Dragon/Human Surfing

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Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a winter evening.
Curled up in the sand are three firelizards.
Bronze Tyroth and green Amuirnith are here.
You see Eating Contest Booth, Rib Eating Sign-Up Sheet, Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt), High Reaches Weyr Preparation Tent (hwpt), and Order of Events! here.
You notice Akadriel asleep here.
T'ab, Bajiren, and Andru are here.

You slide gently down Amuirnith's neck and land with a soft thud.

Izlasth jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.
Lzi slides from Izlasth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Aiyana comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

For all it's been a rough day or two, Bajiren is so totally pumped for the competition. The boy is hovering near his board on the beach, occasionally going over to wipe at a speck on it (that he's probably imagined), and then wandering over to chat with some rider or other he knows, and then going to the water's edge to inspect the waves, and then repeating the whole process. Energy!

It's not often that Andru gets to ditch all of his Stewardly duties and just enjoy himself. However, he's learned how to surf so he's sort of come along to represent Ista's nonrider community, the handsome young teen sort of leans against his board his tanned skin stretched over his body, occasionally running fingers through his shaggy blonde hair.

K'rru comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Lzi's here to just watch, especially since her surfing lessons haven't even begun yet. She'd only be an embarassment to herself and to her Weyr, so the greenrider is smartly sitting this competition out. But she's wearing her Istan-colored bandana, using it once again to hold her hair back in a runner tail, ready to cheer on those who are competing for Ista.

K'rru releases Bahama, who launches into the air.

So there's a pair of dragons that blink from the sky out over the water, brown and green. Or perhaps better described as crusty and weedy? Dsalth and Aukaith fly in for a landing, wing-tip to wing-tip. Show-offs. And their riders dismount- P'rru might be pushing mid-80s now, but that hasn't affected his style. He's in lary orange board-shorts. His greenriding son has chosen more tasteful attire- black shorts and a bright orange muscle-tee. Mrowr. And they've brought a cheer-squad, 9 turn old Kanga who dismounts with her father. "Ista, we have arrived!" 3 generations of 'Rru' head in amongst the throng of people gathering.

Bajiren doesn't wear the black and orange nearly as well as K'rru does - nonetheless, when the greenrider is seen, his clothing-twin (of sorts) offers him a big wave with the bandanna-tied wrist. And then unties that striped bandanna to wipe at a spot on his board again. And then skips on over toward Lzi. "Y'saw the rib eating th'other night?" Chest is puffed, proud-like.

D'baji comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

T'ab is here leaning over his surfboards, yes he has two boards laying across the sand, and he is slowly rubbing a chunk of animal fat across the bottom of his board. Gross animal fat. A peer up as he looks to P'rru, K'rru, and Kanga, offering a wave, "And now /here/ is my competition." The bronzerider wears his nice aerodynamic, and revealling, swimsuit and a bandana wrapped around his head and holding back his brown curls.

After her chores in the Istan food booth are finished, Aiyana has the rest of the day free—-and she's taking advantage of the sun and surf to enjoy herself. She hasn't participated in any of the events, but she's been there to cheer for her fellow Istans. Her bright orange bandanna is tied around her head, a sharp contrast to her ink-black hair. The jacket she usually wears has been discarded, and she wears shorts with her turquoise top instead of pants. Long legged and gangly like most 13-turn olds, she strolls amongst the people smiling at those she knows, and watching everything. Spotting a familiar face, she pauses not far from Lzi and Bajiren. A polite greeting is offered, should they look her way.

"I saw," Lzi confirms with a big grin to Bajiren, nodding her head in approval. "You did a /great/ job. And fuck Rhaeyn. She's just a big bitch. Don't let it get you down." Yeah, the rumors have already started flying at Ista, too, though they're more the truth than what's circulating High Reaches. Aiyana is noticed and given a slight grin before her attention is back on the boy. "You competing this time, too?" she asks, chin-nodding out to the water.

Abot, the local surfer dude just chills out as he sits at the judges table, feet up although he yells, "Git yer last minute rides in dudes and dudettes and we'll totally have a rockin' time soon. I'll let ya'll know when we start."

The Rru-Crew spot the growing Istan crowd and meander that way. K'rru of course, seems to be checking out the fashion-on-the-field, arm wound protectively around his daughter's shoulders, and the pair wave happily back to Bajiren and Lzi. P'rru though, watches the crowd, picking out who are the other contestants. "Upstart, lad, think you'll best an old fellow like me today?" his gravelly voice is teasing as he passes by T'ab with a wink and a chuckle. He'll stretch now, skin dark brown and leathery thanks to turns in the sun, bones and joints popping and creaking. Does anyone know CPR?

Tying the Istan colours about his head, Andru slips out of his shorts to reveal a pair almost as small as T'ab's. "Hey T'ab." He calls out carrying his board towards his rider friend,"So you competing with or without your dragon?" He asks curiously, tilting his head a little bit to the side as he watches the man's actions.

"No shardin' kiddin'," Bajiren mutters, giving a harsh snort. "Way she was talkin' t'me when she dropped me off… She can do whatever she scorchin' well wants in her Weyr, but in /my/ home?" Brow knits, and he seethes for a moment. Aiyana's arrival warrants a quick look, and there's the vaguest hint of recognition on his face as he studies her - the boy's been away a long time, and she sure wasn't wearing bandannas before. And then back to Lzi. "But you bet I'm competin'. Ain't missin' /this/. 'Specially now I don't gotta figure out where my points go." 'Cause in his mind, you know his winning will be a sure thing.

D'baji is sitting well away from the crowds, on a beach chair, with a big glass of something fruity and alcoholic. The Weyrleader is shirtless, and when his back's not against the chair, a 'W' will be seen to have been shaved into the man's hair, to complement the 'I'-like strip from the waxing incident. Team spirit? Yes. Even if he's not in the fray, and only really speaking when spoken too.
Overhead, Tosiekoth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Tosiekoth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Tosiekoth glides in for a landing.

T'ab laughs as he nods to P'rru with a shake of his head, "No, I don't think there's any way I can beat ya Mister P'rru, but I certainly hope I can keep up with ya." The bronzerider finishes waxing down the boards as he looks up to Andru, "Hey Andru, eye, Tyr is over there meditatin' or somethin' in the waves, tryin' to get his focus 'fore we go out." And true to his statement, Tyroth is just standing there, staring at the waves with a peaceful swirl of his eyes. Born surfer dude.

There's an approving nod given to Bajiren after his words, Lzi more amused than anything else. When D'baji is spotted, she waves at him before her attention goes back on his son. "Well. Good. You go out there and kick ass," she says to him, reaching over to give him a sharp clout on the back.

Returning Lzi's grin with a shy, "Hello." She steps closer to the young lad and the greenrider, nodding to Bajiren. "Congratulations," she offers Baji, smiling. "I saw you win. It was a good contest." She pauses, listening to Bajiren talk. He probably doesn't remember her, but they did meet once before he left for the Reaches, and she has a good memory. "I wish you luck in the surfing contest." She smiles, and steps back, not wanting to intrude on the two people. "I'll be watching and cheering," she promises, then strolls a few steps further, watching dragons take off and land.

Tilla has arrived! Actually she was here a little bit ago but her green wanted to go sniff something in the bushes. Hah. Tilla has already dismounted and stripped to her scandalously low cut midnight blue bikini to reveal some paint about her belly button which could read something like HRW. If you check out her back side, on her back is painted the same thing. GO weyr spirit! She trots up to the beach excitedly with Amu close on her heels, waving and shouting. "T'ab..Baji, hellooooo!" She unstraps the board from about Amuirnith's side as well as the riding straps and starts to wax it with something out of a pouch.

Kangarru comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Bajiren's chest-puffing isn't reserved for Lzi. The boy still has his pecs all stuck out and his shoulders back when he looks to Aiyana, and gives a broad grin. "Well thanks. Always been real talented at eatin', knew it'd come in handy some day." The cloud to the back from Lzi catches him a bit off guard, and one stumbled step is taken forward. And then his shirt is tugged off and held out for Aiyana. "Hang onto this 'til I'm done, huh?" And, all skin and bones and ribs and wiry musculature, he picks up his board and then - "Tilla!" is going to meet her, trying hard not to smack anyone with the plank still under his arm.

K'rru and Kanga are useful sorts, while chatting up the pretty folk (a cute kid is a really good wing-man) they've also fetched a long-board and delivered it to the Brownrider. None of this short, sharp lines for him, P'rru looks completely comfortable as he slings his board under one arm and heads out to the damp sand, watching the waves with his free hand shielding his eyes. "Good swell." he says gruffly, as his dragon wings into the air briefly, only to land out past the break, floating like driftwood as he waits.

Lzi snorts at Bajiren's chest puffing, and then brown eyes roll at his conversation with Aiyana. Kids. With him off, the greenrider starts to make the rounds again, to see who has newly arrived.

"Alright, we're here," S'lo says, dismounting his lifemate before holding a hand up to assist the younger passenger in dismounting Tosiekoth. "I think they're gonna begin soon. I know a few people competing."

From his lounge chair, D'baji leans forward to return Lzi's wave. And then takes a biiig sip of his fruity alcoholic drink. Mm.

Having a shirt suddenly thrust into her hands, Aiyana gives a soft squeak and watches as Bajiren runs off to meet up with Tilla. She looks down at the shirt, then begins to follow him, after nodding a good-bye to Lzi. She doesn't dog his footsteps, exactly, but she does trail behind him, keeping an eye on where he heads. That way, she can return his shirt after the games.

