Ossia! Congratulations on impressing here at Ista Weyr! We hope you love your punk-rock boy, and that he is everything you wanted in a dragon. This is just a guideline - a direction that we envisioned he could go. He's all yours.—Sin & Lanti

Dragon: Svasith
Color: Brown
Name: Sin
Egg: Pure As the Driven Snow Egg
Egg Desc: Lanti
Dragonet: Punk-Rock Rebel Boy Brown
Dragonet Desc: Sin; Lanti tweak
Messages: Sin, Lanti
Inspiration: Sin, Lanti

White as Driven Snow Egg:

From top to bottom, the glossy shell of this perfectly proportioned egg stands without blemish. White as the highest peaks, white as the purest light, white as the first snowfall, this egg gleams like a beacon of hope to its siblings and any lucky enough to glance its way.

Hatching Message:

White as Driven Snow Egg rocks violently once more, a quick right-left jerk… and then it goes still, perhaps alarmingly still, glistening whitely against the hot black sand. Then with a resounding thud, cracks appear along one side, spiderwebbing out in a mostly circular pattern, THUD-CRACK, THUD-CRACK, until the entire egg shatters in a flurry of white, falling away to expose its occupant.

Punk-Rock Rebel Boy Brown Dragonet:

Built on big, broad lines, he is rough-edged and homely, an all-over unapologetic dirt-on-your-boots brown interrupted by occasional smudges of dark and points of light. A sharp-muzzled head is crowned by a cock's-comb fan of 'ridges, narrow and close-set as they crowd down his neck to its base, which is banded by argent-studded black, a pattern repeated around his left forearm. Sprung forth from sturdy shoulders, ragged wingsails are washed a dirty-denim blue, patched in grungy grey-brown-black; wide haunches are dark, traced with long-linked, long-looped chains of silver that wrap 'round the midpoint of a sharp-ridged tail.

Impression Message:

Punk-Rock Rebel Boy Brown Dragonet jerks sideways, eyes whirling an alarming shade of orange-red-pink for a moment - no, no, no - before he refocuses on the task at hand. He stumbles - oh! - no, not that one - he almost falls, and then he finds - oh, he finds the perfect mind! Everything else falls away (and woe to he or she who does not get out of his way) as he makes a final move, coming to a stop - an incautious stop! - at the feet of a young woman with ebony ringlets. He sees the things he knows are his, he sees the bright and hollow sky, he sees - Ossia..

Personal Impression Message:

The heat, the oppressive heat of the sands, the noise, the noise of fellow candidates and mewling newly-hatched dragons fades away, fades away until there is nothing but one perfect moment, one last, single moment of perfect silence. There's hardly enough time for it to register before your mind is filled with pulsing rhythm, enveloped in the acrid tang of too many people in too small of a space, sweat and heat and light that flashes to the thumping inside your head. « Ossia, » comes a voice, a rich voice that's part of /you/ while at the same time not. « Oh, let's ride and ride and ride and ride… » it says, then reveals: « I am Svasith. »

Name Inspiration:

Short, spiky, and just a little bit unconventional, Svasith seemed the perfect fit for your punk-rock rebel boy brown, despite all attempts to come up with something else. :D It doesn't mean anything, but had the right sort of feel to it. (And, lo and behold, it fit well with what you said you liked!) The 's' can be silent, or not — I've been pronouncing it sVAsith, with the s just a quiet siblance before that stronger v, but you can do away with it if you'd like! sVAsith, VAsith, say it however you like. -Sin

Egg Inspiration

If there's something I know, it's snow. Growing up in the Midwest U.S., there are a lot of opportunities to see all kinds; there's a reason Eskimos have so many names for it. The very best snow is that first storm of the season. It's new, and completely unblemished. So white it hurts the eyes. Exciting enough to bring out the kid in each of us. It's like a blanket that helps us enjoy the fun while ignoring the wind and the cold.


"I feel kinda warm and fuzzy when I see someone decked out in worn denim, spiked cuffs, patches and a brightly colored mohawk." —Ossia

Fortunately for you, Ossia, so do we. This single sentence helped inspire the entire look of Svasith, but especially his coloring. He borrows from both Shaestorath's metallics, with his shiny bits of silver (spikes and chains, anyone?), and Dedanseth's hints of blue. Where hers are rich, vibrant, his are muted, that grungy gross almost too brown to be blue that a lived-in denim jacket gets around the collar and cuffs.

Mind Voice:

Svasith's voice is grounded in a driving beat that underlies and anchors every thought; though never slow, it picks up speed when he is angry or upset or excited, losing distinction as it swells to an overwhelming crash of SOUND that almost drowns out whatever words he's chosen to use. Scent-wise, light-wise, he's the inside of a small club, the smoke and sweat and vague haze of spilled alcohol, dim lights coupled with brighter flashes, like when a band's onstage. Actual voice-wise, he's totally Iggy Pop, sort of a lose yourself in it mellow kind of voice that goes rough around the edges when he gets loud.


Svasith is a big dragon, in that he's built broad — strong shoulders, sturdy hips, but a bit more on the lean side when it comes to muscle. He's got a sharp-edged face (think: young Iggy Pop, all those planes and angles), and his arms and legs and tail are always going to be a little bit on the wiry side. On land, he doesn't lumber, but moves with a herky-jerky sort of motion, frequently throwing his wings out for extra balance. In the air, he's not exactly a daredevil - but there's an unconventional quality to the way he flies, a little bit of a suggestive edge to the way his hips and shoulders and wings move.


And everything was made for you and me
All of it was made for you and me
cause it just belongs to you and me
So lets take a ride and see what's mine
—The Passenger

Svasith is intelligent, opinionated, driven. He knows what he thinks, knows what he feels, and he's not afraid to let everyone know, even if it flies against convention. He's also got a good heart, and will wind up doing something because it's the right thing — even if 'the establishment' says he's wrong. Every story has a hero, but not every hero wants to be in the story. That's Svasith. He's a punk-rock rebel, an anti-hero, the guy who winds up saving the day against his better judgment - because if he doesn't do it, who will? That doesn't mean he's thrilled about it, though - far from it.

He isn't a social sort of dragon, but other dragons seem to love him anyway - which is only useful to him when he has a message that he wants to get across. At other times, he'll come to you because he /just doesn't understand/ why people are so interested in being around him.

He's got an unconscious sort of sex appeal - the kind that doesn't require flirting, but still attracts attention none the less. That isn't to say that he seeks it out - in fact, he will frequently avoid it. If it benefits him, however, he will be more than willing to use it to his advantage; he's not the kind of guy who'll shy away from a flight, but he's not going to be sticking around to chat afterward, either.

So, have you figured out the ‘theme’ to your new lifemate yet?

The overall theme was 'alternate comic book character/storyline cliches/archetypes' - and who better to fit your punk-rock wishes than a reluctant anti-hero who, no matter how often he tries not to, just can't help but contribute to saving the day.

Harper's Tale's 49th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Lanti's Gold Dedanseth x M'riel's Bronze Shaestorath
December 13th, 2007

Corona and brown Sidaaeth
Mallory and bronze Kirczykath
Lendai and gold Talicanitath

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