Some Late Night Rp

[[logged by Ali]]

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

"Am I in the way?" Kita politely inquires, shifting her butt along the bench and out of the way so Teza can accomodate C'ran more…fully. Kita plays at rolling up the wet hide so as not to embarrass the pair should they wish to…indulge further. Not that anything could embarrass them.

The 'ahem' is given a saucy wink in return, the cute little pout getting only a blown kiss in return as Teza makes her way back to settle cozily next to Kita with a faint smirk. "No, you aren't in the way at all," she says brightly, wiggling a finger down the table. "Hand my that redfruit down there though, would you?" Is she behaving? More or less. Amazing. Take pictures.

C'ran shakes his head, denying that quite firmly "Of course not Kita, though… come to think of it. You're an old wingmate too. Quite unfair that I haven't been getting greeting kisses from you." no one does a cute pout like C'ran, and he's getting both cuter and poutier by the moment. "Although you still really might want to have that glass of water first."

Ali shuffles slowly into the cavern, one hand covering her mouth in an attempt to hide a tired yawn. She pauses, just inside the doorway, as the yawn forces her eyes to close, and when they open again, she blinks repeatedly and shakes her head. With a cough to announce her presence, she shuffles on to the beverage table.

Kita's eyes shift rapidly around the cavern. "…now?" she asks of C'ran, unsure as to whether he is serious or not. And there's /people/ around! Public displays of affection are a no-no…then agin, maybe C'ran is that sorta guy. She blushes furiously at his helpful suggestion, looking imploringly to Tez. "Ah Tez…" she asks, for no particular reason. And in comes Ali. A welcome distraction from humiliation, but she is quite prepared to stay near her antagoniser.

Teza's hand slides beneath the table, a knife slid from it's sheath on her thigh to chop a redfruit passed her way in half. Whee! Sharp! Half is offered with a smile to Ali and a wave of the greenrider's fruid-laden hand, the other hand helpfully waving — blade and all — in C'ran's direction. "Go ahead, Kita! Give him a proper kiss, though, to make up for mine. He'll make your toes curl," she says cheerfully, giving the brownrider a little nudge — yup, you guessed it — the Blue Boys come out of the woodwork at the prospect of Kita mid-PDA. Cat-calls and support for fellow bluerider are called, likely more of a hinderance than help.

C'ran leans back into a relaxed repose, somehow making a backless bench look like a cushioned easychair. "Well, unless you'd rather join me in my weyr? Or yours for that matter." he gives a little shrug of contentment "It would seem rather rude to step out of a conversation every time I saw you, dont' you think?" Ooo, does he detect the entry of another old friend? He tilts his head back further until he can see the rather pretty brownrider newly arrived to the cavern, in an upside-down sort of way. "Ali m'girl. Welcome to the caverns."

Ali cocks her head to the side in a quick motion, trying to grasp the concept of what is happening across the room, along with the rise of a single eyebrow. "Goo" *cough* "good evening, all," she greets, her tongue working clumsily over the words. With another cough, she turns her attention to the drinks on the table, and pours herself a mug of juice.

Kita glances to C'ran and actually looks as though she may do it- that flash of determination echoes within her eyes. However she is distracted- shame for her…or shame for C'ran?- by the blueriders. For a moment she looks tempted- it may put them in their place, but a cry of "'An I'm next, lovey!" causes her to back out. She greets her fellow female brownrider (there aren't nearly enough of 'em) with a broad grin, shooting the disappointed blueriders a savage scowl. "While you're up Ali…would you mind passing me a mug of klah? This one got…disturbed," she comments, looking down into her empty mug. One of the bluerider's strolls over to Teza, his swagger hinting at an 'ego' larger than his pants can hold. Or so he wishes. He blatantly looks the greenie up and down. "So..when does Briganth rise again? Or maybe we don't need Briganth to get involved…"

"Aw, not extending the invitation to the rest of it?" Teza murmurs in C'ran's direction, head tipped downwards as she tries on her out version of the fetching pout he had, hers relying on big eyes and a Harper's skill with the voice. Pout is instantly dropped as one of the boys makes his way over, dark eyes flicking back over her shoulder to give him a lingering, thoughtful once over. When she opens her mouth a bit, not licking her lips but running her tongue along her teeth with a faint smirk, the answer seems obvious — until she makes a rude noise. "Darling, neither you nor your dragon has nearly the, ah, wingspan to interest me, or Briganth. Besides that, one proper kiss and you'd be out of commision." Beam. The blatant fingering of the knife helps get her point — so to speak — accross as well.

C'ran glances over at the rowdy blueriders. Those boys give his dragon a bad name. "And what makes you think you have to wait kiddo. I'll be right back Kits." Pushing himself up from the bench and out of that easy comfort he achieves, he saunters over to the bluerider who spoke, eyes him blatantly up and down with a look that says something might be lacking, then leans down to press his lips hard to the man's. Indeed, the man's toes do curl in responce, until after a few moments, C'ran straightens and smiles brightly. "Come back when you've grown up a bit… lovey." and then turns his back, his tight little rear end giving a little wiggle as he returns to his seatmates.

"Klah? Oh, um, sure," Ali's nod is nothing more than a teeny bob of her head, but she seems relieved for the moment. Maybe because it means she has a few moments longer to stay near the beverages without seeming rude to her friends? Or just because she's less like to make a fool of herself while socializing with the drinks than with the firestorm wingriders. "Do you, I mean, well, sweetner?" she manages to stammer the words out, just being in the presence of a rowdy group tying her tongue in knots. A single deep inhalation, and she sets her shoulders back, standing up straight and tall, a look of determination in her eyes. She can handle this group. Can't she?

