Saria Is Searched

[[logged by Saria]]

Outside Healer Hall

The first thing you notice about the buildings here look a lot newer than any of the cots around here. In fact the Healer Hall has just been expanded during the last pass. The Teaching Rooms have been expanded out from the cliff face to make room for the new surgery/examining room. The building to the north houses the healers as well as eating facilities. You'll also notice a new room dug within the cliff where the sick are allowed to recove. A small path leads to a garden.

It is a fall sunset. The sunset fills the western half of the sky with deep reds, purples, and oranges. The cool air whispers down from the mountains. The faint pulsing outline of the Red Star is visible on the horizon. Dorvath, Rinith, Tandoth, and Nyrranth are here.

Obvious exits:
Cothold Row Healer Hall Crafthall Field Crossroads

Airi swings a leg over Rinith's neck and drops easily to the ground.

Airi smiles. "Ah.. healer.. I was loking for you."

Saria starts, "Oh, Airi! You scared me.."

Saria looks about, "Lady Kota told me to get back here, since it's getting dark. Don't want to end up beaten too.."

Airi nods a little. "Well, I think Rinith and I are some protection."

Rinith leans down to wuffle Saria softly and warbles.

Fletcher comes in from the Healer's Quarters.

Saria smiles at the Weyrsecond, "Aye, that you are. Would you like to come inside and have some klah?"

Fletcher smiles and bows politely to the women.

Airi shakes her head. "Buildings stiffle me anymore. I have too many turns in a weyr I guess. You don't mind staying out here while we talk, do you?"

Fletcher says, "Good 'eve to you."

Airi nods absently to the harper with a smile. "Hullo. Fletcher, is it?"

Fletcher heads back out to the roads.

Saria shakes her head, "As it suits you, Airi, I don't mind it. It's nice out, really."

Saria glances at Rinith, "Hello, again, blue beauty," she says, and smiles.

Airi smiles. "Tell me about what happened yesterday before I came along?"

Saria smiles, "It always tickles a little when a dragon breathes on me.."

Saria nods, "Oh, yes, of course.."

Rinith warbles in delight at the compliment and leans down to wuffle Saria again, inching his big blue bulk up to her.

Airi grins.

Saria looks at a small patch of grass, "Like to sit?" She begins to tell her story as she *plumps* down and grins up at the dragon.

Airi settles onto Rinith's forearm to listen and he promtped pushes her off, moving over to rub his muzzle against the healer again.

You say, "Well, I had just come downstairs to check on the patients in the infirmary, and found Weyrwoman Iria with S'lan. She and I spoke a bit about recent events, and then Jandal awoke…."

Saria smiles, and reaches over to scritch the blue's muzzle, "So friendly.." she mutters, "Well, anyhow, Jandal awoke, and then Iria and I noticed Goron hanging about in the shadows.."

Saria shakes her head, "We both noted right away that he had no knot, and were suspicious."

Airi gets to her feet, brushing dirt off her leathers and glares. "Rinith! That was rude."

Saria looks up, "Oh, Airi! Are you all right? I didn't think that one's own dragon would.." she trails off..

Airi frowns slightly then looks at Saria, shrugging. "He's certainly a mind of his own."

Rinith rumbles in delight at the healer and settles his forearms in a circle around the space where she sits, croooning and nuzzling her softly.

Saria nods her head, taking a glance from Airi, to Rinith, then back to Airi again. "Shall I continue?"

Saria swings her head around.. "What on Pern..?"

Airi puts her hands on Rinith's claw and grins, looking down at Saria. "Exuberant, eh?"

Saria's neck is twisted almost 360 degrees, trying to get a look at Rinith, "Airi, what.. Exuberant?" She is in a state of shock.

Rinith TRUMPETS, lifting his head to the sky. He turns back down to Saria, his great maelstromic eye close to her head.

Ilanath senses that Rinith thinks « I found one!!!!!!!!! »

Ilanath senses that Kherzanth thinks « Found what, Rinith? »

Saria looks up into the lovely eye, and beams at the lovely colors…

Ilanath senses that she rumbles sleepily, « Yes, what? »

Ilanath senses that Rinith rumbles happily, showing an image of a s mall healer apprentice wrapped in his claws. « Isn't she pretty? » He wuffles her delightedly. « I think we'll take her back with us. Sioneth's eggs need one such as her. »

Saria looks up at Airi, eyes bright, afraid to assume what she hopes is happening..

Airi chuckles softly. "He says he likes you, healer. Saria is it?"

Ilanath senses that she trillls! « Yes, indeed!! Well done, Rinith! »

Saria smiles, "Yes, my name is Saria."

Saria giggles a little as Rinith wuffles her again, "That tickles!" she says, almost warbling herself.

Rinith rumbles and wraps her up in his claws, spreading his wings.

Airi blinks. "RInith! You can't do that!"

Ilanath senses that Kherzanth projects a sense of distant pain, ignored, but present.

Saria boggles just a bit, "Does he always act this way when he likes someone?"

(Ilanath) E'rik is the rider of bronze Kherzanth of Southern Weyr.

Ilanath senses that Rinith sned a tendril of sympathy to Kherzanth ang again turns his fleeting attentio to his prize.

Airi shakes her head. "You know Sioneth has a clutch warming."

