Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.

Dragon: Suith
Color: Green
Name: Teza
Egg: Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za'atar Egg
Egg Desc: Izz'y
Dragonet: Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Elle
Messages: Teza, Elle
Inspiration: Teza, Elle

Clutching Message:

Dhiammarath crouches, concentrating intensely. Meticulous effort pays off in the form of a blob of perfection. Sun-warmed Olive Oil With Za'atar Egg arrives on the sands warm with well baked goodness. The integrally delightful thing settles comfortably into a small depression, built by the protective mother-queen to house this perfect ovoid. Its golden mother momentarily pauses to enjoy what she has produced before going back to the task at hand and moving down a bit to the next little trench.

Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za'atar Egg

Decadent middle-eastern gold sweeps languidly over the deeply warm, crust-brown base of this egg. Smooth and glistening as a late afternoon summer sunbeam it floats down. Lazy cartloads of faded and chipped forest green trundle along their incomprehensible paths. High-gloss tarnished yellow oozes down the sides from the lovely puddle that glazes the top. Soft clouds of musty spice waft over the mid-section and launch speckles of sandy brown and dark orange to the extremities.

Hatching Message:

Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za’atar Egg lasts only so long upon the baking sands, 'til it simply must crack under the pressure of those forces within and without. Crusty brown crackles away, followed immediately with the yellowed dribbles of this shell's shards onto those pebbled sands. It isn't long before a much different spice replaces that which seasons the shell: one of brine and salt and sodden smoothness. Here she is. And what an entrance at that.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet

Silvery sprays shimmer up and down her form as webbing ripples that flash and wane only to swirl and eddy restlessly in the grip of a marine's stormy green. Siren's beguiling allure exists in the bathyl depths that darken her belly's curve, rich and fathomless to submerge her slim tail. Warm, turquoise oceans inundate her svelte form, drenching sails and spars before cascading with liquid grace over the low swell of her muscles, then to plash against the thalassic wave of her ridges. Sunset's gleam turns the shore's sand to gold along the bridge of her aquiline head, kissed with the horizon's rosy blush, and left to the wiles of sea's encroaching tide.

Impression Message:

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet quirks her head to the side as she continues to regard him with quite the appraising glance. Her inspection is quite thorough as she looks up and down his form, from sandaled feet to the crown of his head, leaving nothing to chance. A crooning trill is immediately followed by a butt of her head directly into his gut. He is hers. Her growl of possession clearly states that all of the other dragonets can look elsewhere. Meral belongs to her now.

Personal Impression Message:

She arrives in a sudden swell of color, sound and light; a vision in turquoise green that carries the hint of brine, she is proof that you will never again be alone as she overwhelms you. You drown in the swirl of crystalline blues and a sudden voice that sounds within, where you have never had anyone before: « You. Yes, you. M'er. You will be mine, fo— Oh, oooh. » A sudden burst of a brook's laughing sound breaks through, distracted in a second. « Would you scratch my back, just under the first ridge? » And as an even more distracted afterthought « Everyone will know me as Suith »


Name Inspiration:

The Japanese word for water is 'mizu'. This can be pronounced just like that, but given a different reading, the on reading, it becomes 'sui'. I found this out poking through a dictionary for synonyms for water, and since Mizuth wasn't a short - or long! - enough name, we decided to go with Suith. The 'su' is rather slurred, making it more of an 's' sound, leading to the pronunciation of 'S(u)eeth' as the i in Japan carries the sound of a long e. Another alternate pronunciation is 'Soo-eeth'.

Egg Inspiration:

Description Inspiration:

You asked for a few different things in the description of your dragon. You wanted small and skinny, and something of a watery description. You mentioned pale green, blue-grey, warm colors, ripples, vivid color, and just about everything else possible. That left me at a bit of a… quandary as to how to begin. At least you had one consistency: water. So, she is watery, obviously. I gave her those vivid tropical turquoise seas and the darker-dull hues of deeper out in the ocean. She has her rippled stripes that never seem to be the same, and even that touch of yellow and pink upon her face. Somehow, I managed to get it all on there.

Mind Voice:

The soft scent of water underlies her voice, from the tang of the sea to the muted earthiness of a forest stream. It varies with her moods and even the time of the day, shifting just as fluidly as water. The sound and feel of her voice is also tied in with that element; from the muted whisper of a distant stream flowing over rocks to the raging crash of a waterfall to the faded roar of an ocean shore, she can take any and all of these, even within the same word. Her voice is all enveloping to you, cool and soothing. It takes your mind and swallows it whole when she speaks, and carries a faintly sibilant edge as well.


As she comes from the egg, your green is quite obviously small. Naturally, most greens come from the egg looking rather tiny, but it isn’t just that. She is also… frail-looking, petite, and rather emaciated. That skinny and small look will probably stay with her for the rest of her life.

