Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this Inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.
Char & C'ran

Dragon: Taberuth
Color: Green
Name: Char
Egg: Sudden Earthquake Egg
Egg Desc: Char; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Char; Annie tweak
Messages —

* Hatching: Char; Annie tweak
* Impression: Char; Annie tweak
* Personal: Char; Annie tweak

Inspiration: Char & C'ran

Sudden Earthquake Egg
Splotches of filmy white drift across a serene sea of stark cobalt, broken by bodies of vivid emerald, a pastoral scene of peace and plenty upon the heated sands. Ominous rivulets of darkened valleys rend the mellow canvas, a web of dimunitive crevices spiralling downward to the turmoil at the base of the shell. Valleys rise and mountains crumble in a sudden upheaval of the life giving source, a black chasm amidst a wash of blood.

Hatching Message:
Sudden Earthquake Egg begins to shudder violently with an increasing rumble that underlies the initial thrum from dragon throats, the brittle shell heaving as it finally gives way to the pressure building within. A crack splits and a progressive tear rends its way along the axis from the bloddy base to the billowing crown. A diminutive snout pokes through just as that egg shatters, leaving the birth-damp dragonet in a bewildered slump amidst the scattered shards, munching on what can only be a piece of egg.

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet
Gangly in form —from reedy frame to scrawny limbs — the length of the diminutive dragon far exceeds her girth. With the fickle tendency of jade her hide strays from its naturally dark hue, patches of verdant gold-green surfacing at teh coaxing warmth of Rukbat's rays; they mottle the distended length of a slender neck and lanky build, while speckling the peacock shade of her slinky tail. In the same vein of changing hue, the insubstantial fabric of impressive sails brightens to a vivid yellow admist the span of tenuous spars. Overlarge paws are supported by spindly legs, shadows pooling in the cave of spare haunches. Bony features characterize a somewhat mischieveous visage, emerald highlighting the sunken curve of a narrow muzzle and rounded cheeks, then daunting the pominent bulge of attenuated ridges.

Impression Message:
Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet makes a frantic dash across the sands, a rumbling stomach prodding her to a quick decision and confusion spurred by a flurry of unending white. However, one stands out from the common mass with her doe-shaped moonstone eyes and sable locks. Forward motion impeded by the splay of oversized wings and unstable limbs, the young green trips, splaying out upon the sands before the northern woman before she lifts large eyes in loving adoration. A gentle croon entreats the one — her hero and master — her Jillian.

Personal Impression Message:
The touch is tentative at first — that of one testing uncertain waters — then a breathy whisper brushes your mind « Jillian…» Another prodding sensation impinges upon your concsious, bringing with it the freshness of wet earth and the tang of cinnamon and redfruit. « Jillian..» And then suddenly, /she/ is all there, all at once, cheery reds invading with a grasping urgency, vivid in their insistence and tinged with the ragged edge of hunger. « Jillian. I am Taberuth. I am /hungry/! »


Name Inspiration:
"My name is Blue Canary,
One note spelled L-I-T-E!"

I wanted to find the perfect name, combining meaning and sound. After an incredible search through multiple online dictionaries, I found /the/ perfect name. It kept me giggling all day long, and still makes me smile. Boriboritaberuth. It comes from the japanese word, boriboritaberu, meaning 'to eat with a munching or crunching sound.' Unfortunately, it was a bit long, so I shortened it to Taberuth. I think it's pronounced best in it's original, spoken quickly so that the syllables sort of run together: TAH-bear-ooth, or TA(like cat)-bear-ooth.

Egg Inspiration:
This egg is a depiction of the end of the world through a great earthquake, mingling the two themes that we were currently considering at the time I wrote it. The earth itself is torn in two, the very foundation crumbling beneath the pressure of the massive upheaval. The blood is signifying the death that would accompany such a huge disaster, being the end of all life, since an earthquake of that magnitude would kill everything.

Description Inspiration:
I tried to write this dragon as close as I could to what you described in your interview, 'dark…a jumble of limbs, all skin and bones, nothing proportioned quiiite right.' Since you left it open to interpretation, I also tried to add a bit of Gurgi, seen in the overlarge paws and the mischieveous visage.

Mind Voice:
"So the room must listen to me
Philibuster vigilantly.."

