Straps Class

[[logged by Yla]]

Weyrling Barracks

Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures. Off to one side is the everpresent vat of oil and trays of meat for the growing dragonets.

Itazurath comes out of Itazurath's couch.

Khaye is led in by Itazurath.

Yla idly munches on a sweetstick as she sits perched on the edge of Cassie's couch, legs swinging over the side as her free hand scritches Cassie's eyeridge. Yawn. For once, neither hunger, nor incredible itching is motivating her to do anything, so she just… sits there. Hum.

"Taz, I already /said/ I'd let you have the thing." Khaye and Itazurath meander out from their couch, the former opting to sit on the edge of the couch and the latter plopping down to a convenient spot in front of her. "Well, you can either have it or not. Choose."

Jozzie comes in, dripping head to toe in soaking wet clothes. Riyth seems to find it humorous as he rumbles with dragon-laughter has they pile in from the outside. Her thick tatch of curly tresses are now plastered to her head as she peels off her boots right outside the entrance to the barracks. She wiggles her finger up at Riyth, "Never again!" she says, although she his grinning to no end. Bubbles of laughter seem to be seeping through her thinned lips. "Shame on you, mister. Thinking it was funny to almost drown your mate." There is a pause for a breif moment. "Yeah right…" she mutters with a roll of her eyes. Riyth just ripples another hearty warbling sound. His eyes are whirling a mixture of blues and greens.

Fiareth is asleep, therefore, nothing needs to be done, save the occasion eye-ridge scritch type thing E'an gives off. "Heyy," he says, randomly, somewhat, to everyone in the room… or who is entering the room, at least. "Doot." Doot?

Doot? Ok, who else thinks E'an's gone nuts? Just Yla? Oh well. She's hardly the picture of sanity herself, so she won't judge. "Swimming class?" she asks, tilting her head at Jozzie, her fingers doing the scritching thing automatically at this point.

"Swimming class?" Khaye echoes Yla, looking up from her scritching of a Taz-eyeridge placed conveniently under her fingers for easy access. "What swimming class?"

Naomi comes out of Kaith's couch.

Kaith comes out of Kaith's couch.

"Swi—" ok, so the question has already been warn out, so N'ano refrains from continuing on. Rather, he fully emerges from the couch, little bronze draggie not very far behind "Hey all…"

Yla chews on her sweetstick more, biting a bit off. "Well, she's all wet… so I assumed she'd gone swimming." Or been caught in the rain. Either could have happened, but this is Ista, and it's hardly raining out.

Jozzie marches in, finally noticing everyone in sight. "Lo!" she calls out happily. Riyth is rumbling out his greeting shortly after Jozzie's. "Having a nice morning?" she asks. She rubs her hands together. Glancing to Yla, "Oh yes. I belive Riyth thought I was the life-vest. He is still a little timid to venture into the depths of the pool. Then he thought it was funny to try and dunk me under with his forepaws." She coughs loudly for a moment, "Gak. Well, I got my bath in early today." Riyth bespeaks something to Jozzie, noted by the non-expression on her face for a moment. "Ahh, you're tired?," she inquires. "What about -me-!" The last word ends up being a small squeak as Jozzie coughs once again.

E'an wiggles fingers at Khaye and N'ano and Yla, and Jozzie, and then doots again. "Swimming? I'll have to get Fiareth to do that something. Just… she prefers sunning over swimming, but that's nothing unusual." Nod. "And swimming could do some good. But she's tired… from the practices in the bowl and all."

Khaye is the one who now thinks E'an's apparently lost his mind, due from his dooting, but drops that thought. "Taz could always lend her some?" she offers to E'an. "He wants to swim. And practice. And find another rock, because — I didn't lose it, Taz. You left it on the beach." She sighs, looks up at the ceiling of her couch. "Or I could lend her a rock. Or anyone a rock."

N'ano grins "Aye… practices. Shards, Byd's a little too enthusiastic 'bout those. He literally drags me out 'fore sunrise to go exercisin' out in the bowl. It's cute though. We got a little uh, dance routine thing goin'…" would now be a good time to blush a little?

