Name: Sauni
Age: 14

Mother: Kia bluerider of Valanth
Father: Either B'au or S'nin (Kia wouldn't say for sure who, maybe she didn't know!)


Sauni was born and bred at Ista Weyr, regardless of her parentage being a toss up she knew she had dragonriding parents and was proud of it. A precocious child she had the run of her mothers weyr after her brother Kano now K'ano left to find himself. He's a strange one without purpose really but he's impressed and so she figures he can't be all flighty boy in there. Even if he's ten years older then her or thereabouts.

More recently she's started trying to find her own place, having reached an age where one does such things like that in the weyr. It's a time of turmoil to begin the road into responsibility and adulthood. Regardless of the shortages around the weyr right now it seems she's found her place… making art. It's not even a useful kind of art really but the teenager seems to enjoy it and even occasionally manages to trade it for something edible. With her mother having moved to Southern to concentrate more on the Stars she's at least trying to make it on her own. Though… there's always S'nin to go to should she really need it. And perhaps… perhaps next time she won't be left standing on the sands.


Quirky and more often than not amused with the world that's Sauni. She likes to make something out of nothing and usually it comes out in her sculptures of this or that. Even if no one else understands them and this doesn't bother her in the least. She doesn't really have a temper, which is odd considering her mothers penchant for flying off the handle but what can you do.

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