"Please," Kita asks in an answer to Ali's question. "A couple of scoops. I have a feeling I may need the…erm…energy tonight." Kita suddenly blooms into a bright red..thing, and she looks everywhere but at C'ran. This doesn't last long however, for his kiss of one of the blueriders brings her eyes open wide. Unable to help herself she begins to giggle, clamping a hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. The quite thoroughly kissed bluerider intially looks disgusted, wiping at his lips ferociously. He then seems to reconsider, looking at C'ran thoughtfully. His friends are silent in shock. Eventually the bluerider smiles a sultry smile at C'ran, and turns to walk out the bowl. He grips the pants of his leathers a little tighter, pulling the material across his butt. Kita glances to Ali to see how she copes with all of this.

Who can't handle Teza? She's a little sweet thing, just like the company she keeps! Speaking of which — "Ooooh, I bet he starts chasing after the males now," she says to her companions, giving the blue a smirk as he walks out with a shake of her head. "You know, C'ran, the rest of those blues really need to work out more. You've probably got the best butt in the lot. No" Voice lifted so the others can hear, particularly the B.B.'s, she adds, "I -know- you do." Beam. "And wit besides." The last is mostly for Kita's ears, jab aimed at the boys who seem to live in the caverns here. "A novelty."

When unsure what else do to, Ali sticks to doing what she does best, and attempts to keep her attention elsewhere as long as possible. Fortunately, for her, it keeps her busy while her blueriders make flirt with green and with one another. A couple of scoops, right. "One. Two. There we go," she mumbles sofly under her breath, spooning in the sweetner and stirring it up a bit. Another deep breath, and she picks up the mugs, carefully holding the hot on by the handle, and moves toward the small gathering of friends. "Klah, doubled sweet, for you Kita," she offers, holding out the steaming mug.

C'ran settles back down into his seat with a nice bit of pose. Sharing a rather amused smile with Teza, they are too much alike. "My invitation is to either or both of you dear Teza, and certainly need not limit itself to a kiss." he licks his lips temptingly, wide smile curving up to resemble a cheshire cat "Though I really can't quite picture Kits wanting to nip off for a bit of a tumble as a greeting. Can you?" he false-whispers. The bluerider is quite ignored. That teensy tail can't hold a candle to his own, nor to any of the girls around him for that matter. "Why thank you Tez. Would that be why you were trying to direct our lovely brownrider friend to it in the baths the other night?" he inquires sweetly. This should settle that debate for good.

"Ali, you're a marvel," Kita breathes, gratefully accepting the mug and taking a long drink. "Why don't you come and join us?" Now this should be interesting. "We're just..chatting." The fact that Kita keeps her eyes fixed to the floor as she says this tells of the untruth of her statement. She smiles a little weakly at Teza's compliments towards C'ran, but stiffens at his question. Yes, let's settle this debate for good! "No, she was directing me to a much better, more precise point on which to massage a person! That's it! Nothing more!" The klah is suddenly finished in a quick movement.

Teza's evil. Kita's firm denial earns the brownrider a sly smile before her eyes shift back to C'ran with an incline of her head. "Indeed. Kita here, darling though she is, tends to be a bit shy sometimes. Nothing wrong with taking a moment appreciate the -giving- of a good massage, head to tail and back," she says firmly, a slice of fruit lifted in salute of her words. Aaaah. Greenrider wisdom. Gotta love it.

"Well, I'd like to, really," Ali manages to get out a sentence fragment without stammering, "but, well, I should probably get up to my weyr and get some rest. Early drills in the morning, and all." Not once does the younger rider's gaze shift away from the mug of juice in her hands, though the look of concentration on her face shows that it's requiring quite an effort.

C'ran crosses his arms and gives Kita a very smug look "Ha, you see. I told you she was." he knows Teza quite well, and her machinisms, while quite subtle, are visible to his experienced eyes. "And worst of all, you never did." uh oh, he's settling back into that cute little pout, its quite dangerous when he does so. Who knows what me might use it for, good or evil. "My poor little rear-end remains ungroped by you." surely Ali cannot resist staying to see the outcome of such world-class pouting.

"Aww, have a seat. You're a wingsecond, right? You can tell 'im to hold back an hour or two — or three — with the drills, eh?" Beam! Responsible Teza, no? Another amused look is turned on C'ran at his interpretation of her words, but she does not argue with it, instead turning a bright smile on Kita. "Yes, that's right, you never did. A lot of tension gathers down there, what with all the riding we do, on dragons and all." More greenrider logic! "I'm sure the poor boy is -horribly- sore by now."

"Naw, not with T'rell in charge," Ali complains and shakes her head. With a little will-power, she forces herself to actually look at each of those present, and shares a sweet smile all around. "If I don't sleep tonight, I'll be the one being skinned alive during drills, and with it being my job to break in a new wingmember, I really shouldn't." Wow, full and complete sentences! "I'm just going to take my juice and go on to bed, but, um," she pauses, licking her lips a little nervously, "thanks for the invite. Good evening."

Ali wiggles the fingers of her free hand and offers a smile before turning and shuffling tiredly back toward the bowl.

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