Congratulations, Ilae, on impressing Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Suumanuth here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, but remember this inspiration is merely a guideline, she is yours and yours forever and you can do whatever you want with her! We have put lots of energy into the creation of your dragon (and T'ab learned more about Sailor Moon than he ever wished to), and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — T'ab and S'eron

Ilae's Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Suumanuth


Twilight Link Egg
Twilight orange clouds mingle with navy blue skies, hinting at a sun recently set and the growing night to come. Edges blur together across this egg, glowing colors making the details difficult to make out. Moving through the gathering dark are thick strips of milky bronze, beveled and double edged like swords, cutting outlines into the shadow. From one side, they form a canine's head, from the other, a man, the third, a winged individual, and a fourth, interlocking triangles, a symbol evoking courage, wisdom and power.

Hatching Message:

Twilight Link Egg starts to crack heavily, the mere hint of sun now revealing practically glowing innards as the shards of shadow slowly fall to the sides. But the egg is not cracking fast enough for the impatient occupant and the entire ovoid, with hatchling inside, starts to lean forward toward the Candidates. With a last final push, the egg tips forward and Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet explodes from the shards and does consecutive somersaults forward in a tightly wound ball.


Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet

Misty light and deep forest green hide stretches tight and shiny over an arcing skeletal form, highlighting wiry muscles and elongated features. A narrow muzzle and prominent cheek bones widen the helm-like head; the neck twiggy in comparison.  Strokes of sparkling golden flesh wrap down each antennae-like headknob, embracing an empty swatch of leafy hue in the center.  Willowy ribs bow into an armored cage with a dusty rubicund breastbone.  There, darkest emerald flows over wide, rounded shoulders along the wings, pale coral underneath.  Verdigris stretches across the muscular trunk down to a rounded point on the lower abdomen, freckled flush and ruddy.  Protracted hind legs, paws dipped in pine, join to narrow viridian hips; taut hide causing the socket stands in relief.  Kelly banded forelimbs are further exaggerated, one claw nearly white and serrated, the other algae tainted and strong.  A wisp of a tail lashes out from her back side, composed largely of light moss covered muscle and lightning green splashed, pea-tinted ridges that run from the back of the head down to the spade tip.


Public Impression Message:

Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet stops again, a new target acquired. She runs toward this one, elongated forelimbs barely touching the sands as her powerful hindquarters propel her across the sands, kicking up great clouds behind her. She tackles her opponent, knocking the nanny to the ground and bringing the vicious darker claw to her chest. Her eyes narrow, she searches her face, studying her closer with one eye — before finally sitting back and up. She brings both claws together in front of her and watches Ailae calmly. Does she have a new objective for for her?

Personal Impression Message:

Lighting strikes at the middle of your very mind, a fierce attack on your soul that shatters an oaken trunk, while splinters of the clean woody scent arouse your senses. A few more flashes of lightning fly through your inner eye, strong and powerful, before it starts to fade into the background. The thunderstorm calms to a distant rumble and the sound of the wind blowing through old oak trees soothes you, making you almost forget the blazing sands that are burning your toes. Then a voice, husky and deep, rises from the calm, « I am Suumanuth. » Simple and staccato, her words only remain in your mind for a few moments before the wooded forest in your mind takes over. The serious scents and tones are then underscored with a severe pang in your stomach. « I am hungry. Let us go eat. »


Name Inspiration:

Using the super powers of Wikipedia, we tumbled down from Sailor Jupiter, cartoon heroine, to the Roman mythic god Jupiter, God of Thunder. One of his titles is Jupiter Summanus - or sender of the Nocturnal Thunder. While the 'nocturnal thunder' is actually the god Summanus, we felt that there must be a certain amount of partnership in this situation to warrant naming your dragon after him. Sailor Jupiter, one of the major contributors to Suumanuth's personality, often calls upon the power of lightning for her various attacks. Additionally, Summanus is reminiscent of Samus Aran, the bounty hunter from Metroid, linking her in with the hatching theme. We started out Summanuth, but it just didn't seem right and eventually molded into Suumanuth. We pronounce it SOO-man-ooth, maybe you could even nickname her Suu (Sue) if that pleases you. But she's yours now, do what makes you happy!

