Saria's Retirement Party

7:09 pm MOO time.

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Party at Ista Weyr - come help us celebrate Sr. WW Saria's IC retirement! There'll be food, wine, and festivities for all!
— entered by Saria on 2002-11-22 19:13 MOO Time. (1 minute and 40 seconds)

You go into the living cavern.
Living Cavern (#4190)
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are fifteen firelizards.
You see Decorations, Seven-Layer Tiered Cake, A tray of hors'd'ouevres, Party Table, Wine Table, Banner, and The Harper's Band here.
Saria, D'baji, M'er, and E'an are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Saria's long, wavy chestnut hair glints with reddish copper highlights, plaited neatly to the back of her head and secured with a ribbon. A few soft, delicate curls, like ringlets, fall from the braid at all times, framing her face, and causing her to brush them from her chocolate brown eyes. If you knew her before she was searched, you will surely notice the depth and clarity her eyes have taken on since her Impression to her lifemate and love, gold Quarith. Her smooth, creamy skin is an almost startling contrast to her eyes and hair, and her heart-shaped mouth turns up in the slightest of smiles as she notices your gaze, a change from her usual serious demeanor.
The Weyrwoman is resplendent in a gown of deepest berry, simple v-neck and three-quarter length sleeves trimmed with intricate gold embroidery that swirls and flows, as does the dress down to her mid-calves, pleats rippling down and accented by the belt of braided gold cord at her waist. Hair, normally braided, is pulled up at her ears and knotted at the back of her head, while the remainder flows loosely auburn over her shoulders. A pair of matching berry slippers complete the simple but elegant outfit.
She is an older adult of about 53. She is awake and looks alert.

Brenlis walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dea toe dances in from the Southeastern Bowl.

The harpers are over in the corner, taking out their instruments and tuning; Weyr cooks and drudges, looking especially sharp this evening, move among the arriving guests and offer them hors'd'ouevres.

Saria is almost overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of a rather large group of guests. She calls out to each in turn, moving over toward the entrance of the LC so that she can receive them as they come in, greeting them with a smile and an embrace.

Dea waves to a few people she knows as she heads to the wine table. Looking over the bottles for a moment, she smiles. "Hmmmm…" and a glass is filled, as she's off again to find some good company and wait her turn to greeting the Guest of Honor.

D'baji couldn't possibly miss /Saria's/ party, and enters with a rather determined step. The cake is eyed, grinned at, an ear tilted towars the harpers, and a sniff sent towards the food. All this right at the entrance, at which point he offers a proper, and even crisp, salute. "Senior Weyrwoman Saria," is said quite respectfully, before he adds, "Felt I needed to use the title at least once, y'see…"

A drudge passes around with a tray of wineglasses, followed by another bearing various vintages, some of the vintners' finest, "Care for some wine?" they ask politely of the guests as they mingle through.

E'an enters in broad sweeping movies, dressed in party garb, with a large fur drapped over him in cape fashion, as well. He slips past the other guests, and deftly grabs a glass from a drudge's tray, taking a sip and finding his way to some familiar person or another. "Hello!"

"Yes, Suith, I'll bring you a fishroll," he notes out loud to his ichthy-loving lifemate. He suddenly tries his best to look formally poised, though he's not bothered to fix a whole lot on his outfit for the occasion. But he seems to have scrub his shoes, and gotten the stain out of his shirt. "Hello, Weyrwoman," he adds respectfully.

As D'baji passes her with a salute and his terribly formal greeting, Saria gets a twinkle in her eye. She returns the salute — and then follows it with a great hug for the young bronzerider. "Tonight," she says with a slowly spreading smile, "Tonight, I'm just 'Saria', D'baji. Enjoy the party!" She lets him go, and pats him on the shoulder, moving to greet M'er.

Kirsyn sidles, hips a-swaying, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Hannah enters the living caverns with a little hesitation. Eyes move nervously around the room, a sign of the shyer weyrwoman's discomfort, but it does disipate a bit when she sees the decorations. "Pretty!" Winding her way through the crowds, she finds Saria. "Saria," she begins warmly, "The 'Caverns look great."

Saria smiles at the greenrider. "Hello, M'er - thank you for coming!" She gives him a hug, "I hope you.. and Suith.. will enjoy the buffet?" She turns to Dea, giving her a hug as she comes through the line of well-wishers. "I'm so glad you were able to make it!" She smiles broadly.

M'er smiles warmly at Saria, and shushes the firelizards on his shoulder as they try to tone in their own little squeaks, "No problem… and I'm sure me — and Suith — will." Beam.

D'baji's eyes widen a bit for the name, but he nods, moving to catch one of the drudges with the wineglasses. Once that's done, gaze is cast towards the entrance- must know who all's here. Hannah is spotted, a nervous gulp is given, and he distracts himself by approaching M'er, looking all hopeful and everything. "Hi?"

Kirsyn is here to represent Harper. And play, no doubt, if given the chance. The senior apprentice has a gitar-case slung over her shoulder, and is humming idly. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to direct her to where she's supposed to play, and be kind enough to inform her of the type of music preferred?

Saria smiles at Hannah, "Ah, I'm glad you've arrived! Yes, the decorations turned out just beautifully!" She gives smaller Hannah a slightly bent-over hug and squeezes her shoulder, "Due in no small part to your help," she adds. "Everything's just perfect." She grins at Hannah, "I'd better continue to greet the guests," she says, moving off to mingle a bit.

Dea hugs Saria back, almost spilling her wine, "Here's to you Saria, the most understanding Gold Rider I've had the privilege to serve under." She rises her glass. "Won't miss it for all the Threadfall on Pern."

Karin walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

M'er turns to peers at D'baji, and then chuckles, "Hey, 'Baji." Well, at least he has a warm personality right now. Apparently, Suith isn't proddy. "How've you been? Haven't talked for a while…" Different wings and all, you know.

The headwoman steps up to Kirsyn, seeing her looking for the Harpers, "There's some of your Harper folks over there a'ready," she points to a platform in the corner, "Yer most welcome - The Weyrwoman's asked ye play some lively music - lots'a'dancin', she wanted, she did!"

"Good, good," D'baji nods, swirling the wine, taking a gulp, and beaming slightly. "Yeah, s'been a while… But Nverath's kept in good colour and I've done m'best to keep up with stuff, and… And… There's a buffet." Grin. "How 'bout yourself, you an' Suith doing well?"

Apparently the ties of family stretch far- Karin, one hand resting lightly on her aunt's arm as if to provide the neatly clad weyrbrat with some semblance of an anchor in unfamilar surroundings, trots in quietly on a wave of High Reaches riders come to pay their respects to Saria.

Once Dea's been properly hugged, Saria takes a glass from a passing drudge and raises it to Dea in return, "Thank you, Dea, that was a kind sentiment," she drinks a sip of the wine. "And to you - a more dedicated rider we'd be hard pressed to find!"

Hannah returns the hug and smiles, "I just helped a little." Nodding her understanding she spies a harper. Quickly, the small weyrwoman moves toward Kirsyn, but stops when she sees the Headwoman tell her where to go. Shy smiles are given here and there before she escapes to the table laden with hors'd'ouevres. Picking up one, she nibbles on it, eyes focused on the party to make sure things don't hitch up. She wouldn't want Saria to have to worry about anything.

Dea snickers, "Ohh you usually find me. Z'diah sends his regards, btw." A sip of wine and she's called away to talk to someone else. A nod to the GoldRider, she moves off to give someone else a place in line.

M'er peers over to the buffet, and concurs with a soft nod. "And it's good that you and Nverath are doing good. Me and Sui are doing good, too. Everything… is good. How… dull." He brightens up a bit, though, "I think I got Threadscore that may have scarred, though!" And, he wants this?
Kirsyn beams at the headwoman, nodding her thanks, and trilling a welcome to those in her craft, sneaking the gitar out of her case, and joining into the musical fray, strumming. Gitar (or any instrument, for that matter) not being Kirsyn's forte, there area a few areas where she botches something. But for the most part, it's lively music. For dancing.