From Tosiekoth's neck, Thiemene undoes her buckles and leans over the side of the blue dragon to grasp both of S'lo's hands and slide right off Tosiekoth. "Okay. Can I get something to eat?" she asks, shrugging out of the oversized jacket as soon as her feet are on the ground.

Sidaaeth jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.
Coora slides carefully down from Sidaaeth's coffee colored neckridges.
Thiemene slides from Tosiekoth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Standing there rather laid back in his appearance as well, Andru does look like a surfer boy himself ,"Good luck then. I've entered as well. This should turn out rather interesting. I've been practicing lately in my free time. The guy I report to actually began giving me extra time to practice. I think he's hoping my showing will make all the Stewards look good or something." He says snorting a little bit.

Teric comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

"Sure," S'lo says, waving his hand in a random direction. "I don't want anything so I'll just hang out… here." Here's a good spot. Doot doot. Hey look, a person he knows. They get a wave.

Thiemene bounces a little on the balls of her feet and says, "I'll go get something and you can share with me. If you are going to surf, I'll cheer for you!" But then she's off in a whisk of speed in the direction of the food kiosks.

"Bajiii!" is called out excitedly as he comes to greet her. Tilla has now finished rubbing the board with the colliodal solution contained within the pouch and has thrust the board upright into the sands, although it sort of tilts at an angle. She's now working on braiding her hair to keep it securely out of her face. "How ya doin?" She spots S'lo and Tosie and waves, "Heeey, S'looo!"

T'ab stands as he picks up his board and nods toward Tilla, "Good luck Miss Tilla, 'though I'd hate to be beat by one of my students." He chuckles a bit and looks at his board carefully, the short one this time. And he looks to Tyroth, "Ready boy?"

Kangarru jumps about excitedly, waving an Istan bandana, "Daddydaddydaddy! Do ya think that Grampurr is gonna win, huhhuhhuh?" Somebody has given the kid too much sugar apparently. Everyone prepare to flee in terror. A brightly coloured shell has caught her attention, so now she picks it up. "Oooooh." K'rru chuckles, "He might, let's keep cheering for him really loudly, allright, dahhling?"

P'rru glances at his opponents. Children, all of them, to his crinkley old-dudeness. But that doesn't put him off his game, no. He ties an Istan bandana around his forehead (please cue Rocky Theme folks) and rubs his palms together "Good luck, all." he calls out down the line but again, there's a chuckling addition "Because you'll all need it." Confidence is key.

"Nooo. No, I'm not surfing. I'm really bad at swimming as it is. I'm learning to get better though." But by this point, S'lo's pretty much talking to himself since Thiemene's already bounded off. As Tilla calls out, S'lo turns his head in the greenrider's direction, tossing up a hand before taking a few steps closer towards her. "Heeey. I came to cheer you on! So, good luck!"

Bajiren sort of vibrates for a moment, not quite bouncing in front of Tilla, shifting the board awkwardly under his arm. But soon enough he settles to offer a friendly clout to her shoulder (with the non-boarded arm, of course), and offer, "M'all right, not too bad, I guess. I'm really glad you're here! After the competition, we should totally go get some mangoes or somethin'." And then a glance over his shoulder, toward the surf. "Pretty decent water today." Back to Tilla. "Good luck, eh?" He hasn't noticed Aiyana trailing him - not until he turns a little and catches sight of the orange shirt she's holding. "Oh, y'don't gotta follow me. 'Least not out to th'water or anythin'. I'll find you again."

"Now you haven't forgotten everything have you kiddo?" Andru asks smirking as he calls out to Bajiren,"Hope you haven't gotten in over your head up there with the ladies." He adds winking a bit and then turning towards the surf. He couldn't help but tease the boy a little bit. He's rather excited to be doing this. Surfing can be quite a lot of fun.

Abot stands from the judges table, nodding to Teric with a grin, "Ya ready brother?" Without waiting for a response the old surfer dude stands on the table and cups his hands to yell, "Okay dudes and dudettes, it is most excellent to have you all here. Now it be time for ya'll that wanna surf ta get your cute buttoxes out in the waves with, or without, your lifemates. Once we're ready, we'll wave a flag and just go for it one at a time." He chuckles a bit,
"Remember in the spirit of competition no bein' mean or rude, this is surfin' folks, its all about the peace and love and everythin'. Do your best. Feel the waves folks!" And with that he waves his hands to shoo all the surfers into the water to sit and wait.

Aiyana stops, looking slightly embarrassed. "I know, but I wanted a good vantage point," she explains. "I want to watch you all." She gives him a grin, and nods toward Tilla. "I wish you all luck." That having been said, she moves a little further down the beach, then sits atop a rock jutting up from the sand. Behind her is the healers' booth, and there's a bit of shade. Perfect place for watching. Her bandanna is removed and she waves it like a flag.

T'ab doesn't need to be told twice and he grabs his board and paces lightly into the water, planning on being one of the last out into the water. "Lets go bro, watch out for the other folks 'cause I don't want ya goin' and gettin' hurt or nothin'. But its just like we practiced." Yes, he's talking out loud to his lifemate, but whatever. The bronzerider gets waist deep and jumps onto his belly to paddle hard out into the deeps with firm strokes. Once out to the point of the waves breaking, T'ab positions himself into a squat to watch the rest of the surfers prepare as well.

"Surfin' Southern waves…" P'rru is already singing the ditty loudly (to 'Surfin USA') as he heaves his longboard out of the sand and begins to pad purposefully down towards the water with the other contestants. He keeps to the outs of the line-up, having already noticed the rip that's working down the breakline to the east and with a huff and a puff (that board is he-avy), he splashes into the water, belly on board, and paddling casually. As waves swell onto the shore, he bobs across them, fantastically buoyant with a board that's far longer than he is tall. Dsalth meets him once he's out near the back, greying dragon and greying rider quietly muttering head-to-muzzle for a moment before they turn as one, and wait for The Wave.

Tilla waves at S'lo, "Thanks!!" Then, she grins over at Baji, "Yeah, the waves look pretty good. We should go get mangoes after! Good luck!" At T'ab, she laughs, "But you've taught me so very well, handsome. Who knows?" She winks at him, and then hears the judge proclaim that they should paddle out into the water. So with a glance up at her lifemate, indicative of 'are you ready'? She grabs her board and runs into the waves, right after T'ab, flopping onto her board and padddling out with all her might. Once she's reached some deeper waters, she sits up straight, bobbing back and forth with the flow and ebb of the tides. Amuirnith splashes mightily but then starts to weave back and forth, serpentine-like until she is just beyond her lifemate.

Bajiren's head whips 'round as Abot starts talking, the muscles on his arm and hand tensing around the board, other hand sweeping the bandanna from his head to tuck into a buttonable pocket. "Hee, this is gonna be /so/ awesome, Tilla." And he heads for the shore, hurrying a little to try and get near enough to Andru that his call of, "S'pretty brave words for someone who's gonna get blown outta th'water by my boardin'," isn't lost. It's said friendly-like though. Maybe not peace, but certainly love and everything. A salute to his father, and a call of, "Should've let me borrow Nev," and then it's to the shoreline, where he wades deeper, drops the board, and sets to paddling on out.

Grabbing his board and running into the waves, Andru gets on to his board in a smooth movement and begins paddling himself out into the waves, giving a bit of a berth for the dragons. They can create their own waves that could knock him out if he's not careful,"It's all in good fun today Bajiren!" He calls out even as he paddles himself out to seat. He's in a pretty good mood though as he and his board go further out into the water.

Teric nods his assent to Abot and casually leans back, one elbow hooked around the back of his chair, one leg fully extended, the other brought up to rest against the chair's leg, his hands folded loosely. Once the surfers head out to the waves, he leans in and brings the chair up closer so he can peer down at the sheet in front of him, making sure one last time that he's got the names attached to the right faces (and swimsuits). "Yah know, we shoulda expanded this a bit. /Ridin'/ the wave is only half of surfin'," the smith drawls to no one in particular. He waits for the riders to assemble them out by the breaking point then nods to the official to his right. The one with the giant Intra Weyr games' flag. And let them ride!

T'ab spots the wave of the flag to start, but that doesn't mean he's about to hurry up his ride. Taking care and time for that 'perfect wave' the bronzerider floats over a few smaller guys before he notes the approach of a larger wave. Choosing this one, T'ab quickly bellies down on his board and aims to the shore, starting his quick paddle on the small board as the crest of the wave catches him and starts pushing him forward, with Tyroth aiming his body a dragonlength down the wave. With little effort the man pushes up to his feet and initially lets a few moments go by to make sure his bearings are together and then he just weaves, riding down the wave with a few cuts and sharp turns of his board. Tyroth continues to let the wave push him beside the bronzerider, letting his body go the straight and narrow, no fancy moves like his lifemate.

T'zyn comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Jhiedrik comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

"Wait…waiiiiit for it…Bag of bones, wait!" P'rru is steadying his excitable dragon who is bristling now. But his wave needs to be perfect- long, with plenty of pull, not too much whitewash…"Now!" P'rru paddles faster now as he heads down the building face the first wave of the new set, his dragon giving a bit of assistance as he winds behind, wings tucked in, tail out straight, as streamlined as he can get, and the extra surge of water from draconic movement propels the old man along and -snap- up get gets, confidently standing and cruising slowly down the face of the wave. His board is so steady he takes a few steps forward along it, waving to the crowd, a bit of a skip back to the centre, more waving, and both brownrider and dragon are happy to pace out the wave to the shore.