"Eew. Swimming?" Naomi's voice rings out against the others' now, as she slips forward towards the center of the barracks, Kaith just at her heels. "We've all been wet enough, haven't we?" The girl swings suddenly, eyeing N'ano peculiarly. "Dance? You're going to dance for us? Oh, my…" But at Kaith's insistence, she pries her eyes from the boy to where the oil is, and stomps off in that direction, throwing waves at all who she passes.

Jozzie shakes her head like a wet canine, sprinkling water over anything near by. Riyth sits down elegantly on his flanks, observing everything in sight. Then, shortly after, he lowers himself fully, resting his head on his forepaws. He's too innocent. Really, he is! Jozzie looks around, noting her fair of firelizards sleeping on Riyth's couch. Party is called for. "Ahh, you should hear Riyth carry on…'Lets race to the beach…' 'Lets see how fast my wings can beat compard to last time…'" She smiles,

"Not that I mind it, love." she says to Riyth.

Yla grins, bringing her legs onto the couch and folding them. "I'm so physically unfit. I'm sure. Can't run. Can't swim… Should probably do something about that."

"Then I could always just lend Taz to you for you to run after, Yla," Khaye offers to the next weyrling. So generous. "You'd get really in shape, then." Yep. Really. Faranth knows Khaye gets her exercise doing that. Taz-eyeridge is scratched again.

E'an shrugs at Khaye. "Rocks? That sounds… nice." Nod. And such. And blink at Nanoc, with idle wave to Naomi. "Dance? You'll dance for us?" Ee? Really? 'Cause Fiareth would like… sexy dancing bronzes… and such.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Riyth visions a mixture of reds and dark browns collide as Riyth speaks. «Went I am older, I am going to make bets on my speed.» The smell of spices and musk, then, fill the void. «I can dance too. Get better then I get older.»

"Kaith's been asking me to do handsprings. I'm not quite sure where she's picked that up, but…" Naomi snorts softly, spreading generous amounts of oil into the dark green hide. "Just -attempting- it made me sore all over, and now that I've recovered from that 'mistake', she's decided I am her personal slave." And to this, Kaith merely watches the room with a brooding, pensive gaze. "Am I done yet?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that Kaith's hazy bottle-greens of apathy are shredded as she hears Riyth's voice in her mind, a mental snort her first reaction. « You? Why, if I were as scrawny as you, I wouldn't brag so. » Flames lick at her sharp responding thoughts, before the deep greens creep back with curiosity. « Dance, you say? »

"What's the point in dancing?" Yla asks, finishing off her sweetstick and licking her fingers. "I mean… as if we don't have enough work to do." She won't mention anything about her lack of dancing ability. Nope.

N'ano shakes his head "No no.. I didn't say anythin' 'bout dancin' for ya'll.. I'm just sayin' that we've—well, we've made it fun for the way he exercises. Not really a dance thing, but just something in an organized fashion, y'know? Ain't nothin' special. Handsprings huh? I'm no good at those." or at least he won't admit to it.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Itazurath crackles with the soft curiosity of autumnal foliage, accompanied by a tinge of smugness. » I will be faster. « The simple statement is followed by a ripple of a breeze, bringing on the next self-assured answer: » I will dance better, too. «

N'ano kicks Yla in the shins. Evilevilevil!

<Local> Castaliath senses that Fiareth doesn't seem to care much, a little grumpy that she's awake, now. « Flowers! Flowers are pretty. I want to be a flower when I grow up. »

"Don't you get any ideas, dear. I'm not doing handsprings. Even for you." Khaye's scratching of eyeridges pauses for a few seconds, before she switches to the other hand and continues, glancing up at the other weyrlings, one eyebrow raised. Do go on.

