Some Wavecutter Relaxation

[[logged by Ali]]

Sejith lands gracefully by the water's edge, just enough sand left for T'rell to slide down into less than a half-fingerlength of tide. "Hey, Ali, how's it going?" Without riding straps, his journey down is quicker than usual, and he steadies himself with a hand on the bronze hide. He strides across the beach toward the brownrider while the dragon immediately wades into the onrushing surf.

Ali walks along, crimson boots in one hand while the other attempts to keep her skirt from flying over her head in the breeze. Attention is focused mostly on the setting sun, but she turns when she hears her name and waves, allowing her dress to flutter in the wind for a moment. "Bath time, is it?"

"Finally," T'rell confirms, shielding his eyes from the lowering sun as he crosses the beach. "First drills, then we got caught up in a meeting, and would you believe it's already sunset?" He shakes his head, lowering himself to the sand and stretching out, hands behind his head and his eyes closed. "So we've got a few heartbeats rest until I get the kids back…" He sighs. "Ah."

Ali pauses, looking back over her shoulder, watching and waiting for her own lifemate to join her as they slowly wander along the beach. "'lauth and I were just enjoying a late afternoon stroll, getting a little thinking time in before going in for dinner, except he seems a little slower than usual. I guess I should have let him sleep when he wanted to earlier, but I..," the little brownrider lifts her shoulders into a shrug and blushes *just* a hint, "I just wanted to take a walk, and maybe a swim."

T'rell opens one eye to note Ivrylth's arrival — he's stretched out on the beach, attempting to relax while conversing with Ali, so he simply lifts a hand to wave to the pair and then tucks it back behind his head.

"How are your little ones, then, T'rell?" Ali queries, lowering herself to the sand beside her wingleader. "I've been meaning to stop in and visit, but I guess I've been a little preoccupied," she pauses, looking around her and continues, "um, with my garden." Orb is spotted and given an enthusiastic wave, "Orb!"

Orbit slips off Ivrylth, giving her a quick pat and a nod to T'rell, beam to Ali. Joy! People! "Ali! I haven't seen you lately.. where've you been?" Naturally, Orblet has been busy with weyrlings, in and out of their weyrs.

T'rell grins. "Well, Brencia has been trying to teach herself how to fly, and Issham is busy exploring every fingerlength of cavern that's unsafe," he summarizes. "In other words, just fine and dandy. How's the garden coming?" he asks Ali in return.

"The garden?" Ali looks puzzled for a moment as she peers over at Uillauth, but with a shake of her head, she seems to recall what he's talking about. "Oh, it's good. You should come up and see it some time. Actually, I'm not sure you've even seen the place since I redecorated, have you?" Brownrider lifts her hand, waving for Orb to come over and join them, "I've been around. Down here mostly, I guess."

T'rell grins up at Orb, shading his eyes as he pushes up slightly from the sand. "As she should be. You brought the drinks, right? The rest of the wing should be turning up soon," he notes to the newest wingrider. To Ali he first winks, then shakes his head. "Last time I stopped by you were just starting."

Orbit grins and rummages in her sack, finally coming up with a two bottles of wine, "Stopped by the caverns, I talked Annly into handing over some Tillek white.." is explained as she hands them over, taking a seat next to Ali.

"Oh, you've got to see it now," Ali beams proudly before leaning back to rest against her elbows in the sand. "I've got it separated into two rooms now, and the garden is mostly hanging out from the ledge, though I'm sure you can probably see that from the 'stones. It's quite comfortable now, especially compared to what it was for the first several sevendays after I moved in."

T'rell blinks in something of surprise. "Wow, I think that's a first," he tells both Ali and Orbit with a crooked grin. "Usually the new guy, or girl," he nods deferently to the greenrider, "is caught totally emptyhanded and goes scrounging around the weyr. Good for you," he nods, appreciative. "Let's see what you've got here."

"I definitely didn't come bringing drinks," Ali admits with a wrinkle of her nose, but the announcement shouldn't be a surprise, seeing how she isn't much of a wine-drinker.

Woo. "Well.. in Firestorm, one learns to be prepared, at least in the drink handling department.." is explained by the Orblet. "It's usually a bring your own wine sort of thing.."

