R'ell, allow us to introduce Sunevoth! We'd like to congratulate you on impressing a dragon here with us at Ista Weyr, and we hope we've managed to create for you an interesting and challenging lifemate. Remember, though, this inspiration is simply a guideline for playing your dragon. We did our best to make Sunevoth a dynamic character for you, and to give you a good idea of what interacting with him will be like. But above all, Sunevoth is /yours/. You can play him however you like, cut out or change whatever you wish, and develop his personality as you see fit. We hope you have as much fun with him as we had dreaming him up. —D'baji, Lanti, Sin.

Dragon: Sunevoth
Colour: Bronze
Name: D'baji, Sin and D'baji tweak.
Egg: Frozen Wastelands Egg
Egg Desc: R'yn
Dragonet: Post-Revolution Proletarian Bronze
Dragonet Desc: Sin and D'baji, Lanti tweak
Adult Desc: Sin and D'baji, D'baji-tweak
Messages: D'baji, Lanti-tweak, Sin-tweak
Inspiration: D'baji, Sin, and Lanti

Frozen Wastelands Egg:

A wide expanse of silvery white blankets the surface and buries everything else far beneath. Shadows show in spots where deep snow banks have built up like waves on the ocean. Frosted touches of cobalt cling like icicles to a few blackened shapes that rise from the wasteland, still reaching upward towards the glory of the sun.

Hatching Message:

Frozen Wastelands Egg is shaken again by an inner force, rolling a bit to the side, and hanging a moment, suspended at the edge of its mound of sand. A final push from within sends the egg rolling down into a trench, whence the shadowed banks of the shell are broken by a point of golden sunlight. The dragon's head gives another heave, causing the shell to split, the cold tones melting away to reveal an awkward and golden-bronze dragonet clawing his way out of the crevice in the sands.

Post-Revolution Proletarian Bronze Dragonet

Golden bronze blossoms over an awkward, ill-wrought form; mellifluous, and uniform in both tint and hue, that aurous colour climbs over the angles and planes of a sharp-featured head, creeps across jagged 'ridges, and curls over a long and rawboned tail. Shoulders, knees, even the joints of his toes gleam, knobby and unabashedly bared to the light by his sheer gauntness. The sheen is lost in shadows cast by the stark lines of a lean underbelly and lanky limbs, his wiry musculature half-obscured by the angles of his weedy frame. Wings are near obscene in their size, massive pinions of dulled and darkened caramel fanning out from square shoulders, forcing the sun-gilded limbs and flanks of that meager body to a penumbral plane.

Impression Message:

The gaunt little bronze stumbles on a ridge, spraying hot black sand toward a tall, rangy man. This man captures his attention, far more than the sand shower. The first steps are exploratory. The final step that brings the bronze into a lean against the man's leg is solid. There can be no question, as %D gazes into the man's hazel eyes, that %N is his chosen.

Personal Impression Message:

The noise of the galleries grows quiet, a whispered, « Suuuuuuuue… » pushing gently through your mind. You see only the whirling blues and greens of his eyes. You feel only that cautious exploration. « Suuuuunevvvvv… » A growing sense of confidence, multi-faceted eyes whorling with a greater velocity as they gaze into yours. « Suuuunevoth. Sunevoth. » His boney shoulder presses against the side of your thigh as he leans. « Romel. Rommmel. Romelllll. R'elllllllllll. » No further explanation is necessary.

Name Inspiration:

Sunevoth's name comes from the Greek word 'sunergos' which means 'workfellow'. We though it described your happy proletarian dragon just perfectly, using the word 'ergos', which means work, as well as the prefix 'sun' which means 'together'. The name was reworked a bit to incorporate as many of the letters that we could from your questionnaire, while still keeping a nice ring to it, and keeping it easy on the eyes and ears. We like the pronunciation of either 'SUE-ne-voth' or 'sue-NEV-oth'. We definitely envisioned a 'sue' sound, and not a 'sun' sound at the beginning.

Egg Inspiration:

The inspiration for this egg comes from two sources. The first is historical ice-ages of long past. More recently, though, it comes from blizzards that have hit areas in the Northern Hemisphere, burying them in snow in a matter of days. —R'yn

Description Inspiration:

First of all, you may have noticed that your dragon isn't the jaggedly muscled creature you'd asked for. Not yet, anyway. He'll have to grow into himself (explained further down in physicalities), and when he does, this is the desc you can slap on him:

Golden bronze blossoms over a sturdy, well-built form; mellifluous, and uniform in both tint and hue, that aurous colour climbs over the angles and planes of a sharp-featured head, creeps across jagged 'ridges, and curls over a long and flexible tail. Shoulders, knees, even the joints of his toes gleam still, filled out to match the greater bulk of his body. The sheen is lost in shadows cast by the smooth lines of a toned underbelly and limbs, his heavy musculature accented by the angles of his frame. Wings are near obscene in their size, massive pinions of dulled and darkened caramel fanning out from square shoulders, forcing the sun-gilded limbs and flanks of that workman's body to a penumbral plane.

