Saria Gets To Know Bronze Weyrling T'nar

[[logged by Saria]]

Log: Harpers Tale MOO
Eightieth day of summer, 25th Turn, 10th Pass
Topics: Saria gets to know bronze Weyrling T'nar a bit better over a snack
and some.. interesting conversation in the Living Caverns.

Southeastern Bowl (#529)
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here,
it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below
the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into
the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main
Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where
the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads
up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a summer afternoon.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Sarau, Restless, Nymph, Etera,
and Stark.
Blue Cherenth, brown Minyath, brown Ganth, bronze Nhamarath, and brown
Djarreth are here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Salbaheth circles in and lands.

Clack, clack. Saria's boots rap the stone stairs as she makes her way
down from the Weyrleaders' Landing. Seeing a bronze, she squints a bit
in the afternoon sun, then raises a hand in greeting as she reaches the
bowl's floor. 'Weyrling T'nar! Good day to you."

T'nar (#17168)
This sturdy young man with alert grey eyes appears quite handsome for a
person his age. From what you can tell, he's roughly five and three
quarters feet tall and weighs something near 170 pounds, most of it
looking to be muscle. His rich brown hair is fairly clean but mussed a
little. He keeps it trimmed shorter than before, a sign of his position
within the weyr. He seems to be in good health, not showing any signs of
illness or injury. He soon turns from your gaze, however, as something
else catches his eye.
You can't tell what he's wearing from this distance.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
T'nar is 22 Turns, 6 months, and 19 days old.

Salbaheth (#210)
An elegant cloak of leathern flesh drapes a noble frame, dull sheen of
white waxing opaque only beneath Rukbat's penetrating rays, the skeletal
framework of bony fingers' splay a stark hint of green against pale hide.
Within, burnished flame sparks and shimmers along the bold figure of a
muscular form, spreading copper fire dashed across broad shoulders and
firm haunches to cool to a rich golden amber hue upon the curve of
delicate gentlemanly claws. Cracks and crags split the flame-kissed
features of a blunt muzzle, prominent brow and squarish jaw, a dark web
spanning out to enwrap masculine curves in a network of thin strands to
his very tail, that crooked appendage held civilly aloft, to tame the
brilliant flicker of his hide.
Worn about Salbaheth's neck are a pair of leather riding straps. Dyed a
deep forest green, they wrap about the dragon's neck. A far cry from his
rider's first try, these straps are a little more conservative. With
padding in proper places, and loops to use as handholds or even strap
cargo to, they look like very proper, yet safe, straps.
Astride Salbaheth is T'nar.
Salbaheth is 1 Turn, 5 months, and 27 days old.
He is 68 feet (20m) long, with a wingspan of 113 feet (34m).
Salbaheth seems to be listening.

Saria (#4925)
Saria's long, wavy chestnut hair glints with reddish copper highlights,
plaited neatly to the back of her head and secured with a ribbon. A few
soft, delicate curls, like ringlets, fall from the braid at all times,
framing her face, and causing her to brush them from her chocolate brown
eyes. If you knew her before she was searched, you will surely notice
the depth and clarity her eyes have taken on since her Impression to her
lifemate and love, gold Quarith. Her smooth, creamy skin is an almost
startling contrast to her eyes and hair, and her heart-shaped mouth turns
up in the slightest of smiles as she notices your gaze, a change from her
usual serious demeanor.
Her sienna leathers glow almost luminescently and seem to bring out the
lustre of Saria's hair. Calf-high, sturdy wherhide boots complete the
picture. Strapped to her back is Flamethrower.
Saria wears the Orange and Black knot of Ista Weyr, threaded through with
a fine, bright strand of gold for her lifemate and a rather oddly
contrasting strand of purple for her healing. The knot's intricate loops
show that she is a Weyrwoman.
She is awake and looks alert.
You notice Saria looking at you.
Saria is 45 Turns, 4 months, and 23 days old.

From Salbaheth's neck, T'nar pats his bronze's neck with a small smile. He
doesn't say much, out loud at least, as he unfastens his straps. Hearing
his name, he turns, shifting lightly to slip ot the ground, "Hmm? Oh.
Greetings, Weyrwoman." He pushes and slips off his dragon, landing on the

T'nar slides from Salbaheth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Saria smiles. "You and Salbaheth look well today. Is it true what I
hear, that the Weyrlings of your clutch are close to promotion, now? It
hardly seems possible."