D'baji nearly bounces for that news (though manages to resist- that could spill wine). "A /threadscore/? I mean, that's not good, but really? A scar would be really, really neat…" As Deb relaxes and backs up a turn or two… "Can I see? Or… Wait. Where is it?"

"It's on my…" M'er whispers as if no one may hear his words. Oh the naughty suspense! Suddenly, the greenrider practically shouts, "Foot!" Haha, got you. He still smiles, "And I bet it would impress the ladies to have a scar." Not that M'er isn't ladylike most of the time, himself.

Letida- High Reaches' colours twining around one green-clad shoulder- takes her place in the line of people to offer greetings and polite words to the Weyrwoman. Karin simply hangs off her arm, blinking serenely around the caverns.

Nodding to Dea, Saria smiles and walks over toward Brenlis. "I'm so glad you joined us. It's been too long since I've seen you," she adds with a gentle hug.

Dea quietly grabs up some food from the buffet and just as quietly sneaks out. With a quick salute to everyone, out the door she goes.
Dea toe dances to the Bowl.

G'deon quietly strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Brenlis smiles back at Saria. "Yes, it's been a while. I hope you've been well."

D'baji nods towards M'er, expression managing to go perfectly serious for a good few seconds. "Yeah, it would! Even if it's on your foot… Maybe y'could show me one day, though? I mean, I know I'm not a lady, but I promise not to be impressed by it in that way. And… And… Yeah. Suith wasn't hit too, was she?"

Radel walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

With a warm squeeze of her hands, Saria greets Letida, and then runs a gentle hand over Karin's hair with a smile. Karin reminds her of her own daughter at that age. "It's so kind of you to come! Thank you. I hope you have a fine time - please make yourselves at home!"

Hannah hovers around the serving tables, offering smiles and 'hello's' whenever someone approaches her. She continues to nibble on the hors'd'ouevres to keep her nervous hands busy. Ever so often she touches her eye, which is healing nicely, but is osmething that she's self concious about.

M'er grins and nods happily, "I could show you, sure. And you can be impressed by it, I don't mind." He chuckles and glances down to his boot, to which he 'hmms' at. "And, no, she didn't. But she was getting stir crazy, because I didn't have to go fight Thread for a few days when I first got hit."
"Thank you, Weyrwoman." Letida's own smile is just as warm- Karin blinks calmly up at Saria, then offers a small, polite bob of her head in greeting- and she offers a few brief words of congratulations- propelling Karin in the direction of the tables of food, which the girl obediently starts towards. "How are you?"

D'baji shivers slightly, nodding. "Nverath'd be insane if he couldn't go and flame stuff, I'm sure," is enthused. "Poor Suith. But glad you're doing well and all… Anyway, I'll catch you later for that, yeah?" A glance is tossed Hannah's way here. "I should probably go, umm… Take are of some stuff." And so, the bullet is bitten, and D'baji nods to M'er, and heads towards the goldrider. Meep.

Hannah sees the Weyrsecond heading her way and she blushes. However, lips curve into an inviting smile and she murmurs softly, "Hello. You are looking well."

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G'deon strolls in slowly as he quickly works to straighten his jacket and shirt. He runs a hand through his hopeless mop of blond hair while giving the living caverns a fast once-over. It doesn't take long to distinguish one particular crowd, so he begins making his way towards it, stopping now and then to chat with a familiar person or return other greetings.

"You too?" is offered sheepishly to Hannah, along with the slightest of grins. "I… Err…" Hmm. "How's the eye doing? And I promise not to ask you to dance tonight- even if it'd probably be safer in public…" By now his blush matches his hair, and D'baji is fidgetting rather horribly.

A small group of Harpers walks into the lower caverns. Most of them j'men, except for the lowly apprentice in the back, they split off and start circulating through the crowd, amiably greeting people and stopping once in a while to play short songs for individual groups when requested. The apprentice, Radel, quickly makes his way to the only other non-journeyman harper in the room, Kirsyn.

Kirsyn continues to play under the instruction of a few Journeyman, feet twitching in time to the notes she's playing. Of course, this is a prime opportunity for Kirsyn to make eyes at a fellow Harper-type, before she spots Radel coming over, reluctantly sighing and turning her attention to the new arrival as she gets a brief respite from strumming her fingers off.

Saria glances around, "I'm overwhelmed by all of this," she says frankly to Letida, "And I'm excited to think of what I might be able to do once I retire. I might finally have time to help teach at the Healer Hall again," she says a bit wistfully, then sees G'deon and a few others enter the room. "Please excuse me, I want to say hello to a few others. Do have some wine and food - and I'm sure there's something with less of a punch for this sweet young lady," she adds with a wink for Karin.

Hannah absently touches her eye, now a yellowy-brown color. "Ahh, it's much better. Is it too noticeable?" Nervous woman looks at the bronzerider as if asking him to lie. Begging him to lie. "Oh, but it was fun dancing. I wouldn't suggest it in the caverns though, we might both be giving all of these people bruises." She does her best to try and set him at ease.

"Of course." Letida allows, with immaculate grace- she turns, to free Saria, and gives Karin a stern look. "/No/ drinking of anything /other/ than juice, young lady." Somehow Karin manages to politely pretend that she didn't hear her aunt, and scoots across the room to go and talk to Areen- who is hugging a shadowy corner with a skin of some probably undefinable drink.

D'baji shakes his head, making sure not to flail at all near Hannah. That didn't work too well last time… "Only noticeable to me, 'cause I… Imagine stuff and worry and all. And yeah, more bruises certainly aren't good. Umm… So, I'm gonna get food, and then I'll be back, 'kay?" Not that he's not at ease or anything, just that he's… Embarrassed.

Radel smiles as he gets nearer Kirsyn and makes a couple of hand motions, indicating a free table in the corner. Seems he's going to be waiting for her there while she finishes off her playing.

A breezy kiss is blown over Teza's shoulder, back at the poor brownrider she neatly dodged around, taking advantage of a lack of height to weasel her way forward. The greenrider folds her hands on her hips, head tipping to the side as she eyes collection of notables and promptly flings herself into the mess with a careless stride forward. Trying to insert herself in Saria's path, she relieves a tray of a glass of red, red wine while taking in the local conversation.

M'er quietly wishes poor D'baji luck as he leaves to talk to other people. Biting the bullet must be kind of painful, anyway. The greenrider saunters lazily over to the buffet, considering his choices in quiet contemplation.

Saria makes her way through the crowd toward the newly-arrived G'deon, stopping briefly here and there to nod her head and greet folks. Her berry-coloured gown flows about her ankles as she walks toward the bronzerider, only to be waylaid by a sudden.. Teza! Stopping short, her wine nearly sloshing out of its' glass, she smiles and gives her a hug. "Teza, I'm so glad you could make it! How's Briganth?"

E'an has been off somewhere… drunk, most likely, but now emerges, only /slightly/ swaggering. "Some part. Fine wine, too." Burp. "Ah, me. To be ignored by everyone here…" Which he's convinced himself that he has been, seeing as no one greeted him upon his entrance originally (that he knew, at least). "Just me and you, Sir Wine," he tells his glass, before draining the last of its contents. "Ugh. Don't… get… drunk.. on wine. Beer. Ale. Is better." Right.

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Hannah smiles at D'baji's retreating back and goes to get a glass of wine herself. Delicately, she wipes her fingers on a provided napkin and picks a wine of her choosing, taking a moment to read it's card. Once glass is in hand, she attempts to mingle again. Teza is given a smile and wave as is G'deon.

A delicate nose is wrinkled at E'an with a tsk-tsk noise given as Teza passes him. "What if it's -madam- wine?" The low alto voice carries the amused note with ease, the pitch sounding entirely at home. With a little wriggle she edges her way through a pair of blueriders to return Saria's hug. "Oooh. Briganth. Yes. Well. She's spoiled," the rider says flatly, making a cross face. "Didn't even want to get me down for this. What am I to do, climb? Hike? Little brat." Up on her tiptoes, the auburn-haired shortie wiggles her fingers at Hannah before turning back to Saria with a broad smile. "You'll be missed if you run off. I was always proud to be a part of Ista."