E'an shudders. "Handsprings. That brats used to do those. Awfully close to some of the people sometimes. One time, there was this man, and— well, anyhow. But! Fifi's awake, now." Beam. "Aww. No dancing for us? Fiareth says she wants to see a sexy bronze dance." Square dance, too. That'd be… amusing.

Jozzie rolls her eyes, "Bets…you sound like a Bitran, Riyth." she says as she looks to her young blue dragon. She runs her fingers through her damp hair. Her clothes are drying fast in the warm, summer air. Jozzie then pouts as she looks from N'ano to E'an, almost mirrioring her dragon's frown.

N'ano laughs "Sexy bronze dance eh? Well, I don't think he's perfected anythin' yet. Wha? Oh fine… it's perfect, yeah, whatever." he rolls his eyes as his attention shifts towards the forementioned bronze. "Anyway… we'll uh, put on a show or somethin' later…" Suuure they will.

Naomi's lips curl up a little bit, as she recieves word from Kaith via mindlink. "Oh, N'ano, can't you just give us a little show? Kaith's absolutely awestruck by this ability you claim to have. Don't let 'er down, please?" Eyelashes flutter a little, as she abandons oiling to stride slowly back towards the group. "Do it now, N'ano. She's very insistent."

<Local> Castaliath senses that Riyth snorts, «I doubt it. I am a blue, I fly with grace- as fast as a green. I will be the wind.» And he can dance too, no matter what anyone says. He has that shake in his hips to make females swoon over him.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Fiareth snorts. « You can't be as fast as /me/. » And her grownup-flower-self.

Yla, in deep communication with her lifemate, looks up shardly. "Do it? Who wants N'ano to do it?" In front of them all? Isn't that a little dubious?

E'an eyes Naomi with a hrmph, then shoots a glance at Jozzie. "I used to know a Bitran. They liked to bet a lot." Nod. And such. Then blink. "Is something wruh-ahng?"

Itazurath snorts loudly; Khaye nearly echoes the noise. "I think I'll go back and hide in the couch if N'ano decides to do it, so please choose and let me know beforehand." Taz just shifts, pressing his head against Khaye's hand a little harder. Scritch.

Orbit hops, skips and jumps cheerfully in from the bowl.

<Local> Castaliath senses that Riyth speaks to Fiareth, however, speaking out right to the other dragons. «Sorry ma'am, I didn't mean you- of course. You will be very fast. Indeed.

"Wha? She wants what? Byd doesn't wanna put on a show…" or even if he does, his rider's not about to let him "Don't—!" oh, too late, that bronze is now front and center, his wings spread-eagle as he twirls about in circles, hoping on one food and then sliding to the side. N'ano in the meantime is facepalming over in the corner. And then orbit walks in. Wonderful. Sighing, he looks up, tossing a salute to her before slumping down to rest his chins within his hands.

Orbit strides into the barracks, dropping a sack of something and placing her hands on her hips as she peers around. "Weyrlings! Front and center!" is called out, eyebrow quirking a bit at the bronze's antics. (repose for Yla)

E'an eeps as Orbit enters and gives her command, standing up straight beside his couch, Fiareth, managing to up and hold her head high. And such.

Kaith immediately in a state of absolute awe, Naomi is able to slip away undisturbed, appearing close by Orbit, hands clutched behind her back and eyes wide wide as she looks at the sack. "Aa… y-yes, ma'am?"

<Local> Castaliath senses that Fiareth coos softly through the mindspace. « Of course. »

Jozzie blinks as Orbit walks in. She bits her lip, going over to standing where she is directed. She clickes her soaked socks together, eep. Facing the rider, she salutes.

E'an is not front and center, his couch not being front and center. So he moves front and center. There.

N'ano stands up with a snap, though almost reluctantly to face Orbit "Yes'm?" Oh, did they do something wrong again?

Khaye lets out a squeak, hopping off the couch as Itazurath slinks around behind her, head lifting at an angle to see Orbit. Potential admirer? Nah. Weyrling and dragon scuttle over to where E'an is, standing a little off-center, though still.. front.