T'nar pauses a little and nods softly, "Both Sal and I are in good
spirits." Indeed, Sal seems positively radiant, a touch moreso than
usual. He shrugs a little and adds a smile at the question, "I suppose
so. Sal and I passed our Between lessons. Not.. nearly so bad with him

The Weyrwoman isn't quite sure whether it's just the afternoon glint on
bronze hide, or if Salbaheth really does seem to be glowing just a bit -
at any rate, she keeps a sincere smile and nods, "Congratulations. That
was always the most nerve-racking for me, at the start, betweening. I'm
sure you'll do us proud in a fighting wing!" She pauses, thoughtfully.
"I've been meaning to ask you, T'nar - how are things going with your
other lessons? Have things been well with your class? I've heard some
strange bits of stories floating around."

T'nar smiles a bit at the praise, Salbaheth straightening up as well.
Indeed, he was a natural at the whole betweening affair, and as for doing
the weyr proud, but of course. He's here to save the day. T'nar the
oblivious just nods and tips his head lightly at the questions, "For the
most part, we've been doing well, I think. They're teaching Firestone
soon." A pause, "What sort of stories?"

Saria shrugs lightly, dismissing the idea, really, since T'nar doesn't
seem to have heard the same stories to which the Weyrwoman is referring
and she'd rather not start any new rumours. "Oh, I'm sure it was just
bits of stuff some bored drudge cooked up in their spare time - you would
have heard, I'm sure, if any of it had even a grain of truth to it. I
should know better than to give it credence." A quick sigh. "Firestone,
you say? Something I thankfully know little about. Leave it to the
fighting wings, I do." She smiles. "Were you headed into the 'Caverns?"
she asks quickly, hoping to divert his attention from the fact that she
never did tell him what these stories were.

T'nar looks a little puzzled for a moment, then nods quietly, "I guess
so." Lost he is, and at the questions, he nods again, "Firestone, ya." He
glances back towards Sal a moment, and chuckles, "He says he'll be the
best at chewing firestone. Save.. many a damsel in distress?" He chuckles
a little before looking back to Saria, "Yes, I was headed there to get
something to eat."

Saria smiles. "Well, why don't I follow you then? Never let it be said I
let one of Ista's finest go hungry."

T'nar smiles and nods softly, "Alright." He glances to Sal, then nods to
the weyrwoman, heading on a turn into the living caverns.

T'nar walks to the Living Caverns.

You go into the living cavern.

Living Cavern (#4190)
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an
oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat
every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava
which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets
abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle
greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in
the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the
cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the
Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind
the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking
mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are twenty-four firelizards.
You see Ale Cabinet, Moufles, Sketch, What's for Dinner, Snow, Calandra,
and Gollem here.
T'nar is here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

You take up a wherry leg, roasted to perfection… smells mouth-watering.

Kitriana strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria finds a bit of something to snack on, and heads to her normal
place.. the Weyrleaders' table. "T'nar, when you've got your meal, come
join me if you like."

Kitriana (#21048)
A young woman with a friendly face and short dark hair peers right back at
you with brilliant green eyes. Those green eyes seem a bit mischievous
and something just short of mocking. It's like she's laughing at the
irony of life in general. And her hair ALWAYS seems to be wind-blown. Her
skin is tanned and scratched hinting at great lengths of time spent
outdoors. She has a ready smile, one that communicates a love of
conversation and jokes.
Tight forest green trousers that end mid-calf show off Kitriana's legs
quite nicely. Her footwear consists of a pair of well-used black walking
shoes and her top is a creamy white blouse worn with the sleeves rolled
up and the upper two buttons undone. The outfit is finished with a
dark-brown bandana to keep her unruly locks out of her face. Perched on
Kitriana's left shoulder is Gluttony Bubbly is perched on Kitriana's
right shoulder.
She is awake and looks alert.
Kit's bag Gluttony
letter Bubbly
Kitriana is 23 Turns, 2 months, and 12 days old.

T'nar wanders over towards the food trays and slows a little, glancing
towards Saria as she heads to the 'leader's table and offers him a spot.
Just a little taken back he nods and says, "Alright." A quick rifle
through the food and he fetches himself some goodies before heading over
to sit next to the weyrwoman.

Saria smiles. "Find anything good?" You'd think Saria takes some sort of
wicked delight in taking young bronzelings off their guard by inviting
them to dine at the Weyrleaders' table, albeit informally.. and you'd be

T'nar smiles a little and shrugs, glancing to the little platter he
brought over, "Meatrolls, mostly. Had some wherry meat and some redfruit.
Seemed suitable to me." Simple he is, too, though, he seems to have
picked out some of the rarest meat he could find.

Saria works on her wherry leg, herself. "You've got your ledge assigned
now, don't you? I seem to recall last sevenday hearing that your class
was at that point?"

Kitriana strides to the Bowl.

T'nar nods softly, grabbing a chunk of meat and pausing to answer, "Ya.
Sal and I are high above the waterfall pool. Nice spot. You can see most
of the weyr from there." He pops the meat into his mouth, drawing a faint
breath as he chews just a little, tasting it, before swallowing.