Lzi would wave her Istan bandana, but, well, it's currently holding her hair back out of her face, so she'll just have to settle for cheering instead. And of course, she has to do some loud whistling, lifting her fingers to her lips to do so. She's pretty cool like that. And, uh, yeah. Go Ista.

Tilla looks over at T'ab and P'rru admiringly before regaining her focus, and so she paddles out a little further, waiting for a good sized wave. But she does not chance a huge wave, waiting for a medium sized one that she feels she can control herself on better. Pushing herself to her feet, she starts to zigzag, leaning forward heavily on her knees to touch the water's surface with her hand as she goes. Amuirnith is surfing next to her lifemate, flicking her tail back and forth on the body wave that she's doing. An what's this, the green puts forth her tail, almost like a limbo stick. And Tilla bends backwards, slightly, going underneath it before doing her next zigzag. How low can you go LIMBOOOO!

Jhiedrik meanders down the beach, easing his way through the crowds— just in time to see Dsalth and P'rru's fantastic wave-riding. The Harper smiles, the expression more bemused and internal, and continues on his way, picking his way through. He may happen to run into a few people. He may have liquor scented heavily on his breath. These things may be true, but what is also true is the only thing he's wearing is board-shorts of Harper blue and a brilliant smile— so maybe that makes up for the two previous conditions. Oh, hi there, Lzi. His smile turns slightly more— carnivorous, as he moves past the greenrider. Next.

Bajiren waits, watching a few others go, making sure he floats well away from the dragons as the first few pairings take waves. Eventually, though his wave shows up, and the boy sets to paddling with all his strength, no doubt hearing the wise words of Lanti in his head as he tries to judge the water, waiting for the perfect moment to - up! And he's onto the board, standing just a bit shakily before he finds his balance. Then it's up, arcing toward the top of the wave, trying to kick the board out behind him… the tail slide actually works rather well, though the boy misjudges the wave enough to get himself thrown off toward the end. Crap. The first attempt is reacted to with an angry spitting out of ocean water.

Moria comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Kangarru squeals with laughter, "Da, I think Grampurr calls Dsalth that boney nickname too much!!!" This is said from the spectator seats that the greenrider and his offspring have taken near the rest. "Goooo GRAMPURR!!" Her grandaddy gets cheering preference at the moment, it seems. K'rru gives out another chuckle, and just concentrates on clapping and doing a loud sort of whistle. "Poppy, can you sit down a little or sit next to me, You're jumping on my toes."

Nymerith is normally quite an impatient dragon, but not when it comes to surfing. Here she is in her element; here, she has patience. Once they paddle out, she waits in the water beside her rider, watching the waves with an expectant eye until one catches her eye. A silent signal to T'zyn, and then they are off, the green cruising through the water easily and her 'mate as confident as she is on his board. T'zyn catches the crest of the wave and rides it easily, turning and riding off the lip of the wave. Nym, for her part, glides down its face, sleek and streamlined in the water.

Aiyana stands up on the rock, waving her bandanna toward the entrants. With only a couple of exceptions, they're Istans, and she's cheering for them. Of course, she may cheer a little louder for some Istans than others, but that's all right. Her cheering lessens slightly as Bajiren goes down, but she still keeps it going for T'ab and P'rru and others she knows from the weyr.

Lzi switches between cheering and clapping at the same time and then whistling as the competition continues, but when Jhiedrik walks past, that whistle of hers turns into a wolf whistle. There's a smug little grin as she shoots him a quick look, but then she's soon back looking out to the water as if that exchange never happened. Must play hard to get, after all.

Jhiedrik cups his hands around his mouth, as he notices a familiar greenrider riding the waves. "GO TILLA!" comes the rather uncultured appliation of such a resonant, trained voice. He just happens to flicker a smug smirk sideways at Lzi, as he picks a spot a few strides down from her. Not anything big, just— a knowing.

Getting out to the breaking point, Andru's patiently waiting for just the right wave to come along. He's not going to settle for something tame. However, when the right one does come along he's up and on his board feeling the board lift underneath him as he gets close to the top of the wave, and spins slightly. He manages to keep his footing even as he begins maneuvering in a slightly crazed manner. The teenager manages to to keep both board and footing.

Teric does not cheer or clap. In fact, he gives very little expression at all. It's why he's a judge, right? Craftmasters have to be good at impartiality. Or at least a sharding good poker face, and Teric is no stranger to the high stakes tables at Bitra. One by one as the surfers make their way toward the beach, successful or not, he makes tiny, precise marks next to their name. Sadly, a couple surfers who evidently got too caught up in the same wave at the same time, then got too caught up in tussling out in the water, get big fat —-'s next to theirs. It happens. Once he's gone down the row (no one lost to the sea yet), he nods to the flag man to give the next go-ahead.

A perfectly arched brow is lifted in Jhiedrik's direction as he cheers for Tilla. Oh ho. Competition. And so it's then Lzi's turn to shout out her loyalities. "GO BAJIREN! GO T'AB! GO…" Oops, who else from Ista is competing? "..ISTA!" Win.

"KICK HIS ASS, TILLA!" His is T'ab. Everyone should know that. Jhiedrik lifts the bottle that he's toting along in one hand to swig, his expression nothing if not supremely amused. "HIGH REACHES PRIDE!" So says the Istan Harper. He doesn't really care about High Reaches. Tweaking at Lzi, now— that's something he /can/ get into. Heh heh.

T'ab has returned to deeps again, waiting for the next ideal wave as he squats on the board, tightening his striped Istan bandana around his curls as he watches with a cheery grin. But then there is The Wave as he whistles to his lifemate, this time the bronze diving down and back up in position while T'ab paddles around to position himself in front of the wave. A mental fist-pound between the pair and then they catch the wave right at the break and up T'ab goes. Simple weaves and tail-whips are starting with Tyroth barreling straight toward shore, but then they both turn direction toward the crash of the wave as it forms a barrel-shape. Then through the barrel /both/ surfers go. T'ab's small size lets his fly through the barrel and pop out the end with a grin as he slows to the shore, but Tyroth is awfully large and while his head enters the barrel, his large body just destroys the curl with a spray of water as it forms a jet around his body.

After she reaches the shore, Tilla regroups, and so does her lifemate. And once again do they paddle like there's no tomorrow out towards the deeper waters. Wiping the salt spray out from her eyes, she waves towards the crowd, making out the voice of Jhiedrik and some others over the general crowd din, so she does the elegant wave in the air, and then with both hands now. A bit more confident, she smushes her curvaceous bod back on that board and waits for a wave, bigger this time. And when it hits, she's a little more like poetry in motion. T'ab's lessons taught her well. Doing one zig, then another zag, high into the air, and landing, a little wobbly next to Amuirnith, who is weaving back and forth. And what's that, she /hops/ over Amuirnith's tail with the board, narrowly missing her left wingspar. Amu rumbles a warning but regains her position as they make their way back towards the shore.

Aiyana keeps cheering the Istan entrants, jumping up and down atop her rock. She's grinning from ear to ear when she sees T'ab and Tyroth, waving her bandanna - and Bajiren's shirt! - as she shouts. "Go ISTA!! Win, win!" The usually shy and reserved girl is really letting go today, caught up in the mood of excitement, apparently.

Bajiren paddles back out along with the rest of 'em, allowing a few good waves to go unclaimed (at least by him), focusing instead on letting the waves lap the frustration from that first fall away, his eyes pinned on the board. Only once the tension is gone from his shoulders does the boy look to the waves again, pushing a wet hand through his fiery orange-red hair. Then comes the wave destined to be his - it's fate, dontcha know - and he's out and paddling. This time, popping up onto the board goes more smoothly. A quick little turn to build up some speed, and then it's up and carving toward the top of the wave, arms held out and swung 'round for direction, emphasising the whole stick-like build of him. A few sharp turns, playing on the wave, face a mix of concentration and elation. And then the third turn has him grabbing the edge of his board, almost turning too steeply, barely recovering, and riding the wave out in a squat. But not falling over. That's reason for a triumphant grin.

P'rru needs to catch his breath once on shore, leaning against his upright board to wheeze and cough and slouch. Dsalth appears nonplussed, puttering back out again. Brownrider takes a few more moments on the sand, turning to wave to his granddaughter and son, before out he goes once more, tagging his dragon's tail to give him an easier ride into the swell. Short cut lets him recover before "Now!" is called, old man expertly up onto his board, dragon following behind like an eel. Not to be outdone by these zigging short-boarders, P'rru skids to the front of his longboard, takes a bow and waves his orange bandana like a flag before twirling (well ok, its turning about, slowly) back down to the centre again. Balance remains steady and they ride the wave right down to the shoreline. Easy dismount- skipping from board to sand with a few neat steps.

A drink. Surprisingly, somehow or another, Lzi completely forgot about getting a drink to enjoy while watching the competition. Blame her old age, or something. "You live in Ista," the greenrider reminds the Harper. You know, in case Jhiedrik forgot. "Be careful. Apparently we're exiling those who forget about their allegiance to the proper Weyr." Just ask Bajiren.

Managing not to wipe out, Andru quickly gets back on his board after surfing in and paddles himself out. One can see the muscles moving in his back as he gets himself back out to the breaking point and begins taking slow deep breaths as he waits for another good wave. Once it arrives, he spins around again and begins to paddle his heart out, and only when he gets up on the wave does he finally stand up, legs looking just the tiniest bit wobbly, but he quickly corrects and is surfing rather intently , managing quite a few neat little tricks and at one point nearly sends himself crashing into the water for his efforts.

Peekaboo blinks in from ::between::!