Egg Inspiration:

I'm sorry, but The Legend of Zelda is quite possibly the most influential video game in my life and the most recent incarnation, The Twilight Princess was stunning and engaging. Yes, I am replaying it. I wanted to pick up on Midna's frequent references to how happy the sky in the twilight zones made her, but also reference the cover graphic - but my own spin on things. There are swords a plenty in this rendition and the Triforce which isn't as keenly important as it has been in other games. I loved the wolf-factor and the juxtaposition with Link's human/elfin side - but now I'm psychoanalyzing. I threw 'winged thing' in there because 'fused shadow' just wouldn't make sense. :D

Description Inspiration:


The description is 2 parts Samus Aran from Metroid, 2 parts Sailor Jupiter from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and 1 part Praying Mantis to bind it all together. She's lean, mean, green fighting machine.  Her head is almost directly that of a praying mantis, with a sailor tiara on her eyeridges.  Her body is armored because of Samus, with a helmet, chest plate and arm cannon.  Her shoulders are also wide and rounded because not only does Samus have a bit of extra padding there, so do the senshi.  The coloration is primarily that of Sailor Jupiter, but I tended to stay away from putting too much femininity into the colors, since Samus is male from all appearances with her suit on.  The reds, rubicund, coral, flush and ruddy, can be pinks, but only when Suumanuth is in the mood.  She's got her sailor collar and skirt mingled in there as well as her bows, as best I could fake them.  I put some pink freckles to stand in for the rose filled belt she wears in the manga and PGSM and her neck ridges are laced with green electricity, both having been displays of her powers in the series.

From whence arrived the praying mantis?
From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
glimpse the grin, green metal mug
at masks the pseudo-saintly bug,
Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us.

The Praying Mantis - Ogden Nash


Mind Voice:

From just hearing Suumanuth's voice, it would be difficult to tell whether or not it was a male or female speaking to you. A deep, almost husky voice characterizes her typical conversation with everyone. And she is not a talkative creature, but she isn't silent either, Suumanuth chooses her words wisely and will often refrain from verbose conversations. Two or three words will be sufficient to get her point across and then end the conversation.

« Hi Suumanuth, how'ya doing? Isn't the water just beautiful from the sand dunes here? »

« Hello. Fine. Yes, it is. »

You will be the only one to have the opportunity to hear more than a few words out of, but still they will be simple and to the point,


The elements that will often be recalled in her mental conversations will be aged oak and fierce lightning. Sometimes it will just be a crackle and flash of a short shaft of light and the faint scents of an ancient wood, these are the pleasant tones and will often be used by Suumanuth in lieu of words to reveal her feelings about a topic.

Suumanuth allows the light spark of lightning ripple through your mindlink, a chuckle of laughter showing her humor on the subject, « Yes. Funny. » And then there is the playful dance of oaken scents that waft around you, tickling your nostrils.

But other times when she is provoked, it will be a full blown lightning storm and a large charged energy ball will blast sending those strong oak trees shattering, spraying shrapnel of wooden debris everywhere. As previously said, her words will be short and to the point, but the imagery and sensations she evokes will do a lot more of the speaking and when she is angry/upset/sad, she will practically barrage these elements against your mind and any other dragon/human that has decided to provoke her.


Proddiness will have a significant impact on her mindvoice, as well as other parts of her personality which will be discuss in the 'Flights' section of the inspiration. Her voice mellow into a soft and wistful timber. Those lightning bolts and aged oaks? They will turn into mere lightning bugs and saplings, flowers and green things, with the addition of little glowing wood nymphs that dance and sing and do all sorts of cutesy things.


Prince Darien: Very impressive, you didn't land a single punch.
Sailor Jupiter: I was just warming up, hotshot.

Unlike her curvaceous clutchsister Roxeauth, your Suumanuth is long and lean, and although she may look delicate do not be fooled, for she is a deceptively strong green. Those thin limbs, elongated tail, and minute body are filled with well-toned muscle and internal power. And she will always want to keep it that way, she will always be pushing you and herself in all of your weyrling and wing training exercises. What? You are only scheduled to do one lap around to bowl, well you two are going to do two laps (maybe three), just to keep in shape and maintain Suumanuth's musculature.

Dry skin is going to be a constant irritant throughout all of weyrlinghood, it must be that her hide is stretched over all her dainty-looking body, or that she is just growing faster than any other weyrling. Diligent attention is going to need to be paid to Suumanuth's hide, you will be frequently going through jars of oil to coat her body with and it will seem that as soon as you have finished coating her from head to toe that you hear her voice in your head: « I itch. » Even during adulthood, you will have to oil her more than any other dragon around, but luckily it will not be quite as frequently as during weyrlinghood.
Prince Darien: You've got guts, Jupiter.

Both in flight and on the ground, Suumanuth will always appear to move with purpose. On the ground, she will have a purposeful strut, slow yet firm steps that rarely need to change direction, she knows where she wants to go and is going to get there on time without straying. In flight she will be the same, when she has a place to go and will use her knowledge of the thermals, the wind speed and direction, and the possible other obstacles to ensure that the trip is the shortest it possibly can be.