T'rell chuckles at Ali's admission, sitting up in the sand as he shrugs off his jacket. "No, you definitely didn't. If I recall right, you turned beet red." He nods to Orbit and reaches for one of the bottles, looking for the seal.

Ali wrinkles her nose and lets herself relax more into the sand, lying flat on her back and looking up at the sky, "It's not my fault all you people like the taste of spoiled fruit. I prefer drinking them while they're still good."

"Not our fault if you haven't got any taste," T'rell grins back to Ali. "Spoiled fruit, indeed. I'd like to hear you say that to a Mastervintner," he challenges lightly. "Tillek white, huh? Not a bad vintage, looks like. You must've had some favors coming from Annly," he nods appreciatively to Orbit.

Ali shudders, shaking her head in the sand, and pushes herself up into a seated position again. "That's what it is, isn't it? Spoiled? That's what makes it taste so bitter. Yuck." Taste, this one has, right? Once again, she peers south, looking toward the large brown resting down near the shore, "It looks like he might've decided to stay there."

Analia smiles at the three people as she walks onto the beach, slowing as she sees them. "Uh..Hello." She gives a small nod as she speaks, before continuing. "Am I interrupting anything?"

Uillauth is comfortable, if not asleep - evidenced by the slow blink of one jewel-toned eye, the low-speed, draconic version of a wink. This is tossed out as his rider looks his way, as well as accompanied by a rustle of his wings. It's not so much that he's not interested, merely that he's comfortable, and there's nothing that urgently requires his attention. Thus, he remains.

T'rell reclines again on the sand, closing his eyes again. "Cultivated," he corrects Ali. "Not spoiled." There's a big difference… at Analia's greeting, he half-sits, nodding to the girl. "Nope, just a discussion about the merits of fermentation," he explains briefly. "Got an opinion?"

Ali rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the weyrleader, "I just don't know what it is with this wing and its wine, but that's the one thing I will continue to not partake in, thank you very much, indeed." Analia is given a grin before the brownrider flops back into the sand once again.

Analia raises a brow. "You don't drink wine? And I take it everyone else does?" She remembers that she hasn't introduced herself and takes care of it now, "Oh, and I'm Analia." She grins, "I always seem to forget that part."

"I prefer to partake of fruit juice in its more natural form, actually," Ali points out, reaching an elbow out to poke T'rell with it before wiggling her fingers up at Analia, "I'm Ali, rider to the big brown dozing lump you see over there. He's Uillauth."

"Oh, it's not just wine," the man points out. "We've a long tradition of grog." He grins, a touch impish, as he tells Ali, "In fact, we'll have to use up the last of last turn's batch on the Weyrlings at graduation." He turns to Analia. "She's not the only one who won't drink, but most of the riders'll have a little here and there. Nice to meet you, Analia. I'm T'rell, Sejith's rider." He nods toward the water, where the bronze floats lazily.

Analia grins. "Brown lump?" She glances over towards the brown and laughs. She nods at the introductions and sits down. "Why don't you like wine? The effects? I don't think it's that bad as long as you don't overindulge all the time." She shrugs lightly.

Uillauth isn't dozing. He's just…resting his eyes, that's it. But as he's introduced, the eye once again opens, this time to regard the newcomer. Tail-tip waves slightly, slowly, while he breathes out with a *whuff*, slightly disturbing the sand. Ah. We now return to our regularly scheduled nap.

"Which means I'm the only one that *always* has her head on her shoulders," Ali replies with a smirk T'rell-wards before turning to look at Analia, "Many reasons. I don't like the taste, I don't like the smell, I don't like the way it makes me light-headed, and…" words trail off, replaced by a giggle as her darling lifemate chooses to use his tail as a means of saying hello. "I think that's 'lauth's way of saying 'how do you do'."

Analia grins at the greeting from the dragon, with a quick, "Well hello there," then back at Ali. "Good reasons. I don't drink too often myself, and usually only on special occasions." She leans back, getting comfortable, then glances between T'rell and Ali. "I take it you two have had this debate before?"

