Saria In Love

[[logged by Saria]]

The Scene: Fort Weyr's Living Cavern, Harpers' Tale MOO. Later moves to
Quarith's couch, Weyrling Barracks. Cassa is antagonizing the gold weyrling by
subtle personification of her new kitten.

Living Cavern: Cassa, B'rin, X'din, and Armahd are here.

X'din grins at Saria, "I have a feeling things are working out great with you?"

Saria blinks slowly at X'din, and picks up the first of her two meatrolls. She pulls off a corner and nibbles at it idly. "As well as can be expected, bronzerider," she says, masking the slightest of winks at him.

Cassa chuckles, "Tag, don't play iwth his knot.. you don't need a promotion, little one…"

Tag stares at B'rin in shock, then starts a horrible heart breaking forelorn type mewing. The kind kittens do when their new owner informs them in no nonsense terms that the kitten has to sleep in a box in the kitchen-and results in the kitten spending th e next 15 years on the foot of the bed at night time. Guilting is not beneath dignity, not when appropriate to remind someone just how important you are.

B'rin, having two firelizards and a dragon, plus several Weyrlings, to deal with, is immune to guilt. He supplies the poofball with a meatroll tidbit.

Armahd chuckles heartily at the cat, silencing his gitar for a few moments. Just watching. And grinning at X'din, and watching some more.

X'din chuckles and grins at Saria, "You know you love it."

Cassa giggles, helplessly, "She certainly knows how to get what she wants… and she's demanding it…" She shakes her head, "Taggie, love, don't cry like that… please?" SHe grins at the kitten and then sighs, "B'rin, you might as well give in. Like the queen she thinks she is, she'll just continue til you give her what she wants.

Saria raises an eyebrow at X'din, and pops another bit of meatroll in her mouth, grinning wryly, "Aye, I do love it, X'din.."

Tag steps up the pace. He /may/ very well have all those things, but she's one up on them. She's /cute/. And she's a female-one who expects her every wish to be catered to (This is Burger King, Folks. She /can/ have it her way ;)

Chirrin hops up on the table to investigate this strange noise.

Saria smiles at the goings on with the kitten. She smiles softly, and watches Tag with amusement. A cat after her own heart, she thinks.

Cassa shakes her head, "SHe knows what she wants.. anyway. She'll learn her limitations and how to behave appropriately with time. And work."

Tag continues to make that rather annoying sound at B'rin, staring at him with big blue kitty type eyes. For the present, the 'lizard is ignored, as she attempts to get her way.

B'rin says, "Yes, keep down the tunnelsnakes.."

Saria raises an eyebrow at Cassa. "You can't make a cat work, greenrider…"

X'din seems to feel much better now after subjecting himself to several mugs of ale.

B'rin says, "You can persuade them. Use their hunting instincts."

B'rin says, "Cats are a lot like firelizards, in their own way."

A drudge sneaks in and swipes Saria's mug.

Cassa chuckles, "YOu can teach them not to claw anyone around. Teach them to behave. Not to lord over people like that kitten is doing… all that can be taught to a simple kitten. Pity everything wasn't that easy to train."

Chirrin croons to the noisy kitten, then chitters to her rather disgustedly.

Tag collapses on the table with a final weak mew, having run out of steam. Her little eyes peer over at B'rin sadly. He doesn't love her anymore?

B'rin scritches the poor patheticl little poofball. "You're just fine in your place."

Saria bites her lip and stands slowly up, her second meatroll in her hand to be consumed over a book, back in the barracks. She salutes before she leaves, making sure it's not a breach of protocol to be too nice. Her eyes rest lightly on the bronzerider before she executes a smooth about face.

Outside the Living Caverns: Kimianth, Nyrranth, Razoth, and Quarith are here.

Saria runs out to Quarith, and buries her head in the dragon's smooth, burnished gold neck. "Oh, Quari… I can't fit in here, I can't!"

Quarith whuffles her rider adoringly, and shakes a bit of snow from her back.

Kimianth turns her head to watch Quarith and her rider, quietly.