"Cassie… le'go… let go…" Trying to unwind an almost prehensile tail from one's midriff while one's lifemate is practically unconscious, is not easy task, as Yla is finding out. Finally, Cassie unlids an eyelid, and loosens her grip enough for Yla to wriggle out and jump to the floor. Tugging on her blouse, she takes position with the others and offers a brief salute.

Orbit lifts up the sack of straps, tossing them before the weyrlings. "Straps lesson, weyrlings. It's time for your dragons to get used to wearing straps. In that sack, you'll find leather for the straps, needles and thread, soft wool for padding, and buckles." The AWLM gestures toward a cabinet, walking over and unlocking it with a key, "In here, there're dyes if you'd be interested in coloring your straps a hue other than the natural leather color."

E'an nods, saluting and stuff, Fiareth draconically pouting from her place. By the couch. Nod, and sacks are eyed, and he makes a slight shuffle towards one. "Mine are gunna be pretty." Nod.

Orbit smirks a bit, leaning against the wall, opening up another sack and setting it next to her feet, "Once you punch a few holes in your fingers trying to sew the leather, lemme know, I've got numbweed and bandages fresh from the healers.."

Naomi purses her lips slightly, looking immediately over towards the dyes, and then bending forward to inspect the sack's contents from a safe distance away. Her head nods in rhythm with E'an's, as she notes: "Mine will be even better." But there is a touch of uncertainty to her voice… "Ah… Orbit, ma'am, do we do this ourselves?" Punch holes in her fingers? "How?"

Khaye stares at the sack. "Needles?" Oh, this is a bad thing indeed if involves needles and Khaye. "Okay… Ow!" Taz is discreetly stepping on her foot. "Ow. Stop, Taz. Fine. Fine. I'll make yours a pretty color. Ow! With buckles. Stop!" She pushes the brown off her foot, looking a bit apprehensively at Orbit. Holes in fingers aren't something she's not accustomed to, but.. how far can it go?

And just when Yla had gotten reasonably good at handling the usual sort of needle and thread. She looks at the leather and blinks. "This is going to be interesting…" she mutters.

E'an has disconnected.

E'an falls asleep.

Orbit takes pity on the weyrlings, "Alright, first you'll need at least enough leather to circle the fourth and fifth neckridges, /plus/ some to grow into." So start measuring?

N'ano winces slightly "That's… that's encouraging." the whole contribution bit from the healers, of course "Are-are ya gonna demonstrate and we mimic or?" he questions soon after before eyes are drawn towards the dyes "Ooh, I think I want black."

Stomp goes Taz's paw, reappearing on Khaye's foot. "Ow! Fine! I'll get green, then. Stop doing that or you own't get any." Once she's disengaged herself from the brown's paws, she takes a step toward the sack of straps. "Are we just supposed to.. grab it and start sewing?"

Naomi makes a few hand gestures, indicating the leather and then pointing towards Kaith, who is entirely indifferent and standoffish by her couch. Mute, it seems, she merely points back and forth between the two points, then chokes out, "Can we take the leather here now, then?" Before an answer is given, she stoops by the materials and selects some leather, stalking over towards Kaith to start measuring. "Ooh… this looks right."

Castaliath's rather sleepy mind finally gets the impression from her lifemate that she's going to be getting straps. Ooooh! Straps. Things to wear. Carefully slipping off her couch, she waddles over to Yla, imperiously nudging her with her muzzle. Can she have bright purple? "Bright purple?" Yla repeats… "All in good time. Now stay still." She's got to measure her green. We'll get to the dyes later.

Orbit shakes her head, "Measure first. Make certain to leave room to grow, then grab enough straps to fix it. And if you want it a certain color, you'll need to dye it first, before you start sewing."

Jozzie looks at the dyes, then back at Riyth. "Pink and blue?" she says. Her nose wiggles as her dragon wants pink? But why? "It's famine attracted, of Faranth." she mutters as she goes to gather the leathers and the dyes. As she passed Orbit, she smiles. "H'lo." she says quickly. She takes the supplies needed with her to Riyth. One trip is enough, saving the embarrassment of her still wet self.