Like a box of crayons spilt across your conscious, Taberuth's voice is a commingling of brilliant colors: blues, greens, reds, oranges, yellows, a different color for a different day, though two or three may sometimes be combined in instances of extremes — not exactly hyper, but always in motion, no one color truly defining any set emotion. You will know when she is ill or out of sorts, for the colors will lose their typical vivacity, becoming washed out and pale. Fuzzy would be a good description for the quality of her voice, or husky, a contralto dipping into the ranges of tenor, touch soprano when excited in any way. In scent, it bears a hint of the forest, a mingling of wet earth, mulch and pine with overtones of apple pastry, sweet and spicy and warm.

You might, at times, catch her rhyming without thought, or making up her own words, a whimsical tendency that is almost second nature to her and that she won't notice unless you point it out to her.

«…whackings and smackings upon poor Taberuth's head should thread fall into bed…»

In relation to her girth, she is extremely long, such a disparity giving her a lack of 'feminine' curves, while also heightening the definition of musculature in her lithe form — in effect giving her a tomboyish appearance. Despite the proportionate differences, however, she is still rather small, no longer than a large green should be, and /looking/ much smaller than she actually is. She will never be graceful, tripping over her too large wings and oversized feet as a dragonet, but she will have her own way of walking, slipping a bit of an enthusiastic jaunt into her step, her tail probably getting into the action, as well.

Her wings are just large enough to carry her extended frame, though this indeed makes them rather large, and until she takes to the skies in flight, they will be quite a burden. She won't know quite what to do with them, finding them constantly in her way until she does figure them out.

Her hide is that lovely deep green of solid jade, giving off a glistening sheen when cleaned and oiled well. Like the stone, it changes shade constantly, though only in splotches, never completely one color; from the deep shadowy jade, to a verdant gold green, and maybe even a brilliant yellow, like on her sails, the fabric of which being insubstantial enough to allow light through them. She might be vain of such color, had she the inclination. However, though she may labor over /your/ appearance, her own means nothing to her.

"I'm your only friend.
I'm not your only friend…"

Who is Taberuth?

Like Gurgi from The Black Cauldron, she is a loyal companion, a true friend, loving, sweet, and certainly endearing. Those who know her will not be able to help but love her.

Taberuth is, undoubtably, a coward. She won't do anything unless it has been proven safe and even then, she is cautious. She will probably be the last to fly, the last to flame, and certainly the last to go between. In her heart, however, she longs to be the brave being that she 'knows' will impress you — her hero — her mast. Because she loves and admires you so much, Jillian, you will be able to convince her to do things she may not otherwise do, though some things might take a bit more convincing than others. Fighting threadfall is not one of them. Feeling her deficiencies in bravery and realizing the disappointment she must cause with her cowardice, she will consider threadfall her one chance to make up for it all, fighting for all she's worth and proving herself in the field of battle as none other. Of course, once the fighting is all done, she is once again the timid and awkward beast she always has been.

At times, she might boast of her accomplishments or of what she might do, and then come bback down when it truly comes to the test, or when someone calls her on it.

« Mighty Taberuth will fly better then all of her wingings and ingings! »
«Can you do a loop de loop?»
« Ooo, loop de loop may cause more Taberuth to go for crashings and bashings. »

If there is anything that she is fanatic about, it's food. It may come second to you in her affections, but it is a rather close second; he who feeds her, wins her undying love forever. As a weyrling, she will amaze you with her ability to consume. Where does it all go? Even when she is grown and hunting her own food, she will always be partial to whatever tidbits you are willing to give her, be it a sweet, vegetables, or yesterday's left over ematrolls. It doesn't matter to her what it is, because she is /always/ hungry. You may have fed her just a few hours before and she'll complain of stomach pangs. And when she is feeling particularly affectionate, she'll offer you her last herdbeast — even if there is a field full of them just beyond — indeed, an extreme sacrifice on her part. Despite her tendency to stuff her face, however, she will forever retain her trim figure, being the envy of many a green gal.

She has the heart of gold, ready to encompass the world in her love, showing affection to everyone and everything indiscriminately, though she is extremely cautious when making new acquaintances. She particularly enjoys the company of the young (or the young at heart), those who share her innocence, and shies away from the cynical, the angry, the hateful and the violent — all concepts that she cannot understand in her naivete, and which therefore frighten her.

