Congratulations Lendai on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. –-Martin

Dragon: Talicanitath
Color: Gold
Name: Martin
Egg: Tragic Story of an Orphaned Septuplet Egg
Egg Desc: Rusalochka
Dragonet: If You Want Something Done Gold
Dragonet Desc: Martin
Messages: Martin
Inspiration: Martin

Tragic Story of an Orphaned Septuplet Egg:

The tragic story of an orphaned septuplet, whose Lord and Lady parnets died when said orphan was only a wee baby, is inscribed across the gleaming, oh-so-shiny golden shell of this egg, from the early stages of hardship, to the discovery in a watchwher's den by the hunkiest bronzerider, to the impression, at the apex, of Pern's biggest, shiniest and most awesome shiny shiny gold dragon. Colour it what you will, but this perfect egg is supah-shiney and only destined for someone equally as supah-shiney.

Hatching Message:

Tragic Story of an Orphaned Septuplet Egg's time has come. It struggles and strains, and slowly, with ever so much determination, a bit of the shell breaks away. Just enough for a talon to poke through then disappear back into the shell. Is it possible? Could it be? Was that gold? A glimmer of color—maybe an eye peeking out to check and see if everyone is watching. Are they ready? Then the egg seems to take a deep breath, before shattering in every direction and revealing If You Want Something Done Gold Dragonet.

If You Want Something Done Gold Dragonet:

At first blush she could be made of pure, perfect gold. Statuesque in proportions, her muzzle is a touch dipped in the nose, her headknobs straight and brightly colored. Her shape is classically beautiful, with a bit more plush curve to neck, haunches and tail than a purely lissome dragon would display. Her color looks uniform, even to the tips of her talons, which neither pale nor darken as is so typical with other dragons. Even the tip of her tail is that perfect, bright, burnished color…or is it? From a distance she is uniformly colored, but on closer inspection, there is a smudge on her right shoulder - just a touch of darker color. No. There is another on the tip of her nose - or it may just be a shadow. Not, not a shadow, as there is another on her left haunch. In fact, there are dapples of shadowed color all over her hide, as a statue dappled by the shade of leaves. Even her long wingsails are dipped in those same dappled tones.

Impression Message:

If You Want Something Done Gold Dragonet picks her way carefully over a shard of egg, whuffling at it as if to scold it for getting in the way. Then she's weaving between a pair of boys, as if to say 'out of my way, unworthies!' She knows just what she's looking for, and though she may not be able to describe it, she'll know it when she sees it… She sniffs one candidate's hand - but it's not that one. Ahah! The next one on…that is here! The gold goes to stand in front of a girl with black pigtails and stands up on her back legs, flapping her perfect wings and cooing softly.

Personal Impression Message:

The scent of gladiolus overcomes your senses, and a formidable weight in shades of yellow sapphire and sunshine alights on your mind, driving away concerns with a decisive sweep. « Lendai, I am so happy to meet you finally. I have chosen you to care for me and be with me forever. I am Talicanitath! » Wearing gold and diamonds rings, new boyfriends and shiny bling, shopping for expensive things: now that stuff don't mean a thing.

Name Inspiration:

Accent on the 'A'. Talicanitath just sounded right with Lendai. Lendai and Talicanitath. No difficult pronunciation here, but plenty of letters (you said ten to fifteen, right?). I'd love to say Tali means something in Hebrew or Talia means 'blooming' (both of which are true) but the truth is, it just sounded right.

Egg Inspiration:

This egg is playing on that most essential part of Mary-Suedom the tragic history all turned good when a handsome bronzerider comes to the rescue and the planet's prettiest heroine impresses a gold dragon to become Pern's most bestest goldrider of all time, yeah! *pant for breath*. It's an element that most Mary-Sues incorporate into their background, and I think it made a cutesy egg. Oh, and of course there's then the newbie spelling mistakes, which are added in intentionally - yes, Rusalochka's player can actually splel er, spell!


If Fergie were a dragon. Not a downplayed version of Fergie, either, but straight up Fergalicious, girl! Technically she's probably not any more beautiful than any other thin woman with long blonde hair…or any other dragon! But she knows how to play it up and, most importantly, how to accessorize. No boring brown straps for this little hottie. Depending on her mood, it might be, « I need a pair of sleek, black straps, Lendai…with gold buckles. » Or, « Don't you think that shade of blue would show of my color just perfectly? » Don't put it past her to insist on rhinestones at the clasps.

On a more practical point, Talicanitath is all the sleek lines and smooth curves of the Maserati 2008 GranTurismo. No sharp corners of awkward proportions here. Just 405 horses of pure sexy.

