Serafa's Search

[[logged by N'ano]]


Logfile from Nanoc

Tree Branch

A small set of platforms bridge the narrow gap between this old tree's narrow branches. The lowest one is set out far enough above the bay that one might dare to 'dive' back into the waters below, while others make for a quiet getaway from the day to day noise of weyr-life. Weyrlings have stashed the usual assortment of snacks on some of the higher ledges, a few old tapestries softening the wood beneath to make the hideout rather comfortable.

Crude boards make a squeaky ladder down to the beach below, while thick branches rise out towards the lake and up towards the tree above.

It is a summer afternoon.

Delsen is here.

Obvious exits:


Serafa clambers up from the beach below.

Delsen nods his head slightly while listening to N'ano, then glances over at Serafa. He grins, offering his own greeting, "Hello, I'm Delsen.." Glances back at N'ano, waiting for him to finish what he was saying.

Serafa scrambles the rest of the way up the tree and perches there watching the two boys. "Pleased ta meet ya Delsen" she offers along with her hand. Her interrupt something? No never! "Seems like familys just coming out of the woodwork at the moment ay N'ano?" She grins and sends a little wink his way.

N'ano bobs his head, grinning "Sorta.. he's actually been up here for a while—he's a nanny… just ain't ever had the spare time to hang out with 'em, y'know?" Idly swinging his leg, he looks down upon the beach and the bronzen lump burying himself "Uh huh… interestin'…"

Delsen glances back at Serafa, sees her hand, and takes it in his, offering a brief shake, before letting go. "Yup, I've been here for awhile.." that's all he says. Lets let N'ano do all the talking, right now. Delsen also looks down at the beach and watches the bronze dragon.

Serafa's watched that bronze lump enough times so instead she studies them once more. "You know you too do kinda look similar" she remarks twirling a wisp of hair in her fingers. "I see you are a nanny Delsen. Didja know Chelle?" What? She was a nanny too before she impressed and stuff.

N'ano studies Delsen's face for a moment before directing his attention back towards Serafa, shrugging "If ya say so… I mean, we are cousins 'n all—so I guess it's 'k that we do." Grinning, he starts slipping down the tree, looking up on his way "He's itchy… maybe I should leave you two alone?" winking, he continues down until *thunk* he's on the ground.

You shimmy down the branch, back into the pool.

Waterfall's Basin

The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.

One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.

It is a summer afternoon.

Bronze Bydelth is here.

Obvious exits:

Branch Forest Path

Delsen climbs into the pool from a branch.

Serafa climbs into the pool from a branch.

"C'/mon/ Byd! Yea— I know… but buryin' yourself ain't gonna help it… shard it, Seffy!" As the other two emerge from the tree, he summons both over "You don't have any like—I 'unno, anti-itch salve on ya, do you?"

Serafa rummages through her ever-present baksak. "Um I may have a teensy bit of numb-weed that should help shouldnt it?" She asks after all she's only training to help humans, N'ano's the one learning to heal dragons. "Ah-Ha there it is!" Her grin is triumphant as she withdraw's a tiny pot from her bag.

Delsen simply nods his head at N'ano, grinning at the dragon, "Having fun?" he calls out, starting to walk over to the bronze dragon and rider, "Anti-itch salve? Nope.. but it probably would have been smart if you brought some with you, wouldn't it? Well.. I gotta head back to the kids.. Make sure they haven't made a mess of everything." he glances over at Serafa, "Nice to meet you.." then starts to head back.

Delsen stretches and then meanders back up the beach and into the forest.

N'ano wrinkles his nose, gladly accepting the salve if it'll mean that he'll stop itching. "I swear, he's growin' 'gain…" As Bydelth pops his head above the sand, N'ano moves in closer to see the source of the irritation "Do trundlebugs bite? Looks like a bite or somethin'…" Waving Serafa closer, he points. "Whatcha think?"

Serafa peers closly at the indicated piece of hide and frowns. "Um. If it were on a person I would say that it was a bite?" She offers her semi-professional opinion. "But I dont know, dragon hide is smooth usually isnt it?" She takes a small finger of the slaves and gently rubs it on the spot, it cant hurt after all.

Not at all, hence why Bydelth's kicking his foot like a canine getting a really good belly rub. Oh yeah baby, do it again! Grinning, N'ano steps back, bobbing his head "Ayethink that did the trick, though he'll probably still be buggin' me all night." Sighing, he lowers himself into a cross-legged position amongst the sands "So how's it goin'? You like Delsen?" he grins michievously, glancing towards the path where his cousin departed "Shardin'never seen someone so attached to multiples of kids—'cept Chelle, of course."