Lacara walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

M'er goes home.

Kirsyn joins back in the music, as a poke from a frowning Journeyman has her grumbling and joining back into the flow of the music. The apprentice /does/ get some hip-movement in there, however. For the Journeyman of her choice, who's clearly oblivious. A reluctant pout's given, before Kirsyn focuses on her music. Like she was supposed to all along.

Karin goes home.

"I've no plans to run off just yet, Teza," she says with a glance around the Caverns. "I love it here too much. But I am looking forward to being able to do a few things I've been putting off for a long time." Her eyes glaze a moment, and then she laughs softly with a little scoff. "No, Quarith, I was /not/ referring to giving you a bath!"

Hannah hugs Hyzen! Hyzen looks wary as you wrap your arms around her, one brow lifting slowly before she offers a quick embrace in return. 'Now you better run… and fast,' is all she offers as a thundering in the distance can be heard.

E'an blinks, suddenly revitalized by a glimpse of Teza. "Teza!" he squeaks, swaggering to catch up her… but everyone's walking up and down and sideways, so it's hard to tell where she went. "I thought you had fallen asleep for dreadfully ever!" He's talking loud as to hope she can hear him, since he can't seem to find her. Or the six different versions of her that exist in his vision. "Oh— about the clothes I stole several months ago. You see… um…"

Saria pats Teza on the shoulder sympathetically, and tries to keep a bit of distance between herself and the rather drunk E'an. "I'll talk to you in a little while?" she says hopefully, "I think it might be time to see about some food."

Hannah sips her wine, watching the weyr gather. She greets riders here and there, enjoying the music and atmosphere.

D'baji returns towards the not-retiring weyrwoman, a plate of food cradled in his arm, and his wineglass mysteriously gone. He's traded it in for his wits, hopefully. "So… Y'want me back? I'll share…" And here, the food is brandished.

"Good, then I needn't chase you down," Teza says, voice adopting a hint of a honeyed drawl. "My, I know Quarith is big — and, well, lovely too, but aren't they all? — but really." Dark brown eyes are partially obscured in a quick wink. "I look forward to it. The food looks good, so I may join you soon." With that she turns to her fellow greenrider, wine glass lifted like a baton. "Eeeee!" The last half of the name is cut off as she cheerfully nudges aside a bronzerider going on at length about his accomplishments, making her way to the other. "Lli and I can't -both- stay asleep all the time. We have to take turns, you know." Her gaze rakes over the other's form, instant smirk sliding in place. "Do finish that sentance. 'I see… um… what?'"

Vinchi walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Hannah chuckles softly, "Thank you." Delicately, she takes a small fingerfood. "I am a hopeless wallflower when it comes to engagements like this, so I would be grateful for company!" Eyeing the crowd, she adds absently, "The party's turned out well."

Saria slips over to the Hors'd'ouevres and takes a couple, popping them into her mouth and washing them down with a healthy swig of wine. She walks over to the group of harpers that Kirsyn is playing in and smiles. "How about a nice reel to get things going? No one seems to want to dance, but perhaps if the hostess does, folks will follow suit?"

R'ley walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

E'an scoffs. "Taking turns? Nonsense. Naomi's been in that comatose state for Turns, now… regardless." He hiccups, and attemps to wash the thing down with a gulp of wine. Um. Right. "I was /saying/ that.. well… I found the nice blouses… and then the dress.. and the dress was so pretty… but boys can't wear dresses, just like they can't cry. But! I decided to make it into pants… only I ran across some trouble, as you see… but I think it looks /fabulous/!" Really. "I just.. hope you don't mind. It originally did look dreadfully expensive. I'm ever so sorry if I… eh… you know… messed it up… irreversibly. And caused you major damage. Or something."

D'baji peeks over the crowd, giving a nod, and grabbing something to nibble (foodstuff, of course). "It's got a good showing and all, yeah," he agrees, smiling faintly. "But it's a big thing and all, so it makes good sense. And wallflowering is good, sometimes. I mean, if we were all trying to clamber around and mingle, it'd be a huge mess and… Well… Probably not unlike interpretive dance, really."

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Rislyn walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Hannah giggles softly, "True, true. Big gatherings still make me uncomfortable, though I do admit I've come a long way since my first stay here at the weyr." Nostalgia softens her features for a moment. "I wonder what Saria will do once she's retired."

At Saria's request, the music picks up again in pace, and she crinkles her brows in a smile at D'baji, "Well, yes, but not *too* much wallflowering - there's all this space cleared away for a dance floor - why don't you help me use it?" she suggests to the young bronzerider, taking a sip of wine to clear her throat.

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R'ley strides in wearing a light riding jacket over dress clothes. As one of the Ista bronzers he's making his appearence inbetween other parties. Upon entering he heads right for the most important thing in the room. The star of the evening. The guest of honor if you will. He doesn't have far to go, at this point the table where drinks are served is a place well memorized. Wine glass now firmly and fully in hand he heads for Saria. A slight wiggle in his stride as the music kicks in, he's grooven.

Saria sees some more folks enter, including R'ley, and she raises her glass to him, "R'ley, join me," she says, "I was just trying to convince D'baji to have a dance with me — but he seems a bit hesitant." She winks and nudges R'ley with a wide and mischievious smile on her face.

"Yes. Well." Teza has taken to repeating herself, and it can't entirely be the wine's fault. "Naomi is Naomi. She's -special-." Dark hair shifts with the movement of a firm nod, eyes lingering on E'an again as she takes a slow sip from her wine glass. "Darling, you'd look lovely in a dress, but there's so many boys doing that already." A sigh is heaved as she views the other greenie through the crimson liquid that now only rises to half-fill her glass. "You look good in red," she says with the slightest of giggles. "I don't -really- mind. I've more clothing than perhaps the rest of the girls combined. Most of it was gifts, too." There her smile turns slightly smug as she reaches out to pluck at the material with a sigh. "Even so, it's a good thing that ol' Richie and I don't talk."

"Dunno," D'baji shrugs for the question of Saria's future occupations. "I'd imagine something… I mean, I don't know her that well, but… Well… Really." And after having successfully said nothing with several syllables, he gulps quite properly. Because he's been approached. "Uh… Okay. I promise not to smack y'in the face…" And the plate is held towards Hannah hopefully. "Can y'take this for me? You can eat whatever you want…"

Kirsyn plunks a few more chords on her gitar, dress-fabric rustling as her seat becomes uncomfortable. Butt-pain, no doubt, from sitting in one place for so long. The journeyman next to her completes a difficult part of the song, letting Kirsyn pick up the simpler bit right after.

R'ley scoots smoothly to Saria's side with his heart melting trademark smile slipped smoothly in place. "Well if Baji here is reluctant I'd be more then happy to go a song with ya, if your sure you can keep up." He winks to show he teases then downs his wine glass in one draught so he can place it on a passing drudges tray.

Sioned walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Hannah takes the plate and shoos the bronzerider out onto the dance floor. She takes bits and pieces off the plate and nibbles as well as sipping her wine.

Saria takes D'baji's hand, setting her wineglass down on that same tray with R'ley's empty as it passes by, and smiles. "I suppose I'll have to get a dance card, if things keep going this well," she says, "I'll catch you on the next round, R'ley dear!" she says, encouraging D'baji out onto the floor with her.

D'baji follows Saria onto the floor, grinning ferociously, and blushing, and not altogether sure of how to take the whole dancing thing. "So… What kind of dancing do you like? I mean, lots of twirling or are y'more into the sorta hopping around or… Fitting the music, of course, but still." Pause. "Saria." And then he's settled in, holding his not-as-of-yet-Saria'd hand with a lift of his eyebrows as invitation.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habital swing of her hips, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria faces D'baji, taking his hand, "This is one of my favorite reels," she says, "I'll just follow your lead," she says with a smile.