The housekeeper arrives to cart E'an off to bed.

Khaye blinks, nods, reaching into into the sack to grab a bunch of leather, trying to eyeball it to a proper length or something close to it. Good enough. She starts back toward Taz and starts the measuring process.. and finds that Taz has stepped on her foot again. "Ow! /Taz/!" The foot is reluctantly retracted, and she goes on with her measuring. "A lil' long, but that's okay.. right?" She glances up toward Orbit for confirmation. "Ma'am?"

N'ano follows the actions of the others, bending down to pick a selected amount of leather. Turning about, he glances around, a quizzical expression across his face "Anyone see where Byd ran off to?" just like an infant. You take your eyes off of him for one second… "Byd?" boy starts the search around the barracks, eventually finding the bronzen lump back on the couch "Uh uh… it ain't nap time bub. Let's go… need to measure ya or somethin'." With that said, he bear hugs his lifemate as he tosses the pieces around him "Uh huh… k, these are good… dye 'em first?" shrugging, he makes his way back to the dyes, thumbing through for the color of choice "There any black?"

*erk* "I am /not/ measuring you too tight." Yla chides, and Castaliath, with an amused look about her, stops objecting to the tape measure going about her neck. "Eh… that's a lot of dragon…" is Yla's mutter as she measures. And she's not even half grown yet.

"Those look fine, nice and big. Now, if you're planning to dye the leather, there are buckets over there to mix the dye in. Make sure to color it at least two to three shades darker than you want it, since you're going to be scrubbing the leathers before you start sewing, and some of the dye will come off," says the Orbit.

Naomi continues measuring around the 'ridges, getting the right measurement, and then increasing it for growth size. "Kaith, darling, love… ma'am? What color do we want to make it?" There is a low growl from the green, and a swipe of her tail, before Nao abandons thoughts of asking her lifemate's opinion for the ever-better do-it-yourself. She takes the measured leather and skips towards the dyes, mixing with red, simply because it's the first she sees.

Yla examines the tape measure, making a mental note of the lengths, a muzzle still prodprodprodding her in the hip. "Yes, dear, I know. Bright purple." Oh dear… "Is there any purple dye?" she asks.

Khaye, with a nod, bundles up all the leather, heading toward the shelved dyes. Aha. Green. She fetches the green — "When you find the black, N'ano, can I use just a tiny bit? Taz wants a —" Sigh. "Dark green." A bucket is grabbed, dye eyed just to make sure it's green and not fuschia or something. Itazurath follows her over, talons clipping the back of her boot heel every now and then. "Stop that, darling. I'm getting it."

"Do we just like, dip them in or somethin'?" N'ano questions, holding and waving the straps above a single bucket of which contains the bland hue of black. "Yeah…" he eventually replies to Khaye, pointing below at the bucket "Right here when ya want it."

Orbit takes a moment while the weyrlings are busy with the dyeing, to peer about and look at the different corners and couches. "Hmm… N'ano, don't forget to change the rushes in your couch regularly, ok?" A pause as she peeks in a few other couches, "And will someone remind R'chard that he /must/ keep his couch neat?"

Yla is glad her sleeves are rolled up as she hauls a bucket over and starts adding the necessary dying material to the water. "Now dear," she says to Cassie. "I don't want you to drink this. It's not tasty, and I don't want a purple muzzle on you, mm?" She adds a bit more dye and stirs it thoroughly. Where'd she put that leather?

Jozzie finished measuring Riyth, which turns out to be a task as the blue decides to have a little fun by getting the leather wrapped between his limbs, wings and around his body. Jozzie mutters loudly as she tries to keep Riyth still for at least two minutes while she measures. "Stay still, aye?" she says. Blue doesn't listen has he turns his head towards her, giving her face a good lick. "Nice…" Well, at least he is measured- now.