"… And she's a lightweight," T'rell finishes for Ali, picking himself off the sand. "Well, time for me to grab the kids." He stretches his arms above his head, cracking a shoulder, then ducks to pick up his jacket. "See you folks again after they're safely in bed. Then maybe I'll get a chance to give that guy a scrub." Just imagine, time enough in a day to do one's essential chores. Wow. "Evening." He smiles, draping his jacket over a shoulder and heading up the hillside.

Uillauth's tail tip waves once again, this time to acknowledge T'rell's departure.

"What's it matter if I am or not if I don't drink anyway?" Ali calls out to T'rell's retreating back, sticking her tongue out in a way not exactly respectful to her weyrleader. But, relatives have benefits of teasing, right? "Give Kae and the children my love!" A final request is yelled before she turns her attentions back to Analia, "He and I will argue about anything we can think of, to be honest. It's all out of love."

Analia sends a wave 'bye to T'rell, then grins at Ali. "Are you two…?" She leaves the question hanging, dismissing it with a shake of her head. "Never mind, not my business. But sometimes arguing can be fun, very fun." She grins. "I do it as often as possible."

"T'rell's my wingleader, the weyrleader, and he's also weyrmated to the weyrharper, Kaeryn, who happens to be my cousin," Ali answers with an amused smile. "I've known him since I was, shards, I don't know, six or seven turns old? So I guess it was just natural that I wound up in his wing after Uillauth and I graduated from weyrlinghood."

Analia gives a smile and nods. "I didn't know, I've only met a few people since I've been here. And that's only been a sevenday or so. Most everyone's in their weyrs, so I don't see that many people." She shrugs. "One of the downsides to living in a weyr I s'pose."

Ali quietens a bit, once again staring out at the water. T'rell now gone, she seems to slip back into her usual quiet and contemplative self. Even her tone of voice settles into a quieter one, "Well, you've now met your weyrleader," she points out with a small grin. "But the beach, that's where people go, usually."

Analia smiles and nods. "I've noticed, it's the only place I meet anyone." She sighs softly and settles back. "I'm still just adjusting to my move though, so it's not surprising I guess. I've just wandered around mainly. Glad you guys are so friendly."

Ali adjusts her position once again, tucking her feet up beneath her and spreading the red skirt over her legs. "Ista is a friendly island, and the weyr, well, it's a good place to be. Where else do you see sunsets like the one that just occurred?" An affectionate gaze is aimed Uillauth-wards, and the brownrider's eyes haze over just a little as she shares a moment's thought with him.

Ali's thoughts keep turning to T'nar, images from the previous day replaying in her thoughts. T'nar holding her hand and hugging her close, followed by her own running from the beach to make it to drills on time. « Do you think he'll be upset with me, for leaving as I did? »

Analia nods absently as her gaze moves out over the water. "Sunsets are beautiful here…" She gives an odd glance to Ali, not having been at the weyr long enough to know what the dazed look on the riders face means, then looks around, giving the woman a moment.

Ali shakes her head quickly, pulling herself out of the quiet moment, "Sorry, I was just speaking with 'lauth about..something. It's hard to remember, sometimes, that there are others in the room, when there's a dragon in your head." Thin fingers dig into the dark sand, lifting a handful and letting it drop through her fingers.

Analia smiles and nods. "So I've heard. Just wasn't sure why you looked so far away." She watches the dragon for a moment. "Must be nice to have someone to talk to all the time." She lays back, propping one hand behind her head so she can see Ali while she's talking. "I feel kinda outta place here at the weyr, where almost everyone's a rider." She grins.

"Oh, it is, truly," Ali agrees, nodding, "but it also means that your private thoughts will never be your own private thoughts again, which is interesting." Once the sand has filtered through her fingers, she points in the direction that T'rell disappeared to, "Maybe you should talk to Kae, Kaeryn. She's our weyrharper, not a 'rider, but she's weyrmated to a rider, so I'm sure she understands what it's like. Being here, and all."

Analia laughs and nods. "That much is true." She cocks her head. "Maybe I will, though I wouldn't want to disturb her." She smiles. "It's not that I'm unhappy or anything, just that there are so many riders about, that I feel…overwhelmed? I suppose that's the word I'm looking for."

