Strength Building
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  • Your straps should be desced and on your dragon for any exercises this week ('strap <dragon>' or 'unstrap <dragon>' to take them on and off)
  • If you have not yet finished your straps, check the information on the straps page and get those finished! There can be no riding without straps, and that's where you're headed next week
  • If you haven't set up your dragon's dragon messages yet, get that done too. The puppets are lots more fun when they're personalised.


  • Now that you've got your straps made, you get to spend a month getting your dragon used to them.
  • You and your dragon will be doing lots of exercises to help build dragon muscles. Lots of running around the bowl, playing in the water, and, toward the end of the (OOC) week, some more disciplined crouching and lunging exercises. (Dragon-squats!)
  • It's not just your dragon we're trying to beef up; you and your fellow weyrlings will start tossing firestone sacks and stuff, as well as doing PT just like in candidacy. At first your training will be pretty light, but toward the end of this (OOC) week, your straps should be pretty well tuned, your dragons will be older, and you can start focusing on your own training a bit more.
  • Be sure you're adjusting the dragon's straps to accommodate for growth, or fixing any spots that are rubbing when the dragon is in motion, or that look weak. This is the time for fine-tuning these things before life and limb begin to depend on them!
  • You'll still be doing mental exercises with your lifemate as well; stuff like looking through each other's eyes and walking around, that sort of thing.
  • Dragons are still messing in their couches (sick), and still need you to hack meat up for them. We're sure they won't let you forget that last part, though.
  • Still no riding for you. Sorry. And you're still restricted to the bowls and basins. Sorry again. And still no alcohol, sex, or anything like that. Real sorry.

WLM Guide

Weyrlingmasters will be leading some of the strength-building drills, for both riders and dragons. They will also be checking the straps (even if the weyrling pair seems to be having no trouble) to be sure everyone's set for next week's mounted riding.

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