Taberuth is neither the clingy nor the jealous type. However, because of the strength of her loyalty, she will want to be at your side at all times. Seh feels that it is her duty to serve you in whatever way she can and when you are not near at hand (read as her not being beside you), she will worry because she feels she is not doing her duty by you as her master. For instance, if the rider of Bronzith offers to take you on a late night ride, she won't have it, because it is her duty to convey you. It would actually be a punishment of sorts, if you were to accept the bronzer's offer. She would wonder what she had done wrong that you would not accept /her/ services over those of another and it would be seen as a fault on her part, rather than her being jealous of Bronzith and his rider.

In her draconic failure of long term memory, she will always carry the innocence of youth, even after her first Threadfall, or her first flight, or even her first death. Even in her caution, everything new holds some curiousity for her. She is eager to please, willing to do anything within reason for her master.

Unfortunately, with this youthful naivete, she will not quite understand the concept of adult love, hers being the uncontional love of a child. You must be careful who you choose as a lover or weyrmate, because he or she might not understand Taberuth's curiousity and Taberuth will certainly not understand their anger at her interferance. She loves you beyond reason, but she may never forgive you for betraying her trust by choosing a mate of whom she does not approve. However, if you /do/ find someone that she approves of, she will almost show the same loyalty to that person as she does you — almost, but not quite. /You/ are her one and only.

"But I'm a little glowing friend…"

Taberuth is one of those greens who you won't know is proddy until just before the time to rise. You will feel the difference before you notice it, and then suddenly, no sooner than the day of her flight, or perhaps even a mere hour or two before she rises, she will become bolder: her mind voice, the color of her hide — and even her own personality.

Her mind voice will be almost overpowering with sudden blaring hues, those neons that crayold added recently to their colors: still the same colors, only brighter, flashier, and more dazzling than before. Her scent will become almost cloying, suddenly intensified a hundred-fold so that her voice literally /oozes/ with sugar coated apples. You might find yourself adverse to sweets, in any way, at this time, because it's so disgustingly strong in your lifemate's mind. This will be one of those few times when Taberuth's voice drifts into the soprano range, losing it's fuzzy edge and molding itself to the sweet.

Her hide won't be brighter. It won't glow. It won't even change color, but rather, it'll take on a sort of transparent appearance, as of layoers on layers of green — yellow on green-gold on emerald on jade. She'll be more daring: willing — no, /wanting/ to do things you would never have been able to get her to do before. When she finally takes to the skies, there will indeed be acrobatics, though certainly nothing to rival those of her sisters. She will fly fast and far, denying the males for as long as she may, and she will never form any truly lasting attachments, the flight gone from her mind the very next day.

The only sign that might truly give her away when she is proddy is that she loses her appetite. The very sight of food might make her ill, and when she bloods, she will blood light, drinking only what she needs and very likely less than that.

It might be a good idea to get a weyr as close tot he ground and in the center of everything as possible. She will probably hate heights, and she'll hate isolation even more. In her all encompassing love for people and animals, she will truly enjoy a weyr just above the excitement where she can sit on her ledge all day and watch the goings-on below.

In her lack of car for her appearance, dirt will be very much a part of her daily existance. She doesn't /hate/ baths, necessarily. She just doesn't care about being dirty.

«Tab, you stink, and you're covered in firestone char. »
« I am? Oh, I do. Can we go play now?»

She is extremely ticklish. Rather than having itchy spots, she has spots of intense sensitivity which may have her rolling if you can find them: the inside joints of her toes, the point where her jaw connects with her neck, the hollow of her throat, and, interestingly enough, her stomach.

If you plan on having any family at all, Taberuth will be extremely disappointed if it is not a large one. She loves children, and your own will hold a special place in her draconic heart. And you better not hope to be able to have them and then toss them off on a foster mother. Taberuth absolutely /won't/ have it. Though you will have to foster them off eventually, your lifemate will expect you to visit them every spare chance that you have.


We chose Gurgi because he fit all the qualifications that you asked for in your interview. He's sweet, certainly adorable, loves everything from children to puppies to the clouds in the sky, and is likeable by everyone.

However, he is far from perfect, containing those flaws that make him ever more dearer in our minds.

We hope you love your Taberuth. We enjoyed creating her and hope you enjoy playing with her. Congratulations once again on Impression and we look forward to having you and Taberuth amongst our ranks.

—Char and C'ran

« Lyrics provided by They Might Be Giants »

Lli's green Taberuth
Harper's Tale: 23rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith & Z'diah's brown Chelath
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