Now about those descs: while still sticking to the things you'd requested in his description (namely, only one colour throughout, excluding the darker wings), and a jagged, chiseled dragon, we tried to incorporate aspects of both the clutchparents into Sunevoth's desc. His major colour is a gold-bronze much like the colouration on Nverath, though, because he lacks the white foamy accents, he will be a bit darker than his father (and that's before you consider those wings!). We tried to use plant-like verbs and adjectives (weedy, blossoms, climbs, etc.) to bring out the floral aspect of Ryazusith's desc as well. We tried to play a little bit with light and shadow, to show off the shape of him both in his awkward young stage, as well as in his solid adult stage.

Mind Voice:

Sunevoth is neither pet nor beast of burden. He is a being wrapped in metallic hide, and he is a mate for life. Sometimes he's your best mate. Sometimes you might prefer to kick him to the curb, if you could. Sometimes he'd rather kick you. Careful, because he /can/.

This unique relationship is reflected in the voice that invades your head. He is not a pushover, not a mere trifle. His people's-man mentality makes him a socialist, not an idiot. Strong and sure, his voice will seldom waver. Any thoughts of uncertainty will be shared with you, and you alone. When he turns to the rest of the Weyr, he will again be the composed logician speaking from the confidence of fact and order or the forceful lecturer with passion and experience to drive him.

Sunevoth's voice will quickly develop into a calm, mellow tenor, a bit like that of Sir Ben Kingsley. With a vast range of expression, he might speak softly to Madigyth to ease his point into the conversation, or force his opinion on Hydasnth during one of his clutch mate's more spastic moments. He can be cool and detached while trying to reason with a senior bronze, while in the next moment his thoughts are ablaze with frustration as he vents privately to you regarding the other dragon's senility.

As Sunevoth matures, his mind voice will grow more complex and detailed. His enunciations, especially in his more relaxed moods, will stretch until each word seems to have its own texture and topography. Your own name might elongate into one long « R'elllllllllll » until Sunevoth feels he has sufficiently explored its phonetic potential. His soft statement to Madigyth might run along the lines of, « Mmmmmmadigyth. Have you perhaps given any fuuuuuurther thought to extennnnnding our rescue drillllllls? »

When the mood is anything but relaxed, however, his words will reflect the shorter temper with small words, sharp syllables, and a definite lack of weak phrases or ambiguous trains of thought. If things are not going his way or he finds something particularly insulting or exasperating, notes of sarcasm will enter his thoughts and comments, ranging from dry and detached to scathing and icy.

Around the time Sunevoth nears his full maturity, further patterns will emerge, first in his private thoughts with you, then with others as the process begins to feel more comfortable. At first, vague shadows will accompany his words, dull blots that might resemble something from Rorschach more than anything concrete. Worry not! He will not be trying to pick apart your brain. He's already in it, after all. These shadowy shapes will instead grow to reflect deeper meanings or ideas behind his own thoughts.

A statement about the coastline near Seacliffs might seem trivial until their Holder's face appears in dark bas relief, perhaps implying a more important reason to revisit a particular precipice. Comments about a wing mate's eating habits may remain innocuous until accompanied by the bulging image of a pregnant runner with spindly legs and a lumpy belly.

These images may remain vague much of the time, but when they become more vivid, it might be best to pay close attention to who is on the receiving end. Words can remain fluid and subject to interpretation, but when combined with stark visuals, there might be no backing out of the thoughts shared in a moment of intellectual scorn.


Up until halfway through weyrlinghood, possibly as far as two thirds of the way through it, Sunevoth is going to be an awkward and gangly dragon. It's not that he doesn't eat; you better than anyone will know that this dragon has a crazy metabolism, and eats bigger servings at greater frequency than most of his clutchmates. It's not that he doesn't exercise; Sunevoth will be exercising when he's supposed to be, he'll be exercising during the lecture parts of your lessons, he'll be exercising when you're oiling him, he'll be exercising when you're feeding him… this dragon doesn't hold still, with the possible exception of when he sleeps - and he's not a big sleeper. It's just that, for that first half of weyrlinghood, all his growth will be focused on getting taller and longer.

He won't grow to be much longer or taller than the other bronzes, though, staying near the smaller end. And, like the skinny, awkward geek who comes back after summer for his senior year of high school looking the part of a complete stud muffin (yes, stud muffin), almost overnight Sunevoth will gain bulk and brawn. He'll grow into the angles of his shoulders, and heavier muscle will fill in his limbs to make his joints seem less knobby, but in fact lending to his strength and the overall sturdiness of his frame. Sunevoth will be very much the workman dragon, every muscle serving a purpose and not growing beyond it, with an overall build that makes him a heavy-duty dragon, despite his relative size to some of the other bronzes of the Weyr.