Being strongly built and having such a light body, it is no surprise that once Suumanuth starts her flying training, she will immediately take to the air with ease. Being a small green, she possesses the agility and speed and she will utilize every single opportunity to show her skills. Hopefully during the beginning of weyrlinghood you and Suumanuth did not of wing stretching and water exercising, because once she is in the air, she is likely to want to stay there as long as possible. The weyrlingmasters will need to keep an eye on you pair and be prepared to give you more advanced training, because simple gliding across the bowl will only suffice for so long. In no time at all, you and Suumanuth will be capable of advanced stunts, barrel rolls, loop-de-loops, and nosedives (and hopefully you don't get airsick in the process).

When betweening, Suumanuth will have a really bad habit of barely hesitating to get off the ground before traveling into ::between:: and when she appears, she will be as close to the ground as safely possible. This will definitely piss off plenty of the weyrlingmasters and may even give you a fright or two.

« SUUMANUTH! The ground is like a /foot/ away from us? Are you /trying/ to between into the ground?!?! »

« It saves time. »

When it comes to food, you may actually have some difficulty getting her to eat. It isn't that Suumanuth doesn't like food, it is that she is /very/ particular about food. A chef in a past life, or something, Suumanuth considers herself quite the connoisseur of food. Only the best food will pass her teeth. During the beginning of months of weyrlinghood, you are going to be put to hard work, as she needs her food cut /just/ right.

« Cut with the grain. It tastes better. »

Then once she is capable of hunting on her own, you will have to spend long periods of time waiting for her to finally decide which beast will suffice for her meal. Luckily she doesn't require much food to sustain her small size, so a few small creatures or one large beast will do. You may have to eventually convince her to that the herdbeast is merely young and not sickly, or that the wherries were definitely locally raised.

An odd quirk that you will notice the first night and throughout the rest of your lives together, Suumanuth likes to sleep in an propped up position. Her rear down but her forearms extended and her body all the way up. In sleep, she will be like a daytime gargoyle that stands at attention in the night, awaiting daybreak to once again come alive. She will even do that if she is napping on the beach or near the waterfall, which will get quite a few stares from the passing-by weyrfolk. This behavior will sometimes catch you off-guard, because for all intensive purposes she /looks/ awake and if you aren't paying attention you may try talking to her and even attempt a conversation before realizing she is actually asleep.


(Pretty Guardian) Azama Mew as Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter: You want trouble pal; you're looking at it. My name is trouble, I'm Sailor Jupiter.

You've got yourself a serious lifemate on your hands, she doesn't mess around, no ma'am. She works hard, plays hard, and even relaxes hard. When it comes to weyrlinghood training, it is likely that you and her will be the very top performers at everything and it isn't just natural talent (although she has a little of that), it is serious, hard work that will get you flying perfectly, breathing the perfect flame, and even perfectly tossing firestone. She is serious, but not mean, violent or ill-meaning, and she tries her hardest at every little thing that she can, hopefully there will be lots of recognition for her efforts in the future.

But she is not all work and no fun at all, but she is quite serious about having fun as well. There are goals in her mind and she will reach them. Should you decide to enter a flying acrobatics contest at the Interweyr Games, plan on practicing every day until the event and even up to that day, Suumanuth will be analyzing and re-analyzing every little move and twirl and spin to make sure that you both are achieving the highest quantity of points at the greatest difficulty.

« Now, Suumanuth isn't this is supposed to be fun? Why we we have to wake up before dawn to stretch? »

« We /are/ having fun. This is fun. Now stretch. »

Sailor Jupiter: In the name of the planet Jupiter you'll regret the day you were born when I stop you. I will show no mercy!

Now Suumanuth isn't all hardass and strict, but she is one tough cookie on the exterior. She can keep up with all of those stupid boys on the ground and in flight. Often she will be attempting to push her limits to do everything that the bigger male dragons can do, which you will need to be wary of issues of strained muscles and exhaustion from her pushing her weyrling body as far as it can go. And speaking of boys, Suumanuth possesses quite a few characteristics that one would call 'masculine'. She is tough, athletic, serious, all those 'boyish' characteristics, and due to those personal traits she will most easily identify with the boys over the girls, choosing to hang out with them instead of those /obnoxious/ female dragons. Roxeauth, who embraces every little female aspect of herself, will definitely not get along with Suumanuth at all.