Uillauth's thoughts swirl - slowly, sleepily, soothingly. Colors pulled directly from the sunset are evenly matched with night's somber hues, the subtle combinations created eventually trickling together to form words, thoughts, pictures. « Ali-love, he should not be - 'twas simply your duty. He was once weyrleader - thus, he should know, will understand such things as duties, and that they cannot be put aside. »

"If you see her out, around, it usually means she's free for talking," Ali assures the younger woman with a smile. "She's usually very friendly, if not preoccupied with her two little ones." Eyes haze over again, but just for an instant before she blinks and continues as if she never stopped speaking, "I've heard it's hard, for people that aren't riders, mostly to understand being around riders. It was for me, at first. As a candidate, I mean."

Analia smiles and nods. "Yeah, it is. It's weird with you stopping every little while to talk to your dragon. But after I realized what you were doing, it didn't bother me. Just confused me at first." She grins. "Is there anyone here who /isn't/ friendly?"

Ali seems deeply confused as the memories keep floating through her thoughts. « Ty and I. I don't know, I don't really know what to do. I think he likes me, but.. » the words slither away, replaced by the image of T'nar wrapping his arm around her « people are so different here than where I grew up, so I never know how they feel. »

Ali wrinkles her nose and lifts her shoulders into a shrug, "There are. Unfriendly people scatter, I guess. There are a few that have come and gone that weren't exactly pleasant, but you'll get that wherever you go." Fingers flitter in Uillauth's direction, "Generally, when a rider and a dragon are conversing, you'll just get used to it. We… drift off, I guess, but that's because it's so easy to do so when it requires no real effort to speak to one another."

Analia nods. "I figured I would. YOu get used to anything you're around a lot." She grins. "Who knows, I might be a rider some day, in the distant future." She laughs. "How long have you been a rider?"

"Almost four turns now, unbelievably," Ali responds, watching her lazed lifemate with a look of unconditional love. "It seems like just yesterday, though, when he appeared at my feet and spoke to me for the first time." Blink. Blink. The rider grins sheepishly, "Have you been to a hatching yet? Even not being on the sands, just watching from the sands, you can feel it. It's amazing."

Uillauth soothes as best as he can, blues shifting to more soothing greens, dark and rich, yet laced with gold. « Ali, my dearest…do not fret. What will be, will be - in the time between, do not try to mold yourself to what our home is like. » Images flicker through your mind, scenes pulled from your own memories of 'home.' « People are not what changed, my love - their attitudes, that is what has you so worried. » Mindvoice soothes, overwhelming surge of love and affection washing over your mind, easing your heart - that is his intent, at least.

Analia raises a brow, then shakes her head. "No, I haven't been here that long, though I hope I can. To see that kind of a pairing…" She sighs. "I would love to see it."

"If you plan to stay here at Ista, you will," Ali assures her with a nodding smile. "They happen often enough. Have to with the number of Gold's we have here, and our ever need for more pairs." As she speaks, cheerful as she may be, a sad look fills her eyes, probably from the unspoken conversation that is taking place, but it doesn't affect the spoken one. "How long have you been here, at the weyr?"

Analia smiles and nods. "About a sevenday. So not long. Any clue as to about how long til the next hatching? I've been wanting to even just watch a dragon, that's why I'm looking at your brown so much." She smiles and blushes at the same time.

Ali's heart does lighten, a bit, but the confusion still lies there, taunting her. « I don't try to do that, but it *is* different here. » Thoughts of Keris flicker into her mind. One she'll never forget, for he was her first love. They're replaced by visions of P'kar. Not love, surely, but companionship when she needed it. Eventually, they, again, settle on images of T'nar. « Here, people show affections for each other, even when they don't feel them. They hug and kiss and… » A blush, echoed in her mind and on her face, pausing her train of thought. « So how am I to know whether he touched me because he cares, or because he just wanted to do it? »

Ali's cheeks flush a light pink, and she looks away, hoping it will clear as quickly as it came. A deep breath, causing her chest to rise and fall slowly, and she faces Analia again. "It will be half a turn or so before another clutch is on the sands, I would guess. Maybe a benefit for a newcomer, actually. Might I offer a suggestion, one that might help keep you from an embarrassing situation?"