T'zyn and Nym are waiting, waiting, waiting, for their next try, watching one surfer and then another go out for their rides. When the perfect wave comes, they lose no time in catching it; and into the barrel T'zyn goes, turning and twisting as he rides down its length. Nymerith is right in his wake, wings folded against her side and her tail outstretched. They emerge in tandem, a flash of orange and black (of trunks and surfboard) and vivid green, T'zyn's board arcing over Nymerith's sleek body before they let the wave carry them to shore.

"My dear, my allegiance is, strictly, to the Harper Hall. Based in Fort, you know," Jhiedrik calls. "My mentor's daughter hails from High Reaches." That's.. understating it. "Also, Tilla is a dear, /dear/ friend of mine." His eyes slide sideways towards the High Reachian greenrider with an entirely different smile touching at his lips. He happens to catch the wave sent his way, and white teeth flash in acknowledgement. "Did you see what that Benden wingleader did to his headman when he found the headman had bet on Igen for an event, against his riders?" he calls over, devilish amusement flickering in blue eyes.

Kangarru giggles, "Sorrry, Da. I'll take off my shoes so if I step on you it won't hurt?" And off go the sandals. "Gooo Grampurr. GRAM-PURR..GRAM-PURRR!" You might want to cover your ears. She may be ten turns but she still retains a little bit of that unearthly shriek in the upper registers that only the very young children conjure forth to torture their relatives with. "Oh, Mista TEE ZYNNNN!" More waving, jumping and yelling. "Nymmmmerith!!" K'rru just sits, cheering and occasionally rubbing his poor tortured earlobes. But it is an affectionate sort of ear rubbing.

Teric begins marking his scores in the second row, some much easier than others. Some even need tiny notes written next to them, perhaps for clarification later on. He looks up and scans the waves, as there's one spot missing this time. Finally he spots the missing rider, who's limping back to shore with the back end of a broken board. Someone was skimping on their equipment. The unfortunate (cheap) rider gets two —-'s under her name in the second and third rows. He then signals to the flag man to start off the third and final round.
Lzi's attitude drops after the Harper's words, lips pressing into a line as her eyes switch out to check on how everyone's doing. "Mmmm," is her only response to Jhiedrik's question. It might be a 'yes', but it's hard to say. Someone's moody. Or getting proddy. Or both.

Last round, and this time T'zyn and Nymerith don't hesitate, seeing a wave they like immediately and pouncing on it. Nym is flashier this time, executing a few agile turns as she rides. T'zyn catches the wave and manages an aerial, his board cresting into the air above it before he lands again, neatly, and cuts back towards the break to zig zag his way back to shore with his lifemate.

Overhead, Cimarroth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Cimarroth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Cimarroth glides in for a landing.

T'ab has replaced his shorter board for the elegance of his long board, the board itself quite rough looking and off-color from large quantity of exposure under the sun. Paddling slowly out, T'ab pushes his body and board evenly through the water and waits a few moments, "Smooth moves bro, lets do it." He shouts to his lifemate before floating for another perfect wave. A rather medium sized wave comes across the horizon and the rider mounts the board with Tyroth beside him. The large board pushes forward with its easy balance and he smiles broadly, no weaves just straight and narrow as Tyroth puts out his wings for a brilliant show of his golden-rum hide in the beautiful light. Pretty. And then it is time to hang-ten, so to copy P'rru, T'ab walks forward onto the board to reach his feet to the front edge. But unlike the old fogey, he lacks the balance and forward he goes, the board tipping into the wave and OOH! T'ab faceplants right into the moving wave. Only a few moments later after the wave passes does T'ab appear, spitting some water and grinning broadly. A wave given to everyone to ensure he is okay as he paddles to shore to chase his board.

Bajiren is riding an adrenaline wave, nevermind the water, from a successful performance in front of a bunch of cheering fans. His enthusiasm is easy enough to see as he bobs, and he takes one of the first waves into the next round. Paddle hard, pop up, build up speed… and then it's all about flipping that board this way and that on that ridge. Again, arms are swung this way and that while he does his best to kick up some awesome sprays of water at every turn with the back end of the board. Another moment to build speed, but the end of the wave is coming, and there's not much left to play on. He winds up reversing himself, riding backwards for just a moment, and then, sploosh. Into the water with him. It'll be a wonder if he doesn't have some part of him bumped or slashed once he's back on land.

Overhead, Nazkriuulth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Nazkriuulth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Nazkriuulth glides in for a landing.

D'baji is still on the beach. Still in his chair. He's got a lot less of that drink in the glass, though. The bronzerider gives an, "ooooh…" to see two Istans ditch it, and then is up on his feet, wandering around, and showing the waxed 'I' and shaved 'W' on his back off for all to see - including the rays of the sun, it would seem, 'cause the flesh exposed is gettin' pretty darned pink.

Last dance, last chance, for loooove. Or rather, floating with the motion of the ocean. Tilla grits her teeth and stumbles a little on her run back into the waves, but regains her balance. Dratted seaweeds, tangling up around her ankles. She paddles a little slower now, losing a some momentum until another medium sized wave starts to approach. Back up on her board, curling and flexing her toes to remain upright as she starts to zig-a-zig-a over that sucker. Amuirnith, where did she go? She dove under the board, surfacing like some kind of oceanic unagi, undulating about the back of Tilla's board and then, raising her tail, once and then twice. The redhead concentrates with all her might and manages to make two small jumps, and then another limbo move before she wobbles a little, and then clenches all her muscles on her return back to shore.

Alright. The final wave. This is the last time that he has to show off a bit. Andru smiles a little bit as he begins paddling his board out into the water again counting each stroke in his head as he slowly gets himself into postion and begins waiting. This wave has to be just the right one. He wants to partly show T'ab that yes… He has been practicing. Turning and paddling once it arrives, Andru gets up on to the waves and shows that he's actually pretty good at balancing, all evidence of his prior waves, where he looked a bit wobbly. This time
Andru lets his confidence rules and manages to pull off a something rather similar to P'rru. Somehow he even manages to keep his board under his feet too!

This is asking a lot. 3 waves in one go? P'rru is looking rather haggard now, even though his dragon and family is cheering him on. He takes a few deep breaths, waits for the youngsters to head back out, and then follows more sedately. He takes the easy option-using Dsalth's tail as a lead rope, and gets dragged out to suitable distance before he turns to watch the sets roll in, kneeling on his board and waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Too much for him? But before he can retire from it gracefully, he's propelled sharply along a cresting wave by Dsalth who's muzzle gives the longboard a shove. "Whoaaah!" wobble, wobble, but he cruises in past the spluttering T'ab, all on his knees, his longboard acting more like a canoe than a surfboard for this ride!

With eyes on Bajiren, Aiyana shouts her support. "Go, go, GO, ISTA!" she yells, hoping she can be heard over all the other Istan voices. Probably not, but it makes her feel good that she's helping support the weyr which took her in when she lost her family. The Weyrleader is spotted, and she offers him an enthusiastic wave of his son's shirt. Then it's back to watching and cheering, using the bandanna and Bajiren's shirt like pom-poms.

There's a weyrling on the beach! Looking quite elated as well, though with lingering paleness that indicates that this may very well have been S'len and Cimarroth's first time Between. He remains on his dragon for several moments, stroking and thumping him to express his joy and pride at the small blue's achievements. It's only with fumbling fingers that he unbuckles himself from the straps and slides down to the ground. Straps are immediately removed and Cimarroth, eyes whirling happily, wanders off to explore this new place, S'len in tow.

S'len slides from Cimarroth's neck and settles onto the ground, and not a moment too soon.

Not far behind S'len and Cimarroth's arrival is that of the white-faced Nazkriuulth, letting the younger blue win their little racing game once he realizes that he'll have to find ample space along the beach to land. Thus, the pair doesn't land until he's had ample time to circle the beach, and Dex has had ample time to scout the proceeding surfing from her bird's eye view on Nazkriuulth's neck. "Tilla! Wooooo! Go High Reaches! Kick them Istan's BUTTS!" Oh yeah. She wants /everyone/ to hear. But, before anyone can throw the rotten tomatoes at Nazkriuulth's flying body, he veers off towards a more empty section of the beach to land.

Amuirnith senses that Cimarroth is loud in his exhalation, carelessly projecting to all the milling dragons. His mental prairie is all sunny golds and bright spring greens, a far cry from the dry, sarcastic plain is usually is. « That's right! That's how it's done! I am amazing! » Prideful much?

"Hey Dex," comes her wingmate's greeting as S'lo sidles up to fellow bluerider, offering a grin. "Tilla did really awesome. I hope we win." Quickly, he rolls onto the balls of his feet before glancing towards her lifemate. "Things going better?"

Amuirnith senses that Nazkriuulth simply grumbles, trying to stamp out the young blue's mental sunny view. Blasted youngin's and their massive egos. « Your inflated head is going to pop prematurely if you aren't wary, /hatchling/. » Because obviously, he crawled out of the shell yesterday.

Dex unbuckles from Nazkriuulth's riding straps, sliding down his dark form to once again have feet on Pern.

"Gram-PURRR!! Teee zynnn…." The child's attention has not been lost on the bronze rider who just wiped out, so she calls out ."Gett uppp Mistah T'abbbb! GOOOO Ista!!!" Clap, clap, stomp stomp, jump jump. K'rru decides to grab the girl and put her on his shoulders, moving a little bit away from the crowd in general to spare their ears and feet. There goes the seashell from Kanga's left digits, right down daddy's shirt. OOOPS.