For all the masculine characteristics she has, Suumanuth does have a few feminine qualities, although her tendency will be to keep those closely hidden from public and you will be one of the few to learn about them. While she enjoys being 'one of the boys', there will be times where Suumanuth just wants to be a lady. Sometimes she'll want to stay in the weyr with you, take some nice long baths, use some rose-scented oils, and talk about feelings. These will be simple things that will allow her to embrace her softer side, but they will be nothing like what happens when she is proddy (which will be discussed later).

Whether or not this is an aspect that Suumanuth derived from you or not, we will never know, but deep inside she will always have a soft spot for children. Whether it be human or dragon, whenever she comes across a teeny toddler or itsy bitsy infant, her serious mannerisms will melt. She will want to gently play with them, watch them roll around and do childish things, and listen to their coos and babytalk. She may even make her own vocal croons and tweets to entertain the children, and she will encourage you to join in, which given your past career as a nanny will hopefully be a pleasure. Hatchling dragons will also be of great interest to her and she will love watching and helping out the little ones, making her a good choice for a future weyrlingmaster.

In hand with her adoration with the young ones, Suumanuth will become almost inconsolably upset if someone touches even a hair on their precious little heads. Rage will fill her soul and she cannot be held responsible for the actions she takes toward the offender. Hopefully this side never has to come out, but if it does be ready to grab the child and run.

Sailor Jupiter: It's my dream. To spend a carefree lifetime in a rose garden, with someone I love…

And all that serious personality will be pair with a strange fascination with flowers, Suumanuth just loves flowers. The more colorful and pleasing smells, the better. Everything you own will need to be floral, your couch/weyr will need to have a variety of plotted plants and luckily you are at Ista Weyr and plants thrive so well here! It will be as if you have your own flower shop in your weyr, so many varieties and colors scattered throughout the weyr and ledge. She may even insist that you start buying some of that flower-infused oils from the traders for her hide, so that even she has that pretty floral scent wherever she goes.


If there ever was a question that Suumanuth was a female, it will be solved when she decides to rise. To her (and maybe your) distaste, she will rise the most often of all her clutchmates. Moving away from her masculine characteristics, Suumanuth will be a cutesy, girly and even *gasp* shy. The change to proddy will not be a sudden thing for her, it will take the entire sevenday to develop into full proddy mode.

At first, she'll just want to go look at the male dragons on the beach or find a nice shop over at Ista Hold to find some new leathers to make her straps out of. Then it will move into innocent flirtation with various males, wanting to add pink frills to everything you /and/ she wear, and once in a while you may even hear a wistful feminine sigh in your head. But then, once it has reached the day that she is due to rise, she will be a full blown lady. Your weyr will need to be cleaned and scrubbed and tidied (even if you just did it) and your food will /have/ to be arranged cutely on your plate.  She will need you to dress your best and fix your hair and try that wonderful rose scented perfume you bought at the last gather.  Her husky tones will soften into something mellow, warm and comforting and everything you need. In other words, she'll transform into the perfect Stepford wife, without the crazy robot murdering thing. And her short phrases? Those will be transforming into long sentences, pushing the limits of what would be often called 'rambling'.

« Ilae, we totally should go see Raeklith.  Did you notice what he was eating?  I think I know where we can get some more lapines.  Do you think he'd like some? »
Her strong and independent personality will still be there, it's just buried beneath the awkwardness of not knowing what to do with boys - the sudden focus of her every obsessive thought.  She will nudge into them before brushing right by them and going back to being perfect once more.  She will be abnormally quiet when speaking with a male she's interested in and then find any excuse to focus on anything else - especially females - since they are safe.  When she's ready to rise though, she'll jump into the air, effortlessly sexy, but still nervous.  The worst part is, every flight will be just like her first time.

After the flight is over, Suumanuth will close down, her silence and discomfort evident.  She's not angry - she just doesn't know what to do with a fawning male when she's more herself.  Her mannerisms will be brisk and withdrawn.  Her need to flee the scene as strong as life.  She may even proceed to give him the cold shoulder and refuse to talk to him for a while. In time, she will begin to reflect on her time with that dragon with the fuzzy glasses of nostalgia, comparing all others to him - her old boyfriend who moved on with life (even if he is still pining away at her weyr ledge).  It is likely that he will never catch again, giving her (and you) the opportunity to have a variety of partners.

Dragon:  Suumanuth
Color:  Green
Name:   S'eron, T'ab Tweak
Egg:  Twilight Link Egg
Egg Desc:  S'eron, Lanti Tweak
Dragonet:  Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc:  S'eron, T'ab tweak
Messages:  T'ab and S'eron, Lanti tweak
Inspiration:  T'ab and S'eron

Ilae's green Summanuth
Harper's Tale: 55th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Lanti's Gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth
December 5th, 2009



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