R'ley turns to Hannah as D'baji accepts Saria's offer. A warmer smile lights up emerald and gold eyes, it's been ahwile since he's had a chance to be close to this particular goldie. "It seems I'm left with hopes of dancing but no partner, care to give a friend the honor of a dance?" Already throaty voice deapens as he turns on the charm.

E'an beams. "Richey… ah, yes. A good bedmate he was." Suddenly, E'an straightnes. "I mean, um… anyway." Ahem. Now E'an sulks. "Look, everyone is dancing… they're so dreadfully happy. They don't have to go home to a weyr where no one sleeps, and then face the torment of thousands of your own children greeting you the next morning. I suppose I should just drink myself into oblivion while the wine's free…"

Sioned walks around and notices Kirsyn playing. She waves to her and walks closer to the stage. She notices Rislyn and walks over to her, keeping out of peoples way. "Hey Rislyn! I haven't seen you in a while." and she smiles happily at her fellow Harper.

Hannah blushes a little and looks as if she's about to refuse, but instead she makes a quick decision, "Uh.. sure. I'm not that good of a dance partner, but.." Setting aside her drink and D'baji's plate, she attempts a not-quite-so-shy look at the bronzerider.

"Well, I'll try not to lead us into anything, then, and we can go from there?" D'baji suggests, head starting to bob in an attempt to capture proper rhythm. One must /feel/ the music, even when the dance is in public. "Right," he warns, and takes the first step to the side, being sure to keep his stride within a reasonable length.

Teza turns to eye the dancers with a smirk curving her lips, dark eyes straying towards the Harper stand; a journeyman's knot still holds it's own place on the wall of her dwelling, much loved. "C'mon," she says, nudging at the other with a swing of her hip to bump against him lightly. "Let's go show those stuffy-shirts how -real- riders dance." That's right folks, the only real dancer is a greenrider. "Although—" She pauses, looking down at her wine thoughtfully. "That -would- require I stop drinking, no?" A smooth excuse to allow ego to stay safely away from the realm of reality.

"Unfortunately," E'an drawls to Teza, on the drinking matter. "Well, maybe if we knew how to dance… in a special way… that let us drink while we did. And only greenriders can do it." Notice how first the thing was just an idea, then a possibility, and now E'an has convinced himself that such a way exists. "Come, Teza! Let us dance, and drink. The ultimate multitasking goal at parties!"

R'ley acts with an aura of confidence in the hopes some will transfer to the rosie cheeked Hannah. On a silent que golden Rats leaps from his shoulders to the air to take a rafter perch. Lightly R'ley puts his hands on Hannah and moves to guide her to the dance floor.

Jozzie walks into the Living Caverns, a bit belated but no big deal right. The bluerider, of course, has some gifts for the retired goldrider. The woman clears her throat as she approaches those gathered. "The fun has arrived." she says under her breath. Jozzie does equal fun… yup.

Rislyn slightly jumps. She turns around to notice Sioned. "Hey!" and she smiles at her. "What are you do'n here?" and she quickly gestures to a table. "Lets sit down and talk for a few moments." and she heads of to a table.

Saria follows D'baji into the reel, 'step-one-two, step-one-two'ing along as the two of them find their rhythm together and start to move around the floor. She's happy to see R'ley and Hannah making like they're going to dance - she loves to dance, but it's awfully awkward to be the only couple dancing! She glances back to D'baji again, "have you been practicing?"

Kirsyn, at one of those lovely break-type intervals again, waggles her fingers towards Sioned, taking the opportunity to pry a klah mug out of a drudge's hand and eagerly slurp down the drink, letting it fall back to the table with a clatter, and picking up her gitar once more.

Dream suddenly disappears ::between::!

Sioned smiles at Kirsyn and then follows Rislyn to a table and seats herself. "Well I came to watch Kirsyn, and to mabye play." and she shrugs her shoulders. "What about you?"

Reluctance — not to mention dignity — is thrown away like an overly heavy cloak as Teza links arms with E'an with a care to their wine. "Some day, you'll convince yourself that if you steal one of those Herder bird-things, steal it's feathers, and glue them to your arms — you'll fly." This is said somewhat brokenly as she slides a slender foot forward to nudge at the calves of those who block their way, clearing a path for the greenriding pair and — more importantly — their wine. A finger wiggle goes in Jozzie's direction, but most of Tez's attention is on her wineglass, and keeping it from spilling.

D'baji is quite pleased to see Hannah and R'ley taking to the floor as well, shooting a grin towards the other bronzerider as a sort of belated greeting. "Practicing?" is questioned as his attention is refocused appropriately on his dance partner. "Umm… Well, I dance with 'Ver all the time. He does the music, mind, I don't really lead him around or anything, but y'know." At which point he nearly trips over himself. "Just don't talk while I do it," is excused, and he attempts to cover up his 'oops' by lifting a hand- signal for a spin or something similar.

Hannah is perfectly content to let R'ley guide her around the dance floor. She has enough on her mind to keep from stepping on his toes — sometimes she think she actually does. Wincing, she occaisonally mutters, "Oh! I'm sorry."

Saria chuckles, "Sorry," she says to D'baji, "I didn't mean to break your concentration," and she lets herself be spun as they wheel around the dance floor, passing R'ley and Hannah here and there as they go.

Huff, exasperantly at Teza. "Feathers may make you fly, but hooves make you run." …..Right. "Now! We tango!" This is said with an accent of sorts and then E'an pushes Teza in correct position, the wine glasses at the end of the stretched arms, now slushing around their contents. "Let us go!" And he makes some trilling noise.

Rislyn ahhs and notices Kirsyn up on stage and smiles. "Well I heard about this and since I had finished all my music work I decided to come." and she smiles. "I have been looking over some music." and then she remebered the ordeal yesterday, but shrugs it off. "Why do you want to play?" as she is curious as to why her shy sister would want to play /now/ of all times.

R'ley whirls Hannah about the dance floor, moving swiftly to the beat. Oh ya, he's the dancing king of Pern! Just when it seems he's gonna twirl poor Hannah till she's breathless his dragon informs him the people at the party he was at have started to notice his absence. Emerald eyes cast about the dance floor and nimbly he manuvers partner and self towards the guest of honor. "Sorry luv, hate to do this but gotta run soon." he murmers quickly to Hannah before slipping, or rather pushing, his way all gentlemanly like between D'baji and Saria. "You don't mind if I take if from here do ya pal?" he asks D'baji manuvering the other bronzer towards Hannah as he says that. "You just finished dancing with Hannah, so I can wish Saria a good retirment." his manner is so plesant it'd be hard to get annoyed with him. Besides that he lets the crowd move himself and new partner away from poor Hannah and D'baji.

Jozzie wiggles her fingers towards Teza as she peers around for Saria. "I got some of the best red Benden to be found on this island," the bluerider mutters. "Retirement gift, you know." Then as R'ley seems to make an exit, Jozzie lightly frowns. "Shells, there goes my dancing partner…"

D'baji dismisses Saria's apology with a shake of his head, drawing his arm back in, and hopefully the goldrider with it. Be quite embarrassing to suddenly lose her. "No, it's fine. Talking's half the fun of dancing, 'specially at parties and that, so… Why not, y'know? Though I apologise in advance if I step on you." He allows a quick glance to his feet, and then tilts his head slightly in Saria's direction. "So. Any ideas what you'll do after you're properly retired? Hannah an' I were discussing it, sort of…"

Hannah blinks in astonishment to find herself suddenly without partner. "Um…" She hesitates as if not quire sure what to do, looking at D'baji and watching R'ley attempt to butt in and whisk the Senior off.

"Hooves?" Alto voice mangles itself into a squeak for that word before Teza finds herself drawn into proper position. The musical chime of the touch of their wineglasses marks a tilt of her head. One can almost picture the dress she -should- be wearing, rather than more formal, more -flexible- set of leathers that currently adorn the greenrider's short frame. With a little wiggle, she matches E'an's movements carefully with a look of mock-solemnity residing on her face.