Serafa shrugs one shoulder, the other occupied with itching the bronze hide. "He seemed okay" Translation: she wants him. "Yeah that could be a little bit of a problem. I cant get to know him better if he's always looking after kids" Rolling her eyes she adds "Other peoples kids at that"

N'ano nods "Yeahwell, when you're watchin' over Neana and Ryran, you could always let him go back to the nannieshad him there 'fore, y'know… well, 'cept in the evenin's… then you took 'em from me," he chuckles, continuing "I think he'd like ya… I don't think he's had a girl in a few turns."

Serafa frowns once again. "But he does know what to do with a girl right?" she asks her brown eyes obviously concerned. "I dont think I saw him when I dropped the littles off at the nannies the other day." She woulda remembered something that fine in amoungst all the children-y stuff.

N'ano shakes his head "He just got back from a visit to Igen—was there for a month. My auntie… his mum, lives there still." Flopping backwards, he fans his eyes from the sun, though the necessity to do so doesn't seem much more of a need as Byd leans over at him, wuffling him with draggie snot. It's outta lurve, really! "Thanks buddy."

Serafa giggles and then frowns some more, the only thing better than getting it straight from the runners mouth was getting it from the runners cousin. "He's not like overly attached to his mother is he?" She pauses her itching for a moment "Or overly fond of the children?" Basically he is a red-blooded male isnt he?

N'ano sits up, laughing "No no… he ain't no momma's boy, don't worry 'bout that… he was just visitin' his family, that's all… I've got a billion cousins still over in Igen!" he grins, leaning back to whack at his lifemate "You gonna lick me clean now?" the latter towards Bydelth—not the healer, really.

Serafa tries to look all innocent and maidenly, but somehow it just doesnt seem to work. "Isnt that what Hyti is suposed to do now?" She teases before asking in a smaller voice "And you think he would go for me?" It appears that someone is sick of being single.

Hytiaf arrives from the Weyr-paths, accompained by the crash and tumble of the waterfall.

N'ano facepalms, flopping backwards onto the sands once again, digging the back of his head into the softness "No! I meangah! Shaddup!" he retorts through choked laughter, turning his head ever so slightly only to see, speak of the devil, Hyti!emerging from the path anyway. "Heya… Oh! She might know what's wrong with 'em, right?" N'ano questions, cocking his attention back towards Serafa for a moment before waving Hyti on over. "I think Byd got bit by one of 'em trundlebugs…"

Hytiaf knows everything healerish doesnt she? why else would she be Serafa's mentor after all. "It wouldnt hurt, But how is he getting bitten in the first place?" She asks with curiousity, after all prevention is always better than a cure

*Serafa's pose*

Hytiaf wrinkles her nose slowly, constantly rubbing her hands together. Yup. Her N'ano detector was working at full power. She had ment to come for a quiet moment by the waterfall, but managed to find N'ano again. Not that it was a bad thing. it was actually a pleasant surprise. She blinks first at N'ano, then over to Serafa and wrinkles her nose. "Ummm.. But,.. " Sure, she could just state that N'ano was the dragonhealer and he should take care of it, but that was probably not the right thing to say. "Why do you say he was bitten? What's the problem?"

N'ano shrugs, shuffling upon his knees towards Bydelth's side again, pointing directly towards his forepaw "It looks like a bite… he said it was itchy…" And N'ano's just a trainee, afterall. Better to have the proper authority look over it. "Got some numbweed, so it ain't botherin' him anymore."

Hytiaf scratches her head and kneels down beside Bydelth's foreclaw, eying and even poking the offending injury. "OH.. Hello there, Bydelth. I heard you were having problems with an itch?" She eyes the ailment and bites her lip. "WEll, it looks like a bite, alright.. but." She shrugs. "There's really not much you can do, other than numbweed it to keep it from itching."

"What?" Randomness. Gotta love it. Who knows who N'ano's talking to. "Oh, huh? Oh… okay," the latter directed towards Hyti as he returns to reality "Numbweed, got it. Thanks!" he grins, settling back onto the sand again, patting it beside him "Mind if I hook Seffy up with my cousin Delsen? I meanthere's those uh… rules." The ones that /everyone/ follows, really… "I meanyou know, nothin' serious, I don't think… he's just lonely 'n all…"

Serafa is quitely washing her hands in the pool when she hears N'ano asking Hytiafs permission for her to be set up. Trying to keep her choking to a minium she stops what she is doing to listen to her mentors answer. She really prefers to sneak, but a sanctioned relationship may just have enough novelty to be interesting.

Hytiaf blinks and makes her way over to sit next to N'ano. He was sure full of questions tonight. "I suppose so. I mean, introducing them is a normal enough thing and well, then it would be up to them to follow the rules, and everyone knows I trust Serafa impliciantly.. but don't do it if Serafa doesn't want to… Besides, nothing may happen at all.."