Teric finally claps as the very last surfer regains dry land. It's a golf clap, but hey, he's participating. In fact, he's judging! Social etiquette completed, he studies his score card for a brief moment, confers once or twice with Abot, then gets to his feet. Even after clearing his throat, his voice, while carrying fairly well, is still rather gruff. Can't take the grain out of wood, after all. "The winners of the dragon-paired surfing are T'zyn and Nym…" glance at his card "erith? Of Ista Weyr! And the winner of overall surfing is Andru, also of Ista Weyr!" And he'll let Abot take over from there.

Dex plops down off of Nazkriuulth just in time to be hounded by her Wingleader. /Awesome/. "I sure hope so, too. Dratted if we lose to all them Istan's in this competition. I hear they were trying to dominate it, them being on the ocean and all.. /Pff/." She scrunches her nose, before growing on her tiptoes to try and get a better view of those still out on the water. "How's the competition looking?" she continues to query of S'lo, starting to walk more towards the water's edge with him in tow. Obviously. But, she's spoken too late — there's the loudly spoken verdict. "/Istan's/. Both Istans! Well /bleh/." Alright. Who does she need to beat up? Gotta be a judge looking for a nice shiner…

Abot stands from his seat and gives an applause for a moment, "Congrats all ya'll, truly showed us what surfin' 'tis all 'bout!" And with that the old man bends over lifting up two surfboards, "And here're the prizes, brand new surfboards for the winners! Now ya can keep surfin' or enjoy the open bar 'n some snacks thanks to Southern Hold!"

Lzi gets out a loud cheer as the winners are announced, a beaming smile spreading across her face. Oh, it's good to be Istan. And with that, the greenrider wanders off to get herself a much needed, and long overdue, drink. Or five.

S'lo starts to answer, but Teric's voice bellows over with the winners, which just gets the bluerider to slump where he stands. "I think it was rigged. And seriously, it's an unfair advantage. They're on the ocean! We just have a flat lake. They should have a winter games, not just summer. I bet we could win stuff in snow."

Having done his civic duty, Teric gathers his things, carefully folds his score into a tiny square, then tucks it away in a safe place. Then he's off for some beach banquet and beer.

Bajiren hauls himself and his board up onto… well, soaked sand, and /then/ dry land. Once the board is safely planted, he sets to examining a welt that's already forming on his shoulder. Once he's sure his arm's not gonna fall off, the bandanna - soaked now - is retrieved from the pocket of his shorts. While tying that back around his hair, he's heading toward Aiyana. "Gonna need m'shirt back. Bein' up north's screwed me up. Maybe was tryin' too hard. Had one pretty good ride, though. An' the last one was kinda fun… even if I totally bit it at the end." Anyone who'll listen is good.

And as the judge goes toward the banquet, he's joined by a certain fuzzy, partially-shaved Weyrleader who claps him on the shoulder and sets to talking his ear off.

Nymerith croons triumphantly when the winners are announced. T'zyn grins happily, patting his lifemate on the neck. "Oh, man. All that slacking instead of chores really paid— er. I mean. /Practice/ pays off." He blushes and scampers across the sand to collect his prize, Nymerith hopping eagerly at his side with an erratic bouncing gait, far less graceful on land than in the water.

Tilla trudges back to shore and sticks the little surfboard in the sand, leaning her back against it and sinking slowly own on her haunches to sit there. And when the winners are announced, she does look surprised, but she claps anyway. "Congrats, T'zyn and Andru!" Whump. She's on her behind on the sands, sitting crosslegged, too tired to get up. Amuirnith goes to where there is more room and flumps over on her side, looking too pooped to party as well.

T'ab is still coughing out a little water as he pulls his longboard out of the water and sets it up next to his pile of things, "Yeah Tak 'n Andru! Great job!" He calls out to the pair as he pats his rather sad-looking lifemate, "T'was a nice effort bro, I really thought we had'it my boy." The bronzerider walks swiftly over to T'zyn and he smiles, "I owe ya a drink Tak." Andru can get his own drink.

Cimarroth, and therefore S'len, stop a little ways away from the worst of the crowd, where the blue can test his toes in this strange-smelling, quickly moving water. His eyes are whirling quickly, but they're green with delight. He looks over his shoulder at S'len, then crashes into the waves. Maybe he can't compete, but he can at least play. S'len leaves him to that and goes over to mingle, grinning and calling congratulations at the winners and sharing grimaces with the 'Reacheans.

Pleased that Istans won both competitions, Aiyana yells herself nearly hoarse. She finally stops, gasping for breath, but still waving the orange fabric she holds. "Bajiren!" she calls out, still standing on her rock, hoping the young man will see her so he can find her easily. When he approaches, she lowers herself down, sitting then jumping off the rock. "You looked really good out there," she tells him, smiling as she hands the shirt over. "I hope you weren't hurt?" She appears to look him over, trying to see if there's any damage to his arms or legs. "Are you home for good, now?" she asks, head tilting to one side. "I heard…well, I heard a rumor that you were." Once she's let go of the shirt, she pulls her hair back and ties it into a runner tail with the bandana.

P'rru and Dsalth lumber out of the water with board in tow. "At least Ista retains it's superiority" he crows to son and granddaughter as he meets them. The Rru Crew can now go and party of course. K'rru is happier still though, to call out to wingmate T'zyn "Good on ya, T'zyn! Streakers do it Best!" so its cheers all round.

"Shells /yeah/ we would," Dex replies, crossing her arms and looking altogether grumpy. "Oh well. We're gonna kick butt in the aerial display. And I've signed myself up for a few races. Hope you've signed up for a decent amount, too." She gives S'lo a wicked eye. "We better have as much chance at winning these darn things as possible." She waves her arm widely towards Tilla, hoping the greenrider will notice her having come to watch. "Oy Tilly-bean! Shame, eh?" What's this nonsense of congratulating the winners? /Pah/. Obviously, she has no idea how the heck to be a sore loser! She'll have to teach her that, soon.

"Yup. I'm in the aerial acrobatics and I'm helping to host the races. Not sure who's working with me yet, though." Two's enough, right? "You did awesome, Tilla! They're just biased!" And that's the excuse that S'lo's going to stick with.

"Good job T'ab and Tak, I thought I was going to fall those first ones." Andru says laughing a little bit. "That really took a lot out of me." He says leaning on his board a little bit,"How have you been Tak? Not seen you since you shortly after the Weyrlings were allowed to move about the Weyr." He says grinning a bit.

Bajiren takes his shirt back from the girl, tugging it back on - which is a bit of a pain, what with the way he's all wet and it sticks to his skin. "I dunno how long I'm home for. Got no shardin' clue what's goin' on with any of that." Even tired and sea-soaked, that temper can flare up a little bit. "Anyway, I'm here for a bit at least." A glance over his shoulder to spot that 'Reachian greenrider buddy of his, and he offers to Aiyana, "I'm gonna go talk to Tilla a sec'." Almost like a promise of 'I'll be right back', though it's not actually said before he's off toward the 'Reachians.

Tilla is splayed out on the sand WHUMPH. She's breathing a little bit hard. Could she have overstressed her mild asthma? Its possible. Tilla lifts a hand weakly and waves over to Dex and S'lo. Come bring her a driiiink. She's still waving her arm, probably Baji will notice, even though she's flat on her back. "We need more surfing snowbirds!" That's all she's bothering to say.

T'zyn smiles happily at the congratulations and grins brightly at T'ab and Andru. "Thanks, T'ab! And congrats, Andru! — I've been great! You? — woooah hey!" This last greeting is not to either of the two other boys, but to Kanga, who he spies after he's claimed his board. "Kanga! Did I hear you cheering for me out there?" Well, who could have missed her, really.

"Sure," Aiyana replies, smiling again. "I'll just hang out here for a bit, then I'm gonna grab something to eat." Whether asked for or not, she's letting him know where she'll be. The rock is comfortable enough, and the shade's actually darker now as the afternoon wears on. She watches folks meandering around, chatting and having a good time. There's a line at the Istan food booth where she worked earlier, which makes her feel pretty good. After all, she helped prepare those fish they're serving.

S'len is totally going to hang out and watch Cimarroth play for a while, until Dex is ready to escort the two of them back to High Reaches. Don't mind him.
S'len climbs up Cimarroth's shoulder and settles between his neckridges, careful to keep his balance against the blue's sidestepping.
Cimarroth takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Overhead, Cimarroth takes off from the beach.
Overhead, Cimarroth snaps his backswept wings with a decisive sound and disappears ::between::!

The winners are announced and its not Grampurr. But it is Mister Teezyn. Kanga struggles on how upset to be and wiggles atop K'rru's shoulders. "Lemme down..lemme down!" she exclaims until she is infact, put safely back down on the sands. First stop, Grampurr. "I'm sorry you didn't win dahhling." That's mumbled as she grabs onto the brownrider's leg for dear life. But her little ears do detect a Mister Teezin so all of her attention is directed over to him. A few, or several dozen small footsteps later and she's standing next to him. "Yepper! I did cheer for ya, congratulations!! That board is sooo stylish, dahhling."

Bajiren offers a parting wave to Aiayan, and then does indeed find Tilla, his long limbs folding into a heap as he grabs a seat in the sand next to her. Dex gets a little nod, sure, but focus is on the greenrider. "Y'did pretty good! Can't say I'm sad Ista won, but still! Credit to 'Reaches, anyway." And then there's a broad smile to Amuirnith, and the addition of, "You too, Amu! You surf like a real bred beach bum!" It's a compliment. Really.