She will have this appearance of frailty during all of he weyrlinghood, and like she is underfed. You can quite honestly count her rib bones, and she will look quite odd whenever she gluts, with that nearly bursting tummy rounding just so. You will be hard pressed to try to get that meat on her bones, but her rather snooty habits when it comes to feeding doesn’t help any. She is a picky eater, only liking the plumpest beast –but not too fat. And then she will only get about half-way done and plea that she is full, and that all of that weight is just going to go right to her hips so we shall go out and do some swimming just to make sure it will get worked off.

As she grows, she will continue to look rather small and slim. It’ll be a rather regular growth, never getting too long or too stout. She’ll just slowly grow all the time, never giving you a break to be used to a certain size. And when she does finally reach about a turn and a half in age, it’ll just stop. Just like that and she will always look the same; dainty and slim, with angles and joints that are quite obvious. If she were human, she would look like a ballet dancer. Not a gymnast, because they are rather stocky. But a ballerina with her slim lines, a waif’s proportions, and undeniable grace. Her movements are always so very smooth and measured, never awkward or gawky. It is like some kind of dance; no matter if she is just moving from her couch to the ledge, or sailing high upon a current that lifts her over the Weyr’s walls.

Your dragon is evenly proportioned. Her head is is very aristocratic with its slim nostrils, arching ridges over her wide-spaced eyes, the long bridge down her face, and even the smooth cleft along the underside of her jaw. Her ridges begin just shy of the crown of her head, moving down at regularly spaced intervals, but all-in-all in a long and gentle wave that ends just before where wings reach her shoulders. Those ridges begin again just after the round hump of her hindquarters, a bit more shallow as they continue down the length of her tail to the spade-tipped end. Her neck is long and elegant, her body slim, smooth, and narrow, and her legs are just as perfectly proportioned to the rest of her form. Her wings are fine and narrow, if a touch long. Her spars look as if they could snap with just the lightest pressure, which means that you will have to be particularly careful with them. Alas, she isn’t all dainty as she seems, she is a fighting dragon, after all.

Her color is predominantly a turquoise green. Imagine those clear, gorgeous waters of a tropical paradise, it is that hue. This is what colors the majority of her body, neck and legs, sides, haunches, tail and even her wings. Her neck and tail ridges are also that very same turquoise, but sort of speckled more with it upon a darker hue –as if the turquoise was sloshing against them. Along her underside the color deepens, like as you travel out further on the ocean and notice as the colors darken. Her face is bridged with a sandy hue that nearly turns to gold which sort of haphazardly colors upon her headknobs, over the eyes, down the bridge to smatter her muzzle. Not only is there that gold, but even a hint of pink that shines here and there as well. Not only that, but over the entirety of her form are stripes. Well, maybe not exactly clear-cut stripes, but hints of them that never seem to be in the same place. One moment they are a silvery iridescence and in the next they are a darker hue that is very reminiscent of just how cold and stormy the northern seas can get. Her ‘ripples’ appear one moment, change position, and disappear the next as she moves or alters position.


Suith is a kind, sweet young girl. Really she is. She's sweet and gentle, as calm as the deep ocean and as soothing as a warm bath.

This lasts up until something doesn't go her way, in which case the image shatters and with all the suddenness of a deep-sea storm. She throws fits like the queen of divas, stomping all four of her feet and lashing her tail until whatever it was is fixed. There is only one person who can soothe her, and that is you.

But other than that, she's adorable! She's the Weyr's sweetheart, always with a kind word for the others and a bright, if a draconic, smile for riders and residents alike. She charms the hearts of all who see her - then promptly stamps their illusions about her to bits should they not lavish her with the praise she deserves. She is more than an attention hog: she's an attention addict.

Other quirks include an absolutely unordinary fondness for fish. That's right, fish. She'll blood a wherry when it's time to rise, but give this girl a choice and she likes her fish. She is fond of fine dining and claims to be able to distinguish flavors that you couldn't /possibly/ sense with your tiny tongue. She's the dragon gourmand.


Flights! Oh, but how could any male possibly live up to her standards? Maybe, just maybe, if there was some nice, big, handsome, strong, charismatic, charming bronze dragon she might consider letting him catch her. But only if he will do some good for her reputation, you see. A girl simply must be mindful of such things.

She's a quick flier and it is unlikely that just any big, bulky bronze could catch her, however. She will probably have to settle for some charming brown who is particularly agile or a blue who's charming enough to distract her from the fact he isn't perfect.


Meral’s Green Suith
Harper’s Tale’s 31st Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's bronze Tynabith
December 15th, 2001


D'baji's Bronze Nverath, Ny’s Green Rionath, Yulianna’s Gold Miyakath, Zeja’s Green Esmeyath, R'ian’s Bronze Bralath, Kia’s Blue Valanth, Kazra's Gren Xylyth , J'den’s Bronze Heliuth, B'ane’s Bronze Aboleoth


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