Saria is only mildly surprised as R'ley, cuts?… in between herself and D'baji - she hasn't much choice, and takes R'ley's hand with a quickly murmured, "Excuse me," to D'baji as Hannah is thrust toward him and she is whisked off with R'ley.

Sioned smiles and looks down at the table. "Well I need to get over that don't I." and she looks up at the stage and shudders. "Oh well, mabye I'll get you and your harp up there with me." and she smiles slyly.

D'baji is officially cut, and, despite being unanswered, shrugs. A slight shake of his arms is given, to loosen up, and Hannah is peeked at. "So.. Umm… Seein' as we've been kinda… Left… Umm… I dunno if you trust me much, though…" As he refuses to get to the point, it seems. "But if you still want to be moing around and all, well, I'm available…"

As the music keeps on, Saria whirls around the room expertly with R'ley - this is obviously a good dancing match, as they don't seem to miss a beat, feet nearly flying!

Hannah looks around uncertainly, "Sure.. we can't exactly just be /standing/ on the dance floor. I don't think this move requires flying feet or hands, so I htink we're safe." A light teasing touches her voice.

Kirsyn cocks an eyebrow at Rislyn and Sioned. "Erm. I'm thinking that I'm supposed to be helping someone with something…?" Kirsyn trails off vaguely, looking fuzzily into the near air, and occasionally making some gestures. Yes. Braid's swinging against the chair, as well.

Jozzie deposits the bottles of wine where the gifts are placed on a table and then turns to slip through the crowds to chit-chat with those of familiarity. She grins broadly as she sees Saria and R'ley dancing and whistles towards them.

D'baji blushes furiously in response to the tease, holding out a hand while hanging his head so that he might peek at Hannah from under the tips of his hair. "Well, it's not Nverath's music, so I'm not as connected, y'know…" Pause, and then the faintest smile twitches at his lips. "And there'll be no jumping, I promise. Less bouncy than me an' Saria were. Promise. And I'll actually keep it this time."

Radel is up on stage, playing a small set of hand drum as percussion for the present set of dancing tunes. But from time to time he casts slightly worried looks at Kirsyn for some reason.

Hannah laughs softly, and nudges him more toward the dance floor, "Less talk, we're drawing people's attention just /standing/ here." This goldrider is ever aware of people's attention.

E'an leads Teza with a puffed-out chest, in a manly proud stance. Or something. Or maybe he's just mocking Latino tangoers. Anyway, the only thing missing is the rose in the teeth. And the only thing added is the wine glass held.

"Only 'cause we make such a wonderful dancing pair?" D'baji says with a slight wiggling of his eyebrows. "Platonically, of course." Throat is cleared, and he does end up heading more towards the main dance floor, head starting to bob in his traditional rhythm-catching way. "Ready?" And a /gentle/ step is taken.

Hannah nods, "Yes. Platonically, of course." She gets herself ready, "Yes, I"m ready now." Saria and R'ley are eyed somewhat with envy as she was graced with two left feet. "Only if you don't mind me, ah, occasionally stepping on your toes?"

Teza's chest is -not- puffed out, and a good thing given her generous curves. "Ah, E'an daaah-link, you're a fabulous dancer," she coos teasingly, nudging their line of attac— er, the direction they dance in to crowd of blueriders. Several memebers of the group scattered by their passage catcall after the pair of greenies, to which Tez responds with a blown kiss over her shoulder. Her hand wiggles free of his momentarily, as she sips at her wine mid-dance.

D'baji shakes his head to the goldrider, grinning rather broadly. "Nah, it'd serve me right. If y'want, y'could even just stand on my feet. Dig in with your heels occasionally, you know…" And then attention is diverted briefly to not tripping over himself while carefully guiding them about the floor.

Hannah tilts her head, "THat might not be a bad idea." She again allows him to lead her around the dance floor, her tiny feet surreptitiously placed on top of his. "Hey, I'm taller!" Not by much, but still.

Kirsyn is oblivious to slightly-worried looks. Isn't life wonderful? Kirsyn's enjoying herself, to be sure. Radel will have to pipe up if he wants to grab her attention. Fingers slipping across her instrument, yanking at intervals to produced the desired sound, Kirsyn frowns and sticks out her tongue as she approaches a difficult stretch, navigating it fairly successfully.

The music lilts gaily from the harpers' corner, the reel spinning as the partygoers move sprightly around the dance floor.

R'ave wanders in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria makes an effort to wave to all who enter as she quick-steps through the dance with R'ley, but they're spinning so quickly, she's not sure if it will even be recognizable as a wave or a greeting - she'll have to catch R'ave and the others she's not had a chance to welcome when the dance stops.

"Practically a giant," D'baji agrees Hannahwards. "Though, y'know, this could make spinning rather difficult." At which point he lifts a hand faintly, and tries to twirl the both of them beneath it. "So, how's Dhiammarath doing?" Small talk?

Hannah sees her R'ave enter the LC and uncharacteristically gives him a rather bold wave. Turning back to D'baji, "Hey, when you're this short, anything added is a big bonus. Dhiammarath is very well. Very content to ledge sit and not be on the Sands."
Sioned looks around at the dancers then back at Rislyn. "So I heard about something happening in the Archive Vault." She trys to pry some gossip out of Rislyn before the day is over.

G'deon quietly strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

R'ave edges reluctantly into the caverns, and though he doesn't grimace at the crowd, he does direct something of a wrinkly smile toward his gloved hands. His dress isn't quite up to par with general propriety; as such he tries to remain generally out of notice, managing to wave back at Hannah as he gets there.

Rislyn eyes Sioned for a moment and then sighs. "Not much,I went down there to find some harp music." and she smiled. "Master Poirot and Journeyman Mimi were there, we just talked a little." and she laughed quietly to herself as she remebers the flour on Mimi.

D'baji peers in the direction of Hannah's wave, eyes falling on R'ave and a nod given that way. "Oh, I'd imagine!" is said to Hannah as he looks back her way, shuffling to his right to stay out of anyone's way, and then recapturing the beat as best he can. "Nverath was saying Miyakath was pleased to be off the Sands too… I doubt I'd be able t keep my sanity if I had to sit somewhere that warm fr so long… Nice clutch, though…" Sniffle.

The music slows down, as Kirsyn's fingers get a much-needed break; the pace of the music is starting to slow down considerably, heralding an end to the current song. A chord or two ends her piece, before the Journeyman halt the music altogether.

Hannah laughs, "It does tend to tax the sanity, true. I didn't stay much on the Sand sthis time, Dhia wouldn't allow it considering the pregnancy and all." Once the music's ended, she steps back and smiles, "Thank you. And thank you for not commenting on my deploring lack of dancing skills. If you'll excuse me?" She has a certain bronzerider of her own to catch and off the shy little goldrider is to make her way through the crowd. "R'ave," she breathes happily when she gets closer, "You came!"

Jozzie stands at the edge of the dancefloor, seeming to look observant. Children have been taken off her hands for the evening, and it looks like they aren't in the hands of their fathers' since both are present now in the Living Cavern anyway. The wingleader crosses her arms loosly around her narrow waste as her golden-amber eyes glint with amusement.

Saria does a last little twirl around with R'ley, and as the music stops completely, she turns toward the Harpers' platform and applauds, "Thank you all!" she says, "That was lovely!" She bobs her head toward the musicians, and then snatches a glass from a passing drudge, and a utensil from the buffet table. She taps her utensil with a bright, "*TINGTINGTING*!!" against the glass, "Could I have your attention for just a moment, everyone, please?" The soon-to-be-no-longer-Sr. Weyrwoman steps up toward the large table where the cake is perched.

D'baji nods, offering a quick, "Right, thank you too," before stepping back, and wriggling his toes. No longer compacted toes. Fahah. Now to find another woman… A certain bluerider on the edge of the floor is spotted, and he's halfway there before Saria's… tinging… stops him. So he'll listen in that way.