Analia nods, a bit confused, but always ready for help. "Of course. Go ahead. And why would half a turn be a benefit to a newcomer?"

"It could be a benefit," Ali explains, offering her suggestion and the answer in one, "because when a gold rises, it's felt throughout the weyr. Strongly, and it is quite often that even non-riders feel the intensity." Her fingers dragon through the sand again, creating small trails around her, "Many a green will rise between now and the next gold flight, and if you're like I was, you'll feel those as well. It's no where near as strong, but you'll know when it's happening. Flights, they affect you in ways that you may not be prepared. I wasn't, and can't honestly say that I am yet, four turns after meeting my lifemate. Let's just say that many a babe is bored nine months later, every time a Gold rises."

Komodo sits down in the sand, staring at his bandage, "Hello all."

Analia raises a brow, then turns her attention to Komodo for a moment, offering a smile. "Hello." She turns back to Ali, a still confused look on her face. "How will knowing that help me from being embarrased though? I understand the last part you said though…"

Komodo looks at the gang, "My name is Komodo, resident at Ista Hold.", he lifts up his bandaged hand and shows it to them, "This is how well the healers do their job and High Reached Weyr, absolutely amazing."

Ali nods politely in Komodo's direction before turning her attention back on Analia, "Until you've been here long enough to know whether or not you can control such…urgings, I highly suggest that you hide, as silly as that sounds." The brownrider clears her throat before continuing. "You'll get used to the greens rising, but the moment a Gold goes up, I'd suggest going into an unoccupied room, or to an unoccupied portion of the beach. It's a little overwhelming, to say the least, and I found that worked well for myself."

Analia's eyes widen as she understands, nodding slowly, a blush rising on her cheeks again. "Thanks for the suggestion. And you say no golds are going up soon, right?" She gives a smile to Komodo, adding a "Hello, I'm Analia," before returning her attention to Ali.

Komodo smiles, "I hope to be searched when the next cycle come around at Ista Weyr."

"Nae, not for a while, at least," Ali shakes her head, offering Analia a reassuring grin. "But trust me, you'll know." The visitor is offered a glance, a raised eyebrow in question. "I'm Ali, rider of brown Uillauth, there," she points at her lifemate before slumping back and looking at the water again, slithering back into the shell that a male presense always seems to bring about.

Analia smiles, nodding as well. "I do appreciate that, I'd hate to have that happen and be unaware." Her gaze moves out towards the water, sinking into herself for a moment to think, as she often does.

Ali watches in silence as the visitor wanders away once again, and shakes her head. "You're apt to meet quite a few strangers around, as well. The number of travelers that come to the weyr in hopes that a dragon might scramble off the sands and into their arms, and then stay, brokenhearted when it doesn't happen." A frown tugs at her mouth, and the looks off to the south again, toward a more private section of the beach, seemingly lost in thought.

Analia grins and nods. "Seems like a lot of people don't know the first thing about dragons. I've heard some who think they're just like flits only bigger. Pretty bad. You'd figure they'd learn about them, the truth, with all dragons do for us."

"You'd be amazed of the things that I learn every day about that fellow," Ali admits, pulling herself out of her own thoughts once again, blinking slowly. "But, to be honest, they're less difficult to understand that we are. Than, well, than men are, I guess. Human relationships are so, confusing, I guess." Another moment of silent blinking, the rider not really meaning to say what she did.

Analia nods. "No matter how well you know /anyone/ you always learn more." She grins. "Thankfully, I wouldn't know how confusing men are, haven't had the time or the interest to be in a relationship." She yawns, then slowly stands. "I'm gonna have to head in though, it's been a long day, and I'm so tired." She gives the rider an appologetic smile. "But thank you, and I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow."

Ali waves, somewhat dazed, as the younger woman walks away, turning her attention back to the rolling waves and stars over her head. "It seems that, no matter what, someone's timing is always off, doesn't it?" she speaks aloud, to herself more than to Uillauth.

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