Mind Voice:

There are tones of Fergie in there, but her tones are a little warmer, a little more sensual—as if that were possible! The overtones are gold leaf, and the sparkles of diamonds and hessonite. Her words may be plaintive, and she may even tend toward the nagging, but her tonality is always rounded, ladylike, and maybe even so mellifluous as to come off as slightly affected.


You asked for a dragon "Not too big, not too small, but just right. Or heck, maybe even a little bit more on the smaller side." Talicanitath is just that. She is a textbook-sized gold, and will fall right in the center of the gold sizing spectrum. In the way of a well-fed, fit creature, she has effeminate curves to her, but not any true plumpness. Faranth forbid she start looking or feeling a little heavy! Like Fergie, her philosophy is:

My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness

Her wings are well-formed and largish, but not disproportionately so. They will give her speed many of the other golds can't achieve, so she will have to be careful not to wear herself out too quickly in flight. As for color, she's very, very gold. There isn't any tint to her spottiness, just a touch darker shade, like the craters on the moon, as you mentioned. And when she's proddy, even those spots will fade and she will be pure, perfect, bright gold.


Livin' the life
In the fast lane
And I won't change

Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Pink…Talicanitath isn't the princess who sits in the tower and waits to be rescued. She's busy making her sweet escape while all the other girls are waiting for Mr. Right to show up. She's not the sort who would ever mess up, but if she did, she would just offer a little pout and, "I know I've been a real bad girl," and it would all be "forgive and forget," right?

She's not afraid to get her hands - or talons - dirty to get what she wants, though there's a very slim chance anyone will ever actually see her stirring the pot. Her motto is, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Despite her determination, though, she isn't what one would call cunning. She's not afraid of manipulating the system, or the occasional person, or encouraging you to do it for her, but her suggestions will probably be the first viable option that occurs to her. She isn't a wait-and-plan type. She's the get-it-done girl.

Don't let that mislead you. She isn't evil. She just wants what she wants, and wants it now. She will wait for what she wants only if she knows she has to. But her expectations aren't highly unrealistic. She isn't afraid to practice hard to improve her flying skills, and she will push you to be the first to take responsibility when it is offered. At first it may seem that she's a social climber, but in truth her passion is being seen. The more people - and bronzes - who notice her, the better. Even browns, blues and greens are acceptable fans or subjects as long as they love her. It's all about the adoration. That means she has to be beautiful, « I think I need more oil on my left shoulder, Lendai, » smart, « Why is there a Weyrwoman and Weyrman? Wouldn't it be simpler to have just one human running things? » and in the know, « Who is Dedanseth's rider involved with right now? »

Before she can take her rightful, elevated, position in the Weyr, though, she has to make sure her makeup - er - straps are on straight, and her hide without blemish. Lucky her, she has you to help!


I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy.
I got reasons why I tease 'em.
Boys just come and go like seasons.
..And can't no other lady put it down like me

Bing bang boom. And get this guy out of my weyr. He's so yesterday already! Talicanitath will not form long-term attachments easily. Even the Weyrleader's bronze will be tolerated for his position, not necessarily because Talicanitath's heart just flutters around him.

Baby, baby, baby,
If you really want me,
Honey get some patience.
Maybe then you'll get a taste

As for being caught? Talicanitath will draw flights out as long as possible - never gorging herself on the meat, but sticking to the blood. After all, just the blood means she'll fly faster and farther - and be able to test which bronze is /really/ worth of her attentions. Not to mention it makes her hide really glow!

I'm talking champagne wishes, caviar dreams
You deserve nothing but all the finer things

Talicanitath won't approve of Lendai forming attachments from flights, either. After all, just because a bronze can catch doesn't mean that his rider is good enough for Lendai. But then, Talicanitath knows that no man is good enough for Lendai. Her ideal bronze is the one who knows how to treat her like the lady she is, but reality teaches men - and dragons - aren't really like that. More than likely, she will fall for that one bronze - or more probably a brown - that she would never really be seen in public with. So she'll pine discreetly at a distance, and utterly snub him if he comes anywhere near her. So while her ideal will remain the far off Ludacris who will support her shoe or trinket fetish, in reality, she will expect to look out for Number One.

So, have you figured out the theme to your new lifemate yet?

In coordination with the overall theme of Alternative Comic Book Characters/Storyline Cliches/archtypes and in conjunction with your desire for something of a social climber, Talicanitath is the Do-It-Yourself Princess. Princess Leia, Princess Diana, Princess Mia…all the tough girls who take things into their own hands are her inspiration.

Harper's Tale's 49th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Lanti's Gold Dedanseth x M'riel's Bronze Shaestorath
December 13th, 2007

Ossia and brown Svasith
Corona and brown Sidaaeth
Mallory and bronze Kirczykath

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