"Better judgement rarely gets the best of me," R'ave replies, voice rough and hushed, though he leans to speak rather near Hannah's ear. Try though the bronzerider might, few could ignore the sound of battered glassware, and his eyes lift in Saria's direction. "Mmm."

Kirsyn moves her fingers back and forth, enjoying the freedom they're now allowed, cracking knuckles, and turning her attention towards the current Sr. Weyrwoman. Saria, of course. Hands are crossed, legs are crossed, and Kirsyn works on jerking a crick out of her neck while listening.

Saria smiles. "I won't take up too much time with speechmaking, because we are, after all, here to have a party! But I wanted to thank each and every one of you for coming. It means a great deal to me to be celebrating this occasion among so many friends and people I care about! It's been 33 turns since I impressed Quarith at Fort, and a lot has changed in my life since then, but from a very young point in my career Ista has been home and I am proud to have served her these many years. Now, if I can tear her away from her fellow for a moment," and the older goldrider chuckles a bit, "I'd like to invite Hannah up here with me for a moment, as I have a special presentation to make to her."

Hannah moves closer to R'ave, and turns attention back up to Saria, though she whispers, "I'm glad you came." Looking a little surprised, she casts a glance at R'ave and then moves slowly up to where Saria is, her cheeks rosy. "Yes?"

Brid walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria sets the glass of wine down that she'd used to get everyone's attention. "Hannah, this is a very important moment, for me, for you, and for Ista Weyr." She slips a hand into a small velvet pouch at her waist and extracts a Sr. Weyrwoman's knot; it's obvious that it's been specially made for Hannah, because the gold thread that stands out against the orange-and-black loops of Istan colours is an especially pale and iridescent sort of gold, almost perfectly matching the shade of Dhiammarath's own hide. [..more..]

R'ave curiously watches Hannah, even going so far as to stalk forward in order to keep an eye on her, though from the relative safety of the crowded sidelines. The slightest change occurs around his mouthcorners, allowing whatever it is that defines a smile to light on his bristly features.

"The first time that I became Sr. Weyrwoman here at Ista, I was presented with a knot handmade especially for me by my predecessor, Milsa. It is this knot that I wear to this day," she gestures with her free hand to her shoulder, "and I've done so with pride. Hannah, I hope that you'll wear this knot, and help to lead Ista Weyr, with a similar sense of pride." She affixes the knot to the younger goldrider's left shoulder, and then steps back to survey her handiwork - once satisfied, she brings herself to attention, and salutes crisply. "Senior Weyrwoman Hannah," she says.

Hannah blinks, her breath catching in her throat. Astonished eyes drop from Saria's face down to the knot that rests so innocently in the Senior's hand. She is suitably surprised and at a loss for words, allowing her to listen to Saria. "Oh, Saria.." is breathed softly, her cheeks suffused with color at this honor. "You.. I only hope that I can do the position justice, and maybe have a fraction of the gift you have." Smiling luminiously, for once unaware of the crowd's attention, she impulsively hugs Saria, a mentor for so long. "Thank you," is breathed softly.

Yulianna ambles in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Kirsyn cocks her head curiously, twirling a strand of amber hair left out of her braid on a spare finger, clapping appropriately as the new Sr. Weyrwoman is knotted, grinning broadly at the announcement, all the while focusing her attention on giving her gitar the treatment it deserves, to ready it in case she's called upon to play again.

D'baji has managed to clasp his hands together throughout the presentation, and by the time it's all said and done, finds himself prompted to echo Saria's salute with one of his own. Somewhere outside, of course, Nverath'll be trilling…

The wingleader of Firestorm's eyes seem to well up with tears as she watches. Jozzie does not cry very often so make sure you take note of this. She brushes away moisture from her eyes as she looks to Saria and Hannah, grinning broadly. "That's my clutchmate," the bluerider sniffles.

Brid is now glad that she stepped away from her usual shy hiding and came to the party. Hannah as Sr. Weyrwoman would be a treat for her. Not that she wouldn't miss Saria, but she knew the younger woman far better.

Yulianna slips into the back of the room, puffing a little from hurrying, and joining in the applause—the occassion for which she seems to have just missed. Not that it's really any mystery. But she moves through the crowd, looking for someone she knows.

Saria hugs the smaller woman back warmly, Hannah's head just coming up beneath her chin. When she relaxes her embrace, she turns to the assembled Weyrfolk and visitors. "Ista's new Senior Weyrwoman, Hannah, rider of gold Dhiammarath!" She pauses, and joins the applause for a moment, "And now, I'm going to cut this dragon-sized cake, and let's all enjoy!" She waves a few drudges over to help her serve as she steps back to the table and makes the first 'ceremonial' cut.

Thought it might be hard to discern, pleasure and pride lurk somewhere well below the fiercely restrained smile that cracks R'ave's emotionally rusted veneer. His applause adds little to the chorus, but as he steps back from someone nudging in front, his eyes and his attention are all for Hannah.

D'baji grins, joining in the applause of course, while peeking around to guage everyone else's reactions. Yulianna is spotted during this sweep, and he'll make his way towards her, clapping, waving, clapping, waving, and then hearing the word 'cake'. Hmm. "Yuli!" is called quickly. "Hannah's /Senior/! They have /cake/!"

Hannah is blushing furiously by this point, but she smiles — still a little shyly — at those gathered for the party. Her eyes instinctively seek out R'ave's and she tries to motion for him to join her. Turning to Saria, "It looks like a delicious cake. The Bakers did a wonderful job!"

Saria nods to Hannah, "It's gorgeous, isn't it?" She cuts a few pieces, and serves them onto plates, handing the first one to the new Senior. "Here you are, ma'am," she says with a little grin, and then nods to the drudges, who continue cutting and serving pieces, passing generous slices of cake to anyone who makes their way forward to the table to claim one.

Saria takes her own piece of cake, finds another glass of wine, and makes her way around the room, smiling and greeting all those who entered while she was dancing and while she was making the presentation of Hannah's new knot.

Yulianna covers a wide grin at her weyrmate's greeting and loops her arm lightly through his, nodding enthusiastically. "We'll offer her our congradulations when she's had a few minutes…don't want to trample 'er in the rush." she adds, wrinkling her nose with a grin.

Hannah coughs a little, trying to get used to /that/. "Thank you. I can't wait to taste it." She takes her cake and moves to find R'ave, her eyes still wide. She's got an extra plate with her as she's making her way through the crowds, smiling and nodding to those who offer congratulations.

R'ave gets the signal and hustles to meet the newly-knotted Sr. Weyrwoman. "You're going to be brilliant," he tells Hannah rather certainly.

M'er shimmies, shakes, and boogies in from the Southeastern Bowl.

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

D'baji nods to the youngest of the goldriders, patting her arm quickly to finish up his greeting. "Yeah, yeah… Don't want to swamp her and all… 'Sides, she'll probably want to be celebratin' and all with the people she knows best." A nod to R'ave here. "So we can congratulate her later. Maybe send her a fruit basket or something?" Ponderponder. "Ooh, and we have to dance! 'Cause I've already danced with two other people who ride really big dragons… It's /so/ your turn. After cake." D'baji always gets so excited at parties…

"You think so? I just hope I can follow in Saria's footsteps with half the success that she's had." Hannah gives R'ave a bright look, "Would you like to taste the cake?" Lifting one of the plates in offering. Yulianna and D'baji are spotted and waved at, but they're through the thick crowd and she's content to talk to her own love for a moment.

Brid has finally stopped applauding,wishing Izz'y hadn't drawn sweeps tonight of all nights, but knowing he will add his own personal comments to both goldriders as soon as he has time. Spying D'baji and yulianna, she offers a small wave and smile. Maybe some cake will cheer her up a bit.

M'er re-enters the living caverns, seeming pleased. "I gave Suith a few fishrolls. She enjoyed them. Compliments to the chef," he notes to no one in particular.