N'ano grins, quirking a brow at Serafa, awaiting her reply. Oh yeah, she wants him alrightDelsen, that is. He can tell… 'cause he's Super N'ano, you know? Got that psychic ability. "I'm sure she won't mindand I can convince Del too… so great! This'll be interestin', I think."

Serafa pokes her tongue out at N'ano. "Yeah well one sucess does not a match-maker…er….make!" She bluffs gesturing at the couple on the other side of the dragon. "Sides I may have just um well you know terrified him" She grins, all she asked was if there was anything wrong with him and well he ran away. Go figure!

Hytiaf laughs a little bit, and lets her hand rest on N'ano's. "YOu never really did find some guy for me. I think you might want to hang up your title of Matchmaker and just rejoice when something actually does happen." She smiles sweetly and wrinkles her nose at him. "Though, Serafa, if this Delsen guy is lonely, he might just need a friend. YOu should at least meet him." What side is Hyti on anyway?

N'ano rolls his eyes "Well, I know Del—he's shy, yeah, but once he gets to know ya…" he grins michievously, bending his head back to look at Byd "Whaa?" he near-whines, flopping over backwards to look at his lifemate, becoming silent for a moment's time in silent conversation, his face growing quite expressionless during the ordeal. Eventually, he does snap out of it, raising a brow at Hyti "Wha, so I ain't good 'nough for ya?" he mock-pouts. "Hey, can't say I didn't try, eh?"

Serafa settles on the sand close, but not so close to the couple as to catch thier cooties. "Um yeah well, as long as he doesnt blush and run away /every/ single time we meet I guess I can live with it" Any idea how annoying that can be? "Yeah I take a bit of getting used to dont I?" She grins at the both of them wickedly, she wants to see 'em squirm.

Hytiaf wrinkles her nose. "Well, I didn't say you weren't good enough, I just said that you didn't find anyone." She grins and wrinkles her nose again. How could she notice Serafa's antics when N'ano was around. "Besides, I think i am much happier with your lack as a matchmaker." She lightly grips his hand and looks over at Serafa finally. "Hmm? Yes? umm.. I don't know. Most people do?"

"Heeey… Seffy" So it might be a little off topic now, but oh well "Byd has another itch…" he pauses, sighing before glancing at Hyti, and then back at Serafa "He's got an itch that you'd make a good good candidate to stand for Dhia's clutch…" And now another glance is given towards Hyti, asking silent permissionafter all, Serafa does need it, doesn't she? Probably… makes sense anyway. Oh right, better make sure Serafa wants to first "Are you willin'? Byd really likes ya… 'pecially from gettin' rid of the other itch, but this one's gonna bug him till you answer," he winks.

Bydelth winks an eye toward N'ano and cranes his neck around to whuffle the girl. A little nudge is offered her and another puff of air blown into her face. Take that as a good sign.

If she hadnt already been sitting down she woulda fallen down. That coming completely out of the blue and all. "Well we cant have that now can we?" she grins gaining some composure. "N'ano and Bronze Bydelth I would be honored to accept your invitation" She intones formally, of course the excitement will hit her any moment now.

Hytiaf blinks for a moment, and looks at N'ano for a moment. He knew what that meant, right? She would have one less apprentice so.. more work to do. "AHH.. well, I suppose is better to have you Searched here, rather than somewhere else." She looks from Serafa back to N'ano. "I always lose my best apprentices to Searches. I lost my Caylea to High reaches just a little bit before you and Serafa arrived." She turns back to Serafa and smiles at her. "Congradulations."

N'ano grins, reaching a hand over to embrace Hyti "Well, think 'bout it this way—I spent a /big/ portion of my candidacy scrubbin' the 'firmary, so you can abuse her s'much as me!" he chuckles, standing and offering a hand up "Well, she should probably go get settled into the barracks then… then we could all go get somethin' to eat… no?" Grinning towards Serafa moment's later, he adds "And congrats from me, as wee!"


Serafa stands up a little shakily, dusting herself off with great concentration, keeping her mind on the little things was keeping her mind off the big thing. "Yeah that would be good" She murmurs before treating them both to a big grin. "Thanks you guys" That's for the congratulations. The rolling of her eyes is for the mention of the chores. She had forgotten about that.

Hytiaf takes N'ano's hand and stands up slowly, a smile on her face. She nods and wrinkles her nose. "Yes.. then i'll help you move some of your stuff and a good sleeping cot into the barracks. I can't say the ones in there are comfortable." She wrinkles her nose. "come on, lets get you moved in."

"Brace y'self, kid… you're in for a /dutiful/… 'member how exhausted /I/ was?" N'ano chuckles, winking again "You'll remember it for the rest of y'like though… but anyway, let's take a shortcut… mount on up Byd!"

You clamber up Bydelth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Serafa clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Hytiaf clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Up up up and away! You leap into flight, scattering sand.

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