Ilanath senses that she rummmbles disconcertedly, and wakes up further on her ledge, reaching out to Kherzanth.

Ilanath senses that Kherzanth warbles, a sense of momentary ease swiftly passing…

Saria nods, "Aye, that she does.."

Airi smiles. "Rinith rather insists he's going to take you back with us. TO the point he's ready to fly off with you now."

Saria pauses, relaxing a bit in Rinith's grip, and then tensing at Airi's remark. She turns a little in Rinith's grip, "Don't you dare. I'd like to be on your back, please, if we're to go anywhere…." she grins up at Airi.

Airi chuckles. "I told him no. Besides, I can't take you anywhere without permission first."

Rinith warbles softly in disappointment and releases his grasp on her a littlefor a closer wuffle.

Saria nods, "Meaning, I need to ask Master Healer Athiana?"

Airi shakes her head. "I do, actually."

Saria nods understandinglyy, and happily! She turns to Rinith and wraps both her arms about one great blue foreleg, "Oh, you're just the loveliest thing on all Pern!"

Saria squeezes the leg just a bit more, and then turns to Airi, "I don't know /where/ Master Thia is.. she's been to the Weyr for a meeting last I heard."

Airi laughs and tweaks RInith. "Silly dragon."

Rinith warbles happily, but lookss like he's going to sit and hold the healer til he cn keep her.

Saria shivers, just slightly, but feels an added warmth from having Rinith nearby, "Oh, this is all so amazing, Airi! Do you think Master will let me go with you and Rinith?"

Airi shrugs, smiling a little. "I don't know.. Hearler Hall hasn't allowed search in the past, I don't know Athiana's policy.

Saria groans softly, and nods, "We shall see, I suppose."

Airi shrugs and nods, making RInith let her go. "FOr nowm go on with your duties as usual, and I'll find your master."

Saria nods, and sighs heavily as Rinith's claws unfold and he lets her go, "So it shall be.." she says solemnly, and then grins, "But I sure hope she says yes!"

Airi chuckles and nods. "Being a candidate is probably worse than being a healer. Only thing worse is a weyrling."

Saria is curious at Airi's comment, but figures she'll understand soon enough.. she's already got a permanent case of stomach butterflies, that's a good clue!

You say, "I don't expect I'll do much sleeping tonight!"

Airi chuckles. "We can only see. Now.. why don't you finish telling me quick then yuo can run off and tell your comrades."

Saria nods, "The rest of the story.. I almost forgot!"

Saria stands up, and continues, "Like I said, Iria and I noticed his lack of a knot.. the same way that scoundrel Litton snuck in, too.. the one who poisoned S'lan.."

Airi nods a bit, listening

You say, "I told Iria that she should have the bluerider, T'dir, hold the man, but didn't want to make a scene… you should have seen that little man try to run out of the infirmary! Goron made to go and T'dir stopped him."

You say, "He insisted that, by the egg, he hadn't done a thing.. but his incessant desire to leave certainly made for a good deal of suspicion!"

You say, "Even Jandal was furious, 'Stand and defend yourself if you're blameless,' he said!"

You say, "Poor Goron was so scared he..well, he wet his trousers! "

Saria chuckles, and then grimaces at the thought of the odor that exuded from the man.. "And it was shortly thereafter that you came in."

Airi makes a face. "That's diusgusting."

Saria glances around in the dark night, inhaling the air, and noting how fresh it is. MUCH fresher than the rank stench inside. "Yes.. well, you /did/ want to know what happened…"

Airi grins and nods. "I have little respect for those with so little control over they're own bodies."

Saria chuckles, "I threw a towel at him.. the one he was wearing like a skirt when you came in.. revolting."

Saria pats Rinith's muzzle happily as she talks to Airi.

Rinith rumbles happily at the caress and tilts his head for a scritch.

Airi giggles and nods.

Saria scritches an eyeridge, pleased, and joins in a good laugh with Airi. A healer /ought/ to know that laughter is a fine medicine.

Rinith croons approval and leans down further

Saria grins, "I think if he has his way he'll just keep me as a scratching assistant!""

Saria continues to oblige the blue, however, happy that the pair is pleased with her..

Airi grins and nods. "Tht he would. And bather, and oiler. JHe's trained me rather well."

Saria giggles and imagines herself in an odd version of her healer's robe, at the Weyr, with an apprentice Scritcher's knot sitting on her shoulder.

Airi grins

You say, "I doubt I'd mind it, really, if I got to be so near dragons all the time."

Airi smiles. "They are and are not all they are proported to be."

Saria smiles at Airi, and then sneezes. "If.. if you don't mind, can I go in now? I want to find my friends and tell them.. and it's getting cold!"

Airi grins and nods. "Go.. and we'll find you later."

Rinith rumble sin disappointment and tries to keep her here. Finally he acceeds to his lifemates demand andlets the healer be.

Saria nods to Airi, and starts to go in, but turns around one last time, to pat Rinith. "You're /sure/ you'll remember to come back, Airi?"

Saria wrings her hands a little with nervousness and anticipation.

Airi grins and nods. "He won't *let* me forget."

Saria giggles, and then raises a hand in a proper salute, calling out, "Clear skies, Airi!" and running inside.

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