Kirsyn shamelessly abandons her gitar to sneak up for a piece of cake, hastily wolfing it down before slipping back over to her chair as duty calls. Gitar is picked up, as the oldest Journeyman sets the tone - something along the lines of a waltz, except slightly less eager than the tone of that dance. It's enough to dance to, however. A slow-dance type of song.

Jozzie slips near Saria to get a word in hopefully. "Saria," the bluerider speaks up, "Does this mean that you have more time for tavern hopping?" There is a playful expression in the woman's eyes. "A few of us Firestorms get together on occasion…" Then she looks at the cake. "My that looks tasty," and the woman slips past the goldrider to make her way towards the cake.

Radel goes up to Kirsyn and whispers something in her ear right as she starts picking up her guitar again the just sits behind her to add the percussion to the song with his little drums…

Yulianna shakes her head, laughing softly at D'baji's contagious excitement and replies, "If yer determined to drag me out I suppose I'll -have- to go with ya'." She eyes him disapprovingly, "After all, ya' are -twice- my size." she adds facetiously, shooting him a wink and offering a nudge.

M'er has disconnected.

R'ave takes the time to return a few of the looks he notices, and astonishingly doesn't seem unfriendly. "You will be." His certainty doesn't waver for a nanosecond until she offers him cake. "Whoa. It's huge." And it's not a tuber. "Are you excited?"

N'ano makes his grand entrance… or well, not really. He just kinda sneaks in behind all the tables, grabbing a treat here and there and giving the occasional nod in greeting to whoever he happens to pass by. Who would've known that his parents would keep him so long over at the beasthold? Certainly not him. But he's here now and that's all that matters, right? Not really. Oh! And then Jozzie's words to Saria catch his attention and he makes his way towards the two… or just the one left now, "And perhaps we can finish up my lessons, too?" he grins, offering a half shrug and a sad looking flower towards his mentor "Oh, and—congrats?" Is that the right word? "Y'know, on the retirement…"

M'er has connected.

D'baji is just towering over goldriders all over the place. Or something. "And it /is/ a nice, /rrrromantic/ slow dance." Not the rolling of the 'r'. "And there's bound to be cake left. There'd better be cake left after this song," he adds at a slightly higher volume. And a hand is offered to Yulianna.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes. It's a big job, though, and so truthfully I'm now quite terrified." Her eyes twinkle a little giving the impression that she's not quite /so/ terrified. "Mostly, I'm afraid of making social blunders." SHe eyes the cake, "Yeah, but the cake came out in pretty much same size chunks." New senior tastes it, "It is very good though."

Yulianna flutters her eyelashes at D'baji and feins coyness as she places her fingers lightly on the palm of his hand, shaking out her skirt, "Well, in -that- case I suppose I have no choice but to accept. When you put it -that- way, I mean." she adds, grinning a little wider, then raising her eyebrows expectantly.

Saria grins at Jozzie, "Just let me know," she calls over her shoulder gaily as the Firestormer seems to be drawn like a magnet to the cake table. "I've got a bit of extra time on my hands, now," she adds, to those around her, N'ano included. She chuckles. "Aye, lessons, that's right - I retire, and I'll have to actually do some work now!" Chocolatey brown eyes sparkle at N'ano as she hugs him. "Thank you," she says sincerely to him, taking the flower. "You've been a wonderful Weyrleader - I hope for Ista's sake that Bydelth stays strong when Dhiammarath next rises."
Saria sneaks a bite of the cake she's been holding, while she has a chance, since she's got so much chatting to do this evening!

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G'deon has been hovering on the edges of this party from the first moment he walked in, quietly observing things while conversing with those who come his way. The glass of wine he's been holding for quite a while now is only half full at this point. All in all, he's a bit out of the ordinary today.

Jozzie sees the High Reach bronzerider as she begins to nibbles on the cake once a slice is taken and offers a kind enough wave. The bluerider has been to High Reaches many-of-times, certainly a lot since there is a viner crafthall at Tillek. Oh, she has lots and lots of friends there too. The bluerider then begins to mingle. Yes, mingle.

"Oh, I'm very convincing," D'baji affirms with a firm nod of his head, closing his fingers over Yulianna's and trying to find a not-so-crowded place on the floor. "Wow, eh? I dun' mean to sound condescending, but you've gotta be proud of Hannah…" You get attached to people after giving them shiners. "And wow. Saria'll be… Wow. Hey?" And then he picks up the beat and goes. Slowly.

Kirsyn continues the song's melody, weaving the notes into a slower, softer tune. Fingers plucking the strands as her turn comes, Kirsyn helps to let the lyrical music trail out into the open air. The Journeyman starts a series of difficult maneuvers, the harmony part, and Kirsyn works on the melody, along with some other apprentices.

N'ano chuckles, offering yet another shrug towards Saria "Heh, I'm sure he will. He's a tough cookie, after all… but if not well—there's always the chance of stickin' to dragonhealing or leadin' a wing or something. I'm sure we'll never run out of options. Or I could just bum out and be nothin' but a wingrider…" he laughs, quickly adding "Not that they're not important, but y'know… just comparison to what I've been doin' for the past several turns."

Brid follow's Gid's lead and grabs a glass of wine for herself. Well, okay he is not the first one to drink at this shindig, but he's the one she noticed with wine. A word of thanks to the wandering drudge and glass is secured. Ahhh, now she may relax.

Sioned smiles and looks over Krisyn as they start playing. She walks up to the group and grabs a flute. She finds another stool and picks up her part in the song keeping it soft and simple. She takes a breath and then comes in to harmonize with the melody, her part happily dancing around the guitars melody.

Saria chuckles as N'ano talks himself into a corner. "I hope the other wingriders in the room don't take you the wrong way - but I know what you meant, N'ano," she says. "Talk to me about those lessons.. in a couple of sevendays," she adds with a grin, taking her cake and wine and excusing herself to mingle a bit more - a la Jozzie. Newly-freed goldrider walks toward a 'Reaches bronzerider and sets both glass and plate down. "Gid.." she says softly, trying to feel like she's lowering her voice so the whole room doesn't hear their conversation.

Chiernathe blinks in from ::between::!

Yulianna slips a hand onto Baji's shoulder and nods a little at his repetitious 'wow'ing. "It is a big job." she agrees. "Ya' know…I'm …I'm actually really glad it's not me." she admits softly. "I'm too young—an' so are you." she adds, almost chidingly, though she wriggles a little closer to the bronzerider, looking affectionate.

G'deon flashes a warm smile as Saria approaches. He finally sets down the already forgotten glass of wine and turns to her, holding out a hand in greeting. "Hello, Saria," the rider replies just as quietly, his mellow baritone nothing more than a fuzzy rumble to anyone more than a few steps away.

E'an has disconnected.

A short squatty woman rushes up to Hannah and whispers something in her ear. "Oh, dear." Turning to R'ave, "Rhavie's upset, I think she might have that cold again. I"m going to have to head back to the weyr. Want to come?"

Jozzie has disconnected.

N'ano goes home.

R'ave nods, abrupt concern marking his brow as he follows Hannah out.

Hannah has Dhiammarath send her apologies to Quarith before she rushes out of the caverns.

Hannah walks with youthful grace to the Bowl.

R'ave wanders to the Bowl.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Quarith with: Dhiammarath thinks « Please send my rider's apologies to your lifemate. My lifemate's child is ill. » »

Kirsyn winks to Sioned as the fellow Harper joins in on the flute, offering up a grin. Kirsyn doesn't need her lips with the instrument /she's/ playing, so smiling can be done. Conversation can't be, though, mostly because the piece (while slow) is a difficult one, and Kirsyn, never having excelled at the playing of instruments, must concentrate.

D'baji would 'aww' for the affectionate look, but he's… Busy wowing. "Yeah, I'm horrid with responsibility. And Faranth knows I wouldn't be able to keep Nverath on the ground when Miya went up… So y'know." Big grin, and he manages to look just a touch melty. Nverath's reflected glow and all. "'Sides," he continues, head drifting towards the goldrider's shoulder (though not making it, 'cause it's really an horrifically long way down), "y'make yourself too busy as is. I swear, I'm gonna have to tie you to a beach or something."

