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  • Your dragon needs straps. To set them, type '@straps <dragon dbref #> is <strap description>'.
  • Type 'strap <dragon dbref#>' to put them on, or 'unstrap <dragon dbref#> to take them off.
  • Send *wlm and let us know when you’re usually online and available for RP so we can figure out when is best for lessons.
  • Also, all TPs or ideas involving IC punishment should be cleared by WLM staff beforehand.


  • To make straps, you need leather! Pick some strips that are strong with no imperfections. This is very important. We don’t want your straps breaking and you falling off or anything!
  • From candidacy, you should already know how to sew, so making these straps shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you, provided that you were actually good at sewing.
  • It’s time to get in shape! Make sure that you do lots of stretching and exercising with your dragon. Here very shortly, you’ll be riding them around the bowl, so we need to make sure that they’re strong and in good shape. Focus on wings and shoulders.
  • You are restricted to the barracks, the pool, and the three bowls (Northeastern, Central, Southeastern). Don’t forget to feed yourself in the living caverns, as well, but don’t spend all afternoon in there. You’ve a dragon to take care of, after all.
  • Wash, oil, repeat! Keep on oiling your dragon to prevent dry, cracked hide.
  • As always, no alcohol, no relationships, no having fun! Well, maybe just a little fun.
  • Any comments, questions, concerns, or secrets can be sent to *wlm or page a member of the WLM staff.

A little note on straps:

Straps are basically seat belts for your dragon. They will attach around your dragon's neck, and have buckles to attach to a belt that you will wear. A secondary set of straps will be required for transporting passengers, which will be a major job for you Weyrlings once your dragons are bigger. The straps should not only be strong, they should also be comfortable for your dragon. The stitches should be hammered flat to avoid bothering your lifemate's hide. You can get dyed straps, but make sure they've been dyed by a professional. Remember, you don't want to do anything to the leather that will weaken it.

WLM Guide

The weyrlingmasters will still be assisting with bond-forming exercises between riders and dragons, basic feeding and oiling advice and inspection, and fielding any questions the newly-bonded have. As for straps, weyrlingmasters will be in charge of helping weyrlings select proper leather, assisting with the actual leatherworking, and making sure that any dyed straps have not been weakened by the process (and that no weyrlings are dyeing their own straps).

Weyrlingmasters will also be there to offer practical assistance with getting the dragon used to the idea of wearing straps, and inspecting dragon hide to be sure the straps aren't rubbing in harmful ways.

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