Saria chuckles. "You know, I always liked the Forest Weyrs, myself," she
says after finishing chewing a bite. "But of course, my impressing
Quarith doomed me to a weyr without a view of anything but the bowl's
floor for life." She doesn't sound too perturbed, all the same. "Have
you seen those Forest Weyrs?"

T'nar clears his throat a little and glances from his wherry to the
weyrwoman, nodding a little, "I.. had a chance to see them recently,
actually. Visiting a fellow weyrling." Is that a touch of a blush? He
turns back towards his meal, grabbing another portion and sticking it in
his mouth, chewing slowly once more.

Saria eyes T'nar through her peripherals. "Ah, how nice. Who got their
Weyr assigned over there? That's choice. Did you like the view?"

Saria pops another bit of meat into her mouth, working on it while she
waits for the weyrling's answer.

T'nar takes his time in chewing before swallowing. Lifting his head and
taking one of the meatrolls of his plate, he answers, "Mhairie is who I
was visiting. Asked me to come and see what she'd done to her weyr." He
looks over, and smiles a little before taking a bite of his 'roll.

Saria smiles. "Ah, I see. Lucky her, indeed…" is that a trace of a
smirk creeping out, there? Saria wonders if this young bronzeling knows
the stories they tell about her, and sincerely hopes not. At a loss for
where to go with the conversation, here, without prying, she takes
another bite, slowly, then continues. "It's a shame I haven't gotten to
meet more of your Weyrling class like this, T'nar," the Weyrwoman muses.
"I hope they're not all afraid of me. The only other I've met is Zi'n,
and he seemed absolutely petrified to come near. Do I really seem that
scary to you?"

Ah, a loaded question - woman's favorite tactic, for ages.

T'nar coughs just a little and glances back to his plate. Lucky? Perhaps.
He clears his throat, trying to cover over his slight startlement at the
statement. As the weyrwoman speaks again, he looks back and nods a little
in agreement, "It's been hard sometimes to get out and relax, with all
the practicing and such. You don't seem that scary to me." He shifts a
little, though.

Saria beams. She'll take that for what it's worth.. even though 'that
scary' still implies that she's a little bit scary. "Well, thank you.
We'll see what you say the next time Quarith decides to go proddy,
though.. we'll see what they all say."

T'nar takes a deep breath at the mention of proddy and nods. Just be calm,
bronzerider. He offers the weyrwoman a small smile and nods a little,
trying to seem nonchalant about the whole thing, "I suppose we'll find
out when that happens, won't we?" He glances just slightly and then turns
to look outside, "No, she's not *now*, I don't think."

Saria chuckles. "I.. wouldn't think so. I'd think after 24 some-odd
turns of it I'm all right at telling when it happens. Now, when I was
new.. oh, my, did I ever have a few odd incidents..!" she stops abruptly.
Imagine - saying these things to a Weyrling, yet? What's she thinking?
Remember your dignity!

T'nar glances back and smiles a little, that little moment brought to you
by the quietly listening voice of his dragon. He nods a little, and waves
off his comment with, "Sal.. seemed intrigued by the possibility of more
eggs." He leaves it at that, and digs into the remainder of the meatroll
in his hand. He listens, and then asks, "Odd incidents, huh?"

Saria chuckles. "More eggs, hm? Well, we shall have to see about that,
soon enough it will be /someone/ rising." A pregnant pause… she's
deciding how far she wants to go into this. "Actually, yes.. quite odd.
Breaking things, a lot - I get awfully clumsy - I cut myself on a broken
mug, once. And I seem to remember I got awfully talkative. Much more
than now, of course," she is careful to throw in there.

T'nar nods softly and just quirks a corner of his mouth at the 'we shall
see' portion. A faint sigh, and a nod softly, perhaps having a little
reservation about this whole aspect of rider life, "At least you're not
doing that now, huh?" He glances back to his plate and gently pushes the
rest away.

Saria nods. "No, not now."

Saria finishes up her wherry leg, and licks a bit of the taste from her
index and middle finger, each in turn. "It looks like it's time for me
to get back," she says. "I'm glad we talked, T'nar. I hope we can again."

T'nar glances up and nods softly, smiling a little, pausing, then standing
a little, as if sensing a cue that with her gone, this particular table
is best departed, "It's been an interesting talk, Weyrwoman. I'm sure
I'll be around. Lessons, and eventually, a wing."

Saria smiles. "Sooner than you'd expect," she says, slipping away from
the chair she was occupying and gallumping down to the main floor level,
boots thudding heavily. "See you later, bronzerider."

T'nar nods softly and smiles again, "Until later." He steps back and lets
the weyrwoman proceed first, but ready to step back towards the bowl.

Saria heads out to the bowl.

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