Saria takes G'deon's hand, and murmurs, a bit awkwardly.. "How are things?" She leaves it rather open - at High Reaches, perhaps? With him? She's just not sure - so she lets him decide.

Sioned nods at Kirsyn, and continues playing, letting the notes play off the instrument, interweaving with the other instruments playing. She looks over to Rislyn and gestures for her to come join too, and then concentrates on the next part taking a breath and then jumping back in.

Yulianna blinks in surprise, looking up at D'baji. "Ah? Tie me to a beach?" she replies, looking as though she's not sure that he's not drugged. "I suppose next you'll want me to sit on some water an' fly on the back of a trundlebug?" she asks, smirking slightly.

Rislyn shrugs and grabs her harp and heads up. She smiles at the group and finds a seat in the back. She notes the tempo and begins to strum a nice and mellow tone. She pauses for a few measures and jumps back in.

"Don't be difficult," D'baji chides with a mild roll of his eyes, ignoring any frills the dance may allow in favour of bringing Yulianna just a touch closer. A growl is emitted from his stomach at this point, for which he reddens. "And after the dance we eat, yeah? Never did get around to my plateful of goodies… Was rather swept away, y'see.. Off my feet, even. Well, not quite, but close."

G'deon gives a bit of a shrug as he leans back against the wall casually, light blue eyes focused on the gold rider. "Busy as usual, but good. The kids continue to amaze me, amuse me and drive me up a wall," he replies with a warm chuckle. "But aside from that, things have been pretty normal. Quiet." One might almost think stagnate with the way the bronze rider drawls on. "How have you been?" Not quite as open-ended as Saria's own question.

Yulianna rolls her eyes in mock exasperation, and grins at the man. "Not that ya' don't eat enough already—ya' aught to watch that girlish figure of yours." she chides, wriggling up against his anything-but-pot-belly. "But I don't want ya' to starve, either, so I suppose we'll -have- to feed ya'."

One might think Saria was trying to avoid G'deon's question with her simple answer, "Well, busy too - although less so now that this party's purpose has finally come to pass. Speaking of which - do you have time for a dance?" she asks smilingly, reaching for the set-aside glass of wine and taking a long drink off it.

D'baji shrugs, bobbing his head towards the exit. "It's Nverath's fault. Lent me his appetite in 'linghood, and s'just stuck there." A few steps, and he adds, "'Sides, I can just wait 'till you sleep and sneak out for food if you don't feed me, so it's really loads easier this way. When y'think about it."

Kirsyn continues to play, although the toll of all this music-making is beginning to show on the newly-promoted senior apprentice, who's stifling yawns during her break. She does continue to play, however, the same, slow, waltz-ish tune, so she can't be ready to black out. At least yet.

G'deon's face lights up immediately at the mention of dancing. "Would I turn down such a chance," he responds with a quick half-bow. Then with a wink and just a touch of that roguish grin of his, he holds out a hand much more formally to Saria.

Yulianna grins a touch evilly at that and murmurs, "Well, ya'd have to get me to sleep first…an' I think that we're all a bit too excited for that. So I'd better just feed ya'." she adds innocently, reaching up to place a light kiss on the man's cheek.

Saria takes the hand, and lets herself be led out onto the dance floor.

Sioned takes a pause and grabs a drink. She wets her lips and then comes back in. She looks over at Kirsyn and notices her yawning and shrugs and continues with a lovely high part, keeping it light and on pitch.

G'deon slowly leads Saria out towards the other dancers, and finding a nice little pocket of floor just for them, he turns towards her and bows once more, but properly this time. He gently places one hand at her waist, and with the other takes one of hers as they wait to catch the rhythm. It only takes a short moment, of course, before he begins leading her in the slow waltz as the Harpers play on.

Rislyn smiles as Sioned jumps bcak in. She pauses for a couple measures and then joins in again, this time with an intricate harmony. She gently plucks out the fine chords, jumping around the instruments. She slowly climbs back in to her old part and softens her fingers on the strings letting it whisper and die out.

D'baji snorts slightly, taking his turn to roll his eyes. "I'd survive for one night… Though I'd probably have to stay out of the weyr so as not to wake you with incessant stomach growlings." After which he adds faintly maniacal laughter, softly of course. "So yeah… Whenever you're ready to 'feed me', just tell me, yeah? Not that I don't like the dancing, of course…"

Kirsyn coo's softly. People are dancing. How schweet. Kirsyn is keeping up her end of the bargain, as a Harper, playing music that's suitably romantic, and suitable for dancing. As Rislyn's part begins to fade, Kirsyn's part strengthens briefly - so goes the music.

Saria slips easily into the dance with G'deon - from an observer's point of view, the Weyrwoman and bronzerider seem to have a pretty good sense of rhythm together. She moves a bit closer to him, although still keeping what might be considered a "respectable" distance between them.

Yulianna wrinkles her nose and wraps both arms tightly around Baji's waist, making as though to drag him bodily off the dance floor. "Aye, aye, sir." she replies cheerfully enough, moving toward the sideboard.

Sioned lightens her part as Kirsyn takes a lead. She stops for a measure then takes a breath and comes back in. She matches Kirsyn's tone and harmonizes with it. She then lets off and slides up to a higher part letting Kirsyn continue the strong melody.

D'baji allows himself to be dragged, careful not to step on any feet n his way out. However, he does try to maneouver them towards the cake. "Have to get some while it's fresh," is his explanation for this, at which point an arm is dropped to Yuli's shoulders for ease of navigation. Lips are licked.

Kirsyn /does/ continue with the strong melody. Because that's her job, as a harper apprentice. Fingers fairly tapping against the gitar at this point, the tune somehow maintains the slow, soft sound it's had from the beginning, despite the fact that Kirsyn's fingers are flying across her gitar.

G'deon is obviously enjoying himself as he and Saria dance. He was always a sucker for a dance, of course, but it's always better with such a skillful partner. After a while however, he glances around as if startled that there are still others about, a very faint touch of pink beginning to bloom on either cheek. "I don't suppose we could step out and enjoy some of this Istan weather," he says quietly into the weyrwoman's ears.

Saria looks up, startled herself, but mostly because she wasn't expecting the question. "I suppose I can - but I shouldn't be gone long… social obligations and all," she says very softly in reply, glancing about the room. "Let's go." She smiles to the harpers as the two of them break their dancing embrace and move off to the side of the dance floor area, bowing deeply at the waist to them to show her gratitude for their music.

Yulianna wrinkles her nose at that, but doesn't make any more comments as she reaches for cake as well. "Well, I suppose it's not bad havin' somethin' like this now and then." She giggles and shakes her head, "They really did out do themselves in the kitchens, though."

Sioned drops out for a few measures to take another drink. She looks around and notices a fiddle. She sets the flute down in it's case and picks the fiddle up, she rests it under her chin and pulls the bow across. She then joins in again. She plays off Kirsyn's strong melody and fingers out some simple chords.

G'deon adds his own thanks to the Harpers as he follows Saria. "Oh, that's all right," he says quietly to the gold rider, "it doesn't have to be long. I just… don't like being inside so much." The admission brings yet another shade of pink. Very unusual.

Kirsyn goes home.

Rei suddenly appears from ::between:: and hovers a moment, surveying the area carefully before finding a discreet perch.

D'baji goes home.
Sioned goes home.

Saria watches the guests pair off, folks talking in corners, groups of twos and threes - as the evening draws on, dancing gives way to leisurely conversation over plentiful wine. Saria grabs one of her favorite vintages and a couple of fresh glasses as she and G'deon make their way just outside for some fresh air.

Saria waves to a few people here and there as she slips away for a bit.

Saria walks to the Bowl.
G'deon quietly strides to the Bowl.
Yulianna has disconnected.

[End of Party!]

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