While mixing dye with the leather, Naomi examines it carefully, humming a decidedly off-key and yet low-volume tune to herself. "Ooh, Kaith, these will be /gorgeous/." Another grunt from the green, and she merely shrugs and turns her back that direction. Yla's given a chuckle, the mental images of purple-muzzled dragons popping up all about her mind… but her concentration quickly returns to the task at hand.

Khaye carefully dips a strip of leather into the mixture of hot water and dye, stirring it around carefully. "I heard you already, Taz. I know." She pauses in her strap-stirring. "Can we make it two different shades? Like.. Taz wants one part green and one part /dark/ green.."

As Yla gets to her feet to retrieve the leather, Castaliath peers into the murky looking bucket at the dye there. Hmm… some bits haven't quite mixed in properly. Glancing up at Yla, the girl's still picking out the leather. Oh well… might as well help out… her forepaws too big… ooh… the tail! As Cassie starts to dip a tail into the liquid… "CASS!" The green meeps and quickly removes her tail, almost knocking the bucket over. Er… she only spilled a little bit. Honest.

"Rushes… ahh, that must've been why Byd was over there, huh?" N'ano frowns, but nods nevertheless. "Will get to that once we're done." he reassures Orbit as the straps are dipped and dyed. "How long do these take to dry? And does this wash off?" he adds, glancing down at his darkened hands "Oh dear…"

Khaye pauses in her leather-dyeing, glancing over toward the others. The strap is lowered into the dye again, about halfway up, before lifting it out and letting it drip off and starting the whole process over until it's a few shades darker than a nice hunter green. "That better, Taz?" An affirmative rumble from the brown has her setting the strap aside and starting on the new one. Halfway in, dip, swirl, lift out. Dip, swirl, lift out.

Yla grabs a spare cloth as she crosses back to Cassie, leather draped over one arm. "Honestly," she huffs, doing her best to get the dye off her lifemate's tail. Even so, she's left with a distinctly tinged tail-tip. "At least you didn't spill it all." she says with a sigh as she bends to mop up the floor. "Otherwise… no purple straps."

Orbit gestures toward the racks in the corner, "You'll hang the straps there to dry, and they need to dry /completely/ before you'll work with them again."

"Dry… there… right. K." N'ano mutters, hardly more audible than a mutter, as he holds the dripping straps over the bucket before quickly swinging them over to a rack "There. Y'know how long they take to dry? Like over night or is it quick?"

Leaving her cloth to the side for the moment, Yla sets to work on dying her leather, Cassie making 'supervisory' comments in the back of her mind. "Yes, darling," is her response to all of them, and she eventually lifts the straps out of the dye, waiting for the drips to stop before tracking the leather across the barracks to hang on the rack, automatically wiping her hands off on her trousers. But since they're black, it's not easy to see the dye.

Khaye finishes up with the last strap, moving over to grab N'ano's bucket, tip a bit of black into her own bucket, and return the other weyrling's dye. A strap is stirred in the mixture, lifted, and she asks again: "This all right with you, Taz?" Another rumble is issued, and she finishes off the straps. Purty. Half dark green and half green. Picking up all the leather, she carries her green bucket under the drippy things as she hustles over to the racks and lines them all up on one.

Naomi continues dipping and dying for a few moments, before taking the deep red leather and scooting herself over by the drying rack, where she lays it out neatly to dry, now eyeing her red hands. "I need to wash my hands," she observes softly, backstepping until she's right up against Kaith's recently-oiled hide, at which point she turns to watch the others. "Well, what now?"

Jozzie comes out of Riyth's couch.

Castaliath holds her tail in front of her eyes, looking at the slightly purple tip. "That's what you get for messing in dye." Yla chides. Cassie's tongue peeks out. Yla warned her about drinking it, not stirring it.

Khaye sits down on the ground beside her bucket of greenish water-dye, eyeing Itazurath. "Don't you do anything to it." She's not liable for the consequences. The brown grumbles, settling back on his haunches like some huge canine and looking expectantly at Khaye, who looks expectantly at everyone else.

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