First and foremost, Sunevoth is a proletarian dragon. The theme of this clutch was "Rebirth, Reconstruction and Rebuilding," and Sunevoth definitely relates back to the latter two. He's the kid who lived through the revolution, the adult who rebuilds in the aftermath; the one who gets in there, gets his hands dirty, and makes things better - or, as the case may be, keeps them good. When you said in your interview that Romel would pretty much take his impression to a bronze to be a first-class ticket into high society, we decided that it would be great fun to give you a dragon of the people, who would want nothing to do with that sort. And it's not going to be easy for you to sway him from his chosen courses of action; Sunevoth will be completely focused on duty, or things that will enhance his ability to do his duty, from a young age, and is stubborn and determined enough that he won't give in. Even if he forgets past arguments, his innate desires to do things are so ingrained that you won't be able to take advantage of the draconic memory to get around him. He always knows what he wants.

Don't worry; just because he doesn't want rank of any sort doesn't mean Sunevoth intends to sit idle; he's happiest when doing the kinds of jobs that often go unnoticed, or under-appreciated, and he'll do those with a singular motivation. He'll fly sweeps with particular (almost obsessive) attention and joy, he'll give his all during wing drills in foot-soldierly fashion, and, once he convinces you to enter either the exploration and cartography unit, or the search and rescue unit (he'd feel any other possible Interval duty wouldn't make proper use of his talents), he'll gravitate toward the labour-intensive and unglorified areas of the position. In short, your dragon will be the one keeping the already-mapped areas up to date in the E&C unit instead of doing the more cutting edge exploration into new territory; or, he'll be the one running supplies back and forth to the rescuers in S&R, keeping everyone stocked up so as to be running smoothly, while allowing the agile greens and blues to do the real heroic job of swooping in and saving the day.

Because he's most at home in the grunt work, Sunevoth will definitely balk at the idea of leadership. He'll feel it would remove him from those things he does best, and he will resist being alienated from his work to the very end. Also, he won't want your time taken up with hidework. On his more cynical and sarcastic days (oh yes, your Sunevoth will have a wicked sarcastic streak to him), he'll be wont even to get into little rants about how the people who hold leadership positions have become detached from the reality of the Weyr duties. This will especially be the case of his work is criticised either in an unjust or non-constructive manner. If you let him go for too long, his rants might devolve into half-baked theories about how, if everyone was just taught properly how to do their jobs, the need for leadership would be completely phased out. Alas, he won't go much beyond that, so the chances of a Sunevoth-initiated revolution are slim. He is, after all, a dragon, and, even though a bronze, major political changes are a little beyond his grasp.

Even if he doesn't let you go for any sort of leadership, Sunevoth will have you as busy as any Weyrsecond or Wingleader has ever been. Here is the dragon who can actually pull off being in a wing, a unit, and on the games squad (for extra exercises that will hone his working abilities, of course). You'll be hard-pressed to keep up with him once you're full-fledged riders, having to sort your schedule out around all the duties and extra exercises he wants to do (kind of like a soccer mom). Never mind weyrlinghood, where Sunevoth will be trying to do exercises even while you're feeding and oiling him. When he's younger, he's likely to be a bit short with you when you find you're having trouble keeping up, and certainly won't like you telling him to hold still so you can oil that itchy spot. You can expect him to call you all sorts of names, but he'll grow out of this; when he's older and frustrated with you, it'll be more veiled, sarcastic comments that he'll make.


The word 'proletariat' literally means 'giver of children'. According to Cicero, this word was meant to describe the class that had no education, no real property, and could only provide their offspring (in Latin, 'proles') to the State. Sunevoth will always willingly provide offspring to his Weyr, a great participant in the gold flights at home - with one exception, of course: leadership flights. He won't feel as strong an urge to chase after golds away from home, and will probably chew you out if you let him lose himself and go after a proddy gold up at High Reaches, no matter what the outcome of the flight will be.

Sunevoth will give it his all when chasing after one of the junior (or retired) queens, but will focus more on using his own brute strength in the chase, rather than relying on any sort of strategy. He'll always be sure to be in excellent physical form, unless of course he's been injured and has been (literally) forced to sit out, so he's guaranteed to give all those other bronzes a run for their money. His reflexes will be good enough that he'll be able to adapt to sudden direction changes, but because of a quick reaction time, he might find the other chasers getting in his way when he's trying to go somewhere.

Sunevoth will be very much a working father, when he does indeed catch the gold. He won't shirk his duties simply to keep the queen company on the sands, but he will add her to his duties (and you'll have to adapt the schedule for him to be able to do this). When she's hungry, he'll hunt for her. If she needs to go bathe, he'll watch the kids until she gets back. But you'll rarely see him on the sands at the same time as the gold, except occasionally for sleep.

While it isn't impossible that Sunevoth will find a more 'regular' mate, whom he prefers to others, he won't be able to justify spending time with her that could otherwise be spent working. (Seeing a theme, yet?)

As for green flights… Sunevoth isn't against them, but, of course, he won't allow his duties to be interrupted by them. It's very unlikely that he'll take up with a green after a flight, simply because he's too busy to stick around when there aren't offspring involved.

Harper's Tale's 47th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka's gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath
Friday, April 13th, 2007

Eryn's green Imadrith.
Thyia's blue Phthongoth
T'lor's blue Kayganoth
M'erc's blue Hydasnth
M'cai's brown Giavistoth

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