Dex raises her brows at S'lo. "Really, helping with the races? Think you could.. you know.. fudge… Oh wait. No, nevermind." She won't ask him /here/. Not even that there's really much he can do to give 'Reaches an advantage in a simple race. "Surfing snowbirds, huh? Well, T'ab mentioned something about teaching me to surf, but it's a little bit too late now, huh?" Not that Dex would've been anywhere near prepared by the games if he had. Dex is, now, standing above Tilla, looking down at her awkwardly. No, she does not have a drink. She can't read her friend's mind, thankyouverymuch.

S'lo mimics Dex's stance, peering over Tilla. "Thirsty?" Because it's not completely obvious? "Hungry? Need help getting up? You're on the ground." S'lo is on a roll here. "We'll win the next one. You did great though, right Dex?" he asks, elbowing his wingmate, even if she missed the race. It's supposed to be encouragement.

Father and son share a clap on the shoulder, a quiet word, and P'rru then mounts up to be taken home. Dsalth launches skywards and then disappears between before long. Greenrider though, ensures his stretchy orange muscle tee is sitting just -right-, and then launches in towards the rest of the crowd that gathers near the bar and bbqs. K'rru is on the hunt for beer. And Aukaith is on the hunt for dolphins, out sneaking and snarling in the waves.

Tilla grins up at Baji, because he looks quite tall sitting next to someone laying prostrate on the sands. "I credit T'ab for all his one on one surfing lessons. And being heartbroken enough at the time to use surfing as my new time filler?" The greenrider smirks and twiddles her toes. Amuirnith flicks her tail up and down twice as if to say 'thank you'. "Deeex. S'looo..can you guys get me some juice or something cold and refreshing? Please? I feel a bit parched. Mighta overdone it with the jumps..never tried more than one in a row before.."

"Innit great? And the dragon on it totally kinda looks like Nym, too." Nymerith turns smug eyes on her lifemate, and T'zyn hastens to add, "'cept not /nearly/ so pretty, of course. How've you been, Kanga?" He leans against Nymerith's leg, and lifts a hand to wave happily to Tilla.

"Faranth'd come back from the grave to see it," Dex overly gratifies, shooting the first dumb compliment she can think of off of the top of her head when S'lo elbows her in the ribs. "Seriously though, you did great. S'alright, though. Tsunami's going to rock the rest of these games so hard, Southern won't know what the heck hit it." Her eyes flicker around, trying to get a better look of who all decided to attend the games — but aside from her wingmates, she doesn't recognize much of anyone.

Kangarru leans really up close to the board and rests her forehead against it. "OH, it does. Wooooow." An admiring gasp. "Miss Nymerith sure is pretty. Course, I'm biased cause I love greens on account of Kaith!" She means her father's lifemate, of course. "Ohh, I've been doin good. Me and da are designing baby clothes for T'ab's little Jabba! How have youu been?" A furtive look. "I heard about the you know what."

"Oh, yeah…" The boy looks up again, to find himself amidst a lot of 'Reachians, and wearing Istan colours. And so Bajiren looks a little uncomfortable, shifting in the sand. "Well, y'did good. Shit, me, I felt like I hadn't been on a board in ages. Even with tryin' t'train up an' all." Another glance to the general crowd. "Anyway, I oughta go. But… y'should come visit me at the Weyr, eh? At Ista, I mean? 'Cause looks like I'm back there now for a while." That's said with finality. Don't ask.

"Wooo!" is S'lo's too-loud cheer for his wing. He then shuts up, snaps a salute towards Tilla, and bounds off to get her a drink, returning a short moment later with a half-filled glass. He had to quality control it! Either that or it spilled on the way.

The aroma of barbeque and fried fish finally prove too much for Aiyana's stomach to take, and she rises from her position on the rock. Giving a glance in Bajiren's direction, she waves and then points to the booth where the food's waiting. It's been a good day, but it's getting on toward evening now, and she's hungry. Later, maybe she and Bajiren will meet up and chat, but for now… her stomach wins out. Ribs. Yes.

Tilla grins up at Baji and when she sees S'lo go off to get her a drink, she props herself back up with small groan. Achey. Ouch. "Mm Dex, that one move that we're working on should win the show for sure!" Yes, /that/ one. It who shall not be named. "Wait, Baji..Ista..why're you there now?" The greenrider furrows her brow. Perhaps she hadn't heard the weyr news because she'd been practicing surfing all day. Let's just say its that. "Thank's, S'lo-" But her thank you is half formed as she smirks at the half filled glass. "You just /had/ to check my glass for 'poison' again, didn't you?" She laughs.

"Baby clothes for Jabba?" T'zyn grins, amusement lighting his eyes. "So what's the latest in infant fashion?" Nymerith croons, pleased, at Kanga's comment. "Nym likes you," T'zyn adds cheerfully, but then tilts his head to one side in puzzlement at Kanga's last statement. "Heard about the what? I swear I didn't do it!"

Bajiren offers Tilla a little crooked smile,murmurs something about "I'll tell you later," and then sets to looking enormously tired. And so the boy is up on his feet (careful not to kick sand at the greenrider), and then heading for the food - though more in the direction of his dad and Teric than that of Aiyana, for the time being.

Dex offers a drink-less toast. "Cheers to that, Til." But she won't discuss their Super Sekrit Awesome Movez until there's no one around but a lot of shut-mouthed Reachians. "Well, did ya at least have fun?" she grumbles at her greenriding wingmate, though her eyes follow after S'lo as he goes to fetch her a drink. "Hey! Where's mine?" she mutters when he returns, eyeing his suspiciously.

"You know I'd take my life for you," S'lo says dramatically, clutching both hands to his heart before giving a crooked grin. "It's good. A bit sweet, but if you're feeling light-headed at all, that'll help." Not that she's mentioned anything of the such. And Dex? S'lo sticks his tongue out at her, pointing at his tongue.

"Baby clothes for Jabba, yep!! They're purple, with sparkles." Kanga says, matter of factly, her eyes sparkling with the thought of the infant cotoure. "She likes mee? Nym does?" The little lass waves over Nym's way excitely. "Hi, Nym. HI there!!" Her eyes dart from side to side, "I heard about Nym, and you. And the you know what. I was worried about ya. Are you okayyy?"

Tilla waves weakly over to Bajiren, and then raises her glass. "I had a ton of fun, just overdid it on the jumps, is all." And the limboing!" She pats the sand next to her person, "Here, sit." That's to both Dex and S'lo. An then, an eyeroll and a laugh, "Oh, whatever dork. But..the thought is appreciated." The redhead smirks into her glass, taking a sip or two. "Yeah, a little lightheaded. Surfing really takes it out of you, especially if you're competing.."

T'ab has been here the /whole/ time, but the bronzerider has been busy putting away the surfboards and healing the burn to Tyroth's ego. Now he is gripping a nice glass of ale and he paces toward Tilla, "Hey Miss Tilla, nice job there. Made yer ol' teacher proud with your sweet moves. Thought you were about to win 'n everythin'." And he really didn't want to be beat by his student.

Nym inclines her head to the little girl, her large eyes the peaceful blue-green of the ocean. "Purple with sparkles?" T'zyn's eyebrows raise, his lips twitching. "I'm jealous! Where can /I/ get me some purple-sparkly clothes? Not fair for Jabba to have all the fun." Some of the amusement leaves his expression at Kanga's clarification, and he looks down awkwardly, toes curling into the sand. "Oh, um, that. I — uh." His nose wrinkles, and he represses a shudder. He shrugs a shoulder. "I survived!"

Dex scowls at S'lo. "Hey, don't make me bite that off," is growled as she deepens the cross of her arms, lifting a brow to regard her fellow bluerider with point-of-fact. "Minus the fact I ain't gettin' no where near your mouth. For Tilla's sake, /and/ mine." Because touching S'lo's tongue would be probably make Dex the most wierded out she's ever been. "Well, so long as you didn't push yourself too hard. Gotta keep your energy up. Or at least try. Not hurt or anything, are you?" Because Dex can't have one of her competitive pieces being out of the running, no sir-ee!

S'lo sits obediently, folding his legs in front of him. "You sore at all?" Though the question is directed at Tilla, there's a distinct glance in Dex's direction for her disgust. He's amused. Very amused. "If you're going home tonight, I can rub your feet or something." Something. "Or back. Or arms."

"Well you just taught me real well, T'ab!! And I thought you would have won for sure, handsome, if not for the wiping out. Who was that brownrider guy, he was really really good too!" Tilla grins over at her favorite bronzer. "Tyroth was really good too, the way he did that vortex thing, seriously!" She takes another sip, "Mm, what /is/ this stuff?" And a wave over at T'zyn, belatedly. "Naw, Dex, my calves and back are a little sore but hopefully I can sleep it off and will feel good as new by the time the acrobatics event comes around." Another eyeroll, "Am I going to have to seperate you two?" That's towards the two blue riders. "/Blue/ riders." Tilla mutters, all flippant like.

T'ab laughs toward Tilla, "Ah, that was P'rru, he's an old man but certainly got the skills from a lifetime of surfin', I thought he was gonna win." To the compliment he looks over to Tyroth who sadly croons to Tilla, obviously proud of his moves but definitely disappointed. "Thanks, we've been practicin' a while." A grin and nod is given to Dex and S'lo, stiff and not at all flirtatious. Then going to sipping at his drink, siiiiip.