Quarith senses Kimianth thinks « ARe you well, little queen? » to her.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Kimianth with: Quarith thinks « I am well, but my Saria is troubled. » to her. »

Quarith senses Kimianth thinks « Your rider should be happy. You are well. She should have feed in there. Why worry? » to her.

X'din emerges from the living cavern.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Kimianth with: Quarith thinks « *slight irritation* But she is not, and so I will uphold her. Would you not do the same for your rider? » to her. »

Saria kneels in the snow, ignorant of the cold, ignorant of anything but the warmth of Quarith.. and…and a presence.

X'din glances at Saria and Quarith and pauses for a few moments.

Saria whispers, "Quari.. I'm sorry.. not even you can take my whole heart, my golden beauty.."

Quarith's low rumble emerges from her youthful throat a bit higher than intended, but its meaning is divined, and Saria stands slowly, turning to face X'din.

X'din nods to Nyrranth and walks over closer to the pair quietly.

Quarith senses Kimianth gentle sooths you with her mind, »Of ocurse, little one. You will do everything you can to sooth her troubles. Just remember that her troubles sometimes aren't fixed easily.« to her.

Quarith senses Nyrranth thinks « You shouldn`t let your rider stay out in the cold too long. Else they get cold. » to her.

X'din says, "Saria.."

Saria clutches her scarf to her neck and brushes a bit of drifting snow from her hair. She slowly extends her hand to X'din, and her eyes fix him with an entreaty.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Kimianth with: Quarith thinks « I will remember. » to her. »

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Nyrranth with: Quarith thinks « I have tried to tell her. She would not move, and it is complicated to me. » to him. »

Quarith senses Kimianth thinks « Good lucky, little queen. Our lifemates are sometimes hard to deal with. » to her.

Quarith continues to whuffle Saria softly, inquisitively, hoping to warm her with her breath.

X'din nods slowly and takes Saria's hand into his for a few long moments before slowly letting it go.

X'din says, "We need to talk, but not out here in the snow. You must take care of yourself as well as Quarith."

X'din smiles up at the little gold.

X'din turns his gaze back to Saria.

Quarith chuffs a little air out on X'din, too.

Nyrranth rumbles at X'din, unpleased that he's just standing there not moving.

Saria nods slowly, and allows herself the luxury of a shiver which she's been preventing. "Aye. Come with me." She says it not as an order, but almost as a child, who might be afraid to go alone.

Nyrranth seems a bit happier that X'din is finally going to move. He curls up and eases into the snow.

X'din nods.

Quarith shuffles about somewhat, dislodging this recent dusting of snow from her back as she did all the rest. She nudges Nyrranth's bronze bulk with her muzzle.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Nyrranth with: Quarith thinks « Thank you for keeping me warm. » to him. »

Nyrranth warbles to the little gold, then nudges her towards the Weyrling Barracks.

Saria moves toward the barracks. "Quari.."

Quarith senses Nyrranth thinks « You're welcome. » to her.

Quarith senses Nyrranth thinks « Take care of that rider of yours. She's nice. » to her.

Quarith warbles softly to the bronze, and follows her rider.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Nyrranth with: Quarith thinks « As is yours, bronze one. » to him. »

Outside the Weyrling Barracks: It is a winter before dawn. It is hard to tell what time of day it is, as the blizzard has been raging outside for hours, making it impossible to see the stars. It is still dark, it seems, and the wind which has been blowing through the night seems to have a little less force to it. The snow falls thick and heavy again, with occasional swirls tossed by the wind.

Quarith walks into the barracks.

Saria turns back to make sure he is still behind her, and then goes inside.

Weyrling Barracks

Tseste blinks in from ::between::!

X'din comes in from the bowl.

Quarith's Couch: The rock floor of the couch is covered with sleeping furs, both large and small, for dragon and rider. There are no pillows, however, as Quarith's smooth, supple hide will serve as well for Saria to rest her head. In one corner is a small basket of glow s, gleaming brightly, and next to that a small mat on which are piled Saria's clothes, including her brand new riding leathers. Two pairs of boots are set, heels back and in neat form, against the wall, one old but hard to part with, one new and barely b roken in. A few books sit next to the smaller pile of blankets, as does Saria's journal. It's small, but cozy.. and who wouldn't want to be cozy with a dragon? Quarith is here.

