, Tanzheth will blame himself, and spend the entire time you are recuperating working out how to prevent a repeat occurrence, even if he himself is forced to do it in his head (or your head) due to his own injuries.

“ Is that your happy face or your horny face?”
“ I’ll tell you later.”
—Jimmy Tong, The Tuxedo

Female dragons will come in two catergories, ‘EEP! Hide!’ And ‘She is so annoying!’ (Golds are more likely to fall into the later, and greens in the former.) But like all dragons the fun of chasing a little tail will eventually get him up in the air after that illusive female. Depending on what category he has placed the female in his courtship is very much a duality. For the ones that scare him because of their perceived perfection he’s more the ‘admire-from-afar’ type. However this does not mean that he nurses his feelings in silence. Oh no! You will hear about how her wings glisten just so in the sunset, and how gracefully she decapitates that herd beast. Eventually after a little prodding from you he may leave her little gifts.
« Oh you know, it’s nothing really. Just I thought I was hungrier than I was. It’s still warm. I know you like warm. »

Now this may seem like it isn’t getting him anywhere, but when that Gold or Green rises it actually gives him the element of surprise, see she knows nothing about him, but he’s learnt plenty about her. So most of the time he will be fairly successful. Of course in the aftermath she may not be as perfect as he once thought and then it’s on to the next one.
For the Females that annoy him it’s a different matter entirely. These are the ones that he talks to regularly, if you can call the endless bickering talking. Mostly it is, as it seems, they annoy him with their High and Mighty ways. He’s less likely to discuss these ones with you. For the most part he chases these ones with the intention of proving to them once and for all that he is Da dragon! (Da man!) And surprisingly he’s more likely to spend a few days afterwards with them curling necks in the sunny part of the bowl or involved in some other draconic romance activities.

And Fatherhood. That is a possibility with the unlikely womanizer your Tanzheth is. Firstly upon realizing that he is going to be a clutch-daddy you’d be prepared for a lot of swaggering, both mental and physical. Of course with that comes the worry that he will do something wrong. And then the boredom of sitting day after day on the sands with a dragon that he is no longer infatuated with. However come Hatching day he’s just as possessive and menacing as Mommie-Dragon, sometimes he won’t entirely agree with the pairing his offspring decide to make. But at the end of the day, they are his offspring, so every thing will no doubt turn out for the best.

Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
Date: Sunday, 27 April 2003
Clutchmates: Rhaeyn’s bronze Akamieth, Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith, Ozeunzi’s brown Beniodyth, Pendren’s brown Cinestioth, Thistia’s blue Aeokiath, Ajala’s green Myrrheth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth,

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