Dex gags. Maybe not audibly, but really, there's a little upheavel at the mush going on between her Wingleaders. /Bleh/. "Why aren't you two sick of each other, yet?" she mutters, waving her hand at her face to try and cool off — she's still in her riding leathers, and the fact that she's in Southern now is not helping. "Oh, you're calling out /me/, when he's sittin' here spewing out grossness at you? /Riiight/," she says, even pulling a hypocrite and sticking her tongue at at Tilla. However, once there's a T'ab, Dex's eyes go a little thinner. "Bronzerider," she mutters in a semi-greeting, semi-why-are-you-within-my personal bubble…

Kangarru stands on tippety toes and waves excitedly at Nymerith. "Purple, with sparkles. And beads! Gotta be in style no matter how young ya are. Start off right." A sage nod. "Ohh, Mister Teezyn, you want fashion help now? You just tell me when you got time and Da and I can meet with ya. I'm thinking maybe some taupe or cerulean, yepper…" Stored away in her memory files. "Awh, I'm glad you survived.." Kanga reaches out and pats T'zyn on the arm reassuringly before gesturing at the bar. "Juice. Put it on K'rru's tab!" Cheeky little girl isn't she.

S'lo snickers, poking Dex in the arm. "You're not jealous, are you?" Of what? Who knows. "I think, despite the fact that High Reaches came in second" Really, they did, "that we should celebrate tonight with drinks and cake." Cake? Yes, cake.

"Well, I've got this stylish surfboard now. Only right that I have other stylish things, too, right?" T'zyn rocks back on his heels, giving an amused snort as Kanga orders her drink. "That reminds me —" He gestures Kanga to follow as he heads closer to the other group of 'riders lingering on the beach. "T'ab! How's'about that drink?"

"Well, I could tell. I bet Tyroth and you will go on to win a ton more competitions, T'ab. You and the waves are just like wine and cheese, like a cold ale and a hot summer's day like..the air and birds. Go together." Tilla grins over at him. "What are ya drinking? I have something sweet here.." Hic. And then, back to Dex, "Well, looks like you're sick, kindly throw up over /there/" she points to the upper beach, "Not near my nose?" A smirk. "What, do you want a massage? I bet I know at least one person who might want to…" *coughs* M'tej. *coughs*

T'ab smirks to Dex, "Good evenin' Miss Dex… sir." A wink follows that before his name is called out and he turns, "Ah, Tak. The drink. Anyone else need anythin', drink, snack?" Not that he's going to wait for orders, he just swiftly paces to the bar and retrieves a mixed fruity drink for Tak, "Here ya're. Now don't go getting drunk and loose 'round me." He waggles a finger at the greenrider before switching to the /other/ greenrider, "Just ale for me miss Tilla."

"Jealous?" Dex puts on her wtf face. "Of /you/ two? … No." Whether that's true or not is definitely not something that Dex is going to reveal to S'lo, of all people — he'd make fun of her if it were true, and goad her into punching him if it weren't. Or, something to that effect. And, if it weren't for the fact that Dex was so ridiculously sober in every aspect possible, she likely would find it relatively easy to hurl at the sight of Tilla and S'lo. "M/hm/," she eyerolls sarcastically at Tilla. "Right, right. I don't forsee that happening anytime soon." She begins to look off in various directions, avoiding anyone's gaze for too long. Just the thought of M'tej makes her cheeks visibly tense. It doesn't fade when T'ab speaks to her, either. The 'Miss' gets an obvious glare. "You aren't an easy learner, are you?"

"Soo stylish. They sure know how to make the boards. Yah, Mister Teezin, we'll give you a makeover. Allll the ladies or even the men at the weyr will be knocking on /your/ door. And then, dahhhling, I can say, 'I knew him back when he wore all holey clothes that didn't match his lifemate!" She trots behind him, in her bright yellow swimsuit with pink flowers. "Gotta get my sandals!" She runs, pellmell down the sands to retrieve them.
Kanga said that.

"Of us two? No, that's not what I meant," S'lo replies to Dex without so much as mentioning what exactly he *did* mean. A playful grin follows after that as he folds his knees upward, hugging them loosely to his chest.

T'zyn accepts his drink with a bright grin. "Thanks, T'ab. And I'm not planning on getting drunk till later tonight! Otherwise I can't swim any more." He drops down to sit on the sand, and Nymerith stretches out a little ways away, basking in the warmth. "Tilla, you were brilliant out there!"

Tilla calls out, "Do they have any nuts or fruits up there? I could use some, there's not enough nuts sitting next to me!" That was a bad joke. "And a bucket for Dex's puke! Cause I think maybe she's preggo, she keeps wanting to throw up every two minutes!" Oh, she's going to get it now, and she's too sore to move much. "T'zyn!!" The redhead positively beams over at him, gesturing and waving abit with her glass, sloshing it over the side. "You and Nym ere excellent. Nobody does it like the greenriders, right?" She winks. An eyebrow raise over to S'lo because she has no idea what he meant, either then.

"Or a glutton for punishment Dex." T'ab offers only the friendliest of grins to the female bluerider, although his distraction is elsewhere to the other Istan rider. "You best not be gettin' drunk 'else they'll blame me for your trashy butt." A chuckle from the bronzerider as he drinks a large quantity from the mug o' ale. Probably trying to soothe all the thoughts running through his head.

Dex just Stares at S'lo. /Stares/. "You're delusional," is all she'll say to that, now getting a vague idea of what he meant. However, if she was repulsed by /that/, then Tilla's comment about pregnancy almost /does/ make the bluerider vomit. "Don't even suggest that, Tilla, or I'll freakin' switch out your guys's green and red stuff, and see how /you/ handle it." And the look on Dex's face make it look like a very non-idle threat. "Mmmph. Figured you were that type," she mutters to T'ab, scrunching her nose. "Most men like you like getting their butt whipped." Or nose broken, something she's highly considering. The nearby T'zyn gets a brief glance, but not recognizing the fellow, merely dons a rather fake, pastey smile before glaring down at her feet. Why did she come down here, again?

S'lo snickers even more now, attempting to smother it underneath his hand while the other works to push his way upward. "I need to go find that Themin—Theminenimemememe girl. Make sure there's no boys taking advantage of her. I'm kind of babysitting her right now."

"/My/ trashy ass?" T'zyn looks skeptical. "Man, your ass is /way/ trashier than /any/ greenrider. Even when you're sober!" He grins broadly at Tilla. "S'totally true. Amu looked amazing out there, too." He returns Dex's fake smile with a genuine one, bright and warm.

"Aww, Dexie, I was just kidding. Don't be sore!" Tilla laughs at the trashy ass comments. "Oh..my…" And then she shoots S'lo a /look/, "Who, what now? Why're you babysitting this kid?" She keeps on working on that drink until its sadly empty and placed in the sand next to her person. To T'zyn, "Thanks, we've been practicing!!" Amuirnith makes a low crooning noise, she /knows/ when they're talking about her. That and she's sitting right over there.

T'ab shakes his head toward Dex, "No butt whoopin' right now, but if ya ask in a month or so I might be up to it." And he actually is serious about the delay. The bronzerider finishes off his ale and flickers a glance toward Tak, "My ass is /just/ /fine/." Maybe that was actually a snap at T'zyn, but there is a forced smile on his face as he tries to let it off lightly. "Anyone need a refill?" He questions aloud as he attempts to get those last few drips out of the bottom.

Dex is rather wary under T'zyn's gaze, but she tries not to sour too much at all these /happy/ people. Luckily, she's got a contagion blocker for the stuff. "Hey. Havin' a kid ain't funny. I'd rather spend a holiday in between than have one of those things come out of me." She looks rather surprised by T'ab, and after a moment, queries. "But what if I told you that I'm only available this sevenday?" Her smile is coy, devillish, but certainly just because, if this is a way she can taunt the man, she'll take full advantage. "Oh, yeah, can you grab me— Er. Wait. Nevermind. I can't have anything. Unless they've got like… water." Gasp. Maybe she /is/ pregnant!

"Why not?" is S'lo's answer for Tilla, and not without a wink. "I've kind of adopted her as my little sister since I've never had one. I really wanted a brother, but that's close enough. It was either her or a goat. I might still get the goat though if only to keep him from being eaten. His name's Snowball." True story! "Anyway, be right back. Maybe."
"Well, so's mine," T'zyn says with a sniff. He gulps down his drink quickly and gets to his feet, dusting sand off his legs. "I'm gonna grab some food. Later, guys." He waves to everyone before heading off with Nymerith.

Tilla blinksblinks at T'ab. He was actually serious! She grins at him with a prideful knowing smile. Go T'ab. Dex is given an eyeroll, "Right, right I'm in no rush to have kids either." She starts snickering an covers her mouth with her hand otherwise, at that, listening to S'lo's explanation. "Goat? AUGHHHHHH." She is recalling the bunny plague brought on by S'lo's weyr which doubled as a bunny farm. "Keep the goats in a /pen/, S'lo. NOt in your weyr."

T'ab does leave and comeback with a handful of drinks as he paces toward the ground, "Got some freshly squeezed water for ya Dex, sir. As for the offer, I'm sorry to say but I ain't available right at the moment." Thats a phrase he's never uttered to anyone before, a new drink was also grabbed for Tilla as he offers that, even if she isn't done with her other one. "Bye Tak, S'lo. Kids ain't all that bad, even if ya foster 'em off you still get to see them a lot. I love my daughter." Course that was an accident.

"Just trying to save him from getting eaten! She said he would once he's old enough. I'd keep him in the stables or something." S'lo has such an imagination, does he not? "I can't find her. I'll be dead if I can't find her. You don't think anyone kidnapped her. Or ate her. Herders often taste like meat." To T'ab, he offers a quirky grin as he kneels down to poke the ground. "I'm still trying to get to know my daughter. I'm not a good dad though. It'll probably take a few turns."