X'din climbs onto the couch from the barracks.

Peri quickly disappears -=-between-=-!

Saria pushes some blankets toward him, covering herself up in one and leaning against Quarith. She is quiet, but yet expressive.

X'din looks around the couch for a few moments and accepts the blankets heartily.

X'din frowns, "I really need to apologize for the way I`ve been acting."

Saria shakes her head, "It's not your fault.."

X'din sighs, "It is in a way.. Remember back before you impressed when I told you being a weyrling would be one of the hardest things in your life if you impressed?"

X'din says, "The thing I couldn`t tell you was that it would be the hardest in mine as well."

Saria rubs a hand absently along Quarith's hide, and nods slowly.

Saria's hand presses against her dragon's hide, for support, despite the fact that she's sitting down.

Quarith emits a startled warble and swings her head down to nudge at her rider, concerned.

X'din frowns, "I‘m not sure how I should act. I can`t show affection because it would interfere with Quarith’s growth. I can`t not show affection, because it would affect your growth."

Saria licks her parched lips and swallows slowly, patting the dragon gently. "Quari, my love.." she pauses at that word at looks at X'din meaningfully, "be still.."

X'din sighs, "All I /can/ do is tell you that I do care about you and hope that you'll understand why I do what I do."

X'din lowers his head, "Even now, I‘m hurting you.." X’din looks up, "I..I`m sorry Saria."

X'din looks at Quarith and can`t help but feel guilty.

Saria brushes a wisp of curly hair from her face. She starts to reach for him, to lift his head with a gentle hand under his chin, but draws her hand away, staring almost frightened up at the gentle gold beauty. She shakes her head, and extends the hand again, tilting his head up to gaze at her. "I don't know what I'm supp osed to say.. what I'm not supposed to say.."

Saria rests her fingertips on his cheek, cradling his face in her hand. "I know what I want to say.."

X'din shakes his head, "Don`t say anything.. Just hear me. Anything more would only make things harder."

Saria closes her eyes, hard, one time, and reopens them. She takes her hand back and rests it uselessly in her lap, and listens.

X'din takes Saria's hand into his and he looks at her for a few long moments, "I do know how you feel.. I want you to know that when this is over I will be here with you. For you. For now though, please just trust in me and keep me somewhere in the bottom of your heart. Don‘t shut out Quarith’s love because of me. Grow wit h it. You'll find it's much easier to make more room in your heart for someone when you let it grow freely."

X'din looks into Saria's eyes with a smile, and slowly lets go of her hand.

Saria squeezes his fingertips gently as he lets go her hand, and takes a shaky breath. "I've always trusted you, X'din.."

Saria takes the hand he let go of and rubs Quarith's hide again. The queen rumbles gently at her rider.

X'din nods, "I know. Just keep remembering. Love is eternal. It's not something to be reluctantly accepted when its offered freely. Nor is it something that can be thrown away because of another. Keep it close to you."

X'din stands up slowly and looks at the young pair smiling, "I need to go now before the WLM's come hunt me down."

Saria blinks slowly, and extends her hand just slightly, almost imperceptibly. "For eternity," she says, glancing from him to Quarith and back again. "For eternity."

X'din winks at Saria with a grin, "Can`t have our newest goldrider in bad now can we?"

Saria shakes herself out of a reverie, and nods, swallowing the lump forming in her throat. "Nor the wingleader who's been visiting her.."

X'din bends over and kisses Saria's hand softly much like one does to a queen. He then smiles at Quarith and bows deeply.

X'din grins, "Wingsecond, but close enough." and winks again. "Be good dear Saria."

Saria stares at her hand for a moment, then smiles tenderly at him. "Clear skies, my X'din."

X'din smiles, "Clear skies.. dearest."

X'din returns to the barracks.

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