"But /Tilla/," Dex softly notes with a finger-wag. "S'lo /must/ be able to frolick with his own kind." Bunny? Goat? Interchangable — he's soft, cuddly, fuzzy, and likes to munch things and make funny noises. "Mm. Thanks, Freckles," she says, taking the water with a quick tug. "You're out of commission? How'd you manage that? Get the wangwang stuck in something?" She can imagine that would be one of the only reasons the man would stop his persistant flirting. "Mmm.. I should probably go home," she says after taking a reasonable gulp from her drink.

Tilla reaches out to grab the drink from T'ab, "Thanks!" It is appreciated. She waves over at T'zyn, "See ya later." A wide eyed stare over at S'lo before she comprehends who he is talking about being eaten. "Okay. wait, why will you be dead if you can't find Thia…what's her name..how did you get to be in charge of this kid, anyway?" A frown is given towards Dex, "Uh…."

T'ab shakes his head toward S'lo, "It ain't too hard to be a good dad, least as good as I am. I visit her when I can and bring her lots of toys and we go 'round and explore." The child already loves ::between::, freak. The bronzerider sips his ale and nods to Tilla with a 'you're welcome' greeting before turning to Dex. "Out of commission /voluntarily/, figured I didn't need to deal with any more stress than I already have these days. 'course its almost stressful holdin' myself back."

"I told you, I adopted her. She's really a herder apprentice and her mentor-who-shall-not-be-mentioned put her in my care to come here to cheer you on." Which S'lo did in his own way. Dex too is eyed by S'lo, a frown soon forming on his lips. "Need help? I was going to head back anyway." Apparently with or without the herder now.

And that's enough to make the greenrider go silent. So she sits there, enjoying the ale or whatever it is that T'ab brought her, making no comment otherwise. "You're so cute with little Jabba, T'ab. I can see how much she adores you." Tilla wiggles her toes down in the sand, burying them.

Dex looks rather surprised at T'ab, but merely keeps her mouth shut — she doesn't think mentioning permanent castration would help his stress level any. "Mmmmhm," is mentioned with a brow raised, but, standing and stretching, she begins to ease herself away. "Yeah, I definitely think I'm gonna head home. Need some shuteye." And to be away from all these drinking people. "Help? With what?" she asks S'lo, curiously confused.

T'ab bobs his head toward Tilla with a slight blush, maybe it is a little faked, "Well, thank ya Miss Tilla. I love her too." And thats the rest of the conversation before he takes a few large gulps of his drink, a flash of a look to Dex, sincerely polite and he nods, "Well, have a safe trip home Dex. I think I may finish this and take a nap in the hammocks here, prefer the Southern mornin's."

"I—don't know." And really, S'lo doesn't have an answer for Dex. Or at least nothing he's going to share. "I'm gonna head back anyway," he again repeats, turning a look back on Tilla. "I'll see you back there?" Maybe? Hopefully? She gets a smooch to the top of her head though as he stands back up.

Tilla tries to extend her legs but they're still sore. "I think, I'm just going to sit here, because it hurts too much to get up. Maybe take a nap on the sands or leaning on the surfboard.." She puts down her mug. "See you guys back at Reaches?" She leans own an sort of curls up with her arm under her head as a pillow.

Dex nods, giving Tilla and T'ab a wave before she begins to hike her way through the sand back to Nazkriuulth. "O..kay.." she mutters, still confused, at S'lo, though chucking it up to her Wingleader's airheadedness, just shrugs and tugs herself onto her blue's back, and takes off for the home Weyr. To plot Ista's defeat. Bwahahaha.

T'ab looks over to Tilla, "I'd invite ya into our tent, but I'm pretty sure you'd be pranked on. You got some sort of bunks I think in your tent." T'ab may or may not have spied inside the tents to check for future pranks. His drink is gone and he just stands there, quietlike, introspective. Uncharacteristically T'ab.

Dex is offered a shadowed leg up onto Nazkriuulth's cobalt neck, and carefully buckles into the straps fastened on his skeletal form.
Nazkriuulth takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Overhead, Nazkriuulth takes off from the beach.
Overhead, Nazkriuulth beats his midnight sails once — twice — before the cobalt skeleton slips into the perilous depths of ::between::!

"Okay, but if you haven't made it back by morning, I'll come looking for you. Wouldn't want you to get eaten by an ambush of spiderclaws or anything." T'ab is offered an amused look for his offer towards the greenrider, but nothing more as he finger waggles to the lot of them before turning to scan the sands for his lifemate.

Tilla looks over to T'ab, "Oh, that's right they have those tents with the bunks. Well, if I sit out here, I'd probably be pranked anyway, right? Heh." The greenrider shrugs and waves over to S'lo, "Ok, duly noted. Bring spiderclaw repellent! Have a good flight, S'lo, Tosie!" And she waves at them from her little perch on the sands.

S'lo clambers up Tosiekoth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Tosiekoth takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Overhead, Tosiekoth takes off from the beach.

T'ab instead plops into the sand seeing as the greenrider is just going to sit there. "Nice job today Miss Tilla." He says, his words are oddly slurred to the few drinks that he has taken.

Of all her parts that are achey, her shoulder is thankfully not. "C'mere" Tilla says, indicating he can lean against her shoulder if he so desires. "Thanks. I've been practicing. Kind of sad that I was the only Reachian there. But I still think I did my weyr proud. Or tried.." Her fingertips brush what's left of the blue bodypaint that is smeared around her navel region. "How are you doing, sweet. I'm proud of you for sticking to your plan. Have things been getting any clearer or are you feeling like its easier to think?"

T'ab leans right back and smiles, "Ya did yer snow-coated weyr proud for sure, ain't no one can blame you for tryin'." A chuckle as he shrugs his opposite shoulder, so what if the greenrider can't see that. "Well, its been a rough few days, thats for sure. And my head ain't gettin' any clearer, not used to… bein' all aroused and nothin' ta do 'bout it." Blueballs for shizzle. "And Tyroth's gettin' anxious, I've had to go surfin' and travel /a lot/ just to ease our tensions. He understands the reasoning but doesn't like it." Tyroth rumbles in response, so far no ones getting laid.

Tilla smiles slightly apologetically over to the bronzer, "In truth, T'ab, I don't really know what /the/ answer is. All I know is if you're sad, or having troubles, I just want to help all I can. I know its going to be hard.." She flushes, "No joke intended. Well, at least you're surfing alot. That restores some peace inside me when I do it, clears my mind for at least those moments spent on the waves." A pause, and then Tilla says, softly and seriously, "I think part of the problem is that no matter how much we want to say that we are not creatures with emotions, especially about certain things, that they often crop up anyway, or are there all along, you know? Its hard to totally lock them all away due to human nature, I think."

T'ab shrugs his shoulders, "I ain't /incapable/ of feelin' the same way as they do, I just don't feel that way right now and don't think it'll be happenin' anytime soon. My wanderlust and fear of hurtin' someone is always gonna stop me from feelin' that way." He chuckles a little bit, mostly to lighten the tension in his body. "Aye, surfin' is good, but only so much surfin' brings me peace. And there are only so many places in Pern to explore, soon 'nough I'm gonna hit a wall and have nothin' ta do." A pause, "Guess thats somethin' I'll just have'ta deal with."

Tilla pats T'ab's arm. "Never thought or said you were. I-" She thinks she better listen to the rest of what he's saying. "I'm sorry. Life sucks when it gets boring. Then you just have to keep working to find new people to meet and new things to do. Don't you have special subunits in your wings at Ista. Have you considered joining one of those, maybe? Or maybe trying to be a weyrlingmaster and helping teach the new Istan weyrlings about how its done. Or you could join a craft and learn new things. There's things I think that you could do if exploring gets old.."

T'ab shakes his head toward Tilla, "I'll let things happen the way they're supposed to, but for now I think it is 'bout time for bed." A yawn from the bronzerider and he glances to his lifemate, "Ya wanna head home bro? So we can sleep on the ledge?" A nod to that comment as Tyroth drunkenly stumbles in the direction of T'ab.

Tilla sighs, "There I go trying to be overly helpful. I do mean well, I hope you know. Can you..help me up so at least I can lay own a bit in the Reaches tent before going home. I think sitting here has been helpful to my muscles at least a bit."

T'ab laughs, "'Overly helpful', never heard that before. Didn't think it was possible." A hand is offered down to the greenrider, "Lets get up and get you a bunk 'fore you fall asleep here, 'though I don't think the felines'll be comin' this far out."
Tilla manages to push herself to her feet. "Augh. I think recreational surfer I can be, but I need a bit more practice to know when overdoing it is overdoing it, competition wise." She holds out her hand to him so he can help steady her.

T'ab grabs her hand and chuckles, "Aye, competition is a whole different thing ain't it?" And with that he helps sturdy Tilla and walks her toward the black and blue tent. "Once again, you did wonderful m'dear, make your ol' teacher proud."

Tilla is helped over to the tent, gratefully hanging onto T'ab's arm. Before she gingerly sits down on a cot, she just gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Thanks. Safe flights if you do end up going back home to Ista tonight. I will keep sending good thoughts your way that the answers you seek come to you as soon as possible."

T'ab returns the hug and smirks, "No prob Miss Tilla. I'll probably see ya 'round tomorrow, 'though I ain't plannin' on participatin'. Tyroth ain't a quick one." Foot races = baaad.

Tilla laughs, sitting down now. "Me and running have always been enemies. I may just take a rest day in my weyr or something. Or lay out on the beach and hope nobody steps on me."

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